The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1937 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
Page 2
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The Algona Upp»r Dm Koines, Algona, low*, Feb. 18,1987 tluona Wpptr $t* Jfltint* Street W- HAQQAWD * R H-'WAIUW. ^Hj^d »* Second eiass Matter at the Postoffic« at taw*, w»d«T ac.t <>t Congress at March 9."' laswx* Weekly ASSOCIATION t $i» BATCS IN KOSSI^H On* Y^IWP. in Advance P«a Mcin^s and Kosauth IVviaty m cwofciaaUwa. p«r year » VTBS Ol THittE On* Year to advance Upper l>es Mamas autl Kossush County A> vatii'e ia conabiu&tivit. per year i-t.X* |te «m*w«»ate<} and the power of the executive Increased U»ewM receive an «nmt»»aken "no" from evwry cithwq al««r» »« the dangers Mfhtoh beset our in<UvM\»al Hbwt»*a The «>wrt* are the hut bulwark ahead cvf th«M Uber4H«. 'rher« i« a weH-srownded fear throwghowt the country that the president wwW "j»aeh" the eourts with men amenable to hi* poliete*. The ultimate r«.iutt ts terrifying to eontempiate. The people already harassed by 0ra«y. futife swial and economic scheme* would »>« ground down stiU deoper. tf the federal Judk-lary t» to be revamped. Jet us wait titl the country enters a more quiet phase, with a president t>etter poued, whether he he a new Osater, democrat, or repuWican or mugwump. V AiJtveitfcsiag, p«r iaci Aite, payaWe ia advanve, word "t*l tt» > people know the toufe *»H» tfce try U »«*&."—AWafcsuu Dtorreiltto Toted* CtwoncUe: In\agme Mr. American Fartaer returaiag from a trip to town to ftnd that the hiretl i»an ha«J taken poaseaaioa of the barn^ tb« corn crib and t!»e ni»acKt»« *h«d, refusiivg to per- B>jt !>ia 9n»p>oy«x to curtivat« the corn, milfc the cows or f^ed the chjckeas uatU hts deroanda are * group of? baak employees taking of tbe vautt, th« t«U«ra' wia<k>wa aad the money. refii'UBS to f«6 the bank cash a chetk, issu« a draft or write a te«*r untii th«sr wage dispute is iett)«d. TH.ii is th* co»>.pa!tB»on w»« writer makes wi-.b f 4 )?ij sttiXe -isafcaat C5ea«ral Motor* SOUR* rattor riaicuious, J«?ea it not? Mea es!ipK\v«<.i at re>vioH.t>Je wages as'J reaaoj?abt« bourn, are on mli^l. do s-oi; make a favoiaW* to WK&.FAKK oaa cannot aitequatsly ea>»J»*? t>( a gvoct newspaper, 91 T*x?aj>*»'» tho best way to 'Jo it wouM. l>« to bav» aaa »ut of ex«>t.e(><.'«. Ther )>« a bu« su><J cry. aixjl % rush pavroiia for 9.vunpto, In Ai- Miat* «a aa anauat payroii: oa the two owners of 6h« ya.f«r», HJH* taking OJ>Jy 9fn- into conaiiteraUon. E«..ii amploy«« baa on* to four T» H--1 !5> .Ht.'fc'i*? 5X?VertWMb<?n<£ iJJy SWfV ? Ttt* Iowa bxjustj o£ representativea J«cktes to allow «flk"A .