The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1936 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Pec. 8,1936 North East * Kossuth Page 91 at Titonka M. E. Father: And Son Banquet Thursday 3 NEW BABIES ARRIVED LAST WEEK, LAKOTA TITONKA LADIES BUY TOWELS TO HELP THE BLIND Woman's Study Club also Makes Donation to Scholarship Fund Titonka: The Woman's Study club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. M. Pelersen \v!th Mrs. P.. C. Ball piesiJIng. During the business session all club members present ordered towels hemmed by the blind women. Two dollars v/cre ordered sent to the scholarship and loan fund of the Federated Clubs of Iowa. The club resumed the custom of the exchange of gifts at the Christmas program December 17th. Mrs. George Bonacker reviewed the book, "On the Rim of the Abyss" by James T. Shotwell. Mrs. Luther Miller gave a character sketch of Kagawa. Fifteen members were present and one guest, Mrs. Al Ingebretson. Refreshments were served during the social hour. Lakotan Invited To Loan Conference Omaha, Neb.: (Special)—W.' H. Patterson of Lakota, president of the Algona National Farm Loan Association, has been invited to attend a farm loan conference in Omaha on December 18 and 19 as a guest of the Federal Land bank. The invitation was extended by Charles McCumsey, president of the land bank, who said the purpose of the meeting is to bring about a closer working relationship between the bank and the cooperative associations through which it makes farm mortgage loans. Red Cross Collects $52.75 at Titonka Titonka: The annual roll call of the Red Cross, which ended .on Thanksgiving day was closed a few day* later with a contribution and membership of $52.75. The Christmas seals were placed on sale last Thursday. Mia* Dorothy Weaver Is the chairman tor Buffalo township and Titonka. Thompson, brother of Mrs, Aivlna Jordan!, passed away last Tuesday at the home of his sister. The funeral will be Friday at Rake. He will be buried in the cemetery east of town in the family lot, President of Morningside 'College is Speaker of Evening Titonka: The annual Father end Son banquet was held Thursday evening in the dining room of the Methodist church with the members of the Ladies Aid serving. The Christmas colors, red, green and white were used. The tables and room were very prettily decorated. Small Christmas trees and red candles in green holders .with red and white nut cups helped give the tables a very cheerful appearance. Mrs. Carl F. Callies was chairman of the decorations committee, Mrs. George Bonacker the food chairman. The toast program was carried out with Rev. W. L. Patterson as toastmaster. "The Kind of a Son My Father Expects Me to be" was given by Wayne Miller; "The Kind of a Father My Son Expects Me to be". Will Schram; songs, led by Emery Stewart; "Being a Pal to My Father," Watson Hamstreet; "Being a Pal tor My Son," Luther Miller; address, Dr. Earl A. Roadman, president of Morningside College, Sioux City. One hundred and five tickets were sold and 91 were served. ing at the Coliseum. A neat sum was realized. Mr. and Mrs. Emery Stewart had as their guests recently, Mrs. Stewart's parents and brothers, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Van De Water of Ireton. The ladles cf the Lutheran AW met in the church basement Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Ted Van Hove and Mrs. H. W. Schoenletn were hostesses. The Ramsey Reformed Ladies' Aid will meet In the church basement Wednesday, Dec. 9th. Mrs. Will Kardoes and Mrs. Ben Hayes will be the hostesses. Everyone Is welcome. Hebron Twp News Tuesday Bridge Club The Tuesday afternoon bridge club met with Mrs. Martin Bleich last week. Mrs. J. A. Bleich and Mrs. Miller Nelson received high prize, and Mrs. Lottie Kopplin, low. Mrs. M. S. Craven and Mrs. J. A. Bleich substituted for Mrs. Geo. Bonacker and the hostess, Mrs. Kopplin was a guest. Put on Wedding Movie Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bartiett were host and hostess to a wedding movie party Tuesday evening at the Tyke Theatre, featuring "The Mysterious Stranger." Three shows were run to accommodate the crowd of 740 who attended the movie. ! Opens Bawling Alley A bowling alley was opened Friday evening to the public by Lar- mel Intermill. A space about 12 feet wide and the entire length of the 'Coliseum was partitioned off with wall board for the alley. Mrs. H. A. French was an Algona visitor Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mr*. Will Rickleft and •on*, Arnold and Raymond were Mason City callers Thurtday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flalg and daughter of Lone Rock were transacting business in Titonka Monday afternoon. A large crowd attended the firemen's ball held Wednesday even- A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Jordahl Nov. 27th. Mrs. Hannah Thompson's sale was well attended last Thursday. Alice Lunnlng Is working at the present time for Carolyn Egesdahl. Selmer Matheson has been busy graveling his drive way the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Loge spent Friday at the Adrian Hauskin home. Berdean and Thelma Frandle visited Carl Badje at the hospital last Saturday. Mrs. Ed Jordahl' has been on the sick list for a couple of weeks but is now improving. