The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MARCH 18, BLYTHEV1U.E (ARK.) COURIER PAGE KTMli Accused Mother |o Defend Sell Suspect in Killing Of Rich Contractor To Testify Today March 18. Wi — A i»8 mother who Ls accused with ! _.j men in Ilic slaying ol wcaltuy linlractor Ehucr D. Jones lasl June las expected to lake Ilic witness I ami in her own defense today. J Attorneys for 21-year-old Mrs. Ivflyn I,;iri, Ralph nay Hunter, 20. JomiM SaclicUl, 31. said all •arec defendants would testify In D course of their first degree ii.ur- li'i trial. 1 However, the lawyers agreed.^ the Peace Officers Instructed to Curb Gamblers JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. March 18—(/Pi—The Mlssom-1 House laid local officials yesterday lo see thai laws agritnsl gambling nre obeyed, The vote was 103 to 9 (or the resolution. It came after a hot ira Opening of $20 Million Texas Hotel Is Colossal in a Noisy Sort of Way out local , two counUes offldals- "asper mid Si. Louis. Bui Democrats si\id ould apjily to every county in the state. It was the Democrat's answer to a resolution offered yesterday by Rep. Richard Webster IR) of Carthage. Webster's resolution asked Governor Forrest Smith to see that HOUSTON. Tex.. March 18--M') Dorothy Lnmour's nationwide rudio broadcast wns the only "rnstilty" of the glittcrhiB formal opi'iiliiR ot Glenn Mr.-Ciullij's SUO.OUU.UOO -shamrock Hotel. Ami Miss I.amour says I lie vOmlr tiling was unavoidable. Between 2.000 and :i,000 people jammed into the 18-story hotel's dining rooms last, nil! lit for oilma McCarthy's sri-pei-plute cii Funds for U of A Fieldhouse May Not Be Available 1.1TTLK ROCK. March IB i.| A .slnte appropriation of SIUIO.OOO lo help finance construction .., t ...*~ ., .. - . - "' J I fleldhouse at Ibe University nl Aik- inarkliiK Ihe formal openiiiK. | nnsu5 npparomly wmi'l be avutl- Aboiit hull of the (juc.sls appeared ' ., |)lp lo want to be seated In tlie main ' Arkansons Are Warned Against Counterfeit Bills LITTLE ROCK, March 18. liT> — Neat Sliannon, nielli iu charge of Ihe Secret Sm'ico office lier«, l>«* warned Arkaivuis rm-rclmnla lo Ktiard ntiniml cumilerfcll 120 blll>. Some of the bills have been pus*' fd in Vail Smith mul Hoi SprlDRs In 1 said yesterday. The notes bear Ihe connterfeltecl Imprlnl ol Ihe Pedernl Reserve Siiuik ol Chicago. Sluitnion mid. [mulid. liisl lil» llf« when an ex- Comity. Bluff was destroyed. |]loriln« kerosene stove sf I fire lo hist Tony Cook, R Negro Infant, tiled] .—home In n rural scfltmi of IK'nton' when hl« parents home at I'lno Kead Courlti Ncwi Wut Ad*. Kiimfoling laws are strictly enforced llH'OURhoul the slalc. But the Democrats sliovcd Hint m into committee with Ibe •lories I he three plan to lot jibe. . . , Mrs. Luri was expected to stick •in he 1 ]' otteii-repealed lale ot going ,^3.j...v.. - i laiwilUugly on llie night of June 1 c i )ars c It was a "smear campaign' li to the home of Jones, an elderly Against the Democratic governor. • - —• | Tne now resolution was offered bv Democratic Floor Leader Rep. C p Turley of Carter County. He said law enforcement first is lian who hud befriended her. There, • he. has said in a signed stalemcnt. Ihe watched Hunter and Sachcttl teat Jones to death during a rob- IJCTV attempt. . Sidney Sherman, attorney for lluutcr.' said his client will claim Ihat he struck Jones In self defense • lining an arg.tment over the con- Iractor's attentions to Mrs. Lari. Tiiu'hctii has contended from tlie first thai lie was not at Ihe time Jones wns beaten. Yesterday. Mi's. Lari .solibcd in Ihe recorder's courtroom when her pcscription of the slaving was read ; an all-woman jury. Spa to Hold School Bond flection Despite Ruling HOT SPRINGS. Ark., March 18. •(;,•)—The Hot Springs