__ % ••secretary.'' i<» ia *t>, wb«tt aay og t!s«ai *Aj>J5 there is not w<wrfc esougb Iff hat? thai This avSbow. wiii •x>at t!*# staS« arowawt - r ; what's » meager 12 graa<t wh«a it wiit i!j U>« appearances *iKl cojaforta o-l a sight to any community l&£ge enough t<> support during a r«c«sa {wrUxJ. * * * Wow T» Spewl ttoe T*x«» City Ft««H»a»: Some of She and; others ar« to. a n«aa<tey t» tinow what to <fc» with fcho $i,9W,<KW pro/fe front 6&* sfia*« Sqaw siwee* turn«<i i»to tl»a tc«aaucy last year. Why aot alto- qas« ife tio tt>« county o» t!)* t»a»B o£ population ? R ;un'*unts to a &ec capita of alXMit W ewts. K »!»« Voices o£ iwjwapajxjrs <Jo TKH any- money w«r« tfma iJJov-itfM Hamilton wouht g<Ni i»eac cover W» coat of manufacturing a }>a- about $8,400. That woultf bolp wnw <m tl>« Sax !>«*' ia H>acte up in advertiaing an<i Btetfcn- Ji> that Ujan So try to 8gu*« out »iwn« way, J; printing. A wise iwjwspapsr. Uwreforo, fw "«> s 11 * 1 * •» s^ 1 ^ ^ money. con.itantJy trying to inijM'ove ^ puMicatton, In f <ur'» attracta more suJ>scni>er8, which in. D>ake& advertising more potent ThjH newa- in tho- ]^it 9>e yearn bas hji^J a suft- iKreaae o| 1,2W. !ixaJ niorchante wiuit W at *K«»'> ' -itufjjwjgn, when tho churuhes their svents, when thoro's a houm taiont y, when {arm, groups want V> (jiHsemJnate in- ^ormation about i»ew agritjulturaJ rulinij.t, when a «90n in tho south end of U>e county wants to iimi out what is happening in his olO borne in tho north: UHl of the county, when a Ui.\jHi>or wanta tv chucil Up on, how and where his tsax money i» being spent, %Ji «£ UKjoo dooirea are fuiOlled Uirough the uol- o£ hi» - I h*a been passed hy the Hotts*. It prevents fmuittttg a deficiency Judgment ft«r any balance du« In connection wtth r«l estate mort- D*t*rwlned to connect this year after hts failure of twt) years ago. XjOokingfeUl Itttrodoced twt> dete- tency Judgment trills this session. In addition to the sneeessfal one above he also had a measure attacking the problem from a different angle, by providing that the foreclosure sale be heW at the end of the redemption period. This biU w*s chloroformed in committee. T» Keep Haa* Off The Iowa House has concluded not to "rut in an oar" on President Roosevelt'* Supreme Court togtsia- Uon- Wtth its usual close rote where "jwrty" matter* are concerned. the Hoes* defeated a resolution which wo«W hare urged the Iowa coagTesstectai delegation to oppose the Oveideat'* proposal to increase HteBtberstkCp &s the court. Tfe* feun» road tm- 661* Kr*scfe«* »B9^tt<« en batmtaii 1 as Sent tS. A puWtc t!«artng OB t» *np««t9«4 before it i» ccn- >?• tft* contpefijiag t&» tfitird (» tregteter wttfe tBt* s»cr«- r« US* Poea -V HunitH>10t Republican. Jay SYanJtlin ij» ings in the writ- aecitt--ed c!