The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1936 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 12
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The AJgona Upper Pea Moinea, Algtma, Iowa, Dae, 8, 109J Maytag Washers EASY TERMS Bjustrom's HOME APPLIANCES Swea O'itv Dessert dob- Mr*. Louis Lynk entertained the eight members of the Dessert club at her home Friday afternoon. Mrs. Gene Wray received high score prize, Mrs. W. A. Vlgars consolation prize, and Mrs. Lloyd Mutkey received the low score prize. Guest Tea of D. A. It— The members of the D. A. R. meet this afternoon (Tuesday) at the home of Mrs. Raymond Norton at a guest tea at 2:30. Each member is to bring a guest. Those on the committee are Mrs. D. P. Smith, chairman, and Mrs. H. E. Cnrr and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore. The irogrnm consists of two groups of violin numbers played by Mrs. Agnes Vohs of West Bend, who will be accompanied by Mrs. Sylvia Gunn. ind a review of the play, "Idiots Delight" by Mrs. Dennis Goeders. Tea will be served after the pro- cram. Social Calendar •, December II— The regular meeting of the Rebekah lodge will be held in the new hall at the Dehnert hotel, Tuesday evening. The First Lutheran Brotherhood meets this evening (Tuesday) at 8:00 o'clock in the church parlors. Hosts are E. R. Sellstrom, Gust Sjogren and Theodore Thompson. SkelJy Keeps a Jump Ahead of the Wealber TAILOR-MADE AROMAX GASOLINE S*f'? "P» «>«• SkeBy Tailor', office is a ««« •*•* tn*traetioD> go &4SKELIYAROMAX GASOLINE is K>» UCH COMMUNfTY Special 16c Bargain Matinee Now playing two days Tom Browne and Eleanor Whitney in "ROSE BOWL" "March of Time", just released News "I Love to Take Orders from You" Every Tues. and Wed. Shirley Temple Cowgirl Doll Days. HUTS., Fri., Dec. 10-11 Mae Goes to the Country! CITY NEWS Kc'.riuwd In New York City and Clilcago the same ^T day. "ft , v.iih WARREN WILLIAM RANDOLPH SCOTT Gives you PROOF of Alt HVB STANDAHOS FOR KEKUGEKATOR BUYING 1. LOWER OPEJUTINa COST 2. SAFU FOOD PROTECTION 3. FASTEN .. U08£ ICE 4. MOKE USAJUUTY 5. FIVE-YEA* PaOTECriOM PLAN Woman's Club— The Alpona Woman's club will have a Christmas party Friday afternoon at the Library." Mrs. C. H. Crctzmeyer will have charge of a program of music and Mrs O. H. Laing will present a one act play. AH members are requested \ to brinj a good used toy for use in the Christmas baskets. After being temporarily lost the Algeria club's yeariy program was found by the judges and has now been entered in the state contest. The "Iowa Club Woman" made mention of the fact recently after the program had been found with some others which were misplaced. C'ampfirp Slcetinjt— LaVonne Wolcott entertained a cnmpfire group of which she is a member two weeks ago Monday. Members of thi» group are as follows: Adeline Bilsborough. Jaunita Bilsborough. Betty Jane LnBarrc, Phyllis Walker. Betty Mesing. Evelyn Dau, Marian JfcGuire, Joyce Marie Pestotnik. Mnry Amunson, Geraldine Koccker. Alitha Fick- bohn. and LaVonne Wolcott. Leaders of the group are Mary Louise en, of the group of Mary Louise jirnore and Helen Chubb. I'rribyterian Aid- Sixty women attended the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid which was icld at the church Thursday afternoon. A program followed the justness meeting. Mrs. G. D. Shumway sang a vocal solo, Bur- tetta Bonnatetter read "Suppressed Jesire," and Mrs. Frank Thompson played a piano sola Out of town ;uests ..were Mrs. Roy Ringsdorf, Harie Grover and Mrs. Grant Fairbanks of Burt. i'arty at Barry's— Mrs. Wm. Barry entertained her bridge club at three tables last week Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Duffy and Josie McEvoy of Cherokee were guests of the club. Ladies' high prize was won by Mrs. E. J. McEvoy, and C. A. Joynt received the men's prize. Travel prize went to Mrs. L. J. Nelson. Auxiliary Meeting— The members of the Auxiliary met Friday night at the hall. After the business meeting Christmas carols were sung, and the orchestra accompanying was composed of Henry Becker, Glen Raney and Estelle Arnold. Leola Zeigler read the Christmas story. Mrs. Peter Waldron entertained j the members of her bridge i.-lub at ; lv. M tabl< s Wi'dnei.d'iy afternoon.! I'rui-i wen- v.-on by Mrs. Marvin' Iiohi-rty anil Mrs. George Miller. ; No'iKi: in- i:.\pjn.tri<(\ 01 iiK.iu of iii:iii:>ii-rniN i i:uriKM'\Ti; MI. IIITT The guest speaker will be Raymond Swanson of Swea City. \Vrdn«iday, December 9— The First Lutheran Luther Leapue will meet tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at eight o'clock in the church parlors, with Rev. and Mrs. Kjostrand. the host and hostess. Please bring your gifts for the Ptanton Home, and Christmas gifts for exchange at this meeting. The Methodist Ladies Aid will met for a 1:15 luncheon. Wednesday. December 9. Mrs. Walter Klamp's division will serve in the church parlors. A 6:30 family covered dish supper will be held Wednesday night at the church. The regular meeting of the P. T. A. of the junior and senior high schools will be held in the high school auditorium Wednesday night at 7:45. Thursday, December 10— Royal Neighbors meet Thurs- 3,800 Copies of U.D.M. This Week w«*k a total of MM copies of Tlte Atgnna Uppwr DM Afoiiws at* bring or hut* 6*wi distributed •noRhoat Kownth comity. OH* at flit featwr** of today's pap«* lm K 18 pag* tub- Mil section, Ml addition to ttw regular right Bag* paper, «4 page* h» «H- In ttNt taMoM section win bf found a pftg* triUtnt about a HtH* Christmas program of Hi* paper, with cash prltrs offrwd for ttie bMt tettm on "Thi- Meaning of CSirtotmaiT (not over 1W words) and the match- Ing op of stamp* feond on that pag*, trftlt etitvf stamps found in a«i ta tt« taMeM section. Anyon* can enter. For the excellent cooperation of local merchants on till* i«trae ire, express oar appreciation. THE KING'S BOX SCORE day evening. December 10. at the Legion hall. There will be an election of officers. All members try to be present. The L. O. A. class meets at the home of Mrs. Ted Larson Thurs- The King and Wslly! As long as our dally brethern are devoting columns bl space, in fact >ages, to the romance of the King of England, we sent out our Jane Arden to see what she could find out with regard to the feelings of our own people in the matter, picked at random from among those with whom she came in contact The box score: Omega McGrath—"I think the king's all right" Mrs. Chet Williams—'The king wilt be silly enough to throw up all that money and a throne for her." Phyllis Good—"If he's satisfied, it'll tickle me to death." Pauline Saunders—"The king will day for a Christmas party. There ] ™ arry Mrs. Simpson and" keep his will be a program and an exchange of gifts. Assisting hostesses are Mrs. Albert Granzow, and Mrs. Don Smith. The Trinity Lutheran Ladles Aid will hold a meeting on Thursday afternoon at two o'clock in the church parlors. Saturday, December The children of the Trinity Lutheran church will practice for the Christmas program Saturday forenoon at ten o'clock. Surprised on Birthday— Mrs. L. Robison entertained Wednesday afternoon at a surprise party in honor of the birthday of her mother-in-law, Mrs. C. C. Robison. There were 20 invited guests. A social afternoon was enjoyed, after which a