The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1936 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1936
Page 8
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The Algooa Upjfer Pea Moinea, Algona, To Voters Of Kossuth County May I take this moans of expressing my gratitude to Kossuth voters for their generous support ill the recent election. M. J. DUFFY County Treasurer GLASS Auto Glass Replaced while you wait. We carry a complete stock of window glass. GREENBEKG AUTO SUPPLY 36-tf HORSE SALE MANLY, IOWA FRIDAY, NOV. 13 Sale to commence at ll o'clock i 200 Horses, Colts This Offering Consists of 75 Head of Good Broke Horses 4 years old and up ranging in weight from 1100 to 1600 pounds. 75 Head Suckling Colts 50 Colts 1 to 3 Years Old Manly, Iowa, is located on Highways No. 9 and 65. It is 10 miles north of Mason City. It is on the Chicago. Rock Island and Pacific, the Chicago Great Western and the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroads. OSWALD STRAND Auctioneers—J. R. Dorsey, Fred Rowen, C. M. Sheimo and Jess Carter SOUTHERN MINNESOTA AUCTION at Fair Grounds, Blue Earth THURSDAY. NOV. 12 Sale to Start at 1 o'clock p. m. 40 Head Brown Swiss Cattle These Cattle Arc All Bang and Tuberculin Tested Two 0-month old Bolls, 400 pound butterfat record Three Heifers, 6 weeks old Two Bull Calves These cattle nre sired by a bull whose dam has a record of 681.05 Ibs. butterfat and a grand dum has a record of 7S1.53 Itm. of butterfat Five Cows, 1 to 6 yean old; two frmh, others frnth soon. Five Hi-ift-rs, long yearlings, bred to calf in spring Four Heifers, about 0 months old One Bull, about 6 months old One Ball, S years old, fine Individual and production record. Thre« Heifer Calves, Z mos. old One Heifer, 1 year old One Helfrr, 6 months old One Bull Calf, 2 months old Thre*- Cows to freshrn soon Two Yearling Heifers One short yearling Heifer One Bull, S months old One Bull, 8 months old TERMS—AU sums of $10.00 and under, Ciuih. Parties wishing time, must make arrangement* with Clerk before the. sale. No property in !»• removed nnUl settled for. J. D. WIESE, Auct. & Mgr. Blue Earth State Bank, Clerk REPAIR Our woodworking shop is equipped to repair anything in the woodwork line. Let us repair your storm sash and storm doors. We can make any kind of cabinet you want. Botsf ord Lumber Co. Phone 256 Jim Pool Feedng Roughage Is A Bg Problem At Present Mometi Although Iowa farmers hav more roughage this year than to' lowing the drouth of 1934, the qua! ity of the roughage varies wldel and causes varying feeding prob Icms in different localities. The chief roughage on man farm.s is corn silage or corn foe dcr. Fodder varies in qualit from No. 1 green leafy roughag containing some corn to drouth injured "feathery" fodder low i: feeding quality and possibly mold; and injured by weather. Silag varies from normal silage, contain ing one-fourth or more by weigh of corn, to silnge made from grass hopper-stripped leafless, cornles stalks. Feed Alfnlfa or Clover Too Rex Beresford. extension anima husbandman nt Iowa State Col lege. saya that with normally ma lured cornstalks including the grain, from 1& to 2 tons of fodde or from 2'-i to 3 tons of silage wil be required to equal in feedin value one ton of good mixed hay. Corn fodder or silage ordinarily is worth more for feeding any class of livestock when it is supplemented with some other good quality roughage, says Mr. Beresford When alfalfa, soybean or clover I hay is fed at the rate of about one- I fourth to one-third of the usua I hay ration along with silage or I fodder, the coarse roughage will : go much farther in maintaining livestock. The legume hay helps offset the mineral and vitamin deficiencies in the silage or fodder, adds variety and helps to keep livestock from becoming tired of the monontonous fodder or silage ration. May U»e Protein Concentrate Mr. Beresford suggests that if legume