The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1937 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1937
Page 8
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The Algona Card Party, Sun., At St. Joe Hall St Joe: A card party will be Irtld Swfiday evening, April 4th, in gt Joseph's hall. Mrs. Math Md her circle will be In Thlg IB the only party to |>e given this spring, invited to attend. Everyone Is Mrs. Math Kellner was on the nick Kit last week. Math Klrsch Is driving a new Hudson purchased last week. Rita Thul spent the we«k end at the Eugene Thul home in Ottosen. The St, Joseph's school reopened Monday morning after a short Easter vacation. Allda Thllges and Cart Sauer of Iowa City are spending the Eastei vacation at the homes of their par ents. Eugene Phillips returned to hh home at Claremont. Minn., after be- In* employed the past few months at the Peter Ksysers. He accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kramer and sons, and Cecelia Phillips who spent Easter at the Nick Phillips home. The new devroltt lor 1937 is a modern car with Perfected Hy- itranBs Bcafa»-d»» Js^teat «V- Demand Perfected Hydraulic Brakes on your new car westbcr oont&tianB. They provide braking that is positive in action —braking that wffl ufegturd you and your {unity as yon have neve* ken safeguarded before. Demand Perfected HydrsaKc Brake*, and demand sH the otbet coaKHMrr^ safety and fverfomsiice adrantsges which are available at low prices only in the new 1937 Chevrolet— At aafy tampltte oar to Ur. trrrmorr. UICBICAN Kossuth Motor Company COME IN SEE THEM Algona, Iowa TODAY! PRAISE! from Chicago Tib*- American 27. 1937; (Reprinted frx Lumberman "Dedicated u> it* in the nation— Tfe« ASUOVJUI Hses* — and with cooperation of xtctl .'-js^tr *£»d e*ie- riaJ dealers, u wtll a* cc^tr ctecjntrciaJ interests at the cnj, ioterwied in promoting home boikiin*. The Ajgoc* Upper Des Moine*, &n enlcrpr»ung local newspaper, came out on Mi--cn IS, at Algona, Iowa, with a special edition filled with articles, illustration*, tu. designed to create ajid maintain desire for good homes. "Thus this community fells in line with the nation-wide campaign and shows what cooperating contractors, material dealers and merchants in affiliated lines in a rural community can do in this direction. Lferge advertisements of F. S. Norton A Son, and thfc B^uford Lumber Co., tell the people of the community about the products ar»Q facilities whicn these firms tiavt to sent them. Besides, there 'appear numerous a/}vtrt'«tn-jeRU> of contractors. fijia/ioal jnsututior,s. plumbing and heating concerns, dealers: in tome furnishings and appliances, etc. The c(jmpi£te edition makes A VERY CREDITABLE SHOWING FOR A CITY OF AROUND 4,000 POPULATION, surrounded by trst class larnung territory. ' Copie* of this paper's las' Building KdiUon were mailed to tbe trade iiugazium l/> .Milton Norton, without the knowledge of ourbelvea . . . but utr ttuuilt hifij , . . the credit for a goo<i neukpaper, however, doe* not rt»t entirely on the htaff . . . the greater continuous kupport given, the better it in potfeible to nutke u uuu^r . . . uud the merchant thereby proliu. from Minneapolis Reprinted From "Mississippi Valley Lumberman," Mar. 26, '37 "In AJgona, Iowa, the local newspaper, The Algona Upper Des Moinea, recently came out with an impressive section on home building, remodeling and repairing. Among the firms cooperating were con* tractors, painting and decorating firms, financing companies, real estate and farm companies, appliance and furniture stores, building supply companies and other allied firms in the business of bomebuilding and modern lung. THIS SUPPLEMENT IS ONE OF THE BEST WE HAVE SEEN IN ONE OF THE SllALIJER COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS. IN PACT FOR THE INFORMATION IT GIVES TO PROSPECTIVE HOME BUILDER OR REMODELER IT SURPASSES MANY OF THE SIMILAR SECTIONS IN THE METROPOLITAN PAPERS. "One of the pages Is an article entitled "1937 is the Year to Build." It states that the law of supply and demand means increased prices when the demand rises. It points out that there is no denial that we are lo have a housing shortage within the next couple years. The section points out that during the depression, home building almost stopped, and that now the demand for single family homes is great, and there ju.