The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1936 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 10
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The Algons Upper Peg Moiaes, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 8> 1996 ftlpna tapper Bed Utoint* t Worth Dedfe» Street HAGGARD * WALLSR. PofcbtKr* as Sraed CSa» Manor »t t*» pjMcgto as JB**. voter act of CeognsE of afareo J. WJ» did have the towage aed the nerve to serve as cteurman ef the drive and derated toeg hoors in a fatieat caerp*iga of ednentiea. The Hombotdt have fttven pages vl space and boon BATES IX KOSSTTH OX Outtfcfe cwmty. &.& per ytar ABvnmsrxo, M* TO. wot 5 re&» per ineit extra tlrrse frees tbtir crfaaitattoB to get gtwd rends fcr sf-eir coasty. reads to whk* their eftoeas are entitled. But that is no* an. HmantoMt cwraty *-as vo«»d fcoads for it new court boos*. Hambddt sf ce« of tfe* ri«fc«st t«ontlf9 ia the state- We isfHajr GOT. Herring la Des Mciw«s «itb « fcr iBsistaitee for Tbor Hgjit *t*.tt the tfls- ftr« »f two jreaj* aaxv Tlw frrernor w«s to fceja-J«r Ute matter fcr the reasen as h« stated: •'H«aa6<*Jt ecaatj- Is OE* cf tb* ttdie«t; in 16* rJ»t*. They h«re tto deMs tben. snd bare a TVTT- Jaaail r*6ef tosd." Bat rtv^fmtiin* irameiiiat* ceed for a stricken cOTtmassty. tbe gor«ra«r did 5JX».««d ia f*t- of £??<<(« fee ^i» f^rpoa*. Ss |*se a» r^cfe today as sfe* rrer w»s. ia fact iiiH fee atcre weaft&y W*S*B feer «.r* ?..*T«3 susJ her ce«rt iMnaw ctras»**t*d. Hats ?& *.o Haosto&t «*nraSy citisnss. •ntumc A MT OIT or DATE hss wee* vtr fait city. Ttse IJ-Ttea *^3ss. *»J tbe Stcy sqra* State street »r« to be ce«sasa-*3s*fd.. Tbey si leatss offer »<S(£!tNC»l wmnEfe^s tc a«tciras!s wiseot £•( tfc* "tssaia B*t aad WOT^S^ aasS |B»T* Sspts a triSe itiir^ Use tifflses eo Sfc? sto:? S*»OK! oc j$rrr(3 I fitra SasSe af^mkeiai^ t&e Tfe«s» »^a» state t2s»S e?f tj^fi Jtss:-: J5 15 MILES PER HOOt. N«» iJwre ss aw ^atsSwn ta; tis* a sSw j«c is m TKT- saU« speed IE **rt « =* SP safe tt sa c«M wnttlMr. feefwe yefr ttntef ss *mjss««i •p. ycslS Sssd re«r aaftraa***** t^rJaaj if J^a try {» drive aloer at IS taiJes f*r fensr. c±3«ss TTTQ ss« pfcaty ef c&«k«. As far as a sfced tjait ef iJ mSts per &ctzr is -rf. set •nrr CAST tart keep wttfezs tb*l ss SSMUL H* was 13 tsijs:? ss- tis asc«t*T t&at sSe set t itato aB «* INT IQP fctt* * tare* Jl *JB-^ >r«vwra«- *BUV cuv aavava •^••w**, »»•« fafwats. Mr. aad Mr*. MB* L***y pf tax* {tare aad amm «teter» aad I WTCtOff Sk, JM9* 0WluCC > SstlH IlltS ^-T I Oaraer. Mr*. E**Khy Frlttbard of I Rritt Mrs. Fay* Lori* e* Tra- I BBSB, Mian-, Miss Fterate Laffey of • Brttt. Joe. Ltord and Unas Laffey SaB ** Armstretiar. | FiBBeraJ services weye held SBB— | day aftentcwa at two oV*«* at the a yt— .