The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1936 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 22,1986 Auto Glass Replaced while you wait. We carry a complete stock of window glass. GREENBERG AUTO SUPPLY W-tf The Light of Understanding May your Christinas be merrier for having made it so for others. The Algona Bakery Exquisite SILK LINGERIE ra OE WITCHING bits of loveliness for the Christmas stocking. And you can still believe in Santa when you see the t prices. Nightgowns $1.98 Baad*emeljr tailored *llk Mid satin, tevose. Silk Slips $1.00 Exquisitely embroidered French eilk Satin Pajamas $5.95 High color* two piece Satin Slips $1.49 ¥e*> Bumi ftn »Bp , ' Nightgowns $1.69 Tailored and knitted fVI*nr*r I Lovely Bargains! These described are only a few of our outstanding values In beautiful lingerie at small cost. See our complete stock. The Choice for All rSports! Vlfttff f*»t Made with) BBOWN or SMOKE ELK DRIVING CHARGE Ifo Evidence Presented to Prove Accused Was At Wheel Swea City Herald: Charges against Glen (Brlggs) Funderburk of driving a car while he was Intox- cated In connection with a crash ast summer that resulted In the death of a two and a half months old Jackson, Minnesota, baby, were llsmlssed by County Attorney M. C. McMahon at Algona last week. Evidence was not furnished to irove that Funderburk was driving he car. The accident occurred at two o'clock Sunday morning, August 9, on road No. 9 two and half miles ast of Swea City. Mr. and Mr*. .*on DeMer and their two sons of Jackson, Minnesota, were going ast when their car waa struck by a car coming west In which Funderburk, Roy Bishop and Jos Cody had been riding. The DeMer baby was riding In he back seat with its mother, and the father and an older son were in the front seat The baby died of a rushed skull an hour later in Dr. Minkel's office in Swea City. The hree other members .of the Dekter family suffered lacerations, bruises and shock. The three young men were taken nto custody the following day. Bishop told that he left the other two at Ledyard, and accordingly was not with them at the time of the crash. Action was dismissed against Cody when he proved to .he satisfaction of the officers that he was not to blame. It Is said In face of the apparent case against him, Funderburk insisted stoutly to a few friends in private that he was not driving the :ar at the time. Instead of voicing its Innoncence publicly, however, chose to stand by till the case came to a hearing, when, judging rom the action of the county attorney he was able to prove he was not the guilty man. The skidding season Is here, so watch your step. When driving an automobile on slippery roads, no matter how good your brakes are, don't depend on them entirely. You should have your car under control at all times and adjust your driving to the prevailing conditions. Careful drivers seldom skid. As a pedestrian, don't depend too much on the ability of the driver to stop or slow down, especially at arterlals and regulated Intersections. Many a pedestrian has been seriously injured because he placed too much confidence In the ability of a driver to stop his car on a slippery road. Play safe and you will be safe. Former Algonian Celebrates 95th Year P. A. McArthur recently received a clipping from an Oregon paper tel'ing of the birthday anniversary of his uncle, David McArthur, former Algonian, who was 95 years old. Mr. McArthur lives at New Era and Is one of the few remaining Civil War veterans left in his county. He was Injured in a fall a few years ago and is bedfast most of the time, but was able to sit up on hit anniversary. Mrs. McArthur who is 93 year* old, served a dinner to about 20 guests in honor of her husband's birthday. The McArthurs were married 71 years ago last September 12. Mrk McArthur Is very active, does her exercises every morning, keeps house, and has a hobby of making rugs for people. