The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1937 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, Feb. 4, 1937 Dick Godfrey of Eagle Grove. .spent Sunday aa guest of Omega Rev. and Mrs. £. J. Braner visited Rev. H. R. Wrede of Garner, Monday afternoon. Mm. G. F. Towne and daughter, Burdine, spent the week end At : Rochester, Minnesota. Katiterlne Van New of Des .Molnes spent the week end with her father, E. J. Van Ness. Dr. W. D. Andrews will return this afternoon (Thursday) from a business trip to Des Molnes. Manley Hoppe of Moline, Illinois, •and Lois Guyette of Garner spent the week end with Manley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hoppe. Uoyd Keith, son of Harry Keith, 'has been employed at Long Beach. California for the past month, and Is now employed by a contractor. Mrs.* Frank Shuts will leave next week Tuesday for Concordla, Kansas, and will pay her'drfughter, Mrs. N. B. Foote, a two weeks' visit. Mr. aitd/nirft. G. W. itillmon and daughters will spend the week end at Dolliver visiting Mr. Stiiiman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Stillman. Mrs. Z*no Bass and daughter, Anna Rose of Strand, and Mardelle Morcomb of Creston were week «nd guests at the home of the former's daughter and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Roberts. The Misses Bass and Morcomb ire students at Drake University. - Edward Norman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Norman of this city, has accepted a position as traveling auditor for Swift & Company, and will travel. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kelly, and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hoppe spent Friday at Des Motnes attending an electrical convention. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Amunson and children were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glen McMurray of Belmond. The McMurray's were former Algona residents. Irving Urch, who Is employed at Long's Food Shop, is now confined to his home with the flu. Mrs. A. L. Long Is working at the store during his absence. Mrs. Cliff Aalfs will return Friday from Clayton, New Mexico, where she has been visiting the past few weeks at the home of her sister, Mrs. Wright P. J. Chrlntensen and L. M. Christensen went to Chicago Tuesday evening, and will be gone for two weeks on a buying trip for Chrlstensen's store. Catherine McCall will spend the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall. Catherine is employed at the AIB commercial college in Des Moines. Henry Stclner, who has been employed at the local Gamble Store for the past two years has been transferred to Des Moines to work in the new Gamble store in that city. He will leave Algona Friday. Have Your Man Tailored SUIT Made to fit you The collar, shoulders, sleeves, top of the skirt arc all made to fit your figure. The new spring fabrics are here. And the prices are reasonable. Come in. Madson & Hanson The Home of Better Clothes REFINERY GASOLINi Wluteiutomentay •boat SkeUy Aro- fa max U too strong • for tome to believe. Eumple>"IiUrtlnle» than 2 Mconil* on eoldctt mornings." Skelly Imilort into refinery-nude SkeUy Aromu Virgin gasoline pressed from gas. Far more volatile, cleaner, purer. Yon get faster sUrt, speedier ae> celeriuon, cleaner performance, more mileage. Try it—and see. Warren Hnhle of Algona and Mildred Hlrsch of Burt were married Wednesday afternoon at the Trinity Lutheran parsonage with Rev. P. J. Braner officiating. Mrs. E. R Seflfttrom spent Friday at Oowrie, Iowa, attending a miscellaneous shower given in honor of her daughter, Dorothy, who will be married February 12. Virginia Arn of Fort Dodge will begin work at Sorensen's Drug store the latter part of this week. She will live at the Lathrop apartments on East State street. Ixralse Smith spent the week end with her sister, Evelyn, who is attending the Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls. The girls are daughters of Mrs. Clyde Smith. Bob McCullongh arrived at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCuIlough, Tuesday evening, from Iowa City, where he is a student at Iowa State University. Virginia Ix»> Rlchey of Anderson, Indiana, arrived Tuesday to stay with her sister, Mjrs. Frantf R. Burton at 301 North Harlan. She has been employed by General Motors, but is at present vacationing due to the strike. Charles Cretimeyer arrived Monday from Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is a student at Harvard to spend a semester holiday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyor. He will return to Cambridge, Friday. Mrs. William Aaldprks of Lakota .returned to her home Tuesday evening, after spending the past three weeks taking care of her daughter, Mrs. Alwln Huenhold, who has been ill with the flil. Mrs. Huenhold has now thoroughly recovered. Ariene Sonncrholm of Crystal Lake has been taking care of her sister, Mrs. Holman Anderson, who was injured In a sleighing party four weeks ago. Mrs. Anderson's knee was seriously Injured and she will be walking on crutches for the next three weeks. Mrs. F. B. Shaffer and Sirs. O. C. McKee of Mason City spent Tuesday at Algona. Mrs. Shaffer attended a one o'clock luncheon at the home of her mother, Mrs. J, O. Paxson, given In honor of Mrs, Emily Dodge and Mrs. Dana Dodge of Fallon, Nevada. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson of Tl- tonka were guests Tuesday evening of the former's parents, Mr and Mrs. S. D. Wilson, and of Mr nnd Mrs. Vaughn Rising. Mrs Wilson and Mrs. Rising are recuperating from the flu. The Wilsons will be guests of the Risings Sunday. Geneva Scharlach, daughter o Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Scharlach, has returned to her duties in a Des Moines office. Geneva was ser lously Injured at a bob party two weeks ago, when she fell off th bob sled. She received a gash in her face, which required nln stitches to close. Bob Seltstrom, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Sellstrom, stopped at hi home Saturday on his way to Ames | to take part In the swimming meet Bob ia a student at Gustavus Adol phus college in St. Peter, Minnesota There was also a swimming mee at Grlnnell in which Bob won sec ond place in diving. Andy Andenon and a er*wd from mtdair from they attended th winter carnival. They report th city jammed to the guards, and hotels, streets and even office build ings were so crowded one coul hardly get through. The giant par ade was unable to go the entlr distance, Saturday night, because o the mobs, and'only about a thin of the marchers even got startec Andy says. He called 'a cab at : p. m. and It didn't arrive until 1 minutes before midnight, giving an iden of tho rush and congestion The carnival continues until Feb. 5 Friend* of Mr*. Knlph Hrunin who is better rcmembrrtd here a Mrs. Anna Johnson, will be inter i.ited to l'>arn thut ,'ihio rind he husband who live it Spencer, ar spending Severn.! wcchi in Toxa i a Houston and San Antonio. The ere with a ;sfr. nnd Mrs? Kruse whc 'ire also of Spencer. Mrs. Brusi stated that it has ruined almos •every day while th;y have been In Houston. In fact, it had rninei so much tnat newspaper wcr< writing squibs with headlines "Don't let orlght raya scare' you children—it's only Sun." Th Brusies expect to return to Spen cer about. March 1. (gll»t, SlullrOllCo. 6JKJ T SKEUY GASOLINE FOR EACH COMMUNITY IOWA Now Equipped With the Marvelous "Call Theatre" Sound System Two New Top Attractions Thurs.-Pri.