The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1937 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Peg Moines, Algona, Iowa, Feb. 18,1937 Kossuth Lawyers Favor State Government Modernizing, Survey Shows WOULD FAVOR 4 YEAR TERM INSTATE JOB Majority Also Would Discontinue Party Lines In County Races Lawyers of Kossuth county, asked their views Monday of this week, expressed themselves as overwhelmingly in favor of a four year term for state officers in preference to a two year term. Asked their opinions on the question of whether or not state and county candidates for office should run under party labels, the vote was about evenly divided, and on the question of whether or not a one house (unicameral) legislature should be adopted by Iowa, similar to that of Nebraska, the majority of those with definite opinions seemed to favor the Nebraska plan. Asked Three Questions All of the Algona lawyers that could be reached or would express themselves on Monday, were asked these three questions: 1—Do you believe a four year term for state officers is preferable to a 2-year term? 2—Do you believe state and county candidates should run without party designations? 3—Do you think a one-house legislature might be an improvement over the present setup of a house of representatives and a state senate? What They Said O. D. Shumway—(1) I'm in favor of a longer term, primarily because It is much more economical, and would lead to more efficient work. (2) Absolutely. Party affiliations are relatively unimportant in state and county offices. I believe In voting for the man. (3) I don't know as yet. It is a new experiment in Nebraska, and will be interesting to watch. J. D. Lowe—(1) Stick to the 2- year plan. The biannual election makes administration more responsive to popular demand. (2) Judicial elctions should be nonpart- Isan, but state and county officers should seek election under party designations. (3) Let's wait and see bow the Nebraska legislature of one house works out H. W. Milter—Tea, I would be much in favor and would include county offices as well for four years. A plan of this kind would to better government because wouldn't spend the first working tor reelection, county cflndidnt^ should run without party designation. I doubt that it would be practical in state campaigns. The individual seldom knows the candidate running for state office and must be guided more or less by party lines. (3) Tes. If the plan could be adopted in this state, but I am afraid too much politics is Involved to allow it to become a reality. E. J. Van Ness— (1) Yes, it saves expense of an extra session. (2) No. We have always had a party system and the average voter votes for a principle, rather than the individual. (3) No. Our whole system of government is based on having two legislative branches one of which may act as a check on the other. O. W. Htillman— Ut Yes, it will save expense for taxpayer. (2) ] believe a two-party system is es- uential, and that state officials uhould be elected on particular bases. (3) Theoretically marvelous but doubt that It will ever work. L. K. IJnnan— (1) Yes. it wil save expense, increase efficiency. It takes a new man six months to learn the office. (2) No. (3) Yea Present system is too cumbersome In a month the legislature has pass ed only five laws. P. A. Unison— < I) Yts. (2) Yes (3> No. E. C. McMahon— (1) Yen. I would help to secure dehirabli candidates. (2) Yes. It would fac iiitate election of the best nvin. without necessity of conforming to party lines. (3i Yes. It would save taxpayers considerable money. KolH-rt Harrington — <l> No. It's earne as six year term for president. If people don't care for the way they're managing office, thuy can get rid of them. It is an added expense, but a preferable way. <2) O. K. in theory, but there would be party lines drawn regardless. (31 Certainly be n saving in money. Carrol Wander — U> Yes. it would save ii lot of money Moie time could be spent in actual ruiining of thu government. (2) I don't think we rnuld feet riway from it. (3> I couldn't answer that. M. <'. Mediation— U I