The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1936 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 2
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ma Upper Se* iHoineg I Worth Dodf» Mi BAOOAltD A WAtUBl, 11M Swood Olaa. Itottef »t the P«Wfllw Jt tMftt tinder art of Oontress of March t, 1870 IttVM Wwldy NATIONAL fljmm ASSOCIATION •tose •UMBt- •OMCRIPTION MAtCi w KOBBBTH oo.t •feat, In Advance ll.M •iptlotu OuUlde County, 13.60 per year, strictly In advance DISPLAY ADVERTISING, Me PER INCH Oompoettion, 6 cents per Inch extra •Let the people know the tnih and the mo. fcy to «f«."—Abraham tteeeln. TjButS MEANS YOU! At Des Molnes the state legislature Is compll- r a state social security law which will meet federal approval, and Insure this state of participating In the entire program of benefits when they begin to arrive In future years. If the state legislature cuts down the minimum t, Dumber of employes, set at 8 by the federal program at present, it will work a rank Injustice on ft boat of small employers who alone will suffer *' by an added, and unjtut tax. Every employer, un• " der the present setup, pay* part of the old age , pension tax. The employer matches with an equal sum the money his employee* pay Into the fund. •' That i* fair and just, and a long-range effort to . prevent economic woes to employees when they get beyond the age of doing active duty. But the federal plan at present exempts em- p|*yers of under eight people from paying the un- attployment Insurance tax. The state can, however, tfttact a law cutting down that minimum number •ft? employees, and making nearly every employer pay an unemployment insurance tax, which the employee doe* not participate In paying. Ilia theory is simply this. In the past, large employers hired men by the score during good times, and when things slacked down threw them out of employment That, in short, creates unemployment problems all along the line. BUT, •mall merchant* do not operate that way. They hire three, four, five or six employees, and for the most part continue with that same number during tbe up* and downs of business cycle*. They stand to benefit when things are going good, and stand tb« *bock when slack period* occur. Big business, the automobile plants for example, simply guage tbe number of employees they have to the demand Oat exi*IU for their car*. They can hire thousand* from the rank* of labor when they need them and turn them out to shift for themselves when demand decline*. Small muine** seldom doe* now the up and coming citizens of the town are looking for some more. Among other suggestions It Is proposed the government fork over funds to help build an airport. Then the city could use a gales pavilion. Moreover, the government will be Mked to "put" again on the Muscle Shoals project. Perhaps in the active mind* of forward-looking BsthervllHans there are other proposals such as a home for foundling pigeons, a race cours< for trained fleas, or a playground for gamboling It' Is not our purpose to offend the civic dignity or energy of the citizens of Estherville. By their good works they are known near and far. The town Is no better nor no worse concerning government money than countless other go-getting municipalities over the country. But the subject Is worth a bit of eyebrow- lifting at least. It Is to be remembered when any city gets a grant, the money Is not coming from "the government." It Is coming from "we, the people." The time Is near at hand when this farce of getting federal money In the name of emergency relief Is ended. Let the cities care for their unfortunates as humane people always have. Then, let them tell their moochers to go to work like honest, sturdy men always have. • * » Steal IIMMMXX) 0«t 2 Years, Steal Calf Get 10 Year* Whlttemore: The Inconsistency of Justice was again demonstrated last week when flve men were sentenced at Fort Dodge to two years Imprisonment and a fine of $10,000 each for stealing $300,000. The newspapers