The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1936 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1936
Page 9
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The Algona Upper Pes Moines, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 1,1936 Algona High Meets West Bend Cage Team Tonight; Academy at Swea City St. Cecelia Quint Opens Schedule Friday On Swea Floor EMMETSBURGr HERE NEXT FRIDAY NITE Both the Algona high school and St Cecelia's Academy basketball teams will open their regular cage schedules this week. Coach Findlay's Red and Black quint will meet West Bend on the local floor, tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 1), with the second teams also playing in a preliminary game. On Friday night, Dec. 4, the 'Academy boys will go into action, according to Father' Ahmann, against Swea City high, on the Swea City floor. f. Two High School Vets Flndlay has but two lettermen from last year's fast team on hand. They are Lynk and Bruns, both rangy and speedy boys, around which the team's offense will probably revolve. In addition, Plckett, Michel, Frank], Muckey and Wlllasaon have shown up well, and with a couple of other boys who are expected to develop, will give the locals a squad of size and speed that should go places, even though somewhat inexperienced. What West Bend will bring here tonight is not known, but the neighboring quint is expected to present plenty of scrap, although the Bulldogs should win, having the advantage of greater material. Academy Looks Good Father Ahmann has reason to feel optimistic about the coming season, even though he has the When Company Calls Serve Popular In Any Season Expect 200 At Burt, Wrestling Meet, Saturday Burt: The new school gymnasium will he the sc^ne of the annual north Iowa wrestling tournament, which will be held Saturday, Dec. 5, morning, afternoon and evening. Gllmore City, Grant, Algona, Clarion, Usage, Eagle Grove, Mason City and Fort Dodge, will compete and It Is expected that more than 200 boys will take part, each school bcjng allowed two entries in each weight. misfortune to open against Swen City. And Swea City seldom has a basketball team on the court that Isn't tip-top in every respect. Barry, Thissen, Mollenhoff, Best- enlehncr, Nelsdn, Coleman, Baker and Seipman seem to be the nucleus of the Academy quint, and have demonstrated In practice and a game with an alumni team that they are primed to have a good season. Emmetaburg Game Friday Other games by local teams this week finds Algona high meeting Emmetsburg here next Friday, with both the first and second strings meeting. Monday of next week, the Academy is scheduled to tangle with Bancroft Academy on the Bancroft floor. Chauffeur Licenses For 1937 Available Applications for 1937 chauffeur's licenses can be made now. AH 1936 chauffeur's licenses with no stubs detached will be renewed providing the appliant passes the vision test and is not physically impaired. Chauffeurs who have lost one or more stubs or whose licenses have been suspended or revoked, and those who fail to renew their licenses before December 31st, must pass the new examination. It is a law violation for employers to employ unlicensed chauffeurs. Apply to the State Driver's License Examiner in the county seat for license or renewal. See schedule dates of examination at the sheriff's office. Barbara Koch, West Bend, Has Birthday West Bend: Barbara Jean Koch celebrated her birthday Saturday inviting her playmates to help her celebrate. The children enjoyed themselves • with games and Mrs Koch served refreshments. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Frank Koch. Bowlers Running Neck & Neck Race Phillips "66" and the Coffee Shop ield first and second place in the bowling league standings of Barry's as the week's schedule came to a close, last Saturday. The standings as of last Saturday: Team W L hillips "66" 8 3 Coffee Shop 8 4 rmers 7 5 Tearless 5 7 5 2ourt House 6 5 Burt 3 9 ^uVerne 1 11 On the alleys tonight (Tuesday) he Coffee Shop and Court House angle; on Wednesday the Flowers and Phillips meet, and on Thursday 3urt and LuVerne will fight it out 'or the bottom. Seneca Cage Fives Played Graettinger Seneca: The Seneca high school boys' and girl's basketball teams met the Graettinger boys and girls teams on the Seneca floor Friday evening, Nov. 20. The Seneca girl's team was defeated in a slow, rough and tumble game by the score of 24 to 37. The Seneca boys defeat* ed the fast Graettinger team In a hard fought and defensive game by -he score of 12 to 20. The score at :he half was 6 to 8 in Graettlnger's favor. The Seneca boys displayed some good pass work 'and should make quite a showing in the conference as they have all senior boys on the first team. In The WEEK'S NEWS Current Frirtf.s P}imocj f nyilifd for The Algona Upper Des Moines JUDGE PLAYS CONVICT— Judge Harry D. Landis of Seward, Nebr., a judge on the state district court bench, above, revealed thnt he served a ten day "term" in the Iowa prison at Fort MadlsSn "as an experiment to observe criminal behavior for use by myself on the bench." His son, a law student, made the test with Mm. Only the warden knew their true identities, and they lived the life of the average convict for the period, including the customary first three days in "solitary." jriving hero with her vno'hcr. Mr.-.. Pov\ Andrew? nnd other rp'.at : vp«i. Miss.-s Ix>!a Marlow nnd Viola B:c: It 1 . Frnni; Dreyer of Fcntcin, r.i'1 Ueorfri 1 Ku'sner of Whittemore drove to ,Jpe;;cer, Wednesday afternoon. Robert Murray accompanied them to his home in Spencer. At Spencer they met Miss Juno Bierle. who teaches school at Rock Rapids and a friend of Miss Bierle, Lor- ettn Olsen. The girls returned with them to spend the Thanksgiving holidays at the Charles Bierle home. They returned to Rock Rapids Sunday. SAVED FROM FALL OFF CLIFF LEDGE—Prisoner on a narrow ledge at the brink of a 1,000-foot cliff, with one leg broken, Lloyd Rawson, 21, Sandy, Utah, ( radio service man. is shown as he was rescued, lowered with ropes from his perilous trap. Rawaon ,was struck by a falling boulder while hunting deer and was hurled down the mountainside. NO MORE INK STAINSI The new EVERSHARP is the first honest-io-goodness leak- proof pen we've seen! Automatically locks ink in pen barrel when not in use! Also gives you Tailored Writing! Holds more than double ute volume of ink. One stroke fills. Ink supply visible. $7.50 AND $10 OTHIR MODUS $3 E. W. Lusby, Drugs Parking Couples Prove Problem At Humboldt Humboldt Independent: There are several vacant lots surrounded by large trees in Humboldt that are used by hardened females or school girls and their male friends. Several times last summer police ofllcials drove through these lanes and found