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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 8, 1937
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_x OFFICIAL ' ISTOBICAI. DEFT. Est&Uiahed 1865 The Algona Upper Des Moines. Algona, Iowa, April 8,1937 Pae-es. VOL. 35.—NO. 14 193? Cooking School For Housewives Next Week tit, Style Show Thursday Night To Be New Attraction • MANY GIFTS TO BE GIVEN AWAY A total of 25 firms had reserved space in the eighth annual cooking school, home fair, and style show to be held next week Wed- nttiday, Thursday and Friday at the high school auditorium and gymnasium. This U the largest number of Individual exhibit* ever to fee shown In th«; Borne fair feature, WBlch >s* J fiecome one of the out* sttodtng events of the cooking school week. Secretary O. 8. Kelley of the Chamber of Commerce, and the members of the style show commlt- AJJB. Kresensky, Ben Hil- nce Misbach,\ and C. are busy with plans lit which win be held ""»,* April 16 only, __ illotnes con- wlth 'specialist* in style presentation*. Miss Shaw men Week The cooking school will be given this 3r*tr by Miss Jan Shaw, state college and Penn college economics graduate. She ha* had several years' experience in conducting sobools In Iowa, Wisconsin, Mlnne- •ota and Illinois. Because of the •tee of the Algona school she will devote the entire week here, and Will be available for consultation with individual merchants next week Tuesday. The big triple program of style •how, cooking school and home fair oil Thursday present an Ideal opportunity for women out of Algona to come for the entire day and evening. The cooking school will open promptly at 1:15. This closes at 3:80, and the Home fair exhibits win be operating and ready for Inspection. After * few hours shopping the women can return for the style show at 8 p. ro., and following the style show the home fair feill again be open for an hour, Cooking School Leader COUNTY UNCOVERS MANY SYPHILITIC CASES ON RELIEF Guilder Case Brings To Light Other Family Sorrows NOT 'KID GLOVE' TOPIC SAYS BOARD Daugherty, Stock Promoter in Jail Here; Says Democrats are to Blame Seek'HMrf' < M«tt «£*•* f s*tu* of Thursday niftbtfcttyte *h«w *ftort» are being This is Jan Shaw, who will conduct the cooking school division of the three-way cooking school, home fair and style show at the high school auditorium and gymnasium next week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Miss Shaw, who has had several years experience in this work, is. a home economics graduate of the state college at Ames and of Penn College at Oskaloosa. The thrusting of the Gunder case, husband and wife, into the forefront this week, following the indictment of Charles and Irene Gunder, on charges of immoral conduct, and their Immediate sentencing to state institutions, it was stated by W. E. McDonald, chairman of the Kossuth board of supervisors, that a definite attack on the evils of syphilis will be made by the county board. Both of the Gunders were afflicted with the disease, and testimony in the case showed that unless providence entered into the matter, the disease has most certainly been HOLIDAY TURNS INTO GRIEF AS 4AREJNJURED Titonka, Bingsted Music Students Hurt In Car Crashes What started out to be a joyful holiday, connected with extra-curricular activity of music students in the Fenton and Titonka high schools, turned Into anything but transmitted to scores of persons in this section in the last few years. Forget 'Kid Gloves' "This business of syphilis is no! anything to be handled with kid gloves," said Mr. McDonald. "It is a prevalent social disease, one thai seems to be particularly prevalent among a number of persons now on county relief. We hope to see that these are immediately taken care of, to the best of our ability." An inquiry established the fac that an Algona woman, mother oi several children, has the disease and steps arc being taken to hav< the children tested for possible in fection. They are now attending the local public school. Children Going Blind Another case from the Whit temore vicinity, is that of a fam lly where the mother has syphilis and two of the children are suffer ing from the disease, and slowl; going blind. In another Algona instance, tw children have the disease but th parents do not, so far as tests