The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1936 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1936
Page 4
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The Algona TTpperPai Molina, Algona, loire, Nov. 10,1988 North * East * Kossuth * Page ART, ANTIQUE EXRflOT PUT ON BY CLUB AT LAKOTA LAST WEEK Mrs. W. B. l*y dives Talk on Recent Trip To Florida Lakota: Mrs. 1 E, Wortman entertained the Acorn club, Thursday afternoon with 20 members present An art exhibit, sponsored by the club, was put on in the Homi Btconomlca room at the local school In the afternoon in observance of National Art week. The exhibit consisted of a group of prints of Turner's water color paintings, a collection of photographs, taken by Dr. Irish of Forest City, some paintings by local people and many interesting pictures and antiques owned by club members. The exhibit was open to the pub- 1M. A committee, with Mrs. Harrr Warburton, chairman, arranged the following program: "The Life «f 3. W. Turner", Mrs. R, L. Will- lams; piano solo, "Romance" played by Mrs. Archie Fedge; Mrs. W. XL Ley gave a very Interesting talk on her recent trip to Florida and the many places she visited while there and enroute. Mrs. J. H. Warburton read a poem composed by her husband. The next meeting will be a musical with Mrs. A. C Schissel as hostess. Creamery Man Home Clyde Thaves, who underwent aa operation for appendicitis recently, came hoffie from the hospital at Buffalo Center early last week and and Mrs. August Gutknecht other relative*. an Buck Prom Hospital Mrs. Harry Mussman, who has been in the Park hospital the pas two weeks, for an appendicitis operation, was brought home Thurs day afternoon and is recovering Her mother, Mrs. Kiester of El more. Is caring for her. Birthday Party Mr. and Mrs. Orville Bufflngton entertained the following guests last week in honor of the second birthday of their daughter, Alice Marie; Mrs. Alice Bufflngton, her paternal grandmother, the Leo Or- thels, the Bradford Buffingtons the Ray Hansens and the Misses Marie Bufflngton and Delia Harris all of Titonka. The Guy Beemers spent part ol last week visiting relatives In Nevada, Iowa. John Meyers, who io suffering with double pneumonia, is reported as improving. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sleper of German Valley were visitors at the Orville Bufflngton home Wednesday evening. The Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frer- ting attended a meeting of the district Presbytery at Fort Dodge ast week Tuesday. Mrs. Rollle Steel, west of town, who has been seriously ill the past nonth, la reported improving and s now able to set In a wheel chair. The Lakota unit of the American .•egion Auxiliary met with Mrs. to recovering rapidly. Clyde Is as- Coonlc Roelfsema last week Mon- •tetant at the local creamery and Charles Peterson Is taking his place during his illness. Infection hi Finger Nick Koppen has been suffering for three weeks with infection In a . finger and Dr. Williams has been treating it for two weeks, and although still very painful, It is healing slowly. Here From Canada Edward Gutknecht who farms in Saskatchewan, Canada, came home last week Tuesday and will spend the winter with his parents, Mr. day evening with ten members in attendance. W. E. Ley, local Ford dealer, left Thursday for Dearborn, Michigan, to attend a meeting of dealers from the United States and Canada. The purpose of the meeting was the unveiling to the dealers of the new Ford V-8 cars for 1937. Mrs. Louise Schmitt, who has been visiting the Thaves sisters for several weeks, accompanied her daughter and husband), Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thaves of Burt to Wisconsin to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law, who passed away recently. M«. c. R. smith of [BUFFALO CAST Lakota to California Lakota: Mrs. C. R. Smith and her aunt, Mrs. Ella Slatery, Spirit Lake, went to Ames, Monday and from there took a train for California, where they will spend the winter. They will rent an apartment and do light housekeeping. Mrs. Smith's health has not been of the best and she hopes the complete rest will Improve it and she will be ready to take up her work here again In the spring. SCHOOL PLAY, LEDYARD, GIVEN Depict Landing of Colum bus on Stage and Movies 489 VOTES IN LAST ELECTION S Heavy Vote Shattered AH Previous Township Becords Titonha: A record vote in Buffalo township was cast Tuesday at the general election, 489 votes being cast. 264.70 Wettlnghouse Elect r l c Supply, mdse. 119.4* Ittb. Oil Co., oil ....... _ ....... 