The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 21, 1937
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HISTORICAL Off*. QfiPf AND COUtfff ' PAPKR Established 1865 ALOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1937 Twelve Pages. VOL. 35—No. 3 ; < | 10 Townships List Men To Rule 1937 Soil Aid Program FAR MAY ASK FORBU1LDINGS Bcuffham, Hagge Are Elected Directors at Annual Session Clark Scuffham wa* reelecUd a* • director of the fair board to serve • three year term, Tuesday after- the annual meeting ot the )^t& uM ctturt ro4Mtt iwwst Hagge of LedWd was ,_,— me year toflfl themt- •n&id term of O*orge Moulton, Anne* fair hoard president, who passed away last year. Discussion of the poulblllty of obtaining a government grant of fund* to erect a new 4-H building, • calf club building, and possibly a permanent dance hall wa* very Interesting. Vincent pointed out that rental on tent* for the calf club and dance ball were costing a great deal of money each year. The directors agreed to investigate and find out the possibility of such a grant for separate buildings, or pOMlbly one Joint building. A resolution of sympathy and appreciation wa* adopted in behalf of the memory of Mr, Moulton by a unanlmou* vote of those present, after it wa* introduced by J. M. Patterson, president, and Earl Vincent, secretary. Secretary Vincent stated that the •aMociatlon was about $300 behind on the fair this year, due chiefly to the fact that only two day* of thu fair had favorable weather. The annual meeting of the board will be held In March, at which time the organization for the year will be worked out Rest in County To Elect Committees This •Week « * t _ TO SELECT COUNTY COMMITTEE, 28TH ALFRED WALKER, With township committee election* about half completed, and the remainder to be completed this week, organization of the 1937 soil conservation program in Kossuth county was well under way. After township committees are alt organized, a general meeting will be held In the Bryant school, Algona, January 28, at 10 a. m. for permanent organization of a central county committee. Each township chairman will cast hi* town- •Mp'fl ballot The 10 township soil conservation committee election* that have been held and reported to county headquarter* In Algona are a* follow*: Buffalo twp.—-Ernest Peterson, Tltonka; B. P. H*msen, Tltonka; Jay Budlong, Tltonka, and Clarence Schutjer, Wesley. Eagle twp.—M. L. Johnson, Armstrong; Sam Larson, Armstrong; A. Ostergaard, Swea City, and Lloyd Gardner, Svvca City. Prairie twp.—W. H. Merriam, Corwithi.C. H. Frlmml, Corwlth: Albert H. Johnson, Corwlth, and M. A. Arndorfer, Corwlth. Rlverdale twp.—John Zeller, Bode; Peter Kayser, Bode; George Bormann, Bode, and Nick E. Thll ges. Bode. Seneca twp.—W. H. Elmers, Ringsted; Joe Crowley, Fenton; Gea. W. Johnson, Ringsted, and John Ol»on, Fenton. Springfield twp.—Herman Runka- meler, Ledyard; J. F. Sullivan. Ledyard; Wm. Rotterman, Elmore; and Fred G. Darnell. Lwlyard. Swea twp.—O. L. Thoreson, Swea City; Joe Kennedy, Arm*trong; 8. A. Butcher, Armstrong, and W. D. Offenateln, Armstrong. Union twp/-Robert M. Lo»«, Algona; R, A. Harvey, Algona; John * , Jr., Burt; W. - ALGON1ANASKS $3.312 DAMAGE IN AUTO CRASH Armstrong Man Named Defendant By Harold W. Keucker SAYS CAR WAS PASSED ON HILL \ • In a damage suit flled last week In the Emmet county clerk's office Harold W. Kuecker asks damages totalling $8,312.50 from Adolph Questad of Armstrong as the result of an auto crash oft the night of Oct. 8, 1936, ten mllM east of Eatherville on Primary Highway According to the petition Kuecker was driving his Plymouth coach westerly on Highway TO. 9 In a careful and prudent raaiUUr and at a moderate rate of ipeM on his right north halt of th« pav- Annual Creamery Meeting, Feb. 6th Stockholder* of The Ahrona Coonerative Creamery are being notified that the annual meeting of the cooperative wfll be held Fpfcrtoary 6, Instead of the iMf Saturday In January. The postponement wa* made heratlRe of a hlnh school banket- ball tournament which Is to be held January 80, 1987. At