Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 2, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1896
Page 4
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CORNER. Dt» new fall goods. While many rner- •htuts arc stuck ou unseasonable goods •ad are using every means possible to •:#ot them onto tlielr customers, John Gray conies to the close of rlie season • te grand shape and is able to take ad- •TKrt*ge of the vory low .Eastern mark- tt» for cash and gives his customers ton new fregh good* away below oM tarried over stock. P. S.—Come and see the difference. DAILY JOURNAL every day '" the WMh («e«Pt Monday) by the Lo*»n»port Journal Company. IW. S. WKIGHT .,». HARDY -.ft W. GRAVES •U. B. BOYEH preitdenl ...VIc« Pre«ld«nt Secretary Treasurer Me« per Annum **•* Price per Month *" Official Paper of City and County, (•aterca a» second-clR»s maU-toatter at Poat Office, February i. -WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2. 1800. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President WILLIAM McKINLEY, JR., of Ohio. For yico-Prcsiaent. •ARRETT A. HOBAKT of New Jersey. For Governor, JAMES A MOUNT of Montgomery Co. For Lieutenant Governor. W B HAGGARD, of Tippecanoe County ' ' For Secretary of State. ^"I^X^^o^S^e. 0 ;AMERICUS C. DAILEY of Boone County ^^ For Treasurer of State. v F c Y of Bartholomew Co. uprintcndenfof Public Instruction. M GEETING, of Harrison Count. ' For State Statistical!, R J THOMPSON, of Shelby County. Tor Judge of the Appellate Court. First District. •; -WOODFORD ROBIN30N.. ot Gibson Co. Second District. W. E. HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District D W COMSTOCK of Wayne County. ' Fourth District. JAMES B.B r LACK.of r M rl on County. U Z WILEY, of Benton County. Electors at Large. H. G. THAYER. CHAS F. JONES. For Congress, GEORGE W. STEELE, For Joint Representative. T. WILSON, of Casa County. Represcntatlve-CHABLES B LONG- VJ utor-CHARLES E. HALS. •"or Coroner— DR. J. . .. • ITWAMMSor-JOSEPHBARR. . - CoromlMloner, First' Dlstrlct-JOHN HAM SHIPELER.' ' COMPARE THEM, •'"me Republican party U uorenerved- Jtf for sound money. It caused the enactment of the law providing for the mption of specie payments In 187®.; > then every dollar ha* been as good 4W gold. "We are unalterably opposed to every ure calculated, to debase our cur/ or Impair the credit of our coun- ..• -fcj. ' We are therefore opposed to the • tne coinage of silver except by Inter- iMttanal agreement with the leading _*uumercw nations of tbe world, which nr* pledge ourselves to promote, and un- tf] then such gold standard must be pre- ;-«rred. "AH our sllrer nnd paper currency mmt be maintained at parity with «0ld, and we favor all measures designed to maintain Inviolably the obligations of the United States and all our •koney, -whether coin or paper, at the fneent standard, the standard of the Mioet enlightened nations of tbe earth." —Bepnbllcan platform. "We demand tie free and unlimited oalnage of both gold and silver at the present legal ratio of 10 to 1, without •>' matting' for the aid or consent of 4ny : -.•^•iher nation. We' demand that tbe •tandard silver dollar shall T>e •> full legal tender, equally with gold, for all :.. Mebts, public ap.il private, and we fav- •..te such,legislation as will prevent the :0«monetlzaUon of any kind of legal ten- ter money by private contract.—Deino- tratlc platform; We demand free and unlimited coin- «e of silver and gold at tbe present le«al ratio of 16 to 1—Populist platform, ...1802. Wf hold to the use of both gold and - . tUver as the standard money of the :»onntry, and to the coinage of both gold «nd silver, without discriminating .