-Sat, Free —Dionne Doll WABNEB BUGS. I STERN FUR VI FQRAN V. '' ,/rx California Serial "Darkest Africa" SECOND FICATUBE Eugene i*allette "Easy To Take" Radio's "Uncle Roddie" fell into « fortune. Award Priae Koin Rlub &ECON0 FEATUBE Beauty—-Comedy Oirly Gorfc'eouan&M Mae Clark John Payne UU* Attend 8 Badlo Bofue* "Hats Offff" The lid'a off on loveliness. Th<?Man About Town Says While the Country, Club hills provide almost perfect lures for skilers, oiks are reluctant In enjoying this port However, a group of young married people of which county ngineer, Slim Smith was a mem- >er, broke the ice. Slim, who knows legrees, angles, circles, longitudes nd rates of speed, stood looking lown the hillside and with n rea- onable doubt said, "Some of you ess brittle ones try it first." * * * There is a feeling of friendliness around the town of Garner non- xistent elsewhere. Bert Galbraith's ar slid leisurely around one of the harp corners on highway 18 east of Garner and the front wheel went over the shoulder of the pavement. Ice underneath prevented he rear wheels with power to right he car. Bert signaled distress to .he first car appearing and the Iriver acknowledged his greeting with a nod, a smile and* a wave of he hand and kept slowly moving by. Minutes later a second car neared, it was hailed, the driver did ixactly as the first had done and Bert stood wondering and mutter- Do your Xmas shopping early. Eleven more months till Santa Claus comes but the buyer at the lamble store is greeted with a sign on the door window, "Get Your Xmas Coupons Here," issued by the Chamber of Commerce. * * # An officer went to a home near Bancroft with a paper to serve The family was In need. The fath- :r In bed cried; the mother cried; the children starving; -not to the joint of death but starving never- .heless; huddled about their moth- r in their half dressed condition. This family had had no meat, butter, eggs, flour or other foods for many a day. The unscrved paper was folded and placed back In the officer's pocket and he gave what cash he could to the mother to buy food. it Isn't fair or Just to talk abont one's benefiicinrles, but in contrast to the above note nn accepted invitation to dinner a week ago found us sitting before a roast chicken 'east. The white meat of the brenst of that chicken was saved for the pet dog while the bones, usually a dog's diet, were put in the stove. * * * A fixer Is one who fixes. Karl Vincent is the town's most excellent fixer. He fixed the perfect nlibl for three married men who had no explanation to make at home for their stay-out-late-at-nlght affairs. Earl telephoned the three wives, separately, and deliberately convinced them of their mates' honest and sincere tardiness. The next day each man pronounced it perfect. So now, men, let Earl do it, or, fix It. Hula girls have nothing on our sheriff when It comes to shaking. Although Casey Loss' shaking was for a different reason it was of the shlmmey type nnd only the judge's words cured him. There is no fcnr of n rope or trap nnd vibrations at the court house have ceased. The sheriff's job was well done. * * * The coldest morning of the winter put a crimp In Lou Mntern's car. It wouldn't start. His son. Mike, put n team on it nnd pulled it with Lou at the wheel. It stiil woudn't start. When at the Call bridge Mike asked Lou if he had It In gear. Lou affirmed him. The car was pulled to the baseball park. It wouldn't start. Mike went back. The shift was in neutral. Mike shifted before the amazed Lou. Ten feet more the motor spluttered, nnd went to work. All the time Lou knew better. * * * A remarkable looking stray dog was taken home by Tunny Huenhold. An appetite created greedily by postponed menls was appeased and the dog given a bed in the basement. Four o'clock in the morning Tunney stole down stairs to investigate a disturbance. The basement door was open, the Ice box door was open, the dog was open for criticism and the floor was littered with eggs, milk, bananas, etc. * * * Women like neat, form fitting apparel. At the liquor store each bottle is wrapped to show Its streamline form. Lady customers object to carrying