The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1937 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 2
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1 The Algona Upper T)es Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 22,1937 9 North Dodge Street 3. W. HAGOARD & R. B. WALJL^R, Publishers B&tered 88 Second Class Matter at the Postoffice« Ateona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3, Issued Weekly Member Iowa Press Association^ ISisCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO.! question that beside It no Individual's future Is worthy of consideration. I would rather put my back to a blank wall and be shot." How sad It is that but few men In public office today seem to stand bv their principles, or by what they believe to be ri'eht. if such action threatens their own political or private welfare. What a nation this would be if it were guided and controlled by men like Henry Clay and Senator Clark. And that would be true even if they were sometimes mistaken. • • • Lewis Using Labor Unions W. C. Journal: A very large majority of the people outside of labor unions, and probably inside the unions take the view of President William Green, of the A F. of L.. that the sit-down strike Is Illegal and are hoping that Mr. Green will smash the power of John L. Lewis, dictator of the C. I. O. These strikes are the most serius menaces to the onward march back to normalcy and John L. Lewis is responsible for them. vance in combination, per year SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year in advance •-• • -:';;"* 2 ' 50 tSper Dos Moines and Kossuth County Advance in combination, per year 54.00 ADVERTISING RATES ~>. . AJ ...tieino nor inch 35 ° determined to siriKe uiey tan mwa> 3 »u.i. H u H Display'Advertising. P«Jnch _ ^ them , n d(j . ng go or their ]ead . Want Ads, payable in advance, wura ers ran. Henry Ford has been very fair with labor for many years and the chances are that if a few leaders would let the men alone there would be no trouble. This strike in the Ford assembly plant Labor Agitators a Curse Webster City Freeman: And now the sit-downers have commenced on Henry Ford and an assembly plant has been closed at Kansas, City, which is the first blow at the Ford organization in the present series of strikes. Of course, when men are determined to strike they can always trump up "Let the people know the truth and the country Is safe."— Abraham Lincoln. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COM3DSSION Iowa now has a new name for an old commission— the state railway commission to be hereafter known as the Iowa State Commerce Commission Suggestive that "A rose under any other name would smell as sweet", the Iowa State Com- Commission will function as it has in the Readers of newspapers nave doubtless noted that our solons sometimes get excited more about some $4,000 a year salary of an employee than over some proposition to improve the rivers and lakes of the state. It is now definitely realized that there will be no raises in salaries of either college or state officials to speak of, and that there will be no great changes in official positions or boards or commissions. The greatest increase voted by the Senate in the appropriation bill was $85,000 for the state conservation commission, $20,000 of which is to be applied to Improvement of Storm Lake. The $65,000 balance Is to be used In improving and maintaining state parks and in encouraging the restoration of hunting areas. Verily, the 400,000 game hunters of Iowa will not continue their donations to the conservation commission unless they have more evidence that there will be something besides fresh air to shoot at. NOW TO USE THE USE TAX Last Friday the state "use" tax became effective on articles purchased outside the state in avoidance of the retail sales tax. The state board of assessment and review has notified all county treasurers what articles are to be thus taxed and what is to be excepted. Primarily, the law was made to stop the purchase of automobiles In adjoining states where there is no sales tax. but the new law applies to all automobiles and trailers, whether purchased outside of Iowa or from local dealers in this state. Persons buying anything outside the state, covered by the law, must