The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1937 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1937
Page 3
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The Algona tTppfflrPea Hoines, Algona, Iowa, April 8,1937 CHAS.BORMANS NARROWLY MKS FffiEDBASTER " ' . '' ' ' * Mrs. Borman in Brooder; Husband Returns to Stop House Blaie Whittemore: Charlie Borman, 4 mites south of Wnlttemor*, come Vety near having a disastrous ftf* Friday forenoon on Ms tana. H« wa< In town to deliver his cream to &* creamery anil to attend to other dally matter* *hen Mrs. Bor- ttaa called him by phone that their brooder stove have went out and «h» wasn't able to get it started and didn't like to have the Ilt- ti» chicks get chilled and wanted Charlie to come home as soon a* possible, which he did. When he «rwv« into the yard he noticed ttnoke coming out of the house by the grade door and he ran Into the JMxttA at once and couldn't see at flrst where the fire really was. Finally he located the fire In the Wooxl box which he grabbed and puB«d outside* Quite 'k bit of damage was done to the varnish on the doors and trim and the painted walls Were all scorched and •Milfoftd, <l%ere were three small children in U>« house asd Mi*. Bornian was ia>tk« bttofter bouse and did not 4DAOW about the flre until Charlie •Had- it-jwt Mt. They think that one of the chlld- r«n must have stuck something in U>« hltciwri store, playing with the •At* and dropped it In the Wood box, 'ttM'«ld4M«hUd-being about three year* «M, raallMd the danger of tbe Are took the baby In its «fUt ana the Other «taild and had tkem out«f the kftehen In front of the grade door. When Mr. and :Mra, Bormaa bad things looked «ver and were satisfied that there was no farther danger, went to the brooder house to adjust the atova and finally got It started. The stove had loo much oil and names were shooting up. The brooder house came near burning said probably would have if they had not arrived back at the instant they did. Mr. and Mrs. Win Bell and family of West Bend Were visiting with relatives here Bandar. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Faulstlch and family of Letts Creek spent Sunday with relatives her*. Miss Esther Stems Who Is teaching in the public school in Ledyard spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. RroeJIe Slems. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Grelnert and daughters, Verdet of Fainrtlte, spent Sunday at the parental home of Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bell entertained at their home' Sunday at a one o'clock dinner in honor of their daughter, Irma'g confirmation. Mr. and Mrs. (Herbert Potratz and son, Edward, of Letts Creek, spent Thursday evening at the home of the Henry Bchnlttes. Alfred Meyer from here and Le- ofta Drtyer of Letts Creek were Sunday evening visitors at the hone gf .-Mr. and Mrs. Art Hetden- with. ™ Mr. and Mrs. Will Koehnecke of Hartley spent the week end with old friends and relatives here. Mr. Koehnecke was formerly section foreman on the Milwaukee road here. The 14-months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. George Wichtendahl is still In a critical condition having contracted a severe case of pneumonia and another child, two years old, is also severely sick. Mr. and Mrs. Will Meyer, sons Ernest and Alvin, and Mr. and Mrs.,Henry Schultz and daughters, Edna and Elaine, were Sunday afternoon visitors .at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art Heldenwfth. •Mrs. •Harold Kuecker, daughter, Geraldiae • and son, Jimmie . and ,Mrs. Arnold Maxwell and daughter, Barbara of Algona visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art HeldenwiUi Friday to get acquainted With Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walk- el's son, James, who was born on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuecker accompanied by Mius Dorothy BJus- trom and Mr. and Mrs. James .E. Walker of Algona were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art Hetdenwith. The Walkers came to get acquainted with their grandson who with his mother, Mrs. Lloyd Walker, are .with her parents. Among those who attended the funeral of Mrs. Anthony Origer of Steward, Iowa, Friday a. m., were Mr. and Mrs. Casper Keene, the fetter's mother