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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 15, 1937
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OWTtCIAL COtJNTV PAPEB r Be* Bionics grSTOBICAL DEPT, 'j'r Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, APRIL 15, —Twelve Papes. VOL. 35.—NO. 15 #00 School Musicians in Festival Saturday Night Annual County Schools' Music Festival Program Announced BURT DELEGATION TO NUMBER About 600 musicians from high ' Athools in all sections of Kossuth county will meet in the Algona Mhool auditorium, Saturday, for • the annual school music festival, Starting at 7:30 o'clock. Schools to be represented are Bancroft, Burt, Fenton, Grant, twp., Lakota, I/edyard, LuVerne, Swea City, Titonka, Wesley and Whittemore. The largest delegations are from Burt with 134, Fenton with 86, Wesley with 66 and Whlttemore with 44. To 8h*te Honors AU schools and directors wiU •hare honors with the various selections in charge of different lead- era. The orchestra program follows: 1—March by Mendelssohn, directed by Mr. Anderson, Burt. 2—Farandole from Bizet's work— Mr. Hueser of Fenton and Wesley. S—Oracle Overture by Taylor— Mr. Turpln of LuVerne. Junior high selections: 1—Soloman Lev! and Spanish Cavalier, by Mr. Bunje of Swea City. 2—Old Dog Tray, by Foster—directed by Miss Schultz, of Lone Rock. 3—Blue Bells of Scotland—directed by Miss Johnson of Wesley. The glee clubs, both boys and girls, will sing a group of numbers. Miss Blossom of Fenton will direct the combined girls' clubs in a song group, followed by Miss Templeton of Lakota and Miss Christian of LuVerne, directing the same group. The boys' glee club numbers will b« directed in turn by Miss Mo- Nown of Algona, Mr. Stewart of Grant and Mr. Bunje of Swea City. Mixed chorus numbers will be directed by Miss Baar* of Burt, of TObittMian «u>d Mr. In The WEEK'S NEWS Current Events Photographed for The Algona Upper Des Moines FEAR MANY LIVES LOST IN MILLING PLANT FIRE— Above photo shows the -wreckage of the warehouse at the Chas. A. Krause Milling Company plant near Milwaukee, Wis.. that seems to have born the full force of an explosion that wrecked it and started a fire April 10. Three are known to have died, thirty were reported injured and about a dozen are still missing and are thought to have died and be buried under the debris. -National Kmtojgm eeted by Mr. Barrett of J-edyard. 2—Ase's Death fay Grieg, directed by Mr. Granzow of LuVerne. 3—Lnstspiel Overture by Bela, directed by Mr. Collins of Algona. Girls' seatettes from LuVerne, Burt, Wesley and Lakota will sing special numbers and vocal solos will be rendered by soloists from Bancroft, Burt and Wesley. A trumpet solo will be presented by an Algona student. Siamese Pigs Born On Koswth Farm Siamese pigs were born Monday at the Al Peterson farm, tenanted by Cliff Hoover, it was reported here. The plg5_jM«re joined from the breast back to the navel cord, according to Dr. Winkel, local veterinarian who inspected the pigs, both of which died. The Siamese pigs were quite a curiosity, and dozens of folks were making trips to the Fox-Winkel veterinary hospital here to Inspect the oddity of nature. Swea City Ponders New Water Mains SWMI City: The council voted to call a public meeting on Tuesday night, April 20, to consider the question of extending water mains. Th« meeting is held for the purpose of obtaining the cost of the proposed improvement Six blocks, containing 36 lots, will be benefit- ted. HOGS Best light butch., 140-160 . $7.00-7.50 Best light butch., 100-180 .. 9.50-8.50 Best light butch., 180-200 .. 9.00-9.20 Bent light butch., 200-290 . 