a meeting of the board, on Jan. 14, the new date of February 6 wa* selected, and members are *o notified. Ing when hi* car wa* run Into and •track by An auto owned and driven by Adolph Questad. The petition said that Questad was going east on the highway in a careless and negligent manner and on the wrong side of the paving when the cars came together. The defendant had Just passed another car on a hill. The plaintiff »et the damage* of hi* auto at $500. In hi* petition he •aid he sustained severe personal Injuries Including a severe concussion on the right side of the head and deep cuts about the head, and numerous bruises and abrasions, was also rendered unconscious and suffered a great shock, physical pain and mental suffering. His Injuries required medical attention for the sum of $85 and the plaintiff wa* confined to hospital for three weeks and was wholly Incapacitated for a period of aeyen week*. As the result of his injuries the plaintiff In his petition claims he ha* suffered and continued to suffer at least for one year, pain, dizznles* and nausea from his Injuries, for which he a*ks $2,600. A* a salesman he was earnin; $35 per week and he auk* $245 for the wage* he lo*t while utable to work. He also asks to have $2.50 which be spent for transportation to hi* home repaid to him. 'KuecSc- er is a salesman at BJ-~—'- MURTHftSHURT AS CAR SEEKS TO MBS BIRD Collision North of Elmore —Baby Jarred in Crash When their truck was struck Monday by another machine, driven by a Mrs. Bmmerson who dodged to avoid hitting, a pheasant, the driver of the car was quite severely injured, but Mr. and Mrs. Matt Murtha, riding In the truck, with their 22-months-old baby were fortunately only slightly Injured. Mr*. Emmerson applied the brake* on her machine, on the highway north of Elmore, Minn., and the machine skidded Into the Murtha truck. Mrs. Murtha was found tightly clutching the baby, which wa* shaken up, but otherwise unlnjur- ed. Mr. Murtha received an In- Jury to his knee, and was on crutches, Monday, while Mrs. Murtha was cut and bruised. Mrs. Emmerson was knocked uncon«- sclous from a blow on the head, and was taken to the Elmore hospital. BUILD $15,000 RENDERING WKS. HEREIN SPRING Des Moines Concern And W. A. Vigars Form New Setup * NOW OPERATING 5 COUNTY TRUCKS A new, modern, up-to-date plant will be erected here In the spring, costing about $16,000, by the General By-Poducta, Inc., of Des Moines, to manufacture and process tankage, bone meal, meat scraps and similar products, It was learned here this week. W. A. Vigars, owner of the Algona Rendering Works, recently closed negotiations with the con cern, and his local setup will be known as the Algona Rendering Co., but Will be affiliated with the Dee Moin«« organisation. Operate 5 Truck* The new organization here Is al ready operating five trucks, on from Algona, and one each from Tltonka, LuVerne, West Bend, and Fenton, Mr. Vigars said, as well as one pickup truck. The Algona plant will be one of a half dozen or so operated throughout the state by the Des Moines concern. Mr. Vigars will continue In charge of the local plant, and retain* an Interest in it. Opens '87 Building Many persons 'locally hail the Stoner, M'Vey Stories Differ in Murder Case Is He Connected With Jergemon Murder? Harry Stoner, Accused of Crime, Says "No NO B1NG CROSBY BUT MAN DENIES CHARGEOFLEWD Jim Pentecost of Algona Is no announcement as the opening gun of a building and expansion program In Algona which may surpass in 1937 the altogether creditable progress made in 1938. The new plant wkh greatly enlarged facilities will nerve this entire section of the state, bring an expanded Industry to Algona, and In addition, with the new equipment, have absolutely nothing objectionable In the way of aroma, as modern processing is done in euch | a manner, with a dry cooker, that one would be unaware of the plant and its functions, unless told of it. BODEREELECTED New Witnesses Found; Investigation Is Still In Progress TRIO KEPT IN DIFFERENT JAILS Mrs. Me Vey Certain to Face Charge of Bigamy New evidence was