The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1936 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1936
Page 3
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The Algona ffpper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 17,1936 $&»Miijaay^^ Have You Been Thinking . . —Cine 61 these Saturday*, whefi the yatmffttflr* are not ft fcftotf, we will have th*t Uttttig made for ottr PHOTOGRAPHIC CHHWIMAS OABDB There are Oily fte*eti mote Saturdays before Christinas. "A Wbrdf to th* wtt* if ' EVE L PRESNELL M4 South Dodge St Phone 417-JT FARM HAND AT LONE ROCK IS Condition Serious; Rushed to Iowa City XT. for treatment OVERCOATS More Style More Quality Bigger Selections and infinitely greater VALUES They are big burly, warmth giving fleeces and hardy, practically wear proof bouc- les—in the season's moat popular models—quality you'd never expect for such a reasonable price. Melton Jackets Talon fastener, ail wool. $2,98 Wool Mittens Brown, green, red and black. Also striped ones. AIT sfces. 59c-75c pr. Madson & Hanson THE HOMK OF BETTER VALUES Lone Rock: SStddh Hindley, hired man for Ralph Hulbert, was stricken with Ifcfantlle paralysis a week ago Saturday. He was taken to Algona, Tuesday, and it wa« found that nothing could be dotoe there, so he was rushed to Iowa City Wednesday morning. His condition Is reported very seriou's, as the paralysis has settled in his spine. It is not known whether Mr. Handley's parents are living, but for the past several years, he has been making his h&me with his grandparents in DCS Moines. Householder Breaks Toe Frank Householder had the misfortune to break the big toe on his left foot, Thursday. He was helping move a manure spreader, when It slipped from his grasp, and fell on his toe. Alumni Defeated The alumni girls and boys' has ket ball teams played the high i school teams Friday evening. The I high school won both games, after a hard fought battle as both alum- I ni teams showed decided Improvement in comparison with the last games. Scores were girls Jl to 19 boys 19 to 18. J. W. Htght of Mason City call ed on H. J. Rice Friday afternoon ' Margaret Gladstone spent Thurs day evening visiting at the L. B, Hollister home. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sanders and Hugo Worthington were callers in Rlngsted, Tuesday. The sewing circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Frank Flaig on Wednesday, Nov. 18. Gladys Blerstedt spent the week end visiting with her parents, the E. C. Blerstedts of Burt Esther Goddcn of Seneca came last week for a several days' visit at the Charles Morris home. Mr. and Mrs. I«igh Walsh at- More For Your Money At Department Stores This Store For Winter Needs You Can SAVINGS Always Find LIKE THESE Shop In Quality Merchandise Pillows kapok filled 98c Big fluffy pillow* in plush, velvet, rough weave fabrics. Snow Suits 2 to 6 yrs. 3.98 Kiddles' 1- plece suits |n plaids and two tone jackets. B^B»B»B«»B»BB»«S1SSSSS»^^"™^^^^™» n ' Lunch Cloths, large plaid patterns 49c PrinU, new patterns, 80-square yd. 19c Guest Towels, hand embroidered design 59c A beautiful fine crepe for dresses at a much lower price. They are •mart to be priced', so low and all faat colon. PURE 8ELK Hosiery •Sheer , ._ Chiffon IHysAsf* •Service J V.V BZ Weight e» ^ ^ Each pair full-fashioned—a range of new Fall colors—all sizes 9 to 10'-^—nrst quality always. INFANTS Sweaters Pink Blue White Soft, fine sweaters knit of all wool yarns—slip-over, button and zipper styles. Sizes 1 to 3 years. Women* Ftolt Slipper* 49c Women* Leathr'te. 69c Child'. Leather Mittens, fleece lined. 49c Chfld's School Hose 2 pair 25c Child's Knit Caps, novelty styles 49c Blankets 72i 3.69 Fine fabrics, careful tailoring rood styling, white Part wool- made by Beacon t-A of quajUty th Men'. All Wool Gray Sock. 25c Child's Union Suits, 2 to 12 yrs. 68c Outing Pajamas, 8 to 16 08c Big Y*nk Work Shirts 69c Handbags 1.00 envelopes, back strap*, too hsjid- /ayonitrip* ~?QW neck, long aV*ve, Mkla. •thLStas Dinnerware Service for Six 32-plece sets M.95 $ 5.95 Attractive Coronet, Nautilus, Virginia Rose or Majestic shapes to choose from—rflor- aJ •p«ry—lace trim or platinum patterns. NU-CDT GIFT Glassware Crystal Blue 25c Gold Ruby Red each Square relish dish—footed