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The Standard-Star from New Rochelle, New York • 19

The Standard-Stari
New Rochelle, New York
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THE STANDARD STAR NEW ROCHELLE RIDAY MARCH 18 1938 TOWER PLAYERS TO GIVE HIGH TOR' 4th Play in Subscription Plan Scheduled for April 1 2 "High Tur" Maxwell prize winning jlay will be given by the Tower Players of the Senior High School riday and Saturday nights April 1 and 2 Emerson Burko is director This id the fourth play in the subscription plan of the players "High which won the NowYoik Drama Circle's award last year as the ''best Am erican play of the 3936 season" Is a fantastic realistic farce ro mance a thiec part story told as one It concerns first the young hero Van Dorn who so loved his in herited bit of v'hich is all that trap rock men and town builders have left untouched of the cliffs along the Hudson that he will not sell it nor will he leave it even to work for the girl he loves As foils for the story of Van Dorn trying to hold back an age with his hands there are a pair of slick real estate dealers determined to buy High Tor and certain young gunmen from the village down be low who do not like work any more than Van Dorn does but who care for money and are in too much of a hurry to malic their fortunes And behind them crossing the ro mantic and realistic stories arc the phantoms of a Dutch crew whu lost their ship the Onrust 300 years ego when Hendrick Hudson sailed up the river They arc wait ing on Van Dorn's mountain for their ship to come back to claim them and carry them home to Am sterdam "High Tor" has charm fieedom and refreshing originality It pos sesses such a gaiety of word and situation says Mr Burke that it arouses bursts of spontaneous laughter from the audience notice Supreme Court Westchester Homa Owners' Loan Corporation Plain HE against Rosalie Shandley and iorlllard Wise Defendants John Keogh Plaintiff's Attorney 258 Broadway Neu York City Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale made and entered tne above entitled action and dated March 2nd 1938 I the undersigned the Referee in said judgment named will sell at public auction In the Rotunda of the Westchester County Courthouse In the Citv of White Plains New York al 10:30 o'clock In the forenoon on the 1st day of April 1938 the mortgaged premises direc ted by said Judgment to be sold described as follows' ALL that certain lot piece or parcel of land with the buildings and Improvements thereon erected situate lying and being in the City of New Rochelle County ot Westchester and State ot New York known and designated as Lot No 8 on a certain map entitled "Map ot Lots be longing to Mrs JJ Burtis New Ro chelle New York" made by A Kirby Civil Engineer filed In tho Office of the Register ot Westchester County January 2nd 1689 in Volume ot Maps at page 2 bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the north erly side of ilth Avenue where Said northerly side of ifth Avenue Is Inter sected by tho division line between Lots Nos 1 and 8 as shown on said map which point Is distant westerly measured along said northerly side of ifth Avenue 32010 feet from the corner formed by the Intersection of the northerly side of ifth Avenue with the westerly side ot Koch Street thence running north west along the westerly line of Lot No 7 on said map 30169 feet to the southerly Hue of lands of James Bryant as shown on said map thence south 68 vest along said southerly line of land now or for merly of James Bryant 75 feet to the east erly line ol Lot No 9 on said map: thence