The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1936 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, December 22, 1936
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Established 1865 ALCJONA, IOWA7TUESDAY, DECEMBER 32, 1930 Ten Pajres. VOL. 34.—NO. 51 CHRISTMAS SEASON HAPPIEST YEARS Dave Gerber Near Death After Skid, 20 Foot Auto Drop, Saturday FARMER ALONE AS ICY ROADS CAUSE MISHAP - ' i Machine Slid Up On A Bridge, Gatapaulted Over Into Ditch The condition of Mr. Ctarber, Tuesday morning, was reported a* being the same. Hospital attendant* MM be wa* "doing as well as could be expected." Dave Oerber, well known farmer In the Irvlnglon neighborhood, was In a atrious condition In the Kos- tttth hospital hero today, after an accident In which his car plunged down * 30-foot enflankment, Sat- uTifajf Afternoon. Th* accident occurred In Cre*«o township, and was caused by an icy portion of road. The Oerber macf>In* skidded lutt as It ap- proachad a bridge. The car climbed up over the railing and dropped off M*f embankment, landing up- aide down. Jilona At Xtone Mr. Oerber WM alone at the time of the accident. Harry Simmons, who With hi* mother was on the •am* road, aaw thf accident and html** to OMfeerM aMtotance. Mr. OertHir bad managed to get out of So. American Girl, Guest Here, Is Veterinary Student At Ames From South American life, to Iowa State College for a course In veterinary' medicine—that Is the Jump that Luz Urquhart, a house guest of Esther Pratt, and a schoolmate of the latter, has made. And we might add that she If one of two girls in a class of BOO taking veterinary medicine. All the rest of the class are young men. Luz and Esther will spend their holiday vacation at the Pratt home In Algona. Miss Urquehart was born In Bogota, Colombia, the capital city of that South American country. Her mother was a Chilean by birth and her father Is a Scotchman, who met her mother while acting as a member of the diplomatic force at Bogota. Asked why she selected veterinary medicine as her course, Miss Urquhart said there were two reasons—1, she believed It offered a good field for a woman who was especially interested In dogs and animals, and who had lived with, rode and trained horses on a South American ranch, and— 2—the might marry a veterinarian and they would have something In common. This latter point, she explained, however, was not because of any present romantic acquaintanceship, but because she knew how much she liked animals, and believed that a man who also liked and knew something about them would make a better mate. The young Algona visitor met Esther because they discovered that both of them were the same age, and both had birthdays on the same day—were born on the same day in fact. And they Mve In the name dormitory »t Anes. Speaking of American young men, Mis* Urquhart said they sometimes shocked her. The English boys, she said, were all cut to pattern, but you never knew what to expect from an American one. Assessments to be Collected With 1936 Taxes RANGE FROM HALF TO 12 PERCENT Rex HI House Guest In City Over Holidays 4M* _ •erlouJ 1*ull Injury. gave him a chance of of ten-to live. Not CMnc Fa*t Mr. Otrbtr wa* not driving fact at tb* time of the mishap, but whoa b* mWdded be wa* unable to ooetrol the machine until It went over the bridge and down the bank. Tb* machine was badly damaged. At tho boepltal, Monday, Oerber w« *emi-«on*clou», and hi* life WM banging In th* balance. He i* • brother of John Oerber. MildWeatherln , * Store Christmas Mild weather continued thl* week in Algona and vicinity. The week 1 * weather: Date High Low December 14 - 47 27 December W 40 27 December W 89 27 December »7 M » Member If 80 19 Dtoamber tt ~ 89 25 Doomiber 30 - 88 19 Ageofdlng to federal meteorol- «ft*ta <nufio word for weather aun, and probably misspelled), GhriatnMt* will b* fair and clear, without any more mow. St. Jo* Lad, 1& Swallows Whistle St. Joe: While the 12 year old •on of Mr. and Mr*. Jesse Ander*on wa* playing with a toy whistle b* aoctdinUy *wallowed It and it i me of W* lung*. It wa* (0* th* parents to take Dodge, where with doctor* removed irever, he show* no eh}ki of the Andersons, t*r, wa* quite sick .