The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1936 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1936
Page 12
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TheAlcronaUi Alcana, IP** »<*• 17, Folk* At Gappa Funeral A fitiHttar of relatives fro* here atbSndri the funeral of Leola Oap- ft, tfangtater of Mrs. Anna G&ppa, of MadeUal Minn. Mrs. Harold Rotlj add KM* Hang left for that fta«e teat week Sunday and other relatives who attended the funeral last week Tuesday from here wer« Mrs. Peter Fuchsen, Mrs. C. Alllff, Peter Haag, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haag, Mrs. Josephine Haag, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weydert, Simon Weber, 8r., and Mrs. Pauline Miller. Read The Want Ads—It Pays, Something New and Different A Hand Picked GARMENT Onis&ffles 5 Herbst (MAIN STORE) This is a new and unique kind of a sale. Nothing like it has ever been done. Below* are listed .the various garments with original prices and sale prices, subject, of course, to previous sale. Bead the list carefully, if you see something you think you will like, hurry right in bacause the garment you want, might be sold. THT8 IB NOT A GENERAL SALE—we have just picked the various garments and put "quick clearance" prices on them. Here is the list—honest, truthful description accompanies each item—only garment? fisted are reduced in price—NOTHING ELSE. Results of Twp., Justice Elections Size 14—Splece winter wool cult—moss green—short and swagger Jacket—tan wolf trimmed. $49 value for 29.75 Sice 1ft—leather brown 2-plece winter •nit—Interlined swagger packet—beaverette trimmed—novelty buttons $35 value $19.75 Slaw IS—dark brown tweed 3-plece suit—raccoon trim— outer jacket, swagger heavily interlined—a great buy $45 value $26.75 Bice 16 wine costume suit- velvet blouse on dress—fitted jacket with wine suede belt Black martin fur trimmed— * gorgeous creation $49 value $29.75 Size 30, dark grey costume •uit-dree*. Camel'* hair— unlined % coat fitted—very stylish 22.50 value $12.75 Size 18. cape swagger costume suit—black wool dress. Kelly green cape—exclusive model—very new $29.75 value 16.95 Size 14—toast colored all wool earners hair. Famous, coat style dress—brown leather belt. Kelly green ascot velvet tie 16.95 value $10.75 Size 14 hunters' green wool camel's hair drees—tailored style—large gold button trimmed, self color suede belt, high neck. $15.00 value $9.00 Size 15 brown novelty wool dress—2-plece velvet trim— very smart $12.80 value $8.75 Size 16 dark green wool costume suit—drees has green satin blouse, loose short swagger Jacket—beaverette trim 39.75 value $25.00 Size 18 full length black velvet "Illinois" dress—wide flowing sleeves —. beautiful jeweled ornament $19.75 value 12.75 Size 18 full length black velvet dinner dress—lace bead collar—very rich and beautiful 29.75 value $16.75 Sice 18 black Inna Kirby afternoon dress—tunic style- lace collar—button trimmed ultra •mart—A real creation 35.00 value $22.75 ASSESSORS IN CLOSE BATTLES Other Races Frequently Without Any Competition A final check of the general election in Kossuth county for constable and justice of the peace brings forth the following results by precincts: Algona—justice of the peace (2 elected), P. A. Danson 1262; Delia Welter. 