ar concerned. Another case was that of a ma supposedly suffering from hernia. Doctors found out that his ailmen was syphilis. He, too, was on re- Carl Voight, Sr., Dies Whittemore: Carl Voight, Sr., of fVhittemore, passed away Wednes- ay afternoon at 4 p. m. at the ge of 76 years, from flu and com- llcations. He had been a resident f Whittemore for 10 years. Mrs. Voight passed away 12 years ago. Funeral services will be held Saturday at the home at 1:30 p. m., md at 2 p. m. at the Lutheran :hurch. QUAKER OATS WILL RUN 26 AD CAMPAIGN Iron In Shoe - No Fair! Armstrong: When the referee discovered that Bull Ro?p, one of the wrestlers on the card here lost week, had a four inch piece of scrap iron in his shoe, and was using it to good advantage on his foe, Haevisto. in a wrestling match between th« two, he forfeited the fall to Haevisto. The latter then took the last fall and the match. Johnny Cosgrove of Titonka proved the prey of Jack Myers of Carroll, Iowa, although the Titonka lad socked Myers for a long count in the second round. Frank-Bauer of Swea City defeated Bill Kreuger of Billings, Montana, in two straight falls. Tuffy Dale of Armstrong and Kid Freem of Bancroft featured the opening bout with Freem taking all four rounds by a considerable margin. Freem held a margin all the way. Vic Johnson of Ringsted had no trouble in disposing of Woody Olson of Fairmont. George Moran of Bancroft and Young Winters, Rolfe, also slugged away in a four round match which was ruled a draw. ^IlW^torabl* trip for OMTtead. of lief. The question,, welfare workers .on* Say Key-City Weekly Papers Bring Best Results Starting the last of this month the Quaker Oats Co. will begin a 26-week advertising campaign ii The Algona Upper Des Moines. Al dealers In Kossuth and adjacent counties, as well as Algona, are cooperating with this newspaper in the start of the campaign. The first advertisement to appear will carry the names of all grocers in this section selling Quaker Oats— and that means all of them. In addition to that, arrangements have been made by The Algona Upper Des Moines to furnish a copy of the "Trick Book" for one trademark from a large package of Quaker Oats, or from two small packages. Youngsters can merely bring the trade-marks to this office and get their books. The Quaker Oats Co. contracted for a total of 2800 lines of advertising, and in doing so made the declaration that the forthcoming campaign was decided upon after a study of the key-center weekly newspapers. Their survey proved to them that weekly newspaper* GEO. L MILLERS SEE MEXICO AND HAWAII ON TRIP, Returned Friday After Three Months Pleasure Jaunt have the greatest reader int , of percentage any oi Mr. and Mrs. George L. Miller and daughter returned Friday from a trip of three months through the South and West. They left Algona in January going to San Antonio and from there to Monterey, Mex- co. A trip to Hawaii was the high light of their trip. They left from San Francisco after spending . a month at Formosa Beach and also some time at Glendale, California. The trip to the Islands was made on the "Mariposa" which was en- route to Australia. It takes five days to make the ocean trip, ant they were three weeks in Hawal and making the trip back and forth. While there they stayed a the Monona Hotel on the famous Watklkl Beach. i trip back was Rewrites Of News From Ls»t Tuctdsy'* Kotsuth County Advance Loses Liquor Permit To'n Sherman 'md to tn'-r up the liquor ! crmit hook of one of the local rllzens. who it seems had become somewhat abusive of the permit privilege, and hail landed in court on a drunkenness charge. The ex-permit holder blnmed it on the newspapers, and was looking for an editor to licit, at Inst reports. WALLY RICHMOND TO WRESTLE THE MAN MOUNTAIN IMMORAL, CONDUCT resulted n grand jury Indictments by the Kossuth grand jury, last week, for trs. Irene Gunder and Char'es Gunder, her husband. Mrs. Gunder was immediately sentenced to lockwell City reformatory for women, after pleading guilty to prost- tution, and her husband was sen- enced to the penitentiary at Fort Madison, both or five years. His offense technically was soliciting. Officers and witnesses testified as ,o the immdral conduct of the couple, telling of Incidents where he husband solicited for his wife, and drove the car while she