The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1955
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE' (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWg WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1955 Ladejinsky Case Has Given Demos Focus for New Probes By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democrats say they will investigate the Eisenhower admin Istration's program for getting rid of security risks among government employes, No doubt they would have done it anyway if they had never heard of Wolf Ladejinsky and two of Secretary of Agriculture Benson's aides: John Glen Cassity, his security chief, am Milan D .Smith, his executive assistant. The Democrats had eyed the se curlty program suspiciously fron its start in May 1953. They bega calling it a "numbers game" a the administration continued to an nounce security dismissals mount ing into the thousands. Under former President Tru man's loyalty program governmenl employes were fired when they were found to be disloyal or when their loyalty was considered questionable. Many Reasons Under the Eisenhower program an employe can be tagged and fired as a security risk for all sorts of reasons, some of which have no connection with loyalty. For example, a man can be fired if he was a Communist, has information in his files which some security officer decides is subversive, or if he is a drunk, a homosexual or a blabbermouth. Just as the storm over Ladejinsky was hitting a peak this week, the administration produced its latest figures: in 16 months 8,008 persons dropped from the federal payroll and classed as security risks, of whom 2,096 had "subversive data" in their files. Ladejinsky, a Jew, came from Russia in 1922, was naturalized, worked for a time in 1931 as an interpreter for Amtorg, the Soviet trading agency, has relatives, living in Russia, has written exten'- sively against communism, was credited by many with doing an outstanding job for the United States in postwar land reform in Japan, where he worked for the State Department. .That department checked and cleared Ladejinsky twice for security. Last summer all the agricultural attaches were transferred from the State to the Agriculture Department. The latter investigated Ladejinsky all over again and two weeks ago announced it didn't want him for "technical and security" reasons. Denied Connections Ladejinsky has denied any Communist connections. There were protests from Japan, from farm organizations, from members of Congress in both parties. Some State Department officials were burned up too. Then Cassity, who had recommended . against Ladejinsky, . told reporters that Ladejinsky, in 1944 and 1945, had written anti-Communist articles while members of his family were still in Russia. Cassity said it was doubtful anyone would write against Communists if the latter held his family their hands unless he knew his relatives would come to no harm. Under this reasoning, it would seem, the more violent a man was against communism the more reason there was to suspect that he lad a deal with the Communists. Then Smith showed, reporters a | etter from George N. Vitt, a Rus- sian native now living in New York. Although Vitt says he did not mean to be anti-Semitic, his letter, approving the Agriculture Department's action against Ladejinsky, referred to Jewish refugees from Russia and said "Jews who turned nito Reds" were "the wor kind of traitors." Such a letter could hardly be a reason for the finding against Ladejinsky. American Jewish leaders protested. Benson denied any "anti-Semitic implications" were intended. As today, dawned, it seemed Ladejinsky would still work for the government. Officials of> the Foreign Operations Administration were reported ready to give him a job. Spellman on Way Home HONG KONG Wf—Francis Cardinal Spellman left Hong Kong for Saigon today. He is en route home after making his fourth annual Chrisimas visit to U. S. troops in Korea. ROK to Build Houses SEOUL Lfl — The South Korean jovernment plans to build 10,000 lousing units this year at a cost of $6,800,000, the Korean Times reported yesterday. Architect's drawing of new home for Blytheville Federal Savings and Loan Association, now under construction at Walnut and Second Streets. STATEMENT OF CONDITION As of December 3U954 ASSETS: First Mortgage Loans .. 51,551.335.90 Loans on Savings Accounts 7,262.56 Stock in Federal Home Loan Bank 25,200.00 Cash on Hand and in Banks 106,477.04 U. S. Governmenl Bonds 75,000.00 Office Building 15,583.75 Furniture & Fixtures 2,862.58 LIABILITIES: Savings Accounts $1,572,556.54 Loans in Process 7,553.73 Advance from Federal Home Loan Bank 100.000.00 Borrowers' Tax and Insurance Fund 36,392.78 Other Liabilities 3S9.81 Specific Reserves 972.42 General Reserves 59,658.65 Undivided Profits 6,197.90 TOTAL ASSETS $1,783,721.83 TOTAL LIABILITIES .. $1,783,721.83 BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS CURRENT DIVIDEND RATE: 3% PER ANNUM Paid Semi-Annually on All Savings STARR GAZING By BETTYE NELIE STABR Courier Newi Stiff Correspondent The first commemorative postage stamp was issued on January 2, 1893. They honored the Columbian Exposition at Chicago, another thing VVBS they were the first United States stamps to picture a woman, Queen Isabella, of Spain. Louis Braille was born on Janu. ary 4, 1809, in Conporay, Prance, not until after his death in 1852 did the Institute