1246. Constable—Floyd Newvllle, 1285; Ernst Thtel, 1242. (2 elected). Buflalo-^Tustice, C. Lamoreux, 247; K. Fisher 241; Leo Wolfe, 226; J E. Keil, 169. Constable—R Krominga, 238; W. H. Ricklefs, 234. Bart—Justice, Iver Nordin, 208. Constable—Walt Steward, 252. Henry Ewaldt, 242. Eagle—Justice, George Moore, 71; Gus Larson, 61. Constable— Stewart Smith, 61; Andrew Larson and M. L. Johnson, 1 each. East Lone Bock—Justice, Iver Nordin, 33. Constable—Henry Ewaldt, 45; Walt Steward, 40. Fenton-^Justlce, G. W. Newel, 5; Herman Krause, 3. Constable- George Goetsch, 2. Garfleld-Justice, John Faber, 157. Constable—H. F. Anderegg, IftH Grant—Justice, Will Barger, 1. Constable—Sam Crestafhal, 3; A. Reynolds, 1. Greenwood—Justice, J. H. Sner- idan, 460; M. F. Schllti, 457; Chris Behrman. 192. Constable—Jake Kellar, 479; V. J. Lattinier, 472. Harrison—Justice, J. M. Dye, 360. J. L. Vaux, 358. Constable—P. W. Larson. 393; Wm. Blomster, 251. Lakota (Ledyard)—Justice, F. W. Beemer, 248; Oliver Marquis, 71. Constable—Art Lester, 246. Ledyard—Justice, F. W. Beemer, 94; Oliver Marquis, 115. Constable —Art Lester. 93; Albert Barnes, 14. Uncoln-^Tustice, Henry Zingg, 2; Mrs. Koppen, 1. Constable, Lone Bod^-JasUce, Fred Schnltj 2, and Geo. Pettit, Alex nadlg, Fred Flaig and W. G. Flaig, all one each. Constable—one vote each for Joe Hartlnson, Fred Rath, H. J. Rice, Robert Schmidt, Ted Krueger, Art Prlebe, Alf Krueger, Alex Krueger and W. G. Flaig. LuVerne—Justice, Consuelo Hanna, 196. Constable—Grover Rentz, 154; J. R. Farrell, 5. Portland-Justice, August Schl- pull, 60. Constable—R. Steward, Prairie—Justice, August Emanuel, 274. Blverdale—Justice, Nick Thllges, 150. Size 18 dark green dress coat with mink novelty low collar, belted and semi-fitted with slight flare—an exclusive coat 55.00 value $39.75 Size 16 dark brown dress coat, richly trimmed with mink down sleeve and cuff— semi-fitted and belted- charming mink collar. $55 value $39.75 Size 18 dark brown dress coat of brown dyed martin fur—fitted style—chic 49.50 value $35.00 In The WEEK'S NEWS Current Event* Photographed for The Algona Uppfer Des Moines NEW HOSPITAL at IOWA FALLS—More than two persons a minute poured through thc'fl*jv Ellsworth Municipal Hospital at Iowa Falls. Iowa, during a 12 hour open house there recently. The building, now ready for occupancy, cost $94.000 of which $42,300 was a PWA grant. From standpoint of structure and equipment, the new hospital is considered as fine as any small hospital in the United States. MOTHER AND HER QUADRUPLETS—Above are Mrs. Pearl Bridges, wife o fa share-cropper of Senath, Mo., and the four children born to them Nov. 2. In spite of all efforts by the doctor in attendance to have the children rushed to a hospital, three of them failed to surive. Too Late For Odds and Ends A sknnk sat on a stamp The skunk thank the stump siunk, And the stump thank the skunk stank. ANNEX SPECIALS Charming Stylish HATS The millinery ba»tneea continue* brisk at the Annex, and we are really "going to town" on theee stylish hate for Udiee in all newest model*, in a full range of colon, including metallic* and the price 1* within the reach of all, only 98c Swea—Justice, Ralph Walker, 114;Tankard Carlson, 107. Constable—John Hansen and Clarence Sanftner, 97 each. Wesley—Justice, Ihno Gerdes, 8. Constable—Carl Johnson, 131; Frank Willlck, 6. Whlttemore—Justice, John Uhlenhake, 493. Constable—Joe Bescb, 439. R< H. Flnnell, 454. In some of the townships no elections for Justice or constable were held, and in others many of those who got only one or two votes, probably written in, are not tabulated above. Sir. and Mrs. Roy J. Marty of Minneapolis were gueeU of their friends. Dr. end Mrs. F. S. Sawyer from Wednesday until Sunday. CLASSIFIED ADS For Sale FOR SALE—Five room modern house, close in. Good price for quick sale. Inquire this office. 