9.20-9.30 Med. heavy, 290-325 9.20 Butchers, 32S-350 8.10 Butchers, 350-400 9.00 Packing sows, 300-350 8.90 Packing sows, 350-400 8.70 Packing sows. 400-500 850 CATTLE Veal calv«s »5.00-7.00 Cwwers a»d cuttera 2.50-3.60 Stock steers 6.00-8.60 Fat steers 8.00-10.00 Fat yearlings 7.00-8.00 Bulls 4.00-6.2B Fat cows 3.75-5.00 GRAIN No. 3 yellow corn, old $1.25 No. 3 mixed corn, new 1.22H Mo. 8 yellow corn, new 1.23 • No. 8 white corn, new 1.23 No. 8 white oats *« ' Barky, No. 8 100 EOC8 HISTOBJC HOME BE8TOB- ED—Pmirte du Chien, Wis. -- - 2 NEW BUSINESS IMPROVEMENTS IN CITY ANNOUNCED New $10,000 Oil Station; Rising To Build New Elevator Two new building projects were announced this week by Algona firms, and continuation of another begun last fall was slated for the naar future. \ ttw Bt the of VHki the luxurious pioneer home of Colonel Hercules L. Doiuman. The gowns are on display in the Villa Louis, owned by the city of Prairie du Chlen and maintained as a public museum. Approximately 500 club women from Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois are expected to attend the silver tea to be held May 2 and presided over by the Prairie du Chien chapter of the League of Women Voters. er the company DOW occupies, and which has recently been released for a long period of time. The filling station will be of the most modern design, comfort and service. The E. R. Rising elevator now at the Northwestern tracks and State street Is to b« replaced by a new, modern structure, and the local firm will change locations at the same time. The new elevator will be constructed on a site just south of the present Northwestern railroad section house, adjacent to highway 169. Work will get under way this spring. At the same time it was also announced that a warehouse, 40x100 feet In size, will > be _ erected, and the railroad is going | to build a new spur to the new Rising buildings. Ralph Miedke, Algona hotel manager, has been informed that work on the 20-roora addition to the hotel will get under way between April 15th and May 1st, as soon as the contractor on the job is through with some Improvement at the Hotell Ellis, Walterloo. also a Boss hotel. In addition, a new slant that may develop, U the transformation of the basement of the new addition into a banquet and ballroom. This Is not final, but architects are working on a possible change of plans to include this new improvement. DISTRICT LEGION RALLY COMES TO ALGONA, MAY 11 Local Post Members Named to Committees For Event EXPECT THOUSAND VISITORS IN CITY Sounding a trumpet call to action, Commander J. D. Lowe of the American Legion post here, appointed committees last week to begin arrangements for the meeting May 11, at which the Algona Legion and Auxiliary posts will be hosts and hostesses to the organizations from the 14 counties of the eighth district. Nearly 1,000 people are expected. The committees named for the conference follow: Executive—M. G. Norton, J. D. Lowe and O. S. Reiley. Banquet—John Momyer, Ralph Miedke, Harvey Beatty, Lee Hopkins, Fred Jacobs, Ray Ladendorf, and Vallo Naudain. Registration—E. A. Scheme!, Wm. Irelan, Dr. G. D. Walrath, Marvin Cain, Henry Becker, E. S. Kinsey, Irvin Chapman and Art Rfley. Parade—F. L. McMahon, John Kohlhaas and A. L. Brown. Entertainment—Glen Raney, A. S. Hueser and Theo Herbst (banquet.) Decorations—Alf Kresensky, Jay Hoppe, E. J. Thiel, Leon Merritt and H. D. Clapsaddle. Dance—G. D. Brundage, Harry Godden, Joe Bloom, Mel Falken- hainer and Charles Barringer. Reception—R. H. Miller, D. C. Hutchison, L. E. Linnan, Rev. Muhleman, Dr. H. K. Woodward, and A. H. BorchardL Golf—Ted Larson, H. L. Gllmore and Dr. L. C. Nugent Police—John Foth, Al Sterzlng, Joe Harig and Gene Wray. Visitors' Entertainment—Matt Streit, John Bieser. Ernest Evans, W. A. Lorenz, H. M. Smith, L. E. Hovey, Harry Hull and Ben Sorensen. BEGIN FLANS FOR DECORATION DAY Decoration Day •committees have been appointed as follows to handle 21c 20c ,18c 32c 30c Wo. 1 No. 2 Cash cream- No. 1 NO. 2 -._ Sweet 33c fowmv Hens, over 4 tt». Hens, under 4 Ibs- Leghorn hen* 11 Vic Hens" Ught U*4c Cook*, over *V» lOc Cocks, under 4* ...