-t are not enough to go around. Financing of homes is explained in various ways, showing dozens of way* impossible a few years ago. to make possible new building or remodeling. "The set-lion calls attention to recent dtvtiopmtnt* in building lines. New materials have been called into use; new convenience!, have been invented; new methods have been called into play to bring j,reduction of many former 'luxury 1 Items down to the budget level of the average home builder. "Trus particular issue of the Algona papt-r is significant in many respects; it thuwb what the cooperation of building VnattriiJ merchants and furnishing material merc-hanti can do in a comparatively small community. 'Simply because your community happens to have a small population is no reason in the whole wide world why you should not endeavor to work together, to cooperate, for the civic good, whether it constitutes something in the home building or modernizing line, or any other form of endeavor. It will make your community and home a better place in which to live." We All Believe In Supporting Home Industry Your Newspaper Is A Home Industry! We All Believe in Benefit* of Community Cooperation Cooperation With Newspapers Pays! AS A NEWSPAPER MAKES PEOGEESS OR FAH&-BO DOES THE COMMUNITY PROSPER OR FAIL BiRTHDAYFALLS 2ND TIME IN 70 YEARSONEASTfR and Eli Ooodnow, Wed«y, Surprised by 18 At Dinner Hatchisca home. Mr. and Mr*. <Orfl» rnn, Bobby «* Oaartwar IMS* taimd for E**t*r dh»n*r tunl per at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Konba. Jr. MM* MMred ftettaeh is e* at the LM Oo«tt twine with addta* fcuaanfteM «km follow. inj the ******) «**«*. James Hm- Th* McttmO* board •*« . *t Mr. and Mr*. g«M M OrwJey, •ad *•«> of her father. te% teft Ltelrt«I.T , Itenstts. Ml r*- «f tt« «rW«U fltatw by Rudy Larson and Tom Elofson returned home Tne*day morning from caiicago to where they took several carloads of livestock to the roarfcets over the week end. Mrs. Michael Wingert was a dln- School Team* Meet The high school class basketball games were played Friday night closing the basketball season for the school year. The freshmen- sophomore girla won over the junior-senior girls with a score of 19 to 21. The physical training boys won over the Junior-senior boys by a score of 19 to 9 and the alumni of 1936 played the regular 1937 high school team with the score ending 28 to 18 in favor of the 1937 team. Many spectators were out for the occasion and great merriment was on display. Young Men 0 Trs. Old Mrs. F. A. Bonnstetter and Mrs. William Ward entertained about 48 youngsters at a birthday party in the lodge hall Saturday afternoon honoring their two "Billies" who are soon to have birthdays. Decorations in keeping with the Easter season were used and several hours of playing games and enjoying a peanut hunt. The mother served refreshments to the youngsters' delight, and the two young men, both six years old, received many very attractive gift* in remembrance of the occwton. Easter Visitors Miss Eileen Ormsby, who is employed at the parochial home in Rockwell, and Miss Mary Ormsby, student at the Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls and James Ormsby employed by Do»ahue Brothers at Mason City, all were at Wesley: Eli Gooctoow's 70th Wrtb- day was observed at his home on Faster Sunday, this being the second time in his whole life that the birthday had fallen on Easter Sunday. The affair was planned as a sur-, - prise and children able to attend J ner guest at the home of her son, with their families were Mrs. Herman Ostercamp. Wesley, and Earl Goodnow and Mrs. Vernon Benner. Mason City. A pimp of eighteen partook of an Easter dinner to which all contributed. Besides the children mentioned, Mr. and Mrs. Goodnow have a son, Rolfe, at home, and three children, Emory, and the Mes*unes Hubert Grain and Orville Waldrop, in St Louis. ry. a fortnttbt •*<>. ed°Sr» n< tar*e dairy tmtm in" Fl4»- ] Mr. and Mrs, Tom McMahon w*re Ida. is spending Ma Buster rat.