The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1937 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1937
Page 5
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FRIEND -J-. --- The Algona Upper Peg Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 15,1937 Homestead Applications to be Taken Fresh Pork fre ? h Pork Roaste for «Ma Perlb ' PreSh P ° rk Steak at Sausage 8a * e adds to the e ai°ynent « - own P ancakes » and waffles. Spec- sausage price for this sale is 16c per Ib Hockless Picnics R . oast we suggest a nice 5 to 7 - l ^ c ^ the hock removed. A pnce of 22c for this week end. LARGE DILL PICKLES . . . each 4c Bologna Fancy Bologna for slicing, in the long 2U Ib. pieces, in Visking casing. Priced at 1& per Ib. i or this sale. Grapefruit Juice Has the high vitamin content of the fresh fruit Popular breakfast appetizer and a fine mixer. Special pnce of 7c on the No. 2 can. Apricots In the spring is when you most enjoy the delicious tart flavor of Apricbt Sauce and Pie. The big No. 10 can for this sale for only 49c. Superb Syrup Golden Amber Table Syrup. The5-lb.can for 30c and the 10-lb. can for 52c. Delicious, low cost spread for bread and pancakes. Council Oak Cocoa We recommend for both beverage and baking purposes. A full rich flavor and goes farther than ordinary cocoa. Try a 2-lb. can at our special pnce of He. Vanilla Wafers Fresh baked wafers at a special price of 2 Ibs. !2J" C ', Cookies y°u enjoy with coffee and with gelatin dessert or ice cream. Pork and Beans In rich tomato sauce. Excellent for quick lunches. For a hot dish you cover with strips of bacon and sprinkle with brown sugar. Heat in oven until bacon is crisp. A special price of 9c on the large 27-oz. can. Council Oak Coffee Meets the demand for a strictly "High Grade" Coffee in the whole berry. We grind as you like it. Special price of 27c per Ib., or 3 Ibs. for 79c. Camay Toilet Soap, Cake - - - - 5c P & G Soap, 5 Giant Bars - - 19c COUNTY AUDITOR PLANNING TOUR IN THE NEAR FUTURE Will Take Applications At Scheduled Time; June 1 Deadline County Auditor E. S. Kinsey is announcing n schedule for a county trip he will take to receive applications for the Homestead Exemptions, under the newly passed state law. The auditor will be in every section (pf the county, as specified in his outlined tour in a display advertisefent, and folks owning property are advised to prepare now to visit him when he is closest to their places, and file their applications. At the same time, the following news releases which may help in explaining the workings of the Homestead Exemption are printed for the benefit of our readers. Supervisors Have Say-So The Board of Supervisors of the various counties will pass on all applications for homestead credits Mid must use good common sense In making their decisions. In order that uniformity and equality may be maintained throughout the state in the grant- Ing of these applications, the State Board of Assessment and Review 1ms endeavored to Interpret the law in regard to the many questions that have arisen and is setting out a few of the important ones with their answers. Q. Who is entitled to apply for the homestead credit? A. Any person who was the owner of a homestead in 1936 and lived on it six months during the year 1936 or anyone who hag purchased property on or before June, 1937. Q. Mr. A owned homestead in 1936 and sold it to Mr. B In February, 1937. Does Mr. B file for exemption credit for both 1936 and 3937? A. No. Mr. A can file for 1936 and Mr. B for 1937. June 1 In Deadline Q. What Is the final date for filing claim for obtaining credit on taxes payable in 1937 and 1938? A. June 1, 1037 la the final date and no applications can be acted upon which are received after that date. (This is very Important and it should be given wide publicity). Q. If property Is purchased after June i, 1937, can owner file? A. No. not until the assessment year of 1398. Q. If a single person who main* taint a home entitled to the exemption credit? *^ A, Ywt '* " Q. How is the soldier's exemp tton applied? A. The value of the soldier's exemption is first deducted from the assessed value and the homesteac credit is applied to the balance but in no case is it applied on a valuation over $2,500. Q. If a soldier owns two properties and lives in one, can he receive the homestead credit on the 6 New, 17 Renew Paper La«t Week The weekly summary of subscription activity in The Algona Up per Des Moines office is as follows: New Subscribers Mrs. Harold Evans, Corwith. A. E. Sterzing, Algona. Mrs. Joseph Vollmer, Armstrong John Thul, Bode. Kate Dittmer, Algona. E. W. Van Dorstan, Armstrong. Renewals J. W. Simpson, Whittemore Mrs. Minnie Knoll, Algona. Bob Gross, Bancroft. Dr. P. W. Cairy, Sioux City. Mrs. Peter Murtha, Algona. Opal Cronan, Elmhurst, III. Bert Cronan, Algona. Will Cosgrove, Wesley. Orville Wagner. Bode. Joe Johnson, Bancroft. Schipull Bros., Ringsted. Louis Wingert, Corwith. Rev. Robt. Schwyhart, Algona. Mrs. J. R. Blossom, Yama. Col. Matt