carried a story the name day of a man at Independence, Iowa, who was sentenced to 10 years In the penitentiary for stealing « calf. The motto would seem to be "If you are golne to be a rrook, be a big one—the more you steal the lighter the penalty." j The Algona Upper Peg Moinei, Algon^, Iowa, Pee. 22,1936 It Is not fair, therefore, that the small business abould be forced to stand the coat of unfortunate situations created by large industries. And the Blatter resta in the hands of the legislature. THIS QUESTION WILL EFFECT EVERY RESIDENT OF THE STATE FOR MANY YEARS TO COME. THIS MEANS YOU! A BIT HABD TO UNDERSTAND Last week a charge of driving a car while Intoxicated was dismissed against a Swea City man, on the technical point that there was no proof {•rubbed that the accused waa driving the car, in wfeteh three men war* riding, at the time it crashed into another machine, August 0, and crushed the skull of a small baby.' -.*,. , There may be circumstaneaa stout tie «a«e aot "iuute public, but If three mm WMV In Uw machine, Md U Ultra waa any negligence- on the part of the driver of the car, then one of the three must have guilty of that negligence, whether it was the \ or not The entire thing bolls down to the dismissal of * criminal action under a technicality, and the final outcome In no way changes the fact that some one was driving a car which crashed Into another machine, and that a baby died as a result of injuries. If the Kossuth Safety Council Is looking for a good point at which to start action toward safer driving, it might take a definite Interest in the court cases connected with driving charges, of which we have had plenty in Kosmitb, and not enough action taken in any of them. "Blub-Oub" Blue Earth Post: The society section of a Twin City paper prints a large picture of a matron under the heading, "Plan* Oyp»y Tea." There I* much difference between the metropolitan and the crossroad* paper, but we believe that ultimately one I* run about a* intelligently as the other. Certainly tbe crossroads paper doesn't run a picture of a housewife under the heading, "Plans to Wash Monday." Or what 1* a gyp*y tea? W« haven't tbe slightest Idea, except It sound* like something tbe husband should avoid, and not return home Ull the coast i« clear. But in any event, we submit that a gypsy tea Isn't more Important than a week's wash. Hperbeek Is Sensible Sw«a City Herald: The lovely city of Estherville t* doing well In thin great game of "gimme" which gogettlng municipalities over the country are playing with the federal government dealing from tbe WPA pack. With government fund* Estherville is completing a river project mysteriously called Muscle ghoals. But the federal pap !» running low and DEAR SANTA CLAUSl please send— L, A. Winkel—responsive juries. The Fair Board—some good day* next fall. Paul Berger—Six 200-lb. fre*hmen. L. A. Copp—Something to Build Confidence or a Star to guide him. Rev. C. Paul Carlson—a hat. O. S. Relley—an armored vest The Advance—some ads on Saturday, instead of all on Monday, for a Tuesday paper. Ray (Wimpy) Burdlne of Whlttemore—cigars, cigars, cigars. Olen Raney—a new book of P. L. & R. (the old one's worn out). H. W. Miller—office curtains. Beauty shop operators—another year's truce. Frank Oreen—« plug of tobacco. Harry Bode—time enough to farm In between board meeting*. The horror of the newspaper buelnese I* divided tween the danger of leaving something out that should have been In, and putting something In that should have been left out • • * PARLOR BEDLAM—As an Ice-breaking game to get silent guests started, pin the name of some well known person on the back of each guest, and make them discover who It Is by answering questions of "yes" or "no", • • * ALONG NEWSPAPER ROW: Ward Barnes, chief eaglet of the Eagle Grove Eagle, recalls meeting your correspondent In Humboldt and adjourning to the Coca Cola (attention Mr. Bellows) plant Now If Ward only had a good Coca Cola plant in Eagle Grove, we'd be willing