and customers rode in the back scat. Both of the Gunders are syphilitic, Popular Manager Arm strong Athletic Shows, Matched With Giant Next Tuesday, April 13, at Arm strong, will see the finals in the wrestling tournament for the Northwest middleweight championship. The show will include three wrestling matches, with "The Fly- Ing Finn" and Frank Bauer of Swea City, the middleweight champion of Iowa In a finish fight to gain the title. Both men are fa vorltes (with the fans and their rough work will make the match a thriller. Swede Oberg of Portland, Oregon, will tackle Bobby Bylund of Minneapolis. Bylund is a former World's middleweight champion. And the last of the "rasslea" will be between Wally Richmond of Armstrong, the popular manager of the athletic shows, and "Bucky" Defendant In Corn-Alky Plant Plan Unable To Raise Bond ARRESTED TUESDAY AT BURT, BY LOSS M. P. Daugherty, Indicted by the Kossuth grand jury on a charge of violating the Iowa securities act, In the sale of stock to farmers In Kossuth county for purposes of supposedly building a corn-alcohol distilling plant in Algona, is downright mad. Mr. Daugherty, expressing himself In a forcible* verbal manner, Wednesday, after being arrested Tuesday at Burt, where he returned the fore part of the week, said he would "show up the democrat*" It seems that Daugherty maintains that he sent money for a\state securities license to Des MolnSs, obtained a receipt for the mi but neVer got the necessary lice As an anti-climax to Daughet 1 statement, he asked Judge Ja DeLand to appoint Luke LI Algona as his attorney. Mr. nan also happens to be the den cratic county chairman. ; Danson Bought Gas Sheriff Casey Loss arrested Daugherty, Tuesday, at Burt, and brought him to Algona, where he was arraigned before Judge De-, I, who In, by the way, a repub- ' lican. Daugherty was bound over to the district court and his bond fixed at $1,000. Then began one of the court session's most humorous incidents. Daugherty said he could get his Buckholtz, the Behemoth of Kos- bond. He tried several local peo- suth, weighing 265 pounds, while pie and failed; then decided some and had previously had treatment Wally weighs only 210. The agree-(of th« farmers he had Interested Mrs. Gunder | ment ( g tna t there will be no Tex- in hi corn-alcohol plant would as rules. I com*'to his aid. , There will be 24 rounds of box-1 Sheriff Loss appointed Deputy OTHER INDICTMENTS: Ralph j ngi the ,^ a i n even t being between I JoWh Foth to take him around to at county expense. IB a Seifert girl. Carroll, now of Armstrong, charged with attempted murder of Dr. R. A. Evans, county coroner, when the latter endeavored to make an examination of him after a court bad ordered his eviction from a farm! interview the prospective bond signers. P. A. Danaon, a notary Claude Pettlt of EmmeUburg and Jimmy Salvador of Fort Dodge. I _ Other matches are between Battl-1 public, also went along to notar- ing Levinsky of Swea City and 1 Ke the, bond. Id Plants of Ouckeen, Mlnne-J , But strangely enough the farm- Eddie Munyer of Ledyard will Wrs with whom Dattgherty bid ba- four round* with "B*rchl« H .f!come acquainted, did not. ear* t» model pajamas and lingerie, and local gins and men will be the other models. THOMAS KIRBY OF ALGONA IS BESTSELLER Vivian Stott, Titonka, Ruth Kollasch of Whittemore Next Thomas Klrby, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kirby of Algona, an eighth grade student in the St. Cecelia academy of Algona, will represent Kossuth county at Des Moines in the state spelling con- The young Algona boy won the Kossuth county spelling championship, Monday, in the county contest in the court room. Vivian Stott was second in the contest waging a close race with Thomas. Miss Stott is from Titonka. Ruth Kollasch of Whittemore was third. The two girls will be eligible to enter the interstate contest at Omaha, April 30, and Thomas will compete at Des Moines on April 24, There w«r« 47 spellers competing in the contest, and they lustily encouraged their favorites on to their best efforts. Best it butch., 140-160 ..$7.00-8.00 Best Ught butch., 160-180 .. 8.00-9.00 Best Ught butch., 180-200 .. 