>as joi» personal aroperty JJH! beions to the wen who hold them. The Wuhsfcer City S>«em.'U» takes is«»u« with the 'jtfitement and points out that property is something the owner uan *elJ '.o whom»oevt } r want-* to buy. In fact, the 6>een»rin Jiupoaea »£ X.T. b>mi<Uin's contention. « * * StoU»«' Huwwtini Ackley World-Jfwrnal : Prwsidcnt Roosevelt is nothing if !>ot. wrpriHing. The ' Weekly News Letter of the State Legislature Activity Pea MOBWW, Iowa. r»lx 1 BJlte iatroduc«<i so t!»e Iowa t«gisltttitr« ar« toward tti* this wqeit, ta« op*n sea*w» out U»* Iowa ona-ttti&i 9nisi>«d- Later in tlte Mssion, at J«ad-liB« on 81- ing new l>ills will !>« 9x«d, which. IHJJs may !>« introduced; the bait of ta» t«5T ta«98 t» wit&ott£ penalty IT !>» batt y«ar tm«s atft^r .Ttriy t. tit* peoaft? would atccnts bud It woufti Nf credited OR tb/s wcoad bajf tax pa^ymutit aod interest urotria run from. Extend S Anothsc big jriec* m S* H»m«8t«a<i STxamption «ry "wrn"bir whTte«ls" :; tb«c«"oWlM! ^^^i ****_ < *.?* u ? nee ?j* ^ t» b« a law 1 ' is mit any measure. to wft- Can todl* Own Books BB<;|J. (?£ the large ijlusminuted; with 5oU> •* red and gr««r» light oppo«it« th« rtonw of »acl» mamhar of •senatu teat Tbttrsdaky- was eoiufttmt- sd 1 by contpcomise suggestions, ftom Governor Kiascllal, who insisted: tJlitt U>9 retail aaJas ta.t wbtcft ex.- pires ,lpriJ t be axfemded beftjra any homestead: relief meaaure- i» anacc* O, tb» axnuutiva wonts HQUUU. When tile HOUHO v«jt««l \ifntn a • tile bill to aJIocato not to exceed $2,- 'Wtf.iflW a year for relief, before the bomustirad exemption allocation is intr«jduc«<i hy i miiiJB. When Uio communit^y, wage a cantpaign for Uiin thai, paji attention w *omo ov«rIoo«ieU fn<;twr in or county life> they 'Jo it through 'Jiu r a golJjm/irt, without any ixi«jriHo to thein- -^ u . ^ — ..x-i ' llI»/*M>ur^J llli-r»7UUWV»< t/» IX : i«tH.TJL. tS,ia h.W bwn. ffronwseu wver.iJ m.wt!>» :«o, to A* , RutharfonJ. ax- country moment^,lyf^Mn«U>« i nt^r.«»u.m^»t sn purai ^^ „,,,.,„ ilnj m next?" prevailed f«r _a :inorC time. It IB' r/ , wnsbipt| fj.,^ QorepuJBory .uulit- !>088il>io ai<ic the =u-oa W (l £ tooii poasesmot. ^f him . ^^^ c b«cii«r». the nery r«U othar prior men iu»<J women want, to to "clean up the supremo '-ourt''. '.'nnie when ho was i>ut on his !w>£ lifthing axpeOition— between !>it««. The supreme <;«urt m Uie mm *our<.t» <»f i»rote«tiun that IB ;»#wJeU 'Jio t»«J«piu of Uio UniteO SUifcus, aUiouJii cuoijrtjiia give .'tpprovai •» hw iiluii, it wouiU ;n,ijt'j of R«w«*ow«it ,i Ji<;(«£w with ewen groitter power thiui Mutuwiini <>( Itniy or WJtlnr of Unrmitny 1{be newspapor gives UKH service gladly; it ox- .j^uas. The sUiJwm-te in congress nave it within t», giye it* Andi in. return the nuw»puper re- i^uir power to quash UJIB Intwst iiml most riulii.'