- -• '« Sferket* subjtot to change by tfjM o/ publication. TO PAY WITH LIVES— Hugh Marshall (top) of Indiun- apolis and Vurtis Neal of Madison, aged 19 and 22, were photographed in the Shelby county jail last week where they await electrocution in the Michigan City prison next July 24 for the murder last January 4th, near Fairland, Indiana, of William H Bright, Indianapolis druggut. The robbery and murder netted the youths $1.30. The crime is termed one of the most brutal in Indiana crime annals. 28 Students Visit Iowa State House Titonka: Leaving Friday morning at 6 o'clock, the junior class of government, numbering 28. left for Des Monies, returning Saturday evening at 6:30. The data visited the following plaits, a session of the Senate, Drake Observatory, Bt.ll Telephone, the Capitol, Historical Building, the Municipal Building, and the radio stations. Those taking cars were George Boekelman, Louis Bartlett, Carl H. Callies, their instructor, Coach T. A. Dunmire and Mru. H. A. French. Speaker and Chaplain-^-!* E. JUn- nan, D. G Hutchison and Matt Streit. Parade Committee—F. L. McMahon. John Foth and Joe Harlg. Color Guard—Alf Kresensky, Gene Wray and Ray Ladendorf. - Musical—Glen Raney, A. S. Hueser, Theo. Herbst. Grave Decorations—E. J. Thlel, Wm. Geering, Lee Hopkins, H. M. Smith and Charles Clement. Auditorium—Ted Larson. Street Decorations—Joe Bloom. Flags and Wreaths—G. D. Brundage. Marine Service—V. V. Nnudain, E. S. Kinsey and Harvey Beatty. Housing Shortage Cause of Building Boom in Swea City Swea City: The housing situation has become acute here, as five families find themselves without a house to move into. Oliver Blomster purchased the lots north of the Ira Hewitt residence and will immediately begin the erection of a new modern home. M. T. Trees has just completed a 4-room dwelling on the lot south of B. F. Rhodes. His reabon for building is that it was impossible to find a place for rent. Three other homes were sold the past week and as soon as these owners take possession, three more families will find themselves looking for a place lo live. Il is anticipated that three more dwellings will be under construction at an early date. 2 Court Cases Cleaned Up; Stock Salesman Trial Next Cooking School Opens; 538 Women Present Wednesday; Many Win Attendance Prizes; Style Show Program Tonite; Windup Friday A total of 538 women registered for trie first aftern6on of the Algona cooking school, Wednesday afternoon in the high school auditorium. The cooking school will continue this afternoon, and the closing session will be Friday afternoon. This evening (Thursday) the special style show will be held .in the auditorium, with professional models from Des Moines assisting local models in displaying the newest in styles. A full program of entertainment, all free of charge is being offered. Algona's most eligible bachelor will also be announced this evening at the style show. Leading the entries, all of whom are nominated by the ladies, are J. D. Lowe, Leighton Misbach, Roy McMahon, Bill Steele and Fred Shilts. Prize awards, made by drawing, Wednesday were as follows: Ice book—Mrs. A. E. Michel. Botsford paint—Mrs. C. C. Adams. Chrlstensen hose—Mrs. C. R. Holt. Stokeley canned goods—Mrs. Quentin Jameson, Mrs. John McEnroe, Audrey Frye, Mrs. Burlingame, Mary Grubb, Ada Merriam, Mrs. Lou McMurray, Mrs. H. D. Stahmer (Cylinder), Frances Rutledge, Mrs. Chnn Dalley. Mrs. Henry Lund. Mrs. H. D. Behnke. (Whittcmore), Mrs. N. D. Mitchell, Mrs. K. D. Lnidley, and Lydia Meyer. Dextross—Mrs. Burdette Agard, Mrs. George Decker. Mrs. Lawrence Crees (Bancroft), Mrs. W. A. White, Maude Pcttit, Mrs. Morten Pederson, V. Haggerty, Mrs. Rse Asher, Mrs. P. J. Grimes, Mrs. Elmer Phillips. Honeycrust Bread—Grace Meyer (Fenton), Mrs. Leroy Crapser, Edna Burbank, Frances Wlnkel, Mrs. Emily Spencer, KaMuyn Lashbrook, Mrs. W. J. Fuller, Zelda McGuire, Mrs. Albert Granzow, Mrs. Roy Brown. K-C Baking Powder—Mrs. Leslie Huff. Mrs. H. M. Harris. Mrs. L. A. Gronwall, Mrs. H. W. Miller, Mrs. L. L. Lease (Wesley), Mrs. J. W. Lane. Flour—Selma Miller, Mrs. P. A. McArthur, Bertha Venteicher (Weslye), Ida Pestotnik, and Mrs. Claud White. Soap—Mrs. Claud Seeley. Miss Arlene Holdren, Miss Aileen