Yea. both state and county. One would become better acquainted with duties, more efficient, and les.s expense lor u campaign. i2> If it would be possible to get away from politics, yes. Rewrites OF News From Last Tuesday'» Konuth County Advance FIVE CARS WERE derailed on n Northwestern stock train, late Saturday afternoon, a mile south of Hurt, when the snowbank. The train struck a passenger train was held up by the mishap, and passengers were accommodated In the Burt hotel. A special train went on to Ames so that passengers for Chicago and Des Moines could make connections. * * * BLINDING SNOW, Monday afternoon, prevented three section men on a motorcar on the Milwaukee line, just east of Algona, from seeing a freight train which roared at them out of the swirling snow.^ The men jumped to safety, but the motorcar was demolished. The motorcar was in use between Algona and Wesley, and was nearly new. * • » DON SMITH, postofflce dispatch clerk, suffered a broken leg Saturday night, when he slipped and fell on the bacft steps of his home. * 4 * OLEN 3FVAY, sentenced to a ihree year term in Anamosa, was taken there Monday by Sheriff Casey Loss. McVay was implicated n the robbery and murder of Mrs. Anton Jergensen, a year and three quarters ago, and had entered a plea of guilty. * * * PURCHASE OF THE interest of the Max Herbst estate in the Chrlschilles & Herbst completed last week. store was The store will be known in the future as The 2hrischilles Store. The store's his- :ory dates back to 1870. COFFEE, * • SANDWICHES and doughnuts gladdened the hearts of not only Jimmie Neville, who was lost on his 72nd birthday last Friday at his store, but also hundreds of visitors who enjoyed his hospitality on the occasion. • • # A VERDICT FOR THE defendant was brought In in the case of O. M. Twedt vs. Elmer Hoeck in district court last week. Twedt was sueing for $414 claimed as commission. WARREN POLHEMUS, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Polhemus, figured in an accident at Iowa City recently, when he fell down a 10- foot elevator shaft. Both wrists xrere broken and his back was in- lured. FIRE MONDAY morning completely destroyed the Shell oil sta- :Ion, operated by H. D. Clapsaddle. \t the corner of highway 169 and McGregor street Charles Barringer and Mr. Frost escaped from the building after a sudden explosion, slightly singed. Cause of the blaze Is unknown.. KOSSUTH COUNTY Saving* Ek. assets were sold for 1750 to Theo. Swalve and W. J. Galbraith, at Friday auction, Monday. This marks the monL final disposition of the last of four closed banks. • * * MRS. MART WEAVER fell and broke her left arm, Friday, just outside the back door of the Weaver residence. FAREWELL PARTY FOR LONE ROCK FOLKS TO MOVE Jaskulkes Honored; Many Other Lone Backers Entertain Lone Rock: A farewell party was held for Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jaskulke at their home last Thursday evening. They moved Monday to Feriton. Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pompe, Mr. and Mrs. William Wetzell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zumach, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kressin, Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin, Mr. and Mrs. William Dreyer, Mrs. John Seegebarth and son, Eric. William Haack and sons, Rudolph and Emil, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Geilenfeldt and Mrs. Henry Dreyer, Sr., of Algona. New County Employee Leo Ramus, Livermore, Is now employed by the county. He is staying at the Merwln Marlow home. The Fred Swans spent Sunday afternoon at the I. W. Nelsons. The Eugene Pearsons were Sunday guests at the C. W. Pearsons, Algona. Mrs. Carl Wllbusch spent the week end with Mrs. Mae Hanlgan, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Person spent Sunday afternoon at the S. M. Or- vicks, Seneca. The Walter Krauses were Sunday dinner guests at the Loren Browns, Algona. Mrs. Anna Newbrough and son, Donald. Humboldt, spent the week end with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Priebe, Algona, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Priebe. Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Gross were Saturday dinner guests of the Lloyd Grosses, Good )iope. The Harlan Blanchards visited on Sunday afternoon at the Wayne Richmonds. Armstrong. Joan Zwiefel spent the week end with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zwiefel, Fenton. The John Geitzenauers, Armstrong, spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Geitzenauer. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Godden. Seneca were Sunday evening dinner guests of the Andrew Thomsens. Hugo Worthington spent Sunday at the Herman Goetz home, Ledyard. His wife returned here with him. The Harvey Rahns and Mr. and Mrs. Will Leeper were Sunday din- Hannas and Mrs. George Hanna and daughter, Myrtle, spent Sunday evening at the Leo Jaskulkes. Mr. and Mra. Alton Hulbert and daughter, Joyce, Whittemore. spent last Friday at the Wm. Nelsons. Evening guests there were Mr. and Mrs, J. T. Cherland and daughter, Arlet, Seneca. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ackerson, son Everett and daughter, Muriel, spent Sunday at the Asa Warners, Ledyard. Robert and Ray Ditsworth, Bancroft, were Sunday evening guests at the Ackersons. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krause and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hanna attended a party at the Charles Newels, Fenton, last week Wednesday evening. The Krauses also attended a party at the Arthur Krauses, Fenton, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rahn spent from Thursday till Saturday at Rochester. Monday, they, accompanied by Roy Leeper, drove to Dodge Center, Minn., on business, Roy remaining at Albert Lea, visiting the A. C. Leepers. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hawks, Mrs. Charles Hawks, Spirit Lake, and Kathryn Stebritz spent last week Tuesday morning with Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, Bancroft. Arnold Hawks, Spirit Lake, came Tuesday and his mother returned home with him. The Leland Hantelmans, Fenton, spent Sunday at the Emil Laabs home. AH visited Mr. Laabs at the Kossuth hospital, Algona, where he underwent a hernia operation last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schultz, Fort Dodge, also visited him. The Herman Jaskulkes, Armstrong, accompanied by Hilda Jaskulke, St. Paul, spent Friday evening at the Leo Jaskulkes. Mr. and Mrs. Jaskulke and daughter, Hilda, were Sunday dinner euests at the Walter Faulstichs. Hilda will remain here this week. The Edward Blanchards, Irvington, were Sunday dinner guests at the Lawrence Newbroughs. W. J. Reynolds, who has spent the past month at Irvington, accompanied them here and is now at the A. D. Newbrough home. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Richards and son. Ralph, and Mr. and Mra. Wm. Bilsborough and daughter, Ha, attended a shower for Vernell Zwiefel, Saturday at the Roy Budlongs.' Titonka. She will soon be married to Maurice Bilsborough. The Fred 'Wegeners spent last week Wednesday at the Arthur Heidenwiths, Whittemore. The E. J. Heidenwiths, Swea City, were Sunday guests at the Wegeners. The Henry Kuecks and Mrs. Bernard Jensen, Good Hope, spent last week Wednesday evening at the Wegeners. ner guests at tlie Charles Olsons, Hurt. Mrs. Jay Godden, daughter, Esther and Mrs. Charles Morris spent Friday at the A. F. Kruegers, Fair- ont. The Alton Hulberts, Whittemore and the Everett Richardson*, Algona, were Sunday guests at the Ora Hulberts. Gladys Stebrltr, Mason City, accompanied by Agnes Malgaard, Trinity Lutheran Church P. J. Braner, pastor English services at 9 a. m. Sunday School at 10 a. m. German services at 10:30 a. m. German Lenten services ! next Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Religious school for children on Saturday at 9:30 a. m. | The 8. 