being sought this week by County Attorney l» A. Winkel, In the case of Harry Stoner and Glen McVey. both of Algona, facing charges of murder, or being acce**orle« before and after tne fact, in connection with th« reopening of the matter after the . arrest of Btoner at Waterloo, OIL an old warrant Stoner is in the Algona Jail; Me- Vey Is In the Emmetaburg - " Mrs. McVey I* In Jail at Dodge. County official* are still wot _ on the case, and the final decision In the matter will rest on a mas* of facts and fiction which they have nt present, or expect to get. Tell Different Btorte* Winkel stated that all of tfa« trio are telling storle* which differ In some fundamental point*.) Non» are being "grilled" or subjected to any harsh treatment In an effort to get at the truth, but with the «- ceptfon of a few points on which they all agreed at the trial 20 months ago of Warren Dale on U» charge of murder In connection with the robbery and death of Mra. Anton Jergenson, while •tate's: wltneaaea, they are now telling •lories of great difference. Whether or not the ca*e* of the three will be presented to the forthcoming grand Jury, which convene* next week, to alao not definite. Winkel, In office only a few < •aid Wednesday lt^ " ' on development* Pneumonia proved fatal to Alfred Walker, 18, *on of Mr. and Mr*. Albert Walker, who live a *hort distance from here. Alfred pawed away Monday afternoon at hi* home from complication*, which aet In after an Illness which began •bout * month ago. Funeral service* were held Wednesday afternoon at the Methodist church, Algona, and Interment waa In Rlver»lde cemetery. Rev. Allen Wood preached the funeral *ermon. The young man wa* born Sept. 8, 1918. Be*lde* hi* parent* he leave* eight brother* and (later*: Mr*. Wm. Broe*der and Mr*. D. L. McArthur of Good Hope, J-eona, Melvin, Le*tern, Helen. Marie and Bernlce at home. Out of town relative* here for the service* were: Mr*. Frank Miller and Edward Hoppe, Claremont, Minn.; Mr. and Mr*. John Hoppe nn i\ family, Fairmont, Minn.; Mr. •od Mrs. Qlen Hoppe. Henry Hoppe family, and Mr. and Mr*. Ed m, of OraetUnger; Mr. and Chester Hoppe, Fairmont, ; Mr. and Mra, Harold Khm- hto, Brltt; and Mr. and Mrs. John !* A- Whl'ttemore twp.—J- W. Slmp«on. Whlttemore; Chas. Bormann. West Bend; Erwto Blems, Whlttemore, and Wm. Meyer, Whlttemore. In each of the above named townships, the first man named Is chairman of the township committee. 6 Young People Unhurt in Upset Whlttemore: Six occupant* of a car driven by Earl Bchmltt were uninjured when the auto tipped over six mile* north of Clare, while the group wa* returning from a basketball game *t Clare. The occupants of the car were Tom Farrell, Mary Anita Calry. Richard Seymour, Melvin Elbert and Maxlne Smith. Hoppe, Jr., LuVerne. Pallbearer* were couaina, Ralph, Lloyd, Raymond, Robert, and Russell Walker, and Raymond Johnaon. HOO8 B**t light butch., 140-160 ..$7.00-7.50 Beit light butch., 180-180 .. 7.70-8.60 Beit light butch., 180-200 8.16 Be*t light butch., 200-800 8.50 Med. heavy, 900-325 . , Butchers, 325-360 J>23 *».00 9-00 8.85 8.65 Butcher*, 360-400 Packing sows, 300-350 Packing »ow», 850-400 Packing news, 400-800 . CATTLE v- «" v « fS85» 8.00-8.50 6.60-7.50 3.50-5.00 Stock Canner* and cutter* rat *te*r» Fat yearling* Bulls Fat cow* UBAIN Mo. 3 yellow corn, old No. 8 mixed corn, new Wo. 3 yellow corn, new No. 8 white corn, new No. 4 yellow corn No. 8 white oat* Barley, No. 8 £008 Hennery* tlAl 1.07* .... 1.08 .... 1.08 1.06 H .51 Vi .... 