„ tlwee who have seph him will testify ie not ordinary house guest He Is about as big as a Shetland pony, twice as hungry, hut M lean as a greyhound. In fact he may have a little greyhound in him, although be Is technically called a Great Dane. Rex HI Is chapter mascot of the fraternity "Tiny" belongs to at Iowa City, and official mascot for University of Iowa athletic teams, or any other events. It U even rumored that he aids the bouncers at the new night club that the student body has founded In Iowa City. Rex has had his picture and a story about himself In the Sunday DCS Molnes Register, but is entirely unaffected by publicity. Monday he was making friends In front of Barry's pool hall, showing no signs of the "big head." Mrs. Post, however, is wondering whether or not It Is wise to bring such a hungry guest "home for the holidays." M4 PuMWwrs ****** HOOB Best light butch., 140-180 ..$8.60-7.00 Best light butch., 190-180 .. 7.00-8.50 Best light butch., 180-200 9.10 Best light butch., 200-290 9.50 Butchers, 290-328 9.40 Butchent. 326-380 9.28 Butchers, 880-400 9.00 Packing sows, 300-360 8.90 Packing sows, 860-400 8.75 Packing sows, 400-600 8.BO CATTLE Veal calves $5.00-7.00 Stock steers Canners and cutters 4.00-8.00 2.60-3.00 Fat steers 7.00-8.00 2 RURAL GROUPS IN COUNTY PLAN ^3 and Whittemore Farmers Pick Leaders In Electrification About 250 farmers attended the Rural electrification meetings he!< at Whittemore and Titonka last Friday. Harold Beatty of the Extension Service, Ames, WM pres cnt at these meetings to explain what the project ha* to offer am the way in which the counOe* can take advantage of it. A few counties In the state have lines in operation at the presen time and many others have lines In the process of construction Funds are available from the fed trai government for the building of the lines and repayment is tttk en care of through monthly pay ments by use of power. A local organization composec of farmers, will have the respons Ibility of organizing the project building the line and management thereafter. The Individual user hi In no way personally responsible for liquidation of the loan nor does be have to sign any agreement for the continued use of power. Temporary committees were named at each of the meetings with Instructions to proceed in organization and getting one or more project* under way. Their first step will be to make a survey and determine from that just what the interest in the county is. The members of the committee named were as follows, at Whittemore, ChM. Newel, chairman, R. B. Bernlnghaus, Joe Priester, Earl Elbert, J. W. Bolllg, P. M. Chrlst- enson and John Zellar; At Titonka J. C. Skow, chairman, Oscar Frandie, Henry Patterson, Rev. Schnucker, Geo. Peterson, W. J. Frimml, John Kain, Harold Grover, F. H Mescher, J. E. Telcamp, COUNTY DRAINS BOARD SESSION Swea City Girl, Algona Woman Win Christinas Contest Drainage re-assessment* made Dec. 10 by the Kossuth county board of supervisor* will be found below. The assessment* will be collected with the 1936 taxes, payable In the ordinary manner. A* a sample case, If the original assessment on a drain was $200 and the assessment I* one percent the tax payable would come to $3 The re-assessments follow: Sub. 4 of Drain 3—2 percent, Sub. 6 of Drain 3—1 percent. Drain 5—9 percent. Drain 12—1 percent. Drain 20—1 percent Drain 63—1 percent Dranl 08—1 percent Drain 72— 'Mi percent A MEAN TRICK ON EILEEN Eileen Hilbteadt ha* been helping her father In dimming*' •tore, off and on during the pre- holiday rush. One day last week the cleric* Informed her that It WM Urn* to take Inventory, and one of the Item* WM checking up on th« coal. They *ent Eileen Into tit* basement, where she remained faithfully counting the coal, piece by piece, until someone softened up and told her It waa all a Joke. FIRST NEWS ON FARHPROGRA! FOR 1937 HERE Frimml Greta Dope; No Great Change From '36 Expected A better balanced and more prof • Drain 90—fl percent Drain 97—0 percent. Drain 0ft—1 percent Drain 102—1 percent. Drain 113—1 percent. Drain 116—1 percent. Drain 120—2 percent. Drain 121—W percent. Drain 128—'/4 percent. Drain 128—1 percent. Drain 139—'/4 percent. Drain 168—2 percent. Drain 168—2 percent. Drain 162—2 percent. Drain 162—4 percent. Drain 164—2 percent. Drain 177—2 percent. Sub. 1 of Drain 166—12 percent. Joint Drain 2-36 (Kossuth and Hancock). 