- guests Sunday t* hisj»r«i»*l home thm here wHfc Wa father. Henry In Algona. Dr. and Mrs. R- K. Haverty and other relatives. Richardson were entertained Sunday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Meyer at LuVerne. Miss Ida Young who Is employed at Mason City spent Saturday and Sunday here with her parents. On Sunday, the Oliver Toung family was entertained at the home of the Albert Youngs in TJtonka. tine Etp. Ipnrr Schmidt. MriMinR — \>m Rel'l. Slretlnn irt C'rr.lkahank. MietlnK — lenrr Tja<!en, Meeting It* Pchnller. 'Mwllnn t B. f;ernniirhnii». Merlins; %V. Harm*. McptlnK like iVngner. Moctlntr llcharrt PotrntJ!. Mci-tlnn -\V. Klliert. .Mwttn* 'eter Kll*rt, Mp"tln* ..... Inrtln Meyer. Mrotfnir . ... Rnhi". MM-'Init ,ritf> K. HtitterflMrt. BOABD PROCEEDINGS riwet •)! "f with reiirssentatlvei trom t'e fallowing Tuwrmntt'* ,T She l'-3T Road program. ;,p|o T. L. Thorium """11". C. B. Hlsk I.. XV. Ktirich Lincoln James Warburton I-cilyurd J. H. Halcomh Sive.i II1I Martin Motlmler Yiwn wood" rill"" A. A. Fansman Burt K. G. EtroMt Fenton I'. M. Chrl«ttn«CT Lott^ Creek - — C. W. Klhert tamwy A - **• l^PP* 1 jerman Ilouert Kranw Hv.Talo Chris Brand! Portland W. H. Schwletert ;., OIc FJom [>ralrt« "John Arndorfer 1'nlon A. «. Crulkshan* Plum Crefk Her.rr Halley \Vhlttemore H. F. Sfhults Creoco John Geerber n A!|ron;». Iowa. \-f and the Carrie * hriertir ^elected »nd approved a* . hp ilrj>n«ifi,r> for piir,)l<- fund* from and nfler January 2, 1937. The mn*l»iiirn to >«> kej>t on n«v o«lt •>« ««|'1 hnnk -(hall l*> Thirty- The nitxlmnm rirnnunt which each arflout«r vfTlrtr at .Mtw.«n(h Cotin- y. Iowa ««hnll dri-oxlt In compliance vlth thin resolution *h«ll be *« ("I- Luilltr.r tlO.Oftfl Ofl Irvlngton -- I.nVerne K. J. CUp*a<Mte Sherman Sim Leigh hiverdale Henry Borman Oarlleld •'<* Schaller <m motion Board proceeded to organize. ...... Motion by Brant and !nd ny «*-hwtet»rt that McDonald act as fhnlrman of the meeting- Aye*: All. Motion tiy Itrnnt and 2nd hy Arn- lorfpr that K. S. Kmc»y act a* of Board meeting:. Ayes: * lift Ion »T Crnlckphank and 2nd ,y FanRraan that the proceedings if the jjrogram he approved. Aye«: Motion ><r Schletert and 2nd by (;ri.nt thnt as no further liunlneas ' adjourn. Ay«w: All. W. K. MeDcnaM. Chnlrmaa E. S. Kln«ey. Co. AndKor Auditor'* Office Fitiruary 17. 1937 Motion hy Morris and 2nd liy Coii- irov thnt the Sealed Uiwollne and [>lec«-l fuel Blil^ be opened and Motion l«y* Ilaiirn and 2nd hy Fra- <tr thnt the Standard Oil Co. he ilrt-n th« (inoo'lne contrnct for KoKiiith County for 193" for a ]>er- 'od "f ont' nioiitli from itale of ron- iriut. Ayes: All. Motion liv Morris and 2nd liy Cn«- jro>i< that mitl<-«- "I lettlnK I«r ' Statement for 193* their parental home in Wesley over j ^j" 1 ,^/'",*"' i',„;,,,'„» ,,„. 1937 i>e Easter. Eil«en is remaining for this week for a vacation from her work. Father Robert Ormsby ot Rockwell, brother of our townsman. John Ormsby. has be«n very ill with throat trouble thi» past winter and was forced to leave for a different climate and U under a doctor's care, first at San Antonio, Texas, and now at Phoenix. Arizona. Patter Kirk to temporarily taking hi> rtee* at RoekwaB. ilvtl tu each Cminty Paper. Ayes: On Motlun Hoard adjourned, "Sli *' E. S. Kmsey County Auditor Menxenirer prlntlnir C".. France* of ______________ ,. I>l«trlrt <:ourt 10.nO».0« ______ ________ 10.000. 