The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, February 18, 1937
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OFFICIAL Cfft AND OOUNTT FAPfcR Established 1865 AmOKA. IOWA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1937 __ v - — _ ^ _ JJJ ^ J ^^ a ^^j»^ 1 jfr« M i»««^SJ^^ISlM^^^^^^^tahMBMIIIM<*'*l |llll>1 ^^ I ,~ - - ' " ~ ^^^ ^^_ PLWTCOUilfY FI8HT AGAINST SALES TAX Approve Grading and Graveling Plans for Townships in jgg7 67 MILES NEW 1 I _ —* - *r^,-^-r^ -^rmLTC* I WESLEY, FENTON I "Peeping Tom-HoboO....;. Fenton Sear7 67 MILES NEW GRADING; 23 OF List of W&rk To Be Done By Townships Tabulated Sbrty-Mven miles of grading in TTiiiiini «nnty for 1*37, and , jgraveltag, were approved board of superrtabrs, Wed- morotag. road work by the coun tfr forth* year Is an follow*! , {hading Approve! KMle Two— 1 mDe S. See. »; 1 mUe S. Sec. 13; 1 mile S. Sec. 3 mffes E. Bee. 25, 36. Giant Twp.— 1 mile N. Sec. 11; 1 mile 8. Sec. 19; 1 mile E. Sec. 20. Springfield— 1 mile S. Sec. 7; 1 mile B, Sec. 1*. Hebron Twp.-— 1 mile E. Sec. 18; 1 mile E. Sec. 16; 2 miles S. Sees. 39, 30. Swea Twp.— 2 miles, 1 8. Sec. IB 1 E. «ec. 50. „ , Harrison Twp.— 1 mile B. Sec. 15 « miles E. Sees. 20, 29, 32. Ledyard Twp^-1 mile E. Sec. 31 1 mile S. Sec. 34. Uuooln Twp.— 1 mile H. Sec. 30. Seneca Twp.— None. Ckraenwood Twp.— 2 miles E. Sees ST.**. Banner Twp^-None. derman Twp/— 1 mile E. Sec. *; 1 mil* S. Sec. 8. ' Fenton Twp.— 2 miles E. Sees. 10, 15; 1 mile sVSec. 19; 1 mile E. fled. 26. Burt Twp^— 2tt miles S. Sees. », U; 1H miles E. Sec. 23. Twp*-lK miles S. Sec. In Ike NEWS CVRRENT EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHS FOK The Upper Des Moines THE AIXJONA ACADEIHir basketball team, winner of 12 out of 16 games this season, Is pictured above. The boys will enter the Dloces- ,an tournament next week at Fort Dodge. In the top row, left to right, are". Father C. A. Ahmann, coach; John Daughan, Al Coleman, John Kohlhaas, Vernon Nelson, Vincent Esser, John Lee Holtzbauer, student manager. From left to right in the bottom row: Leonard Sepimann, Clark Mollenhoif, Wm. Barry. Ed Thlssen and Wm. Bestenlehner. (Algona Upper Des Moines news cut, photo by Will F. Brown).. I Junior C.tnCU i r-r> r -1, • . t IKOSSUTHCORN '' WESLEY, FENTON CREAMERIES IN ANNUALSESS10N Old Officers Reelected by Both Groups for New Term BUTTER BROUGHT 31 AND 32 CENTS Wesley: 1 Four hundred patrons and friends of the Wesley Farmers' Creamery attended the annual meeting and luncheon, Saturday noon. The lunch was served cafeteria style, with wives of officers and directors serving the meal. Jorgen .Skow, president, presided. Marry Bode, Algona, gave the principal address, and Vincent Daughan, secretary, read the secretary and treasurer's report. Olaf Funnemark got into the harness and auctioned off the buttermilk for the year, and Tom Forburger bought Tuesday's buttermilk for 75 cents per hundred gallons, and Thursday's buttermilk went to Jam«s Bnsphy for 90 cents per gallon and Saturday's for $1.11. Three directors were reelected: Jorgen Bkow, Alf Studer and Simon Hlrner. Jorgen Skow is the president; John-Loeblg, vice president and Alf Studer, treasurer. Remaining directors are Herman Ostercamp, John Arndorfer and Henry Haverly. Paul Engen is buttermaker and manager, £nd Ralph Flehler. assistant Maurice Olwon manage* the locker iy»- Fenton- A hobo who snid he wns hungry nml looking into windows of Fenton homos to see if anybody wns home before asking for food, offered some troubled moments to Fenton p. dinner. Mr. F. H. Bohn happened to look up and in the living room window was a man s face Mrs. Bohn went Into the hall of her home and watched him from the dark ness Her daughter, Mary Ann. was at the C. F. Wegcner home houses south, and Mrs. Bohn went over there as quickly as s MERCHANTS OF 20 NORTH IOWA TOWNSORGANIZE To Meet Tuesday At Swea City; Algona Asked To Help DEMAND CHANGE AS BUSINESS AID th, mrin. up at night in the Fenton jail. _ _________ _ . Drink* Kerosene, But AH U Well >.i_ .-' * .,-ii*"j«-...