9.00-9.40 Beit light butch., 200-290 9.66 Med. heavy, 290-325 9.50 Butchers, 326-350 9.40 Butchers, 860-400 9.10 Packing sows, 300-360 9.00 Packing sows, 360-400 9.10 Packing sows, 400-500 8.75 CATTLE Veal calves J5.00-7.00 Canners and cutters 2.75-3.75 Stock steres 5.00-8.60 Fat steers 9.00-10.00 Fat yearlings 8.00-9.00 Bulls 4.00-5.25 F»t cows 3.75-5.00 C1KAIN No. 2 yellow corn, old No. 3 mixed corn, new No, 3 yellow corn, new No, 3 white corn, new Ma. 3 whits o»U *6 Bwrley. No. 3 LOO EGOS No. 1 H**Miys No, 3 Cm*i> cream— No. 1 34c No. 8 - We Sweet 35c POULTRY Hans, ovwr 5 to*. l«Hc Haas, 4 to 0 .... LM&QTB hen*. ~ uwdwr * ;..'."- U*j 444 .. 10P under ift •ubject to chftns* by $1.24 1.22 1.22 Vi conditions Of the roads. TITONKA GLEE CLVB CAR IN ACCIDENT Titonka: Seven cars from here took members of the girls' glee club to Nevada, Friday to enter the sectional music contest. One car, driven by Ed Zwlefel, with Mrs. Zwlefel and daughter, Lela,, Mareta Huber and Alice Kuchen- reuther, had the misfortune to have an accident, injuring Mareta Huber quite badly. The girl suffered a broken collar bone, and Mrs. Zwiefel was also injured and is confined to her bed. The mishap occurred on the way to Nevada. RINGSTED MUSICIANS IN BAD COLLISION Fenton: Mr. and ' Mrs. Hans Baago, en route home from the Nevada music contest, Friday night, met with a head-on collision as their car was making a curve. Their daughters, Lillian and Leona and two other Ringsted pupils were in the car. Mr. Baago received a large head gash and injured nose, Leona suffered a fractured knee, and all were taken to a Clarion hospital. Blaze Damages St. Joe Farm Home Livermore: Fire In the Matt Zeimet home one mile west of St. Joe, was discovered by a daughter, Elizabeth, Monday noon, and the flames were brought under control, fortunately Before the house was totally destroyed. How the fire started is unknown. Elizabeth discovered the blaze upstairs, and a hole about four feet square had been burned in the room's floor. A call to Pete Zeimet living about five miles away, brought help and also three fire extinguishers. The loss is covered by insurance, it was stated, and although the fire did not get too far along, there is quite a bit of smoke damage. Cut Out One Of Armstrong Routes Armstrong: The three rural routes out of the Armstrong post- office have been consolidated into two routes. L. E. Haworth will serve his old patrons on route three and part at those on route one. Adolpb Questad will serve bis old patrons on route two, and the other part of route one. Tbs change was made when Fred Robinson resigned, and after a de- ciuon WHJS mad* ti- cut down expenses. Robinson resigned in December, and Emm«t Frees had been substituting on Robinson's route. Banns of Ma mage, We«t Bend Church St Joe: Banns of marriage were published for the first time Sunday in St. Peter and Paul's church in W«st Bend for Smelia Besch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Besch Md Aivin Fabwr, son of Mr. and lies, John Faber. TU» young Moptt M* W«U know* in tbtp vicinity, h»vtaB a tugs wwaber o< wl- atives hare. Thsy wiH b* married taken quickly enough to prevent the disease from getting a strong start Gander Case Background Futher investigation disclosed that in the case of Irene Seifert Ounder, she stopped school before completing the eighth grade. At the age of 14 she was married to Charles Gunder, who had been doing odd jobs, more or less, and working as a day laborer In Algona. The family has always been poor finanqially, and the eventual outcome was the sad case as outlined in detail in Tuesday's Advance. Mrs. Ounder is only 26 at the present time. Track Team Has First Practice; Meet Scheduled Algona high school's track team prospects turned out for their first practice of the season, yesterday afternoon, under the tutelage of Doctors Flndlay and Ridenour. "Doc" Findlay believes he will have to inject a little tonic into the boys to offset the late start the team is getting, due to the weather. The first meet will be a triangular affair at EmmeUburg, next Wednesday, with Algona, Spencer and EmmeUburg hitting the cinders to open the season. Spring football is also slated to start this week, with "Doc" Berger at the helm. His Intentions were to drill the junior high boys, the potential stars of years to come, on the fundamentals, as well as others, including freshmen, out for their first season on the gridiron. Whittemore Firemen To Dance Apr. 27 Whittemore: The members of the Whittemore fire company held their regular monthly meeting Friday- night and after all business was transacted it was decided to hold a firemen's ball on Tuesday night, April 27th. This dance should be well attended by this community as the boys are all volunteer firemen and not paid a salary and have quite a burden to keep up expenses. Sunshine Overdue, But It's Coming After one day of sunshine, Tuesday, the clouds again laid a heavy hand over this section of the state, but temperatures had generally moderated greatly. The week's weather: Date High Low Prec. March 31 47 28 trace April 1 45 31 April 2 32 28 .30 April 3 33 28 4" an. April 4 35 29 .09 April 6 37 29 April 6 52 25 And, you can believe it or not, but the weather man says that Spring is really here this time, and that nice days are due any time now. What a guy! HeDi4n'tStop W. H. Kcwpcr, Fort D*d»e, was Pt Deli» Wtttw, lor failing Slippery Roads At LuVerne Send Trio Of'Cars Off Road LuVerne: Slippery and rutty roads as a result of the storm last Friday caused several automobile accidents over the week end. The O. S. Alexander car was quite badly damaged when they were on their way to the music contest at Nevada, skidded around and the driver of the Alexander car was unable to get out of the way. Orvllle Anderson hit a bridge a short distance from the Anderson home Sunday evening and badly damaged his car as a result None of these people were hurt badly. A car in front of them and turned completely Butte, Montana, and the Lincoln Highway. The Millers were accompanied home by George's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Miller, who drove to California in February with their son, Dolph and wife, who remained on the coast. Three Hurt In Auto Plunge On Livermore Road Livermore: What might have been a fatal accident occurred Friday night, when the car Judd Ber- ryhlll of this place was riding In, turned over several times at a point half Way between here and Humboldt. Other occupants of the car were collided on Primary No. 60 east and a little south of Wilson Leglers. It Is reported that both were In ruts and failed to get out in time to avoid the collision. A 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Oxley, had several teeth knocked out Marriage Licenses Lyle E. Johnson, 23, Lake Crystal, Minn., and Mary Evelyn Neitzel. 18, Burt, April 6. Cort C. Kippentrop, 24, and Idah Telcump. 20, Lukota, April 5. And ADVERTISERS WHO'S WHO where you can find their sales message ffcr today: PAGE TWO— Algona Auction Co. K. S. Cowan Basket Grocery Joe Greenberg Cumminga Bjustrom's PAGE THREE— Council Oak H. R. Cowan & Son H. W. Post Graham's PAGE FOUR— Gamble's PAGE FIVE— Kresensky's Botsford Lumber Co. Jimmie Neville PAGE SIX— Call Theatre Christensen Bros. Ben Franklin Modern Dry Cleaners Baptist Church Whittemore Dunce PAGE SEVEN— H. M. Colwell Iowa Theatre Elk Cleaners Baldwin Grocery Geo. L. Miller Long's Grocery PAGE EIGHT— Kent Motor Richardson Furniture Swift & Co. Misbach's F. S. Norton & Son Nelson Hardware Ed Capesius Greenberg Auto Supplies Johnson D-X Station. PAGE NINE— Cterner Sales Co. PAGE TBN— Cut Katt Grocery A. & P. Hoenk Motor Sales The ChriscbUles Store and Martin Wallukait of Dakota City. They were returning from Fort Dodge, and Cunningham and Wallukait were bringing Berryhlll to Livermore, where he lives with Edward Malkmus, south of town. It is believed the condition of the roads was the cause of the car leaving the paving, and after it had turned over several times landed In the ditch. All three men were injured. Mr. Thilges of the St. Joe vicln- ity happened along in time to assist Berryhill into his car, and took him to the Malkmus home. He was brought to town liter where he received medical attention and was then taken to the home of his brother, Gale who lives here. He is there at the present time recuperating from an injured back and a badly sprained neck and bruises. Kinsey Plans Tour As Homestead Aid Kossuth home-owners entitled to the Homestead Exemption under the new state law, will soon have a chance to get the proper credentials into the hands of E. S. Kinsey, county auditor. Mr. Kinsey stated yesterday that he was working up tt schedule of visits to every village in the county, and as soon as the schedule is ready, he will release the