1.10 Annual Meeting of Security State Bk. After only nine month* since opening up, Algona'* new banking in- •tltution, the Security State Bank, seem* to be in a healthy condition with a *teadlly growing li»t of depo*itor*. The total footing* of the new bank i* $327,360.M. and the deposit* amount to $290,000. Thl* •bowing wa* pronounced eminently satisfactory at the stockholders' meeting which wa* held Tuesday evening. The old officer* and director* were reelected with the exception of Theo. Hutchison, whoce brother, Don Hutchison, replaced him a* a director. C. B. Murtagh, present state comptroller, wa* re-elected president; Frank Kohlhaa*. vice president; A. Hutch- lion, honorary vice president; K. A. Scheme!, cashier. The board of director* i* a* follow*: J. W. Haggard, A. Hutchison. C. B. Murtagh, B. J. Hough, H. M. Hauberg, M. O. Bourne, Frank Kohlhaa*, E. A. Scheme), D. C. Hutchison, O. D. Shumwuy and R. W. Caldwell. Elizabeth Urch, 94, Passes Here Elizabeth Urch, 94 years old, a resident of Algona for many year* and a sister of the late John Urch, passed away Tuesday at the E. N. Taylor home here. Ml** Urch wa* born in England in 1843 and came to the United State* at the age of ittemore Win Prize; Si 2 Foxes Whittemore: Thi* i* a different •tory of a fox hunt! The boy* got a fox—in fact two of them. The Whtttemore conservation league unit started out Sunday, with about 60 in the party, and •urrounded a section southwest of here. Two foxes were discovered but ran south Into another *ectlon before they could be surrounded, but the hunt wa* on. Surrounding the next section, the hunter* cloved In. One of the foxes •tarted down a dredge ditch, but Olto Hahn wa* In the way, with a trusty 10-guage and an accurate eye. Mr. Fox bit the du*t, proving that Otto I* *ome *harp*hooter. The fate of the second fox was decided a few minutes later, when a haJf dozen »pled him at the *ame time, and let go to the final end of the marauding fox. Other conservation unit*, pleaie take notice! 80. 19c !".14c -36c ...83c ..8«u POULTRY Haas, over 5 lb« Hen*, 4 to 6 Leghorn hen* leghorn, No. » ben* Spring, over 5 Spring*, und«r 6 Hens, under 4 No. a Spring* Heavy Stag*, over 8 IS Vic »'/4c _ over Cock* under lUffcste IBM of BII lOVic TVic .. IVic by Mil* Urch wa* a great aunt of Irving Urch. Funeral service* were being ar- tanged but had not been completed at press time. Rev. Scbwybart, however, will preach the funeral sermon, it was announced. Garneidl Twp. Girl Bride, Thursday Ml** Esther Bernioghau*. daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Guatav Bern- ingbau* of Garfleld township, and Tim Klein, *on of Mr. and Mr*. John Klein of Lauona, Iowa, wero united in marriage Thursday afternoon at 1:30 at the Lutheran par- sunage in W«*t Bond. The Rev E. J. Otto performed th* ceremony Miss Pauline*, sister at the brldu acted a* bridesmaid. William Osiwald, uncle of the bride acted a* beat man for th* occasion A six o'clock wedding reception wa* held at the bent* of th* bride's parents. Whittemore Editor To Des Moines Job Whittemore: Ray Burdlne, former managing editor of the Whittemore Champion, ha* accepted a position with the state department of printing at De* Molnea. Ray left Wedneaday for De* Moines to •tart hi* new work. Hi* first, job will be editing the Iowa Official Regliter. This book contains the statistic* of different department* of the)State of Iowa. Ray's many friend* In thl* «ec- tlon, and among newspaper* In north central Iowa wl«h him the beet of luck. Billy Higgin* 1* now handling the WhitUmore Champion for Mrs. Alice Calry, owner. Mrs. Frances Rahm Rites, St. Benedict Funeral service* for Mr*. Frances Rahm of St. Benedict were held Monday morning at ten o'clock at the St. Benedict Catholic church. The Rev. H. B. Kramer officiated. Burial was made in the St. Benedict cemetery. Mr*. Rahm died Friday, exactly a month before she would have reached her 81st birthday. She had been a resident of Prairie township for more than 60 year*. She wa* born at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, February 15, 1856. Surviving are two daughter*, Mra. P. immerfall of St. Benedict and Mr*. Fred Mulhert of De* Moines. In addition, there are a number of grandchildren and a number of other relative* in the St. Benedict vicinity. Pall bearer* were L«o Immerfall of Algona, Ed Immerfall, Clara Maurice and Magnu* Rahui and Lawrence Mulhert Blng Crosby when him In her court, Tuesday; 'aft** a hearing on that charge preferred by 1 Nick Maharis. Viola Maharl*, daughter of Nick, stated that Pentecost wa* In the habit of vUltlng a friend, Charles Ramus, who live* near the Mah- arla home, and that the