to come down and help dedicate anything that needed dedicating. • * e In one newspaper office In the east a big executive of the paper sent out a boy for a swi*s on jye and rome coffee. Twenty minute* later the phone rang, and the executive's secretary answered the phone. "This is Jim Farley," said a voice. "I'd like to speak to Mr. " The secretary turned and passed the word on to the Big Boss. The bose quickly reached for the phone, pen and note pad, and said genially, "Hello, Jim, how are you?" Back came the voice on the other end of the wire, "I'm sorry. They haven't got swls* on rye. Would you like iwlss on roll «r bam or something?". In Edenton, N. C, a weekly newspaper editor was writing a pungent editorial entitled "Crime Mimt Stop." While doing it, thieves drove Into town, smashed Into a store, and began to methodically rob It of 183 pieces of merchandise and blew the safe to get 11000. The editor, watching all of the proceeding*, and viewing the unmolested effort* of the thieves, wound up hi* editorial— "Here In Edenton we are crtmelei* as all the world know*. We are a peace-loving community and have nothing to steal, but elsewhere crime does go on and on." He wo* half right, anyway, there wa» nothing left to steal after the thieves got out of town. Attorney* Unnan and Hhumway began the court term representing a plaintiff and defendant, then ewitched to representing the defendant and plaintiff, and wound up the court term »lttlng on the *ame side of the table representing the »am« defendant. Variety Is the spice of life. We trust that W. C. Uewel ban a good time down In Texas, but suggest that he be careful what he »ay» among those "died-ln-the-wool" »outhern democrat*. Famous La«t Line thU werk In (you It) a Merry Christmas and it liappy and I'rtw- prrou* New Year. Come to the Party! 5 P. M., THURSDAY, DEC. 24 Corner State and Dodge Streets Santa Glaus will be there on a "last appearance" before his Christmas Eve journey LONE ROCK, BURT CAGE TEAMS MET Lone Bock First Team Wins; Oirls, Second String Split Lone Rock: The Lone Rock high school basket ball teams met the Burt boys' teams on the local floor here, Tuesday evening. Three games were played. Lone Rock flrst team played the Burt boys' first team and won the game. Following this game the Lone Rock girls' flrst team played the Lone Rook boys' second and third teams, the girls losing. The junior high Lone Rock boys played the third team boy*, the latter being defeated. Thl* I* the last game scheduled until after the Christmas holidays. Independents Win The Lone Rock Independent bos ketball team played the Rlngsted town team on the local floor here, Thursday evening. The local boys won 22 to 13. Eugene Pearson, formerly of Algona, played with the local boys. Dale Earring ref- ererd the game. I* Seriously til Mr*. Lawrence Zwiefel was taken to Rochester, Minn., Thursday, In an ambulance. Ml** Alma Mad- Uon R. N., accompanied her. Mrs. Zwiefel wa* to enter tbe hospital there, for treatment and her condition i* teported a* very serious. Mr. and Mr*. Willie Chrlstensen, also went Buttcrmaker Ray Snyder an viie member* of the creamery board, namely, Hugh Marlow, A. H Hanna, Albert Hutchlncon, John Nyman and C. M. Groa* attendee he annual creamery meeting a Man.-n City reccntlr. The local grade *ctaool held It* ChrUtmas program in the high school auditorium, Thursday after noon. A very large crowd attend ed. School wa* dismissed Friday afternoon until the 28th of Dec 'or the Christmas holidays. Supt and Mrs. V. V. Frye enter talned at a Chrletma* party va .heir home, Thursday evening. The members of the faculty attended as follows: Principal Charles HII and Mrs. Hill. Misses Lillian Coombea, Leona Snultz, Eva Freer Mrs. Zwiefel's parenU, up there Thursday. Dell Marlow and family, spent Sunday afternoon vUltlng at tbe Lem Marlow home. Colla Jane HoIIUter spent Sunday and Monday visiting with Margaret Gladstone. Mrs. Emll Kraft and daughter, Ruth Mae were callers In Fenton, Saturday