The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1936 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 4
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-C-ie Algona tippet Peg Moindfl, Second Half Drive Gives Conference Win To Algona High in Clarion Game 22 -17 Clarion Stopped Cold as Lynk Finds the Basket LANKY CENTER A STAR OF CONTEST Algona high school's basketball team turned in Its first victory of the North Central conference, on Thursday night, staging a powerful second-half rally to defeat Clarion, 28 to 17. The victory was all the sweeter; It came after a first half in which the Bulldogs had been clearly outplayed . by the Cowboys. To Kenneth Lynk, Algona center, go the orchids for supplying the necessary spark the second half. Lynk romped through with four baskets In the second half, dribbling past Clarion guards at KENNlCTli LYNK. fanoftrt, 'Algona. ~~ least twice for close shots. The visitors appeared somewhat mystified by the turn of events and practically folded up in the last Quarter. Frankl proved to be a bear-cat on defense, and nothing •low on offense either for that matter, although he didn't have the scoring opportunities. The game was a pleasure for Algona fans to watch, because the locals played their basketball of the season In the second half. During the half time-out period. Coach "Hop" Flndlay must have given the boys a few verbal treats. One noticeable change was in the play from out-of-bounds. Instead Of putting the ball into play in Algona territory, the local would toss the old leather fight into the middle of Clarion territory, and the visitors would be staving off shots before they bad time to get set. Lynk, * stellar scorer for the past two seasons, has been handicapped this year because. In being shifted from forward to center, be Is now playing a position calling for a* much work on defense as it does offense. It Is a new post, and he te handicapped by a normal height while most of the opposing centers have outscaled inches. him by many Ross Plckett is another boy who is coming along fast Miller, because of illness, was not In the llne- . vp against Clarion. Muckey, an- 0tb*r Aewc««Mr on the basketball team, *tlll needs to develop drive •nd speed, but he's the best free- throw artist on the squad, and fives every promise of developing Into a real scoring forward. The team will not play any more scheduled games until after New Tear's day. Summary: Algona (M) Clnrion (17) fg ft pf fg ft pf Neiman ..0 1 1 Arnold ...0 0 0 Muckey ..1 3 0 Dough'ty 31 0 Butler ...1 Lynk Frankl Plckett 5 2 ..2 0 ..0 0 0 Jerde 1 White 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 0 Cullinan 002 862 8 1 T BE43OND TEAM LOSES ACADEMY QUINT ROLLS OVER 2 MORE FOES ON BASKET COURT Outstanding County Athletic Teams During Year of 1936 Defeat Erametsburg And Fort Dodge Academies Last Week With two more victorys tucked away in the old Christmas stock- Ing the St. Cecelia Acdaemy basketball team can prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus feeling that they have been very good boys. Tuesday night of last week they took Emmetsburg Academy 27 to 9, and Friday night traveled to Corpus Christl Academy at Fort Dodge to win again, 29 to 23, In a close and well-played game. TJiissen High Scorer In the Emmetsburg game, Thls- sen scored 9 points, and Barry 8. The Fort Dodge game found Thissen starting the scoring from the opening tip-off, and Fort Dodge never took the lead after that, although they kept within a short distance most of the time. At the quarter Algona led, 9 to 6, were ahead 15 to 11 at the half, and 23 to 16 at the third quarter. Nice Team Work it was good team work that brought home the bacon for Father Ahman's crew, although Thissen led the scoring again with 9 points. The passing attack of the local academy was great, working the ball in /or close set-up shots time after time. No more games will be played until after the Xmas holiday. The second team also defeated Fort Dodge, 10 to 7. Academy (27) fg ft pf Barry ... Thissen EmTrarg (9) fg ft pf 0 1 Stark 1 1 3 331 Kelly .0 l 2 Moll'hoff 302 Brodlgan 203 Besfner 010 Phillips ..0 0 2 Setpman 111 CahlH 0 1 1 11 5 5 3 8 10 Academy (49! Ft. Dodge Barry 2 Thissen fg ft pf Moirhoff fg ft pf 2 Abellfd .2 1 1 Clements 1 1 3 Midles .. 