Adams. Mrs. Walter E. Roberts. Kathryn Misbach, Mrs. R. E. Kain, Mrs. Philip Scheme!, Mrs. Ray Laden- dorf, Mrs. John Kenefick, Mrs. Leo Bellock, CJladys Shumwny, Mrs. James Allen. Mrs. H. M. Colwell, Mrs. Ben Bahling. Rinso—Mrs. R. A. Hansen (Burt), Cora Hanson (Burt), Mrs. Ross Caihoun, Mrs. O. A. Anderson, Mrs. Adnm Lieb. Mrs. Paul Clark. Mrs. Martin Dldrlksen, and Mrs. W. C. Dau. Lifebuoy—Mrs. W. O. Ringgenberg, Esther Hclbcrg. Mrs. S. W. Meyer, Mrs. Eunice Spurbeck, Mrs. Florence McCarty, Mrs. Don Smith, Mrs. Hjalmer Johnson, Mrs. Ray Cook, Mrs. John Kutschara, Mrs. R. E. Mollenhoff. Lux—Mrs. C. E. Priebe, Mrs. E. N. Taylor, Mrs. N. J. Weydert, Rose Ann Venteicher (Wesley), Mary Ann Venteicher (Wesley), Kittle Jtaln, Mrs. Ida Weis, Mrs. Rosa Uoper. Baking Powder—Mrs. L. J. Gouge (Wesley,) Mrs. C. L. Johnson. Mrs. Paul Schneider. Mrs. Everett Harris, Mrs. Wilbur Zeigler, Dena K. Kohlhaas (Livermore), Zella Nugent, Hazel Keen. Mrs. Harry Lewis, Mrs. Alvina Jensen, Mrs. P. Bormann. Mrs. L. J. Mauleg. Norton's paint—Mrs. J. B. Passell. NEW CAR SALES HIT 300 MARK RECORDSSHOW April Alone Over 50; All Dealers Are Optimistic About Future Thirty more new automobiles were sold last week to bring the total for April to 60 and for 1937 t*SM. .... . , vrva jumyer, jaetc u, tedyard? Mrs. Znrfn Hof, Elmer El Wlllmert, Wm. Franke, Elmore. Minn.; E. C. McMahon, Louis Hoffbauer. Algona; Carmel Munlz, Lakota; Mrs. W. E. Quinn, Bancroft; George J. Winkel, Whittemore; Harvey Larson, Burt; Carl Hammerstrom, Lone Rock; and T. L. Thorson, Armstrong. Fords were bought by the following: Maybard Mabus, Laknta; J. H. Sheridan, Richard J. Menke, of Bancroft; John Gilles, H. W. Zeimet, Swea City; Frank Foster, Algona; Edw. P. Kemna, West Bend. Plymouths were bought by Oscar E. Blanchard. Titonka; Frank J. Rochford, Whittemore, and O. A Laabs, Algona. Pontlacs were bought by Algona Motor Sales, Algona, and Mrs. Leon a Downs, St. Benedict, and two International trucks by the International Harvester Co., Algona. A Dodge was bought by W. C. Engstrom, Swea City, and a Hudson by Matt Kirsch. Bode, and a Lincoln Zephyr by the Rev. W. G. Muhleman, Algona. Kelly Discusses Question of a Sewage Disposal Plant Here Dacken Vs. Freeark Trial —$95 Award To Plaintiff AND 6 LAWYERS TRIED THE CASE West Bend Teacher Finds Pocketbook On Sidewalk Here Irene Schmldthubcr West Bend school teacher, turned in a pocketbook at the office of The Algona Upper Des Motor*, Saturday afternoon, containing a considerable sum of money. With Mis* SrhmMthubcr a| m* » •SSf ean ' have wune" by Identifying the pocketbook and giving a pretty good estimate as to the amount of money in it. The girls left the porkctbook at the newspaper office tor it/i rightful owner. Such honesty is to be commended. Rites Wednesday For Simpson Youth Wesley: Burial services were held this week Wednesday afternoon at the Wesley Evergreen Cemetery at four o'clock for a sixteen year old •on of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson of uear Lone Rock. Mrs. Simpson is better known here us Miss Kiva Liming, and the family lived here about 25 years ago. Burial will take place in the Liming family lot. It will be remembered that about 20 years ago, two of the Liming boys, brother* of Mrs. Simpson, were fatally burned when they lit a match to look into an empty gasoline barrel. This happened while the ftuuiiy lived near Westey. During the Liming family's residence here, the members were very active in, Methodist church work. CUtford Liming, a brother of Mrs. Simpson, is u minister of the gospel in this, the Northwest Iowa Methodist conference, or was the last known here. Father-Son Banquet, Lu Verne, April 19 Lu Verne: The annual Father and Son banquet, sponsored by the Lu- Verne Commujiity Club, is to be held next Monday evening, April 19. The Methodist Aid is to serve the dinner, in tin: Community Hall. On the committee are H. D. Cple-. man, Supt. Alex Evans, and Dr. H. D. Meyer. The plan- are to have O. S. Van Kro<r, superintendent