The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1937 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, y e b. 25,193? ANDERSON AND JOHNSONS GET DOANSENDOFF Families Moving Honored By Friends, Weighers Last Tuesday Doan: A large crowd of friends and relatives attended the farewell party for the Walter Anderson and Harvey Johnson families, at the foan church last week Tuesdav eventnor THu* ixr.i* »„» . Comes to^escue^rCarTFenton Party Held as Scheduled ttftfltUM/b* XI ALLED CAR ernoon t^boy^^e^'tw^^a^tn ATIf FPQAMC flTT Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Gushing and spent last week Tuesday evening son, Roger, were Sunday evening JlWlU/VigC UlrtLiLiL.!/ Is/Ill visit reIaule^ et °nvlUSJiaUlWUliI »f». Httry, SweaCT^, called at the at the SVank BaliMng*, 3airt callers at the Lawtence New- evening. The Walter Andersons B t?i /""''"K to their new home which they purchased near Win-' dom, Minn., March 1st The Harvey Johnsons are moving March 1st to a farm near St. Benedict, but Mrs. Johnson will continue to tt»h ,, of the Doan t . Both these families have been residents of the Doan community for many years, and will be missed by their many friends, but we wish them both success In their new Domes. Snow Blocks Teachers frederlcka Glrres and Mrs Archie Struthers were unable to return to their schools Sunday on account of drifted roads. Mrs Struthers teaches at Sulphur Springs, Iowa, and Fredericka teaches In German Valley, At this writing some of the John Bahr children are reported ill with the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Martinek were Mason CHy visitors last week Thursday. TTie Andrew Kinscns spent las Friday at Fenton at the Alfred Meyer home. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolf entertained their Weekly Wednesday 5<W club last week at 5 tables of cards. Mrs. Henry Brandt and two children of Mason City spent the past two weeks at the Fred Girres home. Mrs. KaUe Klefson was hostess to the Aid this week Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. Florine Hood assisting. The Doan Woman's club entertained their husbands at a card S^ ty ol Mt ^ Frlday even| n* at the Dale Struthers home. Although It was a stormy night, all the members were present Very often we read about accid ents that are caused by fault brakes. We give the matter very little attention at the time an usually pass on to something else Upon careful analysis of these ac cidents, you will find that nothln can be further from the truth. Brakes do not get faulty all of i sudden. It is the process of wea and tear, hard and often unfai usage that makes them weak. Thi fault is not with the brakes, bu with the driver. There is plenty of warning when srakes begin to weaken, and when hey do it is necessary to see thai they are repaired or replaced at once. After they have been tightened or relined, as the case may be, be sure that they are so adjusted that they will not burn or lock. Attend to those brakes in time. Fenton Women Entertain Forty Fenton: Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod, Mrs. J. A. Schwartz, Mrs. H. E Reimers and Mrs. Dorothea Gerhard entertained forty ladies a bridge Saturday afternoon at th Vieisbrod home. Mrs. Raymon Stoeber won the high score prize Mrs. Everett Dreyer the secon high and Mrs. Don Welsbrod. th consolation. Mrs. J. A. Muelle held a Coca Cola hand. Mrs. Win Reimers and Mrs. E. A jy^rpd., of VVhittemore and Mrs C. O. Bailey of Seneca were out o town guests. A delicious two course luncheon was served. The favors STALLED CAR PULLED FROM SN01UAT. EVE So Newels and Franks Get fhru To Finnestad Home Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Newel and Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Frank were hosts and hostesses at a surprise party at the Amos Finnestad home Saturday evening. The invited guests got stalled in the deep snow one-half mile from the Finnestad home and Mr. Finnestad hitched Olft Dobbin to a sled and vent after the group, which added more fun to the party. Guests included Messrs, and Mesdames E. K. Johnson, O. B. Johnon, Everett Dreyer, A. J. Krause, Clarence Wegener, George Jentz W. V. Yager, and Mrs. Walter Jentz nd the hosts and hostesses. The vening was spent at five hundred 'ith Mrs. Finnestad and Clarence C. H. Geronsln, Sunday. In