The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on April 6, 1952 · Page 52
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 52

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1952
Page 52
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52 RADId DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur, Illinois Sunday, April 6, 1951. Better Radio Programs for the Week By Waller Kirfey anrl Iran rVverpie. oboists, truest artists. ones for Twe Oboet and Kerbore la O minor All Olorr. Laud and Honor fugue la D auaor Rom in ItcColIln Baca e and tribulations of George Pierkot, Saniiy, Aril custodian of the musk library of the 8:30-8:45 a.m. UEBM E. Pw Chicago Svmphonv, are discussed Biggs organ program; Louis Speyer L.;,h orchestra manager Ceorjje Kuy- iper. ll:30-noon WMAQ Eternal Light "The Evodus of As her Levy.' !S:nAn.l2:lS n. m. WILL t"580 Kcl 9-9:1 5 a. m. WDZ This Is Millikin , rw Short Stories Stewart Edward St. Matthew Passion, an ong-1 white's "The Riverman." inal composition for singing and; speaking Voices, by Elton Burgstah- 12:30-1:30 p. rm WUL Illin. Fac-ler, conducted bv the composer; j u ty Concert-The Ualden quartet Mrs. L. C. McNabb directs the ,he University of Illinois, spoken word. 12:30-1 p. m. WDZ "I Can't 9:15-9:30 a. m. WDZ Book Peddler SlccP " with Pna Andrews, from f..,;.l P , UA lik,,,;.,, rv. "I Was a Communist for the catur public library, reviewi Leonard Dubkin's "The" White Lady," a beautiful story of the author's friendship with an albino bat. 10-10:30 a.m. WBBM Salt Lake Tabernacle choir and organ program; J. Spencer Cornwall, conductor; Dr. Frank Asper, organist. Oloiious Everlasting Couitni F.B.I.," based on the actual, authentic experiences of Matt Cvetic who posed as a Communist for the F.B.I. 12:30-1 p. m. WMAQ University of Chicago Round Tabic "Can Europe Unite?" discussed by Paul Spaak, former premier of Belgium; John Nuvcen, Chicago investment pTid i Umfnt.tion Biiusfs : banker; Herman Finer, University Com Thou Fount of Erery ' ' Blessing W jeth-Cornwell . ot lfilC220. Blng Praises Olerum Behold Ood the Lord Passed Br lEIIJehi Mendelssohn Flee Herolqu Frenek Jesus Once of Humblt Birth Eng. Trad. 10:30-11 a.m. WGN Northwestern Reviewing Stand "Are We Losing Our Good Neighbors to Communism?" George Blanksten, Northwestern; Fred Rippy, University of Chicago; Felix Stungevicius, consul for Uruguay. 11:15-11:30 a.m. WMAQ Your Symphony Scrapbook The trials fat's ( - M- 7 ' Walter Pidgeon appears at 8 p. m. today on WSOY. Domino Nolr Overture Abendlled Confldeoca Auber Schumann Weldteulel 1:30-2 p. m. WSOY Invitation to Learning Discussion of Henry 1-1:30 p. m. WCN Top Tunes .David Thoreau's "Walden," first Robert Trendler and the orchestra; 'of a series on "Man and Nature," under the chairmanship of Dr. Lyman Bryson. 1:30-2 p.m. WMAQ American Forum of the Air "When Should We Cut Off Foreign Aid?" dis cussed by Reps. Michael Mansfield (D-Mont) and Lawrence bmith I It- Lucy Reed and Bill Snary, vocalists. Dam That Dream I'm Alwayi chailnf Rainbows Sinting in the Rain Nithtr-Nlght Anytime 1-1:30 p.m. WSOY Symphonettc Mishel Piastro, conductor; Joseph Fuchs, violin soloist. March or tha Bowman (Robin Hood Sultat Overture to "Joan af Are' Par roree Polka Strauaal Ju- P Phtf harmonic-Symphony Dmitri Mitropoulos, conductor; Robert Casadesus, piano soloist; James Fass-ett, commentator; intermission concerto by North Carolina symphony. Bnapbenr in D sa)or Haydn Piano Coo carlo ha. 3 la B-Bet major Brahma 2-2:15 p.m. WSOY Something Old, Something New Walter Kirby in a program of songs. open trie oetes or tne Tempi Knapp 1 Whistle a Happy Tune tKlne and II My Ain Polk The felts Badgers Lemon Pa ure 4- 4:30 p.m. WMAQ Hollywood Star Playhouse "The Patient Stranger" starring Gary Merrill. 