Borman, Algona, rt. 1 P. P. Weber, Burt. Claire Winkle, Burt. one he is living in while applying his exemption on the other? A. Section 6947, Code of 1935 states: "All persons named in Section 6946 shall receive a reduction equal tfe their exemption, to be made from homestead, If any otherwise, from other property owned by said persons." From the language of the above section, it would seem that there is no question but what both the exemption and credit will have to be applied on the homestead Q. Is it necessary to fill in the book and page spaces on all applications? A. This space was provided for in case of contracts. Subdivision 2 contract to be on record. q " "^ Three-Way Ownership Q. A. B. and C, blood relatives own a farm by inheritance; B is living on farm. Can B claim full exemption credit? A. Yes, as to his interest but not to exceed 52,500. Q. Mrs. A owns a life estate in a homestead. Is she entitled to the homestead credit? A. Yes. Q. Can a homestead outside of a >r town contain less than 40 SWEA CITY WILL REVIVE TENNIS To Put Courts in Shape at Reynolds Park This Spring Swea City: Tennis will be revived this year and the tennis court in Reynolds Park will be put in readiness at an early date. Dr. R. M. Minkel is heading this movement to revive the old time favorite of all sports. We would not be surprised if Harry Kruse of Al- gonn will come up and show the youngsters here, how the gams is played. ti, A ' ^ es ' but cannot contain more than forty acres. ' Q. Can the land area Inside a city or town exceed one-half acre? i«; i * Su PP° se Mr. A owns OU 1 2, 3, 4, S, 8, Block 12, house Is on lot 1 and no buildings on lots T'JifK'u 1 6 - The val " a "on of lot with house is $1,600. Mr. A could !•*•-9 « to increase o Rents Are Rising! A Housing Shortage k on the Way! but the lota to to be used credit? A - The 1937 valuation will be used for the credit on the taxes payable in 1037 and 1938 Rebuild Power Line* The Interstate Power Co. will begin rebuilding its transmission lines in this vicinity. Twelve miles will be rebuilt extending from Swea City to Ledyard. The sleet storm of a week ago, played havoc with the lines here. A new sub-station will be built here as soon as a favorable site can be obtained. P. T. A. Meeting The regular meeting of the P. T. A. was held at the high school auditorium on Monday night, April 12. "Mudholes" was the subject of the address, which was given by Rev. Claude Fausnaugh of Estherville. "The O'Greens" of Eagle township presented a varied musical program. A short skit, "Mrs Nevlna Sells An Idea", was also presented. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dnhl are the parents of a son, born at the Algona hospital on Monday, April 5th. Mr. and Mrs. Rny Lord spent the past week at Eldorn called there by the sudden death of the former's father, J. Lord, who passed nway suddenly after a heart attack. V^^ HIDES - WOOL TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR HIDES AND WOOL Joe Greenberg ^^ mODERH FERTURES Hlake ITIodern Cars You Need Chevrolet's New Hih-Compression alve-irvHecd Travel the LOW COST comfort way • Comfortable seats — room to stretch your legs and move about. •Baggage always handy —yet out of the way. • Reading or writing practicable. • Smoking rooms. Filtered water. • Sleeping accommodations on night trains. • Air-conditioning on many trains. • Low priced meals. Low Fares. IN COACHES 1 l r a mile each way for ROUND • CTRIP. 30-DAY LIMIT. Cheaper than driving your own car. 2C » mite, OMB WAY In comchM. flND PARLOR CARS 2 f • mile each way for ROUND v TRIP, 30-day limit. SBM« fa parlor md steeping cars extra ForFarn or Vacation Sufgatloni aik yomr local agent There is a Demand for Better Homes, Newer Homes, Modern Homes. And Why Not? Now is the Logical Time to Build or Remodel—We only live once! i Financing Rates Are Low, and we can offer you plans without cost to yourself that will make your fondest hopes a reality. Our Planning Service and Advice is at Your Immediate Command No Obligations GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR Phone 109 —::— Algona, la. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dolder were week end guests In the Ernest Dolder home at Port Dodge. The men are brothers. Mrs. Viola Matthews, who has been visiting in the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wilson, here during the past week, returned to Sioux City, Tuesday. This group and Lee Wilson and Robert Taylor, enjoyed their dinner at the St James hotel Sunday. The W. H. M. S. convention Is scheduled to be held at Laurens this week Thursday, when an Interesting program will be presented. Some of the Livermore members are making plans to be present at this day's session. Mrs. J. L. Frederick is president of the local organization. Mr. and Mrs. John Hohenberger and his father, George Hohenberger drove to Algona Sunday where, they enjoyed dinner at the home of the parents of Mrs. Hohenberger, Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Gronbach. During the absence of the parents, Vernon and Esther were dinner guests of Mayor Ole Nelson at the hotel. Charles Raney, who has been confined to the hospital at Fort Dodge following a hemorrhage of last week, is at his home south of town at the present time, and is getting along very nicely. Mrs. Rasmus Olsen, daughter, who gave birth to a baby girl. Donna Mae last week, Is also at the Raney home. Mrs. H. L. Clark of this place is assiat- ing there, caring for the patients. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Swansea and daughter, Clara Jo of St. Paul, came Friday to spend the week end in the H. L. Swunson home here. The seventh birthday of Clara Jo was celebrated Saturday when the group enjoyed a birthday dinner at the Swanson home with a pink and green arragement for the menu and table decorations. A birthday cake with seven lighted candles was a feature. Mrs. George Burns was hostess to the Equality club at her home on Thursday. Following the business session, an interesting program was given with the following numbers: "India", Mrs. George Burns; "Cities of Calcutta and Benares," Mrs. Frank Conley; 'Persia", Mrs. Louis Behounek. A social hour was enjoyed and lunch was served. Guests )tber than members included Mrs. Fred Fleming, Mrs. Oliver Smith, Mrs. Myron Taylor, Mrs. F. J. Martin, and the Misses Belle Upham, Margaret Malin, and Avis Taylor. Mrs. Allan Cameron has been the fuest of honor at two social functions recently, the occasion being her birthday. The first one was held at the home of Miss Lena Altaian, when eight neighbors met for an afternoon of bridge, bringing lunch and gifts for the honored guest The second party was held at the home of Mrs. Harold Frederick when the F. S. C. met for their regular meeting and Mrs. Cameron waa surprised with, a shower of gifts -also on this occasion. A delicious lunch closed the pleasant afternoon. So good That if gives you both 65 horsepower and peak economy. You Need Chevrolet's New All-Silent All-Steel Body The first all-steel bodies combining silence with safely. u You Need, Chevrolet's i: Hydraulic Bra Ices You Need CKavrolets Improved Gliding Knee-Action The *moothest / •afat, most dependable brakes ever built. So safe-*so comfortable —so different. You get all these features at lowest cost oniy in CH EVROLET ^^M^^^^B____ CmeVIIAt.KT Wfwn* nnrntmw f • u . • . _ POR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION. C«wral Hmttn • THE ONLY COMPLETE CAR - PRICED SO LOW Kossuth Motor Co. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa Notice To Kossuth County Home Owners Who Occupy Their Own Homestead Under the new law all home owners in Iowa who ocvimy their own homes will hi> «.ntm,.rl f,, ™ l ' 25 "»"" »" *2,500.00of the worth'of said , , e ' v B ut u^law 1 V An ior f - T mi)ti " n , T St mak<! «PP""«ti"" *'<>'• «»««• ^ th - ,,ffi -e > f theT,'< - ty Auditor of their home county on or before June 1st, I!)'}?. 1 *p IBER > if you make no application for this tax reduction h v June 1st, 1<«7 you will by that Where To Make Application and When For the convenience^ of those who are unable to drive to Al-ona, and wish to make out a have been fix^ 8 "* " ' C ° Unty ' ^ Vttri °" H T ° WliH lllld Dutes foi> >'" UI ' t"xh, B The County Auditor will be at said towns on dates as follows to assist homesteaders- TOWNSHIP Homesteaders of — Oresco Township _______________ Irvington Township ______________ I_ I Plum Creek Township ____________ ~__~ Union Township _____________ " _______ "~ Eagle, Grant, Swea, Harrison TwpsT and Swea Incorp. _______________________ Springfield, Hebron Twps., and Ledyard Incorp. ___________________________ Ledyard, Lincoln Townships and Lakota Uncorp. ___________________________ German, Buffalo Townships and Titonka Incorp. _________________________ Greenwood, Ramey Townships and Ban' croft Incorp. _______________________ Seneca, Fenton Townships and Fenton Inc. Lone Rock Inc. and Burt Twp. ___________ Burt, Portland Townships and Burt Incorp Wesley Twp. and Wesley Incorp ____ Lotts Creek, Whittemore, Garfield Twps. and Whittemore Incorp. _ Riverdale, Garfield and Sherman Twps. " Lu Verne Twp., LuVerne Inc. and Sherman Township _________________________ Irvington Twp. and Irvington Inc Praine Township ___________________ III DATE April 15th April 16th April 17th April 19th April 20 21st April 22nd April 24th April 26th April 27th April 28th April 29th April 30th May 1st May 4-5th May 6th May 7th May 8th May 10th AT Auditor's Office, Algona Auditor's Office, Algona Auditor's Office, Algona Auditor's Office, Algona Swea City, Iowa Ledyard, Iowa Lakota, Iowa Titonka, Iowa Bancroft, Iowa Fenton, Iowa Lone Rock, Iowa Burt, Iowa Wesley, Iowa Whittemore, Iowa St. Joe, Iowa LuVerne, Iowa Irviugton, Iowa St. Benedict, Iowa NOTICE Be sure and bring your (Deed or Certificate of Purchase), your 1!W asst-ssim-nt roll an 1 two disinterested property owners from your taxing dLstrk-t to sign your a Pi ,U<-ati,m. E. S. KINSEY COUNTY AUDITOR.

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