school district, •today held a special election on a IpioposRl to issue $1.223,000 in bonds. •The election was held despite a su- Iprcme court ruling thai .school clec- llieiis may be held only regular an- dales in September. The election had been scheduled • before the ruling was handed down. I The boat's would be used for a 1 construction program. I The supreme court lias been ask- led lo reconsider its decision. the duty of the local officials. It they fail, he added, Ibe governor could step in. Earlier wranRlliis on tlie resolution hnd the Democrats on one side nnrt the Rrniiblieans on Ihe other. HL'l <in the final roll call vote most ! "r"i!iblicr,ns voted fur Ibe resolution. Irishman Takes Engine Out on a Toot, Spends ! St. Patrick's Day in Jail LOS ANGELES. M<ircll 18. W'l — Here's one Irishman that celrbral- ed St. Patrick':; day in Jail because he took ?. locomotive out on a toot. Police testified in court Wednesday that Edward O'Sullivan. 28 strolled down to the railroad yards spotted a Diesel engine, climbed aboard and applied the throttle. He was charged with tampering wit' ?. locomotive . Railroad officials snfil the excursion H'UPled yard traffic. Judge Louis J. Maufman said 180 days. dlntni! room—the 13UO-^uare foot emerald room. The confusion was ton much for Miss l.iun'Uir's broadcast, which ! went on the nil- m 0^0 p.m. H-:KT> [ As the radio show many] guests still were hunting I heir: seats and the hubbub was MI ; Miss l.amouv and her u"i's> stars.; Van lleflin and Kd i Unity's TK.V- crni Ciurdner had lo shout. j Miss l.nmuur explained it UiLs ; wav: "The crowd was still enlehna llie loom :il the start of the prourain anil we had trouble pelting started Later the public address system lailed and we departed loin our -script." NalU'lial Broadcasting Company iffirinls lu Chicago said Ihe pro- grain sponsored by Scaliest, was >ff the air the first 14 minutes be- j an^e of line failure "moliably at ! ;he Shamrock Hotel." Piano music filled in. In Hollywood, an NDC spokesman blamed Ihe whole Ihing on an overenthusiastic opening night crowd," and added that "at one point two diners seized Ihe microphone mid shouted into il." lu New York, another spokesman iald the company probably will make an official statement today following an Investigation lo determine whether "any profanity went out over the air- Miss Lamour said profanlly was involved. this doesn't neces-ailly Ihe ficldlumse wmrt bo Two Die in Fires llmvi'vcr mean that built. The 1949 legislature, which made Uie, $'.100.001) appropriation in cftect abolished state construction funds for Ihe 1D49-51 blenniiim ami then). by nullified appropriations hum .1. such as that made for the (li'ld- lumse. The legislature allotted no money to the construction ftuui—was nra- led. Allottments were made for this fund, and from It were made appropriations for construction projects declared "essential" bv governor McMitlh. such as Ihe state lucd- ! leal center. A inun familiar with the sitoa- ! lion, declining (juolniinn by name. | said lincl:ers believe money for llie \ celllitiiied ficldhotise and aim-'rv ' nu^^• lie available from Uulvci'sify mid fedcuil sources. By llir Associated Press A 9l-vei\r-olt1 inun and an eiuht- inoiUh-nlil lioy perished In separate 1 house fires In Arkansas yesterday. Gilbert Jackain Counterman, »» RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. In 1B20. Ihe United States had ! population of 10'million .persons. The South American condor is 'one of the largest of nil flying birds. ' nnd Its young are unable to get off ' the ground until two years old. Women Picked to Serve On Garland Grand Jury HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Marrb 18. ol>i—Two women will serve on «. grand jury here for the first liuie in the history of Garland Comity. Mrs A. D. Durr and Mi.'s Eleanor Harris arc members of the grand lu'-y v.