1 percent Joint Drain 3-14 (Kossuth and Hancock), % percent. Joint Drain 6-110 (Kossuth and Hancock), 2 percent. In the above drains where the percent runs 9 or 12, It is explained by the fact that the drain Is being or hu.-j been cleaned out. Frank Nitz, Frank Frank Ryerson. Hellman and Fat yearling* Bull* Fat 6.00-7.00 3.60-4.25 COW* ................................ 3.26-4.26 GBA1N No. 8 mixed corn, new ............ $1.004 No. 2 yellow corn ........................ 1.04 No. 3 yellow corn, new ........ 1.01V4 No. 3 white corn, new 1.03 No. 3 white oats, 30 Ibs .......... 48H Barley, No. 3 ................................ 1.08 KOOB | Hennery* ........................................... 24c No. 1 ' ................................................. »c No. 2 .................................................... 1»« Cash cream— Ne. 1, *our .................................... Sic No. 2, sour .................................... Me Sweet .............................................. 36c POULTBY Han* over 6 Ib*. over Han*, over 4 to 0 Ibs. Hen*, under 4 Ibs lOc 8c Leghorn ben* 8c Leghorn springs 9c Spring*, under 4 fea, Be Spring*, 4 Ibs. to 6 Ibs lie Spring*, over 5 Ibs 14e Stag*, under 0 In*. lOc Staff, under ft Ibi. 8c Leghorn staes No. 2 spring* 7c No. 2 ban* Heavy Mck*- Market* suikwt to *> - ........ Co change by Lu Verne Mayor Wed on Sunday Lu Verne J George Tiede, LuVerne grocer and mayor of the community, and Mrs. Wilma Mosher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Miller, were married Sunday afternoon at three o'clock in tb« Lutheran parsonage by Rev. Wittenberg. Attendants were Mr. and Mr*. Charles Wolfe of LuVerne, and Mr*. Wittenberg and Fred Tied*, father of the groom, were alao present Following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Wolf and the bride and groom went to Fort Dodge for a wedding supper. Mrs. Tiede i* a graduate of Grinnell College, and tb* groom U »fl« of southern, Kossuth's best liked business man. Stole Overcoat; In Jail Xmas J. Manx, transient, WM sentenced to 16 day* In the county jail on a charge of stealing an overcoat bs loagiag to Arnold Jahde, a sales maa from Clarion. The overcon WM taken in Oocd«n'» cafe, Dec. If. H B. WbiU, lu*t^, iwatd Uw CAM Ud imiMMd UMI MtttftOCHI. Postpone Trip To Ames About Hy. 44 A meeting of Whittemore bus- nets men, scheduled for today or tomorrow, with thi date highway commission, to discus* tho planned relocation of highway 4i. has been postponed until next week or the :urly part of January. Dr. H. E. Woodward, Whittemore mayor, said he believed It would be better to wait until after the Christmas rush to make the trip. 7 Couples Obtain Marriage Licenses The following marriage licenses were issued at the court bouse < re in the past five days: Elmer B. Olson, Algona, and Delia Mae Woodbeck, Fenton, Dec. 17. Woodrow Johnson, Irvlngton, and Kathryn Deim, Algona, Dec. 17. George Tiede and Wilma Mosher, both LuVerne, Dec. 19. Edward L. Clnk and Gladys Haverly, both Wesley, Dec. 19. Urban Neuroth and Rosalia Hlld- man, both Wesley, Dec. 21. E. J. Butler, Algona, and Irene Vaudt. Whlttemore, Dec. 18. Arthur 8. Klein, Wesley, and Irene R. Cink, Algona, Dec. 21. Judges Unable to Pick Between Them, Split Awards 250 LETTERS ON XMAS RECEIVED To Irene Blomster, 16-year-old Swea City girl, and Mrs. John Mc- Nelll, rural route 2, Algona, go dlv- ded honors for first and second prizes in the Snnta Claus stamp etter content, announced two weeks ago today In The Algona Up- ;cr Den Molnes. The trio of judges were unable to reach a definite decision as to which of the two above should get first and which second, and as a result the flr«t prize of $5 and the second of $3 will be divided Into checks of f4 apiece, and each of the above named have already received their checks for that amount. Third prize of »2 went to Ruth Ida Melne of Whittemore. Fourth and fifth prizes of a year's subscription to this newspaper went to Mr*. Elizabeth Schenck of Algona, and Mr*. Roy Mino of Ledyard. , Honorable Mention Newspaper Schedules No tlpppcr Dm Molnrn will