0 0 Besfner 323 Conway .321 Seipman ..1 1 2 Magennis 235 11 7 11 8 7 11 Lv Verne Cagers Take 2 Games From Wesley 5 Boys Win 49 to, 12; Girls Take 36 to 30 Tussle LuVerne basketball teams, both boys and girls, turned in victories over the Wesley teams, on the Lu- Verne floor, last Tuesday night Coach C. C. Smith's proteges won the boys' game, 49 to 12, and the girls won, 36 to 90, In a closer game Scon at half time in the bars' game was 19 to 7 for LnVerne, and 17 all at the half In the glrta* came. Kansebnan and Bigins starred for the boys, and the whx-e LaVerne team played fine basketball In the girls' context, wfafle Kauptman and R. Elsenbacber did well for Wesley. The boys' next game was to be with Renwick at Renwick. wtdfe the girls were to meet Whlttemore at LuVerne. 43ame summaries: LuV. Boys <-») Wesley .toys (12) fg rt fg ft O. Ltehty _ 4 0 Ooslto ----- 0 HfffTf'ni*" .JS Bigins KcCeilan Stoddard 2 E. Licbty ....I Nygaard 2 Thompson ....0 0 Bottom .— 3 & 1 Loebig ...0 3 I Monson 0 1 Studer 0 1 Kraus .0 0 Hayes 0 1 Kraus 0 22 2 8 Girls' summary: LuVerne (M) fg ft Clarion and Algona high school second teams battered each other in a preliminary game, Thursday night, and Clarion wound up with a score of 8, to 6 for Algona. Had either team been able to find the basket the score would have gone into the clouds. As It was, wild passing, poor shooting and general all around nervousness on the part of the teams was evident. At least it looked that way. The score at half time was 5 to 4, with Clarion leading. Neville and Willasson had scored for the Bulldogs, and a free throw was Clarion's edge. The locals failed to score a basket in the second half, but slipped two froe throws through the hoop. TO MATMAN BANWABT, Ol'B BEGBET8 ^ ^ ^ „_..„..„ On the Algona wrestling team, "«"'* n *i Anally" Banwart is a stalwart grappler in the 1*0 lb. ranks, or thereabouts. Last week w. reported that he was thrown for a loss in the recent Burt meet, but now we find that the opposite U true. Leal Banwart decide to pay us a personal visit, we want to say that he won '.he match, and we'll just blame it on the rush of Christmas business. Wesley (*») fg ft Henderson .4 4 K. Elsen'er 4 2 Farrell 4 3! J. Etsen'er .3 2 Conaway 5 3 Hauptman ..5 2 Smith 0 0 Erdman 0 0 Nygaard 0 0 Gsjrman 0 Dimler 0 0 Gerdea -..0 Wermersen ..0 0 Furmer 0 McClellan ....0 0 13 10 12 6 BD. PROCEEDINGS Auditor'* Offl'-e IHK. 1. 1»3« Buurd of Hupervlsorn met i»umu- ant tu adjuuroiitent with all nu:mijtttt to audit and alluw Uotion by llor/L» uut .iwl by man that the old as* l»*i_*ion tax of I~-onurd l^jvbach. Lull* Creek Tp. bo ahuuxi for thu year 1'j'ii and 1»3<> bucaunfc of being 1 d«ceai_cd. Ay tat: All. .lotion by Morrl* and .'nJ ny Co»- r rovo that Martha Klatl. FttuUin nc. 1*2 i*;ru-itiod to i*.iy the 1^44 and I'j}!, ta-u* oil the .^W of lsj\. '•* Block 4 n lea* Int^r- All. On motion bo«ir<J a iu o'<jk>i-k i-*. M . tmu u'i-lix:k tins Jl vluul s [nut purtfualit t th all ll.tlllbtl ^ plc l'j||.,ii i,y Munu ^n i ijiiUi'i-'i noil'.*.- 1>« .nkufjtke. &Ir«. Kate L'Unv. Kll <ji«.«liiuv.