cars parked with the lights turned off. They are there nearly every evening. Some of these cars contain hardened females known as prostitutes, and some of them contain silly little girls and their boy friends who were simply out for a "necking bee." Several times curious citizens drove through this lane and took the numbers of the parked cars. Turning to the county records and finding the owners of these cars disclosed the fact that there are many parent* in Humboldt who would be astounded if they knew what the family auto is being used for on occasions. A Jot of fairly nice though ignorant little girls would be deeply humiliated if they knew they were frequenting the quarters of undesirable members of the human race. Some of them will drift into the undesir able element If they do not change their ways. There ore a lot of self- satisfied parents In Humboldt and vicinity who would almost die of shame If they knew what is happening. Father and mother should borrow a car some summer evening and drive through the shady unused lanes in Humboldt and take a look at the numbers on the park ed and darkened autos. They might find the family car. Union T-wp. Homes Hosts Turkey Day Union: Guests Thanksgiving at various homes were, the Homer Boevers and Miss Klngsley of West Bend, with the George Boevers; the Stanley Gardners at the Austin Gardners, Plum Creek; Chester Baileys at the Charles Patterson home near Burt; Lucille Bode, of Fort Dodge, with her parents, the Louis Bodes; Ben Goulds at the Albert Butterfteld home; Mr. and Mrs. George Hofius, Algona, at the Claude Dearchs home; George Miller family, Bancroft, at the Emil Stoffels; Ralph Kesselrings at the Asa Hanson home, Blue Earth. UNLESS SHE'S EXPECTING A DIAMOND BRACELET THI3ISTHE / Th« new Hoover One Fifty Cleaning Eniembl*, new in Idea, material, light- nau and convenience^ rug-and-furniture cleaner In one •nMmble, H50 a week, pay- 1— oble monthly. HOOVER 3 For every wife who gets sables at Christmas, there are thousands who'd much prefer something practical—something to make life easier, work less exhausting. We know of no more youth- saving gift than a Hoover. This year you can get a full-size, precision built Hoover, with the famous Positive Agitation, Dirt Finder and many other Hoover features, for a startlingly low price. Complete with cleaning tools. (Better see it.) Pratt Electric Pikwne 170 Algona, la BD. PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office. TCov. fl. 193«. Hoard of Supervisors met with the following niemhers present In remilar meotlnc. Prewnt: IBnltfemfln, Haum, CIWBI-OVP. McDonald, and Morris. Minutes of the last regular and nil adjourned meetings were read and on motion l»y Baleeman nnd seconded hy Bavm the minutes were approved as read. Ayes: All. Motion liy Cosgrove and seconded liy Rsleemnn that n refund of n per cent nn original assessment In Drnln- npe District Suh 2 of Drain 2T,. Ayes: Hoard proceeded to Inspect the balance* In the various Drainage DIs- rlcts within Knssutb county, Iowa. On motion Hoard adjourned until 12 i'clock p. m. Court Room. 12 o'clock. Twelve o'clock the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with at! members present and proceeded to act as county board of can- i»m to canvass the returns of the General Election held November 3. tlfi. with the folio-wins results: President of Fnfled States—Frank- In D. Hooscvelt received s."71: Alfred M. Tendon. .1 "rfW; Karl Browdrr. non»: p. TielBh Cdlvln. TJ: Norman Thomas. John W. Alken, 2; William Ix-mke. Vice President—John N. Darner. T1 1 'Frank Knox. n.WW; James W. Ford. none: Claude Wntson. R: Geonre A. Nelson. 