The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1937 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 4
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The Algona tfpper l)e^ Moineg,, A3g5ii% loy^ April ffi, MMMMB^H on YOUR FRIEND AT MEALTIME FBIDAY SATURDAY, APBIL 30, MAY1 VEAL ROASTS A real pleasure to carve a boneless Veal Boast. No waste to a boned and rolled roast and our week end price is only 21c per pound. FRESH HAM ROASTS A nice piece of Boneless Fresh Ham makes a most desirable roast and our week end price is only 27c per pound. SMOKED HAM ROLLS For a real Sunday treat we suggest a Baked Boneless Smoked Ham Boll. These savory roasts cut to the desired size at only 31c per Ib. Fresh Smoked Weiners, pound . . 21c VEAL STEAKS Lean, tender, boneless slices of Veal to fry, bread or for making Veal Birds. A special price of 23c per pound for this sale. Concord Grape Jam New York Concord grapes and sugar make a delicious spread for bread and hot biscuits. Economical, too, at the sale price. Big 2-lb jar for 22c Dromedary Dates These fancy "Pasteurised" Dates give that delightful touch to many dainty dishes. The regular sixe package, either pitted and unpitted, forlOc. Tomatoes Morning Light Tomatoes are meaty, red ripe and solid pack. Excellent value at our week end price of 8c on the No. 2 can. Cocoanut Taffy Small, crisp vanilla flavored cooky, filled with Macaroon cocoanut. On Saturday there fresh baked cookies at a special price of 2 Ibs. for 27c. Delicious, wholesome and economical when combined with meat, cheese, tomtoes, etc. Quality merchandise and our week end price is 2 Ibs. for 16c. Council OeJk Coffee This quality blend sold only in the whole berry. We grind so you can make coffee by your favorite method without waste. The price is 27c per Ib. or 3 Ibs. for 79c. Exchange the empty bags for fancy chinaware. ( Galvanized Pails For house cleaning and a chore pail we have a sturdy well made 12-quart pail at a spenial price of 21 c each. Double Dip Matches, 6 boxes . . . 17c Camay Toilet Soap, cake 5c Oxydol, medium package 20c BURT BANQUET FOR MOTHERS; DAUGHTERS, FRI. 100 Entertained After A Dinner by Fine Program Fart : AbMrt nti* ri«Tsi*Tfd Itn wtt- and flrt* Mtf'fwfc'd th* Moth *» ch-im-h Fr«**y tiwis w*w> of l»vwd*r and jfllow th* <Rfm*Ts xrhk-h by * fwnp fX mtn *n< boys, sn «w*l)M>t rr<-*r*Tn was ftiv *n'. Mr*, F. U Rvfmm so ting a; toastmiMrWi*, Thp prcfrrsm in eluded » SO>P by Ernft Eaars; read inf. "SkMneNxly's Mother." by Alice Eighme: reading by Mrs. C. B Chipman: duet by Mrs, G. E. Brace and Mrs. E. A. Iliff: talk by Mrs B. \V. Brooke: reading by Joyce Graham: n pantomime or series of shadow pictures depicting Comradeship of Mother and Daughter at various ages. Mrs. J. G. Sewick giving an explanatory reading; The Junior Girls' sextette" sang the closing number of the program In Critical Condition Word from the University hospital to Mrs. J. O. Isenberger last Friday stated that Mr. Isenberger who had his leg amputated a week ago, was in a very critical condition. Rev. Wood HI Willis Phelps preached at Good Hope and Whittemore Sunday for the Rev. Allen Wood, who has been confined to his bed by illness the past week. GatJi la on UJord-Ad Opportunities Frances Vaughn spent the week end with her parent* at Rolfe. Lois Mann, who teaches near Harcourt spent the week end at home. Mrs. J. H. Graham will go to Webster City Thursday to spend a few days with relatives. Einer Morness, Coe College student, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Mor- ness. Mr. and Mrs. Will Bleich went to New Prague. Minn., last week to spend a few days with their son, Albert. The Art Fandels spent Sunday with Mr. Fandel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. \V. Fandel, at Whittemore. The Rev. L. Richmanns and R. A. Bleichs were Sunday dinner guests at the P. O. Krueger home in Titonka. . Lloyd Bartlett took Mrs. John Kuchenreuther to Lafcota Thursday to see Mr. Kuchenreuther, who is ill there at the home of his sister. Ruth Meier, who is employed in St. Paul came Saturday for a couple of weeks' visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meier. The Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Doms attended a meeting of the Fort Dodge Presbytery which met at Glidden, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Kearney's barber shop was redecorated the past week and new linoleum placed on the floor. The shop now presents a much/improved appearance. Mrs. Rose Grabinski and daughter. Violet, Redfield, South Dakota, came Friday for a few days' visit with their daughter and sister, Mrs. J. G. McDonald. Don Fraser, C. L. Holding end John Long went to Cedar Falls on Saturday and brought home Lyle Fraser, who is in poor health, and came homt. to recuperate. J. T. Heaney cut a gash in his head one day last