smith 50' east along said easterly line of Lot No 9 30123 feet to the northerly side of ifth Avenue thence north 31' east along said northerly side ot ifth Avenue 75 feet to the point or place of beginning BEING the same premises conveyed to Marion Shandley bv Julie Stivers by deed dated June 22nd 1903 and recorded in the Office of tho Register of Westches ter County June 24th DOJ in Liber 1656 of conveyances at page 174 TOGETHER with all fixtures and ar ticles of personal property now or here after attached to or used in connection with the premises TOGETHER with all the right title and Interest of the mortgagor ot in and to strips and gores of land or land under water adjacent to or adjoining said prem ises and to the land lying In the bed of any street road avenue land or right of way as they now exist or formerly ex isted included In In front of or ad joining the premises TOGETHER with the easements rtnar inn rights and appurtenances and all the estate and rights of the mortgagor in and to the premises Said premises will be sold subject to: Any state of facts an accurate survey mar show covenants and restrictions of record It anv easements of record It nnv ronlng ordinances ot the City of New Rochelle subfect to any and all unpaid taxes assessments and water charges which may be liens against the mort gaged premises when sold by the under signed Dated New York March 8 1938 JOHN AIMONE Referee 3nl5 18 22 Music Hall Program To Have Miss Landi As Guest Tonight Singe And Screen Star To Be lizard Over WABC at 8 O'Clock Lucille Manners To Sing Willi Orclicstrn Benchley On Whiteman's Hour Ellssa Landi stage and" screen star will be a guest tonight on the Hammersteln Music Hall program on WABC at 8 night Zeke Manners and His Gang George Bertrau pianist redda Gibson rhythm singer and Charles laherty baritone will assist Lucille Manners will sing tha Berceuse Godard's "Jocelyn" In her broadcast at 8 over WEA 1th Dr rank Black's Orchestra Robert Simmons tenor will also be on the program Robert Benchley humorist will be the guest of Paul Whiteman on WABC at 8:30 other features tonight: Music for un WABC 6:05 Ernie lorites Studies in Contrast WOK 8 Let's Play Gaines WOK 8:45 Jane Bryan and Edward Robinson in Hollywood Hotel program WABC 8 Spelling bee between five secretaries and their employers WJZ 9:30 Alexander Kilberlne pianist with Symphony Orchestra WOR 9:30 Little Theater WEA 10 The Song Shop with S'nglng Sam nd Gustave Orchestra WABC 10 Twenty Years Ago and Today WOR 10 Jimmie idler's Personality Parade WEA 10:30 "A New Spain" Joseph II PI Alvxandfr'8 Trim Stories Symphony Orch Stringfield eon ductor Alexander KU berln piano Spelling Bee Thorning WABC 10:45 TODAY'S DETAILED PROGRAMS simi Dick Tracy Women In the News ollow the Moon 5:15 rom Berlin: Chancellor Suramar ired In English Charlie Chan Mary Sothcrn 5:30 Jack Armstrong Little Orphan Annie Rakov Orch Stepmother 5:15 I Little Orphan Annie Junior Men Tom Mix Hilltop House Education in the News Uncle Don News Shield Orch Press Radio News a 05 Musie for un 6:15 WEA Rhvthmalres Orrh rom Bogota Colum bia: Dr Roland Sharp writer 6:30 Press Radio News News Irma Glenn organ: Norman Sherr piano Boake Carter 6:35 Irving Miller piano1 Revelers Maie Quartet 6:15 rom Paris: Situation in Czecho slovakia Organ and riano Music Lowell Thomas Lum and Abner 7:00 Amos 'n' Andy WOR Sports WJZ Nola Day songs WABC Poettc Melodies ar Uncle Ezra The Answer Man Story Benina tna Cesar Saerehlnger Arthur Godfrey and Organ 7:30 Hendrik van Loon author The Lona Ranger Instrumental Group Hollace Shaw songs 7:15 Description Arrival