•gainst either metal or charge for mint : ..»ge, but the dollar unit of coinage of • 'both metals mus; be of equal Intrinsic i and exchangeabl-s value or be adjuated . ^ through iBternatlooal agreement or by men. safeguards of- legislation as snail Imtore the maintenance of the parity .a0t -the two metala.and the equal power •f evoiy dollar at all times In the market* and In payment of debt, and w« demand that all-paper'currency shall be kept at par with and redeemable • In •och coin. WE MUST INSIST DPON THIS POLICY AS ESPECIALLY JIBCESSARY FOR THE) PROTECTION OP THE FARMERS AND LABORING CLASSES, THE FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS VIC- JIMS OF UNSTABLE MONEY AND J8HB83BliliiiWli»^^ »mfms&^^SM^^Si^ Democratic ; pla"tform,;'iki2. ' r •,-'.;, : :•' THE VERMONT ELECTION. An election was hold iu Vermont yesterday, ami this is no joke. The State Is ordinarily Republican by J 5,000. Four .rears ngo lht> majority waslD.UW. Two yb:irs ago the majority'was 28,000. Incomplete returns at midnight indicate si Ri ; publi«;;ii majority of 35,000,, The state casts hut (15,000 vote's so thai; tho-ga.iu two years ago was remarkable. Bin this gain -is doubled thisj year. The sumo thing In. Indiai.'v would'mean a majority of 00.000. -.; '$ The country will breath a sigh"of r.e>,i lief tills morning. The assurance t-lnifc. the free coinage craxe has not de-. stroyed the common sense of the pco-;. pie will cause business men to open their shops with confidence, farmers to take hold of the plow with renewed hope, workiugmen to go to their day's labor with pleasant anticipations. Vermont has begun the era of restored coulideucc and prosperity. But there should not be any letting down. The work must he pushed with renewed energy lu Indiana that defeat niiiv'not come of over-coulldcuce. THE 1--REE COINAGE OF SPRING CHICKEN. Mr. Bryan in his alchemy SOOIUK to have stopped for short of greatness. Instead of pausing at making 03 cents a dollar by government decree why dill ho not go on to the logical conclusion 11 is argument leads to? Why put the people to the trouble of mining silver when the government has such infinite power? Why not make everybody Independent at ouce by the aid of flat? When a man is hungry let him take a feather to the mint and have it coined into spring chicken. All the government would have to do, according to Bryan, would be to stamp the feather "one spring chicken." Then when a man was cold he could take a speck of wool and have it stamped "one suit of clothes" aud go around with his new suit on, provided the police didn't object to his wearing that kind of a suit iu public. There is absolutely no limit to this thing. Bryan is but -a weakling. Why with two grains of corn one stamped into cornbread and the other into sour ma.sh even a Ken-, tucklan could be happy. 'Think of the : humble citizen going down to the mint with a brick in one hand and a chunk of mud in the other and coming away ; with a house and lot! All It tales Is the government stamp. Uncle Sam is so .powerful that he can lift himself by his own bootlegs. That's what Bryan tolls us when he tells us that the government stamp on 53 cents -worth of silver makes anything out of it but silver of the value of 53 cents. You can call it a dollar but that, don't make It so. You can call your feather spring chicken but'you will get as lean on that sort of diet as you will under free silver. The ideas.are the same, that of the government making something out of nothing, by declaration of law. It is nonsense. THE INDIANAPOLIS CONVENTION The Indianapolis Sound Money Dem- oratic convention, is a remarkable gathering, made up as it Is of the intelligence and patriotism of democracy. The leaders are all there in council