7: Emil F. Tclch- ert, 2; Thomas C. O'Brien. 509. United States Senator — Clyde T.. HerrlnB. 7.1T!; U J. Dickinson, 3.!>71 OeorKe -P. Burpah, 133; John IB. Ham mond, 16; Lfletltla M. Conrad. 7. United States Senator (to fill va cancy)-Ouy Mark Gillette. 6,648; Ber nr "P. WatrtVn, S,4«Tt Urnwt H. QtitPk 64: A. IT, Coatee, 8; Tom Johnson. 2. Governor—'N. O. Krnsrhel. 6,73 eo. A Wilson. 4.11S; .Wallace M Short. 1M Ted Fitch. 8; J. P. Tin* •11. 3. Lieutenant novernor—.John K. VH] entlne rt.f.40; W. , c. ICilson. S."".<!: Arthur IToiiver, G8; L. J. V. Pmay, «: A \V. Snarmann. 3. Secretary of State—Airs. Alex Miller T.WKi;' Mrs. Jlenry Wood, .'! ,11'1 Hachil iHevell, 4r,; K. K. I>ud)ep. S. | Auditor of Stall—«'. W. Storms. (1.701: Frank M. Hiinsen. ?,,7i#; I!'-rmiin o. Mnnseii. 45; Francis Gordon. r>. Trea»urer i,f Stat<—-I/eo J. Weetnnn, (a;.- Fnmk •!» Wllllnm.i. s./S): John DriiKsvold, SI; A. «5. rvt"rson. ^. ,rney O'-neral—John H. Mitchell. Harold K. Davidson. 3.tW; I'. A. SrrrpchfMd. :!7: I. S Mrtllllls, r,. Secretary of Acrlc-nlturt—Thomas I.. Curran. B.BS4: C. A. Benwm. .1.6.V": JI-SK [ekter, ."I: O. \\*. Hauperrnan. ??. Hallrond Pommlssloner — Mike I'. Conwav. f.lnl: Gen. I,. McCaiiKhan. 1.R2B; \Y. O. rtembiKlon, 47; Wm. A. Mott. 7. f the Supreme Court— ntchard F Mitchell fi.«X4:K<I A. StU'i-r <'arl B. Stiver. (l.'XK?: K. r!. Tiber). 3.W7: W. I- Bliss. 3.6.T7: T. ''. Oarfleld. ^,<;17: Harold Metcalf, 14. t'e n( Sin.n-me <'oiirt tto fill v.i- —.Fay. 101; 'Wadsworth, 49; K-al- terlnc. "(ft. re^entathv In f'onerose—Alurray, I'llchrlBt. 4>7o: Clark. L<i. ten of the DlHtrlct Coiirt—Coyl.-. «,0:I4: Davidson. 4.47'.'. ONLY SKELLY TAILOR- MAKES GASOLINE FO Mrs. Frankl Injured Mra. Sadie Frankl of Algona suffered a scalp injury that required five stitches to close, Monday of last week, when her car skidded into a ditch near \ Marshalltown, Iowa. She is recovering nicely, however. E. C. Woito Funeral Services Were Held LuVerne: Funeral services for E. C. Woito who died suddenly last week Sunday, were held at the home Wednesday afternoon. The Rev. E. R. Walter was In charge of the services and Mrs. Ray Stone i and Mrs. Irvin Chapman sang 'Home of the Soul" and "Rock of Ages." Pall bearers were J. O. *.nd Edward Marty, F. I. Chapman, J. L. Llchty, Wm. Miller and John Voss, Sr. Business houses were closed during the sermon and the arge crowd attending the services was attributed to the place which the deceased was held in the community. W^^HCTMKkalbaBnBHaHMMMHVMMM^^BHH^H^HHIMHMBM^MHI^Hi GLASS Auto Glass Replaced while you wait. We carry a complete stock of window glass. GREENBERG AUTO SUPPLY 38-tf V M'1 L=.4j Hugh Kinkade In West Bend Mishap West Bend: Hugh Kinkade met with an accident when he lost control of his car and went into the ditch. He had been out to Kll- bournes on nn errand and was on his way home, when the accident happened. His 1936 Chevrolet was badly wrecked but he was not badly injured. LONE ROCK NEWS Read The Want Ads—It Pays. State R.-n»tor—<ifllr(te. <;.7»iS; Narey, 3.MI: T.arson. 20. State rtepresentatlve — P J. K"hl- na». «.!'77: Tli-i- Hrark, :!.7.'