week when he struck the corner of the counter while dusting. Several stitche were required to close the wound. Grover Fairbanks, son of Mr and Mrs. O. U. Fairbanks, who has been employed by the Penn syh-anla railroad In Chicago, was recently promoted and Is now located in Milwaukee. The Golden Rule Sunday Schoo class met with Mrs, George Wessel. Wednesday afternoon. The hostesses were Mrs. George Carroll, Mrs. W. H. Schwletert and Mrs. G. J. F. Vogel. Mrs. Velma McBrtde went to Ames Sunday and brought home her sister-in-law, Mrs. Geo. Schroeder and daughter and Betty Walker. Betty had been spending a couple of weeks in Ames. Harold Steward had his tonsils removed Saturday evening at Dr Clapsaddle's office. Harold has been suffering with sciatic rheumatism for some time. His nephew Lewis Pannkuk, Wesley, Is work- Ing for him. Edward Paine, Omaha, visited Saturday and Sunday with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Paine. He left Sunday evening for Minneapolis on business for the Postal Telephone and Telegraph Co., by whom he is employed. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Buell returned home Friday from their winter's sojourn in St Petersburg, Florida. Since leaving St Petersburg, they visited sisters of Mr. Buell at Buffalo, N. Y., Valparaiso, Ind., and Oak Park, DL The Ladies' Aid society will meet at the church next Wednesday aft ernoon with Mrs. Clifford Holding, Mrs. E. A. Iliff and Mrs. John Kuchenreuther as hostesses. Mrs. C. B. Chlpman will lead the devotions and Mrs. J. G. Sewick will furnish the special number. ONCE I FRIGHTENED CHANGES TO OIL-PLATING In spite (( everything, it fh'id him to take ads seriously, y DL > n-e, trlse he n.^ht never liave tried Oil-Plating. F.rst of all he was irr.jjietsed by the explanation cf Oil Plating. E:rr.ple enough, if you'll think what happens 83 J( r.uny's dirty little hands touch the wallpaper. Any- greasy or oily on his hands becomes quiteaper- n.anent part of the paper. You'll say permanent) In much the same way—forgetting technicalities— Conoco Germ Processed oil forms a lasting attach- rr.ent for every working part of your engine. A genuine, enduring Oil-Plating ij brought about \-j the Germ Process—patented. Thus the Germ Proces:; n.n only nsultiplics the ttrength of the usual tio-Aii.g type of oil-film, but creates Oil-Plating btbides. And once OU-Plating I'ues on, Conoco Germ Processed oil does not let it cornc off in minutes, hours, days ... or miles. Thus Oil-Plating kills the old fear of starting "dry." Likewise Oil Plating refuses to let go in all the fury of 5,000 revolutions per jjjinutc. That's why your "good old car" or the latest nujdcl will stay more like new, with its engine Oil- Pluttd. Arid your whole Summer's driving will take less Cuijoco Gum Processed oil. Continental Oil Company RM PROCESSED OIL 14 SENIORS AT SENECA TO GIVE PLAYJAY6&7 "College Cutups" Goes on Boards In Gym Next Week Seneca: The Seneca senior class !>lay entitled "College Cutups" will tie presented in trie Seneca school gymnasium Thursday and Friday evenings, May 6 and 7. There are 14 in the senior class, eight boys and six girls all of whom are In the jlay and also three juniors have seen asked to take part. There are some minor parts in the play so some of the pupils are taking more than one part. The cast of characters include: John Crowley, Vernon Dotson, Kathleen Kennedy, Wesley Patterson, Duane Campbell, Florence Looft, Elizabeth Burt, Jerry Jensen, Glenn Paulsen, Margie Lenihan, Leo Klein, Florence Enges- sor, Teddy Jensen, Vernon Dotson and Everett Johanson. Leon Johanson, Elna Rown, John Crowley, Everett Johanson, and Florence Jensen. HM Scarlet Fever Delores Kennedy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kennedy and a student in the Armstrong high school, Is at the parental home with a case of scarlet fever. Letters Awarded The Seneca high school girls and boys' basketball player* and the junior high basketball boys received their letters Friday as a reward for their satisfactory playing the past season. Mrs. John Metzger of near Algona, spent Friday at the parental J. W. Bollig home. Viola Struecker, who is taking nurses' training at Rochester. Minnesota, spent the past several days at the parental Herman Struecker home and attended her sister** wedding. Joyce Bassett, student at the Buena Vista College in Storm Lake s-ptnt the week end at the parental F. W. Bassett home. She was also an attendant at the Struecker- Johanson wedding Sunday evening. FORWHITTEMORE COUPLE SUNDAY H. R. Zumachs Celebrate Anniversary With 6 O'clock Dinner Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Zumach celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary Sunday evening by entertaining at a five o'clock dinner. Those who attended were the Nick Gengler family, Martin Dreyer family, Art Rusch family Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumach, Albert Witkopf and family, Robert Dreyer family, Alvln and Lorna Ruhnke, all of Letts Creek; Mr. and Mrs. August Zumach of Rolfe; Mrs Ida Zumach of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Meyer and Lorena and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ohm and son, Martin of Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rusch. Sr., the Wm. Rusch Jr., family, the Will Lelnlnger family, the Relnhart Zumach family, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumach and Beverly, Mr. and Mrs. August Mielke. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Jessen, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behnke, Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Discher, the Frank Schumcaher family, Mrs. Anna Dau, Mrs. W. F. Dau and family, the R. A. Behnke family, Mr. .and Mrs. Archie Voigt and son, James, and Alfred Meyer, all of here. The table waitresses for the occasion were Marie and Helen Ohm, Lorena, Loretta and Lucille Meyer and Viola Schumacher. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz attended a birthday party at the Wm, Wetzell home Sunday evening In honor of Mr. Wetzel's birthday. Otto Volgt and daughter, Anna, of Eagle Grove, spent Sunday here with relatives. Mr. Volgt returned home Sunday evening and Anna stayed to spend a week or more with relatives. Among those who attended the funeral of William Higglns, Sri, Tuesday morning were: John Higgins of Smyer, Texas; Misses Jane and Anna Higgins of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. John Meyers, Emmetsburg; Don, Louis and Evelyn and Agnes Meyers, Emmetsburg; Mrs. Don Gatrell, Emmetsburg; Mr. and Mrs. James Weir and son, William of Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. James Doocy and Mr. and Mrs. Tim Doocy of Bancroft and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harrison, Fenton. Five New Members Join Portland 4-H Club on Saturday Portland: The Portland Peppy Pals held an all-day meeting. Saturday, at the home of Mrs. Victor Applegate. Programs for the year were distributed together with pictures and typewritten material for booklets. A picture study followed. Virginia Trenary gave a demonstration on "Different Types of Dresser Scarfs." Darlene Brayton was chosen delegate to attend the 4-H convention, which is to be held at Ames in June. Violet Long is alternate. Five new members joined, mak- ig a total of tw-inty-one members. They are Leola Bunkofske, Lois and Lucille Marlow, Lorraine Carlson and Lois Weber. Eighteen girls were present Saturday. The next meeting will be held Saturday, May 3, at the home of LaVonne and Margaret Ringsdorf. Two prizes will be given then: one for the 4-H girl having the best Icture study booklet, and one for he girl committing the most pic- ures to memory. In Commercial Contest Portland students taking part in he commercial contest held at Alona Saturday were novice typing: bvelyn McChane and Floyd Stott; horthand, Rachel Becker. Floyd Stott received a white ribbon for peed as he placed third individual- y in the contest. Horror of Alcohol Exposed At Sexton Temperance Rally Sexton: A Miss O'Dougherty. a temperance speaker, gave a talk here Sunday morning at the beginning of the Sunday School hour Mr. and Mrs. Jergen Skow and the Rev. Bottom, Wesley, accompaniec her here. Following her talk here they left for Wesley, where she was to give a talk on temperance. Her subject was "The Horror of Alco hoi as a Drink." There were no preaching services here and Sun day School was held during tha hour. Llvermore. Mr. Raney Is recnper atlng slowly from a recent critical illness. Mrs. Sam Reaper, long a resident of Irvlngton, recently purchased the Chas. Wheeler home In Algona and will get possession and move on or about Sept. 1. Mrs. Reaper will dispose of her Irvlngton residence. Mrs. Mary Dole returned to her home here Sunday after a somewhat prolonged absence. Mrs. Dote has been caring for Mrs. Theo. Goedera of Algona. Quests at the Dole home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Chester Harmon of Woden. At the local dancing club's election of officers Jast Friday evening, L. E. Colwell was chosen to succeed Robert Skllling as president and Harold Smith was retained in the capacity of secretary-treasurer. The next regular meeting will be held a week from Friday evening. The Algona Rendering Works recently completed a fine new brick structure just east of where the old building was located, part of the building Is two stories high, with new machinery being added. Ralph Brown, noted chiefly for his dairy cattle, has another line of business for which he can justly be proud. About a month ago the Browns purchased 700 baby chicks. Today they average about a pound each in weight and