for the Blind in Pads adopt his point letters. The first railroad in Arkansas was incorporated on January 10, 1953. This don't exactly make sense to me. .Gloria Vanderbilt Stokowsky — aged 30 — is seeking a divorce from her aged husband because he's away from home too much. I believe the papers quoted him as being 67 but he is actually 73 or at least will be come his next birthday. He is now celebrating his 50th year in the United States. He was born in London, my dears, in 1882, which figures more'n he claims. These May and December marriages usually wind up with the female of the species tootin' 'em up, it says here in small print, if I'm stepping on anybody's toes. A man does not please long when he has only one species of wit, you know the fellow who TRIES to* be funny at the expense of someone else and a tinge of sarcasm is sticking out like a sore thumb. Love that type! Sharp wits, sometimes are like sharp knives. Just give me the plain old every day sort of a person, who wouldn't intentionally say anything to cut the other fellow. They're the salt of the earth. You're an old timer and I don't mean perhaps, if yqu can remember when you went all winter without a head-washing. Gave you a cold and nobody would have thought about trying to keep a curl in their hair on "damp days", must have been a lot of stringy-haired women, way back then. I say women, because children had never been indulged in hair curling, unless it was doing what came naturally. I'll never forget my first marcel. The best way, it seems, to lubricate a business deal, is to throw a big party. Bet more deals have been made with a knife and fork than anything else. Which proves folks are happier by far, if they've got a full stomach. Nature has some perfections, to show that she is the image of God; and some defects, to show that she is only His image. A lot of folks live on the reputation of the reputation they might havt mid*. Since spring Is Just around the corner, I can tell by my early old- fashioned butter-cups peeping through the ground, brings to mind Tennyson's famous poem that very few ever heard In Its entirety. It's this: "In the spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove; "In the spring n young man's fancy liglilly turns to thoughts of love." Now you've heard. There are but two ways of rising in the world; either by one's own industry or profitting by the foolishness of others. It has been wisely said that tears are summer showers to, the soul. So any time you feel like crying, cry. Have you ever noticed the woman who is always bored or lonesome usually is about the vainest person you ever saw? Check on your friends closely for this. Friends are a secona ex'-Uence. I've been scratching my nappy lead ever since Christmas trying ;o remember if I ever saw a man exchanging his Christmas gifts, but I can't think of one of the darlings standing in line. They'll wear those pink ihlrb W It kills 'em, Never did I ever think my fa< vorite he-man movie star, 'Clark Gable, would not be listed among the top ten box office attractions, that was bad enough, but for Mnr- jorle Main to be billed ahead of his rating Is more than I can take. Just ain't no justice. I can still dream, can't I? Well, the 10 best dressed women have sure got a year ahead of them with the three that tied. There'll be plenty of keen competition I'm thinking for 1955. As I always say/ just give me a, comfortable wrap-a-round and I wouldn't swap places with the Duchess of Windsor. It all depends on how you look at things. The current hit song, "It's A Woman's World, Ask Any Man," you know what their answer would be before you ask. Speaking of current hits, guess you know Let Mo Go, Lover," Is an old Salvation Army song, which Incidentally is "Let Mo Go, Devil." DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE Really "SOCKS" RHEUMATIC, ARTHRITIC PAIN Thousands are grateful for the way the salicylate action of C-2223 speeds relief to rheumatic, arthritic, muscle pain. Many call it "the old reliable," use it time and again to enjoy more pleasant periods of greater comfort ( Price of first bottle back if not satisfied. Get C-2223. Reddy Kilowatt Says— The KEY to Better Sight is Better Light! Buy your supply of Light Bulbs from the Kiwanis KEY Club Ark-Mo Power Co. 6 exciting new ways to go! New "Turbo-Fire V8" and two new "Blue-Flame" 6's! Your pick of three great transmissions! Chevrolet's stealing the thunder from the high-priced cars with the greatest choice going of engines and drives! > What a choice it is! You can have the heart-lifting liveliness of the new 162-h.p. V8—or you can take your pick of two new sweet-running 6's. Then there's Super-Smooth Powerglide, new Overdrive, and a new and finer Synchro-Mesh transmission. (Powerglide automatic transmission and Overdrive arn extra-cost options—and worth it!) Come in and see how much fun it is to drive the Motoramie Chevrolet with the engine and drive of your choice. NEW "TURBO-FIRE V8" WITH SYNCHRO-MESH TRANSMISSION NEW "BLUE-FLAME 123" WITH SYNCHRO-MESH TRANSMISSION NEW "TURBO-FIRE V8" WITH OVERDRIVE NEW "BLUE-FLAME 123" WITH OVERDRIVE NEW "TURBO-FIRE V8" WITH POWERGLIDE NEW "BLUE-FLAME 136" WITH POWERGLIDE Everything's new in (he Motoramie Chevrolet More than a new var...a new of low-cost motoring! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnut \ Phone 3-4578

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