^£ife«fiSJ , During the past year the cream- •ry manufactured ,370,748 pounds Of and an avurage of MM for tout- DIAGONAL ROAD FOR 169 THRU LEDYARD SET *. But Towns East of There Get Agreement To Review Routing From sources coming to this paper the fore part of this week, two developments became known in the highway 169 paving and re-routing question, from number 9 north to the Minnesota line. 1—The highway commission has taken action establishing the 169 highway on a diagonal through the town of Ledyard to Elmore, and this still remains the location of the proposed rerouting at the present time. a~^A delegation from ^Lekota, Buffalo Center, Forest,€My and other points east of the 1M ^^ ——"-- '-•—• . Visit t* P. O. HOURS ON FEBRUARY 22ND The Algona pout office will be closed all day Feb. 22, Washington's birthday, except for a period from nine-thirty to ten a. m. when the gpnrrnl delivery window will be open for pntrons to get their mall. There will be no mall deliveries on that day but all Incoming nnd outgoing mall will bo worked as usual. A concentrated drive against continuance of the Iowa sales tax i* under way, and Swea City Is to be the center for the campaign In North Iowa. ...... A meeting has been called to b* held «t Swea City. Tuesday, Feb. 23, by A. B. Twceten. Swea City merchant, and all business men of this section of the state are urge* to be present. Mr. Tweeten called O. S. Relleyv secretary of the Algona Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday morning,, and asked cooperation from AN gona business men in the drive. Petition to Leglsature It was understood here that the- plan calls for circulation of a petition, calling upon the legislature- to discontinue the 2 per cent tax i» the interests of the people. 12 ESCAPE FIRE AT FARM HOME NEARSWEAOTY John Johnson Family Flee With Only Clothes Saved from Flames ECONOMY FORGOTTEN In regard to the story In thl» column. State government Is constantly costing more money. State officials claim that the sales tax Is a necessity to meet Increasing government expenses, relief, etc., etc. About all we can say to that to that the lopping off of unnecessary clerks, secretaries, etc. and the elimination ot the »alary m- creases Just announced all along the line would help » lot to beep expenses down* The meeting City is to be a < lay at Swe* • meeting, -imlle E. Sec,! ijTfiBft-'a. s«<i&».at W^Twpj^m Whittemore TWP'- 7; 1 mile B. Sec, IA. * Creac* Twp^—Nona. Irriiwton Twifc—1 mite E. Sec. 11; % mil* m Sec. 14; 1 mll« B. Sec. 80; 1 mil* B- Sec. 22. Prairie Twp--l mfl* S. See. 1; 1 mile B. Sec. 27; 1 mile a Sec. 25. Oarfleld Twp.—1 mile E. Sec, 11; 1 mile E. See. 34. Riverdale Twp,—2 miles E. of 10, Sherman Twp<—1% mUes E. of 10 and IS; 1 & of 22; 1 B. of 39. LuVerne Twp.—None. Graveling Approved Eagle Twp/—None. Grant Twp. —None. Springfield—1 mile S. 8. Hebron Twp^—None. Swea Twp.—1 mile S. 11. Harrison Twp<~None. Ledyard—2 miles B. of Sec. 21, 38. Lincoln—1 mfle to Sec. It. Ocmomi XwBv-3 miles N. "W. and ft of See. a. Greenwood—1 mile E. Sec. 38. Ramsey—1 mile B. Sec. 3t; " ' German—1 mil* B. Sec. 2*. Fenton •Mnv-Wone. Bart Twn^—None. t . BolbOo Twp*— 1 mfle E. Sac. CJreek T»rp^-Wone. e ™e w briefly, and if sufTfelent Interest is shown, temporary corgwflssiMon •plans made and possibly detnlls arranged for a meirnoersnlp drl,ve. Frarfk Halflwln, Lawrence MIs- •bach, Evan Flnnell, Bnrflette Agard, Charles Lehman, Carrol Johnson, Bob Williams, Harold Neville and others have *een working on the plan. AH young unen under to -years oT age are Invited to attend fhto meeting. Flam Orcek Twp*-None. Wesley Twp*-3% »Qes K. Bee. Whittemere Twp*-l mfle a «ee. Creeeo Twp— 2 miles E. See. 38, Irvlngton— 1 mile E. Sec. 23, 1 E. Bee. 2t. Prairie Twp*-None. GarfleM Twp^-1 mile B. See. 14. River4*le Twp^-1 mile E. See. 19. Sherman Twp/— None. La Verne Twp.