8. T. meets Fnday TWENT1T YEARS AGO The required n umber of and a substantial surplus had been secured to organize a County Improvement Association, and to get a county agent. The date for the organization meeting had been set, and a large number were expected to be present. Every man who had signed up for county agent was expected to be present at this meeting. * * * The first meeting of th« Komuth County Breeders Association was held under the auspices of the Algona Commercial club at their office and reception room in the New Algona Hotel. The meeting was made up of about 40 of the lending stock men of Kossuth county. A committee to nominate permanent officers was chosen, consisting of A. B. Clayton, W. B. Quarton, and L. A. Matera. They chose and elected the following officers: A. E. Clayton, president; L. A. Matern, vice president; and H. D. Hutchins, secretary-treasurer. * * • Grandma Neville had left tot her home in Waterloo after A three weeks' visit with her soil, J. W. Neville and family. * * • The Magonmon lae house had Classified Ads For Sale FOR SALE—1936 Cherolet truck with stock rack and grain box.—H. L. Hoenk, Dodge Dealer, west of Court House. 7 FOR FARMS or town property, see me.—C. W. NIcoulin, real estate, Algona. 7-30* FOR SALE OR TRADE—234 acres, near Algona, 160 per acre, possession March L—C. W. Nicoui- In. 7* FOR SALE—Ten Chester White brood sows, bred for March and April farrowing. Vaccinated.—Jens Sorensen, Algona. 7* FOR SALE!—2 enameled ranges, one Sellers Kitchen cabinet, one Hoosler kitchen cabinet—Fraser Furniture Exchange. 7* FOR SALE—One 1930 Chevrolet pick-up.—Fraser Furniture Exchange. 7* FOR SALE—Clean 1931 Chevrolet coach.—H. L. Hoenk, Dodge dealer, west of court house. 7 FOR SALE—Six registered Polled Shoit Horn bulls, 11 to 16 mos. old, 2 red, 2 white, 2 roans. These are all good individuals with the best of breeding. Also some good alfalfa hay.—John T. McGuire, Phone 630, Algona. 7 FOR SALE—House and four lots in Algona, J1500.—C. W. Nicoulin. 1» S-S FOR SALE—Six room house with 2 acres, edge of town. Reasonable. —Murtagh A Sou, Quinby Bldg. FOR SALE—1935 Dodge Coach.— H. L. Hoenk, Dodge Dealer, west of Court House. 7 FOR SALE—Farm light plants and Batteries.—James Distributing Co., E. State 8t, opposite Algona Produce, Phone 78, Algona. 5-tf FOR SALE—Famous LTatro 6- volt Farm Radios. We can save you money. See us before you buy. —James Distributing Co., E. State St, opposite Algona Produce, Phone 75, Algona. 6-tf For Bent FOR RENT—Business office. Inquire Aigona Upper Des Koines. Heated, modern, center of city. 38-tf* Wanted WANTED—Single man experienced in dairy and general farm work. Requirements—good habits, reliable. Year round good pay. Box 32, Algona, Iowa. 7* WANTED—To employ man of good appearance to represent us In Kossuth, Palo Alto and Emmet counties; age 25 to 40 years. Must have good general education. Salary and commission. Address Box 148, Mason City, Iowa. 7-8 Miscellaneous RADIO SERVICE—Special attention to battery operated receivers. —James Distributing Co., E. State St., opposite Algona Produce. 6-tf Save that cream with a Vega separator. Users biggest boosters. Medium size $82.60. Terms.—Bjustrom's, Algona. Iowa. >-tf been full of the cleanest and beat Ice hKHrrtted for many years, and Mr. Maghusson was to be given credit for'his efforts to get the purest ice possible for the people of Algeria to use. B * * • Mr. and Mrs, 8. B. French and Mr. and Mrs. O. P. McDonald and daughter of Burt had left for an. extended trip south. They had expected to travel only daring the. • daylight hours and see the country, through which the trip took them. They were to stop at Chicago and Nashville. From there they were- to go to Jacksonville and Key • West, Florida, and on to Cuba. Positively the Last Call for Winter Coats THE CHRISCHILLES, STORE This week marks the end of the winter coat season with the last, final, slashing reductions of these, beautiful, syllsh, warm winter wraps. We have fairly ample size and color ranges In both tailored sport and dress coats and you will save yourself many dollars by taking advantage of this last clearance. / Why not buy a practical "m-between" wrap for Spring and Fall? We have those untrlmmcd sport coats which make ideal garments for Iowa Springs and Falls. Or if ytttt want something more "dressy", we have fine luxuriously farrM dress coats with