29«.90 PHII RADIOS Easy Terms At BJUSTROM' Greater Values in Home Appliances Algona Swea City DEXTER WASHERS Electric As low as 50 49 Gas Motor .50 TXBHB Ledyard: The following program was given in the high school assembly Friday afternoon: play, "Landing of Columbus" by Donald Looft as Columbus, Marvel Halverson, Delores Gelhaus, Howard fdlnksiek and Vernon Dorsey as Indians; Jean Gabel showed a roll of hand drawn movies portraying the landing of Columbus. She gave a descriptive and explanatory talks as she showed them. Jean had fixed this all herself. The band played three marches, "Promotion March." "Soldier's March" and •Warming Up March." The social- ogy class gave a demonstration lealing with the slum areas of ities. Falls on Cement Wallace Mayne has a very sore orehead. He fell on the cement while playing at the schoolhouse 'hursday evening, cutting a deep nsh over his right eye. Laurltzen at Conclave A. E. Laurltzen left Thursday morning for Des Molnes to attend he state teachers' convention. Mrs. jiurltien and Jerry accompanied Im as far as Renwick where she (sited her two sisters. Plan Mission Week An official board meeting of the M. E. church was held at the home of Mrs. H. D. Mayne Monday evening. Plans to observe a mission week were made and it will start Sunday, Nov. 15th, with communion services at the morning worship and continue with evening services for several days. Bancroft Mr. Breen Very ID J. D. Bre«n is seriously ill at hi» home, his niece, Miss Genevieve Cosgrove being the nurse in charge. At Wesley Mrs. W. J. Dentort, Titonka, Mrs. Lloyd Schenck anfl Mrs. O. H. Graham, Burt and Mis. V. V. Naudain, Algona, were Tuesday afternoon guests of Mrs. L. L. Lease of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Ingebretaon, the butcher in the Callles Bros, store, has rented the A. M. 'Peteraen apartments. The members of the 6:30 dinner bridge club motored to Homer Monday night to meet with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Larsen. Guy Bruna and Henry Kortes returned Friday afternoon from Windom. Minn., where they were at work the past ten days. Mrs. C. V. Pendergast and Mrs. M. S. Craven returned Friday evening from their South Dakota visit. Mrs. Pendergast's slater from Canada accompanied her here for a visit. Shell Petroelmn Corp., gas oil _„,. .. - 836.06 Milwaukee R'y. freight on gaa oil S33.49 Matt Parrott A Bane Co., mdse. 9.61 Chicago Journal of Commerce, mdse. 3.75 Kohlhaas A Spilles, mdse. 1.60 A. H. Borchardt, mdse. ._ 2.40 Thorpe Wood & Iron Work's, repairs 10.30 Borenson Drug Store, mdse. _ 1.84 An ordinance making: It n misdemeanor for any person without first having obtained permission from the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, to obstruct or cause to be obstructed, any sidewalk, street, or alley within the following district In the City of Algona, Iowa, bounded as follows: Commencing at the Southeast corner of Block Thirty-one (31) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence North to the North line of Call street in said City, thence East along the North line of Call street to the East line of Har, „, Ian Street, thence South along the 4 77 Bast line of Harlan Street to the iNorth line of Nebraska Street, ™o n8 mdsT 8 " BC "" 816 'Se West along tho North line Algcma Ore^nhou^sVIabo; B " * Nebraska Street to the point, of Clapp's Master Service, mdse. Nelson Hdw., mdse. Burroughs Adding Mach- Hebron Twp News John Frandle was at Thursday on business. Frank Moulton of Blue Earth called at the V. A. Barrett's