report the purchase to the state board of assessment and review within 20 days after the expiration of the quarter year in which the purchase was made. Failure to pay at Kansas City simply proves that organized labor leaders do not appreciate fair treatment on the part of an employer. Regulating His Competitors Humboldt Independent: A dentist in Illinois takes Editor Barney Bruce to task because he (Bruce) is opposed to the law prohibiting dentists from advertising. The dentist in question says the law is in the interest of the public health—to keep quacks and fakers from deceiving the public It is doubtful if that is the real intent of the law, and it is certain that is not its results. If the measure is in the interest of the public health it should have penalized false advertising instead of all advertising. To prohibit a superior dentist from telling his prospective patients about his improved methods Is to penalize ability. No one wishes to encourage fakers, but no one. wants to see dentists who can not or do not keep abreast of the time, prevent their more enterprising brothers from making their improved services known. f * • » Youngsters Gradually Get Sense Webster City Freeman: All this talk about men past 70 years of age being disqualified for mental work is nonsense. The Freeman-Journal editor knows from experience that men do not really reach their best until they have passed the three score and ten milestone. The young sprouts around 50 and 60 think they know a lot, but when they arrive at 70 they find that most of the things they knew before were not so. The younger men do a lot of blowing, but when analyzed it is little more than wind, hot wind at that. * * * Where the "Mandate" Came From Open Forum in D. M. R.: The president should remember that there were about 17 million voters who did not vote for him. who had clear minds to think and who were not dependent on the govern- ment'for their bread and butter. His mandate came from the 10 million or more on relief, the job holders, those who get big checks for not raising anything, other government beneficiaries, real true Democrats and those who were afraid of losing their beer If the Democrats were not in power.— Mrs. Ed Buesing, 323 Oak St., Davenport, Iowa. _aas who came home for a week's, yftca- on from their studies at St. Ther- sa'9 school at Wlnona, Minnesota. Wnttem Getting ws* eftforfIt* Milwaukee to be with his mother who was reported to be very 111. A baby b«y was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Smith at the Algona ospital. Mr. Smith Is a traveling alesman. .The board of supervisors were In pectal session. Weekly News Letter of the State Legislature Activity What fun it's goto* to%^m now on; you folks who may buy across thestate line, either mail order or otherwise, will have to have a sense of humor, especially when you are making out your quarterly reports, and we know that you all will. STATE OF THE NATION— FROM THE FRONT PAGE so, the amount was about a million (Legislative News Service EPA) Des Moines, Iowa, April 19, 1937. —For the past week, the legislature has spoken in terms of money. Great figures rolled glibly off the tongues of the farmers, lawyers, doctors and business men who comprise the Iowa General Assembly. A good many availed themselves of the opportunity to lend an oratorical hand in piloting Iowa on its financial course for the next two years. Although the appropriation figure will doubtless cause many an Iowa taxpayer to get the jitters, yet the bill left a trail of bleeding hearts in its wake: Representatives of Iowa's schools, colleges, various institutions and state departments fought to the last desperate inch before accepting defeat of their askings. 