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. McArthur visited the David McArthurs this summer when they were out west. ASK AID TO GET MORE JOBS HERE Reemployment office here Not a Relief, or WPA Proposition Ed Worley, district manager of the National Reemployment Service, an* Esther Lavrenz, the local manager, are making an added effort to locate more jobs for the unemployed of Kouuth ccunty. Now that most of the public works Jbbs are closed for the winter months, business houses are asked to cooperate. The National Reemplovment Service is under the direct supervision of the Bureau of Labor, and has nothing to do with relief, WPA, or any other emergency organization, but Its main concern and duty is to help the employer find qualified applicants for any job he may have open. All referrals of worker* are made on the basis of tholr ability to fill the requirements of the employer, and so you are sure that an honest and energetic effort will be made to find the person desired. Join in the campaign to give some willing worker some kind of employment during the next month nd 00 help the general welfare of your community. Applicants are Invited to register with the service. There is no charge either to the applicant or to the employer. The local reemployment office made 04 referrals :o job openings, received 43 new applications, and 211 applicants contacted the office during the month of November. Seed Co. Ponder* Change of Location Whether or not the local branch of the Sioux City Seed Co. will remain in Algona seems to be In doubt. No definite Information In the matter was forthcoming, but evidences were that the company may move from here because of the fact that It needs larger quarters, and none are available. The company desires to rent nrger quarters on n 10-yenr rental basin, Bill Reldy, manager, stated. Potter Infant Is Home After Having Peanut in Throat Portland: Ronald Potter, small son of the Dwigbt Potters, came home Wednesday from Iowa City, where he had a peanut removed from his -vindplpe. He Is up and around and Is feeling fine. Mrs. C. E. Slgsbee called at Bancroft Wednesday. Wyott Btott waa an Algona caller Wednesday afternoon. The Carlson brothers were hosts to a house dance Saturday night. The John Heiderscheldt family ha* been ill the past week with Influenza. Thomas Clayton went to Des Moines Wednesday returning on Thursday. Mrs.. C. E. Sanderion, Burt, •pent Thursday with Mr*. John Trunkhlll. Mrs. Alfred Oodfredion held quilting party «t her home Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mr*. George Lanning called on Mr. and Mr*. 8. M. Peter»en Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mr*. S. M. Petenen entertained Rev. and Mr*. Doras, of Burt, to dinner Wednesday. Mrs. Edna Gatt, Algona, returned home last week after a week's visit with Mrs. Dwight Potter. C. E. Sanderson and Fred Lavrenz are constructing a stock building on the John Trunkhlll farm. Darrell McFarland suffered with Influenza last week. He was improving the latter part of the week. Mr*. Frank Gadle* and Mrs. Johnson, Garner, visited Wedne* day afternoon at the Del Fitch home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bartlett left Friday morning for Mlnneap- olis for a few days' visit with relative*. Ed Fitch, and son, Lyle, Sexton, stayed night* with the Del Fitch family last week while tiling west of Burt. LIUIe Wayne Crouch, son of Mr and Mr*. Clarence Crouch, ha* been seriously ill with throat Infection. Mr. and Mr*. R. S. McWhorter attended a Potato Grower*' Association meeting held at Forest City Friday. Mr. and Mr*. Glenn Haines, Algona, helped the Martin Beckerr can chicken last week Monday and Wednesday. Mr*. Ralph Roberts and Mrs. George Lanning were dinner guest* Wednesday at the home of Mr*. Henry Smith. Violet Long returned home last week from Elk Moun4 WIs., where she had been visiting her friend, Elvle Jain. John Trunkhlll accompanied Buttermaker Roetman to Mason City Thursday to attend the State Brand Creamery meeting. Mr*. S. M. Peterstn and Mrs Afred Godfrednon helped tie a comforter Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr*. Sam Winchell. Del Fitch and family, his brother, Ed, and son, Lyle, were gueuts ul an oyster supper at the Fred Carter home, Burt, Saturday evening. Algona caller* Tuesday from Portland were the Herman Puti family, Clold Moore, Del Fitch*, C E. Sigsbees, D. M. Stewart and Rcs- coe Stewart Mis* Johanna Erickson held Christmas party and program on Friday afternoon for her pupils and their mother*. They will have one week of vacation previous to Christmas. School