4:30-5 p. m. WENR Greatest Story Ever Told "The Betrayal and the Crucifixion" of Jesus is dramatized, closely following the account in the Bible. 5- 5:30 p.m. WSOY 50 Years in Decatur In the year 1910 big investigations of fraud in Macon county; series of big gambling raids in Decatur; electric marquee signs come to town; Dick Helledy, an nouncer. Chinatown. Mr Down br the Old Mill Stream Let Me Call You Sweetheart Mr Chinatown Curson ; .... Verdi I " " m. WBBM New York World Mews RoudoDAtr Chapel Agriculture Roaedap World newe ' Sunder Oatherin' Llrlag Palth American Quartet r Ifaeaxeaa flour iff 'amllw Worshl This It lillllkla mgrim Lain. Churen Rook Peddler Rhritaina on Request Kriilera Korner "71 9i ion in 12 WSOYFM 1J MC CBS WSOY 1341 KC CBS Sunday's Radio Programs t WSOY FM Special-St. Louis Cards vs. Philadelphia Phillies 1 Came Time 12:55 p. m. WDZ IN EO WMAQ rt KC NBO WGN 720 KC MBS WLS-WENR 19 KC ABC 7j Cowtle Weekly Ne Roundup To Be Announced Sunday School Lesscocomics Ooipel Hour Back to Ood Srerjbod' Miula Radio Pulpit Art of Urine Radio Parade Radio Sible Clata Voice at Prophecy Newt Little Brows Church aKT it tddr Howard Decatur Churchea World Newe t.laten Ladlea St. Prancia Hoar Sunder Deeotloaal A Small World Swing to 4S Public Attain Newe Newe Intereatlai Pacta Renewing Stand Voice of Proptai The Chrlatli 9 r 10- undar Detotlonal Lenten Program Radio Warblera Newe Symphony Berapboot Health Cllnte Eternal Lliht Lutheran Hour Punnlea Chlldran'i au Sunday Serenada Z Prankla Carlo ae World Mewe TJr.'e Ordrre Communlat lor FBI Critic At laree Master'a Oolf Round Table Voice of Hope Prank h Barn eat Newa Volea of tha Tarkal amataeu Hour a rit'Symphoaette ' . u Intltatlon tn Leeem 44 Learniag: Newa Raebell Oame Reda-Senatore Catholic Hour American Pome Trendler'e Top Tunee Richard Llewellyn Health Quia Sketchbook 2"e Soni t Man ae BUr, Songa by Klrbe iicaie Ihouettea Elmo Roper Amerlca'a Muala Bob Conxldlne Newt HunlliBU Banditend U.S.A. Plfty Army Band Lutheran Hour Herald of Truth 41 41 P!na rt U.ll 'J Rowe: Devol Shoe uor. t nve on the Run Hour of Charm Tha Falcon Pmate rye Muile Shop Health Cllnts Mathew BeU't PUei Rerlral Hour Capitol Varlet Sammy Kayo Remember When Carmen Carallero Wayne Xing Star Playhoua Matter'! Coif Tha Shade m Tree Detect! to Lljbt Ufa Oreateit Story Teare In Deeatur Pavorllea of Famoui Our Mlet BrooU Voice of America Pinal Nrwa Texae Range Talea The Big Show Oabby Harea Show Health Cllnla Song Shop Drew Pearaoa Mondae Headllnet Hour of Decision WSOY 134 KC CBS t PM Jack Benny Amoe n Andy 6bm Jac i 4 71 WSOY-FM 101.1 MC CBS Jack Beany Amoe n Andy WMAQ C7S KC NBC The Big Show WGN 721 KC MBS To Be Announced Little Symphonies WLS-WEHR SSt KC ABO Sunday Veeoers TJnlted Jewtih Appeal Bergea-McCartny Bergen-MeCartop HarrU Paya Show Family Theater Broadway Playhouse Broadway Playhouaa Theater Onlld Inchanted