*! of: g«ne«i*j! support &;<«», peoplo in :»Ji walka of nil hi» iUoua. Mo aouiU pauli tJie court with lawyers " ' ' who, in qvary iHwtjeulw. would clo his bidding. -Vn- w>mts none <tt. it. from Ulu revonue* of tfte three- fiumr. txti lewius, for admiJiiBtraf ciun fit the income-saJBs ca.x act, and for oiU age pensions tha bill and the jjovemor are vir- •negative' of RopwiwnJaJav, Gal-| ^^jy in a8r8emBnt . af towa Miused ti)o "^rijen wuve' Ola r«»t at Ci tftut urj- 1 DwHci«ncy -Iudgm«nt» Burred: A. ffimillnr bill to outinw ' outonuitin «f>'«wPJ"" w^ | «y judgments by LoohJngbilJ of ~ " V^_ t>! " i Story, the same measure that waa "House Bllo No. I" two years ago, worii Unio hiw ptuwed: when, people buy ) vi^wpoinfc; U»«y huy tj>em because 4fr tho news tfcfljr, 8»M«h t^w adyerUsinft hafigairi* yjoy aj>d» M)fr dsaiw <»> Hi»e »bi»a«i o« what in Ui» 3bit« .•judltor* undop tijo direction of C. W. Storms, WHS «ut- ^unntKJ i>y rtia aoileagues wrto fslt f Ji(it Ute rurnJ wlloui dtstfiiita j secretary <rf tb* senflsS* ia bills , trodUeed; by Senator Leo Mtbxm e£ [•'Wwttfts aotmty aad R«^. Eart Tteftr- baotgit at Pag* SEXTON NKWS Mr. and 1 Stcs, A, L. Geeenfittiti and; jpent SundSj wiC& Strs. A IX Mr. and! Mrs. Loo Steven. Fsn- txm, 5pent Sunday at the Guocgv Otsotr. St. boms aortftwest of ttrwm Mr. and: BCfc*. W. C. TXtyStn- were vimtors Sundiiy evening at the boma «e and: Mrs. B. & Sand>- C!ar«nc» Dstrtoit sftelleti corn oni Ftiitok)' ami jBlivsry was made to tha rindBrson ffilutrator C»., at AT- Sana. Tftat« W9r« no cllurcft sacvicaa ilore Sunday morning because of drifted, rmuls ftum Suturdays storm. Mr. and >Crs. Sim. Bamia and cfliutfiltar Delorua spent tttu \vealc and at the Chester Hiiluomh humu ill: Livermora. Wanjnrut ami: Oliver Fltunb and PftyUIs B>afl8r, pupils harw. wrote eighth grade iraaminutiona lost week, in AJgono, JCrs. Saron W!BO and fhmily spent Sunday with Mr*. Wlso's! daughcor. Strs. CharJBs StmtCan j and family, Brttt. ; towughouf, «»fl.«tm«>t^rt Fron* a, subecpitHii: in Xaw Jersey <.<«»«« .•(. let- a rtniuiiL uilit/>riiU in th<inu Hot t MfaJl, KU!IC.II; WJI.lL from ;t iilt'.'i «nt. :t/i|{iu. Wo youijKuuiiti w«jf«i buiins fun i, ^uiii 'jjui '-hiiir ta«'iio '"' i;<>.. Ih. If <lioui>uu:u * Inu .;ti«l. ..! -*n«.i 'ilu ','itu ititii ,.w :.tu.i loilll ' hv i^ .</uH. IUUBU, 'il'.vi i.H/v.'li.r ./IH. ;iuni Ilh Jl/UM) vailij *i It. .v/tittlll :|ii>.illti'.ii: lh«y '.arfiiiij i lU, ; >V».i' tn\j ,J;ua...l}.U uui», , Uln/ i.wuili *uui(l ">^ :«.ii 'I't .inn i«i» 'itu l»Vt. iil ',» <i> .HMuli i. / i.U il.'