large wolf, fox and mink coltarf^nd,juiced to fit your pocket book. ( ' . • NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY—This is positively your last chance to actually get both selection and price. They are going fast—get your coat this week. WWUVWArWVWSftrWVWVWWW Horse & Mule Auction SATURDAY, FEB. 20 Fair Ground*, Algona, 1 p. m. For Oils sale we now hare to top our list: « head of young draft sorrel and roan horsed, some mated pain with quality, consigned by one man, also some good In between horses, several of the cheaper kind. Farmers are now buying their horse* for spring work. We will also have three shipping buyers present, •o do not hesitate to bring your heroes to s sale that get* the Job done. Try out equipment on the ground—be satisfied before settlement. Eemember our Tuesday Cattle and Hog Auction which is getting larger each week. There must be a reason. H. M. Colwell. Mgr. Iowa State Bank. Clerk Colwell Bro*,' Auctioneer* WWWWWtf ning. eve- <3> One hi'use might .speed up legislation, though, at present the two houses seem to be u fair check on each other. L. A. Winkrl— (1) Ye*. About time the candidate get:* acquaj/u- ed with his work and duties, it's time for another campaign. (2) Yes. Nothing in connection with duties us an official Is influenced by politics. (3) I think so. No buck pass- UIK of responsibility. J. L. Bonar — <1> Don't sa-e why it wouldn't be preferable. Save considerable expense, but could not be done that way unlesa congressmen are elected that way. (2) No. bhould be party. C-il Would like to set how Nebraska works out lirst. H. B. White — <1* Yes, iirincipal- ly because of saving to state uji<4 counties, and also because it would insure morii experienced officers. (2» Yes. politics should not enter uulo county and state office*. The aivrugtt voter is personally acquainted with county candidates, und fuuiiiiar with state, and they should vote on their merits, and not vo political affiliations. (3) Come buck when we've see the results in Nebraska. A 5IY8TERY FIRE totally destroyed a barn, seven horses, eight cows and some alfalfa hay, at a farm a mile south and two miles west of St. Joe. The farm was owned by an insurance company and tenanted by a family named Stoddard. • * • O. M. GROSS WAS elected president of the Lone Rock creamery at the annual meeting held last week. A. H. Hutchinaon was named vice president, J. A. Nyman. secretary. F. K. KENT WAS named pres Went of the Algona Country Club, and D. K. Dewel was named vice president, at the annual meeting of the board of directors. T. L. Larson was reflected .secretary, and T H. Holmes was named treasurer. * • • (.'. W. KI.BKKT WAS elected to succeed himself as a director of the Whittemore creamery at the annual meeting last week. August Vaudt in president. The annual record shows u big gain over 1935, and 20,000 Ibs. more of butter was manufactured. Ralph Burtlett is creamery manager. Former Ottosen Resident Dead Ottosen: Blanche Kullnrum, form- eily of Otlosen. died ut the btate hospital in Cherokee Saturday I morning. Funeral .services were held from the Duncan-Kkaug.stad fu.ierul home at Humboldt Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p. in. Burial was in Union cemetery at Humboldt. A number of people from here attended the funeral. Livermore Lady Dies St. Joe: Mrs Elmer Hewitt, 6t>, of Livjrmore, passed away Thursday afternoon. Funeral services came here Thursday, the latter returning Sunday. The Lyle Marlows were Sunday dinner guests at the Hugh Marlows. Afternoon callers were the Lemuel Marlows, Burt. Presbyterian Church Rev. C. Paul Carlson, Inmlster Sunday School at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 a. m., subject, "Stewardship." Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. Intermediate C. E. at 8:30 p. m. Union evening service at 7:30 p. were held .Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the Methodist church. A number from this vicinity attended tins funeral services. Hospital News Ilo&piUl Monday, February 15—Mrs. Orvilie Kollasch of Wesley died. Wednesday, February 17—Two month old infant of Mr. and Mrs. H S. John of Burl entered for (.iiura.1 lioxpitul Monday. February 15—Mrs. Huli'li Hro'.vn of Al^uua underwent iiljijcjidct tuiny. Tuesday, February It Mrs. W. D. Aiidr'.'