Friday evening. Elmer Zielske attended the Iowa Minnesota football game at Minneapolis Saturday. Mra. George Meyers of Lakota ipent Wednesday at the parental I Fred Junkermeier home. family of Frost, Minn., spent last Mri. Dell Barslou. Mrs. Howard ' Thursday night at the Otis Mid- Corn picking in this community l.i nearly completed. Esther Halverson is at present working for Mrs. Otis Legried. Miss Hattie Horsma spent Saturday night until Sunday at the John Badje home. Mrs. Oscar Frandle and Thelma spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. William Boehm. P. M. Peterson has been assisting Oscar Frandle with carpenter work this week. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Halverson spent the week end at St. Paul and Minneapolis visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John Mldthune and family of Minneapolis spent last Sunday at the Otis Midthune home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson and family spent last Friday night at the E. A. Sleper home near Lakota. A Hallowe'en program was given at the school In district No. 2 last Friday with a good crowd In attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Lennis Quam and 35.1 5.03 7.50 16.00 2.06 3.65 27.23 22.81 11.97 404.98 45.33 70.00 120.00 126.00 Mitchell, salary _.- 105.00 Earl Bowman, labor 120.00 Chas. Wapner et al, labor 503.63 Vern Scobba et al, labor . 219.15 Buffalo Meter Co., radse.. 31.02 Pittsburgh Equitable Meter, mdse. 43.80 Neptune Meter Co., mdse. 143.53 Mueller Co.. mdse. 14.99 James B. Clow & Sons, mdse ._ 112.95 Claude P. Hooker Supply Co., mdse. 1.65 anzpl Bros., mdse. 7.42 Globe Machinery & Supply Co., mdse. 178.06 Woj-Lock Mfg. Co.. mdse.. 12.24 R'y Express Agency, express Western Union, service .. W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage . Irvlngton Light A Power Co., signs Creeco Union Electric Co., signs N. W. Bell Tel. Co. service H. W. Post, freight Algona Upper Des Koines, print. Treasurer of State, sales tax Norton Machine Works, mdge. WATER FUND W. Kelly, salary Jarry Barton, salary The Carborundum Co., mdfip. Worthington-Gammon Co., mdse. 1.37 22.98 176.15 I^ighton Supnly Co., mdse 206.00 Lrlshton Supply Co., mdse Kennedy ft Parsons mdse. Co., 2.54 38.44 25.93 H. W. Post, freight on well 15.00 H. W. Post, freight H. W. Post, freight on pravel R'y Express Agency, ex- beglnnlng> by keeping or having thereon or causing to be kept thereon or therein, any wagon, pushcart, automobile, truck, trailer, or other vehicle or stand from which to sell or peddle or from which Is being sold or peddled or from which It is the Intention to sell or peddle fruit or other merchandise, or any commodity whatsoever, and prescribing penalty for violation thereof. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THB CITY OF ALGONA,. IOWA: Section One. If any person without first having obtained permission from the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, shall obstruct or cause to be obstructed, any sidewalk, street, or alley within the following district in the City of Algona, Iowa, bounded as follows: Commencing at the Southeast corner of Block Thirty-one (31) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence North to HIDES & FUR fh6 Fur Season is now open. Prices aw higher this year and we nave a big demand. Oet Our Prices on For Joe Greenberg Phone 118 Algona, Iowa the North line of Call said City, thence East Street in along the North line of Call Steet to the East line of Harlan Street, thence South along the East line of Harlan Street, to the North line of Nebraska Street, thence West along the North line of Nebraska Street o the point of beginning, by keep- ng or having thereon or causing to be kept thereon or therein, any wagon, pushcart, automobile, truck, trailer, or other vehicle or stand from which to sell or peddle or from which Is being sold or peddled or from which It Is the intention to sell or peddle fruit or other merchandise, or any commodity whatsoever, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Section Two. Any