dates for publication that he will be in each of the county communities. Every home-owner will then have a chance, without driving a great distance, to file the proper application with the county auditor. Watch this newspaper next week for the schedule of Mr. Kinsey. All applications for exemptions must be filed by June 1. Decide Fate Of Baseball Friday If Algona baseball fans are sufficiently interested in the sport to decide to sponsor a team, the Minneapolis Millers of the American Association might be interested in financing part of the deal, providing a north Iowa league is organized. This information was received by the local Chamber of Commerce, and the final decision in the matter will be made on Friday evening, wb«a a meeting has been called for the Legion Hall at 7:30 o'clock, by th« Chamber of Commerce. salesman of stock with which proceeds a corn-alcohol distilling plant was eventually to be constructed in Algona, was indicted for violation of the Iowa securities law. Daugherty had sold some 100 farmers in Kossuth county an interest in the proposed plant, collecting $12.50 of a stock share valued at (?) $62.50 In the sales talk. • * • PAROLE REVOKED—Arthur Klocke, perennial writer of bad checks, will serve five years at Anamosa. Granted a parole last September, he has, since then, written other worthless checks— and curiously enough, found people who would cash them. • * * APPLICATION FOR Homestead Credit Exemptions, under the new state law, must be made by June 1, with the county auditor. If you can figure it all out, then you're way ahead of even try. us, and we won't THE NEW COUNCIL for the Cfty of Algona was sworn in, Monday noon by Mayor C. F. Specht, and Councilmen Wm. Hawcott, H. M. Harris and Alwin Huenhold began their first terma. G. W. Stillman was appointed park commissioner to fill out the term of E. J. Gilmore, resigned. All city employees were reuppointed. • * * FINED—Motor violations resulted in flues for R. J. Perkins. Britt, $1 and $2.75 costs before Justice I>unson; Leonard McPhert-on. Livermore, $1 and $2.75 costs, before Justice Danson; and John Baker, Algona, $1 and $2.25 costs. • » • COI.'RTHOrSE GAN<i won the Algona bowling It-ague title, winning 43 and losing 20 during the season. The Phillips crc-w was second, and Fearless Five, Flowers and Coffee Shop tied for third, fourth and fifth. The Farmers. LuVernc and Burt followed in the order named. • * • DR. F. C. SCANLAN was, named president of the Rotary club, at Monday's election. J. F. Ovtrmey- er was elected vice president,. E. J. Gilmore. treasurer, and R. H. Miller and G. S. Buchanan, directors. John Haggard was elected secretary. Lawrence Misbach, Thos. Kemis and Bill Dau are new members of the culb. V * • Mr*. WM. OSBORN of Ftnton was buried Thursday of last we«k a/ler services at the Fenton Methodist church. She suffered a stroke and death followed. Mrs. Osborn was born in 1874 in Hardin county. Husband and nine children survive. • * • MRS. HUGH MC MAHO.VS funeral services were held Monday at St. Cecelia's church, after death on Saturday, a result of 16 years ol suffering from rheum&tism. Mr. McMahon, two daughters, Mrs. August Romer of AJgona and Helen at home, survive, and also four sisters and five brothers. Pull bearers were John Mosbach, Henry Geelan, Jack Farrell. Wm. Dodds, Ben Reid and Wm. Altwegg. Double pneumonia and a stroke terminated the suffering undergone by Arnold •ota. Iclpated that there will b* plenty of slugging in the match. Clarence Caylor of Bancroft is matched with Kid Mardlck of Armstrong. These athletic shows are drawing big attendance from all over northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. Tom Sherman Has Autographed Photo of Prea. Roosevelt Tom Sherman Is especially pleased over the latest addition to his collection of autographed pictures. The new one is of President Roosevalt. Inside the back of the frame is the letter which establishes the authenticity of the autograph by the President for Mr. Sherman. The letter Is from Miss Margaret LaHand, personal secretary to the president, whose father back in the horse and buggy days was coachman for the Kingsley family. Mr. Sherman's daughter, Dorothy, married Chester W. Kingsley. 