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Frandle and family spent Sunday evening at the Martin Monson home. Mrs. Selmer Matheson visited Carl Badje at the Buffalo Center hospital last Thursday. Harry Fenske and family of near Blue Earth spent Thursday nigh at the Otis Midthun home. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hansen and daughters visited the Otis Midthun home last Wednesday night. Mrs. Millem is at present stay ing at the Otis Midthun home nn helping care for the new twins. Rena Johnson is staying at th John Badje home while Mrs. Badj is at the hospital with her littl •on. Mr. and Mrs. Selmer Matheso and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Matheso autoed to Fort Dodge last Thurs day on business. Carl Badje, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Badje, underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Dolmage hospital at Buffalo Center last Monday afternoon. Mrs. Oscar Frandle, Mrs. C. Legried, Mrs. Clarence Haveland, Mrs. Oscar Legrled and children spent last Monday at Forest City at the Paul KJIpping home. son; 10th—Irvln Beenken and Fern Stenzell; 9th—Edna Dontje, Lawrence Flynn, Pearl Laabs, Kathleen Priebe; 8th—Jean Gabel, Paul Garry. Howard Kllnslek and Donald (I Looft; seventh—Connie Garry and Jeanne Estle. Rinerd Johnsons, Herb Kienitzs, Marvin Baums Greet Arrivals Lakota: A 12 pound son was born o Mr. and Mrs. Rinerd Johnson, southwest of town last week Monday, Nov. 30. An 8 ',4 pound son was born to r. and Mrs. Herbert Klenitz, on Wednesday, Dec. 2. at the Buffalo !enter hospital. They have three other sons and one daughter. A 7H pound son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Baum at the Buf- Talo Center hospital Wednesday, Dec. 2. Mr. Baum is one of the Lakota barbers and this is their nrst child. Niece Has Twins Mrs. Edward Halverson went to the home of her niece. Mrs. Otis Midthune near Elmore on Tuesday to help care for the new twin boys for a few days. The smallest one, who weighed a little over four pounds, was not so well for a few days, but is gaining now. Entertains Choir Mrs. V. A. Barrett entertained the junior choir at a party following choir practice Wednesday night. Games were played followed by light refreshments. Those present were Marjorle and Jean Gabel, Marjorle Mayer, Francis Yahnke, Beatrice and Maxlne Seifert, Fern Klrkman. Phyllis Strand and Marvel Halverson. Young People Meet The young people of the Pres- Dyterian church held their month- y party at the church Wednesday evening with the following as entertaining committee, Gertrude Ukena, Margaret Schroeder, Viola Thaves, Ralph Geerdes, George Rlppentrop and Leo Steenhard. They enjoyed the evening playing games and ended with good eats. Albert Bloom, 88, III Albert Bloom, 88 years old, father of Mrs. J. E. Telcamp, is critically ill at the Telcamp home. Another daughter, Mrs. Albert McElrath and husband of Grinnell, are also at the Telcamp home. REVIEW OF RECENT MOVIE PICTURES At Livestock Show- Frank Lewis, Jerry Heetland and Charles Gutknecht vrent to Chicago Wednesday to attend the International Live Stock Show. They stopped at Waterloo to see Virgil Lewis and at Dubuque to see Meriam Heetland on the way home. George Hagge and Alyce were at Fairmont Friday. Glen Yahnke was at Minneapolis Thursday on business. George Hagge was a Bancroft business caller Thursday. Mrs. John Looft spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs. N. A. Pingle. Mrs. Margaret Thackeray of Fairmont called on Mrs. Laura Niester Wednesday. Fred Looft and Martin Hendrlck- son of Swea City called at the Geo. Haage's Wednesday. Mrs. Martin Hendrlckson of Swea City and son spent Thursday with Mrs. Arthur Zielske. The Misses Randall, Jones, Stems and Olson and Lawrence Pingle visited at the Albert Loofts, Bancroft, Tuesday evening. Friends will be glad to know that Edward Lloyd is slowly improving and was able to sit up a short while on Thursday. At last a German Movie! "Waltz Time In na"! After having shouted about foreign films for the past year, we are about to have the pleasure of seeing a German screen operetta which bids fair to rival "Two Hearts In Three Quarter Time" for popularity. Depicting the waltz war between Johann Strauss and Joseph Lanner, which supposedly