the purchases for the type of wrapping is individual, and everyone knows what she has under her arm. The shy buyer stops Into stores for a sack to carry her liquor in. It has become a nuisance and the state should supply paper sacks for its feminine trade. Swea City Couples Go To Estherville Swea City: Seven couples of the Married Couples' club are going to Estherville Friday evening of this week to meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Myhr for the usual 6:30 dinner and bridge. Mr. and Mrs. Myhr are members of the club, having continued the pleasant association after moving to Estherville. Trinity Lutheran Church P. •?. Brancr, pnstor Next Sunday: English service at fl a. m. Sunday School at 10 a. m. German service at 10:30 a. m. Saturday school at 9:30 a. m. Sunday School Teachers' meeting Friday evening. The Holy Season of Lent will bo- Kin next Wednesday. Special services will be conducted every Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The Installation of the elders will take place a week from Sunday. Church of the Nazarene Church school convenes at 9:45 a. m. Rev. M. C. Campbell will speak on "Hindrances to Faith" at the morning worship and in the evening on "The Mission of the Church." The Young People's service Is *t 7:00 p. m. First Lutheran Church M. A. Sjostrnnd, pastor The choir meets for rehearsal this evening at 7:30. A Sunday School Teachers' Institute will be held on Friday evening nt 7:30 with teachers from Swea City, Bancroft and Algon,' attending. Parents and others in- tcrsted are cordially welcome to attend. Sunday School next Sunday at If a. m. Vesper worship at 7:30. Brotherhood on Tuesday, Feb. 9. Luther League on Wednesday, Feb. 10. Horse & Mule Auction SATURDAY, FEB. 6 Fair Grounds, Algona, 1 p. m. Bring In your horfws, mule* and colt*—ther* In demand for them. We cnn get their value. We want thene homes to be M represented by owner. Buyem etui hitch and try them before fipttlement A square deal to all. Do Not Overlook Our Regular Tuesday Auction of Cattle, Hogs and Sheep Thin nale ha* (he reputation of always being good. We can ii»w» more dtook—bring them In. You will bo satisfied. Buyer* from near and far always on 'the benches. H. M. Colwell, Mgr. Iowa Stnto Bank, Clerk WWYWWWUW Colwell Bros., Auctioneers Mrs. Josephine Skiff Dies in Nevada Mrs. Josephine Carlon Skiff died January 25, 1937 at Fallen, Nevada, after a four day illness. She was born February 29, 1861 at Irvington, Iowa, to Mr. and Mrs. Kinsey Carlon, early day settlers in that community. Mrs. Skift was raised and educated in Kosauth county schools and attended the Iowa State Normal college. September 11, 1888, she was married to R S. Skiff at Iowa Falls. Mrs. Skiff taught school at Iowa Falls and at Elkhorn, Wisconsin. She was a successful teacher both in Iowa anil Wisconsin. Her husband preceded her in death in 1927. Funeral services were held at Iowa Falls January 28, in the Congregational church with Rev. Kent officiating. Burial waa in the Iowa Falls cemetery. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Emily C. Dodge of Fallon, Nevada. Out of town relatives attending the funeral were Mrs. Emily C. Dodge and her daughter-in- law, Mrs. Dana C. Dodge of Fallon, Nevada, who accompanied the body to Iowa; Mrs. D. P. Smith, Algona, and Ernest Roberts of Clarksville, Iowa. PUBLIC SALE of the Remaining Assets of the Kossuth County State Bank, of Algona, Iowa Monday, Feb. 15th, 1937 Sale to be held in the Court Room of the Kossuth County Court House, inAlgona,Iowa,and to start promptly at 2 o'clock p.m. r '''f^rtisant fo an Order of the District Court of Iowa, In and for Kossuth County, signed February and, 1037, the undersigned will sell, subject to any minor errors or omissions, the remaining; assets of the Kossuth County State Bank, of Algona, Iowa, at the Court Room In the Kossuth County Court