„-•». -,-»i, — r«i • • as • i fc fv^^^ — gf fc •>..-> g « K cs'A,*' «cx luui cnvxra mw *• *ui u^r I Rev. R. R. trwia eoadacilBg toe Barial was »»de la the Grove Dtck Ocnk received » broken are* Monday wfeea he f «a ftta* an Miss I>«r«(hy Krsstsoo Ir^t frora bati^t her tonsils ed last week. Mr. aad Mrs. S. R Kavtsca went to ttas Meices this week when ibey wm rptzei tbe wiater. Mrs. HempfaSn ef Ptaria. HL n-fec i< Ttsjttag; at tbe bone of her Jew HenphUl her*, U snffer- ia* frtan an ahceas OB her leg. Dr aad Mrs. J. B. Knipe re« word of the birth of a baby to their daughter. Alk hastend. Bate Campbell -- •-—^rs Tvesdar. Nov. M, at the Methodist hospital ia Sioux City Woodrow Bardie* reterMd last we ek Tuesday from Cedar Falto, where be bad been rtnce. the previous Sunday, and where he sang In Mendelssohn'* "fflljah." Be is now visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Namteta. GLASS Auto Gla** Replaced while you wait. We cany a complete *tock of window gla**. GREENBERG AUTO SUPPLY s«e was *:SJ a. sa.. Be* datifiaSy »rese aud wtcl tcwsa. :i*c sfeccrered SJ» «i«rBl doclc wa* * beer aJwsd. a»d te« wss co tbe jc6 a: 5 RAYPMEBEOFFENTONWEDTO DECORAfl GIRL NOVEMBER 30TH ipetd cc SZat« street, trt tieoe as tJee i**f naming p*rm3<J to State. And if city cfiVi>i» »:- tmtpt to »rrrst errrysee otite«»£ay If raiie* per bosr OB tbe side tlieeUv tbey*r« ia for a Terr tosy ji TkmrwJsy. feat we jast wast :c S^ wo ee«. aad eria if we de we asyifei&g. Xaw we>e «H baddies. say we Grocery Man and* Bride At Home This Week Swoeeee sapfed op. To piw rew sips$ en streets adjacent to t&e JKSSIEWSS di<trscC svttiag 13 •Biles per boor as a speed hscit i» a pocd jott. Bat it's DO worse Uaa h«Dd7«& aad eves tfcocsamis of obsolete, ecit-of-daie tews cc t&e 5£«:3t* t<x-is cf city, state amd eaticc. weJ] to the seraMc. led b-rcce . . . oafy to Sod tZseir tewase »s fall as UM Psttsiiars* s^ySae. Hani li»d *J- Jeft ca» tscteii tsreed ca b«r dectr:-; arsd tbe rcass w^j a t»; everriy*. Buni s*y« ss t» ttk* yssar S he if JMU wife abers. JGavet IB G by Bee- thorea and Oaro*tc «QT G«oa*s. A crowd attcadsd and refrealK were *trred after the aro- Hoatesser were Mrs. W. R. Wcife, 3*>s. K. W. Dreyer. Xrs. Graoe Gibboo. Mrs. Gear** Boettdwr. Mrs. Harold Goebcb. ', t e=:c=: R^rnwod Priebe. see ci . Mrj, M. K. Barwssa. Mrs. Je&n Mr »2>d Mrs. Cari Prte^e cf Fea-; WaBare. SCns. K. C. FVraerby. Mrs. STATE Theatre WEDL-THCK. INBC »•!• A 8 T O R LADY^BOM HOWHEBE What WHAT IS FUEMkSBIP aa editorial is Uw RoCajrUc Despite CSwrs's *I>e Arasci»U».