0* M. All. \iV>i>ted this l»t day of M»rch A. D. J9S7. W. E. McDonald, Chairman K. S. Kfnwy. County Anrtltfrr Motion by Cosgrove and Snd hy .lorrl« that M. S. CTAven be re- 'iimletl 13.00 for Poll Ta.x paid In Tltonka Inc. for the year 193i. re«*on nxf 57. Aye*: All. Motion by Banm and 2nd 1-y Co*o«-e that Fred Jajrer and wife be refunded for amounts their re- reipt* showed they paid In to Coun^y Treasurers office Tor oM ast? •e»i«»on. rftrnn not twin* a Citizen -A United State*. Ayes: All. Motion by Co«»rove and In<l hy Baum that »1vrard A. ifathoff he refunde<l t:.«« for oM ane Penilnn ax paid reaM>n that he n-ns not 21 year* of aye January 1. 1437. Ayes: All. l<y Kraser and 2nd by Baum that the road commencing at :he 8W corner of the SEH of the of .Section 1*. Town*hlp II Rang" 29 and running thence north »n qiiarter-'iuarler «*ctk«i line one mile and termlnnilnr at the North ne ot 8«IU S<-:tlon if be vacated. Aye*: All. Motion br fiaiim and tnd by Mor- rlx that jSoo.oo Holiller* exeinptKin for I!i3« on the following dencribed property. Ix,t 1 lllock 1 Zoell'n Addition. Town of 1-uVerne i>e approved. Aye*: All. Motion by Morrl* and 2nd by Co- grove that Jxjo .llrnyton pay 154. »7 a* Rettlennont for delinquent per«on«l tax and thnt the balance In- tercxt and ixmiilty be nbatt-d. A yen: All. Motion by Ilmim and Ind by Fr«- »er that the following rrnolullon be adopted and Disced on flic: RKSOI.ITION It Is hereby re*olv«d by the Ko»- »uth County Uonid of Sujjorvlnor* in i»ftln(t on March 1. 1937 that cer- Inln iiiorteys and cre<Uts ownul hy A. K. Mlehrl formerly of AlEonn, Iowa, now of IVn M«-li«.«. (own. whlcb nioners anil rmlttx wrrc not IHtinl fur t«xatli>n by ttio said A E \llchel tlnrmr the l»JI. IVii. 1»1«. r which Itrmn of tnom-ys and into anj f>/v<n<] ty lue srt>! owrtF d »r«l tft»t Coaaty Jres.* ooiirn The WesJey high school win vr**~ ent a second group of oae-aet ptays in the KJciapeter hall next day night. April «th. The plays are "Ghosts by Mootu and "Not Quite Such a Goc*e" both ' • directed by Miss Jenningi ~S-?a»r- \ , ing It With the Boss". eoacbAd by I <••*• Sopt E. D. Ravlfn, anfl "Sot on OK ' " Programme" by Miss Stage. The annual Easter brnfl wms bold Monday night by the American Le- .v, gion boys. Ed J. Btuder and son, Vernon of Corwlth. were business callers in "" Wesley Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wellik were Easter Sunday guests at the homo of his mother, Mrs. Frank Wellik at Duncan. Father A. J. Wagener returned home Friday from Sioux City where he spent several days in attendance at a retreat. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alne drove to Story City Sunday, where they spent the day with her sinter, Mrs. Silas E»p«. I Mr. and Mrs. Don Meleney and 'amlly of Brltt spent part of Easter Sunday here with her folks, the A. L. Kleinpeters. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Grattidge entertained as guests over the Easter week end, hU brother, wife and family of Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Meurer and ion, Sterling Meal of Plover, Iowa, were Easter day guests at the homa of his brother, J. T. Meurer. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hopkins entertained as their guest* Tuesday evening for dinner, his daughter, Mr*. I. A. Gerdei and family. The Misses Minnie and DeEtta Angle, both employed in Port Dodge visited Easur Sunday here with their parents, the Amos Angles. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hildraann are the parents of a boy born to them In an Algona hospital. They now have two boys and two girls Mrs. Mae Harris and daughter Mary of Algona were gueata Sunday ut the home of their daughter and ulster, Mrs. Milton Giddings. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bauer and family were Etuter day guests a the home of her brother, J. f. Uhl enhake and family at Wbittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Froth lien were entertained at the home of their daughter, Mrs. E. M. Hu ber aad family at Algona, Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Walter Uchttr o Algona were Sunday guests at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Arndorfer, southwest of town. Miss Mary Sherman employed in a beauty parlor in Des Moines »p«nt her Easter week and until Wednesday with her folks, the Henry Shermans. Swan Nelson and daughter, Hannah, drove to BeUnond Monday to get bis granddaughter, MU# Helen ftplUer for a waek's vUit to thstr home. The Jack Orant family of Brltt and tb« Jim Gibson fsajlly of Thompson wero BasUr day guests at th« home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy . f****. ****•> «.<•;' :;••••! I .'l-rtM ! ft'. W sc.i* !*•.».-«! so I* A3 ** a ----Cartoon. Local Re»»»tr*r Hof. Local Ke- irs. CTotlldif"Hutchison. Ijrval In*e*t.. J. Helken. oVl A ice M Comm. A ------------ , Hanwn. \\eed so. .".n 4.70 1 1. wo •t . 0(1 I.Ofl 4.00 4 ,110 A H F.. Kc-lly. f). Kwoldt'! ilcntlim --.F Krlfthr. MM'tlnK W Welch. Mwllnit 11' Woltx. 'Merlin* .... P. Peternon. M'-otli'K ,. ^fllll Cody, MerHMff .. ..L. Thornon, McMIHK .. .. H. UndV. Mwllnir Vm. Shlrlry. nfflco K.x|>. .. latt Parrott * Pon* ('('.. H 00 K ,1)0 < ,00 4.0« < ,00 4 ,uO s,«o J.OO 5 ,fln 9X.31 COVBT ImrliUon, Court .„."_—..—. 'fs.fl" 12,00 10,30 J.10 3.10 J.OO IK 0» a. 0 (ilndyn \Vatti«. llnlllff 'rnnces Dnvldann, Uflujirter ). C. Cook. WlttH'M FW» ir. ft. N. Kpnyfick. rank Green, WltneD! W. W. Blnirnman, Trl|i - --- - strflt. In ft . Clerk '•s*y 1-nc Mndlion Mix* Mario Oranrt ilur/ . ------- - — Vndcrnon fnfr, Mi'iiln for Jury — . ----------- ..... « H. VV. Mlll*r. fomm .... . II. CreUmoypr, I'hyx. ., |»n Knprht. WltnwM .... p. H. HoM*r. Wllnrmi . ---- . 00 ,<10 >on T. Ntiirenl, Ann't. Ktiitlnwr ----- ........ L.-- onn I). Krunt-r. Hinlinnn ., . M. Hnilth. Co. Engineer ------------- ... — . f. Merryninn, lirldih* Wnrk .................. > I. Mrrrymiin, llrlill*- My How ompnn .. ..... Supplier ----------------- 15 ?'!f arton Warner Co,, ««p. . 4.» Corp. Barton imvenport Standard Me«lor ------- n»«rln*« Co.. ,\u«tm Co., v-pntr,.l Auto Kteotrie «'".. . MIPIHIM .-..,.-"- .. — ..- JOH.8S IJIinlmPr* Mf*. Co.. .. ..... — -.. ...... 27J.OS * Mf MlilipllfK .. (own Miti-H. rt\i|i|nl<"< Hit-It H. D'Hl tlloi.0 Mnrlt, ilic fo,. ,... * Wipiilf Co.. C1».. Hl Supply -. - t>8!».0r> Co,. MM MM ..... till 1'n.i'lpnn (Ili Co . Nrw I'lrtt ,^....^.^..^-^~ I iv NII , i * Inline II, Mi'l«*". Mrthln« NKW I'lnf ... - - l!!li\i'«"l'l. M NI.W i 'in i "' 'J; -iS »•".. ""!'. .;«-J| Hint, „, 4J<.18 «M>. ... 1,7S».7» » ••00 . Nt-w I'lnt i\«>\¥ Mnklng n.oo 12.00 Mnhlrt* VH«JiJ' l New h. l'l*t 'j«. I'lnt I'lftl .. Mnklnir e.oo ».90 _. U.OO Muklntr * 7.00 ».J3 tvV o, W r- , , ni Wsirner l»«r C. C. V T. McCltilre, Cnnlintr .. I. T. MrOulrr. I'mitlnn .. H. Holrfimtt. Hniwl Ml*. -Wlnr. 1\«md Mtit. . Kohnll»r, Horn! Mtir. Thornon, lload Mtir. Wliwt»trM, Komi I II. mi T r»>^^, Mflklnif 1'MI ...— — ».»• n .»;ww_ 700 ».9o 7.0 t.OO l.oo «.00 . Hodmnn — M«laersch«l«. I*.. ------ — »«r»«y Muklng .1. K. HHW t'lftt ... Or, No. 10« Wnnirx II. McKro. Making- N»w I'lnt _________ » ----- lv r /i'mf»"'B. MrKi«, Msklnv 6«w Mat ....... «,— --- WnWh'n. N»w Pint -- . V/n'nif»°'n. M . H. Xlt«. IT. _. «. Wart.-urton, Itoail Mtir. — Kly Andcrxon, Horn) MtK. . A. A. Fan ir ma n. Himd Mt|t. J. W. Kllwrt*. n«md Mtlt. - ohn Arnilorfi-r, Ho»il MtK. "Martin Mollnder, Hum! MtK. . •illll lx>l«li, HiHid MtK. ~ iry liurmnnn. Mnnd Mtlt. C'. <lan«, Itiwil Mtic. \. It.'1" 1 . Honil Mt». .. lohn ilerlwr, Itnad Ml*. -- iriirre K. IliiUfrflwl.l. H«ml Ml*. ••. M. Chrl«len*«n. K»IUI H' T.' S.-"h\ifti:j"li"ad*lirB. UnM. KruiH'. UiMd Mtlt. .. l«. W. Khrirh. Uoad Mt«. :~hrl» Brandt, Road Mlg. i>k* M. Flom. H»ad Mtu .. Kw-v.kU. Hond Mt«. :«alle.T. |\f>/i,l Mt». - Crulkvhank. Koad K. O. Hrnry K. Kl'XD nif»n. MoKcr. Maklnlr Now flat ...... --------- 7.00 Mr. No. II. P. 2 x W. II. Wehrnpann. Lntx>r .. 72.71 l)r. Trl. |.«l-14f. II an cork Ct>. AtRlltor, Ad* Jimt IlnlnnrCK ..... — _. 