-. hell. 1.. K. Johji.101* TITONKAIN NOKOSSDIHCAGE 1'IN'I I"' K inn Hi Cage standing* in the North Kossuth conference for the week ending Dec. 11 is as follows: Boys—Cast Hatt Team W L Tltonka _ 3 0 Ledyard _ _ .2 1 t__kota _ _.._ _0 3 Bancroft _ ... 0 3 Bert—West Half Lone Rock -..3 0 Seneca 3 1 Burt - 0 1 Fenton 0 2 Last week's results have not been tabulated into the above ^tan4f n gr Games played the week ending Dec: 11 were as follow*: Burt 7, Seneca 80; Lone Rock 28, Fenton 17; Tltonka U. Ledyard 11; Ledyard 29, Lakota 18; Bancroft 18. Ledyard M. Ledynrd Bancroft Lafcotfc ...* .0 .0 No games were reported tor the west half section, in which Seneca and Lone Rock are the only teams. Lakota girls lost to Ledyard girls. 52 to 3?. and the Ledyard girls defeated Bancroft 56 to 16. Kt-niin that tiiu taxt-s on Lot t Ulix'k •> Uu^lt'n ^nd .idu. lu iiurl luc. auU .->i;lj-J)lv . of lllka. 1 ^ - Uuell's Ada. ijti nu »iiefi<ie'-i. A>«m: All. Motifjti t>y Mui'ri* &jid ^ad by liaujn that the 1J3I aMj»^»(kJlielil ou lot* 1. :. j, in )il'M.'k (Ij Clar».» AUuiUua i.e icUuccd to lift, per iot as rt-coiu- uleiided tiy th« lotvli couuclL A>u«: All. Motion by MorrU and :nd l>x liaum Knudsou l/ti Kiven u rcfuim of I2.UU each, old <*K«I i^iuiion t&x buvaujt'if of Hut Mlnrf 'linen*. Ana*: All. Motion by UurrU ^i.d 2ou by U«l- rfiMu.ui a lefuui! o[ t^.uv L« Klien Kelilj, NorUiuJ. cieiux-a lJUtrtct >o. 1. t»-f ai .A<.. of bcliitf urroue<ju* UA- MxttKtl for -l<,f lax in I'JSI. Aye*: Alt. Mutton tjf C4Mtffovw mitl 2nd by Morn., that liauiu be ti>uoiuUKi aj» Coiuinitun to lualu} repairs oa l>r. 4. 'il. t(l. Ui. lit. Aj*»: All. Motion i,y MorrU and :oil by Co»- ifrove tha.1 Mcl>ja«Ud b« MpnuiatMt a« i.<«jiiiiiltiev tij iadk« leyati* ua Dr. «1. Ay«-«: All. Motion by Coticrot* and 2nd by MoirU that aa ccMiiinUtc« to L>r. ..'1 ana li . K. Jumt t. Motion b/ ll.; and 2nd l.r Co«rot« that »3 u» t»^l tax u< Victor U«a*ci<. Whittfcu.ut t. b« abated for liii. Aytat. All. . i>ro<:««^ied to bill* lu» lift "iK of bui>«r- ::.J ty UAUIH ^fcivt^i uu otto liultou. t'ralik is 'John lul- i^i fixlli.iy. 1. 'l<-r<,«. Aurt-ll.. On motion ill Air. a duJtt of COUNTY an.t Allo-eJ Northwestern Hell T« le Co. Tete. iivrvu.v I 54.7', H.nry MlLUr. Bounty 1. »* lot: Seneca Teams Win 3 Games at Grant Ben tea: Tbe Seneca high school girls' and boys' basketball team- motored to Grant Tuesday evening and met the Grant ba_ketfaall teams. The Seneca girl* defeated the Grant girls by a large score. Tbe Seneca higb school boys' team also defeated the Grant high school boys and the Seneca a.v.nth and eighth grade team aUo defeated the Grant junior high team. The next gftme will be played at Ben•ca January 18th with the Lone Rock teams. LuVerne Supt. Is Host To Teachers LuVerne: Teachers of the pub- lice school were entertained at a Christmas party at the Supt Alex •VMM hpme Thursday evening. TkOs was • CJfcrULjjxas party and an avctaange ot gUU WM BUM**- Th» evening was soent playing bridge with Helens Hooker winning Ugh •cor* The -7W**m*« v»e»Uan Is la b__-» D«cw»b«r -?- »>4 the M£» ot the fecul-y will fa to various homes for the hoi- Coach C C. Smit* «r_y> ux*» s&ns OB aUsndtog a s__>c« rae«-ws at Dteslifoln.. Uw iraek following C-uristouui. >i by Co be «r. t ilanilley. Ayt_: All. I hat a rcfi.r.J ol iJ.' J-rt-J W-glier. VMiltttiinoru for lai-J. Jii:. ijJl ana US', on a l« tiVV^t. Ayes: All. Motion by MortU anJ '^ud by ttal- aotli.Ut ttial tt-9 eontr,i:t of lifcU;!! H.f' A'lni*. </f J<ji.u s liaffl-- tle^ c*.-d^ic<l 1^*3 ext4^i.>l'.ti tij J unw 1. lyi" i) l«;r J n t t-flliunt With th*J HuiUboUlt County !>>ai'J «^f SJ^tr v l.»oi~. Ayva^ All. Motion by Morru -nd ind by Uauin tli.u tl.u taxtn on lx>t ti _t 7 BIoc-A 1 M',l.-l,'/..-.<-'., l.t aUU. anil l_>t 1 of ') L. 4 Moitthou*.'* S'-h-Dlv. of C< I. . 1, !. 3. 