«i; Kn d Putton, 113. untv Auditor—Karl P. Klnin-y. (I.B71; Kdwln C. Hovey. 4,I!« <'(nint\- Trtiisurer — M. J. Puffy. ;.7'i"; c. W. rvarwm, 4,361. <'lerk of the I>UtH-cl •Court-'-'ath- arlnr Mc-Kvoy. H.SS7: )r« Kohl. .').!'!0 County Sheriff—*'am-v l.nss. UliT!: Ollliert Hartrr.-ave». 3341: Csirl r>»hl- huueer. 1.1MO: Fred <'. Wenti. IS. County Recorder—J. J. IXmley, 7,117: Miiynn- L. 1'i-terson. S.SSil. County Alturn,-v— I*. A. Winkt-1. f.'.in: Hiram U. White, 4.2M. Cuiintv (Coroner—H. A. Kvatif, f:<*.r'<: I,. M. Merrltt, 4.67K. Kunervlsor First Pistrli't — John iFraiM-r, 1,249: F. J. iHolKrinan.;-, | term \ti-K Jiinuarv, Ift:t7. Supervisor Thlnl IHstrU-t — \V". S. Cosgrove. 1.300; Flrilt-M IVtiTBun, "»k;; terni lieir. January, 1*J37. Siipirrvlnor Fifth District—K. Wm. Biiiiiu. 1.011; P. J. lielki-n, 1.033; term I«-B. Jiinuarv, 1938, CotiMltiitl'inal amendment — Yen. 4.«i»; nu. 1',7L'2. Mr. and Mrs. Delmcr Fishe: spent Wednesday visiting in Mason City. Emil Kraft and son, Clarence Alex Radig and Calvin Householder trucked cattle to Spencer, on Thursday. Carol Andrews, who teaches ni Sulphur Springs, spent her Thanks- VIRGIN GASOLINE ADDED FOR FASTER START SKELLY is alone in tailor- making. Only Skelly tailor-makes for each community, ships Tailor-Made Aromax from 24 tailoring points where Virgin gasoline is added to refinery gasoline in correct proportions to fit local weather forecasts. Fill np today and try Tailor-Making. If you can't see a difference, •we will gladly give you your money back, ion can't lose. © 1938, Skdly Oil Co. 601C COACHES CEMTS P^RlOR CO ANY DAY Dec. 1st to Jan. 1st Inclusive 3O-DAY RETURN LIMIT In addition to data of Ml* Reduced round-trip fares between all points on the Chicago & North Western Ry. and many points on other Western railroads. Low fares to California. Sleeping and parlor car fares are also low and to some points in the West the \Vti coach fare also applies in tourist sleeping cars—berth extra. For/til nJorm*Hon out ticktU ftb to Local C. ft N. W. Ticket Aral CHICAGO RY; SKELLY AROMAX Gasoline UWWA/VVWVVWVVVVUVVW; Disguise It As You Will - - 7f s Still Wash Day 5e Your Wash Woman— Burden Off Your Hands PJlolU tml to pass up a call, just the kind of service .sonic laundry finish, ask •ustoincrs. Cleaners, Tailors and Laundries :«o We J)ci: V ct is it man new TOWNSHIP OFFICERS KI.EC TKI> At (iENERAL ELECTION NOVE MHEK », WO. TOWNSHIP Alfc'ona Buffalo Hurt Cresco B»gle ,irsTi' - K op TIIK I'KAC'E !' A. Hans,. n TuMu WVlt.T <". I-amortux K. 1. KI*h.T Ivtr Nurtllriv T<i\V \ifllll" CONSTAHI.K TKCSTKK 'I't-rni if 1 . t-'i:i.'ii:i 1W7 P. A. Ni-wvlllt- Emit (5 Thli-1 K. KntniliiL-n On is ):r;H W. H. Klt-kl.-fs Walt Stt-ttiird <!. \V. Hleii IU-iir>- Kw.iliH ----- ....... ---------- Oeiirpi.' Moore Oil* l.arton .. ..... . ...... . .......... . Htrman Krauce f5 W. Newell -------- ....... .. ......... j ohn p a bt r __________________________ — ......... ------ ........... w«l BurKi-r Gretuwood .. ....... .._ ............ J. H. Sheridan M. K. Shliu ......................... j. L. vaux J. M. Dye Hwbron ___________________________ Irvlngton _________________________ Uedyard ----------- ..... . ........ .. -p yv. He»m.r Olivt-r MuniuU Lincoln _____________ ___ lx>tt» Creek ____ . __________________ L.U Verne --------------------------'.u Huniia Plum Creek ________________________ Portland -------------------------- Antrim Prairie luiinanuol __________________ ____ .. Rlvertlale --------- ................ xick N. Thllses Seneca __________________ _________ Sherman I'ulon Wenley Tan^ai.l \"arlbun Ralph Walker I. Ihno Oerdeu WbHtemcrc ______________________ t . John Uhlenhake On motion BuarJ adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. Stewart Smith K. Wel»lT"<l H. F. Andenyn Sam Crewtnfhal Jake Kellur V. ,1 Lattiiner Wm. Blouibter P. W. Larson Art Lesur Albert Barnee Orover Rt-nti J. R. Farrell Roscoe Steward Clauiitn Saxton Juhn Hanaon i'tirt Johnson Frank WHIK'k iR. H. Flnnell Jo« Beccb December 1, UM. Harry S-iMn T. J-.•» •;. U J< IH.M..II 1'. Hi rrnan 1 iMrrr.fs Hi-nr\ Sihmi.H Fl:n.k'.- J. E. Killy Tom I'I-IK iS. J. Devl/i- S. P. Powers TOWNSHIP TltrSTEK •ft rin H.'Uli.nliiK Fr. J f!..yk.n P K Kli-tll.- Hi J IV 1'i-te M. <'li;i.M!:in.< K. JJulU-rwi.rtli H. <>. l.iir.-"ii U.nrv Kl.-.i-!i.-i.l <'. O. I't-tt-rbon Janu-b Warbuitiiii Paul llert&ke Hlch. Poliutz i 1 . W. Klbert Kraiik'lajisaddle Frank chanilkeru Henry B.t)ley Will RlnfMlorf .' Arndorft-r A. IB. Lajjpe Cha*. Plutht- a. c. Ga»t Herman WarmtU-r -O. B Risk Arthur Anderson A M GusluJ'aon H. J. Sherman H. P. SchulU KuHC'oe Mawdsle.V KuweH Sbivler I.-adure Mayer Albert Mii'arthy John FrUleleS Otto Ji'iiben L. Hoy Ti.W.VSIHP < 'I.KKK K. ». W..HZ M. N. I'Mllipi (i. II. I.iiult- II. II. I>rtyi-r Ml,- Wasner Ji.lni lioekt-lman J./'kockkr " J. J. AiidvrMiii Win. Friinkir 11 S. Nt IM.II Hilt I '<jdi-r Martin ili>t-r H. C. Allen Clark iicciffham K. O. Maim O. B. LudwiB EaJ-1 Bushmill) John Burinan ChrU Uuiil J^ihn Biiruiann TOWNSIIH ASSKSSOIl K.i.v IMn.'»ii \\'' ^1' :-• li. rnhu u-- Matt St hniiil.-ri I;..i. UiinkoNki \V I. H< Marvin Vutki- L. A. llaislou (li-i-ar Fralull'- I.. l'. linn-Inns J HartJrhiirn Tom .He! 1 (lie K. Floin H. A. Harvey Fred Dick man n Wichunduhl Walter Vaudl H. '(.UTisi-hoii-r W. R. Stewart Otto Wolf A. J. Cocley Thunras Cralian J. >.". KolliK Paul Phlllii.h L. H. Juiikermi-ier IHi,ln-l t l.» Hi-ury Ni-K-,ui, E. J. HUTLBH. County Auditor K. D. JAMES nv ninrnnMni rftnmicTS COMPANY. inn mm v> u-\i\i. inn HIE rr.nii mini 1 .. Give Your Wife A New Kitchen Floor This Winter Every kitchen should have a hardwood floor. It's the most used floor in the house and the hardest to keep looking nice and clean unless it is hardwood. Anything but hardwood wears out very rapidly too—needs replacing too often. A good hardwood floor, properly laid, will last practically as long as the house and save your wife many hard weary hours of back-breaking work. Ltt us show you the kinds of hardwood floor available anu tell you what each will cost for material and labor. No obligation in getting facts and prices. F. S. Norton & Son Alu'ona Phone 229 Iowa Coming to EnuuetbburK, HoU-l Kermoore, Wednesday forenoon, Dec. ttth; .Mason t'ity, Hotel CVrro tiordo, Tut-sUay, I>ec. 8th. Keluru every 48 <lay«. The Regular -r .1 Kchuble Chicago . DistaiO Specialist treated Chronic. K'ervous and ' Dr. J. F. Shallenberger, M, D; _ •who has since 1307 rh, Rlni-'inu Iu Earn and JUvafncss. '• ^,— , -.. .„«,.-, Epjlupsy. Sick iiuadache, Gvtu-ti. Eczema. Scrofula. •NX Apptnau-itls. Gravel. Rheumatism of Joints and muscles. gi* PILES, FISTULA, FISSURE and other Rectal Diseases Treated Without Knife. . , Surgical Cases Given Special Attention. v DR.J.F.SHALLENBERGER.M.D. K. Mrd St. CHICAGO, UX.

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