4(0,00 roon PVHD UUt. No. I Dr. Fra»er. Mod. ______ t ».00 Konanth HoniiUiit, Car* ---- It. 10 Uofl * Miosren. fruv. — --u. 11.00 Cftlt llntft Urooery. rroy. __ 11.00 IMun'x. PCO». __ . __ . __ _. li.OO olnn'M «lrov«ry. JTov. .. »«.7» smith lbroth«rN. i'ro», ___ (.00 Frnnfcl'n, ITO». --....—— V.OO II. u. Jumnchi 1'rov. . ---- - IK. 00 Herman Wi»». vmv. ------ 1.00 Klimeth A Bon. Pro*. ---- 11.00 jtnkcr'n linlry, I'roy. ---- .. 1. 10 tii'lmrvnd l,mm>er Co.. n\ip- linen — — — ...... „, — 11.11 Former'* Kltvator, 8upt>lte» tl. II C'. H. Urhty. K«nt ______ i.«0 Mtrs. A. W. Buxton. Went 1.00 Dint. No. t Dr. Fr««i>r, M»d. ________ 10. SO Ko«auth HtiapltAl. Cnr« .... 131. 60 Moe A SJoglen, I'rnv. ___ ll.OO Cut Hate Urooery. Pruv. — 111.11 Dr. P. V. Jnnne. Mfd. ---- 3S.OO Dr. R. XI. Wallace. Xled. ._ 64.00 Dutch's Super Service. Sup- Frtifht ----T*l». CO. ttfr- __ .. i . . .. Kir ...... i, f. M , i'X.'. W fc'.flaitB. K. M- trf i i^t»f.*,f«x»» «»•>«/ '-* »»f --*«>. M. rt A. Kvari« Area: All. , i* «t< J: *» if* f'.ik < *•>. \ ,,*,, I,,, l',<i« <>6; i-..,,- A»««-i.«"r tor H»r*, A*Kf"v,r for !'.»» ««: H»<:, <iarflri«r Anx^iw-r for IWS.OS; rb-i H l.l/,<l(,'/r»l A**K*xur lor 'i . <iO; ll'.iwrt A. Kvari« Coronc-r 11.000 (rt. It. Our h,.»iji»/j. tt<r • ri If II M Tol*. <'» M**k lwi tMl* ...... lt<*flw«ir Kxprem Motion i>y MorriH m,(I 2nd by ,«Krove thm the W Jii»tlce of the peace reimri of J. II. Sheridan i Hiiiirovrd. Aym: All. M'.mm hy C'niiKrove and 2nd by Kr;uii-r that th« folliiWiriK Road Petit IOIIM 1*9 iila'-td oil file Ni>. 3'JS, No. 3'.<7. No. 3»M. N'o. 9»». So. 400, No. 401. No. 40J. So. 403, No. 404, So. 4US. Ayex: All. Motlf/n hy CoBKrove and 2nd by KraMtr that the following Putltlnni for Brants of Hllfht-of-Way Vie placid on file. That a Highway now U ft. wide I* inereaiwd In width In 66 fert t'OKlnntng at the SW corner of the NK'^ of .sec. J»->f- z »Date of Petition Fehruary 17. ID*?-, 'hat u Hllfhway *« feet wide be- innlnii Ht the SW corner of Sec. K-fr5-27 I'ralrUs Township and run- Inr them-e North one mile and ermtnatlnc at th* NW corner o* IB. Date of Petition February That it highway C« feet wide beginning at the SW corner of Sec. 7-98-^7 Kai»»ey To»n«hlp and run- ling thence Ka*t one half mile and i-iinimttinK lit SK corner of In* lary SO 1!>3" <">«! that a itrade he- ween Se.-. 20 * 21 In Lincoln 'ownohlp I* jfrnded up and put In •uiidition for MiavirllnK Ay*». AH. \ftiiitjn hy Fr<i»er ar.d 2nd r,y .lorrln that the Algona. 1'iiper lJe« .lomt-K. a Ko««uth County i.«j*r be <iven tl* contract for 66<i Unan,1 litijort» and I',0 tnvelopei for me. Ayeis: All. Motion by Kra»er and Jnd r,y Uurrmt hat the \Vnltl«ittor« ChuHi- iion it Komuth County |.aj*r he i\m the contract (or the 1*31 Bar Jucket. Aye«: AH. Motion hy Morrm and Jnd >/y Fra- »tr that a resolution oy the Town founcll of Bancroft, lhat an *rror found In It* 1i*« A»»««iK.r« roU in retrardu tu the a»*e»Minent made on Hie Creamery property b* correct- al. Ayt»: All. Motion by Co*Krov« and 2r.d by llauin that the followirjif amouritu i« truunferred from the v»rtou» train* tu th* General tx-unly Fund (or Supervisors expttine for tl* year IV36 IIMAIN .... ___ Aftrrc-y. Uutiifil l-'lie Jk '[titttmln AftM. 1'iellillllil HuUni l.uwllkf. Illy W. W, Hiilllvarv, I'. M., William Kuhii"iftjr".~""Iir W. W. Sullivan. !•. XI.. i U 7.7i 11. IS 12. «« it »l Ttum Jiltrlutu, M. «'. Hv»». « K**r*>l II W fy»t. •;„: M.« * ft M. W. l'-/»l, K riyfl*- f/nrtNfri. Hf«/»r 'ttutimttr f1f» </? Alr//n». l,l«nt Hrrv. llnllwny lr, r »pr»mt Au«in<-y, Kr«l .1 CVHMI. B. I,, lluirirr, ljil.or ...... H. W. f,.00 .. . i'. Ixiwv, Illy. ________ W. Hillllvan, I' XI.. 1 ,UU II,.00 ItiMiben l.uetltkv, lily. L'. A. Kllwrt. Hty. U'lly of AUfonit. Light >>«r- vlfe . W. W. .Sullivan, f. XI. llerl Hull. Frty"."!—-I"I" W. W. Sullivan. I'. U. Stumped KriYfclopi*!