boya would take to Ringing loud and "terrible" conga. She laid the songs wre not "dirty" but Juat "terrible." She further alleged that Pentecost had Indecently exposed himself In her preaence during one of these singing sprees, which ihe witnessed and heard from across the street Other witnesses were Nick and J. W. Black, another neighbor. Pentecost, put on the stand by hi* attorney, H. W. Miller, said he frequently visited Ramus, and that maybe they had a beer or two, and would then sing a few songs. He said he liked to sing, especially cowboy aonga, but denied anything lewd about hi* conduct. After hearing the testimony, Justice Welter aaid there WHS insufficient ground* to carry the case further, and inasmuch aa the charge i* an indictable offense and lacked evidence to prove the caae, ordered It dismissed, and charge* of $5.76 aaaeased to the state. Rewrites Of New» From Lest Tueuby'i Kowuth County Advance H. J. Bode of Algona, Kossuth county, and J. H. Currans of Ruthven, Palo Alto county, were elected to serve three years on the board of directors of the Emmetsburg Production Credit Association at the annual meeting of it* stockholder* January 13, 1937, in the K. P. Hall In Emmetsburg. With Mr. Bode and Mr. Currans, the following hold-over directors will compose the board for 1937: John Heuck of Everly, Clay county; J. A. Wilson of Mllford, Dickinson county; and O. K. Morton of Esthervllle, Emmet county. The director* reelected W. M. Towncend a* secretary-treasurer and named John Heuck president and H. J. Bode, vice president. In addition to the regular business of the meeting, two of the association's stockholder-member* C. H. Arthur of Dickinson county, apd L. P. Phelpa of Emmet county, appeared on the program. Whittemore Elects Elevator Officers A three percent dividend wa* declared by th* Whittamore Elevator Co. at the annual meeting, hale Tuesday in Whittemore. M. W Fandel wa* named pre*ldent, F J. Balgeiaan, vice president, Frank Bc»tenUhner, secretary-treasurer and Joaeph Loebach, Auguat Vaudt Frank Foley and G*org* Winkel en the board. ELEANOR Weather Goes Up, Then Slides Down Weather during the week fluctuated from a low of 12 below up to 33 degrees above zero during the past week. Snow late Tuesday night and Wednesday fell to the extent of about three Inches, the first during the week. ' Week's weather: Date Jan. 13, mist PAYNE, Algona, al j a n. 14 ner r^m^«/W»»»S»flv» nwoa,-ewd*ntly wondering what the future wnjhold for him, If coitvicleVl of flr»t degree murder, he can be'bung-ort the courthouse lawn, under state law. Btoner denle* any connection with the affair. , Hungry Kids to Get Proceeds From Benefit Movie, Friday daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Payne, Is in the Mercy hospital, Mason City, where she is taking nurses' training, recovering from injurie* suffered In an auto accident when a ear in which she was riding (truck the aide of a Great Western freight train in Mason City at a crossing. Emil C. Ell- ng. Garner, driver of the car, was seriously Injured. The train was ctanding still, but the flagman was on the opposite side from the approaching car. Eleanor's nose was badly smashed, and she suffered other injuries, but Is reported recovering nicely. Elling received two fractured legs and possibly internal injuries. LAWRENCE G1LLESPIE was re-elected head of the Algona Municipal Band, at a meeting Monday. Other officers are Helmuth Huenholt . secretary- treasurer ; Leonard Schmidt of Bode, manager; and Theo. Herbst, director. Dr. Qeo. Walrath wa* elected a* a new band member. • * * ORGANIZATION OF a Music Club waa perfected by a group of 24 ladle*, after a meeting at the Mathe* Tea Room. Mra. C. R. Holt wa* named president, Mrs Baker of Bancroft, vice president, and Mrs. Geo. Vance, secretary with Mrs. E. C. MqMahon, treasurer. • • » Bt'BT HIGH school participated In its first basketball game In 13 years on the Burt floor, losing to Lukotu. 36-18, laat week. • * • DAVID LYNCH, Ledyard, und Irene Whitford, Lone Kock, were united in marriage at the Bancroft Catholic church last Thursday They will return to Kossutb county to farm, after a honeymoon trip High Low 33 17 32 .. 