and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bauman and daughter, Molly and Peter Bauman now of Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Origer and Mrs, •John Origer, Mr. and Mrs. Theo Keene aad Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ho*an. Many Kossuth County Families Have Moved in Past Few Weeks Read The Want Ads—It Pays. TOTOt FRIEND AT MEALTIME Friday and Saturday, April 9 and 10,2937 ASTS BEEF ROASTS Roasts eat from beef of the usual Council Oak Quality. Roasts cut to meet your requirements at 19c and 21c perlb. BEEF TO BOIL At oor special price of 13c per Ib. you can buy a nice piece of beef for Hungarian Goulash or to boil with noodles or vegetables. LIVER ft ONIONS Sliced Pig Liver at 9e per Ib. The family-win be delighted with Fried Liver with onions or bacon for a change. BACON Sweet sugar cured bacon squares to bake or boil with beans. Also nice to fry with eggs. For this sale the price is 21c per pound. Fresh Ground Pure Beef . . . Ib. 13c Shoe Peg Corn Long, tender kernels of Snow White Corn. For this sale a special price of 12c for the 6 to 8- portion can. Those who fancy good corn should buy a case of 24 cans. < Oregon Prunes For sauce and pies during spring planting you can use several cans of Morning Light Prunes at our special price of 32c for the No. 10 cans. Marshrn allows Angelus Brand. Delicious confection. So nice for salad and topping cakes. Special, per Ib. 13c Ginger Snaps The old time favorite of which we never tire. We like them at the table and in the lunch basket. These fresh baked cookies at a special price of 2 Ibs. for 19c. Our Red Bag" Coffee PER POUHD 18c, 3-pound bag Superb Oats The popular brand. Milled from large, white" oats. The large carton of Regular of Quick I Cooking at a special price of 16c for this *ale. ^_ —. M| : | Clothes Lines When blustering March comes In —whether it be like a Lion or a Lamb—It means moving time in many a farm hortje. Such Is the case in a number of KossntM farm homes, and a partial 1st of those moving In this county is found below: 8w*a City Changes Otto Jensen has purchased the farm west ef Swea City now occupied by O. P. Bergeaorf. Albert Krammersmeir, now living on the north edge of Swea City, moves March first to four miles north and one east of Swea City to place occupied by Lester Knud- •GIJ. Klmer DJtsvotth moves from 7 miles northeast of Swea City to northwest about 6 miles. Heiko Karels of LuVerne Is moving onto the old Ditsworth place. Fred Ploeger, three miles northeast of Swea City, is moving to Ledyard to build. Herman Goetz, living six miles northwest of Ledyard, will move on the Ploeger farm. Alfred O'Keefe Is moving from three miles .east of Ledyard to eight miles west of Ledyard on bis brother's farm. C. L. Egesdal from Blue Earth, Minn., formerly of Hebron township is moving to the Alfred O'Keefe place, three miles west of Ledyard. H. C. Lunnlng will move in with his son, five miles southeast of Elmore. He formerly lived three miles east. Elmer Junkermeier Is moving 4 and one half miles east of Lakota, from three miles north of Ledyard. Walter. Logemann will move to the Junkermeier, place. Tom O'Connor is moving from two miles west of Swea City to five miles northeast of German Valley. Howard Blair Is moving to the O'Connor -place from egibt miles northeast of Swea City. Change at Bancroft Ed Farris is moving five miles southwest of Bancroft, from his present place, and Bernard O'Brien is moving on the Farris place. O'Brien now lives five miles southeast of Whittemore. J. W. Intel-mill is moving from five miles northwest of Titonka Into Titonka. Joe Rlslus will occupy the IntermiU place, moving there from fiva miles couth-wort of Bnf- talo Center. Harold Steward is moving from ttvee miles sooth ot Bancroft to two mlkp northi.'98t o( Burt. Cliir- ence Acxerson If. moving tr the Bancroft farm vic-.te-J by Steward. Keith Strayer, living three miles southwest of Burt, Is moving to Algona, and Oliver Mathison is taking the Btrnyer farm moving there from five miles northeast of Bancroft Albert Gould, living three miles northwest of Algona is moving to seven miles northwest of Algona. Ray Black, living two miles ortheast of Sexton, is moving three miles west of Burt, and Henry Mertz is moving to Black's place rom the Ottosen territory. Ornle Behrends has