ot the Swallows at San Juan Capistrano Mis sion California Craig Mathucs tenor Lucille Manners soprano Robert Sim mons tenor Chorus Black Orch lorito Orch Grand Central Station Kammerstein Musie Hall: EUssa Landl guest 8:30 Andrew Kelly Death Valley Dais Paul Whiteman Concert with Oliver Wakefield Robert Benchley humorist guest 8:45 "Let's Play Games" 9:00 51 Lyman Orch Gabriel Heatter Tim and Irene comedians Golden Gate Quartet redda Gib son songs Olsen Orch Hollywood Hotel: Play "A Slight Case nt Murder" with Edward Robinson and Jane Bryan: Ken Murray comedian Paige Orch 915 Arden Orch 1000 irst Nlghter Play: "DoUar A Srcond" Drama: Twenty Years Ago and Today Paul Martin Orch Song Shop Nadlie Connor soprano: Reed Kennedy baritone Alice Cornett songs Haenschen Orch 111:30 Jimmy iddler Messner Orch Serenade In the Night 10 15 jf Dorothy Thompson comment "A New Thorning of Mount' St Mary's College 11:00 Dick Gasparre Orch WOR News News Blaine Orch Dorsey Orch 11:15 Semi inals Na tional A A Cham pionship Basketball Tournament 11:30 Newman Orch Busse Orch Olsen Orch 17:00 Mtn Block Orch Ravazra Orch 8 Kaye Orch 12:30 A Stabile Orch WOR Dance Music (until 3 A Ml Breese Orch lorito Orch DETAILED 915 A Me Sunshine Express Variety Tha Hymn Singer Eton Boys Quartet 6 15 A Sunshine Melodies 7:15 A The Musical Clock 5 John Winters Sotos Organ Reveille 7:15 A Radio Rubes songs WJZ Sears Orch 7:55 4 Neva Southemaires Quartet News Poetic Strings on a Malcolm Claire stories News 8 15 A 51 Variety Quartet Lelbert Ensemble Tex letcher songs 8:30 A Instrumental Ensemble Modern Khyihms Jack Shannon songs 815 A Jack snd Loretta songs Leon Goldman violin 0:00 A Ths Wise Man Ed itzgerald Varietju Musical Program Ray Block piano 0:30 A 51 The Story Teller iddlers ancy 9:10 A Press Radio News 9:45 A 5t Landt Trio Newark Museum Talk 9: 55 A At Press Radio News Press Radio News A Amanda Snow songs The Marriage cilnle The Woman ot Tomorrow Lew White organ 10:15 A WEA Charioteers Quartet W30 A St "The Child Grows Katharine Lenroot Instrumental Group WOR Get Thin to Music Cowboy Band 10:45 A Rhythm Orch Swing Serenade A lorence Hale Radio orum Hillbilly (Variety Show Baltimore Symphony ROCRAMS Orch Werner Janssen conductor WABO Cincinnati Con eervatory of Music Recital 1115 A Randall Orch 11:30 A Music bv Students of Denver Public Army Band 12:00 NOON Abram Chaslns Series ParenU Club of the Air Call to Talk Captivatora 1215 Thia Wonderful World Drama WJZ Carol Weymann aoprano 12:25 News: arm and Homa Hour 13:30 Music from Buffalo WOR Ncn Hall Orch 1345 et Club 1W Me Hoist Orch Elinor Sherry songs WABC ashion Academy Awards 1:15 Rhythmalrea Orch Microphone In the Sky BOWLING SCHEDULED OR ENLISTED MEN A bowling for enlist ed men on the newly constructed alleys in Raymond Hall and a demonstration of mesmerism will feature the recreation jirogram at ort Slocum for today Last night the officers held an impromptu tournfy Tonight's matches are scheduled for 8 At 7 o'clock David Redd will give a demonstration of mesmerism and the 'Dost band will present a program Group singing will be conducted from 6:30 to 7:30 and the movie "Sunsmoke Ranch" will be at 7 POP Application iled By MILLAR WATT 91 opvrlght 191s 1 ybe Hull Svrul'ralg Inc): I I'D LIKE TO MARRY ALL RIGHT r5 YOUR LEAVG YOUR CARD DAUGHTER Phoebe! 