Hour 3 id! Hi 71 ufl Corliss Arahar Meet Corliss Archer charlea Hasher Prlend lrtaa Me Prlend Irma The tM Question John 1. Anthony Telephone Quit Choraltera Stop the Must Walter WlncheU Corliss Archer Three Bunt Telephone Quia Chorallera Khaltl -N' Mrdlclne. Blue USA. Dance Band Health Cllnte Dance Band Hidden Treasure er P Memos lor Me Sscape With Me Newa News News Senator Doutlss Senator Doudsa Sunday Dateline Robert Trout. Newt Robert Trout. News Backpaee Bulletins " Day s End On Wlsgt of Newt Health Cllnte News Pastor J. C. O'Hatr Songs In tha Night Newt: Dance Band Dance Band Newa: Dance Band Dance Band News The Chat Show Lutheran Vespers Dane Band Talking It Orer As We See It News in Religion Little Night Musle 61 7! JI 115 5-5:30 p. m. WDZ Favorites of the Famous H. V. Kaltenborn imitates President Truman's imitation of him and gives sidelights on Gandhi, the Pope and Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Habanera Carmen Blset Symphony No. 4 In B minor 4ui movement) Brahms 5:30-7 p.m. WMAQ Big Show Tallulah BanLhead, mistress of ceremonies, has as her guests Jane Russell, Toni Arden, Judy Canovi, Oscar Levant, Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney, Herb Jeffries; Meredith Willson's orchestra. 6:30-7 p. m. WENR United Jewish Appeal Academy Award winner Jose I-errer will star in A Child Named Lisa" in the role of a teach er who taught a deaf girl to recite the "four questions" during the Passover ritual. 7-7:30 p. m. WGN Family Theater Gene Lockhart in "The Story of Little Tree," charming fantasy by William Lutz told by an old man to his granddaughter about a little tree that grew up with one resolve in its mind to serve a useful community purpose. 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY Bergen-Mc-Carthy Show Between songs pro vided by the Mills Brothers Charlie acquires spring fever and takes an imaginary trip to Paris, Venice and Vienna," meeting an assortment of characters, including a nusky jady gondola driver. 7:30-8 p. m. WGN Enchanted Hour Ruth Slater, mezzo soprano; ochestra conducted by Walter Stein-del. Faure Baby s 7-7:30 p.m. WMAQ RaUroad flourCordon MacRae, baritone, and Nadine Conner, soprano, join with Carmen Dragon's orchestra and the Norman Luooff chorus in a presentation of Jerome Kern's "Roberta." You're Dera Hating Don't Ait Me Not te Blng Testerdayt Smoke Oets tn Tour lyes Touch of Tour HaAd Rhapsody In Prose 7:30-8 p.m. WMAQ Voice of Firestone Eleanor Steber, soprano, with orchestra and chorus conducted by Howard Barlow. Hoaanna Grader Were Too There When Thee Crucified My Lord' Negro Spiritual Caster Scent tCaaUerla Rustlcanai Mascagnl Are Maria (Otetlol " Verdi The Bells (L'Arleslenne Suite) Blret Inflamatut iStabat Materi Rossini 8 8:30 p.m. WMAQ Telephone Hour Blanche The bom, mezzo-soprano, with Donald Voorhees conducting the Bell Symphonic orchestra and chorus. . r Martha Tilton appears as guest of Mario Lanza at 8 p. m. Friday WMAQ. 8 8:30 p.m. WENR Mr. Presi- Wtille Her Wttch She It ' Keeping (Redemption! Oeunod ui v uc .iiriv u mu i . r. 1.11 , victim t Redemption) oeunod acnt nawara vrnom portravs tne Voce dl Donna. rtMunilll Ponchlelll . . . My soul's Been Anchored m Uuer txecutive w hose admimstra- H a I.M . rr Prlr ' - . r . oood Friday Spell Pertifaii Wagner i"0" was caugnt Detween two tires: I he desire ot our own people to help Cuba obtain her freedom from Spain, and the necessity to protect the honor and integrity of the nation in our international dealings by recognizing the rules of international law and order. Open the Oates of the Temple Knapp 8 9 p. m.