4 .28 26 Jan. 15 Jan. 16 Jan. 17 Jan. 18 9 Jan. 19 28 The forecast for the week end waa colder weather. -7 -12 -6 4 -11 0 Educated Cows Milk to Music Alfred Schenek ban a radio In hi* barn on hi* farm, a few mllr* north of Algona. The radio dora double duty. Alfred not only geta entertainment from It, but he »ay« hta cow* all have inunlcul fi»r», »nu Hint thi-y respond very nicely In their milking to th« correct tune*. "The Iowa Corn SOUK." »»y» Alfred. rtsulU In the be»t satisfaction to th« cow*. Ife nays that po**lbly It remind* them of the good old dayit whfn corn watt cheap rnou«h to frrU. "Dixie" In another heavy milk- er, wid bring* ln*Unt and contented response from the cow*. Next thing we know, we »up- poso they'll be doing >••<• rhuin- ba. 7 Cattle Break Thru Ice, Drown Irvington: Barney Frankl, local merchant, again had misfortune park on his doorstep. Mr. Frankl had quite a number of feeding cattle this fall in the Orville Hedrick pasture, south and west of the Irvington river bridge. Sunday, some hunters were at the river, and discovered seven of the cattle had tried to cross the river and had broken through the Ice and drowned. At this point the river is about five feet deep. It will also be remembered that about a year ago Frankl had some cattle suffocate while-they were being fed at the •and pit Holdup Alarm At Bldg., Loan Office Employees of the AlBomi Building & Loan got a thrill Saturday afternoon, when they believed they were about to be held up. Two strangers came into the office and uskcd to look at an Insurance liability policy. C. Ft. I-a- Barru, manager, sent one of his employees for officers, because It was most unnatural for anybody to ask to inspect or inquire about such matters. The men remained for about half an hour and left. Extra precautions were taken against break-ins. 30 Days in Jail For Bad Checks Justice P. A. Danson handled three cases in hi* court the past few days, chief among which was the sentencing of Kelsey Burtia to 30 days In the county jail on a charge of passing worthless checks. Jumes H. Merryman, Algona trucker, was fkied $1 and costs on it charge of operating a motor vehicle without a license. Oscar Elke, Algona, wus given a 30 day suspended sentence on a charge of drunkenness., He had served two day*, and the other 28 were impended. G. Boyle to Locate In Mitchell, S. D. George Boyle, former Whittemore boy. who hua been employed in u Chicago bunk for several years, was in Algonu Suturdity visiting old friends. He was accompanied by his wife and a Mr. Hand. They were on their way back to Chii ago after spending some time in Mitchell, South Dakota, with Mrs. Boyle's parents. George has accepted a position with the C. M. St. P. & P. Railway, and he and his wife will locate ut Mitchell, it is understood. George was recently reported by numerous papers us arrested on an embezzlement charge, but he stated while here thut the matter hud been erroneously reported, lit.- is u grandson of the lute lieu, Boyle, uf Whittemore. Fund To Buy Lunch at Noon Grows Rapidly No grade school children will go hungry, or lack warm food at noon luncheon, if local organization* can help it. When Antoinette Bonnstetter, .school nurse, let It be known that she had a number of youngsters who were unable to get warm fcod nt noon, the response was Immediate. Friday, January 22, the entire proceeds from both evening performances at the State Theatr*, will be turned over to a fund which will enable Miss Uonnstetter to feed those needing warm food at noon, or milk, and are unable to buy th* name. Other Donation* Other donations received to date: American Legion $10 Rotary club 33 Kiwanis club 34 Chamber of Commerce 40 Minnie Coute 5 Miss Bonnstetter Hays that there are 60 children at the Bryant Hchool without warm food at noon, seven who need milk In the middle of the forenoon, nine ut the Third ward who are unable to buy milk, and in the junior high, four who need u hot lunch at noon in the first grade and several In the kindergarlen needing milk. Auxiliary Ticket Sale An American Legion committee consisting <>f Hurry Godden. chairman, K. A. Srhemel ami O. U. Brun- daxc, was appointed, and they received the cooperation uf the Auxiliary to the extent that the latter Croup is selling tickets for the benefit movie, Friday. Bonnstetti-r has obtained McVey to to .