The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1955
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1955 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Spots on Windshield Can Be Dangerous ToPilotTravelingatSuper-SonicSpeeds New Instruments, Techniques Aid Constant Pursuit of Speed By DOUGLAS LARSEN NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NEA) — A smashed insect on the windshield of an aircraft is dangerously diverting to a pilot in today's high-speed aircraft. He knows it's only a dead bug, but his eye automatically keeps fixing on it and he moves his head to make sure It's not an approach- Ing aircraft. In the back of his mind is the knowledeg that the interval between seeing a plane as a small spot in the distance and the moment of collision is a matter of seconds In some cases. Actually, keeping aircraft windshields clean is a minor problem. . But the bug distraction is typical of a whole range of serious problems in the newer planes which threaten to place the modern pilot's job beyond the scope of human capabilities. It includes providing pilots more visibility from cockpits and improving: and reducing 1 the .fantastic array of instruments a pilot now uses. Civil Aeronautics Administration, Air Force, Navy and all aircraft firms are vitally interested in this work. And the fperry Gyroscope Co. has just come up with excel- muiu-purpose instruments. CAA discovered the danger of windshield spoU by motion picture camera? which took pictures of a pilot's eyes on routine flights. In this series of tests CAA experts also learned that a tiny corner brace on the windshield of a plane obstruct'ng only two and a haJf degrees of vision, could be dangerous. It meant that another plane approaching toward this blind spot at a high rate of speed could not be seen by the pilpt until he had less than five seconds to make a turn to avoid it. The joint government group studying these matters is called the "Air CreV/ Station Standardization Committee." Hottest issue currently before It Js where in the cockpit to place warning lights. There has been a recent trend toward providing lights to warn pilots of every posisble trouble, from icing to loose cargo doors. "If you followed all of the suggestions on warning lights you'd Incorporating several sets of data into one of the six basic instruments. For example, the new Sperry approach Indicator gives the pilot a virtual picture of the position of his plane In relation to the field. The new direction-indicator also tells a pilot where he should be go- Ing and how far off course he is. And a new horizon flight director not only tells the pilot how to move his controls to intercept and follow a desired flight-path but also shows his pitch and roll attitude at all times. Radford Opens Japanese Talks TOKYO IIP, _ Adm. Arthur W. Radford, chairman of the O. 8. Joint Chiefs of Staff began talks with Japanese defense chiefs yesterday almost simultaneously with a prediction by Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama that Japan's share of Joint defense costs will be cut. "I can s(;e no reason why the United Slatos should not ayree to this," he said. "Lightening our burden will help greatly to improve our economy and that is what the Uniud states also desires." He made his statement in an Mount Rainier is 14,408 feet high. IMANILANEWS By RUTH HOKNE icrvicemcn • spending the holidays in Manila include soldiers L. K. Holt, Waylen Jobe, Ralph Wagner, Wallace Fowler, Dewayne Jackson; sailor Jerry Densmore; Pete Flee- inan of the Air Force. Mrs. Walter Roach Is ill witn pneumonia at the Ration Hospital. Miss Predia Fincher of Lost cane is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bill Gammill, in Fort Worth. Homecoming at Manila High School will be observed Jan. 14 when Manila meets Nettleton. Nettleton has a player who is 6 feet 10 Inches. | Candidate* for nomecoming queen will be selected this week, Coach Dopson has announced. The Howard Philllpps family of Canithersvllle were Manila visitors Friday. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Necessary Germs Of the 2000 known kinds of germs and bacteria, only about 100 are believed to be harmful. The other 2900 varietleo are necessary to life in one manner or another. SINUS TROUBLE, ASTHMA and HAT FEYER AMAZING NEW TREATMENT FREE TRIAL Thoutand} have received amiiing, ftu relief with owr temationaj, n<w ircauncnc. from tymptoaa ot hay fever, itthma, jinut headachei, pmiure io forehead, »r«- nm in ryrt, cheekbonti, top of head, back of bead, down neck ind ibouldcn, drip «id dialing* of MOM and ihroii. lemporary IOM of xnelt irtd uxe, temporacr hard of hearing, can't think Huighi or lee well at ttmei, when lymptom* act cauied by naul congvicion. No matter bow mucli you have luffered ot what tieatroenii »ou have tried, YOU OWE IT TO YOUHSELF TO WRITE FOR THIS SENSATIONAL, NEW TREATMENT, FOR A 7 DAY FREE TWAL POSTPAID, no COM ot obligation to try k except criU; wben *ou write, x J» agreed you will^miU^c back, po^paid ai end of if« trial period i" AMERICAN LAIK)RATORIF.S. Lodi. Cilifoi lent developments In easy-to-read have the inside of the cockpit look- CAMERA'S-EYE VIEW OF PILOT'S EYES during routine