very nice lunch was served. v School Program— Marjorle Johnson's school will have a program Friday evening, December 18, at eight o'clock at the school house located two and one-half miles east of Irvington, District No. 8. A lunch will be served. Club MeeCng— Adris Anderson and Ida Halpln entertained their club members at a dinner at the Anderson cafe last Tuesday evening. After dinner the members went to Adris' apartment and spent the evening at their sewing. throne Maurlne McCullough—"I'm tired of hearing about it" Loretta Winkel—"Sure the king's going to win." Mable Kohl—'Ttti glad Tm not in his shoes." Mrs. Delmar McFadden—"The king shows He has a lot of spunk." Mrs. Dick Cowan—"I don't blame the king." Bernice Ludwig— "I ttiinfc the cabinet is bluffing and the king won't be bluffed." Mrs. Vic Parsons—"I think Mrs. Simpson is taking the king for a ride." At Library Sat'day The etchings and lithographs include more human figure objects than usual and are of large and small variety. Miss Durairt will be In charge of the exhibit which will be open to all who wish to attend. Bridge Club— Mrs. William Dau entertained the members of her bridge club at her home Wednesday evening. Mrs. Leon Merritt received high score prize, and Mrs. A. W. Amunson received the consolation prize. BookClub— The members of the book club were entertained! Hbndftp ermine; by Mr. and Mr*. John McDowell at a 6:30 dinner. A. A. Bishop reviewed the' book "The Odessa? of an American Doctor." • i »<>• K'.SMjtli . ;.-)., na of >f':- - ,lu- aliil .1-1'.'our. ly Jrf fi'iW l.'/.il^r ./f Itie ••• i,( II,,: r-al •-!. il, at tde ...; .• x|.l [ « aii'l ...t.,-,; will l.c : - - - tt fin l^ic ' , : ,!!ce. .»..- • Novem• •' .I'N'TY ).' Ti.Kl: ' .: • •• Aui:t'/r. <><>0&>Qv0&&e&&c®^^^ UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Deep Rock Oil Station and Deep Rock Tank Wagon We are now connected with the local Deep Rock Station at E. State and Phillips and will appreciate any business you may extend our way, assuring you of the beat in service and real satisfaction with our products. Cecil McGinnis Tank Wagon Leo C. Gerber Station Phone SO 49* <jG&O£>&£&&&a&aa&x>aQ&0aQ{& To the Ladies - - Our store is full of Christmas Gifts that men will like and appreciate. Come in and let us help you make your selections. We have made men's clothing our life's work and you can depend on our judgment. You'll Find the Perfect Answer to Problems At Biustrotn's Algona HOME APPLIANCES Swea City TIE5 HATS SHIRTS Gloves Hose Suspenders SUITS - OVERCOATS $19.50 up $12.00 to 127.50 Belts Pajamas Luggage Handkerchiefs Mufflers Robes Madson & Hanson THE HOME or BKTTEtt Winter w**Umr la now wnh us. With It c«m* fog, ice, sleet, snow and slippery roads. What are you doing t<r prvpn* far It? Ev»ry drlvrr should see that hf* car Is proper^ conditioned for winter driving. Windshield wipers should be reconditioned. The eliw- (nation of fog, sleet, tc«. and snow from the nrlnrfshield is v*ry Important, and many very good d«r- vlces are on the nrarket for this purpose. Equip ytrar car wrth a device that will glre you clear and good vision during such weather. INDICATE FAILURE . . . . . . Perhaps it's not the child's fault after all. He may not see his lessons clearly. One child in every five needs glasses. No need to handicap your children. An accurate eye examiqa- tion by a skilled rcfractionist has starrca many a youngster toward* the head of his class. Let u* examine your child's eyes now. A. W. Amunson OPTOMETRIST First Door South Call Theatre IOWA Than., Pri., Sat., Dec. 10-11-12 He Timed a Town Upside-Down! TYRANT? TfUCHtmr IHsBHsB^SBBBBBBBSSSwBBB^^^""^"""^"^^^^""""""*"*^^^ 