The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1937 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1937
Page 4
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Keeping Up The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 1,1937 With The Demand Wo linvo boon busy each and every day for a long time There are two reasons for this— First, because the public is buying more freely and Second, because we seem to have what people want—that which is right in style, and right in price. This is just in the beginning of the -uas 3uui?9A\. Sut.tds son—so we suggest that you join the many enthusiastic buyers and let us supply you with your Spring apparel. Christensen Bros. Co. Algona's Style Center Fri-Sat.. April 2-3 One of History's Great Thrillers. Pioneers Win the West George O'Brien and Heather Angel in "DANIEL BOONE" "Bashful Buddies" —. "Sunken Treasure" Sunday, April 4 VAUDEVILLE From Radio Station WMT Come and Swing with Pop Zeke and the Boys. Hear the Hill Billies tear off "Dinah", "Twelfth Street Rag", "Some of These Days" and other hot tunes. On Our Screen Sunday and Monday If it's Fun You Want—take time out for News and Technicolor, Cocoanut Grove Coming Wed.-Thurs.-Fri., Joan Blondell and Fernaud G-revet in "The King and the Chorus Girl" THE BEST REFRIGERATOR BUY IN 10 YEARS!! Save on PRICEI Save on CURRENTl Save on UPKEEP! CARL SEIP LOSES TWO HEAD CATTLE Guests at Terhunes Mrs. George Swenson and two hlidren. Bobby nnd Gloria of Rock- ord, III., and Mrs. Joe Dianafa of Oak Park, III., were last week end guests nt the Ben Terhune home. 'he ladies are both nieces of Mrs. Terhune and this is their first visit o this locality. They started their eturn trip early Monday. ' Valuable Cows Die At Irvington Man's Farm Irvington: Carl Seip very unfor- unatcly lost two valuable cows re- cntly. one was thought to have ind pneumonia nnd it is not known vhat caused the death of the sec- nd. The Seips live on the north ide of the Irvington hill. Now Phone Patron Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Thomas are o be new patrons on rural tel- phone No. 12, a line will be ex- ended from the McLean store to he depot where the connection will ie made. At Cousin's Funeral Mr. and Mrs. David King were called to Mason City last week, iue to the death of a cousin of Mr. King, who was a former Whittemore resident. In the meantime, firs. Simmons, who resides with he Kings, is visiting relatives at fVest Bend. Q/fores Birthday Club— The Handkerchief Birthday club met nt the home of Mrs. Jim Watts Tuesday nfternoon, the occasion being her birthday. The members presented Mrs. Watts with handkerchiefs. Bridge was played with Mrs. Frank Vera receiving high, Mrs. Mcda Redfield low, and Mrs. Marion Burbank the travel prize. Mrs. Burbank was also a guest of the club. . Bridjrp Chib— Mrs. M. J. Streit was hostess to the members of her bridge club at a one o'clock luncheon, Monday afternoon. There were three tables of bridge. Guests of the club were Mrs. J. L. Bonar. Mrs. Wade Sullivan, Mrs. Don Hutchison and Mrs. Antone Johnson. Mrs. Antone Johnson received the high score prize. Birthday Party- Mrs. Lloyd Wellendorf entetfain- ed at a party Tuesday afternoon, in honor of the birthday of her little son. Lament. Nine of Lament's friends present were Mary Ann Timm, Janice Bartholomew, Marilyn Miller, Barbara and George Platt. David Merriman. Roger Didricksen and Darlene Seaman. Mother's Club— The Mother's club held Its gen- ral meeting Tuesday afternoon at he home of Mrs. C. C. Shierk. The members attending were Mrs. Tom Cemis, Mrs. C. D. Schaap. Mrs. L. !. Bohannon, Mrs. Burdette Agard, >frs. Howard Hoenk, Mrs. George Rlverdale Club The Riverdale Ladles' Social club will meet next Wednesday, April with Miss Agatha Thllges, the ew officers entertaining. The aft- rnoon will be devoted to sewing. Mrs. Vern Barker is the newly elected president and will preside ,t the meeting. Mrs. O. L. Miller is convalescing rom a severe attack of sciatic heumatism. Mrs. George Schumacher visited ast week with her parents, the Geo. Lesters, nead Woden. Ronald Clarke of Britt was a unday guest at the home of his ister, Mrs. Geo. Johnson. Donald Frankl, son of Mr. and rlrs. Barney Frankl, spent his East- r vacation with his family in Irv- ngton. The Clyde Brlstow family of Hurt isited with the Carl Seips, Sunday, Mr. Brlstow being a brother of *rs. Seip. Mr. and Mrs. Oran Hudson and hildren from Plum Creek town- hip spent Easter Sunday with the 'aul Hudsons. The Irvtngton Dancing club will meet Friday evening for one of heir popular parties. There will >e one more dance in this series. Mrs. Ray Watson visited Sunday with her slater, Mrs. Freda Christen*«n of Algona, who Is novr In an XTgrfnlTholpltal recuptrattaff from nervous ailment .