— 1 mile E. Sec. »; 1 mile E. Sec. 33. Academy Debaters Win First Round The first round in the Sioux City Diocesan debate tournament was held at St Cecelia Academy Monday afternoon, with students of St Mary's Academy of Emmetsburg and Algona participating. Students representing Algona AnSSSy w«r« Anita Kohlhaas, WUUam Barry, Evelyn Capesius, •nd John Lee Holtzbauer. The winners of this debate, the four Algona participants, and Mary Cath- Irw» JftUea and Ellen Schuller of EnWeUburg, will compete In the ^rtround of the tournament, wMch wUl be held In a few weeks, e of this round U undecid- J'. The subject of fee de- teams la the national high question. "Besolved: All El- r OUlitlM Should Be fi°vern- Ja«3tally Owned snd OperaTed." Bister Mary Edmunda U coaching toe onnUstanU representing toe local Academy. Hi School Class Play, 'TSulcy", On Stage T4ext Week The -vrell known little busybody, who runs not only her household, taut her busband said everyone else who comes within *er reach, forms toe center character for the anrrual junior class play to be given «n Thursday evening, Web. 26, at t ». m. in toe high school auditorium. The play, "Dulcy", is a three *«t comedy written by Vbtrc Connelly and George 'Kaufman. The play ta particularly well written as M»*c Connelly waa the writer of the play "Green Pastures", ana George Kaufman is perhaps toe most famous of modern comedy writers. Dave PhBlips is directing the play. Dulcy's part is played 'by Maxi»e Larson. The 'husband of Dulcy ia ttteyed t>y Richard Keen. Harold Banwart plays the role of t»ulcy's brother with Kdwarfl Pilcher as the butter. . The rest of ttoe cast are the week end guests of toe Smith family. The parts of the Forbes family are played by Richard Norton, Enid Fuller and Marjwie Phfflips. E«HJ- ene Dmger Is Van Dyck; Ted ChHscbtlles, Mr. T«*ch; Jaek Long, Mr. Steimett and Everett Black Blair Patterson. The play is set for eight o'clock and will start on time. Those not in the auditorium by eight will have to remain outside for the first act Admission prices are 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for school students until Wednesday morning. All seats are reserved and will go on sale at James drug store beginning Wednesday morning. Irvington, Algona, 1 V<erne, "Whittemore, Ottosen TSIen Win Kossuth county corn won its share of the prizes, last week, at the State Corn Show, held at Ames during Farm and Home Week. Here are the Kossuth prize Winners: ItegUhur 10-ear class 4th—E. R. Mawdsley, Irvingttm. Sth—A. B. Schenck, Algona. 7th—Arthur Look, LuVerne. Smooth 10 earn 5th—A. B. Schenck, Algona. •6to—Arthur Look, LuVerne. Regular or rough 30 ears 1st—E. R. Wawdsley, Irvlngton. 6th—Frank Sanford, 'LuVerne. 3th—Henry Hendrickson, Qtto- 9th—-Arnold "Maine, Whlttemor«. Amateur, 10 ear, regular BrcWFrank Sanford, LmVerne. Bth—Frank Meine, Whittemore. 8th—Arnold Meine, Whittemore. Smooth, SO ears •2nd—A. B. Schenck, Algotia. 3rd—Arthur Look, LuVerne. Smooth bushrl, 80 far* 3rd—A. B. Schenik, Algons. <th—Arthur Look, LuVerne. Regular Bushel, 80 eon 4th—E. R. Mawdsley, Irvington. «th—Henry Hendrlkson, Ottosen. 7th—Frank Sanford, LuVerne. •9th—Arthur TLooki tiuVerne. 10th—Arnold Meine, Whlttemore. Shell Corn, H »u. «h-JFrank Sanford. LtfVerne. 9Qh—Henry Hendrikson, Ottosen. STUUVBUp ejBWJWV* *w*r ,r« v •'»' ' •boot the MtcJ»«n and kerosene. The little fellow, who l» Skbont -two years old, found • the Irtro- . sene can and managed to pour some out Then he drank It "His Irantlc parents hruttlly summoned Dr. Clapsaddle from Burt and f he doctor administered antidotes, milk It was said, -with the result that the youngster was soon feeling better. John Infant Pies Sharon Mart* John, one of toe s&jraa^"^ « y dl^L tte |^ur«l wrvteM w*r« home. Bur W WM at Reiley, Safety Secy., Struck From Behind O. S. Reiley, secretary of The Algona Chamber of Commerce If also secretary of toe Kossuth Safe y Council. Last Saturday night, returning 'rom a mooting In Des Moines itrs. ReiHy and their aon, Bill, toe Reiley ear got stalle.1 In a J.tow | irift near Belmoud. and toe family was forced to sprod toe night in a farm house. i The next morning Reiley found that a truck had smashed into the rear of his car, which was off toe aide of toe road, and then gone on its way. Mr. Relley's interest in highway safety was whetted by toe incident, he reports. Licensed To W«4 One license to wed was Issued February IS, this week, to Clarion Long of Burt and Jiartha SchipuU of Titonka. St was toe ojjjy Ucens* Of the weak. More Mild Weather Predicted Here Mild weather continued to prevail throughout North Iowa this week, wtth predictions for a few more day* at least of dectnt weather. Week's readings: High Low Feb. 10 28 -16 Feb. 11 37 13 Feb. 12 *> 2° Feb. 13 35 23 Feb. 14 31 12 Feb. 15 <!'