hay is not available, it is better to feed less fodder or silage and to supplement it with a protein such as soybeans, soybean oilmeal, or cottonseed meal than to depend on fodder alone. Thrift and weight of stock cattle can be maintained to much better advantage by such a combination, using much less fodder or silage than if the rough- ape were fed alone. Corn silage has many advantages over fodder from the same quality of corn. It is more palatable and can be used in larger amounts without danger of digestive difficulties, can be fed with less waste and more completely digested and utilized by livestock. Like fodder, silage should be balanced with feed containing proteins and minerals. Mr. Boresford emphasized the 'act that silage is not a substitute Tor corn in fattening cattle. Although thin cows or heifers or plain quality steers will make satisfactory gains for a short time on i heavy feed of silage and a protein supplement with little or no grain, choice cattle will not put on a desirable finish. goods Into the FnVk Foley cottage Wednesday. Mrs. Jos. Montag visited her son, James in Des Molnes, Saturday. James is employed there while attending A. I. B. College. Mrs. Justine Hoskin and daughter attended a shower for her sister-in-law, Nina Bonnstetter, at Whittemore, Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Rabe of Fairmont are visiting over the week end at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Louis Reinen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson of Grand Junction, are visiting In the home of Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Emerson. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Mikes and son, Harold and Miss lantha Gearhart drove to Minneapolis, Saturday to see their daughter, Irene, and attend the football game. The sale of household goods of the Mrs. Henry Schurg estate, was held at the residence, Saturday afternoon. A good crowd attended and things brought a fair price. Mrs. Frank Mikes and daughters, Mrs. J. C. Kongsbach and Mrs. Jerry Schutter drove to Rodman Tuesday evening to attend the bazaar and supper in the Presbyterian church there. Miss Geraldine Hoskin spent a few days the past week visiting friends at Carroll. She attendee school there for the past seven years, but is taking her senior year in the West Bend high school. Several chapters from this W>0» wers reviewed In a most Interest- Ing manner by Mrs. H. B. Raehut and Mrs. R, H. Thompson. Some of the topics discussed were "The Battle of Eugenics", "Infectious Diseases", "What is Life"? "What of Death?" "Poor Plants and Ailing Animals", and "The Price of Progress." It was .voted at this time to lend the suppbrt of the club to the organizing of the local Red Cross. A lunch was served as usual. Woman's Club of Burt Studies Book Hurt: The Burt Woman's club met in regular session, Monday evening at the home of Mrs. H. O. Buell. Mrs. F. L. Ryeraon was assistant hostess. Roll call was ans- vered with quotations from prom- nent political leaders. "The Next lundred Years" by C. C. Pumas is being studied by the club this year. FARM LOANS 5 to 21 Years No Commission to Pay Liberal Options Edw. Capesius Algona, Iowa Office Now Heise Bldg. Phone 390 3»-tf Vitamin F Nose Drops In Bulk Extra effective We put them up in sec and 60c sizes. Lnsby's Drag Stwe RW.