of war, while the rattled and demoralized men of the ranks are scampering over the plains in wild stampede. .Whatever the outcome of that convention it must be a matter of. great State pride that Indiana Is at the head of this movement, and but one thing more is needed to make Indiana famous in history lu all times, to make New York take off her hat to Hoosler- dom, to make New England bow with deep respect, to make the South honor •and the West follow—but one thing is needed aud that Is arousing majority against this wild fallacy of free silver Lot Indiana stay at the i'ront as she Is at the front now in this movement for sound money and 1 , let her bring honor and victory to .the loaders who have shown courage 'and patriotism In this hour of peril. "'. • IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT HOUSE WILL HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COINAGE OF SILVER AT A RATIO, i OF 1C TO 1. WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS NO DANGER OF THIS COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THfl'BUSI- NESS OF THE.COUNTRY, PROSPERITY WILL. COME AGAIN AND, WITH LOWER TAXES ON THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS.WILL BOOM AGAIN.-PlharoB. editorial, Mardh 12. 1896. . . \ ." The big guns have begun to boom. McKinley's letter, ' and,, Harrison's speech signalled' the opening of the battle. The smaller guns take up the fight with renewed vigor. •, Three-Fifths of the EntireVote for Republicanism. A Pointer on What a Solid North Will Do This Pall. "*' "*•''" The Republicans of th.c v S|a'tC{bf. Vermont held tin Election y'es'te"Kliiy. Per- Itnps it might be well to state that tlicro were other political parties concerned, but their concern, as evidenced j.v'1-lie- vote-'-cast,-.was; s'opsmall that &y can hardly be'flgurecVin the rock- oU'ing. Vermont gave a Republican "" lity of over thirty-lifeJjhousand ,,u. lu o 'elections of 'yosteVMy, more •than three-fifths of the toM*«ote''.!6f the Stare being cast for the Republican nominees for State Heel's. 't. ;.- ' : :' This is a very .'gratify lug the Republicans. In the Stato elections of ISO-i, two years ago, the Republican plurality .over tHe'lJeTlfiTfcratlc ticket,,was 28.021. In 18U2,.yvUen-Grover Cleveland was elected, the State .gave a Republican plurality of .21,757. A mouth before that, when the.-tStnte ticket was elected, the Republican plurality was 10,702. It the -November elections of this year shall increase: iu the same ratio, pretty nearly every body ' who can vote iu the State, of Vermont, will vote for McKlnley.und protection, whluli means prosperity. ,. ;.:• lifokpd..ove'r. : and' the stockkeepor at ou'co missed a. cape worth .J11.50. WH-Ham Bernfleld was sent to watch that the lifter did no.t hide the stolen goods before rotnruing to her home, while Mr, Schmitt went to look up her employer. Mr. Bernfield watched her into a. Fourth street store, but she-did not purchase anything. From there she wiilUed to Market street and then .east- win!.'' Mr. Be'riifield 1'ollowed in hot 'pursuit, on the opposite side of the jstroot, and lu front of CJeorge Sey- ilvold* t uow residence .- the woman koppecl-to tix the -stolen property/ 'Mr. JBornueld jumped at the opportunity to 1'orce her to deliver, an.d said: ''I want jrt-hat you took from the store." The Sivomari insisted that she could only r'e- ifwnvthe'cape after she had entered iiejf.