- WSOY Lux Theater-Ann I larding and Louis Calhern in "Union Station." 8:30-9 p.m. WMAQ Band, of America conducted by Paul La-valle, with the Green and White quartet. 8:30-9 WENR Crossfi p. m ?i01 . .v isey.Sen. James Duff (R-Pa), supporter Land of the Free Rogers . ' . , . I Pilrrlm's Chorus (Tannhsuser) Wagner i or Kjtn. LAVirht U. tisenhower, IS Onward. Chnttlan Soldiers ,v. . 1 j The Lord s Prayer Malotte the gUCSt to DC questioned by a v. w.ii.i.. iuu.uij iivaum Pauline Frederick. Emblem ot Freedom March King 9-9:30 p. m. WMAQ Dlinois Primary Review Election eve reports will be presented by Clifton Utley, Jim Hurlbut, W. W. Chaplin and Merrill Mueller. 9:45-10 p- m. WGN Park Livingston, Republican candidate in primary elections luesday lor WSOYFM IBM MC CBt WSOY 134 KC CBS ftoostar C1 Monday's Radio Programs f WSOY-FM Special-St. Louis Cards vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game Time 12:55 p. m. I it.. .... . . . a JJ Morning Deeotlong News: ataniamea J Baagamoa Bpeclei WDZ WMAQ IK KO nt KC NBC Wake Up With. Wood Norman Ron WGN 721 KC KB! Perm Bear Kiwt WLS-WENR IN KC ABC Wood; Sports Ross: Rewa Parm Roar Mewe .TJHf World Rewi render-Chanel of the Air The 4M Hoar neraie Kewa. Wlc Eeans " l-ncal News: aiaslc " Local Hews Musical Cloak 400 Rear: Rewe Parm Sullettna Dolph Hewitt Chet Randolph Mewe M Neat af America Musical ecaada Heneye Notebook nosieaieker'i Joaraal Bieaafaat Club t. ASI Arthar Qodfrew saw cm .wria i r77 Mornln M t N T. 81 91 IS UI Bill Irans Skew Red Blaackard ' Newt; Weather Rewa 61 Tour Rslthber Moils That Slags News Rewt Johasoa Paaiiy 71 Breakfast Oub Kitchen Ctet Welcome Ttaeeler T & C Reporter Newt " Bars to the Bible Doable er Nothing Nsws Virsinla Osle Victor Lladlakr Todar't Ut Dap Arthur Oodfrap Betty Lane Roeemary W Tree Starr Whispering Street Against the Stem Jot n American Quarter Shopper's Serenade Strike It Rich Bob t Re? Dare Oarroway Ladle Pair Qaeea for Dap Lone Joaraey News Break the Bank m Wendy Warren Woman's Hour Helen Trent Tlraeehecker; Newt left re Ik Abawt Huh Ore? Show Range Riders MUlcr-Oray show News: Rots Here s Norman Rota Ml M B t Sister is rriiiM Neon Newt Guiding Ugh Cnrt Matter TlBat Newt Teilo Teat New. Newt, wick Eeana News; Markets Musle Parwi New Parm Reporter Jack Bereh She Kttehea Cite News: Para Rota Ma.kets 11! Mary Merryfleld Luncheon Antlca Date with Duggan Cedrle Poster Marshall Kent Market Reporter Neea si PM Participation perry M Dinner Bell Ttai Nooatlaje New Paratla Battaea 2i Bargain Counter MarketsiArondTvnBugh Gray Show Brighter Day - Rllltep Picken't Party Willson's Music R'r Like a Millionaire TakeARantber M.JJS. Show Victor Ltadlahr WfLa School Time Pratare Poods 121 Rous Party Parry: Cedrle Ada Aaat Jeaay Basebsll Gam Cianu-Clcie:and A"- Dr. Melon ' Telephone Qt e Musical Billooard Bii.ooard: News cVn,B,e SeauUfulM Margaxt McBMd Charlea ABteU 52!LV Ll. .... T Mare Marll It?J? ag Paainy - Joret 4or4 R tht to Balnes B.eiTa Wlatere 21 41 3 Bar Rene Rase) The keok Shall epy Je Backstage Wife News ldaer Brn Woman m Mr Rouse