be published next wi-ek, nor will an Advance appear thl* week. The publishing schedule for the next two weeks follows: Wednesday, Dec. 80. Advance. Tuesday, Jan. 5, Advance. Thursday, Jan. 7, Upper Des Molne*. And then, for the re»t of 1987, the Advance will be printed on Tuesday, and the Upper Des Molnes on Thursday. CHURCHESPLAN MANY PROGRAMS FOR TUB Business Brisk, F« Bright, Santa Ready To Go STORES OPEN 'TIL ' 9 P. M. EVENINGS Bro. of Mr*, Baker Died from Injuries C. C. Lucas, 61, of Kanawha, brother of Mrs. L. G. Baker of Algonu, died Friday night at six o'clock in the Lutheran hospital at Hampton, aftar an auto accident that happened la«t Wednesday. Funeral service* were held at 2 p. in. at thu Methodist church of Kanawha, und Dr. and Mrs. Bakur and their son, Durwood, attendud. Mr. Lucas' wife, a daughter, a brother und live sinter* survive. Divorce Agtion An action for dlvotc* wa* filed in district court Laet week by N C. Cbrittonsen, asking eeparation front Johanna ChrltUnstn charft« desertion. celved thl* week by county chairman, W. J. Frimml from the exten don service official* at low* State College at Ames. The program, worked out afte meeting* of farmer* In all part* o the country, seeks to encouragi crop* and practice* that will main tain and restore productivity. The general outlines of the 193' program are like those of the 1936 program, with changes designed to meet changed conditions. Pay ment* will be made to farmer* who meet specified condition* for shift- Ing up to 15 per cent of the acre age In their soil depleting bases from soil-depleting and soil-conserving uses, and for carrying out approved practices. The soil de pleting base for each participating farm will be the starting point for measuring payments. Because of the widespread destruction by drouth of established stand and new seeding* of soil- conserving crops, the program In d'ltlgned to encourage increases in •oil conserving crops and permltu the planting of emergency pasture and hay crops to take the place of seedlngs destroyed by the drouth in 1936. Farmers whose soil-conserving crops were entirely destroyed will have opportunity to qualify for full payment by match- Ing acres shifted from soil-depleting uses with new seedlngs of soil- conserving crop*. Th* proportion of total payment* which may be itarned In 1937 through practices which maintain and restore productivity will be greater than in 1936 on farms which normally have a large percentage of crop land devoted to soil conserving uses, on furmu where the production of fruit or vegetables Is the major enterprise and on dry land farms in the western part of the North Central Region. Corn acreage limits will be established for individual farms In areas where corn for grain ia « major crop. The corn acreage limit will conform to good conservation practices and, on the average, will be slightly lens than the l'j:;0 planted acreage of corn. Lone Rock College Pupils on Vacation Lone Rock: Fred Genrich drove to Ames Thursday afternoon, to get his son, Maynard, who in n student at the Iowa State College there. Maynard will spend the Christma* holidays with his parents. Gordon Blancbard, student at Iowa State Teachers' College, at Cedar Falls arrived home Satur- replies received; . ilrt. n. W. Hel«e, Emmetsburfj Phyllis Preston, Swea City; Donald McWherter, St. Benedict: Delmar Angus, Algona; Mrs. Ruth Black, Algona; Mrs. A. E. Grooters, Algona; Mrs. Irving Urch, Algona: Florence Helnen, LuVerne; Miss Rita Htuder, Wesley. Ralph John Kohlhaas, Liver more; Winifred E. Sarchett. Algona; Mrs. Floyd Duncan, Burl; Dorothy Hobnon, Lone Rock; Mrs. G. A. Wlttkopf, Algona; Lois Colwell, Algona: Mrs. Bertha Schwle- tert, Burt; Margaret Durant, Algona; Emll Blers'edt, Fenton; Mrs. W. H. Lacy, Algo.ia; Mary Louise Baumann, Lakota. Good Historical Facts To the judges, the answers proved Illuminating on the historical background of The Meaning of Christmas", which Is the subject nn which all letters were written, of not over 100 words. Some answers ran over 100 words, and wern thus disqualified. Others were correct and within the limit, but not very neat. Neatness always counts in any contest. Nearly all of the answers had successfully matched the stamps on the special context page with similar flumps found In the tabloid section, and the contest thus simmered down to a comparison of the letters. 