-hieh l«'-s been ordered to re' port March 28. Gotrie Congress Planned For Frankfurt, Germany Fli ANKPURT. Germany — la'i More th^ll TOO scientists from the United States, South America am West Europe have been Invited U come here, next Aliuust to honoi the memory of Jotumn WollBaui, Golhe, Cierman puct. ebrat'ng the 200th nnnlversan or the birth of Goethe, the city lin arranged an International scientists' congress lo debate "Collie's Influence upon the thinking o( the presenl day v^orld." The congress will meet here Auc. 24 to 26. 11 will be Ihe clhmix of Ilic "Goethe Festival Year" IKC.IU- nlng In March and ending In October. Goolhe wns born here August '28, 1149, and died at Weimar at tlie age of 73. The festival program ini'lmli's gala performances of Goelhc'.s dramatic works Including "Dr. Faus- lus." Friday * Saturday "BLUE STEELE" wllli John \Vnynr Cartoon A- Serial SAT. NK;HT OWL snow "SIN TOWN" with Constance Briuipll nnd Broiler Irk <:r*wford Also C'lirionn Suudav. Monday and Tucsrfa> . I** *** HID * .MICMURRAY! NOW WE HAVE 12-FOOT LINOLEUM Let uf figure with you on all your linoleum n«»d«. W« now have in stock: INLAID 6 FT., 9 FT & 12 FT. FELT BASE By the Yard RUGS-AHSizes 6x9, 7}x9, 9x101 and 9x12 All grades . . . from the 9x12 rug in seconds at 3.95, to the 9x12 Gold Seal Rug at $11. 50. W« carry the largest stock of floor covering In thi county . . . See our new Linoleum Department! ^ubbard&Son, » .'» ,* .• «! • «-• •* f * « • VA* NOW ON DISPLAY! 1949 PLYMOUTH Metropolitan Reports to Policyholders on 1948 Business HERK is THE Financial Statement of the Metropolitan Lite Insurance Company for last year. 11 is more than just figures, because, back of them is thl story «f whnl 32,700,000 policyholilci s liavc done for llicir families and themselves. Thc role of Metropolitan, like thai of any Life insurance company, lias IKCR lo help policyholdcrs to make effective llicir individual plans for protection against Ihe uncertainties of life. This Stiucirienl is a brief account of ils stewardship. The amount paid to policyliolders and beneficiaries in 1948 wns S72l,3(i6,364. Of this sum, S263.780.754 went lo the beneficiaries of 235,000 policyholdcrs; SI47,- 045,672 lo some 450,000 individuals for Matured Endowments and Annuities; and $59.403,238 for 650,000claims for Disability and Accident ,t I Icalth bcnclils. In addition, Ilic. total paid included sums for cash surrender values, dividends, and other payments due under outstanding policies. The lotal payments by Metropolitan to policyholdcrs and beneficiaries during tlie last Ifi years aee rc S" tclt S9,34C,3.10,825-« sum which lias served as a stabilising influence in homes and 'communities llmiughoul the country. This tolnl exceeds Ilic Company's assets of S9.I25,145,007 as of December 31, 1948. These assets are held to meet obligations ofS!(,5 c )1.210,20l, of which more than 90% represents statutory reserves for fuUifc pay- 'mcnis lo policyholdcrs and bcncliciurics. Over and above these obligations, there remained a surplus of S533,"34,8(>6, which is about 6% of obligations —a backlog which must be available against the possibility ofcpklcmics, adverse economic conditions or other unforeseeable situations. the Company's asscls guarantee the fulfillment of Ihe S3<),958,517,854 of Metropolitan life insurance in force. In addition, Ihcy assure Ihe payment of the 448,394 annuity and supplementary contracts outstanding, and the 6,546,412 policies or certificates providing bciicfus in event of either accident, sickness, hospilaliAiImn, surgical or medical expense. A few other highlights of Ihe Comftnf* 1948 annual statement are: the net