46* —George Kohl, phone 20F11, Algona, Iowa. 45-46* FOR SALE:—Pure tired Spotted Poland China boars and gilts sired by Silver Boy. a get of Sliver King, first prize boar at Des Moines fair. Prices are reasonable.—H. E. Cummins, Dickens, Iowa. 45-46-47 FOR SALE—Good Duroc Jersey boars.—A. C. BJustrom, Whittemore, Iowa, Phone 1131. 44-48* For Rent FOR RENT—Business office. Inquire Algona Upper Des Moines. Heated, modern, center of city. 38-tf Miscellaneous WANTED—RellaWa man to work this territory. Experience unnecessary. Car requlred.>-8. F. Baker & Co., Keokuk, Iowa, 46-47* WANTED—Young man to service candy, gum and peanut vending route between Mason City and Spencer. No Investment required, but must have car and able to furnish bond. State references, age, and past experience.—Forrest R. Rook, 111 Byron St, MarShalltown, Iowa. ,. WANTED—I am, In 4l*i. market for 100 or more good quality pigs, weight from 45 to 1 7$ fts.—E. U Gilbert, Box 32, Algona. 46» WANTED TO BOY—Uto to 3,000 bu. barley, mixed bats 25 to 60% barley. Will pay good ptfce anywhere in trucking distance of Algona. Will weigh- at toy truck scale available. Oats must be 1936 crop.—E. L. Gilbert, Box 82, Algona. , . 46 * WANTED—Guernsey^ or ttolsteln heifers to freshen edon.—Bernard Jenson, c-o W. J. Bourne. Phones Algona 11F32, Lone Rock, 923. 45* WANTED—Housekeeper, three In family, In large ctty. Able to keep seven room house neat, and cook for family. Address replies and information about self to Algona Upper Des Moines. Room, board and small wages. 45* Save that cream with a Vega separator. Users biggest boosters. Medium size $82.60. Terms.—Bjustrom's, Algona, Iowa. • 8-tt WANTED—Unemployed teacher or high school graduate for permanent position to begin Dec. 1st No office work. Minimum salary $400 for first six months. Promotion. Write C. Ritland, Y. M. C. A, Mason City. Iowa, 46* WANTED —• targe furnished modern room, private home, young business man, wife. Post Office Box 72, Algona. 46* FOR SALE —South Bend cook stove. Lloyd baby buggy.—L. S. Koppen, Algona. 46* FOR SALE—A few good Poland China boars, cholera immuned, one half mile east, three fourths mile south of Hurt.—E. R. Wollz, Burt. 46-49* FOR SALE—Well marked Boston puppies.—Hugh Pierce, 415 W. McGregor. Phone 531. 46* FOR SALE--Choice spring Duroc boars. Bargain prices.—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 46* FOR SALE—Spotted spring Poland China boars. Price $10.— Howard Wltham, Algona. 45-46' FOR SALE—Good Hampshire spring and fall boars. Also buff and barred rock pulleta.—O. C. Baas, West Bend. 45-47* FOR SALE:—Choice Duroc boars, weight 275 Ibs., priced reasonable. ANNEX SPECIALS New Silk DRESSES We »till have a good selection of thoee sensational ft M •Ilk dre*aee at the ANNEX and we want to Impress you again that ttaeee are new holiday model* shown In the bright holiday colon. Only mince*' sizes from 14 to 99 and Just one price, your un- re»trlcted choice for only $2.98 EASY TERMS • T«U-T«le Control* • liflhtninfl Station Fiadw e Split-Second Ke-loceter • Voioe-Mueic Hjflh Fidelity Control Keeps ttw Battery off Your Zenith Charged by Air Power Special Price — D« Lu» Uodei, $15: Utility Model, $10 — oaly whu piucluied «t Mme uae es tlie new 7^^*h y/YMnT>^T!i^T*tl YAJ Radio. Ragulu price* . . . $44-90 e $29.50 astonishing new Farm Models operate from a single 6-volt storage battery. TO*? "*• no A - B, or C dry batteries ... no dry batteries at «)i. See us at once . • - Find out about this famous Zenith Farm Radto- Combination. Alrt