-ci-, .ui)jl.i.i, I l>.v'.ll I.. ' n.vtil.ui- l I inirviKur^ Sluii » 'iniuiiu uximr- :)i iJiii r«iK»J.l«r«id i ;ui)>JiUiiHt ll /(n;lluii 'l|>. '•!<! litii rt.Hr«^Jty iiiiii uiuuiur -iiiui >un« HI tn\t <.tuinll.lll- J '.t/Ulli;' :nOW Hiul lUHIIlJ ')» llji'li »Jlli IwjH i)llll t v >/»>. ill ."ull.O '/)!. t>!!t.'> ."M-KJlUJ 1 KW «Jl!'.t4 *| lit 't; i i\.i.->ulltu l»;IH :*ut II tlH/Ut t .»»lt^t l( -ll:r« I... -lilt, '.t It. lilt: .11 I ',1'Hlh Illlli. '.'11, b .lit. ,i/lllli U iliuS'K '" 'Illi . r lt.W->lKlln;r U'li- -.U. C'lt t.r^tlj hii ', 'llti ..tulLf 'jlilf~>*cU, 'Jitu '. vil/ . vmu t ivtt it IH. »ui.v-i 'IUii -iK- t ,i*ilH, v *.tUi.-. >flti vill >i.t. t iil\i - U'jiv Ittlr. 'ilu liln. ' *i bumJIud by bumu 'Jii- ent; or privftto auditora. .V:Tfn;t!ni{ aomo 3,700 ruml, school .J!Htrii;t3 and, townoilipo, tile toil: will .'javo thaae ixxlte* $7t),OOO a, year, ac- eordtng to dguriw 'rtHajnwl Dy Ituestar from tha stubs oiuiiltor'H t)oinft paaaed- baclk aml- forU> from tiio Hmieo t» ; Sonntn until Uj« u«ige» \var« t'rttaniod, tiio rnoratonum bill sjot a ] hill <ii hoaitrt ff»m tii« !f.-«i»- i Intur*) 'vilicll «ild|>l«)«i thu r«iiui't. <it i i •;<)(! fflr>tm.>t i:uiniTiittiju fr-nn butii ;it«iB«.->-. Miiiliiv. U»o tJill vm* ilJtnil its r«!jiurO)«J :ri .nir !li»t ll»H«r. ix- '•.iiOIDK '<lu rniiri«na« snorHUirium •ti -Mw«:H '. '.tiStf, mii tiio 'jrnur- ji-sii.y H.TK/U :>i liui. i. !!ffit>, Unix; iit.iiiiiliiB ill ..oiitrttis .jxnuuuj»i •icior 'ii 'Hut -iftlu. ftinuioit for Ulu ; iJU«;iiw(in, IH ;tti»J :li t :m»«nn{« :r«.-m ''Jbvnr>ii<r itrnbtiltii, inti :il« • .iiiini!rt,ti ->i|nir«, vmj Ulu ^oviir-) ir*iutn '.'jiHillKni uul uuwit.1 ijrim- HI" 'it 'Mo ;nu»l "vu ''fate*. ;iill» 'ilti j .iif.'liui 'iinur^niu.y h uill in '|:Kif>lti- 'nwn '. >:|iullili.nll:.- .lU "li lt!l;r 'tin lil .H»iiti'» FEHDiAT SATEPBLIXAT, FES, Buck Jones III llit. ntnvmfc ttlnll-(>iuHtml m'utom THE SERVICE" Plus • nuw JUiii '."tinuiry fox •Jomwiy "HOME OH THE EABTGE" sinr. MOJT. J., FEB. 21 22-23 ,(.., 11 .t .i> ik,... ui • .k-,,l jUa . ,,!,; ,!. -V' !* •Vrtkt;!. II I t-J-OllllldH II .HUIIl'.K /)t, 'O!/» ii Mr. Iliwn JtJlt:int -Vt.'- *mmy r«iiu i ''vu-.luu«* li»-..>»in- mil nff-.tC ii 'fit n»i-.i>iu»*. nil- .ijuxni Vpt .1 itseiiuiij' iiuil M. b U.-A n »j* li <iovnt«». !"hv !(r*a i.-.iitj iiiirjvuou .( "(tc .'Jii- '.i'.-u '..-^ kii.i",^«tt^4 : >y ilni.K- ''.-ii tliiUPtU.'ill, UlU :f(jtly, -.iu^ ' tivs.s.? i-.t. o nut mi »*'*11. 1^ ". I1IJ, ilJOUl :f.UI-,'r«I -. ,: ,-Ji.t f»: -il ouslllullt-Jiitt it vt-,1 ;:•„!-•. ,<-'» i-ir.'-.r, tt.^rlury tt ' int. .«„;'.</•. ,: U'-lt, reittutrr ii U.U , .j:'^ .t((.:/it^ -«,t ^/..tflil ;I1U li* w t: i.-. ttrrii-ir .1 ivrit uituri--. tr, Vlt.ulU /I- .101. iiiiy ftUl— o.!.ui(y a- vf ^l.