— - «. on a charge of bigamy. Sh*. mltted M months ago, at the Dafcj trial, Winkel *aid, that she had never been legally divorced from her flr*t htwband, and still has been living with McVey without any change in the status at that time. „..,.» McVey, also In view of the testimony at the former trial, 1* liable for prosecution for continuing to live with Mrs. McVey. Winkel stated In the meantime officer* are hop- Ing for development*, and although they are not divulging all of tba fact*, they admitted that two new witnesses had been procured who. seemed to know quite a bit about the caae. COURT TERM OPENS HERE NEXT MONDAY Judge F. C. Davidaon will open the January term of district court here next Monday. Twenty new caae* have keen filed for trial. One of the moat important of the new ca*e» I* that of thu W. V. Jenklnaon estate veriu* Waltev Corbet, Wisconsin, for $10,000 dam* age* for the death of Mr. Jenklnion in an automobile accident. Mra. Corbet obtained a small Judgment against the Jenklnaon estate in th* last term of court, and at that time a case with plaintiff und defendant switched around was filed by the estate. the help of u cook ut the Bryant school, and is seeing to it that the needy youngsters are getting their warm food ut noon. Declam Contest At Academy, Jan, 27 A declamatory contest among the public speaking class students of St. Cecelia Academy will held on Wednesday evening. be Jan. Here Are Jobs Six men and four women were placed in joba during the !Jiu>t week by the locul National Reemployment oi'fice. Girls loukinfj for jobs in housework are asked to register. as many calls are coming in There Is no charge for the service of the office. Hired men on funn.i are alao wanted. 27, ut the Academy auditorium at 8 o'clock. Speakers are as follows: Oratorical Gerald Frankl, John Holtzbuucr und Robert Sel/er. Dramatic- -Evelyn Cupesius. Anita Kutie Kohlhuuo. Belly Kohl- hu;/.i und ('lark Mollenhof'f. Ilumoruu.i -Kili-en Aman. Mury Elizabeth Godden. itoaunnv HolU- buuer, Calvin Kollusch and l j uul- iiu- Xcniici' H|je'-ialtln'.i will include a clur- iiii-l i ijlu by itoland Bode, u girU' l?k'c Hub i.i-lccliu!! and a number. "Mvxiculi Koi>c" by Juniva E^ser. soloist Thu orchestra will accompany the n umbei a The general public is Invited. Says City Govt. Could Use Shot of Spinal Fluid Home plain speaking at the Rotary club meeting Monday noon, drew forth the comment that the city government could stand a little more intestinal fortitude when it Lomt-s lu Buttling some of the qui'stioiiH now before it. The diHcusttiun started when a committee report stated that children wi.'fe being "kicked off" of a utrevt in the south part of town, where they have been sliding down a hill, and that the city government bays it ia unable to provide a jilucu for them to slide because there ure some laws to the contrary or something like that. Thu question of city liability in case of an accident to u "coaster" seemed to be the crux of the objection* on the city's [lart. Although no mention was made of it at the meeting, many a local citizen has wondured why no adequate, safe skating rink is provided children, year after year, under proper supervision. Something else to argue over! Marriage Licenses Leunder J. Mciiko and Esther SchilU. Bancroft. Jan, 20. Michael L. Beach, Jr.. Whittemore, und Pearl Ann Higley, Kurl D. Traul, Otlumwa, Iowa, und Arlene Kapp, Algona, Jan. 17. Sparks! Sparks! Sparks tl«w around the C. W. Murck home, last Holiday, but thu bltuu wu« of uhort dututiou. Firemen were holding u meeting in the engine hou*e ut the Uuio Farm Sale Walter Anderson U holding » farm aule, Thursday, Jan. 28, his place uorth of Wesley.

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