of the industrial school for boys at El- 2 Corwith Boys In League Baseball Fairvitw: George Kvans, Jr., and Bob Barracks have signed contracts to piay baseball this summer with the Southern Missouri baseball league on the St. Louis Cardinals farm at Monnett. Missouri, und will leave Thursday to join the I league at that place. Both young i men are very promising baseball | players, and were star members of the Corwith high school baseball team last year. George is outstanding as a pitcher and Bob is equally good at catching. Bob returned last week from the Doon baseball college, at Hot Springs. Arkansas. dora, an the »; taker of the evening. There will also be a short program and a few iuuj»kul numbers. Occupy Koestier Farm Lakota: Mr. and Mru, Shelgrcn uud two children of Uolfe, mc-vcd recently to the John Kotstler farm fust of town recently vu-ated by the OrviUf Buffington*. A!IH. Shelgren ls a daughter of Mr. Koutlen Meat Cutter 111 Wesley: Muuriye Olson, meat cutter at locker sygtum in the Farmers Co-OperuUvu Creamery, is c'liu- ill with Mood poisoning in bis ami which started from a mere scriu<-h on his thumb joint over the week end. Wesley Teacher Hurt Wesley: Miss Jennings, principal of the high school, had the misfortune to break a bone in her ring nngcr on her left hand Saturday afternoon while playing "catch" with one of the youngsters. An x-ray was taken and the injured member of her hand is in an aluminum cast with her whole hand being bunduged. Neuroth Family Moves Wefaley: The Albert Neuroth family who have been living northwest of the trucks in Wesley, are this week moving to the former W. K Giddings residence which now is v\vued by A. E. Giddingtj. Frank Winkel Died This Morning Frank Uinkel, 86, died thin morning about three o'clock at his home on North Dodge street H« hUfTcrcd a stroke u week ago Tuesday and hud been bedfunt kince that time, Mr. and .MrH. Winkel celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary two week* ago ut the home, of their daughter, Mr*. L. J. KuUcharu at Clear Luke. Mr. Winkel con- ducU-d u meat market here for many year*, but has been retired for some time. He iia* a brother of Jacob Winkel, well known I'ltion township farmer, who died a few week* ago. Funeral urruiiKenienttt are pending us we go to press. Lone Rock Plans Drive On Crows Lone Rock: The Lone Hock chapter of the Kossuth county conservation league helci a meeting last week Tuesday evening. E. M. Jensen was elected secretary and trasurer. Plans were made for a crow hunt to end June 15. Arthur Priebe and Alton Pettit were elected captains. The losers are to entertain the winners. Plans were made to rent about eight acres of ground for private game area. The meetings will be held the first Tuesday of every month. Anthony Schmitt Rites, Whittemore Funeral services for Anthony Schinitt. Sr, who passed nway at his home at Whittemore, were to be held today (Thursday), at 9 o'clock at St. Michael's Catholic- church in Whittemore. Pall bearers were Martin Duffy, Sr., John Laubenihal, Will Oliver, John Cullen, Peler Foxsea and Jack Farrell. 110 AT ALGONA JUNIOR CHAMBER CHARTER DINNER One hundred and ten Junior Chamber of Commerce members, visitors from Spencer, Mason City. Spencer and Boone. and friends of the organization, as well as loral guests,, witnessed the presentation of the state charter to the local group. Wednesday evening, at the Masonic Temple here, following a charter night dinner. Ken Goodrich of Boone state president, presented the charter to John Haggard, Algona chapter president. The program was furnished chiefly by the Mason City delegation. Jay Tubbcsing Joe .S. Re.ley and Mayor Unless Health Protection Demands It, Thinks It Too Costly District court will get a breathing spell here, until next Tuesday, following the completion and final decision of the jury, of the case of William Dacken vs. Clifford Freeark, Wednesday atfernoon. The jury fixed a sum of $95.80 as the total due the plaintiff in this case. There were six