the afternoon the boys left for Bode to visit relatives. Takes Nephew to Hospital George Selms took Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kuecker and eight month old son to Mason City Saturday where the baby was operated on for mas- told. The Kueckers Hve near Lotts Creek. Mr. Seims and Mr. Kuecker returned home Saturday evening, but Mrs. Kuecker will remain for ten days or until the baby can be brought home. Hazel Welsbrod Rome Hazel Welsbrod, holding a secretarial position with the Penn-Dixie Corporation, In Des Moines, spent from Saturday evening to Monday with her mother, Mrs. Freelove Welsbrod and other relatives. Wilfred Stoeber attended a bus- NEIGHBORS. 25 At Lone Rock Party For Families Soon To Move iness mission at Lake Park week Monday. last Roxle Fisher of Mallard spent last week end at the Maurice Wallace home. and luncheon was in keeping with George Washington's birthday. Sexton People At Anniversary Sexton: Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thompson spent Saturday at Chapin. Iowa, attending the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. Thompson's great-uncle and auilt, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Mayer, who live there. At 11:30, a marriage ceremony was performed again by the pastor of the Chapln Congregational church. Attendants were Mrs. George Britton, of Washington, Iowa, and her sister of Des Moines. Mrs. Britton, with her husband were attendants at the wedding BO years ago, but Mr. Britton has since pass- I ed away. Vegener winning high score prizes. Surprise for Mrs. A. Krause . Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. William Huskamp. Mrs. A. J. Kennedy left Monday for Parkersburg to visit her aged mother, who la 111. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mueller were Fort Dodge visitors Monday, accompanied by Mrs. Frank Eigler. Mrs. Fred Newel's division of the ME. Aid cleared $19 at a bake sale held last Saturday afternoon at the Fenton hardware. Lone Rock: Twenty-five attend ed a farewell party for Marvin and Merle Ackerson and Harold Farrls at the Clarence Ackerson horn* lasi week Wednesday evening. All attended the theatre at Bancroft returning to '.he Ackrrson home for lunch. The Ac.cprsons wll' mbve to B farm south of Bancroft. The Far- rises will move to a farm south of Walllngford. „ at an oyster stew in honor of Mrs. Arnold Krause at the Krause home. Sewing Circle at Sirs. Gootsch's Mrs. R. A. Goetsch entertained Hilda Jaskulke who spent last week here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Jaskulke, returned to St. Paul Saturday. Bollinge **»,,,,' ••— j ••*• ««*• ATI*, and Mr William Krause were Thursda evening supper guests of Mrs. Elsi Dreyer. John Bailey visited his sister. Mrs A. T. Whitlow and family from Frl — to Saturday evening when Mrs ™~" fc»«i.v» waiiicu i •• — - Mv.,7 i^rv-iiiug VYlldl -WITS the Hook and Needle sewing circle Whitlow and son, WiiTIam brough last Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. 1him home. Freelove Weisbrod, Mrs. Clarence - Mrs. Derwood Eiglerj Ringste-d-an^~Mr S and"TrTE°d were guests. Mrs. Beck at Mason City Mrs. Carl Beck Is spending two weeks in Mason City taking treatments from a doctor there and is visiting between times at the Ted of near Whittemore spent Thursday evening at the Henry [ Berghofers. Mr and Mrs. Edgar Bauman and family of Ringsted and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loucke and son, Lester were supper guests of the A. R. rene Depew Is employed at the ieck home. JMrs. Smith Visits Relatives Mrs. J. A. O. Smith of Fenton, lift ast week Tuesday to visit her sister, Mrs. H. C. Mcllroy, at Ionia. She is expected home this week. Kin Visit Fenton People Elmer Geronsin, cashier of a bank at Slbley, Iowa, and Walter Van Cleve, a student at Worthington, Minn., were dinner guests of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. ^^^^^^^^^"""^^••••••^••"•••••^^^••••iBBBBBBB^^BB^aHl^SESSi^i^B^SlSSSi^S BLJC AUCTION e rf« ate iH 0f J he l %? lawis Wiidin ' the Bowing described 3 S oth X S W at aUCtfii<JI ! °, D the Wildin farm ' 3 mil * 8 ^ fc a ^ d miles south of Algona, or first farm^ast of Cresco church, on *•"%—/»^— -^^ i. Mar. 4 SALE STARTS AT 12:30 SHARP 16 Head of Horses 16 1 roan mare 5 yrs. ,,1,1, wt . 