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of ail kinds Long distance hauling. KV«r? load insurtd against loss W damage. Bqulpped t» nD •B kinds of draylng and battling. with a CONCRETE POULTRY HOUSE TCVDR healthier, more produc- f tive flocks, build your poultry house of concrete . . . easy to insulate, light and airy, permanent. Concrete has no crevices for lice, mites and other parasites ; keeps out rats, weasels and vermin ; is easy to keep dean and dry j'does away with the need for frequent , costly repairs. Write for free booklet," Concrete Pou/rryHouses/'sh owing layouts of poultry, incubator and brooder houses of various types approved by state agricultural colleges. You can build concrete improvements yourself. Or get a concrete contractor. Your cement dealer can put you in touch with a good concrete builder. Ctocfc /(if, pcslc on ftnm _ <md mail tar Irn llttntm _ PORTIAHD CEMENT ASSOCUTMN 401 Hubbell Bldf ., D» Moinfi, Iowa D Pcedtac Floon O Concrete Poultry OHocHmae* HOOK* O Foundation* a Storue CcBu* DBtro aMnkHouKt GSUcn _ q Concrete M«kln« TO MY FRIENDS! I wish to thank you for your confidence in rnc manifested by your votes on Nov. :ird. 1" I beg to remain yoiir friend, J. J. DOOLEY County Recorder To The People Of Kossuth County I wish to express my appreciation for the splendid vote you gave me in the election. j Mrs, Katharine McEvoy Clerk of Court READ U. D. M. WANT ADS—IT PAYS i!!!(lli!l!l!i[|||||lllllllll!!illlllllllllll!lilllllilliillllllllilllll!l!i!illlllll!llllll!IIIIH ATTORNEYS AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. * 8W* ***** 3. I* BOWAR ATTORNBY AT LAW Collections will recelvo promft attention ALOONA, IOWA ._ ATTORNBYS AT LAW Office over Co. Savings Bk. Office Phone, 427 ALOONA, IOWA A. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE O. HtJTCHWW ATTORNBYS AT LAW Security State Bk. Bldg. Pfawt* E. J. VAN NESS-O. W. LAWYERS Offices In new Hebe Phone 313-W Algona, BTOf Jti»t Gaylord D. Shumway Edw. D. SHTJMWAY A KELLY ATTORNBYS AT LAW Office over Quinby ft Krause Algona, Iowa Phon*W L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Quinby Bldg. Phon* 1M ALGONA, IOWA HIRAM B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 306 P. A. DANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank BM*. Office Phone 460-J Res. tU ALGONA, IOWA J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahM L. E. Llnnan SULLIVAN, 1VTMAHON * LINNAM ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth MuL Ins. BUg. ALGONA. IOWA . CARROL A. WANDER ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Postofflce Phone •• Farmers Urged To Watch Seed Corn's Storage Many farmers who remember that their seed corn was ruined because of exposure to the weather or improper storage will take precautions to protect their seed corn supply this winter, says Dr. R. H. Porter, extension plant pathologist in charge of the seed laboratory at Iowa State College. A year ago many farmers who thought their seed corn had a low enough moisture content to with stand cold found later in the sea on that freezing weather had destroyed or weakened its vitality. Dr. Porter emphasizes the fact that proper selection and drying of sc'ed corn are the first two steps in securing good seed; the third and equally important step is proper storage. Store in Heated Room rjood seed corn often is injur- i-cl by improper storage, Mr. Porter Hiiyb. Sctd which is well dried and hung in a crib or dry place may absorb enough moisture from the air during the fall or winter so tliitt dry rot molds develop. Development of dry rot will result in many dead or weakened kernels. I the moisture content goes above Ifj per cent, injury from freezini may result. Kxperiments havi .-iiown that corn containing 15 per- <ent moisture is injured when the ti iii|>L-iaturv is lower than five de- Kn-cs below zero. The safest policy i.i to atom corn where the tunperiilure doc.-i not go below iccro. A furnace heated room in the b.i.semriu of the tarrn house, or an Jill': .-|iure above a heated room v.ill furnu-h an exi ellent storage place. A line rre.,h wire btorage < ai;u will keep out mice. If the (orii i.-i in a heed, Dr. Portt r :K|VI.TC.^ Martiii^ ;t fire occasion- a!!y <i;inr.ic the winter to keep i.'j/.n the moist ire content of the .11. •! Nei-il to Dry Seed Many farrm.-r.- will already have lined their oeed corn, preparatory to btoiagu. if thi.i has not been dor.e. I'r. I'orter .