lawyers engaged in the trial, which was for the recovery of personal property, including one sow, 10 pigs and ISO chickens, which the plaintiff claim* belonged to them, and which they alleged the defendant; a Lakot* farm owner sold, after the plaintiff moved from the place. The defendant said he sold the property to pay for what the feed had cost him. The case was heard by a jury consisting of Edith Kesler, Swea, City; Martin Larson, Burt; Edith Mollnder, Swca City; Richard Vaughn, Whittcmore: Frank Rot- tcrman, Elmore; Wm. Kadlng, Lone Rock; Bessie Patterson, Buffalo Center; Harold Gross, Lone Rock; Clifford Gardner, Bancroft; Ralph Herberts, Algona; Cora Hutchinson. Swea City; and A. D. Lehman, Algona. Attorneys White and Van New of Algona represented the plaintiff and Quarton and Winkel of Algona, the defedant, and each side had nn extra lawyer from surrounding territory for good measure. FARM BENT PROCEEDS CASE SETTLED With a settlement of $300, the case of Mildred Dillon, John Hoppe, A. K. Cunningham, as administrator for the esteate of John Cunn- ;h*m, deceased, and Mildred Johnaun, versus Matt Tiamuth, V. The queXUon of a sewage diapos- al plant fOi^*fV ina, a topic brought to the fore during the past few months, was given a sofld and •Quad scrutiny, Monday noon, when fJffljj|glLjsW£rtJ " " " " ;iFl Mr. Kelly brought out the point | {«* S^^iTSlrtSto get and headed Bloom. by O. Specht of Algona also cpoke briefly. Algona is planning on sand:n[, r a small delegation to represent the new (hapter to the state convention at Council Blutfs-, iu->;t week tmi. Alcontt is the 26th Junior Chamber in the Mute. that in the cose of sewage disposal people were led to believe that the real cause was for the protection of health, and that cause, explained, was a most worthy one. But be- liml the scenes, Kelly said, is the original idea to create Work for die paving outfits, cement mills and engineers. These potent groups, he said, arc oftentimes successful in obtaining the cooperation of the Joard of Health in agitating the matter. No Seriou* Illnrmirc "I think none of us can rcmem- >er of our having a cuse of nick- ess traced to river pollution," said Mr. Kelly. "I'll admit that our ewer outlets may be unsightly a ew months out of the year, but if re fenced them in the aume man- er &a disposal plants are fenced, with a 'No Admittance/ sign at he gates, the public would never et to see them." Mr. Kelly stated that because of he situation in Algnoa's sewage ystem at the present time, the city ould have to build u plant costing bout $125.000. While not opposing the plant in general, he be- litvi-d it would be unfair to take money from the light plant reserve to spend on ft sewage disposal plant. And bonding of the (ity for such purposes, he added, was exactly what public utility companies would hilt Neitzel Boy Held Auto Theft i Visit At Wesley V.ctley: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer John.son and family of Lone Ruck were Sunday guests at the home oi hij sister, Mrs. Hulvor Flom, Jr. Faces Drunk Charge Arthur Wildin was arrested in Algona. Tuesday, and lodged in jail, churgtd with drunkenness His case wi^a scheduled to come up before Mayor Specht. theft of an auto at Fort "No doubt we will be compelled to put in a disposal plant, but ] fail to sec-, with our past health record, not only for our own corn- i uiiiinty, but with famu-rs living i down the river, why this big ex: pense .should be fou cil upon us. If the .Stale Ho.ud of Health can i prove that our present method disposal is a public menac-e, then I'm fur it," Kelly .stated. Donald Neitzel, 18. former Alg<,na j Sinking Fund Needed boy who has of recent ycais been I "\Ve have been trying for years living at the Father Flanagan home j '" build up a sinking fund in our in Omaha, and more icccntly at i light p:ant. and have finally suc- Fort Dodge, was arrested here on ! ceded, to that we can take care of Tuesday afternoon by Chief of Po- obligations as they arise." Kelly lice Frank Crec-n, charged with i then explained that the life <>( a diesel engine is from l"j to 2U years and that three of the engines in the local plant will have to be replaced Minn at a cost of approximately j 120.1.11 HI. "Don't you think it would be nice to take caiv of thi-> without having a bond i:,.