House, at Algona, Iowa, on the 18th day of February, 1937, at 2 o'clock P. M. The right to settle with any debtor and withdraw any item before the sale is hereby reserved. All of the assets as listed below are to be sold without recourse or guaranty on the part of the Receiver. Hospital News Kohsutii Hospital Monday, February 1 — Mrs. W. H. Bosworth of Burt gave birth to a baby boy. Tuesday, February 2 — Joan Metzger of Algona underwent a double mastoidectomy. Tuesday. February 2 — Clara Davidson of Mankato, Minn., entered aa a medical patient. Wednesday, February 3— Mrs. J. C. Stewart of Algona gave birth to a baby girl. Wednesday, February 3 — Mrs. Paul Bell of Algona gave birth to a baby boy. Wednesday, February 3 — Aaron Taylor of Burt underwent a ton- •Uectowy. General Hospital Wednesday, February 3—Ft A. Bunting of Algcna bod bis tonsils removed. D. W. BATES. Receiver of the Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa BILLS RECEIVABLE Adams, E. A $13,000.00 (Endorsed by Henry Adams & C. H. Cretzmeyer) Albright. C. B. & Kate Albright 217.04 Baker, W. E 193.30 Becker, Anton & Mary Becker 1,177.00 Becker, Anton 94.87 Calllcs, Otto 10.00 Circhling. Frank 3,880.00 (Secured by 1st UEM on S Dakota real estate) Uitsworth. Russell 09.81 Elvidge, J. (deceased) 175.00 (claim filed in estate) Forbes, A. S. 34.87 Fouarge, Phillip 25.00 Freeh, J. A 24.59 Clodfredsen, Andrew 461.64 Godfredsen, Andrew 700.00 Godfrcdsen, Andrew & Emma Godfredsen (deceased) 5,000.00 (Some C. M. security covering above three notes) Godfredsen, Andrew 500.00 Godfredsen, Andrew 409.00 Godfreclsen, Andrew & Emma Godfredsen (deceased) 16,800.00 Green, E. J. & H. E. Green (deceased) 380.00 Halverson, J. H. 72.26 Heiderscheidt, Adam. John P. & Frank Heiderscheidt 378.79 (1588.00 collateral note of Valentine Heider- scheidt) Heiderscheidt, Adam, John P. & Frank Heiderscheidt 250.00 Heiderscheidt, Adam, Anna, John P., Cordia & .Frank » .13000.00 (John P., Cordia, and Frank Heideracltvidt are discharged bankrupts). Horkina, W. A 32.92 Johnson, Wilfred P. & M. L. Hoppe (deceased) 75.00 Keys. C. E 50.00 Lenten, John (deceased) 100.00 Miller, Geo. M 50.00 Moulds. R. B 410.0d Mi (lonnell, Li-Roy & Kmiua McConnell 148 V\ - McMahon, Hugh 5.08 Nelson, Oocar 69.»2 I'letch, H. W 56K.77 Pletch, H. W. & Joseph Pletch 2,100.00 Potter, C. H 25.00 Rudiujf, Alice Steil '. 225.00 Reid, Jan. & Mrs. Jas. Reid 60.00 Smith, C. D 750.00 (09 shares Lemmon Loan Co., Leinrnon, S. Dak., assigned) Thompson. Theo. 0 25.00 Todd. J. C 1,170.00 Van Doratan, G. E. (deceased) 68.50 Wadsworth, Jos. W. (deceased) 1,300.00 Wright, Harry & Gladys 1>. Wright . 22.50 BILLS RECEIVABLE IN JUDGMENT Buhannun, J. T. (deceased) & Anna Bohannon 728.22 Davidaon, James 66.97 Elbert, James 48.51 Gardner, D. C 369.82 Goederu, Bert & Nick Gueders 124.26 Hargreaves, Philip H. & Clara C. HarKreaves (a deficiency) 12,860.60 Jergengon, Harvey 548.37 McWhorttr, EHis 1,377.26 Miller, Agnes 27.68 Miller, Sam (deceased) 36.58 (ulso, cluim tiled) Peck, G«o. D 18.68 HARRY V. HULL, Examiner In Charge Popkcs, Herman & Mary Popkes (a deficiency) Quarton, W. B Quarton, W. B Reding, L. C. <'a deficiency) Reed, Mae B. & Grovcr C. Reed Hosc-nau, August Tapper, Joseph & Ilarmku Tapper ThlljicH, LeRoy CASH ITEMS Dt'Hcription: A check, issued by Leland Torkflaon, drawn on Farmers Hav- infjn Bank, Ruthven, Iowa (closed) under date of Aug. 31, 193), payable to and endorsed by Howard Nordstrom 7,420.87 4,181.72 15,787.2 » 389.23 62.39 2.W.07 177.81 158.07 8.00 STOCK ASSESSMENT JUDGMENTS Wadsworth, J. W. (deceased) ................ 8,400.00 NON LEDGER ASSETS BILLS RECEIVABLE Adams, C. C ............ - .................................... Butts, Frank & Fannie G. Butts .......... Danson. R. 0 ............................................. Danson, R. O. .............................................. Duiton, R. J ................................................... Fechner, A. P ...................... . ...................... Gilbert, J. A. & Mrs. J. A. Gilbert ........ Hang, Otto ............... . ................................ Kraft, Mrs. W. H., William Kraft & Mrs. F. A. Hydecker ...................... Lane, John .............................................. Lattimer, H. W ............................ Messing, M. R ............................... Mattison, Maurine .................... Murtha, Mrs. Mary . Muitlia, i'etc & Helen Murtha . Murtha, Pete & Helen Murtha . Murtha, P. J. & Mary Murlh:i . Nugent, C. K ....... .. . Poll, Howard L ............... . Rusenkrans, L. C ........... . Hewani, L. C. ................ Sevvard, L. C. ......... . Tapper, Joseph & llarmku Tapper Turner, Ed ............ . Young, A. W. ...... . .. JUDGMENTS Bounnan, Clarence W. HrigK", John & Mrs. John liriiigs . Hunker, A. C. (a deficiency* . Cuvanaugh, T. A. He Lulu C'avanaugh Crourh, Emma E. Uodd.s. Archie A. . Outton, W. A. & Marganl A. Button (a deficiency; ........... Ferguson, A. C. . HajjK. Grant & Huldu M. Hak'U Knudsun, E. J. & Mary Knudson (a deficiency) ...................... I-uraon. George & Louise Larson Lowman, Ira E ......... Mahouey, C,. F. ......................... Mahoney, G. F ....... McConnell, Roy & Emma McConnell (a deficiency) . .. McC'ujmell, Hoy & Emma McConnell Momyer, C. F. & Ed McDade ...... Patterson. H. A. & Mary C. Patterson Reilly, C. H .......................... Thilges, Mrs. Joe Thissen, R. J. & Mary Thissen (a deficiency) ...................... Ward, Frank J ................ 42.00 115.00 100.00 90.00 73.80 10.00 2fX).00 61.60 65.00 50.00 218.00 250.00 15.00 27U.OO 74.14 600.00 2,675.00 87.5u 47.27 4or>.(x» k.i'l.U 475.00 H.70 23. b4 54.^7 1,051.24 179.72 85.22 3,760.00 553.61 52.71 17890 6,608.90 4.'«l.90 ».28 297.70 5,000.00 432.24 l,164!ii 788 25 88.28 60.10 200.00 364.50 All o/ the above items will bo offered separately and collectively, and any depositor of tiie bunk or creditor may make an offer prior to the date of the sale by tiling bis bid with the Receiver, and which will be the standing bid at tho time the above assets art) sold. Any one interested in making setUemtiuUi before the dttto of the stilu muy sue or write Harry V. Hull, Examiner in Charge, AJgcm*, Iowa. For this Volume Sole IGA kept factories humming with a 75- carload order of rolled oatol The result is a low price on O fine product WINE8AP APPLES . CRISP LETTUCE 7 Ibs. 23c GRAPEFRUIT JIUCY NAVEL ORANGES . 2 head* 23c . . doz. 29c LEMONS BROWN BETTT COFFEE 2 Ib tin 49c Three 1*4 or. pkgs. Cracker jack . . 12c Free Comic Valentine with each package IGA Pillow Soft Marshmallows . 17c 1 Ib. pkg. cello hag Ui\ Ki|>e 'n Ragged 29 or. ran Pineapple . . . 25c 1HK Cruiihi-d or TldbitM 3-8 oz. tin* Pineapple . . . 25c Carol full i|iiiu > t Salad Dressing . . 25c 1MK Fey hhrcdded 2 No. 2 can* Kraut 19c jM'r Ib. . . . 17c . . .'iSc 3 Ib. tmg . . 55c 2 large bar* . . . 17c 6 boxen . . 19c 2-1 Ib. tali can* . . . 25c doz. 25c doz. 39c Assorted Cookies . H,\ DKSSKKT Powder . IU-U 'A' Coffee . . Lava Soap Fargo Matches . Lanka Fey Fink Salmon . 1HK Fey IU«I AIa»k» 1 Ib. tall can Salmon .... 27c *'tine l/alut\ CRISCO Mb. tin 21c 3H>. 57c MtCIIMOKlK BRAND COCOA 2 Ib. can 14c CiOLUKN BANTAM CORN 3 No. 2 cans 29c KARLY JI'NE PEAS No. 2 can lOc WHEATIES 2 for 21c Uiu 10 A Fancy Tuna Fish . 35c Doini-otic 6 tin* Sardines . 25c STOCK DP FOR LENT! IOA BRAND Shop at your horn* -owned IGA Stoie lot values) LCD! itarU next weekl Take advantage of !!>«•• ipocial pric«i NOW! TOMATOES 3 for CHEESE, Meat Specials LARD 41ba. 65c PORK CHOPS Ib. 23c BOSTON SPARE RIBS . . . Ib. 6c SPICED HERRING . . 5 Ib. jar 65c NORTHERN PIKE (dressed) . . 13c BEEF ROAST Ib. 15c Baldwin Food Market Your I. G. A. Grocer Free Delivery Phoue 365 STORES

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