700 Visit CCC Camp At Bancroft Approximately 700 people attended the fourth anniversary celebration held at Co. 3728, CCC at Bancroft Sunday, April 4th, 1»37. The observation of the fourth birthday of the CCC was in the form of an open house, an inspection tour of the camp on Sunday, preceded by a company dance the evening before. A short program consisting of u band concert by the 35 piece high school band of Burt, short talks by Lt. Wayne Hardman, Company Commander, Karl A. Iliff, Camp Superintendent. Guy Hart, secretary of the Bancroft Lions club were held in company mess hall. The celebration was sponsored by the Bancroft Lions club, who furnished as a special feature the free lunch consisting of sandwiches, cookies and coffee served in the company mess hall to all visitors on Anniversary Day. Mrs. McMahq «ieg« of illness. «r Julia King. during her long She was the form- U. D. M. Printer To Penn. Job -Mr. and Mrs. Karl Shumway and the former's mother, und the little daughter of the couple, left for Athens. Pa.. Sunday to make their future home. Karl has been a printer with The Upper Des Moines for the past few years, and carries with him the best of good wisjies for success at his new job, which is an advancement. Mrs. Shuinwuy is the former Lavoune Larson of Algonu Both graduated from high school here fivu years ugo. Broken Switch Lights Reported Charles Joynt, depot agent of the Milwaukee here, has reported to police that the switch sign lights on the west outskirts of town huvc been broken several times by marauders. Ttus is a serious offense, due to the fact that the light is on a curve m the tracks, and is doubly dangerous if there is no when a train is approaching. USSfe*^ ,-, -. ,», , T-..--_^- .„ •HMWn.^A^ plant, and probably was enough. they needed gas in th« car. Daugherty said he had no money, " jand finally Danson had to dig [down for a dollar's worth of gas. \ Loss Buy* Dinner \Tfaen when the trio returned about midnight, Tuesday, from the bond-hunting trip, Daugherty told Lots he had had no supper, so the sheriff took him down and bought ', hlmj a dinner. Daugherty, meantime, alleged he had no ' monsy. When they got back to the Jail, the stock salesman was searched by the sheriff, and Loss found 114.69 in his pockets. Daugherty Insisted this money belonged to some insurance company. Judge De Land said that If Daugherty Is unable to raise a bond the case may very likely come up Air trial some time next week Unless he raises the bond, and if the case does not come up for trial this term, Daugherty faces the unpleasant situation of staying In jail until the next term of court, which opens on Sept. 2. Mr. Daugherty's original plan was to head the $200,000 corporation to distill alcohol for fuel from corn. He in now on a detour. HA5IM BOECKIIOLDT FOUND UUILTV IN 20 MINUTES Hamm Boeckholdt, Lakota, charged with possesion of intoxicating liquor, was found guilty by a jury, Wednesday afternoon, in 20 minutes. H. L. Gilmore, Algona, was foreman of the jury. The defendant will receive sentence this afternoon (Thursday). L. A. Winkel, county attorney, prosecuted the case, and H. U. White was appointed by the court to defend Boeck- holdt, who had previously indicated his intention to plead guilty without trial, and then decided not to, at the last minute. THREE CASES SETTLED OUT OF COURT Three cases were settled out of court, Tuesday and Wednesday. The case of A. J. Berens of Bancroft vs. Laura Foth was one of the cases, and the other two were Inose of the two Butt sisters, from west of Algona, versus A. D. Brogan of Wbitternore. The latter case resulted from an automobile collision. Terms of the agreement were not revealed. COURT REFUSES TO ALTER UUTTON CASE After a hearing before Judge De Land, the court refused to change the action which hud resulted in eviction of Fred Button, well known north Kossuth fanner, from hid place recently, when he refused to enter a new lease with the insurance compuuy that owns the place. Dutton contemplates appealing to the state supreme court. LUVERNE UAMAUfc SUIT OPENS NEXT TUESDAY The next court case to be heard will be that of Bessie Greenwood of Hardin county against the Smith Produce Co. of LuVerne. The plaintiff asks $6,100 damages us result of injuries suffered hi uu accideat The case is scheduled to open next Tuesday morning, with the selection of a jury.

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