1800; 1 hay nrnre, 8 yr*. old, wt. 1700; 1 1 vo, 1 !]-; T S> d n Wt ' lf f ); ! W «''k BeWiiW, 4 years old, wt. 1500; 1 i?nl? " >! V rS ' " h j' 1wt 150 °; ' w "'* B«M«'R, 12 yr.s. old wt 1350 1 black »roWn lff , 5 yrs. old, wt. 1400; 1 black K eI(lin K , 7 vrs. old wt r> J "*' 4 h " 'I'V^- 1G50; ] S()ITt ' 1 « cldi »K 5 >'«• <**>*• ""' wt - ]1QO; 3 marc 3 Head of Cattle 3 Head of Hogs 122 ^«^^MHMHMBMB«MIMM|^mi^^ HBB|B Farm Machinery 1 Allis-Chalmer. W-C tractor; 1 Alli.-Chalmer* two-row power-lift cultivator; power take-off ^r^^T nd ":^ a r n u^r n -i *t r ty r r,^"* ^ Hh tLowTr "i i^e^Hi?:' ^V"^"-" > i^rTlTiS; tnr«? V i'vr R f ) ' l:k I * 1 * nId 1U " U ' dl!so; (J " t ' ^-""--h sulky plow; 2 McCorntick-Deering two-row cultivators, 1 Mc( orma-k-Dcenng 20-ft. flexible harrow; 1 McCormick-Deering 8-ft. grain binder- 1 ^^T^"^£ K r^ ir ^ liVlii0ri '' BinBle r ° W SUffiCe cultiv * t0 "'.- 2 John Deere 'on! er; 1 John Deere 13-ia. gang plow; l McCormick 5-ft. mower''l De°er?ng 7 U. TnTwe'r- Twtde Ure wagon with triple box; i narrow tire wagon with triple box; 2 *teel whee wagons' wUh hay racks; 1 Mandt bob .led; 1 Dain hay stacker: 1 Dain hay buck; 1 hay rake- 1 b u ™ "aw frame with 30-in. blade; one 5-ton pitle.s wagon scale,; l fanning mill; 1 cutter- one 1928 Chevrolet truck; one 1UO Hudson 8 sedan: 2 *et s breechm* harn tss ; 3 *eU back S harnl 2 good horse collar; 1 hand corn shelter; 1 grindstone; i DeLavai cream separator- 1 electric wasfaiag machine; 1 tank heater with oil burner; 1 Old King and Hamilton 38 ft elevator with horse power and lifting jack; 6 feed bunks; small tools, etc. elevator TEHMS—Cash, or make arrangements with clerk for time Geo. Wildin, Ex. day with their children on the home farm near Fairville. The Higley boys will move onto a farm near Emmetsburg the first of March. Mrs. Tommy Schmidt entertained guests on her birthday anniversary Friday evening. Guests were the Leo Schmidts, Harold Cushmans, KTed Mortensens, Lola Cushman and Clifford Hoose. The evening was spent at five hundred. A Joint birthday anniversary party was held at the Herman Dreyer home last week Monday evening in honor of Mr. Dreyer and Adolph Pertl. Guests were the Dreyer and Pert! families, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Leudtke and Rueben Luedtke. Mrs. Oliver Stoeber entertained at a quilting party Wednesday and ^"S?^ ^ t «™«»" l«st week at the W. E. Stoeber home. Guests were Mesdames R. C. Goetsch, J. T. Snyder, Chas. Newel, C. G Hum- lv? r i e ^' £ P " Newel - Emma Curry, Shelby Weisbrod, Raymond Stoeber Wilfred Stoeber and W. E. Stoeber.' Seneca Girls Are Shower Hostesses Seneca: The Misses Helen Patterson of Rlngated, and Ruth Kracht were hostesses at a miscellaneous shower for Esther Godden at the O. R. Patterson home on Thursday afternoon. The bride-to- be received many beautiful and useful gifts. Miss Goddcn will leave soon for California, where she will become the bride of Everett Larson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larson of Hurt, formerly of this vicinity. Back From Illinois Hugh Walsh returned last Thursday from a visit with relatives in Illinois. Giles Halloran, Jack Halloran and Michael McGinnis, all of Reddlck, 111., returned here with him for a visit. Mother's Club Meeting The Mother's club will meet next week Wednesday with Mrs. Fred Wegener. Mrs. Merwin Marlow and Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough will be assisting hostesses. Attend Reception The M. O. Richards family and the William Bilsboroughs attended a reception for Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bilsborough at the Edward Zwiefel home, Titonka, last week Wednesday evening. Mrs. Richard and Mrs. Bilsborough entertained a a miscellaneous shower for Mrs Maurice Bilsborough at the L. A Miner home, Algona, Saturday afternoon. Goes To Chicago William Kressin, who has been mployed at Mrs. George Hannas, eft Monday evening for Chicago, where he has employment. The Ladles' Mite society will meet March 4th with Mrs. Alex Krueger. Clarence Ackerson has purchased new Plymouth. The Charles Hill family spent the week end at the E. W. Guilds Maon City. The John Sones family Sutherland spent the week end at the J M. Blanchards. . and Mrs. C. C. Gushing and aon, Harry, SweaClty, called at the Jim Ackermans, Friday. The