took place in Vienna In 1843, it includes also the romance of the drummer and Lanner's daughter, and no less a personage than Queen Victoria just before her long hoped for engagement to the Prince of Saxe-Coburg Gotha. Those who do not understand German c«n nevertheless follow the story by means of the English sub-titles and the sparkling comedy would be obvious even without dialogue. The funniest scenes are those in which the queen is given a demonstration of the waltz by the drummer and his lady love who for the time being is so furious with him that she steps viciously on his toes, and the queen, thinking it part of the dance, follows exactly when she opens the dancing at the court ball, with everyone of the ladies imitating her. • • • We have wondered what makes "Cain and Mabel" one of the most amusing pictures of the new season, for it has not only hilarious repartee and occasional slapstick, but also Interludes of several of the thousand love songs Illustrated with tableaux and dances. Finally, we have concluded that It Is Marion Davies herself with her gleaming blondness and calm, undistorted. almost "dead-pan" countenance, who serves as the point of rest in the center of a crowd of hurrying, worrying fighters, producers and actors—chiefly the belligerently masculine Clark Gable. Miss Davies is handsome in period costume and in modern dress of the latest style. Even the dark glasses assumed for disguise In the public library scene only serve to enhance her beauty. The Des Moines Register quotes W. S. Van Dyke as saying that one of the qualities of the perfect woman should be the native kindness of Marlon Davies. This quality is evident, too, in her rather deep rich speaking voice. The most interesting dance is the Coney Island number—done in the manner of an animated doll. • • • "Craig's Wife", directed by Hollywood's only woman director from a Pultlzer prize play of several years ago is a masterpiece of simplication, and an object lesson for wives—and for husbands. Let us hope that every domineering, self-centered wife who tries to be the man of the family saw the picture and learned something from it. A picture which is made from a good play is as a rule extremely compact. Conditions which cover a long period of time and a varied number of characters are compassed within even less *h*n the usual running time of a film. There is much less of that feeling one gets from seeing a series of home-made movies than is customary in certain types of purely amusement motion pictures. In other words, the essence of that particular section of life is distilled for one's understanding. John Boles is rather ineffectual but probably just the kind of husband to be so bamboozled. Rosalind Russell has grown too thin and her artificial eyelashes are grotesque. But no doubt such a disposition as "Craig's Wife" would tend to reduce a woman, and her eyelashes, on second thought, add just the last touch of the macabre to a character which is so vivid because overdrawn with artistic license. Miss Russell has decided ability which is quite genuine. • • • "Rnniona" In a picture of grpnt Importance because it represents a big step in the development of moving pictures in color. It is a well directed and capably acted version of Helen Hunt Jackson's story. But more than that it Is an improvement in the use of color In both out-of-doors and indoor photography. "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" showed no attempt to Interpret nature. Everything seemed to be photgraphed as was. In "Panoing Pirate" practically every scene was made to order—with beautiful compositions resulting, but with lack of continuity and Integration. In "Rnr.iona" out-of-doors scenes have been carefully selected for compositional values as well as for color harmony and the rawness of natural color has hr»n muted. The architectural settings and Hdjvricts have been designed not only with an eye to attaining subtle color schemes, but "also with, tho purpose of achieving simplicity. Consider the control of large surfaces of softly colored walls with C'e minutely patterned masses of trees and field i of wheat. T r> this connection, let us urge you not to miss "The Garden of Allah," the revival of that old ro- mnrK". It Is said to be the finest as well as 'he latest effort In color; further, that is Marlene Dietrich'* 'iest vehicle. It Is quite possible that Miss Dietr^h's studied slowness of pace Is exactly the kind of histrionic simplicity required for the more complicated medium of the movie In color. $12,000 Worth of Hog* Francis Adams, local manager of the Live Stock Shipping Association reports he has trucked out of this vicinity, approximately $12,000 worth of hogs and cattle in the past month. HAPPY HOLIDAY? SURE! „ m l . M0IO" ,to»»W ml** _—* c ... •»-*»•"** Mvltl Uhuirauit ii du Buitt tnau.Jt»f $&/5 tin at fltia, MuA. Buy Lakota Building William Schroeder and August Bauman have bought the building located between the Ley and the Hansen garages. This was one of the first buildings erected in town and was recently condemned as a fire hazard. This building was erected in the early nineties. John K. Johnson, who lives northeast of Lakota, is ill in the Buffalo Center hospital, suffering with pneumonia. I. E. Wortman was taken to the hospital at Buffalo Center last week Monday for an operation and is reported as recovering. The Commercial club enjoyed its monthly dinner at the Methodist church Thursday evening. The club now has 24 members. About 25 fram this vicinity attended the John Deere Implement show and free lunch put on at the Buffalo Center theatre last week Monday. Melvin Ukena, son of Mr. and Will Ukena, had an operation 'or appendicitis at the Buffalo Cener hospital, Dec. 1. Dr. Williams s the attending physician. Walter, small son of Mr. and ktrs. August Schaumberg, was jrought home from the nospital ast week after an operation for appendicitis and convalescing at he Ed Abbas home. The Methodist Aid held Its annual bazaar and chicken supper at he church Wednesday afternoon and evening. Fancy work, aprons, candy, baked goods, etc. were sold and the women cleared about $62. That Bring HAPPINESS For Years to Come — JEWELRY Every family lias its heirlooms of jewelry which have been handed down through generations—gifts of bygone days which are more dearly treasured each year. Let your gift be a lasting one. <*•? KLASSIE MOTOR CO, HKUTKIU AJjQONA WHfiN WTTiR AUTOMOWUS AM WILT ftUICK WIU. BUILD THEM Honor Roll Of Attendance At Ledyard School Ledynrdi The following people sad perfect attendance for the cecond six weeks' period: first (Trade, Orville Engelby, La Verne and Lowell Hawbaker, Betty Jorgenson, Jean Koestler, Lorraine LenUch, Eugene Meyer, Patty McDonald, and Donald Winter; second grade, Eugene Blome, Marilou Countryman, Evelyn Daniel*, Donald Dontje, Carlyle Engelby, Isabelle Haag, Helen Johnson, Robert Jorgenson, Norma Logemann, Geraldine Manthei, Patty Matzener, Duane Meyer, Geraidine Sullivan and Harold Troff. Third—Leroy Busch, William Countryman, Vernon Darnell, John Drew, Vernon Haag, Merle Johnson, Delores Koestler, Margaret Yahnke; fourth—Dorothy Klinksiek, Beverly Koestler, Maurene Poppy, Chris EngelbarU, Thomas Garry, Virgil Gelhaus, Luella Johnson, Duane Koestler, Evelyn Meyer, Catherine Sullivan, Arlene Troff, and Harvey Worden; fifth- Lewis Alvers, John Dontje, Anna Hassebrock, Reuben Johnson, Harlan Logemann, Betty Jean Dorsey, Deloris Nitz, Edwin Dontje, Walter Scott, Marjorie Weaver, Darlene Haag. Sixth—Loren Hana, Beverly Furst, Arden Anderson, Kenneth Reese, Amorita Johnson, Ellen Laabs, Arden Lloyd, Lorraine Darnell and Ruth Priebe; seventh Wllma Busch, Richard Countryman, Marjorie Gabel, Connie Garry, Gordon Matzener, Dorothy Risk, Clarence Schwartz; eighth- Jean Gabel, Paul Garry, Deloret. Gtlhaus, Marvel Halverson, Deloris Junkermeier, Howard Klinhslek. Ninth—Duane Thompson, Kath elen Reece, Evelyn Priebe, Lucille Munyer. Joe McDonald, Pear Laabs. Erwin Junkermeier. Leroy Efctle, Audrey and Arlene Corbiui; tenth—'Anna Bitumann. Jean Nelson, Marjorie Cussem, Lyla Jriebe; eleven—Marjorie Stenberg; twelfth —Emu Schwartz and Gertrude Darnell. The following made the honor roll: 12th—Henrietta CXKeefe and Muriel Reece: Uth—.AJvira Halver- The Gift For HER A beautiful blUic-white (Jrauat diamond with matching wedding ring. Choice of settings, plain or built-up sides. A gift she will always treasure $15, $25, $100 and up TOILETRIES Yard leys Toilet Waters, Soaps, Creams Ladies' Gift Sets Men's Gift Sets LARK . . . She will adore this lovely GRI EN. Yellow gold filled, 15 jewels $29.75 Elgin—Hamilton—Gruen WATCHES A watch for every and a price for every purse. HAWK . . . Very newest, IS jewel GRI.'EN. Case is curved to fit the wrist. Yellow gold filled, Guildite Lack $29.75 SILVERWARE ffmm •' m £~ (•a. . u The gift that every woman wants whether she is planning a home or has run one for years, silver in the gift that will make every woman happy. STERLING \Vm. and Mary Mary II Lady Diana Candle Light Louis IV Regency Holmes and Edwards Plate Silver Numerous Open Stock Patterns Only tUwaffM H.. All S»».n at lod.,-> Wuttcd P«n FMKVUM Commemorate all gift oc- ca*ion». Birthdays, Anni- verMrie*, with the gift guaranteed to l«»t a* long •• yout •entiment >t*«li--e Sheaffer Lifetime pent Sh«aff«i Pens S2.4!» ana Up Dresser Sets and Men's Traveling Kits Dresser Sets $1.50435.00 Traveling Kits $2.00 up Bill Folds $1.00 up DuBarry Make Up Boxes A. H. BORCHARDT Evening in Paris Perfume Creams Powder

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