* Jessie Smith of Algona visited on Sunday with her friend, Margaret Mulligan. April 1, Miss Smith will move into an apartment at the Berha Johnsons in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Colwell enter- ained their card club at a party ast Saturday evening. "Buck" Davis won high score, Herman Becker ravel and Paul Egel low. Georga Anne Geige! returned to Storm Lake on Sunday afternoon after spending the week end with ler parents. Dorothy Mawdsley ac- ompanied her and will spend a few days visiting at Buena Vista college. Dorothy is the daughter of Edward Muwdsley. The Howard Schore family of Alona were released from scarlet fever quarantine last Wednesday. The son, Roger had the disease in a somewhat light form. Mrs. Schore s better known here as the former Helen Fitch and Mr. Schore drives a truck for the Algona creamery. Joe Hamus has recently purchased a used Chevrolet pickup truck and is now hauling milk for several patrons in this vicinity to the cheese factory east of LuVerne. For some time the factory was closed, however, last year the entire equipment was bought and after a general rejuvenation was reopened for business. Mr. ami Mrs. Chas. Egel were pleasantly surprised on Monda when a number of relatives arrivet from Minnesota. The guests con sisted of Mr. and Mrs. Jak Schuldt, and Mrs. Johanna Beck man. Mrs. Beckman is Mrs. Egel' mother mid Mrs. Sthuldt her sister Mr. and Mrs. Si huldt left for tilei home on Wednesday but Mrs. Buck man will remain indefinitely. Algona has for ltd Chamber of Commerce president, a second- tory man. Joe Bloom wanted to get into a house. There was no me at home. He borrowed a skeleton key, but It would not open the loor. Under cover of darkness he Approached the house cautiously, ried all the windows. They held ecurely. Undaunted by failure oe cracked a pane, reached in and unlatched the window, crawled hrough. opened the door and let he rest of the gang in. ils own home. The women spent a noon at their own needlework. Refreshments hostess. were served Algona Girl at Iowa City Engaged Spring Permanents DUABT MACTONELESS $2.50—$10.00 Nyla Cosmetics and Facials Irene's Beauty Shop Bel Canto Clnb— The Bel Canto club met March 29 with Mrs. Walter Roberts as hostess. Mrs. J. H. Edge was the leader. The subject was church music. Two vocal selections were Vance. Mrs. Cliff Aalfs and Wm. Eaton. Mrs. Needle Club— Members of the Needle club were entertained at the home of Mrs. Anton Anderson, Monday afternoon. There were twelve present Mrs. O. S. Lindsay was a guest. by Mrs. A. E. Michel, accompanied by Mrs. Don Hutchins. Chorus practice followed the meeting. Auxiliary— The regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary will be at the hall, Friday, April 21, at 7:45 p. m. This month Is Child Welfare month. Antoinette Bonnstetter wil give a talk on this subject. Al members are urged to come. Honor diet Holt— Nineteen friends of Chet Hoi from Eagle Grove drove to Algona Tuesday evening to help him eel ebrate his birthday. Mr. Holt fs the manager of Graham's store, an< formerly lived at Eagle Grove. Neighborhood Club— Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long were host and hostess to their Neighbor hood club at a 6:30 dinner party on Monday night. There were six couples in attendance. Bridge wa the diversion of the evening. Watanye Club— A 6:30 dinner was served to th Watanye club members in the BIu Room of Hotel Algona, Tuesda; evening, to thirteen club members The dinner was followed by a shor business meeting. Candlelight Club- Mrs. Lucia Wallace entertaine the members of the Candleligh club at her home, Tuesday evenln at a 6:30 dinner and bridge party There were eight guests present. TheMcm About Town