4, Morel.uu_u'a 2&a Ada li.iit'-i of t. Inc. bw -u_H--nd_d. Ayco: All Motion by iiauiu au>i -nd by t.'o-- ^nj.u that the taxua on lot. 1. 2. -. I. :. 0. lll'/.k 1- ftiul on 1»U> I. 2. 3. Motion by Co»<ro.o Ji Morn* that tbu taxo- o i 73 (/rl^inal 1'Ut on «u»l>tiuie<l. Ayetf: All. Motion by Morris unl 2iKl by Co» u\v iliat tl« I..AU- on lot \4 except t!iu S 'J rd.. anil ex 1 c-^it tti« N - roda in. block 1 lie a No ; and lot i: l,lv.-k i Cull* Park AJu. and Lot 1 lllock (0) Original i-Ut Al.oiiii. luc an recoin-uenued by thu town council of ,M_ol). Ayt*. All. Motion l.y Morru ana -hJ hy Uaur tliat thu tix<;» on U>t4 17 and 1 illock - Original i'Ut bo abalvl U> ciiUM> of tain oropert; briny la thi nauu of th« Ind.p«bd(.'iit School l>i. trlct of Fuatou. ut recominWiJ-d b; ttio town council. Ayvi*: All. Vlotlou by Morru and 2nd by Coo grow that Arnold Uctilltz. ('• in. b- Klvon refund of (2 DO road t_x Cor 1U.& and ai_o abatw t..4 j aity and tnu.-i»»l Ay-*: AU. (lotion by Couirrove and 2nd b Uauxu that Clifford lui.*»iloi r. l_-n crottT bo Ktven _ of IS 00 old tM9 peiu-oi taji and t Oi penalty, be cause of bavliiir t>_4d auji.u twice fo l»a«. Ay.a. AU M-Uou by Morn, aud :n4 by . J. .-:. Culled. Kral.k Vojette. • City of AigfJtia. Uyht S^rvlc-tt £any U'>dd- r Ii<junty Hurolil LutftJtku. iv/unty t;. II. Li^dtk*?. iJ^>ui.ty __ Win. i^jiiii.tctt.r. Bounty -- K.iinuj>. B<junly ir ljUi-rl< b. liooiitj k O>;_1 Co.. i-'titl .au-i'eiu.-. Alt. Ijoiinty i..-lli atrayer. Bounty — yill K.UrM.-r. lioiinty W. Trainer. Bounty ,, Itrtoa Cliri.U:ria«n. liounty . Alj(t>na All. 2u<l by lots 1. 2 lac rah .T**n<Jj*. riaiary — ^ ----U Vol<ht. aalaiy ---- . 10 «.« ir,.oo i . 5 . .10 l.Ou l.uU £i.66 1.00 l.Ou l.U'J Sl'iS 1 Uu -'.»« 1.00 l.ftu 1 .00 62.Su 'ill 00 *,; So clmer Or6ffo»ch. Lfttror _— lames Long. Labor Albert railng-son. Labor clem Goodman. Labor J. r. Smith. Labor _, K.H.I KMO-. L*bor Nick Dbyle. Labor otto JB. senator. Labor 15.SO Harold Lloyd, Labor 25.50 Alfred Witkoof. Labor 86.00 Jake Keller, Labor . 64.80 nenry A. Brdns. Labor 64. SO Oeorce Graham. Labor 10.50 Koy Mellner. Labor J9.49 John Ormsby. Labor 25.60 J. B. Falk. Labor 99.SO itobert Wood. Labor 63.00 rienry Chrlstensen, Labor — 8.60 A. J. Hlldman. Labor 25..0 Northern Lumber Co.. Supplies 21.42 Roteford Lumber Co.. supplies 14.01 Fullerton Lumber Co.. Supplies 4.84 A. C. Klocke. Supplies 1.45 B. & H. Chevrolet Co.. Supp'les 30-1J Kunz Grain Co.. Supplies — 15.86 K.. D. James, Supplies .58 W. K. .\audn|n. .supplies — 30.29 Sorensons Groc-ery Co.. Supplies .45 vfuCormlck Lieerlng Store Supplies • Gre?n.i..erf AM?9 Supply, Sup- SW-SA CTfV, long noted for it* basketball teams, also tuffl- ed out a fine junior league baseball tearrl, Which with the exception of the Bancroft state champions, was the" filMtft in this section of Iowa. The team is pictured above. (Algbfid Wpper Des Moines photo). BANCROFT TURNED OUT en masse to cheer on its great Junior baseball team, shown above. The team marched through county, district and state tournament* to championships. In a two out of three series with the Minnesota champ*, the Bancroft bors finally fell, after an outstanding season which brought glory and Credit to not only the team but the Bancroft community. (Algona Upper Des Moines newspicture). THE TTTONKA HIOH SCHOOL basketball team of 1»M wound up Its season with one of the best records in northern Iowa. Tbe team is roflmg along this season with another string of wins thus far. (Algona Upper Des Koines newspicture). Dutch* Super" Service. Supplies »= \V, K, Uutknecht. Supplies fa«-Mef* Cooperative Soc.. Supplies -it-'— 7;— Ix>ne nwfc Telephone Co.. Tele. SeivlOe ±^ Central States Electric Co.. LJirht Service -.—— Central States Etectrte Co.. J,ig-rit Service *—.