<« snow) 28 1« Feb. 18 „ 28 8 „ Snow on Monday caused some of the roads to be drifted shut, but most of them were expected to be open by today. Farm Bureau To Open Member Drive A Farm Bureau membership drive will open in Kossuth county March first. The present membership of 315 Is expected to be increased considerably, A. L. Brown, county agent, states. A meeting was held Tuesday m toe Hotel Algona, with I. E. Trottnow, Benton county farmer and Farm Bureau leader present. Membership fees will be increased from $5 to $10. It was explained that toe tremendous Increase in farm bureau activities in connection with new farm programs causes the increase. 4 similar meeting was held at Lakota at toe Pwsbyteriaa church for tos nojtth end <rf the county, wMfcUfe Brwiro *nd 0, W. Blelcb Kresensky Rents Goeders Co. Store; To Expand Lines Alf "E. Kresensky has acquired a lease on the corner bulldhjg formerly occupied by The Goeders Co. store, «nd will take possession shortly before the first of March, 1t was learned this morning. Mr. Kresensky, formerly associated with The Goeders Co., has Ijeen •operating 'his own store, handllnK women's dresses, shoes and apparel, at 101 East State street. The change in location will give him one of the best business sites hi the city, to handle a rapidly growing business. Plans as outlined by Mr. Kresensky for the present call for a parti-1 tion at the rear end of the store,' and rental of the space formerly; used by The Goeders Co. shoe department, with an entrance from Dodgv street. Complete rearrangement of the present Goeders building Is planned. The upstairs will not be used at present, Mr. Kresensky stated. All changes will be in keeping with latest merchandising methods. Mr. Kresensky intends to "handle complete lines of women's and children's wearing apparel, and tience required additional spact He also plans a home furnishing department. FE?!TON REFLECTS ALt, CREAMERY OFFICERS Fenton: Annual meeting of the Fenton creamery was held Saturday, Feb. 13. E. A. Huskamp, president, and Paul Nemitz, vice president, whose terms expired, were unanimously reelected on the board. A. H. Meyers continues as secretary-treasurer. Directors are George Seims, Cliff Frink and A. J. Kennedy. Fred TCuec'ker is toe buttermaker. The company reports sales of $13,335.80; butter manufactured 407,271 Ibs.; o/verage price for butter amounted to 82.8 cents; average price for butterfat, 37 cents. Net profits for the •year were ^1,548.53. •O. K. Storre of Mason City, and A. W. Rudnlck of Ames were present 'and spoke. SWEA CREAMERY VOTES TO KEORGAJflZE Swea City: At a special meeting of toe stockholders of the Swea City Co-Operative Creamery held trt line Legion hall last Saturday afternoon it was voted by a majority of the 100 stockholders to form a new organization under the •new cooperative plan. As soon as the present organization can be liquidated and the new one completed the present plant will be en- hirged to install a locker refriger- plant. „ that the commission agreed to review the matter, and make a personal Inspection when weather was more favorable. The whole problem of locating the road has been raging for over a year, with two factions angling for the routing through their own respective localities. The opposing forces have thus far check-mated each other. BONNSTETTEB TALKED AS ROAD COMMISSIONER The name of A. H. Bonnstettcr, former Kossuth representative, haa been advanced as a posHiblc successor to O. J. Ditto of Sibley, whose term on the highway commission will soon expire. Bonnstetter was chairman of the house appropriations committee last session, but did not run for reelection. afternoon.' The blaze which seemingly started In the attic and roof from a defective chimney, fanned by the terrific wind, spread so rapidly that the family barely escaped with the clothes they wore. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, their nine children and Richard Henderson, a son-in-law, are being sheltered by relatives and friends. Mrs. Frank Johnson of Swea City Is a sister of Vfr. Johnson. Roosevelt To Eat Kocsuth Chicken When President Roosevelt and 2,100 other guests sit down to a victory dinner of the democratic party, March 4. to the Mayflower hotel, they will eat Kossuth county chicken as the principal dinner course. Cbet Kurtz, Swift & Co. manager here, revealed that a carload ot dressed poultry ia shipped each week from Algona to Washington, D. C., and that in the order is a special order tagged for the Mayflower Hotel, where the victory banquet is to be h*ld, with tickets selling for as high as $1,000 per plate. Doan Men Make $57 From Supper Doan: The men of the Doan community greatly appreciate the large attendance at their oyster supper, which was held last Thursday evening at the Doan church. They cleared $87.50, which goes to the Red Cross flood relief fund. Meeting Postponed Four Corners: Owing to bad roads and sickness in toe commun- ' Ity there was ao meeting of the ' Four Corner Mothers and Daughters club test w«ek Thursday. Titonka Woman Hurt in Basement Titonka: Mrs, Rasmus Hansen had the misfortune, Friday afternoon, to fall backwards down the basement steps, bruising her entire body, and suffering cuts on the face. With two severe cuts on her head, she managed to get up the stairs snd to a telephone, and then called her daughter, Mrs. Charles Cooper, who came to her aid. Mrs. Hansen tripped on a strip Drunkenness Fine In West Bend Case Joe Mandres, West Bend, was fined $15 or an option of five days In jail on a charge of drunkenness, by Justice P. A. Danson, Tuesday. The defendant, according to testimony, entered the hope of Mrs. E. A. Andregg while In a poor condition. Mandres works on a farm in Garfield township, it was stated Chas. Egel Reelected Phone Line Head Irvington: Bad weather cut the attendance, Monday evening, at the annual meeting of rural telephone lines 15 and 27, but a quorum wua present, and annual elections held. Chas. Egcl was reelected president, Hugh Raney was reelected as treasurer. Fred Geigfcl as secretary, and Jacob Maasdam is a director. Leg Broken By Cow's Kick; Lies Injured in Snow Floyd Elliott of Titonka was badly Injured Tuesday while milking, when a cow kicked him, breaking his right leg Just above the knee. Mr. Elliott called for help but It was more than an hour before anyone reached him. He failed to come In for breakfast and his wife went outside to call him. When she got out of doors, she heard him shouting. The Elliotts have no telephone and she could not bring him in herself, so was forced to walk half a mile to neighbors, who called a doctor and then went to the farm to help bring Mr. Elliott In. Altogether, he was lying in the cold for IVu hours before he was brought in. It will be necessary to x-ray the injury, but his condition is such that pneumonia is feared. in"in* CBSB of iw» *»»B«™>* <* -•> ber, toe matter has been referred to the legislative committee consisting of t,. B. Llnnan and J. IX Lowe. 20 Towns Join In A total of 20 towns in this section of the state are understood to have been Invited^ to the Swea City Preliminary organization at Swea City was begun by a state secretary of a retail merchants' group, It was . understood. PROMISE SVVKA CITY LOWER POWER RATE Swea City: About 30 attended the February meeting of the Swea City Merchants' Association, in the Legion hall, last Thursday. Robert Raske, division superintendent for the Interstate Power Co. of Wln- nebago, Minn., was present and! promises a reduction In the Swea» City light rates. A committee was appointed to draw up a resolution to be presented to state representatives at Des Moines advising them of the injustice and disadvantage of the sales tax to merchants of towns like Swea City bordering states without sales tax, and asking for a revision of the law. 2 Traffic Case* In J. P. Court Two traffic cases were taken before Justice P. A. Danson, Tuesday. Myron A. Hunter was fined $5 and coats of $2 more, on a charge of failing to stop for a sign north of Algona. Patrolmen West and Sterzing appeared against Hunter. Clifford Holding of Burt was fined $8 on a charge of speeding with a truck. Officers claimed he was doing 43 miles per hour, south of Algona on