50 At Burt Put on Fox Hunt, Sun. Burt: About fifty took part In n fox hunt put on by the Burt chapter of the Conservation League Sunday morning, which captured two foxes. The hunt was made south of Burt near the Herman Uuu farm. Otto Jensen Buys 151 Acre Swea Farm Bwea: Thu ISl's acre farm, tenanted for ninny yearn by Ed Berge«on and owned by the Jones estate, located two mile* west of Swea City on roud No. 9. was sold last week Thursday to Otto A. Jensen. The Jenxen home farm adjoins on the north. Mr. Osgood of Iowa Falls represented the Jonei* Estate and Elmer .Smith was local agent in the transaction. day to spend the Christmas holidays with his parents, the J. M. Blauchards. Eugene, another son of the Blancbards, and who is a student at the Hamilton Business College, at Mason City, will arrive how* Thursday afternoon. Kent* on Texas, Mexico Auto Tour Mr. and Mrs Kred Kent left last Friday tor Sun Antonio. Texas, fo« u two weeks' vacation trip. Mr Kent's parents uru in San Antonio und they expect to visit them while there. They will also take a trip to Monterey, Mexico, KOSSUTH BOYS TO ATTEND 4-H MEETING, AMES Floyd Bode, Rich Mesch et, Johnson, Dreyer To Attend Looking forward to tbrte day* The Christmas Season wa* reach- < ng a peak of Interest and happiness In Kossuth county thl* week. hat ha* not been matched foe* many years. That wa* the verdict of business men, (hopper* and nembers of the clergy. Algona itore* reported the bri*k- est business In yean, and all place** In Algona will remain open tonight (Tuesday), and Wednesday night until 9 p. m. Chrlstma* eve> the question of staying open will be settled pretty much by the to- dividual ctor* proprietor*, but moat of them expressed themselvea M Intending to close, with the exception of the usual special line* oC business. Church Program* Local churches will culminate week* of preparation on Chriatma* Eve with program* In every denomination. Some of them a* reported to this paper follow: Bapttet Church—Practice for tfw Sunday Sebool fy ->1 * at Iowa State College, December 28 to SO. The Kossiith county boy* will mingle with more than 000 other Iowa farm boy* at the Am** convention. In nomination for the office of state vice president I* Floyd Bode, Algona, whose name ha* been submitted to leader* at Ames a* Kos- HUth county's choice. Official delegate from Kossuth county will be Richard Mescber, Bancroft, and Evan* Johnson, Bancroft, will be alternate. Arnold Dreyer of Whittemore, will also attend. Features of the convention will be the election with nomination speeches and reports of nomination, credential and resolution committees. Boy* will hear a number of outstanding speakers, and will receive Instruction In a number of subjects and will see demonstrations and inspect college laboratories and the college radio station. Lu Verne Home of Xmas Decorations Lu Verne: A. L. Lx>ok of this community liun done his full share of giving the holiday season hec*- the right kind of a setting. M\. Look has decorated three evergreen trees in front of his home in the north part of LuVerne with 14 strings of Christmas lights. Among u number of other decorated humus are those of Ray Htone, CoMsuelo Hanna. which are giving LuVerne the finest Christmas appearance in years. Hosts at Bridge Union. Mr. and Mrs Wallace Mc- Arlhur visited one evening recently 'H lliL Tom Keid hoinu. Mm. liuid tnurtained ut three tables of bridge in houor of Mrs. Keid und Mrs. McArtbur's birthdays, which full un the some date. Mrs. McArthur won high priiu for the cve- iiiag. Peter Mosbach, 62, Whittemore, Passes At Brother's Home WhltUrnore: Peter Mosbach, 62, who has been in poor health for some time with high blood pres- nurv'and hardening of the arteries, died at the home of his brother, Edward Mosbuch, three miles north of town Wednesday evening. Peter Is well known In this vicinity, haxiing farmed with hU brother, Fred, for a number of years northeast of here und about t,evcn yeuiu ago he made his home with his brother, Edward. I'etiT Mosbach was born in Llv- inKkton county, III., March 