moved on the farm vacated by Frank KuJow, four miles northeast of Fenton, from his place seven miles south of Algona. Steve Lorn, Jr., Moves Steve Loss, Jr., moved two miles south of Sexton to two miles southeast of Oalbraith. The farm formerly occupied by Loss Will be taken by Harold Hunt, who formerly lived six miles north of LnVente. Victor Frideres is moving from the Ignatius Wernert farm, three miles west of Algona, to the Kane farm, two miles southwest of wes- George Bormann, farming In the south end of Rlverdale township, Is moving to the John Kayser place which he bought, located northwest a mile and a half from St. Joe. Clarence Kramer, who was on the Kayser place, is moving northwest of Algona. George Kempen is moving from the Wiltgen farm, seven miles southeast of Algona, to a farm n«ar Wesley. Joe Wiltgen will go on his father's place. Frank Shipley of LuVerne is moving to six miles west of Swea City on paved highway nine. Aaron Steussy Is moving from LuVerne to his own 80, one half mile north of LuVerne. C. W. Peter and son, farming on the Cy Ward farm, two miles north of Algona, are moving to two miles south ofHobart tttrb lYenary, who farmed the Adams section south of Lakota, and who farmed last year at Marshal^ Minn., Is moving back to Kossuth two miles west of Ledyard, to a farm immediately adjoining his father's, which he purchased. To Cy Ward Farm Walter L. Heldt and father-in- law who have been farming a half section four miles north of Swea City will move on the Cy Ward farm north of Algona two miles. Bd Marlow, Ztll, & D., born and raised in Burt neighborhood and his son, Ed Marlow of Burt, will move onto the old Gottlieb Bleich 200 acres adjoining Union Slough In Portland township. Rudolph Hanover, farming with his father, two miles from Whittemore, will move onto his own farm six miles north and one west of Whittemore. Fred McWhortcr, operating the Clarence Mawdsley farm adjoining St. Benedict, will move on a farm prchased two miles southeast of Whittemore. Harvey Johnson, Plum Creek, win move onto the Mawdsley farm near St. Benedict. Peter Arend, farming near Detroit Lakes, Minn., a brother of Mike Arend of Portland, and John of Prairlei will move on the old Johnson estate farm, now owned by Fred Kent of Algona. Edward Cink, son of George, will move to a 320-acre farm located two miles south, and one west of Woden. The above information ciime from local real estate and land men, and Insurance officials to whom we are grateful for cooperation in obtaln- the Information: Ed Capesius, Melzar Haggard, W. C. Ireian, D. L. McDonald, Herb Potter and others. Seneca Club Puts On Major Bowes Amateur Program Seneca: The Helpful Thursday club met at the home of Mrs. Cecil Bailey, Thursday afternoon. The entertainment for the afternoon featured a Major Bowes amateur program with Mrs. Jay (Sodden winning first with a harmonica solo and Donald Merrill second with a vocal selctton. Club guests were MA. Clarence Wegener of Fenton, Mrs. Ole Oftedahl, Mrs. Eula Will- {amsen, Mrs. Charles Osborn, Regma Berens, Beulah Carlisle, Adrea Deufter and Esther Godden. Mrd Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Merrill and sons and Mr. and Mfs, Tom St. John and sons spent Thursday evening at the A. T. Paulson home. The occasion was Mr. and Mrs. Paulsen's 23rd wedding anniversary and Junior Merrill's 12th birthday anniversary. 14 Senior* The Seneca senior class received the class pictures Friday and they were also given their play books for the play to be given in the near future. The play is entitled "College Cut Ups" There are 14 pupils in the senior class, six gfrls and eight boys. Supt and Mrs. F. E. Slagle has named their infant son, Charles Francis. Ruth and Woodrow Kracht spent Sunday afternoon at the Clem Dot- eon, home. Paul Crowley spent TuAday evening at the Joe Priester home near .Whittemore. Mrs. J. J. Drinnan and Ralph •pent Sunday .evening at the JIarley Hoeck home. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell and family spent Sunday afternoon with friends In Armstrong. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Johnson and son, Donald spent Sunday with relatives at Slayton, Minn. A number of men and women met at the Seneca school house, where a banquet was planned for the basketball players. Mrs. Cecil Bailey and Mrs. O. R. Patterson spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. F. E. Slagle at the Wohn- ke hospital in Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Petersen spent several days the past week at the Fred Johnson home in Fort Dodge. Mrs. Johnson Is a daughter of the Petersens. Mrs. J. J. Drinan returned to her home Saturday morning after spending the past several weeks with her daughter, Elsie Kessel, at Harvey, Hi. Mrs. G. Kracht and daughter, Ruth and Mrs. Clem Dotson attended a program at the school south of Lone Rock of which Eva Kracht Is teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Merrill and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Denton and daughter were dinner guests a ttbe Henry Groen home In Swea City Sunday. Joyce Bassett and Ella Jensen, students at the Beuna Vista College in Storm Lake spent from Thursday until Monday at the parental F. W. Bassett and Jens Jensen homes. H, WVPQST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kind* Long distance hauling. Every load insured against low or damage. Equipped te do all kinds of draylng and hauUng. ^^ 06Q60606C6QBS606C60 HOW ABOUT AN ESTIMATE ? Have You Wondered What the Home You'd LIKE to Build Would Cost? Why not inquire? We'll be glad to give you figures—and some very practical pointers. NO JOB TOO BIG—NO JOB TOO SMALL—IN CITY OR COUNTRY H. R. Cowan & Son Iowa State Bank Bldg. "Kossuth County Builders Since 1870" Tot^lcUonl TttGuuIkl UM lUcud>UfI %T,£i*r ^nr B * "•^•"'WjfSJp* FOR PAST First Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dolder entertained at their home Friday evening, the occasion being the first •wedding anniversary of the couple. The time was given over to playing five hundred with Mrs. Lee Bollock and Delmar McEntaffer receiving rrizes for high score, while Mrs. Jeal Nasby and Lee Bollock carried off consolation. Those who en- oyed the affair were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jacobson and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Dolder, Mr. and Mrs. Bollock and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Hanten and family and Mrs. Bert Neal, all of Humboldt; rfr. and Mrs. Rasmus Olson of Rodman; Mr. and Mrs. Heal Na»>y, of Bode; Mr. and Mrs. Delmar iCcEntaffer, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Clark, and Miss Doris McKenna, 11 of Livermore, and Miss Patricia Goodenongh of Des Moines. The Rev. and Mrs W. H. Senile of Batavia, HI., are visiting here in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. John lohenberger and Harry Ttutz. Rev. Jchlie was pastor at the Lutheran church here for several weeks >efore going to Batavia. Before ler marriage, Mrs. Schlie was Miss Martha Hohenberger. They will visit In Algona at the Gnmbach, and Hohenberger homes before re- rurning. It was a large and appreciative audience that greeted the Rev. V. V. Schuldt Sunday morning when lie presented his Easter address. Hev. Schuldt lives at LuVerne and taa the two churches to serve. Special music had been arranged, and Mrs. Schuldt who is a former member of Morningside college choir, was present and assisted with the singing. There was a baptism service, when the babies of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Altgilbers, and Mr. and Mrs. Ii- Christian received bapr tlsm. Mrs. Lee Wilson and Mrs. Van Hiserodt were received by letter into the cbun-h. Mr. Hiserodt and Donna Belle Insko, were taken into the church as new members. Guy Transfer who is salesman for the State Farm Mutual Insurance company, and who has received a number of compliments from his firm for bavin- made record sales in so comparatively short time, as Mr. Trauger has not been in their employ only a ftw month*, has recently had reason to be very proud of bis sales. The company in appreciation of what he has accomplished, presented him with a fine leather bag. A short time ago. Mr. Trauger had the honor of having nyide the most sales of any agent in the »tat« over a certain peripd High school basketball players from Armstrong and Seneca were both honored on the selections made for ail-state basketball honors, this week. Glen Paulsen, first string guard on the Seneca team, and -Wesley Patterson, regular forward, were mentioned in the all-state selections. Glenn U a son ot Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Paulsen, and Wesley is a ton of Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Patterson. The Armstrong girl's team had Shirley Peterson, guard, and Lavan Mixell, forward, given honorable mention on the all-state selections. Burt News Ruth Thompson entertained the following friends at breakfast on Sunday morning: Mary Ann Smith, Ruth and Sarah Schroeder, Wilma Riddle, Virginia Patterson and Marine Kearna. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McDonald and family and Viola Smith visited at the E. C Nelson home at Ames Sunday. They also visited Mr. and Mrs. George Schroeder. The Leonard Klockea, Algona, have moved into rooms in Mrs. Helen Peters bouse, in which the Haase family live. Mr. Klocke in working for C. W. Pattenton. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Schenck, Mrs. I Maude Hanna and son, Charles and Alice Eighme attended a surprise party on Mrs. Tillie Hanna, Lone Rock, Sunday evening, it being her birthday. Mrs. John Kuchenreuther returned Saturday from Lakota, where she had been with her husband, who was seriously ill at the home of his sitter there. Mr. and Mrs. Enos Wrede were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Wrede's parents. Mr. and Mrs. August Krause at Fenton. and afterwards took Mrs. Wrede's brother back to Ames. Mrs. Paul Moore is spending a week or two at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Leonard Schmidt, at Bode. The Schmidts spent Sunday at the Moore home and Mrs. Moore went home with them. The Rev. and Mrs. Thoburn Speicher were both on the sick list over the week end. The Rev. Speicher preached Sunday morning but the Rev. G. W. Wessel conducted the remainder of the services for him. Nine new members were taken into the church. Mra. Enos Wrede was called to Fenton Monday by the deaths of her uncle. Henry Meyer and his son, August. Mr. Meyer died Sunday night and the son Monday morn- Of ttm,. and at that time he andhi. ^^Bonb^bwn Called here wU. were tMrt a trip to Des fr f m Oklahoma by the illness of MoteM wtth all «xp«a«M paid. The I hlg tothw He / ted frwa . Traugcr* live on a {arm between Ljv«rmore and LuVem*. The Seiwc* high school boy*' bo«- " " rac*lv«d a package gh t»Tmail cwuain- » tW 4 QmXmpW* Heine W«v««y. •*•* Hfim to the ft40a!iorm«rly the **v«nth awl tight gtade teacher StJEtiM morua. A family gathering at the Mrs. M. E. Steward home Sunday included Lloyd Steward and Bwtty Brown, Iowa F*UB, Mrs. & H. Steward, of Aldvn, the O. A. Stewards of Garner, the Jack Henniag* of Algona and the- HaroJd Stewards and Myron Heincer* Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Steward and the, Ralph Steward* were alaa afternoon viiitora three. Special large sice Dust Mops 69c 2for *1.25 One for Floors! One for Walls! Department Stores ALGONA, IOWA Oil Cloth 46 inches wide 25c yard It's that extra durable quality that wears so well for table covers and wall covers. The New Season Calls For Inexpensive hut Necessary Housecleaning Items OCedar mops have non- scratch cushion frame—long strand cotton head—adjusted to clean under furniture and in corners. Self-Polishing Wax 49c O-Cedar—A standard quality for old and new floors, llno- Jeums and furniture. Spring Sash Rods 5c Swivel end Sash Bods 10c PRISCILLAS with their new rufflings. Panels in new fabrics and atterns, or Dainty LACE CUKTAINS./f Curtains in every ^ Brighten your home with Graham's curtains- Save on every pair Ruffled Pfiscilla Marquisettes) Grenadines Baby Ruffles Wide Ruffles Flounce styles You'll be Interested in these newer and smarter curtains. Make your selection now from this targe assortment of Spring-time colors and materials at a lower price. They're Smartly Styled Priscillas Plain or figured fabrics Dainty & Charming Priscillas Flock Dots Baby Ruffles Curtain Bods Curved Enda lOc The ptrfect fitting rod neither sag nor twist. will Window Shades Plain Colors 39c They're sure to fill your demand for a low priced, good- looking shade. 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The Smartest Special Oil Floor 25c 1. LACE PANELS 1.98--4. c*n't begin to say enolffh in favor of these dainty, toft Mild long wearing panels. To realize their beauty »ee them—51, 51 and tiO inches wide.

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