Jelly—footed vase—olive, dish —handled jelly—round qappy —candy jar—Slower bowl— pickle disu—all new gift It- Roasters Hipja quality, heavy porcelain, self-bastinc cover. $1.7* ended the funeral of George Ham* at Barly, l«t week. Dal* BftHftg, who Is enrolled at the Bancroft CCC camp, spent Armistice Day at his home here. Kohlhaas ft Spllles, Algona, installed a new oil burner at the Mrs. Uilian Worthington home Thursday. The Ladies' Mite society met at the home of Mrs. W. J. Cotton on Thursday. Mrs. J*. L. Cotton assisted. Loa Marlow and Gladys Bler- stedt attended the Walther league skating party at Fenton, Thursday evening. Mrs. E. M. Hawks, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hawks and KatherUie Stebritz were callers in Algona on Wednesday. The alumni girls and boys' basketball teams played a game with the local high school teams Tues day evening. Merwyn Marlow and Alton Pettit left Friday for a week's hunt- Ing trip in northern Minnesota ana perhaps parts of Canada. Donald Blanchard left Friday for Cedar Falls to attend the homecoming of th% Cedar Falls Teach ers' College. He returned Mon day. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Marlow, their daughter Lola, Mrs. Merwyn Mar low and son, Merril Faye and Viola Bierle were callers in Algona, Wednesday. Colla Jane Hollister spent the week end at Storm Lake, visiting friends at Beiina Vista college. Miss Hollister was formerly a student there. A reception and dinner will be held at the church parlors this Thursday evening In honor of the new pastor, the Rev. Thomas Arends and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rahn and three children of Hill City, Minn., spent from Wednesday until Saturday visiting at the home of Mrs. Rahn's parents, the Will Leeper-s. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawks of Spirit Lake were guests at the Mrs. Kate Hawks home, Sunday. They also visited with Edward Marlow and the Herman Neltzel family, Burt. Mrs. Evelyn Earing, postmistress here, attended the Kossuth county postmasters' meeting at the Walter Leslie home at Lakota Thursday evening. Mr. Leslie is the postmaster there. Wm. Poole, who has been away on business for the past week, returned Sunday evening. Kearn Blair of Grant, had been In charge of the Poole Produce station during his absence. Miss Blanche Hendrickson, fith and 6th grade teacher, in the local school here, spent the week end at home in Ottosen. She also visited with her mqther, who is ill in the hospital at Fort Dodge. The Legion Auxiliary ladies entertained the husbands and exser- vlce men at a dinner at the Ralph Thompson home, Wednesday evening. Thirty-eight guests were present. The evening wa» spent •laying games, - ."'"•"" Last week was Educational Week at the local school. Monday a Dr. George D. Ranney, gave a very In- eresting lecture, "Life of Crlra- nals" before the school and towns- eople. Dr. Ranney was formerly warden in a penitentiary. Mrs. W. J. Cotton entertained at dinner at her home Thursday vening for the girls who had help- d her in the Red Cross drive, 'hoae attending were Mary Ann ^lalg, Lucille Genrich, Dorothy ensen and Doris Mae Blanchard. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger left Saturday to attend the annual dog how in Des Moines. They return- d home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. Cotton and Miss Margaret Schloeman left Sunday to attend the dog show and returned Sun- lay evening. Donald Blanchard refereed the girls' and boys' basketball games >etween Seneca high school and alumni at Seneca Thursday evening. Those from Lone Rock at- endlng the games were Eugene Janchard, Vernon Hollister, and Harold Krueger. Mrs. Mary Bronson accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich and daughter, Lucille and son Bernard, to Irving-ton Sunday, to the M. E. Blanchard home. Mrs. Bronson >lana to remain there a few days. &T. and Mrs. Genrich then attended the funeral of a cousin, Edward Will, at Algona. Whittemore Woman Buys Beauty Shop West Bend: Mrs. Seval Holden has sold her beauty shop fixtures and business to Mlaa Bernlce Ludwig of Whittemore and possession will be given some time before Christmas. Mrs. Holden, who before her marriage in September, was Pauline Bonnstetter, has enjoyed a good