* pezced ye»rs aj-n. a&i aaoetnsiMj otbfr bexMc< acd parent OB Ute scbjeet. frwsxls^j? remanvt diSKmlt to de£a« ia a way that sails the iogxsiiL Bat so is eSettrx- rty. Both possess a dvossK (fsaiity difficalt t« cmtrb aa the fbctofrmftae fine «t wc^ds. Both are pcnrrr. eaerj?-. Boh are best m>i«rc«xl c-cc by a static d*£rutic&, baft *T their power. A bey wtce «ooi ce a hiSock. iiswia^ins from a ree! a strajg thai stretcfced ia aa arc wpwird sa- ta it wms 3osl is cJoodf. •What are yoq dctsgr~ sccttooe a«k«L 'FSyiajr a kite," "Bat yos cast *ee your kit*. How d» yco ksov It fa US*rer~ "Br the p<a2 ef ti* sJr^vs in ssy tiod.* tbe boy Mr. tad Mrs. ws« s&arrwd Mcoday j at 11 c'cisx-i Xevesaber »f &• tie feosE-* cf Use fccsi«"s parecti. \ Tbe Rev. Brasfcacc perforzaed the! T5» JsrjiJe was attended by ier S5SS«r. Mrs. Arther Priebe of loot R«x~k. *zxJ Arlhar PrMbe served ^^J fcr-jeiaer *s best esaa. Tbe bride : attired la a formal gown of To Mrs, J. Miller, Armstrong Woman Tfcis ccetas-ssity wa* Thursday EMrajsa; te wader- -iit jaitszatn tist caz* := if fc-e hid iji Ike Garks aad Tke B*r> Press: Tbe xMCbcr wbo «ok>ws a :«- t&aa£ aromaj li* t^wai&Sp i= a «r txej. acsC 2 a. A wai a «>;saV'rJ«K S7»ort ytm ua QaartM r-^fct a«t a>7«e with am. tat («>i«<! tbere cectract. 1— oa: wbi; voo WCB^J i*c in aactkra aad t&e-s Use SEW of tlM b«t 3—Ficd cot wfeesfcer cc IKS: yoa are raberahee. aad if sc. s$« caatiec. 2— Let tbe «is*r pay coast tbe <ecire- ; p«c=ps tad carried a boaqar* • • • •; yeScw chrysaati The **r* at the A. * P. Oare errtaialy had brideszsaid wore a H&TX&! H^i^kssxn cc t£e rE2 Just t*f^fe TTaaLiLJc*- 5*113 £«*»s &*td frreea **"* "" * i=<! crciid chrysazsthemBBis. Aft- d»<rrs L«2ey MHSer was tbe *r the ceresaooy a ihree coorw dta- iaaaAter of Mr. aad Mrs- Joisa ztr was wrved to the bridal coapJe L *-T«y "^ ta=» peace aad is very : asd tbe ;nt-n«<Jiit< family at tfc«-- lr * a fcs.rwn here, ha-ritj lived ia * * * ; Marti-i L&TSOQ tfcat. — Aa Ugaata natma. vitiUa; ia Omaha, ran • 1*i« bod* u a ^&d3ate of the acres* scese cate bttSe bqaor s«is> bcagit cc*. Deccrafi fcif-h jcioci as4 «3ice that thosftt cf sentrmi fritnxii- bc«ght several sscre fcf tirce hsj S*«n escpJcyed ia Decor- ', them, s»«2sed to be iacfcsrd to rurtbis* asture. Tbe- ***• ***- - 3r: * b * «» a graduate of •! ckrk. after reco-reriag ha POLK. asJced where she H!*, rea:< ? ^_«i^i aswl sioc* j w,s fr*-,. a-Hj sfce r^ed Ala^a. I-a, -Well.- £S •^^^^^Sr^t \ said tie tier., -I ^«d -ay vacatx^ tt l^tke Oko- S StiS Weda^aTtSerT^L-^ aad get acpaaintod la yoor city; :o ate.