5O A 4 1 I NOTHING weLl NOTIY II TURNS UP YOU 1 fwL I A rMinl CHURCH THEATERS CITY AND VICINITY now Next at Cameo Counellnien 200 Last Showing at Trent AUDIOSCOPIKS" 1 of i i WILL BE 2:35 NOWSHOWING Col Today to Sun LARCHMONT ILLS BM IKOO5I Bridgeport with 8 PRO TORS LOEW'S Sirrnt RITZ SACK "Angel" at 'Wise Girl" at Willi AM 4 WIUM5N UNTIL TUESDAY BOLD MEN AND EXCITING WOMEN RIDE TO WILD ADVEN TUR Also: JIMMY IDDLER'S T1 KSOXALITY TA RADII' POLICEMEN'S NICKELS EED STRANDED YOUTH feature and cent ndmis 05 TI510CS 1151 LX Tomorrow Suu Alon thru: UltW 'ArtUH at Aft Chapter 7 ot "ZORRO RIDES Westchester's Newest Theater In fashionable Rochelle dedicates its opening to one of the hit pictures of the year! BRUCE DfNNIS NEW YORK ATHLETIC CLUB TRAVERS ISLAND The Grosskopf Conservatory of Music is giving its annual Spring concert riday night May 6 Sieg mund Grosskopf head of the con servatory has announced It will be at Daniel Webster School MOUNT Nickels from pockctfe of policemen here fed 16 year old John Ligburi Brooklyn xvhen he was found lost and strand ed in the leetwood station ot the New Yoik Central Railroad He was picked up by Radio Pa trolmen Peter Seibert and Charles Witz taken to Police Headquarters where in communication his parents authorities found there was no money available for them to come and get him He was given carfare home a :46 LAST TIMKA TODAY "ANQEL" GIRL" MOUNT Reformed brate its Officials reported today following a dinner bald by the Women'a So ciety In the chapel KIDDIE SHOW 11:30 with UNCLE DON Add'd Surprise eature PEIHAM rirrrineeYb: 1 LLliniTI rlhAm 31SO of the HIwM KOMEDY RACES "JUNGLE No 8 Pontmanter General anil Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and the State Committee I PO WELL URY KE I AT O'BRIEN The West Point Cadet Corps of Girls TODAY AXn TOMORROW GRACE MOORE in LL TAKE rial Clark Gable Claudette Calbert "IT HAPPENED ONE Mat Dailj at 1 rM Ro "it 2:00 ikvawjt Co Htairing Carole Lombard (above) and redric March the comedy "Nothing Sacred" will open tomorrow nt Cameo Tli eat er for a two day run ilmed in technicolor tho picture tells of a small town girl sup posedly dying of radium poison ing who is exploited by a Metro politan newspaper and mourned by entire New York City Also showing will be the nexv Edward Robinson drama he Gangster" EXTRA LAUREL HARDY in "Ths County Hospital" MBMMMMMT GROSSKOP CONCERT WILL BE HELD MAY 6 TO MARK 85th TEAR VERNON The irst Church here will cele 85th birthday in May RKO Introduces Style A now style of screen couitship involving tamo leopards and dino saur skeletons is previexved in the netv comedy "Bringing Up Baby" co starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant which will show ioday through Monday at RKO Theater The romantic initiative is taken by Miss Hepburn and the unsuc cessful fleeing done by Grant Miss Hepburn is cast as a madcap heir ess and Grant as a studious muse um professor Hr first trick in capturing Grant is tn enlist his aid to transport a leopard from New York to Con necticut Later she employs a dog to hold Grant's attention while she hides his clothes to prevent his return to the City to carry out his original plan of marrying Vir vinia Walker his sccmtaiy Each firm' Grant is on tha point of escaping Miss Hepburn con ceives a new scheme to hold him and before the picture is over the two have landed in jail stolen an automobile stoned an innocent man and posed as circus enter tainers The companion picture is "Swing Your a hillbilly story of mountain musie and wrestlers rank McHugh Humphrey Bogart Allan Jenkins Louise azenda and the Weaver Brothers are featured THE HONORABLE JAMES A ARLEY O0 New Alden Theater Opens at 8 Tonight Public and Circuit Officials to Attend The new $75000 Alden Theater at North and Manhattan Avenues second Westchester outlet of the Brnndt Circuit and fifth motion picture house in New Rochelle opens at 8 