r«ti of interest earned on lolal assets reversed lh« Ircnd of many years and increased frota 2.94% in 1947 to 3.03%; in line with th« experience of business generally, ther« wer« some increases in expense*; 'he r»te of mof- talily win slightly lower than in 1947; th« lapse rule was one of Ihe best on record; »nd new life insurance issued during the year was 52,904,157,071. The amount held for dividends payable to Metropolitan policyholders in 1949 lolals $152,067,254. Metropolitan investments conlinued in 1948 to serve various sections of Ihe nation anditseconomy. The Company is interested in nuking loans, irrespective of size, to either individuals or corporations, which meet the legal requirements with which It must comply. A more complete review- of the Company's affairs will be found in its Annual Heporl lo Policyholdcrs, which will be sent lo anyone on request. STATEMENT OF OBLIGATIONS AND (In .«oiJ..ix« wilh lh> Annuil .Suicnunl filo! »nh lh= ASSETS... DECEMBER 31,1948 lni<iiina D.pinmtnL of llu SUM of Ntv, York) OIUCmON&TO POLICYHOLDtRS. »ENtFICIARItS. ANDOrHtR* |J.HKi.HVl'.<« i(h ltt>l it.iiiirc- It.lut.rr r.lley l>n»r>M 7 hit .mourn. JdtrniintJ in .icon tuenu, lo^ellur wilh fulutt p re in in ITS THE CAR FOR YOU! Brilliant new styling is combined with outstanding riding comfort, increased roominess, and sweeping mechanical improvements in the new line of Plymouth automobiles . .. which now includes 9 distinct models. If you're looking for a car in the lower priced field, he sure to see this slick new 1019 Plymouth at Blythevillc Motor Co. Blytheville Motor Co. "South Finest Service" Broadway & Chickasawbo Telephone 4422 I future j'olicj bcncliu Policy Fr»c»*<f» *nd Dlvld«nd» Left with Company Policy proctrtli from de^tli cliiui*. msinred enJuwmcnii. piymenli, >nd a.v,<!*ndt—I«T| with Company by ben(fiej»rifitnd policy tiotritrno be r<l«irn«atnfiniircy<*r«. n*««r**..1 far Ol«lihn4« *• PoMcyh«I..Ur« .... Set «M(I« fur p*yn.«nl in I9W lo lho»e policyh»ra«r* tligibl* lo revive them. P«lky Claim* Currently Out.t-ndtnj .... .r CUJmi in proce« of Kltlem«ni, ami eMtnuieiJ eUJm* lh*l hive occurred tiul h*ve nr>l J<l bet n rcpoil<d. Other Pallcy Ob1It«ll<nt Piemiumi ftctiv«J in >dv*n«, rc^tr^ei r<u morialiiy and morbidity (lucliiAiioni. te\em foi cimlintiinu (Ue pniRum of eqviili/nion dividend! oti-*«Vly piemiunn policies. «!C. busmen of 1»4«. C.ntlnKfXr R...ry. l.r Morl,.i. L..n. . . . Alt Olh-» Oklll.ll.n. TOr.1t. ORI.IGA ff(t:\"i ........ . i SURPLUS FUNDS «r>el>l Surplut Fund. .... i Sil.OI J.IWO.CW Un...i|n.< Fund, (5ur pill.) . . rnVAl.SVKFLCS rvnns ASSETS WHICH USSURt FUtFlLLMtHT OF OBUGATIONS Nit.anil Govtrnrtitnl t«curkli»» SJ,>i.-'JMS "J..S,rG?,ri.-n, • : : : : . sv «!:m.S" 3.3(,i ( MJ, 170.57 4«>,I»:.4I4.00 I. 1,1 Mrl'li. I I % - J'tl.lM.I'* i;" 1 ', ^^ Mi«iun«,,>;.: : : : .^w ,«:«*« B ^:,±o,M-»;'.™'''''' lv ' n!nE " ! '. iiw».'«.» Stock. AH bin SI,O>5.'1'0 ?« « r«.l or CM, M.rll.t. Lo.m on H..I tit.t. •„,•„,•„,(,„;,„' '• 1J °''"''"~'" lo.n, on rollcl«« Jftl.630.U9.90 M ije lo pol«c\li..r.leri .in Ihe «v-oiily of thrir po^te*. R..I t.t.t. (afler Jcctcne by ajj.olnunl of !!.<.*X1.IX» inihea !S "8*I«l A..|.I.I..I in <9ii<r<^li»ii of mnrtgase in. Jcllte,l^c^» (i>f wln^ti SM.7<W.:»7.7Z 11 imaerconiTJCIoful.) .'.... 46.2J5..104.I9 Ca,hand«.nkO..K,.H. 151 .SS4.SO 1.05 Accrutd Intcrtlt, Pttnlt, «tc 65..HO.OH.M ror.II. ASSKfS TO MKET OBLIGAriOXS . . . S9.I2S.I«,<»7.IS NOTE—Awn Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (A MUTUAL COMMWT) 1 MMHSON AVINVJC, Ntw YORK 10, N. Y. -I ME1ROFOUTAN UFE INSURAMCI CO. 1 I Madiion Ntw Y>fk 10, N. Y. Gentlemen: 1 Plca« send me « copy of your Annul! Report 10 1 PalicjMJcrs for 1948. 1 NAME- l CITY L -STAI«_

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