* F/RFF. f \Q sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS ;; HYPERACIDITY * : 'ia-c'» '•'cisaqe of Pel e' ia the n Pn*b*'» place of "I • • • i ! ri«aaalj -nrtmr caa be daae itnat it. bat Mr •^ Mri E- c Weisbrod 1 *r« »r* Uiacs when it s*en» aaaecesaary to hire ! I^L* 1 * 00 * ^i" 10 " Thursaty aft- j a lii-f ds*en «• sere docs rsscisc ap aad ci ar&eie ai iss to ft* kl r^fct t* r»4»» if -«• •-,_ „ ^..^^ " ~ Northwest* able U Mvf re- the MTW-. CHT THE tit* C *<-•« a. -iftrjt j !=.:,_£•.• TK emocn. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wander re- ' :urst-d Thursday friaa ChicAgo. j wfaere they attecded the Lire-! stock exposition. ! I>r. and Mrs. Kenneth Richard- see cf Eznraetsborg recently \isited E>T and Mrs. R K. Bahasoo. Dr. ^ Rscti-tjjoo recenUy Jocattd ID Em- j jf &t±v. '; yf Mrs. Gtorre Y*«*r went to AJ-; X Wtdatfrfay fcfxtrT.oon to at- ' W * :a«*tinj of tte E. T. W. i & •sift ciao of arhitij tb* u a nsoc- ' S> aS.e c* MTI. AXt^-^w GoilrMiioii- thf ti-i r«ku£httr tit-iqae• 10 , S» BOBCHAKOT 44-49' Ser«w-»—Cmrteeo—ITewi FKI.-SAT. DtX". 11-13 A. OTIBOG OB C^ivvjs? A Sefty oa SwretiKArta: Jack Holt "CRASH DONOVAN" aad Cartocn. Xrws. Shorts aad Flasis Gordon SeriaJ DEC. 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L 1.1 i W 1-* 7"i^ = • .••_!.: ;« :v;.t ^ :~~± .—^.. i. :.;..-,i.i_j v.j n.-^-: f*rtrt aad Mwi •« ttniianfrt Gift i A ia which to do ".;•! : '•: ^i-,: : . ±4 « .: 1 i Storr. ulll be open eventat* fMHM l*^ 1 . *«»* **v *»»l of rourw every Saturday nlfM ** *»«t*l . *»*» Unw, uwry and nianey. Vou'll IM*/I «••*» >*« **««» to Alcona. WeekJv Heiith J.** V .:*K* :j:-j "JiUiUl- ' "• :«i ,.i_; ^i.— _»^5 7'iitj.i hi" v-i: I ALGONA FIRMS BELOW WANT TO TELL YOU MORE OF THE PROGRAM %£ (*t*?ttcsallr» A fcaeffcaf I*VB Tfctf atrt •%. • " L 5? f >LT»acii»im Krw. *-'--*'|--fn * SetBt* u^_ " W „ s«w««*«a Urvcery ^i^. « MugtoM «rW»r|f u: « *»t«ir sa*»te* CoBHaaafii ic t* II aa ~. g U«-, OiOnrn. Macawr* M»»«f» ***" A ** y> fc<Ml«rtfc M\A*»» t 1 * «» R .,^i»._,,. M •-! * ^»JL— Ci-fii-in au-tlur ti««v4« "*** *^at» Br-ut4> Hhaa fcMH 1 Ikkl Hlltt^ Oaitr* (OMOT ua«Ht> CM ••*—m KttfctaWa-lA '•••Wlf'l II • »*. C. "- -Jf".;._^- :i.-- t>^ t.t-"'. 1 .*—. .'-^J. 1 i-^; I*TV_: UJB-I II •X'-iiJC it hlBifc-t 19 *"•••>"• tiL »> i. Ca. "T% ~ I..j ._,•: ' iiuti.' LJ H-.-i_;:r, _i J«lii.:--.t UJi; ij. (_£ -Til - - _ij-j> ^r »•_» j^,a: IK s,,..Ut iiiuiut^.^i. ;<.• iii" -..-:-^^....^I tU i.'C'-f llf^ J .^£*i'; U : T.. ^*ir~-|-i.- >„• -' •* i S*C*. .-^i UJJi Is U V .J.' - -^yf JSli *' ill **•**' ia JMS FnF^tl* WHATEVEB Y<X« WISH FOR XMAS, YOU'U. FIND IT EASILY IN Al.CONA *-.!. -L&* i*^j

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