Lyle Marlows were last weelt Wednesday dinner guests at the E. C. Blarstedts, Burt Mr. and Mrs. ft L. Dransfeldt spent last week Tuesday at the Frank Battling*, Burt Lucille and Raymond Nelson spent last week Wednesday afternoon at the Alton Hulberts, Whlt- teinofe. Mr. and Mrs. James Long and son, Roger, were Sunday callers at the Lawrence broughs. Fred Gtanrich attended a rural let* ter carriers' meeting at Fort Dodge Monday. It was a meeting of the eighth district Room Suites The exquisite upholstery; the powerfully constructed framework; and the high style design mark this as a spectacular value! We now have a complete new stock of Living Room Suites on our floor. RICHARDSON'S Where Distinctive Furniture Sells for Les* LONE BOCK NEWS Oolwell Bros., Auctioneers Iowa State Bank, Clerk Mrs. Carl Priebe and Mrs. Raymond Prlebe. spent Monday afternoon with the tatter's sister, Mrs Arthur Priebe. Mr. and Mrs. John Newbrough and the Lawrence Newbroughs were Sunday dinner guests at the A. D. Newbroughs. , Mrs. Jay Godden and Mrs. W J Cotton attended a farm bureau meeting Friday at the home of the latter's mother, Mrs. H. E. Morgan Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Harris Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris spent Sunday evening at the P. L. Persons. Gerald Warner and Alice Moulton, Ledyard, spent Sunday afternoon at the Clarence Ackersons Mrs. Ackerson returned with them until Monday Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson spent last week Wednesday afternoon at the R. H. Ortmans. Burt Mr. and Mrs Thompson also spent Thursday in Fort Dodge. Mrs. William Leeoer left Friday for Hill City, Minn., where she will care lor Marlene Leepcr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Leeper, who is ill with the Jlu and complications The F. P. Schroeders, Fenton spent last Thursday afternoon at I the Henry Schroeders. The Schroed- ers spent last week Tuesday evening at the S. M. Orvicks. Seneca. Eugene Blanchard who attends a business college at Mason City spent the week end at the J M' Blanchards. Donald Blanchard is substituting in the Burt public schools. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Neeland and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kraft and their daughter. Ruth, attended a farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Qrnic Behrends, Sr., Seneca, last week Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Angus spent last week Tuesday at Maaon City. Mrs. Dittmer attended the Good Hope Ladies' Aid meeting at the Arie Dittraer home last week Wednesday afternoon. The William Jaskulkes, Bancroft spent Saturday night and Sunday at the Walter Faulatichs. Mr. and Mrs. Kaulatich and son, Charles and the William Jaskulkes called at the Leo Jaskulkes, Fentou, last week Wednesday evening, THANK YOU Friends of Chevrolet FOR YOUR LOYA1TY AND WILLING PATIENCE in waiting for delivery of your new Chevrolet cars and trucks •""^^"^^^^^^^^^••••iWSB^^iM CHEVRO Deliveries of new Chevrolet* are now being made In ever-Increasing numbers. Production In the great Chevrolet plants is Increasing with each passing day. • To more than 100,000 loyal, buyers whohavepatientlyawaited delivery of new Chevrolets ordered weeks ago—and to scores of thousands of other people who are placing their orders now—our thanks and our assurance of quick delivery! Chevrolet production is rapidly mcreating, and delivery of your car will be made toon, if you have placed your order in past weeks, or •f you place it today! Moreover, we can assure you that you will be amply repaid for insisting on getting a new Chevrolet, because it's the only complete car—priced *o low.,. and because it will bring you more value than you can possibly get anywhere else at such low prices. Thank you again for your loyal friendship—and you will thank us when you take the wheel of these better, more modem low-priced cars and trucks. For quick delivery—place your order now! CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION GauralMotori Sola Corporation DETROIT, MICHIGAN THE ONLY COMPLETE CAR-PRICED SO LOW CHEVROLET Service i i!f 7 fif, W <?»™i** the hut of thU week, and will be able to fill order* promptly. Phone 200 Kossuth Motor Company *»-.

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