patronage during her career as a beauty operator. The shop is located in the Ervin Elbert barber shop. ThsfMan About Town Says Last spring Rudy Onderian placed three gold fish in the artificial pond in his yard. A few days ago lie broke the thin ice to gather in the fish for their winter sojourn In the basement More than five hundred of the finney tribe greeted him. Offspring of the original three. Now Rudy Is looking for homes for them as he Is unable to care for so many. * * * Entering the town of Rutland the motorist Is greeted with a once useful but antiquated sign calling attention to the speed limit and also the words, "Close Your Cutout." • • r Bob Braun of the Algona bakery drives a model T Ford during the week and sort of keeps to the back streets. But on Saturday nights it Is different. Right out In the center of attraction he rides, in a modern Chevrolet, spotlighted, a liver- led chauffeur and all the glory of a Cinderella. Envied by his coworkers for the night, the glamour soon fades and Bob is back at the job as usual in the morning. ' Traffic was at a standstill on the highway north of town because a truck loaded with a tractor protruding too far toward the heavens became lodged in the overhead part of the Iron bridge. Bert Grlnnell Is the handy man to have around. Electricity and moving picture machines are his specialties; trying to catch fish his hobby. Saturday night some of the lady help failed to appear for their tussle with the dishes at the Fisher cafe. Bert was there to take a place behind the counter, dressed in an apron and throwing the hash like an experienced waiter. • > • While the boys show deep regret for the above happening anothei one of contrasting type occurred at the Herman Kutschara home near St. Benedict. The family had been quarantined and whether or not the party knew of this Is not known Working In the barn one of the boys heard a shot so near that It attracted his attention! Coming around the corner of the barn he was hi time to see a man grab a chicken which he had shot near the hen house and run for n waiting inr. So fast were the intruders nothing of recognition wnp obtainable. Saturday was a lucky day and an unlucky day for Theo. Larson. The chr was parked In the home garage, an unlucky place. Lucky for Ted he or members of his family, were not in the car. Boys with rifles, not knowing the course of their shots, were responsible for the bullets which penetrated the side of the garage and damaged the door nnd window of the car. A new door has been ordered so extensive was the bombardment Good boys who meant no harm have learned to think before they proceed as a result of this lesson. * • « Algona nnd surrounding arra Is living up to its reputation as a show going populace. Wednesday night both theatres were tilled to the rafters. An estimated attendance of 1300 Inside for the first show. And at each place hundreds more were waiting In line when time for the second show came around. It would be safe to sny 1800 people saw the pictures at night Matinee crowds aro still to be contended with in nitmc-rntiiiK show attendance. * « 'A new slogan for tliosi- who know Dr. Janse, "As Janse goes, so will we." Doc guessed them right this fall. Some of them, Minnesota over Nebraska^ (Northwestern over Ohio State, and Minnesota. And Roosevelt to carry all states west of the Mississippi. Memories of ten ntui elevi n yours ago were restored when George Llchter appeared on the street with an old keepsake, n black sweater with a big red "A" on the fronl of It. It Is a token of football battles of the year 1925 when the high school team of which George was a player went undefeated. T V * Selectanl Short Rnhject* THEATRE TITONfcA Adm. lOc-Mc Wed.-Thurs., Nov. 18th and 19th "BENGAL TIGER" With Bnrton MacUane, Warren Hull and June Travis Friday Satudrday, Nov. 20th and 21st "ALIBI FOR MURDER" With William Gargan and Marguerite Churchill Sunday-Monday, Nov. 22nd and 23rd Matinee 1:30 p. m. They hnvc to work fast in the navy! "LADY BE CAREFUL" with lycw Ayres, Mnry Carlisle, Larry Crnbbr. Benny Baker 46* yvwv I l/k^^ Read The Want Ads—It Pays. H, W.POST Dray -ind Transfer Storage of all kinds Lori? distance hauling Every load iimir?d Htinlnft los* or damage. Equipped to do all Kinds ol draylng and haullnR. 