13 Million Budget The Commonwealth of Iowa is getting its financial house in order for the next two years, by adopting a budget that calls for something over $13.000,000 of expenditures. This is In addition to several millions of dollars a year appropriated by special acts outside of the budget, whose necessity and wisdom will be proved only by time and results. The senate demonstrated last week that it views big figures with slightly less awe than the house adopting a more liberal appropriation bill by some $400,000 than, hac the House the week before. Even plenty of fireworks the rest of this lession. Fish and Game Bin Up The new fish and game bill was passed by the Senate, largely a. written by the conservation com mission'. Senator Dewey of Wash ngton gently prodded the bill along and the amendments offered werr n most part all friendly to the bill which has the purpose of protect ing and conserving what is left o Iowa's once bountiful fish am and game laws substantially as the; have been previously. The hous substituted the senate bill to spi>e up consideration of the measure. $125,000 Sewage Project Okoboji and Its companion-lake may yet sparkle again as Iowa' blue diamonds," if the sewage dis posal project which passed the sen ate last week is adopted by th house. That is, providing that th engineers who designed the projec are correct in their belief tha sewage has been responsible for th growth of blue-green algae In th lakes in recent years. An amendment tacked on by Sen ator Elthon of Worth drew som mild fire from relief adminlstra tion headquarters. It provide that $125.000 appropriation for th project (to be matched with fcdera funds) should come from the relief funds already appropriated, and that the work should be done with relief labor. Senator Gillette, Donohue, Evans, TWENTY TEARS AGO Slirrld Norman was back from Boon? where she has been spend- ng some months with her sister, Mtrs. Joe Whlte ; ^ ^ Dr. Cretemeyer was at low* on professional business and on his reU.™ stopped at Waverly for a ihort visit with his^ parents. It is very evident that many of he stories about disloyalty to the flag are fakes without one ounce of truth and the perpetrator of these •akes is as bad as one of the worst traitors. Helen Quarton, daughter of Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton who is taking a dramatic and English course at the Northwestern University In Chicago will appear on the screen at the Call as an actress in "The Power of Pin Money. Miss Quarton, who is to graduate in June, possesses considerable dramatic talent, and took a part in the screen play merely as a diversion. Her many Algona friends are anticipating her appearance here with pleasure. * * * if Joe Cosgrove of Wesley was In Algona on business. A number of Russians, eleven adults and sixteen children, arrived In Algona and will engage in the sugar beet fields of this locality this year. They put up at the Northwestern hotel and are clean, intelligent looking people. * * » "Jimmle" Neville, our hustling business neighbor on Do<5ge street, was over at Pocahontas on a business deal. * * * The Kaiser may be all right In his place, but his place is where Sam Small said whiskey belonged. use of electricity In Algonft, the ight fund accumulated a surplus. Private plants no where offer so low a rate. »*"*• view with glee any » l8m ment of municipally owned plants. Corporations feed on the gullibility of the people. Algrona can dissipate the light plant fund and then pay more for electricity. No business thinks of dissipating Its reserve fund. If It becomes toe large the cost of electricity can be reduced. Every one should work toward a lower rate per kilowatt hour and that can only be done by using light funds for light purposes Every tub should stand on its own bottom. I would prefer to pay my share of any improvement by a direct levy for that specific purpose. Luxuries we indulge in cost us Immensely more than a sewage plant would- And the sewage plant would be a necessary Improvement. lie improvement -hould b* a«Uc- ipatea, ««d a fund «cirm«late« for that fturpose. Cash w»» **£ twice as nftch a* ftonds. A twenty year bond will gofoj* «?•**" ** far and buy one half as ««<**» the same amount of cash. If cash Instead of bonds had been tot to make improvements, York City, San Francisco, and our own Des Moines, and almost every large city would not be In financial 8 Bonds are sprung on the spur of the moment They are «"««« without reference to the pain of Pa oTthe other hand, If any fund accumulates a dime, a device i» sought to get possession of that Set all those who want cheaper- electricity shoot to kill at every effort to swipe the light funds for any purpost Breen, Byers, _ Beardsley and __, Chrystal were sponsors of the dollars less than the Bgure set by measure wn ich rolled over In spite *t._ .