tonight with ceremonies to be attended by public and chain officials The theater erected at the entrance of residential Rochelle Park contains the latest developments in sound projection air conditioning and other theater equipment Pictures of second and third run to New Rochelle and nn occasional foreign film will be shown Jn an effort to maintain a high class au dience the management will ten tatively show a single maintain a 30 and 40 sion price scale Major Harry Scott George I Roberts Herbert Mil ligan Charles IL Noxon and James Director of Pub lie Safety Philip Tilden other public officiate and representatives of business and civic groups arc expected to attend tonight Tho theater will open its doors at 7:30 o'clock with ceremonies following a half hour later Harry Brandt president and Loui' Brandt vice president chain will le present Miss Edytlie Sullivan manager ol the Brandt's "Colony" Theater at White Plains will also manage the Alden Eight yarns a manager for the Brandt circuit she oper ated the Colony Theater in Jack son Heights before coming to West chester a year ago The theater seats 600 persons 450 in an unusuaiy large "orches tra" section and 150 in the logcs Smoking will he permitted in the loges The theater has been accoustic nlly treated being built for sound has the newest type air condition ing and cooling system with dec orative air ducts throughout the building a new Douglas Shearer sound system and one of the larg est motion picture screens nt any theater in the City Scats are spring backed ree parking will be offered pa trons in a large lot on the north side of tho building The theater was erected by Ward oundation and rented to the Brandt Circuit Shaped in the form of an the entrance faces on North Avenue and the theater auditorium runs parallel to North Avenue Entrance of the building is faced with modern styled black tile anti metal ti'im Interior of the theater carries out the modern trend of decorations The opening bill includes the prize rench film "Mayerling" co starring Charles Boyer and Dan ielle Dorrieux The picture which enjoved a long New York run has English subtitles A Laurel and Hardy comedy "The County Hos will also be shown Three bills will be shown a week changing Sundays Wednesdays and ridays came to the town of Brim when desperadoes such aS Bill portrayed by Beery ruled xvith an iron hand Beery is cast as the outla5 who bands his forces against that of the Marshal until in a striking denouement ho discovers the mar shal is his own son Dennis O' Keefe appears as tho son and Vir ginia Bruce as the daughter of crooked judge Lewis Stone The new Moe West picture "Every a Holiday" Is the associate feature She is cast as the toast of the Bowcry 55 hosc shadj business deals always keep her just a step ahead ot the police Edmund Ixiwe Charles Butter worth and Charles Winninger are' in the cast A new theater group and new method of presenting it were introduced to New Rochelle last night when Hall Shelton and his Showcase Players opened nt the of Hall In "Old Joe an cntei taining slightly dizzy comedy of mistaken identity The group intends to day Thursday riday and Saturday nights of each week offering a different program each week Theie is no admission charge and?" Invitations are being distributed through organizations and mer chants Voluntary contributions may be made during tha evening Mr Shelton In a brief talk be tivecn acts announced his gioup is now playing at tho Barbizon in New York early in the week and recently closed a tlueo year en gagement in Hempstead I This offering a thrcc act comedy xvith music has a