32-tf HIDES and FUR The Trapping Season is now open. Get your share of the Fur Bearings Animals. We are paying Attractive Prices for HIDES, Cattle and Horse Hides. Muskrats, Mink, Raccoon, Red and Silver Foxes, Skunk and Badger I'lr \f BrlitR Your Hid™ uiiO Fur to the East Boom of our New Hulldlnc;. Joe Greenberg FOR QUICK RESULTS—USE THE WANT ADS THE FORD V-8 FOR 1937 vtt&gytift&ijft^^ WEST BEND NEWS Two Engine Sizes - One Wheelbase AND A NEW LOW PRICE Charles Stover of St. Paul, Minnesota, spent Thursday night at the Merle Stover home. Misa lantha Gearhart, who is teaching near Fenton, came home Friday evening to spend the week Miss Elethtt Daubendielt returned to her duties in the offices of the Iowa Telephone Co., at Rein- Ben, Wednesday. Mrs. J. P. WaJker of Rodman visited a couple of days this week I at the home of her son, B. B. Rev. and Mrs. B. J. Otto are the parents of a daughter, born Tuesday morning in the hospital at Whittemore. Rev. Otto Is the Lutheran pastor. Mrs. T. W. Williams left Wednesday for Ashton, where she will spend toe time until Thanksgiving at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Peter Bangert. Mr, wad MM. OUAriw Bptgur p* DeTMoU»* «ad Mrs. OflWa Woato «n4 son, Roger, of Kevada, cAnu Saturday f«* « W* ek *A* vl <M «* tht. fcwaje of the Ikdllf Mrs,, Ada Woan. Suntey day 4 tiw, «-'- fir* rTiHE New Ford V-8 for 1937 is the 1 most beautiful Ford car ever offered. It ia built in only one siee— one standard of roomy comfort and modern appearance. But you may have either the improved SB-horsepower V-8 engine for maximum performance—or the new oO-horsepower V-8 engine for maximum economy. The smaller engine makes possible a lighter car — lower operating coats — and a lower price. When you drive the 1937 Ford with the 85-horsepower V-8 engine, you •re master of a power plant that gives everything you can possibly demand in speed and acceleration. Today, improved carburetion enables it to deliver its thrilling performance with unusually low gasoline consumption. The new 60-horsepower V-type 8- cylinder engine delivers V-8 smoothness and quietness—even at speeds up to 70 miles an hour—with gasoline mileage so high that it creates an entirely new standard of economy in modern motor car operation. We invite you to see this new Ford car, and arrange to drive one equipped with the engine that fits your needs. 480 BASE $ PRICES At Dearborn Plant Taxes, Delivery and Handling, Rtuipen, Spar* Tire and Accessories AND UP Body types available wilh 60 or 85 horsepower engine (without de line equipment) : Tudor Sedan, Tudor Touring Sedan, Fordor Sedan, Fordor Touring Sedan, Five-window Coupe . . . De Luie types, with 85-horsepower engine: Tudor Sedan, Tudor Touring Sedan, Fordor Sedan, Fordor Touring Sedan, Five-window Coupe, Roadster, Phaeton, Club Cabriolet, Convertible Cabriolet, dub Coupe, Convertible Sedan. AUTMOMZE0 rOWt FINANCE MJUtt —on*. »ll«r •»!>•] do«»-p«J- 7> ur •»d«l 19*7 V»i> V-a Cu — M»r F«ni «U>*l«>---ftBjn*ker« to tfc*^l Sum. iUk J.ur For* a.«l«r .kens Ik* ftff f»jm*at pluu •( the Ualonal Cndll C<»yui. FIATURES AmAIANCf—A newly designed ear. Headlamp* receded in fender apron*. Modern lid- type hood lunged st the back. Larger luggage •pace. Spare tire enclosed within body. Completely new Interior!. Slanting V-typc windshield openi in all dosed can. CONTORT AND QUUT— A big, roomy car. JJtra apace is in the body, not taken »|» by the engine under the hood. Comfort of the CeDter-P^ise Ride further increased by smoother action of the long-tapering tprings, with new preware lubrication. New method* of mounting body and engine make this a quieter car. SAFETY •BAKU — New Eaty-Aclion Safely Brake* of the cable and conduit control type. "The safety of iteel from pedal to wheel." Self-energising— car momentum in used to help apply the brakes. Tests show that about one-third less pedal pressure is required to stop the car. aODY—Not an ounce of uooj used for Ornctnral •trcugtb. Frame structure all gleel, sheathed with steel panels—top, sides and floor. All are welded into * single steel unit of great strength. Safely Class all around at uo extra charge. KENT MOTOR CO. Phone 434 FOED SALES AND SERVICE Algona, Iowa fgttMMW^

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