-- >fcxj»irc Brother*. Use Of 6.»0 115.00 199.18 26.11 --.-."--I- 84.3S 22.34 1.1 l.OS 405.50 23..0 l.S.ft 30.M 242.25 Ar»n^ * ifo'tor Supply.' ~8W>-. ntlf* r- - - * ~ Blliert <5«r»Se. Supplies -—Harton WSflwr Co.. Supplies Alll« ChalMWt Manufactur- Ing- Co.. Supplies — <03t.84 Austin Western Road Machinery Co.. Supplies Standard Supply Co.. Sup- MBineapofis~1fron" Store Co.. __ B-rtUU. Etysud Store. rarmers Soitnern. A I . . Van rs. Ben Kua . — ___-Sup. ---Co.< 8np. ..... "ffent".- >n. Rent —__ BeaersLPeor SllmB 6stfum, Labor —.— -- — Sup. - '^"ofsjoirrW. Sup. ______ -Jen ixolte.. Labor — — Botsford Ltomber Co.. 8Ub. _ COUHtY .'ARM bhn Henrlinr. Labor —.— - V. Janse. Med. Aid _.. M. Wallace. Med. Aid _. Dr. C. D. Bcnaap. Dental A. H.'-iorohardt, Sup. __-. A. W. Amunson. Optical Work __—_- , — Qeorg-e Holtzbauer. Sup. — McCormlck Doerlng Store. Sup. _—. H. K. Sorenson A Co.. Sup. Thomas Akre. Prov. __-— J. W. Neville, Sup. Grahams store, Sup. iv. D. Oames. Sup. L. M. Merrltt. Ambulance Service _— ~ Frank L. Miller. Light Scr. Botaford Lumber Co.. Sup. Dr. L. W. Fox. Veterinary Service __.. ___.. Beelf Coal Co.. Sun. -— Fred Park. Sup. ... .— .*-;. J. M. 1 Fleming-. Sup. 67.47 RESOLVED. That the 4Jounty Auditor Is hereby authorl-ed to issue _-—v:--—» warrants for all bills allowed at this Dr. No. » »<_„. .. n .. "u«t,<wi«iLa nf rrinimit" Iowa CUlvc Wilson piles Standa a. 1. _ =--: — Fultorton Lumber Co..-8lip- Elmore'Cement * Tile CO ,/ffy '•'M meeting: as per "Schedule of Claims' hereinbefore written. On motion board adjourned until nine O'clock A. M. Monday Dec. 7. 1936 ' E. 3. Sutler. County Auditor. > Auditor's Office Dec. 7. -1SJ6 Board of Supervisors met pursuant 10.47 39.71 SteV'Fort T^SieCo--3^ffi^ llSJ? Gtol* Machinery & Supply ...... Co.. Supplies 118.65 Kelley How Thomson Co.. SunpHe* Alemlte Co.. Supplies Gll*s Cook Tractor * Equip. Co., SunpHe* The Balbach Co.. SuTOlle* -- ilumboMt Fence and Supply 12.91 4.M 1H.3* 147. Z9 __:._ 20JT.U Fort Dartre Kaclrtne A Supply Co.. Supplies Central Auto F.leetrlc Co.. Shell Petro-MBrT Corp.. 9_v- 45.11 22. 4C K~"*~H. Coop. OH Co"««»I>- phVs - ' _ 154.01 . Bearin*. Ce>.. Sup_,_ — __— — ll .38 "oif"c»7, yor»H-» — American Hotel * U_rrtc_! Co., Supplies **? ,! J. M. Flvmliw, Sapptte* . 7.12 , Fl«ml«av Sapplte* -- • DKA1NAWK KL'N1> Ur. ( James Kirahynka^. Labor --K. U. Stlnstrom, Latxw, — t>l, WUlard, Labur --northern Lumlwr Co., 9up- 1.7* ».7a 14.*« Dr. N'». 5 lovra Culvert Pipe Co., -—.I 5M.52 Dr, Jjp-. 7 IJIek uaade. Labor l>r. 9i«'. »• l>exk« Dawson. Labor >.4>0 Dr. Xo. 2i Farmers Coop. Soc.. Sup- pMe» — 1-OT Dr. No. V U. B. U-yer. Labor n.ce M.2« to adjournment with ureeent. all members Motion by iBalreman and 2nd by Morrto that 1150.00 be appropriated to the Institute fund for the year 1939 *M for the year ItM. Ares: All. On motion board proceeded to allow claims as lieremafter written: COUNTY FUNDS Elmer Wel»e. Bounty _-_-_..* 1.40 Wm. P. Bonswlter. Bounty 1,00 Post Office. Stamps " Sam H»ag. Bounty, _ Clarence Dlers. Bounty __ _ George Ramus. Bounty . -- t^inll Huskamp. Bounty ___ Lafe Oxley. Bounty ______ H. W. Trainer. Bounty --M. II. Duffy. Advance Bounty ________ __ — „_ Ed. Welter. Advance 'Bounty Northwestern Bell Tel. Co.. Tel Service ---------D. K. Cook. Bounty _____ Mewenffcr Printing Co.. Supplies 1.00 i:.o 1.00 7.20 1.00 7.12 4.00 8S..7 1.00 "ji"_"_;ir_ J.IT J. H. Vt'etcli Printing Co.. Supplies ~ «.27 Hmcirard * Waller. Printlnsr Dura Te.t Corp.. Supplies — Richard Zlelske. Weed Com- raiasHm - •Advance PuMlDhlng- Prlntrns . LIBRARY FUND W. F. Quarrle * Co.. Books : w. F. 4.aarrte * Co.. Books . Disabled American Veterans of the World War. Books H. A. P-tUp*, -k>9-» Wheler Pub. Co.. Book* __ \Vm. SttlrH/r, Supplte* u. U. Woffe, Bo»k» IOWT. Public Keadmc ClreU aappHes _ 20.40 110.53 8.21 42.15 31.W 18.50 40.90 1*.20 18.61 IS. 77 »*.4t 73.35 . »-.4S G«or»a Looft. Labor Ur. No, «»• lu. U. Stlnatrom..Labor tji. WiUard. Laoor Ur. No. «1 K. J. Pmlmcr, Labor 4-.0» Dr. No<_>0 Iowa Culirert * PU» Co.. SuppllM _ 304.43 Dr. AO. 85 Oeor_» lautt. Labor 8.10 D. it. Mayer. La-tor 1O.M Dr. No. .0 Iowa Culrcrt A Pipe Co... ttupplte. .