district No, 1 will enjoy » two week'* vacation. Several school* will start their vacation Christina* day and resume work after N«w Year 1 * day. Special Low Phone Rate on Holidays Special reduced rates on long distance telephone calls during Christmas Day and New Year's Day are proposed, It was announced by Fred Tlmm, Algona manager for the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. The special rates will be the same as those which apply on long distance calls every night from 7:00 p. m. to 4:30 a. m. and all day Sunday*. They are lower than daytime week day rates on calls over distances of about SO mile* or more. The rates will apply on calls throughout the United States and to Canada, Cuba and. the Islands in the Caribbean Area, Hawaii, Java, the Philippines, and South and Central America, excluding Mexico. On New Year 1 * day, th* specia low rates also will Include the British Isles and most of continental Europe. Pupils Pay Visit To Injured Teacher Hurt: Miss Eva Whitney, who ias been confined to her home several weeks, recovering from an Inured hip, was surprised Friday afternoon to have all the pupils of he primary room, of which she is teacher, accompanied by Mrs. Condit Bowie, substitute teacher, come to her home, bringing her little Christmas remembrances. ARMSTRONG NEWS; TX&$y8S&^^ WEST BEND NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Phil J. Dorweiler and son of Fort Dodge came up Saturday to attend the funeral of Edward Isch. Misses Grace and Mae Sloan left Wednesday for Des Moines to spend a few days with their sister, Mrs. Chas. Butcher. Mrs. Frank Loekwood returned from Fort Dodge Thursday afternoon, after visiting with friends for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lehman and daughter of Peorla, III., spent a few days the first of the week at the Chas. Anllker home. The Delta Alphas met with Mrs. P. O. Dorweiler Thursday evening for their monthly meeting. After a social evening, the hostess served refreshments. About thirty members of the glee club went to Emmetsburg Wednesday where they took part In the county music festival with trios, and group singing. Miss Holland accompanied them. Rev. H. J. Needing left Saturday for Lennox, South Dakota, to fill the pulpit for both services, Sunday. This church has been unable to afford a minister and the Presbytery is filling the pulpit to help these people. Chas. ThaVcher returned Monday from a trip through the eastern states with a company of men of the Iowa State Brand Butter association of Mason City. Mr. Thatcher is president of the Farmers Creamery Co. here. While We're on the Subject We iust wanted to express our most-sincere appreciation for your patronage and to wish you a Merry Christmas. KLASSIE MOTOR CO. J. W. LITTLE, Manager Shower lor Twins Hurt: A shower WM given on Thursday afternoon for the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. R. 8. John at the John home. Ho*t«MM were the Mtadaaass Roy Rlngsdorf, Charles Scott, N. 1 Morne**, C L. Holding, B«n Batting and Mr*. John Long. The twins, who us sttlll in »n Algona hospital, received many fine gifts. Center School In Portland Is Host Portland: Pupils of Diirtlct No D presented a fine program to falr-elsed aodlenca Wednesday.-ere- ning. A basket social WM netl to connection with the program. Webb Stewart, popular auctioneer, "go rid" of the pretty baskets. Ice cream and pie were also sold. Miss Camilla Fraser Is the teacher. The Alfred Godfredsons were Algona callers Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clayton were In Bancroft Thursday. The Del Fitchs were guests of the Ray Fitch home Wednesday evening. The Clarence Crouch children were ill with throat infection last week. Mrs. Edna Batt, near Algona, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dwlgb Potter. Mrs. C. E. Sigabee was a guest of her mother and lister, Algona, over the week end. The Helping Hand club met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs Ralph Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCorkle, Algona, visited the R. S. McWhorter home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Haines, Algona, visited Friday afternoon at the Martin Becker*. Ed Dittmer went to Brooklngs, South Dakota, Friday morning to