-horoe. -Mr. Bernfield said, "I don't iu.teud. going to the house, and I will fcayeXyhiit you Iff ted or I will go down lowu and get an officer nnd have you jjrr'estetl,".. She yielded aud asked Mr. Be.rnjield to hold her umbrella to pro- toc-Uier from the gaze of the workmen 1 engaged in building Mr. Soybold's rcsi- -. deuce.' The cape was pinned securely '. vjjji.fo'ur or five pius beneath her outer • finraents. i [The woman was promptly discharged ••lly the family where she was employed. •Her suit.upon which she paid $2 is still • ji,t the-Golden Rule, LOST TWO POINTS. Cleveland Won and Lost--Another Game Here Next Sunday, : Just lost two points. That ;lsi what Cleveland suffered yesterday byi losr, ing one game to New York. , ; Xhe-urst, one was won, of course, for. Cuppy pitched it. The Lognnspoft boy- has: lost but one game in which --he : has. pitched lu the present Eastern; scries., Notwithstanding.New York.. got-ten ; lilts off his delivery, they were.kept so well scattered that the Giants were; defeated to the tune of six. itoitwo. Cleveland made six runs,. seven,'.Jilts 1 . and-two errors in the first game,, whiclv- Cuppy pitched, and New York hadltwoi runs, ten hits and three errorS.v.-SVal- luce was in the box in the secand game aud it was lost, three to two. .Baltimore won from Pittsburgh Cincinnati- lost to the Phillies, and here arc all of .the,scores: ' • ' •' ' t'' At''- New York—Cleveland- 6, New 'York'2; (second game) Cleveland 2, New York 3. ' ; " ' .At Baltimorc-Pittsburg 6, Baltl- At-Phlladelphia-Cincinnatl 0, Tbila- "'d.elphla 9. i'iV'i J. ItTrtolt '#'At Washington—Chicago C, Washington 7; (second game) Chicago 7, WrisJi- ingtouS. • •<?!'--' ; At Boston-Louisville 5, Boston 10; (second game) Louisville .7, Boston ^^ At Brooklyn-St. Louis 3, Brooklyn (!• (second game) St."Louis.S, Brook, ^ -. i -;•-.• .. • •,,' f.) v'v .i lyn 1. STANDING OF,THE;CLT|P§£, .r, Clubs Won, J^ost Per Ct, Baltimore ."5 Oinclnnatl ....'.:...CO 'Cleveland ....-::.'. .00 Chicago •...: ...65 ' Boston ..;..;. .00 Pltts'burg 50 54 .!....53 41" 57. 50 '",627 Use Washington ,."."'...'.44 8ti ; ,Jtouis 35 Louisville :,28 ANOTHER A Club From North Mancli6 ( Ste'r'Win' '' ' ' ( • Play the Boston Lights ij'utj'tft'y '.'j! '^ -The management of 'the", '.BoStptf -Lights has secured the North Manches-^ M - ter base ball club for a. game^nt |M driving park next 'Sunday 'afternoon^ The North Manchester has ——•— , , . - -~i| H J '"skinned" everything tbat ; cairie .Its way this season, and has me't"wltlf'fe\v; ( .defeats. There is one In store for'tlieui .Sunday, If they run into : the Boston. Lights as the club is-nbw'"'^ 1<! ' | -'' ; " t|i ' 1 -' ; A SMOOTH HAND.], , , •-.,-, Woman Lifts a Cape at the 'Obl- -'•'V- den Rule. " . : , { .- A woman about thirty-;nve yeai:s.X)t ngp , employed as a domestic in 6ne''of •' th'| 'leading families of -the city ; '-made' an' attempt at shop lifting'at tUe Ofb'ia- enj Rule Monday- afternoon". ""Slre^en- tered the store to buy ; a suit,' and 'was escorted to' the second floor. by a"'Sales lady. The domestic 'found ff sitlrt's'hc 'liked, but the clerk could u6t flnd fli^ waist to suit, so she descended to ! lhu' ; .fij-st.noor tosearch.further.' ( When'slio ' .. .. returned Mr. Schmitt went 'tip''" with. '. bruised. . jp lie* to assist In making the sale. "Upon" '^"TVVO'KTT • ' *' .. • H!-J . ' "A PLEASANT SERENADE. : jTlic Military baud gave a free concert OU the streets Monday night, ad- ivertising the excursion which the band will send to Mnxlukuckce next Suii- :d'iiy!" The Journal acknowledges a •pleasant serenade from the boys, and hopes to r|:ain be fa,vored. The bund w^U play on the streets again Thursday -evening.. They hope to have a big •ciiowd accompany them on the excur- sion'to the lake Sunday, and they should, ha-ve. The Military band is a •credit to Logansport, ana sliould be en- 'co'uragcd' iu every, way possible. The .trkio, leaves,the Vandalia station at i7:20 a.'m. Sunday. •; i !. STRUCK GOLD. .;' |ohn Condon, the Faro King of Chi,- caj;o, who spent his boyhood days on •a fnrm.north of this city, recently met •wfthla streak of good luck. The Chi- •cajjo Chronicle of yesterday says: .