— 1M.-4 Fotlett Pub. C».. SuppUe. __ The JunMr Ute>_-7 (MM ffappltn __ ..,,.-_— St. 1'aul Book 4k 9tattona-T Co., 8uppll*< ., . A. Flanacao Co., 9upp44«_ A. K. I_MtT_ta-n, 9UB04U. — Scott A Co., Mp- P-tefioo * Co.. Suo- piiwi __-_.—». World Book. Co . Snppu-Hi __ VX>Uett Pub. Co., BuppttM W. F. Quarrle * Co., SuppH-s M.72 44. IS 180.08 .6.79 41.84 56.97 43.10 7.71 11.75 1».17 Cbaa. K. Chubb. Bactneer _ Jim Chubb. Labor , l.Oe Henry -aurtstMUMB. Labor — Paul Trasam-r. Labur ___— *l.*e Dr. No. >1 Farmers Coo*. Soc. SmuiHes- LSI Dr. Mo. *T ittrtaford Lumber Co.. Sun- 0».. Dr. No. M C. li- Cooper. Labor _____ Dr. No. l»i J. M. IVeaver. Labor __ Dr. No. 122- l>r. .No. W. K. 20-tC C. 11. Han*en. Labor --- itr. .So.W. K. 3.->y j->ck KruJ. L-ibor ------Dr. No. W. K. «$-!.« (. . ii . Han-en. Labor ______ xr. ll. K. » 1'iiiU^ Foura#e. Labor __ Dr. So. P. A. K. 1 i-4*o ii>*n*t^m&ft. Labor ____ . <-Ua». K. Chubb. Kngineer _ Ji'ii Chunb. Lttixir -------- r'.-i ihfcrat Co»jp . »»»c.. ^uyi/lMM «vus»utn O*. .load r \'nd. Dr.ctine ______________ Di . No. 13; <_Ua». K CduLI,. Engineer . JUU Cbubb. Laoor ------ nouten Noltt. Labor ________ UI . No. lit It. ti. Hirer. Labor _____ ijettr.e Luoft. Labur -------- ur. No. li: D U. May*!-. Labor ij*»nf* Luuft. 1-abor ____ Dr. \o. It* D. h. Mayer. L_lx>r ----- <>oorc« Loott. Labor ______ Lumbar Co.. sui>- 2.7* l.M 1.64 S 6* 4t» -» 7.UO l.-tl ».1>« !«.»« i.ltt 1..I4 f .le FBUM Secondary Koad D. D. No. 16 D. D. Mo. U D. D. No. 43 D. D. No 11 D. D. Mo-. M MThltte-nore Independent CooeoUdated Tui No. T3 No. t* No. SO No. M Gb-nury Moaey*- A Oredlta- ~ itw (Ka-ruMy) DSF^MB CO4MMUBa_Mt ta S i Me. 1-4 . No. J«e D. D. No » D. D. No. 20 Sub « of 2 D. D. No. 20> D. D. Trl No. 84 l>. II. No. 11 D. D. No. SO D. D. No. »» D. 11. No. 11* U. D. No. 1.6 D. D. No. UO D. D. No. 1S» U. ll. Nu. lir, J>. It. No. J!.» D. D. No. 1«4 Sub 1 of No. U« U. I*. No. 177 D. D. No. ICO It. D. No. & f>. ll. No. 43 D. D. No. 1.6 D. D. No. 82 Iowa Culvert A Supplies _ Dr. No. 8 .. 48.8* ".. 10.9S l- Fuilerto'n Lumber Co,, Sup- wlison contrete Co.. Supplies Dr. No. 97 Cltae. Wag-ner. Labor ______ MeWer*Cb*ld. Labor _.-----;_ Wilson Concrete Co., Supplies L>r. 126 Farmers Co-Operatlte As- BOC._. Supplies ______-_—_ Bimore"'Cement A Tile Co., supplies _-_-;.—_----__-»Dr. P. A..-C. No. t Fuller ton Lumber Co.. Supplies » Dr. H. K. Mo. 8 Farmers Co-oper»tite AS-> soc.. Supplies _-„.._.,--,.--Dr. H. K. No. S Wilson concrete Co.. SopplM* Dr. H. K. No. I'M Paul H. Loomls, 'Avdlt _Dr. H. K. No. «-4«., Paul H. Loomls, Audit _-._ D-. H. K, NO. 4-56' Paul H. Loomls. Audit __-_ Ur H. K. No. S-S7 Paul H; Loo&tls. AudK .---, Dr. U. K. Mo. i-lfo" Paul H. Loctnls, Audit __<-. Dr. H. K. No. 7-110 Paul H. Loomls. Audit .Dr. H. K. 1*0. 2 Concrete Mai ' Jack Bennett, ^-_-« C. N. Schroder. Rent Dr. Pierre Sartor, M4 Dr. T. J. E*-n, 1 Sample's Fire KM. Co.. SupDlles . n. C. Sherman, „ Chlcaco Northwestern *•** 1.41 .81 •.in terial Co., Supply POO« FUND t, LSBOT ...-..,.- i. a* III Transportation--., __ , On motlon_Board Adjourned until -I. Thursday, December II E. J. Bullet,'. County AidKor. Auditor's Office f.-OO A. int. _. . , DeeemMr f. Board «T Supervisors met purs to adjournment with att ..mem present. • v w Boardpreeeeded to conslflec drains On motion board aajourned until on* o'clock p. it. • . •'' ' » " One O'clock* Board OK met pursuant to adjour Uotloni ty Morn* , ' that,Fr»n a*«d Msjl in* Smith, •C« pension, tax _. " Motion bjr Mems* ttaut to* foil B. Branch ' Moneys- * Credit* _ ._.