oma.U Heat you DEICO-HEAT fford rfuel Control %&, Thousands have escaped furnace tending with this economical oil burner Thomas Radio Service BATUO j, Iowa Always A Year Ahead Perhaps you have thought that you could not afford automatic heat. The fact i» that you can—if if t Delco-Hout The Detoo-Heat Oil Burner is proving in thousand* of homee that it will deliver automatic beat for no more, and in many casee for lew, than it co*t* for cumbersome, annoying hand-fired heating. This ecooomy is largely due to the Delco-Heat "THIN- MDC" Fuel Control. Thte v»*ve release* small quantities erf the lowest grade domestic fuel oil tothe"Oil-Airator" to form a THIN MIXTURE that is RICH in heating power. It saves you money because it uses less oil, and because its flame is so hot that it run* fewer hours. Let your nearest Delco-Heat dealer tell you about how little it will cost to put one of these great burners in your b/wnff complete* Small down payment $2.00 a week DELCO-HEAT BJUSTROM'S NITE OIL BUBNEB KEBVICE ON ALL PKOXK DAY Head The Want Ads—It ANNEX SPECIALS Warm Winter COATS We are doing a great job of selling mbMMM' and ladle*' winter coats at our popular little store. We have a nice selection of all stxe* from 14 to 48, in both tailored and dress models—with and with- oor fur. One price at the ANNEX $1O.OO New Location DR, C C, SHIERK PODIATRIST (Foot Specialist) Office now located in rooms formerly occupied by Hutchison & Hutchison in Quinby £ldg. Blankets ANNEX SPECIALS Better Silk DRESSES We have taken about 25 fini* silk dressee from the Main store over to the Annex for quick clearance at the small price of I&S8. These dresses are all this Meson's styles, and offer a flne sAleefon of color (rust, green, brown, blue and black) In slses from 14 to 20 onljr. There are no large sices In thl* group—Just snappy mlts- e* 1 models, so dent expect any size 40 or 41. $6.88 2 sr~ si 3.00 Three Big Shots ChrisdnHas at Herbst We offer this winter, a trio of great big blanket values—and we call your attention not only to the low prices but to the jumbo sizes of these numbers. NO. 1—A 72x84 full sized, outing blanket made from finest fleeced cotton in a beautiful range of attractive colors, firmly bound by silk stitching and really one of the oustanding values of the season. We are selling this blanket for only $1.85 NO. 2 is a 72x8-1 part-wood blanket, with a fluffy nap and firmly woven from the best of yarns, designed to ideally keep you warm on the coldest nights. A full color range and well bound with sateen 1-ineh binding. Priced very low at only $2.75. NO. 3 is a 72x84 part-wool blanket that is a "jumbo" in value as well as size. It is a heavy, warm, firmly woven, nappy blanket in gorgeous coloring and wttMpro-inch sateen bonding. You'll simply revel in this warm blanket and the price is only $3.95. Other super-values in all wool Faribo blankets— a big selection from blanket headquarters. FOR YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY Kitchen Help, for the Cook Pyrex 1% qiurt (Oajwerole Diaha* ------ $1.86 Electric Percolators ......... _*MB|$$e.T6 6 qt. OlaM Mixing Bowl ........ ..., T --29e tu roast it to a turn— one of our Lisk enamel ware roasters, self-basting, with or without tray. In conventional dark eolojr or ivory. We have thinj in all siiee from the handj •JkiHrpOM one which roasU M «njiph as 8 Ibs. up to the largtonif/for » bis Thank*giving gobbler. 15" oval 69e 18" oval 98c To Carve It Carving Set* 3 piece Kohlhaas & Spilles

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