•. •.!!..• !>• .«*•*& ^tUb'ZUFnr* j.A£U!n.%>MMMmftL . «_„..._• * f*_- 4«nfh«« T To the Editors: In a recent issue of your paper, reference Is made to a talk by Joe Kelly in regard to the use of the light fund for purposes other than furnishing electricity. As a friend to municipal ownership of public service activities, I wrote some months since a protest against the rape of light plant funds for purposes other than furnishing electricity. At the current low rate for the $ 27°° A MONTH is paying for this home Today, as never before, owning a home is made doubly easy. Many plans of easy financing on a monthly rent basis are available. Our organization has a variety of attractive plans and suggestions for home building, and we're ready to get on the job at once. NO JOB TOO BIG—NO JOB TOO SMALL CITY OR COUNTRY H. R. Cowan & Son OVER IOWA STATE BANK A -speech by Senator BURTON K. WHEELER. Montana democrat, nrpuing against the President's Supreme Court propo.-al, was ordered deleted from the film March of Time in Kansas by a state of- Joe Lowe. In addition to being Algona's most eligible bachelor, is also quite some dealer in land. Joe interested Fred Timm in the purchase of a quarter section in Hebron township, section two, he «au! . . $30 per acre ... all taxes paid . . . Joe didn't lie-only there is no section two in Hebron. themselves and what is the not ficial The move, whether you like the court proposal or are against it. is a splendid example of petty state officials taking upon job of deciding what is right, right for the public to (.ynsume in th? way of political viewpoint.?. At one time the theory was that both sides would present their views, find the pub- lice could take its choice ... but not in Kansas. • • • The Russian government has asked the right to purchase material for a new battleship frori United States concerns . . . and wants the I'. S. NAVY to test tl-.f guns before having them delivered. Not a bad idea, either. The U. S. Navy could test them and then know what they had to contend with in c" Ru.--N is on the other side of the fence, in the next war. * * * SPANISH ARMIES halted their war operations for a few hours, while both sides went onto the battlefield and cleaned up the dead. A very thoughtful maneuver. After all. one .annot be expected to carry on a good, grimy, bloody war. if the bodies of the dead art K. thick that it is impossible to charge over No Man's Land. By all means, clean up the battlefield once in awhile. I'il«- smoUitiK Ims H» convert*. Luke Linnan. they tell us, has decided that cigarette smokers are just amateurs, and has taken up the masculine HEMHSE MARTIN -A as time, at the home vi iclative f * 4 THE I.EGISI.ATI'KE i, 'just resting" i in Vermont. all this habit of pipe smoking in earnest. Maybe T. II. Chrischilles converted hlni—or Juke Freeh. A u«e with an independent income doesn't hi--e to --le unless ^he feels like it, but a dependent w.fe'har, to be sweet and pleasant whenever she needs money for a trip or a fur coat or new htnie furnishings. • « * Judge Quarton says he thinks we're coming to our senses. He meant that editorially the old sheet is not coinciding in all ways with state and national administration viewpoints . . . well, as we ,o!d the Judge, pump priming a few years ago wa-n't such a bad idea, but we do believe that now the" pump should either be working all right, or else we ought to get a new pump. * * » H» amusing to hear of a woman deliberately arrange to be unavoidably late at a party. Just about the time we were ready to nom- jn-.U Chtt Kurtz as the gent with the most pep in town, it he doesn't tome down with an al- ia, ii ui Uinsilitis. « * * Joe Bloom certainly snared Iowa's Most Eligible m a hurry to mtrodu. e to Kr-vamans. '.-t Thm-day evening, but he was out- jump bell. H-'ippc, Who intrudui.e.1 Ml...