Says It was Nickel machines on State street are gathering trade checks on which are printed the words, "The DurdaUt Cigar and News Stand, Algona, Iowa." The old folks wonder who has put them into circula- lon for the Durdall was the name of the now New Algona Hotel some 8 years ago. • • • One safety razor blade a year Is he record of Bob Sellstrom at- encjing Gustavus Adolphus college. tab went back to school and start- d to use the blade for his second irear, but found it pulled a little so lorrowed one from his younger rother, Palmer. A star guard on he basketball team and a licensed barber, he cuts hair at 20 cents to pay his way through college. So Job's tonaorial expense is next to nil. • • « A voter without the knowledge of marking a ballot went Into the 'ourth ward precinct. By right of aw assistance is given in such cases and the lot fell to Councilman Overmeyer. He secured the desired names whom the voter wished to mark and when he got down to ward councilman, unopposed, Overmeyer asked, "Now you want to vote for Overmeyer?" The voter shook his head and with a long drawn out "No-o-o, I wouldn't vote for that old - - - ". • * • Maynard Guderian built a kite and was successfully flying it with his dad as witness. Dad thought his son a second genuis or a Benjamin Franklin as he gleefully watched the kite soar into the space. As father looked beyond th kite and saw visions of greatness for his son he was brought back to earth when he learned the kite was on the end of a fishing line and maneuvered from his best rod and reel. The Albla Commercial club Is going to entertain all of the high school basketball teams in Monroe county. That's all one needs to say. When is Algona going to do something like this? Just how long will it be until the various clubs of this city recognize and show appreciation for the school kid? How long will It be before a noted coach of Bernle Blerman's type will be brought to town? Towns and cities all around us and throughout the state have and are doing this. Even Bancrfoft has listened to the All- Amerlcan Widseth. * • • For twenty-three yean Tom Kaln served as city councilman. Twenty- t ree years he took abuse and cuss- ings. Twenty-three years he gave of his time to build up the city in which we live. What have we done for him? Has he received a word of praise? him? No. Has anyone thanked He passes along into oblivion uncrowned and forgotten. Most young men don't even know him, but are using his labors for their welfare. That's the end of all public benefactors. Our city has gone ahead in business enterprises, buildings and population and Tom Kain haa helped with it for twenty-three years. Thanks to him. * • • The Coca-Cola Company could save a lot of money and give bet- <m See for Yourself! General Electric now offers the Refrigerator* everyone wants at NEW LOW PRICES • More Ice Cubes • More Storage Space • More Cold Capacity • More Conveniences • AT LESS COST • Automatic THRIFT UNIT SEXTON NEWS g 7t Kohlhaas & Spilles Mr. anil Mrs. Dale Thompson and children ipc:nt Sunci.jy at (iuuiltll with Dale's parents. Mr. ;ind Mro. Henry Glave. Britt, spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Fred Nearinjj and family. John McMuhon, Britt, and his brother-in-law, John O'Brien, of Waukcri, were caller in Sexton, Monday on business. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders spent the week end in Mason City, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hawley. Mrs. Hawley is a sister of Mrs. Sanders. Wilbur Steven, who is attend ing the Diesel engineering school at C'hicako spent the Easter week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Steven and daughter, Muriel of Feuton, attended the Easter program here on Sunday morning and were dinner guesU of Mrs. Steven's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Olaen, Sr. There was a large attendance at the Easter program and church service Sunday morning. Following the program, the Rev. Bottom gave a sermon on the Resurrection An Easter offering was also taken. For Sale n-rooin modern liousc, cheap, East StaU; Street, just west of Athletic I'ark. 6-ruoni niodrrn house, oak floors hreakfant nook, glaased porch, Kttruge. Z block south of court hou,->r, at bacrifice price. (ioiKi building, cheap, East State street 7-rooni partly modern house, garage, three loU, clove to the (.'utholic church aad school*. Bargain. 