Califor nia college as its locale Two Bill Browns one a poor football player hoping to support himself the other a millionaire's son whose father will give him $100 a if be jilays football The two change places and the plot unfolds Comedy young love nnd numer ous songs and dances follow reaching dheir climax when the father arrives on the scene without warning The hit of the show is Billy Kent an experienced comedian of "Rose "unny and "Girl casts who jilays the first wise cracking manager a 1 Rand is Bill Barney Hughes Willie the millionaire's son and others arc Ada May Reed Diane Collard Ruth Bar ret Kay Darker Minnie Ashe Hill Ruth Rose Michael Leonard Ken neth Norris Daniel Stowell Joseph Boley and Charles Oxford A friendly audience of about MMB Sunfixy fistic rino lntrx! CLAUDE HOPKINS and hh famous colored onfiif6 sacred Edward Robinson in Last with JAMES STEWART ROSE STRADNER LIONET STANDEE Showcase Theater Opens Comedy 'Old Joe College KATHARINE StogtDoor HEPBURN CARY Awful Truth I GRANT up 3CBT S4r eT" W4 SUW i'll Take at 3:40 6:45 10:05 1 One Night" at I adie (ientlemon 5e CfMf5 WWNWGfR W4Ufg CONNOllr IG ynufZ with HUMPHREY BOGART RANfC McHUGH ALLEN JENKINS NAT PENDLETON LOUISE AZENDA PENNY SINGLETON Nen Loir Prices Compare our Work! Not our Pru es! Natural self setting Permanent Wave (entire head) Wave Trim 250 and 350 complete CROQUIGNOLE END? (COMPLETE 150) ANY ITEM 25e Radio Hospital 24 Lawton Street Tel 6461 uith GEORGE BRENT ADDED MI NCI MENACE" No I (Krazj Kat) WALLACE LBEERY VIRGINIA Y' s1? The hrsl musical him ever taken nt West Point the comedy "lirtation Walk" co starring Dick Pow'cil (above) and Ruby Keeler is showing today and to morrow at Trent Theater at O'Brien heads the supporting cast Also shoxving is "Special Agent" wit li Betle Davis George Brent and Ricardo Cortez The bill coming to the theater Sunday is headed by "Last of the Mohicans him adaptation tlie enimore Cooper story Movie Schedule LARCHMONT New at 2:43 7:3 iddler's Personality a ratlc" at 2:18 7:18 9:26 RKO Up Baby" at 1:00 4:06 Your Lady" at 2:42 5:48 8:54 LOEW'S "Bad Man ot Brim stone" at 1:00 4:07 7:15 10:20 "Every a Holiday" at 5:45 8:55 PET HAM mance" i Happened 8:25 CAMEO 6:39 9:56 5:23 8:40 TRENT Walk" at 1:00 4:20 7:00 10:00 "Special Agent" at 2:50 5:50 8:40 Noted Cast in Loew's ilm Starring Wallace Beery as a orful western gangster and pre senting Virginia Bruce Dennis Keefe Joseph Galicia Lewis Stone Guy kibbee and Bruce Cabon in supporting roles the drama "The Bad Man of Brimstone" is playing today through Monday at Loew's Theater Recapturing the spirited and latvless era of the old frontier days of the West the film offers a pano rama of stagecoach travel gold rush hysteria crooked politics and the rule of the era The picture tolls how law and order stone "Tri TODAY AND SATURDAY Saturday Night March 19 a4 the ANNUAL DINNER DANCE nt th Westchester County Democratic Com Beauty Shop 683 Main St cor Webster Ave New Rochelle 6223 OPENING TUESDAY MARCH 22 BETTE DAVIS 33 1 Hl IMM ShR nntrl STVlU mi HORNE A 1 1 1 ER "md 1 Mn tTvT I TOMORROW EVENING i Nelson EDDY Tn Only Metropolitan Concert This Season MARCH 19th at 845 COUNTY CENTER Tlekefa from JI 10 Box Office Td White Plains Olney Management MMJ0RUNG with CHARLES BOYER DANIELLE DARRIEUX ALDEN NORTH AVENUE rhffitH I PIhS MAE WEST EVERY DAY'S A HOLIDAY with EDMUND LOWE rday 10 A In I A lit Ul 1 1 I I tf' Swim 'Min 3 A vax st 1 1 Ww 7 fl W4 fl fl Mi flBMB fl 1 gW' IflBflHiHK Bia Bmm EXTRA ifw OO fc ijRADIO SECURE! 'KDk 4 Agent i kS: fl a S' jrw 7Xflk LOEW'S.

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