-. Iowa to the U!.. il Spending by the legislature Is not quite complete. There is such a thing as an omnibus appropriation bill. According to the dictionary an omnibus is a four-wheeled vehicle for conveying "many passengers An omnibus appropriation bill is designed so that a general assembly can get aboard witn nil its bag- pnge; that is leaving everybody and everything provided for. All the odds and ends of legislative expense including the actual cost of the general assembly, are written into the omnibus bill. Adjournment in Sigh* If this General Assembly adjourns by next Saturday it will have to saw wood faster than it has so far. • will be More likely adjournment about the last of the next weeK. A number of major bills and nec- esary propositions must be handled in regular form before the solons can call their job done for this year. Truckers of the state are not going to permit additional taxes on their business for the benefit of the farm-to-market roads without a fight. They demonstrated at last session they are good scrappers too. Liquor and Beer Bills Iowa has not yet been thrown back into the old saloon days by adoption of any liquor-by-the-drink bill, but the subject is still much alive. Revision of the beer laws is still :t major duty to perform. Bills ora* «it on the docks ¥ and"look down In the bottom of the lake and see the fish you hoped to catch. You can't do that now." Iowa's Forgotten Woman The senate passed a big bunch of routine claim bills last week. In most cases the senate accepts the recommendation of the claims committee but occasionally will lop off a few dollars from the figure presented. They never add any- One of the claims was for $10C damages for a woman who had been sentenced to 90 days in jail then taken to Rockwell City and "forgotten" for 18 months. Her modest claim for damages provoked the amusement of the sentae Donohue being heard to remark •She must have liked It down there;" Her claim passed, unan You Pay Less imously. Teachers Penidon Up Again Sponsors of the teachers' annuity bill which was lost for the wan of one extra vote two weeks ago, I to be reconsidered and amended s that it is hoped it will yet becom a law. Probably early this wee the reconsideration will be asked and amendments offered which will reduce the appropriation from one million dollars to about $200,000. and the pensions to be granted each retired school teacher from $500 per month to $25. Sponsors of the proposition feel that such changes will make it possible to get the bill through even though the 1 covering both subjects were voted out of the House sifting committee creases in sessio n 3 early last week, and that means 1 be possible in future sessions. session is about ready to close. Inthe amounts may then And \\hat local high school t'- has I'arii- Humb uation i-- i>L( u Ulii Jtlpl'-iYlliV lit more mid i.i"i easier to In k< as '.V'- ni:iki: unr i\i-i .-ii. i .11 nt-vc-r be i:cpt 'out.-ide oJ tumfoit. A.- !'.!•;-• -i- al I'hi klpt than .'lie ti:<-.-c v, llo can rxpn t the '.>• c..l ing bees tan at t uniul i f <-• i aUM-s Much Gror^c Ni-w,.: Tne lcl!i license- tax. i.i* ival c.-iale tax. old age pin.-mil ta\ employment tax .~t it' mi 1 . la, ami yet nii.-kcd ever;, tax. and get i.icKed cvi-i ing several ot the- ten « no trouble getting pa: Doc .-! : i i tl . in trip . « • I). Shumway und .Jim Murtagh J a book of Black .Magic- ttu- 11 look turns at reading thi: of their hand.-, If the i, already sevcial years undertaker. i;ahn \'<' tjf rrol-inily w \vhn r ui .•.jiiic- ;,:.-.. :< 'ii day With a - ill dJy with -i . d. Iiinalldlnciii: : .Saint 1'eter. !•<,[.erty :\, Ull- :iu on:" ax. and An li Northwc. man of a lie persist, speech hi.j pri. tdcnt would b. .sir. 1 :,liall say one jot or utl An lluuest Senator An. hur: Heiny CU ll I toid by a irii.nd t:. al i! tu niaive a r. I t.u:i U cAer billl^' ll.-.'U.l i l>-.- t d. Mi *"lay .-aid: "Tiiiii id . f ii ai.d i umpio:iu.-c not ,uld i.-.ttic-r ,.id..-l n ( inn ., Th. ..mat. ,.,n. r ill a p.-uiU-iitiary in Faiiaina t,, i,.. making . oii.iU-rteit bills. ,!.!.'-.'•. v. .1.1 f-jr the Tov.-;uc;id plan. • • • >ou don't think it pair, to adver- '. OO'J fctt Of iy.* aftt.-r it ,k n-tuiiivd .1 v> I'em- Uu- old :al-J 1!1 K.ili- ueruuc Senator C'laii wai-ni/l'. I'! U aas C'ity rec-eiitly: "I i-.tu.v..- lu paiiic-i|.aie in un> ravishing of the nght.:i of the- people by supporting the proposal to park the supreme court It has been said that I .-.hail dc-.-Uroy my politeal future by my stand, but it is such an important i:...clUd by U.c lilidt.1 A I'.' .ii woman lo.-.t • .u.d the imdi.; a<.iv. rL to the O'.vl.el. . d It. tile, l-'iuiious Lost l-ine—(.Sign iu a near Spencer!