••jggesm that it be placed in a brooder house, a i ir.'owmg hou^e or a seed house •.viit-re yood ventilation is PI ovided. On cloudy or rainy days ihe tieattr u recommended to diive oft moisture. Forced ventilation of hot air at a temperature nt 100 in no degrtej in the best method of drying corn, but the I'iuipmeiit for drying by thii> meth- .)•! a, available to few farmers. West Bend Faculty At Teachers' Meet West Btnd: The West Bend achcKji win, flojed Friday in order mat the teachers might attend the aUitt* teachers' meeting at Des Moiued. Those gumg 'A'cre Supt. A. R. McMuilan, J. C. Scurr, Gerald Agard, Hurry Poffeaberger, Musfci Habbrooke. HcllmtLn, Chambers, Steaberg, t»yke, Nelaon, bins- more and Mr. Campbell. OF EXCEPTIONAL MELVIN O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over Post Office Bldf. Phone*—Office 197 RM. 1M DR. C. C. Chiropodists-Podiatrist FOOT SPECIALIST Over Chrlstensen's Star* Phone 200 DR. s OsteopcUhlc Physician General Practice peclai attention given te ••§- •urglcal treatment of rectal 4*eases, varicose veins and General Hospital We are determined that our stock of used cars must be reduced, and for that reason we have marked special sale prices on every used car in stock. These mark downs will cost us, but you will benefit. These cars and trucks will save you money this winter. Come in and look them over now. Miai> CxjusUuict Haird went to Iowa City Saturday to visit her Kev. and Mra. H. J. Needing attended the bazaar and aupper at Rodman Tuesday tvenui^. Mr. and Mra Myron HOOK and Dr. ajid Mrs. I. J. Weber were shoppers in Fort Dodge Friday. Mr. and Mm. Frank Sweeney «nd tamiiy moved, tfaeir 1929 Marmon Sedan Good paint, nice inside, good tires. Was $85 Now $49 1928 Chrysler Coach Good motor, almost new tires. Wan $85 Now $49 1927 Dodge Sedan Runs like a Million. Was a steal at $65 Now $49 1928 Chevrolet Coach Good upholstering, good motor and tires. Was $100 Now $69 1929 Chevrolet Coach Motor overhauled, good tires, new paint. Wan $165 Now $135 1930 Chevrolet Coach Motor overhauled, good tires, new paint. Was $195 Now $165 1930 Chevrolet Sedan Motor overhauled, good tires, new paint. WM 9195 Now $165 1930 Chevrolet Coupe New paint, good tires, motor overhauled. Waa $185 Now $165 1931 Chevrolet Sedan Motor reconditional, good tires, new paint. Was $885 Now $199 1931 Ford Tudor Motor overhauled, clean inside, good tires. Wat) $34 a Now $215 1934 Ford V-8 Tudor New tires, good motor. Was $895 Now $365 1934 Ford V-8 Del. Sedan Very low mileage, looks like new. Was $485 Now $375 TRUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS PHYSICIANS * BUBGEOHB 3. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN * SURGEON MTIce formerly occupied by Dr. A L. Rlst over Rexall Drug SUM )fflce Phone 300 Res. Phone SW ALGONA. IOWA C. H. CRETZM EVER, M. B. SURGEON & PHYSIdAK Office John Galbraith Bid*. Phone 444-81* OSTEOPATHS DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas, Novocalne used for extra^Uwi Located over Chrtstensen ntlSk Phone, Business 166, Reaidene* T8» ALGONA, IOWA DB. C. D. SCIIAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. Ph«n*on Rea. Phone 174 Algona, lfcr« GEO. D. WALBATH, D. D. •. GENERAL DENTISTRY Office in PoBtofflc* BUofc Phone 20 Algona. VETEBINAKIAN8 FOX * WINHEL Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. R Office 290 Went State Streef Office Phone 47S-W Rea. «TVR ALGONA, IOWA Typewriter Paper We have just received a large shipment of ream package* (500 sheets) which sell for 60c for 600 sheets ThU i* a good grade I paper and will make an • cellent school paper. The Algona Upper Des Homes 1933 Chevrolet 157 in. Truck Good tires and motor. Could furnish box. WM $878 Now $240 1931 Chevrolet 131-in. Truck Good condition, ready to go to work. WM UOt Mow $129 1929 Ford 1314n. Truck All ready to go. WM HIS Now $99 KENT MOTOR CO, Algona Your Ads in This Newspaper Add at A. u. D. M. ««ic«.

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