-uc?" "If electric light and power users are Miti'slicd to have their funds spent in tins w.iy. then that is then- own bii.-.:ne.-s Hut I think they are- entitled to know where their money 13 bcm^ spent." Kelly added. The city ullici.iJ al.->« pointed out even the iici 1 .' Kslhervillc »ew- agc disposal plant has valves installed to by-puss the raw sewage diiect to the river. He pointed out that if at certain limes raw sewage could be so passed without treatment into the river, why raise- any aigumciil at all against so do- the title Into shape at that time. The question was whether or not the rent for the year 1934 should go to the sellers or the buyers. The rent amounted to about $1200 for the year In question. CASE CHARGING FltAUDULENf STOCK HAM5 UP NEXT Judge James A. DeLand ordered members of the petit jury panel t» report for duty at 1 p. m., next Tuesday, at which time the selection of a jury to hear the case of the State of Iowa against M. P. Daugherty will take place. Daugherty is the man who has been selling a stock interest in u corn-alcohol distilling plant to Kosauth county farmers. The state charges in an indictment against him that Daugherty is violating the Iowa securities act, and did not have a state securities license, and in fact had been refused one. The defendant has stated that he paid for one, hut never received it. Luke Linrian was appointed as counsel for the defendant by the court, upon Daugherty's request. The defendant in the meantime is trying •• raise a $1,000 bond. Neitzel denied any i ounce-tion with the {heft, but police found the stolen car near the Hub Clothiers. /u-jt keys in | Lack to ! The youth had hidden the a glove. H Fort budge. Swift & Co. Here I Boosts Wage Scale j A substantial increase in wages for employes of the loeal dairy and poultry plant of S-.vift A; Company th; was announced today by Chet j ay Kurtz, manager. More than $3,425.00 will be adu- ed to the annual Swift payroll here as a result of the higher rate.-,. Burt Trap Shoot The Burt Conservation League unit will hold a trap shoot. Sunday morning, starting at 10 o'clock. The e\ent will fake place at the north edge of the Burl village limits Proceeds u^e'l to purchase] prizes for the crow hunt, Liquor Sales Up Liquor vale!, during the mui;:h of March ut the Algona state liquor s'-ole totaled $b,834.84. winch i.-, n big increase over the February tu- tal of $7,755.&i. ing 'If this plant is sui h u i.n - e-.^ity lor the .safety of r.ubiic health, why i., such ,1 thing a.-= a by-pass pel milted'.'" he asked. 46 Given Jobs j The National lie-employment, of- 1 nee repoits a total of 4ti placements i made during Muiih. 22 nun und! 2i women in private industry. This number doubled thai of Febiuaiy, ; and far exceeded lhat ol March, i I'J'M. Thcie are a number ui guc/J housekeeping job.i open. THKSK FIRMS WANT YOLK. BISINESS PAGE TWO— H. II. Cowan & Son Barry's Dutch's Service I'AUK THHEE— Basket Grocery Bjustrom's McDonald Land Co. Kresensky's PAGE FOUR- - Brownell'w La ing & Muckey Klassie Motor Misbach's I-usby Drug PAGE FIVE— Council Oak Get,. L. Miller Kossuth Motor PAGE SIX Ande/ son Grocery Call Theatre Chriateiiscii Bros. H M. Ooiwcil PAGE SEVEN-Algona Adi tion Co. Iowa Theatre Ben Franklin Ci </p ton -Taj lor Baldwin I. (J. A. Butstui'd Lumber ( '. .S. Juhnnun Johnson's D-X PAGE EIGHT— Blatz Beer Gamble's Gieeaberg'a Swift dt Co. Ed C'apcsiu* PAGE NINE— Algona Produce K. 1>. James PAGE TEX — Haweutt & Ogg City of AJgonu Bakelite PAGE ELEVEN— F S. Norton ci; Son Jlinmie Neville Urug Ice Cieaui Factory PAGE TWELVE— Kohlhaas & Spilled Hoeiik llolor Soreiisen Groc. Co. Hub Clothiers Foattr Furniture

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