afterndon. The Ladles Mite society met at the home of Mrs. William Krause, Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Merwyn Marlow and son, Merrill Faye spent Friday visiting at the Hugh Marlow home. The carnival, sponsored by the 4-H club girls la*t Saturday night, wo* a success, $46 clear money be- Blanche Hendrlckson, Mabe ffowe, and Margaret Schloeman. About Town 5ay* Thereby hang* a tale. There U one Intrude* who 1* probably running yet. Did your boy come home minus his cap? e e e Whatever to happentaf to thtt country? Good times most be here. At tbe Kossuth hospital ten babies have arrived within the past few day*. Two Algona doc- on are going to be bu«y waiting on the stork next month. One ha* twenty-six order*, and the other has eighteen. If the other M. D.'« come close to this, and no doubt some of them will, the county will need Urriortal expansion Have you done your bit? • * * An Algona man, aid In yean, far past the af« Minimum to get a pension asked for county relief. He didn't get It He wia told he could live at the county farm. An application for an old age pension wa* sent In. He didn't get any of that money either. The state assessed him for the two dollar old age tax. He paid It. A letter was sent to Des Molnes asking for his tax money back so he could equip himself with a new pair of overalls. The letter wasn't answered. The man Is up town dally, jovial and happy. Such Is life. Algona high lo»t a good athlete when the Gorman family moved to Mason City. "Red" Gorman finished his freshman year last spring in the local school. This fall he made an end position on the Mason City football team. Several times he wa* featured by picture in the Globe-Gazette. Saturday Gorman » picture was shown on the news reel a* a member of the basketball team. He Is a tall, lanky boy and a sophomore. • * * Don't forget, folk*. The change in the publications of the paper*, starting with the new year. The Advance comes out on Tuesday* and The Upper De* Mome* on Thursdays. Merry Chrlstma* and Happy New Year. Rudolph Berninghaus Proud Grand-Daddy Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sanders, who live about 7 miles southeait of West Bend, are the parent* of an 8 Ib. son, born Thursday at the Sanders' home. It is the flrst child for the couple, and also the flrst grandson for Rudolph Berninghaus. Rudolph Is feeling a bit chesty about the whole affair, and we can't blame him for feeling, proud on the arrival of his flrst grandchild. Attention Stock Raisers JffJ.TTl fn"" * *»»W*T *v*r •*»•»•— Lewis V. McWhorter Phones 536 yard; 671 Res. **&**> !r'://\ /V-,v S , Her e s a Ing taken In. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice spent Friday and Saturday at Hampton vUMlng with Mr*. Rice's brother Dr. Uwlght Hoxi*. Mr*. E. M. Jenien, Mrs. Roy Jen»en, and Mrs. W. J. Cottoei pent Friday visiting at the home f Mr*. Victor Whulen of Dolllver Dale Earring, who I* enrolled In ha CCC camp at Bancroft, came home Tuesday evening, for the Christmas holiday*. Ilu will return Dec. 27. Frank Flalg drove to Rochester, Tuesday morning and en- tred the clinic there, for examln- itlon and treatment. He returned hc-me Friday. Mis* Beulah Gladstone, teacher at Bwea City, arrived home, Friday evening, to spend the Christ ma* holiday* with her parent*, the 8. M. filad»tone». Mr. and Mr*. Ltrn Marlow took their ..on, Uoyd to the Muncallne Baker hospital, Bunday, for treatment. Uoyd ha* been In 111 health for quit" nome time. The sowing circle wax held al the home of Mr*. Alex Krueger Wednesday evening. The next meeting will be held with Mr*. Arthur i'riebe In the near future Mr. arid Mrs. Merwyn Murlow and son, Merrill Faye, spent Bunday and Monday visiting with the Frank Collins family, Llvermore 'I hey returned home Monday eve nlng. Mr*. Frank Householder, and Mr*. Culvln Householder, Mr* Haymond Blerutedt and Klma Krueger and KathKrinv BtebriU were business caller* in Algona, on Wednesday. Mr. and Mr*. Lem Marlow spen Friday afternoon vUiting