flight was made to study reaction to spots on plane's windshield. NEW INSTRUMENTS to aid pilot include this pictorial deviation indicator which portrayi instrument landing beam in miniature as V-shaped bar. ing like a pin-ball game," a CAA expert- says. The Committee first has to decide what new warning lights are needed. Then it must agree on a general location for them. The Committee has a dual motive. The standards serve as important guide to aircraft designers. Standardized cockpits and instrument panels also make II easier for pilots to be checked out in different planes. Probably the longest-range and most perplexing problem is improving and simplifying the flighl Instruments. Before WorJd War the Air Force anticipated this headache and did the pioneer work in fixing the six basic instruments in the same place on the panel In all planes. These six include the air speed, direction, horizon, altitude and rate-of-climb indicators, and the approach Instrument. A lot of new, improved instruments have been developed recently. But combined with the ,greal speed of the new planes, by the time the pilot has time to interprel all of the data flashing before him his plane may have traveled so far he must make a whole new set ol calculations to get back on course Sperry has solved part of this by Solons to Seek 5-Ac re Minimum For Cotton WASHINGTON W) — Sens. Eastland of Mississippi and Hill of Alabama are planning to introduce a bill to restore the minimum 5-acre crop allotment to cotton farmers. Their Joint statement releases Monday said such legislation would increase the 1955 national acreage allotment from the present total of 18,134,000 to about 19,500.000. Senator Stenris made a separate statement in which he said: "While the need for increased acreage is widespread, the small land owners and the tenants are in many cases faced with a tragic situation, and they should first be awarded a minimum acreage large enough to have a share to supply the minimum needs for the families." Berlin became the capital of Germany in 1871. wit/.... ff " t^. V ^ ^Natural GAS Keep your house warm as toast in the coldest weather ... at a saving that will amaze you . . . with automatic Natural Gas Heating Equipment. Modern Natural Gas heat will save you time and trouble. No coal to shovel. No ashes to haul. No oil film on your furniture. And whether your home is old or new, Natural Gas will save you mon«y as you enjoy dependable, carefree heat. Why not give your family warm comfort all winter long by installing Natural Gas now. Set your thermostat and forget it. Gel Gas ... and you'll b« glad. 12 TO $6 MONTHS lo pay tor your Natural Gas piping Installation. A small down payment Is all yon "?«! lo start cnjoylnK Natural Gas. Balance on low, monthly nstallmcnts. Call us today tor PRKE KSTIMATK. Ark-Mo Power Co, 8 NEW LIVE POWER TAKE-OFF* MPWgEST-0-g/DE BEAT .. Ford's more powerful "RED TIGER" •ngine steps up pow»r 3O%! Here's a big reason for 800 Ford Tractors' performance-plug. They are powered by Ford's advanced ( "RED TIGER" engines . . . fully 30% moro power- I ful than any previous Ford Tractor engine. The high compression, short stroke design delivers more power on less fuel and with considerably less engine friction and wear. There are many advanced features in the new Ford "RED TIGER" engine, too. Only Ford's vast manufacturing resources and mass production efficiencies could bring you so much tractor engine at such a low cost! New 800 FORD TRACTOR MOST POWERFUL FORD TRACTOR EVER. Hold on to your hat! Ford's new power- packed 800 series tractors really make the work fly! Yes, the minute you take the wheel of a new 800 Ford Tractor and hitch it to a heavy pull, you'll experience a new thrill in responsiveness and PULL power. You'll walk right away with far heavier loads than you ever thought possible. You'll keep going, smoothly and easily, on pulls that make other tractors of comparable size stutter and stall. You'll notice many more advantages ... the 5-speed transmission . . . hydraulic control of implements . . ; power take-off operation . . . ease of handling . . . safety of operation . . . durability . . . and much more! After you have tried a new Ford, you'll agree—for all-around tractor performance, Ford brings you the finest ever! See the new 6OO Ford Tractors, too I All of Ford'a step-ahead features are available in the 2-plow 600 scries tractors, too. So if you are looking for rock- bottom operating economy in two- plow tractor power, plus unmatched ease of operation and job-ability, be sure to see the 600 .Ford Tractors. And here's another advantage: there are rriore quick-attached tools available for Ford Tractors—whether you choose the 2-plow or 3-plow size. COME IN AND SEE THEM! You'll find lota more that you have always wanted in a tractor when you look over the new Fords—features that make tractor operation easier and help you get more done in less time. Yet, for all the new Ford Tractors have to offer, you'll find they are priced exceptionally low. 'Standard equipment on mo<lcls 860 and 660, TRACTOR Snow Tractor Co. 112 N. rronklin St. — Blyth«yill*, Ark.— Phone 3-8951 EQUIPMENT

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