Ban Nlgnttatal Betty Crocker Neighbor s Voice Paul Harrey Ted Melon 31 Jim Seaney Show Just Plata sm Prent Pate FarrD Loreato Jonaa The Doctor's Wife Crosbr stag Crosby: Tour Poller Guest Tine wei Tboeaas Charlee Rasher Siagiag story Tlaie Bee:h Karney Miller Rae Record Rambling Sport: Wew News, Wick Bran Newt Wed Howard Rewt Bebby WTd Bin Hlckok Bill Despard Mark Trail Pan Pactory 41 The Palme 61-ep That Plltt on pyes Carpenter March Militalre Prantaife Scherso (Symphony In C maiorl . Hoffman Von Bwiter Llebe Brahms Waltz Hutuette tVagtbond King. ftimi Walts (String Serenade) Tschalkowtky 7:30-8 p.m. WSOY Philip Mor ris Playhouse James Giblin, soph omore at Western Reserve univer sity, Cleveland, Ohio, co-stars w ith Nina Foch in "The Room Be yond." 7:30-8:30 p.m. WMAQ Theater Guild on the Air "The Silver Whistle" starring James Stewart and Diane Lynn. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Screen Guild Theatre Walter Pidccon, John Brown and Lynn Bari in "Heaven Can Wait." 9:05-9:30 p. m. WBBM People Act The progressive program for rehabilitating the physically handi- 1 epfcet . cappea in uincnamton, i. i.f is told dramatically. 9:30-10 p.m. WMAQ Medicine, U.S.A. "Psvchiatrv " with Charles Laughton, narrator. 10:15-10:30 p.m. WSOY Tailing It Over Sen. Paul H. Douglas ID-Ill; reports rrom Congress. Monday, April 7 1:40-1:45 prm. WSOY This I Believe Dr. R. M. Maclver, professor of sociology and political philosophy, Columbia University, gives his personal views on living, 4-4:30 p. m. YY ILL Britain and the World "Britain and the Commonwealth' Lord Ismav, Minister for Commonwealth Relations. 4:30-4:45 p.m. WSOY From the Bookshelf Muriel Perry, head li brarian, Decatur public library, re views Ileana, Archduchess of Aus tria s- T Live Again," the Roumanian princess who found personal resurrection in her faith in God. 5:15-5:30 p.m. WSOYFM You and the World Louis B. Wright, director of Folger library, Washington, D. C, discusses "The Individual and Society" in the life in the future. 7-7:30 p.m. WSOY Suspen: Dan Duryea discovers that the most inconvenient time to bump into an old high school acquaintance, who wants to talk oyer old times, is just after you have committed t murder, in "Remember Me." - the governor, in a special address. Tuesday, April 8 6-6:15 a. m. WSOY Job Bulletin- Public service program in cooperation with Illinois State Employment service, Paul Marshall, announcer, tells of jobs in this locality. 1:40-1:45 p. m. WSOY This I Believe Jarcd Ingersoll, industrialist, member board of directors, Pennsylvania railroad, expresses his philosophy of life. 4-4:30 p. m. WILL Cooper Union Forum "Overcoming Fear," Ralph Wentworth-Rohr, psychologist; director, psychological adjustment services. 5:15-5:30 p.m. WSOYFM You and the World "Crime," with Austin MacCormick, professor 'of criminology, University ot California, discusses the decrease in certain types of crime involving only the individual, and the increase in or ganized crime. 7-7:30 p. m. WMAQ Cavalcade of America "The Nurse Who For got Fear" starring Nina Foch, 8-8:45 p.m. WENR America's Town Meeting "Does the President's Security Order Threaten the People's Right to Information? James Russell Wiogins, editor Washington Post; Edward Trapnell, director, information sen-ice, Atom ic Energy commission; Dr. Houston Peterson, Rutgers university. 