*».' 1» County Fund ». D. Mb. MO. D. ll. B: D. No. 40- t. No. (1 I. No. 7> ). Mo. IS t. U It LUVTEBN-TS COWTBJBtTnON to tne sports world last summer was the kittenball team shown above. The boys won a tournament and trophy conducted in Algona in August in connection with Watermelon Day. (Algona Upper Des Koines news- picture). al Litbora- tone*, jj'jppheii --------I.) W l-iMi,i*u Co.. rfufplla* ijuro 'iV»t coi^ . suppitea -K. W (Jreen. Arran^mx I4.«(tti» ----------------S. dwaiti A I'eCerwQ. Pnnt- ln< ____________________ Moe A aj'Jttren. Supptiea ---Or I'lerra Sartor. B<i. of »l«iltn -------- - --------J. W Nt-.illr. B'JKtill«3« ---- A. II. i-lMfiald. Salary .. !)«.»• K Win S Co.<*rove. .Salary ailca Horrls. Salary -_- irlti fiaker. Bounty •AH WiLllu. Bounty L. Crouch. Bounty n.'i .-5i/«ar. bounty rntiiy rfi.ittto. Salary . Ulu I*.1..-. Salary i'aul W. Ixxxul*. Dralnayw .- 161.5» . Ui.70 1.00 2.0« I 00 1 00 :.o.oo LO 00 C. 11 Col __: :. 2-0.00 w L' McMahon, Office M.4S I Kaln. Office kUB. S.7.34 O-twinkle. Hal. Tax 1J.OS It.t'i . Kickief». Cou»t. Keen . . !. . Witness Keea V* Itllaui fr 1 ' Itz. WMlienS l-eu* WiHlaii lie. »lef. WlU.«;a» l-'ee* -------------------K .i . Newvli;.-. I' . Ke*s» I- 1 ink (,i«.-';i,. iljinh.ill Ft*« il II. WliHe J. I' Ir'ee* — F A Ntw.llK. t'onst ¥>-.•=* Iver Nor«l.n. J I'. K^.M -W. H. Honaid. Ojn»t. Koe* J M Uye. J. i' Kee» ---- ,Vsi.- Klolii.'ler, I'ol.nt. Fee* J. I. Bunlaci-. H"J. of lev. P. sjur.naob. !*•! of I'.'i;." Llunt/. iJdT""oF re*. n.«.-*tlh» * Cl.arl.» Wolf. fcU. of r«. . L. t'. SinltnT' Bd" "of ««v. 03. SO -.»o ll.K 7 So *} 20 4.T« V« J.71 2 59 '^ . ^J 1 SO 15 . 10 I Ott i.i 1 »• 1' _l C'hrl.t.n.en. AU.-X Hull-. Me«lii.< C B J ji.r.»on. VI«.tUi< il. H. iJf-yer. Meeting I. H. Hol'rOBH). Uevtiii* -C O. }*eter*on. Mt*ftiOK — Au*n-l liulkmx-bt. Mi«iui* O. ri .N'cUoa. Met. Hi.< ._- N'oah \<xl*uer. Vltttlnij C. W. Kl»*rt. Me-tlh* . . Peter Kll«rt fit*, J. «. Wlnfc . K. O. Kwbldt. ' :«l. Meeting — U'. Bl.lcb. Mecli:i« V. Krietbe. " <i E'. B'. Wott~*~."_l«-tfn_:-" — G. V Cbanib*--. ttff>Oaf — Frank CtosuM-ddk. Meotku — ' rt A. Scblpull. M«e«ta« I »'i 4 >H t'<X> ».«e » *' a.a* 4.« 4.0 4.» 4 »« 4 09 I < 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1 i:! ,riliwt»U;r n UeU Tele to. 'ftae. ncr^tui ' W. 1'ou 17. *e <> M at Pacllic /it/ of Al.or.a, Light avrvicv C II. lUllly. Lai/or -t N. W. I'.y. Co . Kr«.-«_M star Mo.kJk. l-atrol ,\i-*f, & .-<.jrtnw.itt.rii I'./ Bru.y Tralu.fer U'lihur A. I'ialu 5tor_«t> ________ Kr«i,i!it ______ . l^.i^>r ____ Labor D. obn . Krou.lnaa. 1. * fc'red J <<c«n U' William . M^rkU. lj.l l.t* i «! ii.*a i: *« 2.JI »«.-• ...»& m :: »*.•« 1:1.;r »..*2 M.** . ____ __ <t. \.tvlwi*. \^aZi - « . . _______ Win. t'. Oronbach. l^tln^c Harry Hulrnke. \iu**r __ _,_ Hert anelluty«r. Labor . __ Joo M. i_»»«r. J_ii Jt< j- _____ Paul Tr^amar. Labor _ H. T. Turlsy. Labor ____ J. E. sujiti. . I_v>>ur -----I. >i . kforitaomcnr. Labor K.J. liaker. Kccuirjioyrnent Ser- fl. ^ Kxp. :ail Dahlhau--r. Office Exu Win .Shirley, Offioa KXD. — 23.70 74.4$ Prlntiu *o <J Ketf later. Printing Pui-U»bJn« Co.. 74 . 115 13 * -------------- 4«» *f wolf. Printing ---- 11. If u> KurK.inaiin Co . 3uy- ferkln* "BrothZr_"cb.. aut>- Vldlar i^fnaioberVco".. Su»pin;* __ let.XH Matt Parrott &. Soft* Co.. Supplies lli.M Metropolitan Sunply Co.. Sup KCK.-II BrotT_jr_. SuppUe* 2.39 . LOOM Leaf Co ___ . --- .. — ,^ — ,_ Kouuth County Farm Bur- oau. Twu Muutua 600. M Carl Oabttauaer. . -" " Soc.. Gravel land »«9.44 H. M. Smith. Bovineer 2I5.0A Don T. Nugeat. A«_'t. John*Fn._9r.""5o__u_-i"I"--- S- M Urn. . - Fred We»«n*r. Gravel --- ^ --work -I. V Klbert, U»t- _.