visit bis son, Watson. Howard Slgsbee returned home on Tuesday morning from a week's visit at Decorah, Iowa. Bobby Keith resumed school work last week after a month's illness with pneumonia. The house on the farm tenanted by E. L. Dickmeyer was recently improved with a new roof. The Misses EUie and Cevllla Cayler, Bancroft, spent the week end at the Martin Becker home. Lorraine and Raymond Heider- scheidt were absent from school Monday and Tuesday due to. ear trouble. The R. S. McWhorter family were six o'clock dinner guests of the Louis McWhorter*, Algona, Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. McWhorter were seven o'clock dinner guesU of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bode, Union, Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Fitch, Owatonna, Minn., and Mr. and Mr*. J. A. Raney, Algona, visited Wednesday at the Del Fitch home. Dr. and Mr*. H. A. Andre, Lawton, Oklahoma, and Mrs. N. L. Cotton and MUs Grace Angus, both of Lone Rock, called Wednesday at the Ed Dittmer home. Lorraine Heiderscheldt, third grade pupil at District No. 8, wa* •warded second prise lut week on a porter which he had entered at the county fair tnl* fall. Many Portlandite* greatly appreciated and enjoyed a, tree movie given at the Tyke Theatre at Titonka in honor of the newlyweds, Mr. and Mr*. Raymond Bwrtlett. MUs Evelyn Caboth spent Friday evening with her friend, Lavon Mixell. Miss Florene Laffey of Brltt has been spending: the past week at the Jack Miller home here. The Eagle Aid met at the Tankard Carlson home Friday evening and gifts were given which were sent to the Christian Orphans' home in Council Bluffs. About DO attended. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mardick and sons, Clinton and Raymond, and Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Irmiter and sons, Henry and Wlllard, visited at the Oscar Johnson _ home Wednesday evening. Four Corner New« Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wltnam and Mr*. Jessie Royce visited at the Ralph Wltbam home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Wltham, lona Wltham and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Witham visited the Roy Witham family at Fort Dodge Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Chet Robinson and daughter, Ruth and L. J. Lowman leave for a vlilt tvith Mr*. N. P. Robinson at Oneo, Florida, Dec. 19. LotU Creek school No. 7 gave a pie social and entertainment Friday evening, Dec. 11. Mr*. Mart Elmore received the blanket and Mrs. Cecil Bjuitrom the cake in a guessing contest. A large crowd attended. Merry Christmas May Santa fill your stock ing with the best of goo( tilings and bring you hap pi ness throughout th year. Kirsch Laundry Mr*. Annie Thilge*. Mr*. Leslie J«n«en and daughter from Lakota and Mrs. Mary SchilU and daughter, Leona, of Bancroft, and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding of WbJtte- morc- and Mr*. Lucy Wagner and Mrs. Orville Wagner w«r« visitors Thursday at the John B. Reding borne. Holiday Greetings We are proud of the confidences that have been placed with our firm, and we strive to make our service and the quality of our merchandise merit such confidences. But most important is the friendliness that exists between customers and our store—we're really proud of that! It's our real reason for saying today, "Merry Christmas to Every- * i one. SMfe, Christmas Greetings As the Holidays approach we take this opportunity to thank you for the fellowship and cooperation we have enjoyed during the past year. May the joyousness of Christinas time mellow your hearts, and the New Year bring you Joy and Prosperity. Botsf ord L To ber Jim Pool Kohlhaas & Spilles OSIC oA gift every woman will welcome with enthusiasm! Beautiful pure silk hoee, flawlerfly dear and ring- les.1 All cue full faskioo •d and have lane* toe* and heel* for greater durability. Chooee (rasa tbfee weight*! Wispy •beer chiffon*, semi-sb*** and MTvlc* weights. In tie smart winiex diode*. Super-Sheer Semi-Sheer Service Chiffons Chiffon Weights Ptr Pair $1.25 $1.50 $1.95 Per Pair 59c 79c $1.00 Per Pair 59c 79c $1.00 A (lift Box Free With Every Pair BrownelPs The Shoe Htore of Kossuth County i

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