* . Vera C. C'arU«n. Salary Hurry Muthahti, Hty. Win. I', lionnstetter, Hty. (Jh*«. Wulteiv, Bty. L1*U» iJttnMlH. lit I . .. ... >luiy K. SttiuiN, Salary KosellK VolKt, Hulary . Thewlore iJuhnMJn, Uly. ... J. H. Fr«u»er. Conint. F. Win iiauni. C'omiu. A Sf»». . W. tf. Concruv*. Comm. A xiorriii. Comra. A W. i>. XlcUonuUl. Cuium. * Se«». _______________ L'hiui. CUuDaddle. Bty. . ___ National Iteeiuployiiiettt J^er. Off to) B*p. ______________ iKirothy T. btiatto. Salary.. Lucille Ijolfc. Salary -----Evelyn ijok . salary _______ C. H. ij»t winkle. I^el. Tan Coll. --------------L. A. Wlnkel. Offteu Kxi>. Clerk o( l)i»tiict Court, Office E*p. -----------I. J. lx>ol*y. Kiainlnbr M ticvort --------------- . M. f. iJuffy. Adv. Bty. .„ »«/ lxj»». hti. >4 lxKj«. H. A. Van AUtyne, HJ. 4t Kooui ------ , --------- tlohcri WttJl^iirK*r. -Int. A l>oda-. of l'r\**ji>ur» . I). C. llofttvoiMrry. U4 . .'00 t3 . 23 O.Ott 1.00 .4« .0 . 46.00 2.0U l.uo l.OO l.MO 90 06 «0. 00 1 .OU , 4 .)* 21, >* 2».«7 115. IIJ I .?& 119.40 1U.SO 101.Ik ! «:k 1U7 10 R. A. Ur. Bourne. «i«»i. _...-.— Hom« Hospital. Hosp. Cars Mrs, Hlto R«Bte. Cure . K. A. CUrk. Pro*. C. H. Johnson, prov. W. T. Pllch«r, Prov. -_. Rite-way Oroe.. Prov. —.- VrovW* Coon. Co.. 1'rov. Al4fon* Produce. Prov. ffmlih'n Dept.. Prov. BMNrurd Luiub«r Co., 8up< bllM . —..._-_ W K. NmiilaJn. Muppllm .. Norton'* Lllll)h«r Co.. Hilp- Co. Anilnrwin Urnln II. (ir *«.4« 17.1* 1.12 •IS lo« M. KOMIT. f'NIrol ...... (Oil Kuchncii, I'atril r««n W*lr. Lnlmr L'totn (kjutunan. l.airfir .... Win. F. llroiihach. I'utrul — ll/iy Hitiicnilrtn, l^ilinr Wm. O. Ludwlji. Ijibor .. llalph MarVla. Futrol 1JJ i» Harry Hidiuke, LalKir —. 17.1.72 H. l> MclKmatd, Labor ... JJ2.40 lohn llnnnflmun. Labor .- *J].»0 L. W. Mlltor. Patrol Albert KlllnKnon, Pitrol ._ l'<jt«-r Morlph. Patrol . Olrffi.rd HolnMM, 1-aUir M. L. Worhy. Patrol HuRh Btitterfteld, Patrol ,. tjil Wlllartt, Patrol .. . Kliner iSwtng, Patrol J. H. XJont»omery. Patrol — llauin, Lalior -.— »& 54 110.20 100.10 »3.1S 110.«o ijl '» ill.40 11. M W. O. McCulluUifh, Amb. Her*. I. K. Mouliln. Kent .. Alex M'llrr. Kant Floyd IllUUorouth. ttent Mr*. Wm. Meyerir. Cure — Urn. John Coon. Lod«. LJUI. No. 2 Kimnith lloapltal, Hosp. Car* —. Cut Hate Urooery, Prov. .. B. A. Clark. Prov. C. •. JohrWKin, prov. . Dr. C. H. Cretim«yer, Xlsd. otto Neuman, Prov. ._..-- S<innenherir'» Oroc., Prov. Foahentler» Store. Prov. ._ Calllea" fliore." Prbv"." „' lil* C. R. SmltK. Prov. B.OO- ,i;R «:« i:S XI nor* Xtoor*. 8uimtm ._ t.OV I'iarencu I Ik um. Ijilior ..— SI-1? I. E. Smith. .Patrol 11 18 Carl BeriiKren. pairol OS.»« lid Baker. Patrol .... «••?• Mlke_ Baker. Patrol .._... t J J. 204.20 4 OU . . oo 7S.33 40 12 K.32 1 45 2 60 30* 'i, 4.50 H. T. i\irliy, Patrol Kurl Earlnk. Patrol Alton Pettlt. Patrol M»rvln M«rU)W. iJtlor Jay Go<toen. Pittrol J. f. Qulnn, fj|ck 'Baiwlc, .*-.—'". ——— .4.. •!, Cheater Alroe. L»l-jr IJJ'tl Wilbur A. FUher. LaU.r ._ J4J.*» L F. Stockwell. Lalxjr .— tO*.il Lynn Kuchenreuthtr. Rttlnder Kramlnifa. Pa Oliver You»*. Patrol .... D*ll*rt OeitseiMucr, I'atrol ArnuM ijvlncrttanir. J-il^r .. Clartnc* U»curol*r, Labor ». J. Hlldm»n, Jji'x-r ---J. o. l'rl*iiUr, lJ>t)or ---- Kol«rt Wo.*!. t*U.r ------- rviiHn Hartlfctt, l-»l»r .... I . K. ritlk, lJ«»x<r --- ----U W. Kronibkch, 1-iibor — faul 'TrumMr, Ijibor ---- Uufl Cvt'H, Labor , ------- KoMuth Co- Imp. Co.. --- ----------ctrU: Co.. «up. — 41.30 »» »f 4l.1t !».*< 10.40 .. * Waller, I't*. .. Adrane* f f u)/l»»b»)» tk/ . Ftlotlo* -, ----- . ------- U^lii'itjll KnHlftier. fig. .. If. It. NorUin * Kbit. Fuel — Ir'Hittir k'ututlitf* It. t U( l »« i. Vvwim. t U>ir<ic 4 Hu'.kty. Mup. ---IM.« Moidta llrug Co., »up. i Co . bup. . . ---Hup- . i C»rlx/n Co. l-l.i I IU-». Mp. ------ ttupply Co.. Mr*. DUt." Mo." « Ko««u»h HonplUi. HO.D. Care —. , M0« A SJocren. Prov. .... t.JO OrV Clapwadte. Ued. }l.|0 Hood'* more. Prov. 4T.|0 Mr*. CUrk Coirin. Prov. .. V/r*d« A KraUM, Prov. — tmltto'i ticpt. Store, Prov. Paul qramvK. Pro*. Kennedy'*, Prov. .Merrill Brother*. Prov. Ayt Prtetat. Prov. — t.M W. A. Murray. Soppllt* _. 41.14 U. P. Mcl>on»ld, MuppJlM 16,141 S rldan, Ilont .— IO 'lJ r«n. Jupt ,^~". lOl'OO AurU«U *J«IU, Can* *4>Lth z . >" M D»lm»*e' Mfd":*: HI'it 'rlffith Urui Co.. Mad. .. l.ii) tanborn'i Uroccnr. Prov. .. 