.v.i of Algona entered its a mcdicul patient. Testing liner In liud liuw good they tvili be a» hubbuiidii. Startling "'•» nuitruuuulul aB- eucy uitii rik-Uixl and lotcly kleuUia. i£ou Tim American Weekly, the mimiu.ine Uiktrib- uted with Next Sunday's (hi Herald and The R. T. Angus family and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer spent Sunday afternoon at the Joe and Will Ricker home, Algona. Merwyn Christenson left Tuesday for LeMars, where he trucked two head of Polled Herefords for the 18th annual sale held there. Donald Bierstedt spent the week end at the E. C. Bierstedts, Burt. Mr. und Mrs. Raymond Bierstedt were Sunday supper guests there. Maynard Genrich, Ames, spent the week end at the parental Fred Genrich home. Gerald Leming, of Varina, also spent the week end there. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough spent Hunday at Fort Dodge, visiting Mr. Newbrough's sister, Mra Ernest Terwilliger, u patient at the hospital. The Hildreth Pettits and Sidonia Bierstedt, Fenton, spent Hunday al the George Pettits. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Howe, Rockwell City, were also there. Elsie Willrett, Algona, came on Saturday for a few days' visit at the Frank Flaigs. All were Sunday supper guests of Mrs. Caroline Ackerman, Burt. Mrs. Emil Kraft. Mra. Raymond Bierstedt, Mrs. Frank Householder and Elma Kruegcr spent Saturday afternoon «l Algona visiting Mrs. Kate Hawks. The Walter .Schmidts and the Arthur Riedels, Fenton. spent Sunday at the Robert .Schmidts. Evening guests were the Martin Meyers family, Algona. The Will Hianr hards and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Blanc-hard, Humboldt and the Delmar Angus family, Algona, were Sunday guests at the M. E. Blanchards. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flaig had their infant son, Robert Leo, baptized Sunday at the Catholic church in Bancruft Sponsors were Eileen Walsh and Thomas O'Donnell. Friday dinner guests at the Lawrence Dittmers were Charles Ditt- luer, Mr. and Mra. Arie Dittmer, the Leonard Dittmers, all of Burt, Walter Thomjjst/ii and Albert Shaser. The A. H. Hannaa spent Sunday at the Arthur Muellers, Fenton. The Congregational Church tiro. C. Vance, Minister 10 a. m., Church School. 11 a. m., Morning Worship. Theme—''Brotherhood." This is Brotherhood Sunday with a slogan —"Make America safe for differences.' 1 Its fine purposes and ideals should cause each one of us to find ourselves in church worshipping God who is the source of ail true unity and brotherhood. Baptist Church Itev. Robert Kchuyhii/t, pastor Beginning last Sunday, the local Baptist church inaugurated its Enlistment Month program to continue until March 14th. The work is conducted by a committee of which J. B. Wheelock is chairman. Other committee chairmen are publicity, John Jordan; lista, Mra. Wheelock; budget. H. N. Krusc, and visitors, Mrs. O. N Elkins. February 21 will be Roll Call Sunday. Each Wednesday night at 7:30, the church conducts a hpecial prayer service featuring the topic, "Christian Stewardship." Special Purchase SALE of Piedmont Shirts WE PLACED OUR ORDER BEFORE DRASTIC ADVANCE IN PRICES! First Lutheran Church AL A. Hjoktrand, pantor Sunday School Teachers' Institute at Swea City this evening (Thursday > at 7:30. Hunday School next Sunday at 10 a. rn. Vesper worship next Sunday at 7:30. Lenten services next week on Thursday evening at 7:30. Church of the Nazarene Sunday School will begin ut 9:45 a. m. The tubject for the mesvage is ''The Business of Religion" and fur the night sermon, "The Question Pilot Spoke Out Loud." The Young People's service is at 7:00 p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 7:30. Frledolph 8<Mterberg and bin mother, Mrs. Anna Soderberg, of Bancroft, ar« in Algona today visiting friends und looking after bun- incus mutters. Farmers Attention! 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