8:30-9 p. m. WGN Northerners- June Browne, soprano; the octet and the ensemble. I Know That Tou Know Toumans Loch Lomond Arr. Waring Easter Pared Berlin They Call the Wind Marl Loewe Warsaw Concerto Adlnsell 9-9:30 p. m. WENR Piano Play house; Earl vWild, concert pianist; Eail "Father" Hines, jazz pianist; Margaret and Forrest Perrin, duo- pianists; Milton Cross, commentator. 9-9:30 p. m. WMAQ Show Busi ness Eddie Cantor brings the voices of Ukulele Ike or Cus Edwards, the inimitable Harry Rich-man, Vaughn De Leath and Irving Berlin. 9:30-10 p.m. WBBM Candidates and Issues Gov. Earl War ren tn-Calit), Harold btassen (R-Minn), Sens. Richard Russell (D-Ga) and Robert S. Kerr (D-Okla) have accepted invitations to give their views on the question "Is Our Foreign Policy in the Far East Working.- 11:30-11:55 p.m. WMAQ Illinois Election Returns news of the pri mary races with Clifton Utley, Jim Hurlbut, W. W. Chaplin and Merrill Mueller. Wednesdiy, April 9 1:40-1:45 p.m. WSOY This I Be lieve Virginia Sale, caricaturist. radio, stage and TV actress, tells of her philosophy of lite, 4-4:30 p. m. WILL Studio Theater House of the ieven Cables (Part II) by Nathaniel Hawthorne. 5:15-5:30 p.m. WSOYFM You and the World "Physics," with Dr. Louis Ridenour, Jr., physicist, former head, graduate school. University of Illinois; editor of "Radia tion Laboratory." 7-8 p. m. WGN Musical Corned v Theater "The Kissing Bandit"! starring Olga San Juan and John Conte. by Thursday, April 10 1:40-1:45 p. m. WSOY This I BelieveNorman Cousins, editor Saturday Review of Literature, reveals what he believes to be an ideal philosophy of living. 5:15-5:30 p.m. WSOYFM You and the World "Chemistry" is the topic of a noted speaker in this series. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Hallmark Playhouse Jeff Chandler, regularly featured as Mr. Boynton on "Our Miss Brooks," stars in "Ben Hur" by Lew Wallace. 8:30-9 p.m. WSOY Stars in the Air Lionel Barrymorc, Beulah Bondi and Reed Hadley co-star in "On Borrowed Time." 9:30-10 p. m. WBBM Presidential Profiles Gov. Earl Warren (R-Calif- in an address to the people of the United States. 9:30-10 p- m. WGN "The Pass over of Rembrandt Van Riin," in cidents in the life of the famous painter, with Lee Cobb. Friday, April 11 10-10:30 a. m. WILL Great Novels of the World Dr. Bruce Harkness I of the University of Illinois dis cusses Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment.' 1:40-1:45 p. m. WSOY This I Be-lieve Robert Arthur Evans, foot ball player of University of Pcnn sylvania, e.vprcsscs his personal philosophy of life. 2:30-3 p.m. WILL Mastcrworks from France Clock of the Truths of Lot Les Paladins Mouret Remeeu So wonderful to wake up to! ID 5:15-5:30 p.m. WSOYFM You and the World "Biology," is the topic of Dr. Ralph Gerard, professor of psychology, University of Chicago, who discusses the probability of cures for almost all human ailments in the future, and the consequently increased span of human life. 7:15-7:30 p. m. WSOY Muskland, U. S. A. Starring Earl Wrightson, baritone-emcee, with Alfredo An-tonini's orchestra and chorus, the Serenaders and vocalists Frances Greer and Jimmy Carroll, in an all-Noel Coward, program; Noel Coward, guest. 