—\\V allow uoiu.ll Ui smoke Iiere, but request that they be cautious where Uiey put Uielr butts. TEN VEARS AGO A horse belonging to a farmer wi-.-.l of Algona strayed across the railway bridge- between Irvington and Algona. On attempting to return it caught it.s foot between the tic- and rail, pitching its body com- i pk-tely over the side of the bridge-. 1 '• The animal hung there suspended by its hind leg for over an hour. The morning passenger notified ' section boss, Everett Gregor of Al- gmi.i. of the ac-eidt-nt, who irnine: diatc-ly riurried to its assistance. By cutting a spike the leg was released ! and the hoi.,e fell several feel into ! the- river below. Then by aid of a . chain it wu.s pulled to land. Need- i ietj '-o say, this experience is one I not to tie again desired even by a i dumb animal. ... I Tin- r.-i-t-nt rain* have broughl I the- iJio Monies river to the highest i it ha., been for years, and It is out I of it.-, baiiko. and the low lands are : all under water. About six miles 1 south of AJgoria the Air Line will i be under water should the river I con.e up another foot. The roads I were getting in pretty good shape i but the ruin had filled the mud | hole.-, again and they aie difficult i to travel. ' « « * : II. W. Foat hiu uurchuaeJ the 1 Iowa Central Motor Express which ' operate^ between Algona and Maj ..,.!, f,:-y Mr i'o.-it haa operated i the Algona motor dray line and will continue it in connection .vith the express. It is reported that Mr. tost will move his fwuily to Clear Lake as soon as he finds a suitable TO OWN IT TO HUN IT 1937 Ford The fire department was called out early in the morning to ex-. tinguiah a fire at the Algona cafe. The chimney had hurritd out a I shoi t t'rne before and the rafters on the roof of the kitchen had caught on fire. Kathleen Holtzbauer had started work as bookeeper and cashier in Chnstensen Brothers' store. Kathleen returned from Des Moines, where she had just completed a business course at the University of Commerce « .» • Dr. Forest Cairy of Sioux City had spent several days in Algona on professional business. • • * \VaUe Sullivan, Karel Horan, Win. Mann Gordon Dewel and Eleanor and John Haggard returned to Iowa City alter a vacuf.'ii from their studies as studtnta at the University of Iowa. * * * Miss Eleanor Norton returned to Green Bay. Wisconsin, after a week end visit with her parents. Mr. and Mts K. S. Norton. Miss Norton teaches French in the Green Bay hi^h school. She planj to go abroad this summer for study and travel. She w:ll leave- New York July 2. Ike I'inuell anil family drove tu Mason City where they met iSada Finiiell and Margaret Scheuiel, • If yon think that "all low-price cars cost about the same" —- forget it I They don't. Ford makes a car — a 60-hor»e- power economy Ford V-8 — that sella from 30 to 60 dollars under ihe prices asked for any other car of comparable size. The lowest Ford prices in years! Check delivered prices In your town and ut-v toe yourself. • Of course, first cost doesn't prove «'low cost" — you must consider operating cost also. The "60" has definitely established itself as the most economical car in Ford history. Ford cars have been famous for economy for 34 years, so that means something I Owners who have driven it thousands of miles report that the Ford "60" averages between 22 and 27 miles on a gallon of gasoline. Yon can prove those figures — on the open road — in a car provided by the nearest Ford dealer. • When you've finished your personal check-up, ask yourself t "Do I want to save money the day I buy my car and every mile I drive it?" "Do I want a safe, roomy, comfortable car of advanced design — created from the finest materials to the highest precision standards?'* There's only one answer, of course — the 1937 Ford V-8. Price* ••gin at $rAA T /If UfaV Timpmlittii tl»|ii, tun Hi Fitarf taut uki 1U> prlc. U tor th* 60-hor»epo««» Coup. •quipped with frool «<"J rev ba»p«n, «p«r« tin, hum, wbubhUld vlpw, MU Tkar, (lot* coupwtoMinlt tnil Mb Uajr. $0 * A MONTH, .It.r ** ua*l do»o-p«rojoui, bun u? V«d V-8 CM, from .07 Wawi d«.lcr, •Hawker. In ill. U. 8.— duouc* AuU»rU»4 Fold f'liuuc* ri«u> «l l)ui»u»*l Cr«Jil Co. FORD MOTOB COMPANY 1 KENT MOTOR CO. I Phone 434 FORD SALES AND SERVICE Algona, Iowa afitttftffWtfft^^

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