consume about a hundred pounds of chick feed dally. At this rate they will soon have fries ready for the market. THE CIVIC CIRCLE tk HeiJ Aadrew. tff** yw *« *«»rt«"ily el ft** h dw c tow el b«*WH, tttopelnf ««d ***«««* elrcln «fKcy tlit (Jo** t«*H««e«i el teWort»Wt «ur- i, prefkitfit Mr*fe* Mid ««•«» food for wMcli tht Howl Anilra*! b MttoMlly Complete Garage Facilities (ISO i I * Rates from ANDREWS HOTEL Iheodore f. Stelten Atonoytr FOR QUICK BESULTS-USE THE WANT ADS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stratton and children of Britt were visitor of Mrs. Stratton'a mother, Mrs Sarah Wise and family, Monda afternoon. Herman Wise, who is building new house in the west edge o town, has the foundation laic and as soon as weather permits will begin the carpenter work. Joe McSwain returned Friday night from Pond Creek, Oklahoma, where he had spent three months with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. McSwain. Joe is nephew of Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Anderson and children went to Windom, Minn.. Saturday afternoon to upend the week end with the Walter Anderson family. Walter is a brother of Clarence. They returned Sunday night. Suffer* Stroke Mrs. D. W. Smith is still serlous- y ill. She suffered a stroke recently which left her right side aralyzed and affecte'l her speech. Mrs. Sam Winchell was an Al- ;ona caller Saturday. Iva Marie Brayton spent Saturday night with Viola Trenary. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ringsdorf were at the Leo Brayton home on Sunday. George Patterson spent from Sunday until Tuesday of this week in Chicago. Mrs. Jim Shipler and two children visited Monday morning at the W. E. Grover home. Mr. and Mrs. George Lanning visited the latter's sister, Mrs. Geo. Godden at Emmetsburg, Sunday. Mrs. S. M. Petersen and Mr*. Alfred Godfredson called Monday afternoon at the George Lan/iinga. Dr. and Mrs. Wallace, Algona, and Marie Grover, Burt, were Sunday visitors at the L. J. Fairbanks home. Harry McChane and daughter, Evelyn, visited the former'* mother, Mrs. WalUr Smith, Swea City, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kretabach and son, Maurice, Swea City, were Sunday dinner guest* at the Ted Ringsdorf home. Neb Norland Dies At Farm Home, Sat. Whitttmore: NeU Norland, an elderly farmer west of Whittismore, died at his home suddenly Saturday morning following u paralytic stroke buffered a few hours earlier. Mr. Norl.ind waa prominent in farm circles and spent Friday in the fields and wub considered in the be&l of health. IEVINGTON NEWS 'tffffffnnrtftffrfftfttstfeftsfsrfeftsfstsesf The Plum Creek Literary society was entertained last Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Laura Benschoter. George Schumacher trucked a load of cattle to Sioux City for Barney Frankl, leaving here Sunday evening and returning Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips entertained the Carl Hutching family Sunday for dinner. Other guests of the Phillips were Mr. and Mr*. Cleve Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raney, Mes- diuneu Feu-bus StilU and L. E. Colwell were all Sunday visitors at the Chas. Raney home, southwest of READY! WITH THE BIGGEST HOSIERY EVENT OF THE YEAR In defiance of rising prices—The Greatest Money Saving Event is here again and you are invited to participate in this Bargain Event. Full-Fashioned--All silk sheer chiffon or service weight Every Pair Perfect Quality You Can't Have Too Many at This Price • GENUINE RINGLESS C PAIR Clear and flawless Permanent and strong And French Heels • FULL STANDARD SIZES For Comfort and Fit You'll admire their beauty too. Here are two numbers that will fit right in with your budget. Ringless chiffons and heavier service weight. Women who know the kind ef hosiery values for which we're famous will be on hand (tomorrow morning prepared to purchase liberally. The new Spring shados are fully represented sizes 81/2 to 10V 2 Shirley Temple ANKLETS 35c 3 for $1.00 The latest and prettiest styles in attractive nt-» colorings. Men's and Boys' ANKLETB 15c 2Sc You bet they're low priced and practical. Elastic ribbed tops— wear them straight or turned down. Boys' fcizes 8 to 10—men's 10 to lltt. Be Cool and Comfortable Wear "KNEE-HIGH" Hose 63c Pure Silk Full-fashioned Last ex Tops More women will wear knee-highs, the practical, comfortable stocking for smart-wear. No garter tops needed. The wanted shades in a!l sizes. SILK—SEAMLESS— KNEE-HIGHS 39c Children'. Anklet. lOc ISc Plain and novelty pattern* in white and color*—all perfect quality—full range of size* 4tt to 10. Men's Bayon Hose 2 pair 26c Women's Bayon Hose, pair 26c Women's Cotton Hose pair I9c Men's Fancy Dress Hose pair 26c ••••••••••••^i^^fcr-n—^^^^^^— •rlHffliS Department Stores

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