8- 8:30 p. m. WMAQ Mario Lanza Show Mario Lanza, tenor, guest vocalist Martha Tilton, and Ray-Sinatra's orchestra. Easter Parade Berlin Paginating Rhethm Oerthwln If There Ii Someone Loielter Than You Srhwartt Brasil Rsrroso Beautiful Lor Tan Alstyne Easter Medley Arr. Taking a Chance on Lore Duke In the Silence of the Night Rachmaninoff 10:30-11 p.m. WSOY Capitol Cloakroom W. Averell Haniman. director of mutual security, is quizzed by Criffing Bancroft, Eric Sevareid and Bill Downs. Saturday, April 12 8:45-9 a. m. WSOY Garden Gate-Sam Caldwell, horticulture expert, supplies timely information for spring gardeners. 9- 9:15 a.m. WSOY Magic Carpet A chapter from Hans Aanrud's "Solve's Easter in Norway," in which Solve climbs the mountain to see the sun dance on Easter morning, is read by Miss Eleanor Sloan, children's librarian, Decatur Public Library. 9:15-9:25 a.m. WSOY Alaska Cruise Julia Bock Miller, noted traveler and lecturer, describes tht scenic beauty of the Far Northwest; Mrs. Mildred Sutherd, who conducts the cruise to Alaska and Yukon territory, Aug. 12-29; John Ketterer, announcer. 1005-10:30 a. m. WSOY Let's Pretend "Heavenly Music," traditional Easter allegory, based on Richard Von Volkman's "The Rusted Knight," is the story of an attempt by Greed and Discontent, newscomers in I lappy Valley, to replace the life of-harmonious peact with a rule of discord and selfishness. 11-11:30 a. m. WSOY Theatre of Today "The Legacv." tender story about the value of life's worldly goods. Noon-12:2 5 p. m. WSOY Grand Central Station "Four-Leaf Clover," stimulating drama of man who rescued himself from failure in life and business bv discovering one simple secret of success, with William Redfirld, Judith Par- rish, Murvyn Nye, Malcolm Keen, James Lipton and Paula Trueman. Noon-4:30 p. m. NVENR Metropolitan Opera Richard Wagner's "Parsifal," final opera in this year's series, is sung by Margaret Har- shaw, Jean Madeira, Mildred Miller, Hans Hotter, Lubomir Viche-gonov, Jerome Hines, Hans Hopf and others; Fritz Stiedry, conductor. 5:30 6:30 p.m. WMAQ NBC Symphony Spring Concert conducted by Milton Katims. Symphony No. 1 In C minor Mendelasehn Symphony No. ) for Strings Jean Rteler Trlana (Iberia) Albenlt-Aeoe 9-10 p. m. NVCN Chicago Theater of the Air Victor Herbert's "The Only Girl" with Lillian Murphy and Paul Knowles as the singing stars; Col. Robert R. McCormick, editor and publisher. emerson's 143 n. main Arvin Sleepytimer Newest, most beautiful of all clock-radios t) Lulls you to aleep and wrakens you gently to your favorite radio pro grama. Reminds you of appointment. Turns itself on, turns ' itself off both automatically. 539W See It! Hear It! MACON MUSIC 227 North Main Phone 3-9749 Yes there were many brave pioneeri who took chances so that others might benefit. There sre many DECATUR PIONEERS that have had tn brave the thrills and disappointments of "fringe area" reception. So to further TV pioneering efforts and help you enjoy TV thoroughly ... fs Now Ottering You the New 1 TELEVISION 1 ' ' tejtaw) I I jaaaaawawaaawaiaw.'' " "" " " " fl I 1 Tuna"'- - ) T ' tyWWfU " 4 to -w'awwsssssiiini I r r ri .rrr,i i ir , I ,M,tmu n r n I, ,'f,, inrteaaweaawl SOLD . . . INSTALLED . . . SERVICED . . . GUARANTEED by Emerson's 143 X. Main Derafor OCR TV HALES AIR BACKED BY TRR LATEST SERVICE TgCHMQlU AND EQUlTXCJlT

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