1 **"""^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WINTER a Days 'Sale! Dec. 10-11-12-14 REDUCING SALE SEDUCING TUeae gome to b* In style. WE People— WMnen Day*— 8om« b«e»oae ARE REDUCING THIS WEEK— REDUCING OU» STOCK — We have bought In lar»e quantttlea thto year and we want to pa«a on the savings we made on our purchase* to our customers. We are offering you this week. Quality First Grade .Merchandise at Price* Far Below What You. Pay for Ju*t Ordinary Food Product*. Dates Freeh, nice and attokfr 2Mlbs. Sugar 19c 49c TREMENDOUS SAVINGS hCaMedF ™ ls and Vegetables EXTRA SPECIAL You can't ran your fruit an chcup an w« offer you the»» following; No. 10 can*. They are also economical for recanning. No. 10 ran No. to can Apples, Pears, Prunes, N '°- 10 e » n Red Cherries . Peaches, Ijalves 29c No. 10 rim . 59c No. 10 can . 45c Fruits for Salad or Fruit Cocktail Kadoka Figa, Koj-al Anne Cherries, Pears, PeuchtMt. An exceuent alxe can. Number one choice fruit Ready to verve. Keep MHiie on hand for a quick lunch. AM No. 1, 10-oz. can*. Your choice. 3 for 46c TOMATIQES, 3 cans for ___27c Deep Bfd, Exceptional Flavor, No. 3, 17-oc. can* Tomato Juice, Libby's 3 f or 25c An excellent Winter Tonic, lt-o«, cans FESTAL PEAS Small, tender, meatjr, with garden flavor. Any woman ohould be proud to serve tbetn Small Sliced BEETS, can —9c Just like they were fresh from the garden. Large ZH-oz. can. Ntrawfcerrte*. Blaekberriw, Loganberries. , Poars, Crashed BIM! 80ee4 PINEAPPLE, your choice _19c Choice Fruit, No. f, tO-oc earn BLACKBERRIES, 2 cans . _26c Water Pack, Fine for Plea, No. 2 can* CHOICE PRUNES, 2 cans .26c Make* an ecaaomiml dbdt Extra larlw 80-08. eana. PEACHES, 2 cans 29c Water P«ek. Good Fruits, extern large ean FruiU far Kalad of FRUIT COCKTAIL, can _-29c Diced AUxed FrulU, ready to serve, ex- tru Urge SO-oc. eana l'eur», Pracne* and APRICOTS, can 26c Kxtra large can a* low economical price. All Choice Fruit. OATMEAL, large pkg. . . . . 15c Fresh Grapefruit Lge size, Doz. 29c Cane Syrup, can __-29c That Southern Pure Cane Syrup — Ju»t like you used to buy. Extra large No. B can. Monarch Cake Flour, 44 os. -19c Farina, 4-lb. pkg. _-26c The heart of the wheat An ' economical health food. Dried Prunes, 10 Ibs. 69o Qood sloe, fresh stock Dried Apricota, 2 Ibs 29c New Cro& Annual Campaign on Christmas Candy We now have • com of Fresh Oirtstouu Nuts, Box Candies, Bulk OM- dt«9% Mixed Nute, Nu» BlMtfc Atoo all Uwto of MOM! P«ati Oteoo, ILSOMB. OTU * Ms4 Cberri**. stock Onioni Saiect YottMMi 10 lb. mesh bag Ifle Salmon, 2 cans 26c As line ii pink luUinon IM It Is poiuiible to buy. Mb cans Yellowtails. 7-oa. __llc I'«e us u substitute for Tuns. I'nunuiiJIy good flavor. 'Iry HUIIW cretwned on toa*t Korean Hnowflake Orabmeat, 36c value lOo rLouii HLOUH Mary Ann The Flo*! Milled 24% Ibs. _-.«l,09 49 lb* $1.99 Fremont's Btit A medium priesd high grade flour 24U Ibs 99o 40 Ibs. $l,7f Radiant Guaranteed to Mltofjr JMH Ibs t 89c 4ft Ibs. $|J9 Fresh Meat- Fresh Fruits Give ua your order far Ctuietota* rowto Wow Matches 3 boxes lOo Imitation Vanilla, 8-oz. bottle 15c tmBKI One lOo pkg. Super 8uds with the purchase ot six tMtrsv giant sine OystaU White Soap at Regular Price 26o NorUtflold HH M. «ans MUk, 3 for 2lo Pork and Beans ... 10c No, SH eaii Monarch Finer Coffee Take advaBta«<» of (Us lawe* prtee an a So* eottee Vacuum Tins, 1 lb. _26c 8lbi. 75o Glass Jaw, Ub. 27c *tt^ 78o Pmtkafpi, 1 lb. .~2Bo 3 Ibs. 73 Frailer Catsup !*•«• BOMlM f 2 for _„„_ BASKET GROCERY Foods That Satisfy at Sensible Prioei We Eeserve the Right to 3

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