with their granddaughter, Leann, Bancroft, at the Charles Kollasch home. L«».un wae badly burned in a lire mishap. Supervisor Ciuu. Morris attend ed on educational Dleeel school at Mason City, Friday, and Alton Pettit, Merwya Marlow, Cheater Aim*, Jack Quiun, Jay Uodden, and Earl Burring attended tbe school, Saturday. Mrs. CarlyU Johnson of Bancroft attended the school Chrletma* program here, Thursday afternoon. She also vUlUd with friends. Mr*. Johnson is thu former MJvetyu Bchrnuum and taught here a few years ago. Miss Florence Householder underwent an appendectomy operation at th« Ko**uth hospital. Al- Kuiui, Saturday morning. Dr. Buurag did the operating Mr. and Mr*. Hariua liiancvutrd spent Saturday with ber. A brown Ford coupe rested in front of the Ben Franklin (tore fo several day* and nights. It waa tagged with an official Iowa llcens number 1844. Local police had vision* of missing persons, murder kidnapping and more Idea* o wlerd and fanatic tale*. Eventually somebody drove the car away and relieved the tension. No lee* than thre« times baa tbe name of the Llvermore coach been listed In the paper* differently. Curious a* to what the real name of the coach wa* a scout learned Friday rWgbt Uiat tbe paraatal monicker 1 wa* Minnerltcb. The boy* soou discovered that Mlnne- vitch rhymed perfectly with a common three word name that causes numerous fight* and used it extensively In addressing the coachi So Coach Mlnnevltch I* now Coacli Solar by his own adoption. The new baby girl brought more than the usual happiness to the Theo. Herbsts. For nearly ten years she has been expected for It wae that long ago her name woe agreed upon. • • • Tiger, the Dr. Gibson'* family cat, 1s let out for the nlifht After the rounds are made the cat will sit by the door and meow. Somebody with regular pae*lng-by hab It* feels sorry for the puss sitting In the cold so the door Is opened p.nd the cat walks In. The latch to the office I* never locked. * • • L'hlef of police, Frank Oreen, I* parting a new blue police hat. A present from Mr*. Oreen, »ay« Krnnk, who thought the old one wits fading. Xmas Greeting Enjoy A Moderate Priced Home Cooked Christmas Dinner at Anderson s Cafe 111 HAPPINESS SHOW Starts Christmas Day for 5 Days Dec. 25-26-27-28-29 ONE OF THE FINEST PROGRAMS EVER OFFEWCD BING CROSBY "PENNIES FROM HEAVEN" with EDITH FELLOWS MADGE EVANS Plus This Christmas Special "ROBINSON CRUSOE" Actually filmed on the very Island inhabited by Robinson Crusoe. Extra Added for Your Enjoyment Gus Van Miniature Revue Latest Universal New* -**** Plan Now to Attend The State New Year's Eve Midnight Show NEW CHEVROLET 1937 (omplek Ca/i - Grrripfetefij Tjeur Nine *«ftlone of land, IBM men M many varieties of clubs a* weapon* and plenty of Old Tayor will be a sight for eager eye* on New Year's day near Tltonka when the stage i* set for Koesuth'i biggeit fox hunt. Not only foxe* ar« caught In these circle*, the real fun i* when the net rounds up H few black furry anlmatl* with white stripes from head to tall. 1'liin now to be there, * * * A Hunday night visitor to the Cull theatre left hi* cur unlocked. Someone took a blanket from the car but left hi* cap. A faithful dog had possession of the cap between his paw* and mouth. Greetings From a Modern SANTA On wines • > • not of but of a fiiatly moving oJxuUoa ... ta get ttMa* tsj uua e nuieiOy . . . ffaAtft to csv- rylug our grooUucs. Acce them, pleete, til hoUdagr mood. " "66" UAHUI4MK * OIL Phillips "66 TO THE FINEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD" e NIW AU4UNT, AU-ITtm IO*.* • MKfJCTID HYDtAUUC NfW HKW-COMFtHWON VAIVI-IH4<IAO ENO1MI (Wtth S«M MM! Twrrat Top and UairtMl OwstructUn) nk* a** Unkoij.) . WW DUMOMO C»OWN SWUM WYUNt* RSHEt NO DtAW VBOUATIOM . (at M t 1AWTY flATl OiASS All AIOUND (« M «*» «*} t HUH it* SHOCXMOOP STEUINO* (at M •»*• CM!) THI ONLY COMPLITI CAR-I UVUION, fTiniml Jstuu, jjj •tic - "— fr ,m —"- -fr **• Kossuth Motor C

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