-^ .1 VXVi',1:. .^jl.h IU M..( ••V^' fiv '*<-< VAJU.' <V>»" U... .i^ii t»v Ili^WiLU I.H- t. l<-'. (Ull.^. .JH'..T -i:U kl;',._} , taj.:.<tr •', i Ull vroj .iftt -ii J* i )• .itujiat-iy i Wirru j-u tti- ;i, i .y,t" 4 ' 'JUUtJ , Ui.tlX.iU. 'M. Will viU . t(l'i. 1.4 UU-. '(/ '.vj (_•; UCi. WE ASKED 395 HOUSEWIVES , . . "Where Do You Get Your Clothes Cleaned? " I T'S an old American custom ... getting clothes soiled in one way or another. And it's an old American costume ... made to look like new when it's sent to Kirsch Cleaners, Here's the finest, safest cleaning process available, at prices attractive as a 1937 follies chorine. Yon get service too! Telephone 267 for Pick up Service Nrseh's Laundry & Cfeamrs TOOK 7KIEHD AT MBALTIMS FRIDAY ft SATURDAY, FEB. 19-20, 1937 MUTTON CHOPS Bo meat is more healthful and nutritions than delicious mutton chops. Shoulder chops at 12c per poumi and fancy loin and rib chops at 14c perpotmcL MUHON ROASTS The Mutton for this sale is not the usual heavy nrotton, btzt top quality yearling ewes. Nice shoulder roasts are priced at 12c and Leg O' Mutton, at 15c per pound. MUHON STEW . . . . Ib. 6c BEEF TO BOIL Ib. 11c KEF ROASTS ><rafi fcom beef of tho usual Council Oak iiifijr, Fm this sale tlie price is 15c and 17c potnodL STEAK Select your favorite steak from the choice assortment cm display at 23c per pound. Round, Siriam, Short Cuts and Porter House cut to any daaired thickness. "PeacK Quickie" A delightful Lenten salad. Easily made and deliciously good. Ask us for recipe which requires Large, luscious "Superb" Peaches on which we name a special price of 15c for the large cadis, Fancy Salmon Faocy meiiium Red Salmon Steaks in the large flan can. An oe«an caught cohoe» rich in oil and flavor Buy a supply for Lent at oar special pn.c<i» c»f I8c p«r can. Nut Cake Cookies A tww* cooky which we know you will Wt». Por 5hi» w,!^ we pfic« thb (Mjaty cuka it 2 pooads for 39c. Black Pepper Purw, h%h grtide Pyppar for coakiag Aad for .^uiiauniii^/ tiid JujDi** TTtifr'}^ 3UiU3i^^. Buy i S^A son' 1 * supply of 4b»* V^-U>. ^pvtit; ciutij a& O'^j' ^13ttiilliJ. QT^liid oif 9ff Fancy Green Beans A atxictiy "fitauy," whak b»«»a, Qtiur #M# ^ri<^> af only 15fc on tshV Wo. 2 aa ukase of a aaue of 3^ cttaa> For the grapacadun of maay dirikwu* hai) olidh as that aubatatuta fior high, {jruiutt pafetfiQ^ *s4 btsana. Buy a supply at our apeiaal gffie* o| t Ibs. for ilio. Council Oak Collee Try this quality bland naoi&tdi Ui ii bags at aur low gracfl of 2f« go? Ib, ore fraTBe. lou oan fncnhmigft tha amnfcy Ite^ gear | fanuy ahinawane. 13c l^M^ BOWL FOR BETTER HEALTH BARRY'S

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