1.4)0 Atlaii Oroctry. Prov. 1.00 § itn» Oroctry. Prov. — 13.00 Banter Heavlt. prov. §.21 jn* Htorc, Prov. 40.00 *lcr« Grocery. Prov. - 6 ? *<> Danka* Orixery. prov. 10.00 Warburton'*, prov. ».*» II « it.10 1.63 *.43 K«rm«r» KUvator, 8upplle» Bn»ln«erii Coal Co., Sup. Block Coal Co., Supplies .. *^ i * . — ^^ •• •on. Labor — Ji-if Kury.. fun. — f|-«i n, Bup. '"-If BUD. «.•! Vrall BJoclrU: Co. U. f. CultMift/HM. iJUtchs ttuiicr #vr V. ]. Chjfl'i'JJin, c . CI»PI* gtrv.. Buo. — J. M. TrJI*ncbiir3, SuiT. 40.07 ilretnburt Aulu Supply, ^ u 11.16 *1 And*rM>n Gr»ln A C'oitl Co. tikibbtjlllUf ••nr T-nr— —rr— — •• »^- » —— ^•fwjft «3««tric " u — Mi** Val«ri& Mayer City, former 7tb and of 6th grade . Trl Ayr«: All. Xlotion hy fiuum t|>at \i1 W. Linl 2nd I of If, d2 C. Sinllh v^l pit tii AyfH: All. by for for EH I'J'^ lull-* Ix: i>U»- itJKl » of Wotrk IS ll«.'orp Ajn». ).93 r i Sw Motion li llauin that<lt<( <j« H!lgJ,,.i i'lul. AliOll.1 Motion r,y Xlorrn and 2nd by Cy»- «rovv that the folluwliilf re«'/lution IK- ailopttvl to WSK tltw t tt* <-•! Jan- u..ry 1. 1»*T. HI->l>l.i:'riON It tu hfrelijr refc'>lv«!d by th* Ko»- «'ilh County lioiird of Su|>*r\ i»tir» In nnxitirij on Murch 1. 1 ju.jijl to und ID at' •or>l«j>c» Chapter 1 of the Ac In of th,, ,.. General A»»M/)b)y of the Stute ol Iowa, that the lows State Bank, a ttiiiiktoit rorporatJuu dolnir bufilnestf *r\»i l7 pur- o wltb he 44tb t* » W U 4J 4.44 J:« i •« 3.76 .60 I.&O UuVeruc K«w«. PICA. H. iJorc'oardt, Suu. p. A. t>ui>»on. J. P. Fw;» .. F. A NvwvJllt. Cuost. Ke^s -_ . ^ > " ' W*fi£r?J. p'^FUdl*!! F W. (jrtitni. M«r»li. r««* .tick Maharo*. witrUMi* fuet .10 VI..l.i JJul..»/,.». Wltn«i>« Ftes .60 f. W. 'liuick. WilfjtBO Vtx* .((I •.nl Schrocdi-r, Marahull Ffce» t.Tfi . .~ r « i.»6 Bvant, CMTifi* Kxp. .—_..- 6.CO tta,t« Auditor*. Audit hkf.Gl Town Mutual JJKfiling Inn. Co.. I'romiuiu 2.1» 4. p. EcknoUa, L«e*l H. A. I. K. Wortniun. tUlUstrsr H. H. Dreyer. J RulfUtrar . Mary E1&JH -— ' — WwU-y Auto Co.. Bup. --- 4rti>ur p*u«-«»n. Sup. ---- btiou A U. Chevrolet - V«ro L.UDD, Bupi>ll«m -----V. S. Norton £ Son. Sup. lioufojtl Lumber Co.. Bup. C. 6- JotiiUMMi. Hup. ..._. Kd Uiwl«rdabl. Sw. ------- lowu Union Toleplione S^rv. T«lf. Serv ------------ •Jentral Stuteb Electric Co., . ------- . Central Ktat«a Bluctrli.- Co., LfVtt Sfrv. — .......... Hallway Express A«en«j. Uuy »ton«r Labor — Kort C'urr Supoly Co., ~ "Co""" Machine * Sup- A H. BorchBrat. tuppllu* Kurih«ra Lumber Co., Bup. lieorge Holubauer, Hup. InlerHtatti l'ow«r Co.. Light S«jrv. ., Clpjtblur*. Sup. .ieel Co., Sup. OU Co.. 8ujp. Store. Co., Sue. MM#r Co.. Hue. . lam* Co.. Sup. Mtrrymujy. Bridge 3.*1 20. tO 8S.»& 13.64 &.90 5.81 l.H .81 12.08 6.61 1.0) 2.til .Oi 7,73 39.00 l'J.76 13. S4 4.CH 7. 02 . 9.04 IB. i i. K. Van Alstyne. Bent ._ Moor* A Crook*. Rent lohn CMand, Kent Mr*. Mary Wobater. Cure — 'etwral Fund r*. John Coon, Labor ._. r*. Bmll Bolllnger. Labor r*. KmillB Wte*o. Lubor .. _r». Rubt. 8t«v«n. Labor PauUn* Ol»on. Labor -_._ Iff*. Airne* Dutton. Labor Br«. Bertha Dally, Labor _ Mr*. Maude Burbank, Labor Myrtle St. Hohn. Lat>or .. Ur*. Fred p*tor*on. Labor 3 r*. U«s»lt> Dunn, Labor -- Iliua Odtruin. Labor r*. Florence Beard«ley. Labor „ L'brlacUllkM Hture, jluuvlle* Chrlattnson bro». Co.. Buc- pll** „_ araham* Store. Sui<pll«« E. W. Lunby. Sup/ilie* Pouter Furniture Store. Supplier County Farm Inrlnk L. Mlfler. Light S. 8. 'TomyTluppUeVIIII l)r. B. M. WaniVe. Mud. .. P. V. Janwe. lied. ... Tho*. Akre, Bupulte* C- Bhernian. Buvulle* »bam Store, Supplittii - — S. Norton 4 |on. Sup. Win. C. Dau Oaraire. Sao- pltea ... 1_ n. A. He j id, Supe Pralt Kl«ctrlc Co . Sup- 7 .-!• Jii! 4.01 lU.lJ 17.01 11.11 .77 17 tl!o * ' i is t Fred Park. Fre HlfciOLVKO. % at Auaitur la authorised to rants for bill* allowed at nir aa wsr scheduto of c, In-before written. . S. KliuMi r County AtMttor

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