highway 169. Margaret Erpelding of St. Joe Dead Margaret Erpelding, 31, sister of Andrew, Paul and John Erpeld- iug, who live south of St. Joe, passed away at Rochester, Minn., Wednesday morning about 11 o'clock. She had lived with her brothers until about 10 days ago when she went to Rochester and bad an operation. She is a daughter of toe late Peter J. Erpelding, and comes from a. pioneer and prominent family of south Kossuth county. Funeral services had not been ar- at prats ton*. Burt Boy Hurt In Lakota Fall While playing at the Elmer Hansen home near Lakota, Monday afternoon, Gary Schenck. visiting at the Hansen home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Schenck, fell from a day bed and broke his collar bone. The bone had been broken once before in a similar accident. The Schencks are from Burt. Friets Girl Hurt; New Baby Arrives Gerled: Marjorie Friets, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Friets, had her nose badly out of joint this week. She is nearly three years old and has been "daddy's boy" ever since she could first talk. Now daddy has a fine nine pound boy born Sunday evening at the Buffalo Center hospital. The lad and his mother are doing nicely. This gives the Friets a fine family of two girls and a boy. If You're Moving To those who are moving between now and March first, The Algona Upper Des Moines suggests tl it to prevent anyone from missing their paper, i.otice be sent ua of any changes in at'dress this waev. Then toe paper v:ill be change'! to the right address for week afl«r next, toe first week in March. HOGS Best light butch., 140-160 . .$7.00-7.75 Best light butch., 160-180 ... 7.75-8.75 Best light butch., 180-200 .... 8.75-9.50 Best light butch., 200-290 ... 9.50-9.65 Med. heavy, 290-325 9.40 Butchers, 325-350 9.30 Butchers, 350-400 9.00 Packing sows, 300-350 9.00 Packing sows, 350-400 8.90 Packing sows, 400-500 8.75 CATTLE Veal calves $5.00-7.50 Stock steers 5.00-6.00 Cunners and cutters 2.50-3.25 Fat steers 7.00-8.00 Fat yearlings 6.00-7.00 Bulls 3.50-4.75 Fat cows 3.50-4.50 GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn, old $1.10 No. 3 mixed corn, new 1.07 No. 3 yellow corn, new 1.08'.a No. 3 white corn, new 1.09 No. 3 white oats 49 Barley, No. 3 .'. 1.10 EGGS Hennerys No. 1 No. 2 Cash cream— No. 1 No. 2 Sweet POULTRY Hens, over 5 Ibs Hens, 4 to 5 Leghorn hens Hens, under 4 Heavy Stags, over 5 Heavy Slugs, under 5 Cocks, over 4Vs Cocks, under 4Mi Markets subiect to change by time of publication. 19c 38c Sic 32o 35c Mrs.OrvilleKollasch Of Wesley Passes Wesley: Friends were shocked Monday afternoon to learn of the death of Mrs. Orville Kollasch at an Algona hospital. Her premature infant lived but a few minutes. Mrs. Kollasch was formerly Marjorie Uhlenhake, and she was a girl of brilliant intellect, a graduate of Wesley high school. Sh» is survived by her husband, her mother, Mrs. Mary Uhlenhake, one brother, John, Whittemore; four sisters, Mrs. R. C. Bauer, Wesleyy the Mesdames George and Joa Krogmeier, Fort Madison, and Mrs. Gus Brundt, Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Kollasch were married in October, 1935. Paternity Case Because O. L. Hopkins of Laur- cns, charged with fathering a child born out of wedlock, was found to have been committed to the Iowa state psychopathic hospital at Iowa City, the case against him in district court here was temporarily postponed. County Attorney L. A. Winkel is studying the matter in detail before going any further. Sell Swea Business Swea City: Mr. and Mra. John A. Brown, who have conducted a variety store here for the past five years, have disposed of their business to Mrs. Henrietta Goff of Hawkeye, who is in immediate possession. The Browns plan to return to their former home in Michigan, some time this month. New Telephone Mgr. Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Stevens and son, John, of Pilot Mound, Iowa, moved to Fenton Monday and will have charge of the B'enton Telephone system, as lineman and operator. The Reader family, who were In charge for toe last four years, left last week for Palmer, Iowa, to have a similar position.

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