__ *«•«. inf ^^ ^^ ^^ _,.. _^ _j, JT -- * " , cbaniplon. Print- HumboidV'oounty. Orndlng ~ Yards. Inc.. •up- . *••*• * l M «.*§• . 175-M work .._:tt 111.76 ....» »o s< lll.ta M.M lli.»( 42.7« 4*.3! .>.({ (1.2< 4* 15 I».S< Si.3i 7«.«: »«.« 84.* «a.T* 84. m .IffDBk-Dt M. L. Worby. Labor 7uffo«i Hitbutm. Labor [•etjf *J«ylck. L.ibor 49.M ft* Milkr ' ' . _____ _ lluith Uutterr.tW. 1-iUor __ Mikw Hiker. Alton I'BtlJt. Earl KarlDK. _ Arnold C»k«r<_.o«. J. V. UMXBSV. luji^of __ n ^_ Meriln liar low. Latjor ~ ___ Delb-rt (xrftx«aeur. Labor __ Chtmtt-r Aim*. Labor ,__._ J»y GoAS«n. Lahor _______ W. A. Murray. 1-abor A»- Mlt ----------- I Jr. K. K. 2 . WllUxd. Labor ;. C. atln.troui. Labor \'urtlw»rB Luinbex Co. No. H. 7.«» ».»« .si . . Kafdal. Cfeuout work 1.III. »e 21S.41 . . ». KafilnJ. Olcaaout work w. K. Chubb. k_n_lti«rr _ Juu Cbubb. l_ux>r ______ lcui_>r Nolle. Labor _______ " Lumber O> . »ui>- . Si.el 1*.»4 l*.ti farw Su --------------- Culvert * Pipa Co.. Sec. Road Fond.' D. D. No. (0 D. D. No. 24 U. D. No. SI Sec. Road D. D. No. *7 11. D. No. Ill County Fund H. D* Jtor&t Bee. Road D. D. No. 1(6 Co. Fund Co. Ft-nd Co. Fund Co. Fund Co. Fund County Fund Co. Fund Co. Fund Co. Fund SI j 1*1 by Balceman and 2nd by Baton that tb* (oUawlnc remjsess menu Uj spread upon tne v«rtoua tract* of land, real entate. hl«hway». and railroad* wittim th« (olowlns; dlstrlcu . aub 4 of Drain No. 3 2 per coot . -nub « of l>rain No. 3 __ 1 oar ceat l>raln No. t - * per coot .. ------------ ill. I* Coocr*.* M*t«rt_J Corp.. S<ipt4-_f 4 . It Anjr C. An(lor»on. Labor t-41 fc-u-l Butt*rwore_. 1-abor 17,»* /- -L'l.J^H-'- 1.5.55 Uotiford Luutber Co.. »up- Ur. No. E. K. 4 Northern Lumber Co . bup- erdWa. Labor ----- PUOU FUND 1st DUtrict K.I. Cort.ln. Med Aid ___ » Dairy. Kru* . _____ Kituetb A aon. Frov. ---- VVhlut'it Cut Kat« Grocery 1.17 16.M 3.1« 1X.M Drain No. 12 1 per cent Drain No. 'Hi J per cent Dram Mo. S3 1 per cunt Draiai No. <il 1 pe<* Cent. Uram Ko. 7: w per o*nt Drain No. HI f par Drain No. 13 M. _*r Drain No. »l —_ 2 per Drain No. 06 __________ 1 per Drofta NO. ^e _-__. 5 ner Drain Mo. M » par Drain »o. .1 1 per cent Drain No. 1M. I. Drain So. 113 Drain J*o. "• Drato Mo. Dralit Mo. Drain Mo. Drain Xo. Drain No. 1.9 2 per __. Uralai Mo. 144 ___ 2 por cent Drain No. Ji« f pw cent Drain Mo. 1*3. ... 1 per cent Drain No. 164 . t per cent Drain No. 197 ______ t per c*nt •»ub 1 of Drain Mo. 1M _ II D*r cent Joint Mo. Z.-W Koa-uth aadUiun- buldt 1 per oent lolnt No. 2-66 Kawutb and Hamboldt K t*r eamt loint No. 6-110 KG**uta and H boldt -_- , t pwr _t?SU_. ff m IS.00 . Gntluoo* Store, «tui». . W. timlUe. cooikd IjUffi' ., f. s. Morton, gup. --L. W. SMTUUMMI. BuruU KXD. LottM J. tCiOJD. Trfcusp. £X0. . __ _— ^.^.« ______ . 11. Licbty. Bttat ----. A. D«n»on. Bent _______ Kick'* tOuM Bcoftlr. HUB. — T roArtofc Wtu. csU Killed by H .7* C'. s. Uoho_on. Pruv. '.-I 14 A. J-fcrt. Prw. ---- |j' Fr l»y *Do*» 7.M A. L. Koeb-MU. Two H«_cs JKuto-d l>y pfljM ____. J*<mi J Cody 9tMf KlUed by ftb»- A by E r^'r:J.!_._ > .. t _!- M .« Albert Uutxcer. Ho« I__0_4 by Do«r» f,T* Hu«o Sl«i«r. Hecs •'•"-' K. cuyue. tdwep 1U1JS4 by" ______ KUted by M » r 5 » Ua>a n«ber. Ltt*. ' Itobart if. Kaln. lOuao bj Uoss __-_ jken W. JeoklnMM. Wi by Dogs rtonry Aradorft 04 °s$- 4if» *g> K •. J - .Osftybsau'it.!! Labor".——— T1.7* Kl.her. Labor _. U.U or .„-- l||.» P*t*r N. Th|inc»I" DruciaK John Slobr. Hm.KUiK ___ Walter 3t r, w;, rti. "*- A. A. M Gu» Dra*Ctnz Ben - tluber. Labor ----- Labor -- ejrt. tabor ^ A. W. ABIUBtfB. Kaatettdert""»S>r» ""'nf " rKS-TT^..-.'. PltT^^ M ^ _9__1 •__-•«."*«_••• -"WUrZ **"T c .^?iKii_«S_SC **-* ^iSlSSi *•_! «. -

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