8 loU, 1 block north of East State Street. (iood building lot on IJnden St Reasonable lu price. Tilla McCall Call at 521 E. State Street Fine Rug Cleaning Color and beauty restored to your rug*. We remove every trace of soil and grit. The backs and fringe of your ruga are cleaned as well an the nap Curtains Draperies Renewed Beautifully ELK Cleaners- - Tailors Laundry Service Phone 330 We Deliver Pictured above is Eleanor Keen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keen of Algona, now a student at the University of Iowa, whose engagement to Eugene Wettstein of Union City, N. J., was announced reentry. Eleanor is a senior at state university, and has been majoring in journalism. Miss Keen spent one summer working for The Algona Upper Des Moines, and her journalistic work at the university has been exceptionally good. Cut courtesy of the Des Moines Register. ter service and accommodation to Its patrons by following the trend of the times. And all it would have to do would be to lessen the amount of "coke" In the same sized bottle so that about an ounce of empty space. remained at the top. * * * The ladles' rest room In the tourist park was wrecked last fall by vandals. The destruction will probably cost in the neighborhood of a hundred dollars to fix it up. The Armstrong school band and Instrumental solos will leave Friday to compete in the district music contest at Nevada. Wed.-Thura., April 14-15 Daily Mat. 2 p. m. APRICOTS . . halves, No. 2£ can 23c Jack Sprat, choice Blenheim, heavy syrup TOMATOES . . No, 2 cans, 6 for 58c Mayflower SUGAR CORN . . . 2 No. 2 cans 21c Mayflower, a real value at this price SUGAR CORN . . . 2No.2can»25c Jacfc Sprat, Evergreen, fancy extra sweetened PRUNES ...... No. 10 can 53c Mayflower Italian PEARS ..... . No. 10 can 53c Mayflower PEACHES ..... No. 10 can 49c Mayflower Sliced or Halves _ ____ YOUR CHOICE 3 Cans 29c 6 Cans 55c Lima Beans, Jack Sprat ______ No. 300 tall can Red Beans, Jack Sprat _______ No. 300 tall can Pork & Beans, Jack Sprat —No. 300 tall can Pumpkin Mayflower ___ ..... ------- No. 2 can Macaroni & Cheese, Jack Sprat ___No. 300 can Spaghetti Jack Sprat, prepared No. 300 tall can 3 Can* 43c 6 Cans 83c Green Beans, Mayflower, cut ------- No. 2 can Peas, Harvest Inn, sweet ----------- No. 2 can Sauer Kraut Jack Sprat ---- ..... No. 2 l / 2 can Sweet Potatoes, Jack Sprat ____ No. 3 squat can Grapefruit, Jack Sprat ------------ No. 2 can . Anderson's Phone MS FOR QUICK RESULTS—USE THE WANT ADS / TIME/ «E The Mmea Dorothy and Ethel Wolfe who attend Coe College at Cedar Rupida, spent Easter at the parental Herbert Wolfe home. \, Why Not - - seud youi- Curtains, Rugs, Drapes, and Blankets to Kirsch to be Dry Cleaned. We can always take care of your needs. Kirsch Laundry & Dry Cleaners Phone 267 Algona, Iowa goAOflaftaoacuaaaj^^ TIME TO LET US PREPARE YOUR CAR FOR SUMMER DRIVING Yes sir! It's lime to give your car a spring Ionic. And we're ready to do the job j 4 **— ana save you money, too. Experienced repair men. ; Modern equipment. Our complete check-up J service is just what J the doctor orders to put the old pep back in your car. YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR FORD MORE WITH GENUINE FORD ACCESSORIES OnWueJ tinJbiilM »u»»MlTfa»Foid eon. Ih* ocomtntos *• oBw on guaranteed to «!T» you compute •aiUlaclloa. For your ?r»at»r comfort, coovMirao* and •nloymwU wife youi Ford ear ih*» Is a wid* VQIWtT oi QOOSMOOML FOED HAD1O with inviiibU sp«ak*i mounted above Ibe •windihteld. Dial U iML Prie»uudalUdS48 (open cats iliqU nddlHonnl cod). FORD HEATER. Simpl* y*t v»rr •!flow oi cl«an, warm oil — control on ia- stiumrai panel. P>lc«uulalUd$13.50. FORD BATTERIES Packed with pow« lo tniur* quick ctariiae, the Pwd bottorf bos exbacapacurfoiaulo zadios and olh»r elxlnml oeceiiQ- riM. ThiMfiiM, 13, 15 and 17 {date. ELECTRIC CLOCK Pull wtadina. 90-dar quaiaal**, lei into qlov* eonpaiimeai dooi. RADIATOR Durable, wateqpraat Do not tail le *•• out compUte fa* of 9*Bulx» Fold tincie8»nrl>i th» Mil Ha* yoa trtett out show nom. KENT MOTOR CO, SALES— —SERVICE

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