-/: '{.While digging for spring water at 'Tdjsal park race track, near Kenosha, ,wk,. Sunday,. Rod Wells struck a vein :iof fgold'orc, which may be worth more m<iiiiey to the race promoters than the .continuation of the meeting. John Condon,' president of the association, who has spent several years .in Cripple Creek, recognized the familiar glitter of,the dust and pronounced it .gold, at "once." , ,..... ,,.' DIED AT A RIPE OLD AGE. Mrs. Bridget McGrath died this morning at 12:10 o'clock, at her late Jjome on the Southslde, of diseases Incident to^old age, at the advanced age -of SG years. No arrangements have as i'e.t been made, for tbe funeral; .'.;.V : i ADDITIONAL LOCALS./ ' Gjeorge Gear, the dairyman who re- sld^s'a sh'ort distance south of-.-this '"'eld, 'is' suffering from an attack of ty- 'phdld'fever, , [; "''AU6rne.v Frederick Landls has re- covired from the severe polsOn'lhg ,>vh^h iio has been suffering from, for the lipast, .-week., . - '. ,„ The,, Ladies' Hospital sewing circle w)ll! meet, this afternoon at the home '!<jf lirs, Mary Decker, at the corner of '.Tblitd.and Railroad streets. ,•] Mr., Henry Heiden and wife, "cele- , L bra^edi their: silver-wedding Monday ,nlgujt.! -The evening was spent most de- ,li8h-$fully. Refreshments were sen-ed. Mil-One h'nndre'd and fifty tickets were •soldiai Peru yesterday to Indianapolis. n ixc'nr'sibn to the convention oC the (sound rtoney Democrats was run from v 'B'njmuel Gray, by his attorney, D. D. ••Fickle;"a'nd Joseph P. Gray, has filed 'suit (against Calviu McCrackin and 'Sii-miiei '.T. Beck for the collection of a 'noteldemand. being made for $80. '•'' "'TlirewUl be a basket picnic held in 'ftie'^ottshall grove, three and one-half ni'lleij northwest of this city on the 'Wliillp Post road .tomorrow. A pint- 'fbrmjhas^been. erected for dancing and "•goipdjm'us'lc will be furnished. Cbtjnty Clerk Bliss had a boom in 'the,! marriage license business yester- \la'y. IE. R. Murphy and Irene Sellers, 'Eli'as/Ervin and Elizabeth Sellers, Ed- ; wai'dl.N..Vernon and Flora Price were •granted the necessary papers entitling them [to marry. Yesterday afternoon wniic a-farmer nanieil' John Conrad was driving ou Broadway near Sixth street, his horse 'became frightened at a pile of sand and lungef! into'" ii W'est-bound street car. tfhe.'bVggy .was badly demolished and Ttf'r. Ojonrad. was badly shaken up and . Busjahn and B. C. Stev- IICJ, '*,W €IO(3I-JU 1U UJ<tI%(l4f^ fJV tJtHVt V'J/W** • "7, |- . . ~T' ~ • ~ returning the sales lady saw the cyS 1 ' 'en's went to. Plermont yesterday'where torneti pinning something 'undei >i:; h ; er' th'ey |vere". Joined by Dr. Calvin Car- dressli skirt, and at once suspected a ney, Jfeir,n3 jriy.( of -this city, and Dr, theft.' Mr! Schmltt'succeeded-In sell- f Steveifs,,assisted by. his .associates-pcr- In'g .her the suit for'$4.75. ' Sh'e p'a'rd 1 "formed .an operation on Mrs. John Ly- $2:ln;cash, saying that - she^woultf ^ons.'fclrOyarlotlmy. .The disease had leave the suit until Saturday v ' night been affecting Mrs. Lyons for the last when she would pay tbe"balancenS"he .sift, years. It.Is hoped the operation tol<TMr. Schmitt where sn^-ful. ;^"'';«£i^ •. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE PERSONAL. E. T. Reed of Wabash was in the city yesterday. Eil Gimmer of Peru was iu the city yesterday. H. P. Low of Star City is :n the City on business. Will Swigart is the guest of friends at: Delaware, Ohio. W. E. Franklin was lu Wabash yesterday on business. Will Small returned -to Jeffersonvillf yesterday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Schwartz were ;\t Montlcello yesterday. Bert Van Voorst was over from Mon- llcello yesterday on business. C. M-. Cordell went to Winamac yesterday afternoon on a busmoss trip. Dr. Henry Adcr of Somerset, Wabash county, was in Logansport yesterday. . A'. K. HeudricUs, of tne engineering corps of the Vaudalia, is up from Terre Haute ou business. Miss Clara Heppe has returned from a two weeks' visit with friends and relatives at Xeuia, Ohio. Miss Maggie Fiood has returned to tliis city niter a visit of eight weeks with relatives at Znnesville, Ohio. Grant W. Warner, wife and boy came from Reusselaer on their wheels and are the guests of W. H. Legs. * John IT. Patrick of Louisville, Kentucky, is in the city, guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Clevenger or Maple Grove. Peru Chronicle: Miss Allie Young of Logansport who has been visiting Mrs. Doctor Miller, went home last eveffiBp. L. D. Eiclihoru, of Bluffton, who will liave charge of the musical repartment of the Logansport schools, is in the 'city. Mrs. M. Sola, aud daughter Ora, and the Misses Magee have returned from Mackiniic whore they spent several weeks. Ft. Wayne Sentinel: Miss Golda Van Camp left yesterday for Logansport to spend a. month with Mrs. Floyd Richardson. Will Quigley, Lawrence Anderson, Harry Osboru, Will Taggart and Clairo Ray rode to Peru Sunday on their •wheels. '.",., . . -• Lafayette Call: Mrs. Ellen Anderson of Asher street is visiting her. son, Samuel Anderson and family at Logansport. Miss Etta and Master Harry Wright returned home Sunday morning from a visit with relatives at Newport, Kentucky. Miss Lillian Allen, of Evansvllle, is the guest of Logansport friends. She came bere from Wabash' after a short visit there. Sirs..Frank Herald departs today for her home in Topeka, Kans. She will "be accompanied to Chicago by Mrs. Geo. Hague. Wabnsh Tribune: Mrs. Henry Kraut and Mrs. Kate Ritter returned to their home In' Logansport last evening after spending Sunday with Mr. and .Mrs. .August Hlpsklnd. Miss Ida Cullen of Greencastle was the guest of Charles and Mrs. Marshall yesterdas', stopping over on her way home from Maxlnkuckee, where she has been spending the summer. F. A. TJpdegraff and Thomas Powell of Long Cliff will leave Friday, Sept. 4th for a ten days', outlug at Chicago aud Milwaukee going by the way of St. Jo and Lake Michigan. Colonel and Mrs. Cromcr, William Walker, J. H. Burns, Mrs, Toby, H. S. 'Murdock and wife and J. H, McMillan were among the excursionists to the national encampment at St. Paul, Minn. . Mrs. W. H. and Miss Ruth Elliott, wife and daughter of the editor of the New Castle Courier, are visiting friends in this city. Mrs. Elliott is a cousin of Ed Leonard, the well-known grocery salesman.. Lafayette Courier: Miss Nellie "Rice is visiting relatives and friends this week in Logansport Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rice and sou Richard spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lintner at Logausport. Attorney 'George W. Pogue and wife of Flora were in the city yesterday en route" to Moose Mountains, northwest Territory, British Columbia. A number of frieuds will join them in Chicago and accompany them on their trip. Emil and Mrs. Keller and son Roth returned last night from a week's outing at Put-In-Bay, Detroit, Toledo, and other'resort*. They sa.w the International, yacht races in Toledo bay last week, .when the Yankee yacht was beaten by the Canadian boat, Canada. Perti-Chronicle: Miss Nettle Crawford, of .Logausport Is the guest of her Bister, Miss Flo Crawford of west -Eighth street Charles and Fred Welmer entertained Earle Lnselle, of Logansport yesterday Messrs. Ray, Anderson, Osborne, Johnson, Taggart and Quigley of Logansport, wheeled to Peru yesterday and returned home iu the evening. Miss AdaUllory Is visiting friends at Indianapolis. Henry Meinhardt of Peru, was iu the city yesterday. Miss Cora Weaver of Winamac, is vis king friends in this city. W. F. Bopp and Frank Keinley are hunting in White county. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bligh are spending a week at St. Jo, Michigan. D. M. Geeting. State Superintendent of Public Instruction, is in the city. Henry C. Davis and son Harry, of Kokomo, were in the city yesterday. Miss Etta Finch has returned from a visit at Knightstown and Indiaiiapo- Ita. R. M. Cooper has returned to his home at Indianapolis after a visit with friends here. Miss Adah Cogley of Fords Crossing, began Monday for another year's study at Michael's university. Miss Mablo Gulhric of Gas City, is visiting Miss Jennie Bryer. corner of Race and Ninth streets. Mr. and Mrs." Robert Cogloy of this city, have returned home from a week's visit with the former's parents in Noble township. Agues Coatc returned to her homo at Kokomo yesterday after a pleasant visit with Florence Alexander of North street. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cogley of Fords Crossing, left Monday for the G. A. R. encampment at St. Paul. They will also visit a brother of the former at Bingham Lake. They expect to be gone about four weeks. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Mrs. Armstrong of East Broadway, is sick. Mrs, Gninup. mother of-Henry Gui : ' nup, is sick. ' • ' Herbert Brown is recovering from a severe illness. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roach, jr., a daughter. . "Slippery Jim"' Anderson Is back ID town. He has been long absent There will be a change in the time card on the Panhandle, going, into effect next Sunday. . . r . -;' The condition of John Wilts, rw.no was so seriously ill at St v Toscph's hospital, is slightly improved,. The MissesvHarrison entertained a number of their friends, at their home in. the Eastend last evening. John Troutman, formerly of the firm, of Keller & Troutman, has accepted a position at the Golden Rule. S. W. Teeple has secured the contract for the remodeling of the Gray building, occupied by the Star laundry. A five gallon jar filled with lard was stolen recently from the cellar of Chas. R. Dalzell, ten miles-North of the city. A visit to the Bee Hive these days will be quite a treat to you. The new fall dress goods aud -trimmings are coming with every train. The- styles are prettier, and prices within reach of all. The silver service furnished for the battleship "Indiana", by tils State is now entirely paid for. The presentation will be made at Staten Island, September 21st, 1 and the'speech will be made by Gov. Matthews, who, with his staff, and members ot tne committee of twenty-five, will make the trip. . How are Your Kidneys? Dr. Hobbs Spa.ragus Kidney Pills have done me more good than I. expected. I got a second box in readiness In case the pain should come into my back again. Jno. Bradshaw, Medway, Mass. For sale in Logansport by Ben Fisher and John F. Conlson, "druggists. The Bible association of Chicago not long ago offered'to furnish the State institutions of Indiana with Bibles and good literature, free of charge. The addresses of'the superintendents and those in charge were asked for, and the association is now fulfilling its offer. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DRr CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. 0-<re Gr.iw An>"-."»:i Vart«r.Vnw<1*r. Fret ' atn' nilie

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