30, 1874. He euinu to Kossuth county in 189S. He ia survived by three brothers, Fred, John and ISdward, and one sister, Margaret. Two sisters and three brothers preceeded him In dentil. Peter was never married. Funeral services were held on Friday morning at St. Michael's Catholic church. Father Velt read the requiem mass. Pallbearers were Theodore Knecht, Joseph Elbert, Gregory Elbert, George Winkel, PerJinand Ostwuld, Herman Lauck. Out of town relatives who attended the funeral were Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mosbach, Iluin- boldt, Mr. arid Mrs. Joseph Mosbach and son, Joseph, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mosbach. of i'o- cahontas. Home for Holidays Burt: Dorothy Brooke, who U attending college at Ontario^ California, arrived home hist Thursday to spend the holidays. Oriole Brooke, who is taking a post graduate course at Cedar Foils, came Friday. Lowe Elected J. D. Lowe. Agona attorney, was named president of the 14th District Bar Association, ut an annual meeting of district lawyers held Saturday evening ut Bmmetsburg. L. E. Linnaii of Algona was named vice president. Overload on Truck A charge of overloading a truck wua heard in P. A. Daiuton'u justice court, Saturday. F. U. NiU, Ledyard, was the defendant. Welcome by Jan* Uon, Richard Wb**iO«k. Harlan Lashbrook. department Heaven'* lace Adam*. Singa Song, John Jordon. Spelling lesson, bag*4t<~ tiers. Long Ago on Cbristma*.- Jane Keith. Christmas Message, ~ Mrs. Reaper'* class. Loving Heart, Jacqueline Zentner. Song, Mr*. Steven*' class. All H* Wants,. J«r> - ry McVay. The Christina* Ing, John Haag. Scaring Carol Lashbrook. Chriatma* Bo*W from Aunt Jane, Junior boy* and girls. Good Night, Peggy Ann French. Church of N»xar«fie—Sunday School program, Wedneaday evening, 7:30 p. m. Thi* program of songs, recitations and reading* by the junior primary school will b* hullt around a candlelight Mrvioa, Cathode Church—Special Ma** *t 7 a. m., 8 a. m., and 9 a.m., Cbrtat- mas morning. Congregational Church—Play, The Wisemen at the Well," will b* presented Chrlstma* Eve, with) additional recitation*, dialogue*; from the primary department. Hunta Claus will also drop in for distribution of treat*. First Lutheran Churcb—Fettlv* Christmas Day worship 10 a. m. The morning service will conaiat of musical number* by choir worshipper*, a special sermon special anthem*. The annual Suft- day School program will b* heU Sunday, D«c. 27, at TM p, m. "Tb» Birth of Christ" wiU be prevent** by the junior and intermediate departments, practice for thia Sunday School program will b* held! Wednesday afternoon at 3:10 o'clock. Trinity Lutheran Churoh—Our Christmas program entitled "And It Came to Pass" will be given Oft Christmas eve, Dec. 24, at 7:80 o'clock. Children of the pari*b> und Sunday School will participate, English festive services will be* held Christmas Day at 10:30 a. m. Next Sunday the usual double services will be held, English at 0 a, in., Sunday School 10 a. m. and) German service at 10:30 a. m. Pre*byl«riitn Church — Sunday School program Christmas ESve, blurting at 7:30 p. m. Individual members offering numbers will b* Hurrielte Brown. Bobby Pomm*r»>- cuing, Dorothy Duiley and Marl*) Pommeruning's classes, Charts* Carlson, Chris Bowman and BUly Eaton, Marjorie Kurst, exercise by Mrs. Guderian's, Gene UurUgh'M und Harold Banwart's classes, Billy (Juderian, exercise by Mr*. Young's class, Marltne QiUespie, und Rose Ann Brown. BMrcUe* by Glendora Burbank'* clas*, Fid*- ellu Skow's clas*, and a group of living pictures. Special nuHU i* also planned. Ut Tbuauut Episcopal Church p. A play, "The First Christmas Carrol" will be presented ChrUtmajt eve. Children of the Sunday School will take part Mary Tjotlan wttt be in charge of the program. tfeMtt» UMI* Alt Hot Jolly Old Santa Claus wa* re» ported in fine fettle, ready to his remarkable yearly tour the world in 24 hours, and n»vet» missing a stop—unless tb* r.» of the house have bean naughty during the year. From communities suri Aigoua comes word of an tine Cbri*tmas spirit, and the towns report unuMU aiid home decorations for toe. Iday season. * Sf< ft ,¥. •£•

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