person violating or falling to comply with any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall bo fined In any sum not exceeding Fifty Dollars ($50.00), or Kohlhaas & Spilles ALGONA, IOWA immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmummmmmmmmmmmmmm Morton and Mrs. Raymond Barslou quilted Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Smith returned to their home at Lamonl after a short visit at the W. E. Wlcmer lome. Alvlra Halverson, Edith Logan, -leo Gabel and Muriel Reece at- .ended an Epworth League rally at Lake Mills Wednesday night. Mrs. Wm. Brandt of Hubbard and daughter came Thursday to visit relatives and will also visit her mother, Mrs. August Knoner, who U in the hospital at Rochester. Mra. Blanche Jenks will entertain the M. E. Aid Thursday afternoon at the church basement. All members are urged to be present as plans for the annual bazaar will be completed. Mrs. V. A. Barrett, assisted by Maurine Doores and Verio entertained the sewing circle Monday at her home. Guests were Mes- lamts W. E. and L. W. Wiemer, A. E. Lauritzen. D. B. Mayer, Ella jelhaus, the Misses Agnes Olson Esther Siems, Ruth Jones. Adelaide Randall and Htoflet. thune home. Mr. and Mrs* Joe Johnson and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson and two children were Sunday dinner guests of John Badje. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Hauakin und Betty and Arlene attended the funeral of Mrs. Hauskln's grandmother, Mrs. Erich of Elmore, last Monday. Louis Erich of near Elmore is mourning the loss of his mother, Mrs. Henry Erich of Elmore. She passed away last Saturday morning. Funeral services were held last Monday afternoon from the German Lutheran church northeast of Elmore. She also leaves two other sons and three daughters and a host of grandchildren, other relatives and friend*. Aliror.ii Insurance Agency. inp. on filter . A. Heard, repairs & Muckey, mdfle. __ orton Machine Works, repair* 2.40 W. A. White, mdge .40 Yeaaurer of State, sales tax 123.82 horpe Well Company. balance on well 3235.82 eorge Holtzbaurr, repairs 3.11 pear & McVay. labor ... 28.00 GENERAL FUND "rank Green, salary 125.00 . A. Van Alstyne. salary J07.00 . A. Van Alstyne, salary. 10.00 . H. Valentine, salary -. 100.00 . W. Green, dogs 2.00 jhnson DX Station, gun and oil 17.28 oblhaas & Spille*. mdse. 2.45 Wm. C. Dau, repairs _-,. 2.08 ease Lashnrook, salary - 70.00 e«se ijjRhbrook, salary . 45.00 lliott Skilling, man and team - 98.70 :iliott Skillinn. man and team City Bills Rev. Frerking Weds Couple at Lakota I-ukotu: Mrs Pauline Kienitz and ieent Knnen were married at the >ride'a home Thursday evening at 6:30 with the Rev. Frerking per- minK the ceremony. Only her son, Elmer und wife and Mrs. Frer- ling were witnesses. Both parties lave lived in this vicinity for many years. Several of the "older boys" staged a charivari for the newlyweds In the evening. Mrs. Miller Nelson Wins Bridge Prize Titonka: The Tuesday afternoon bridge club met on Friday afternoon with Mrs. J. F. Fisher. Mrs. Miller Nelson received first prize, Mrs. H. I. Torgenon, second prize and Mrs. R. L. Kranlz the average bcore prize. Mrs. H. I. Torgersen, Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe und Miss Julia Kelson substituted for Mrs. T. A Dunmire, Mrs. George Bonacker and Mrs. C. V. Pendergaat. At Teachers' Session Titonka; No school waa held on Thursday or Friday, the teachin) force being in attendance at tin Des Moines staU teachers' meet ing. WAKT ADS FOB QUICK RESULTS Aug. Schram Dies Titonka: Word was receiver from a hospital in Iowa City o the death of August Schram, who was operated on there lut week. October 2 The City Council met in with the mayor and all tbe councilmen present. The minutea of the lam wc-ru read and approved. A motion was made by Misuai-l and seconded by Kaiu that Ordi nance No. 246 be parsed. The von on above were all yeas. A motion was made by Mibbad iid seconded by Overmyer tha pon the approval of Supt. J. W <elly the well completed by the horpe Bros, be accepted. On rol all the vote was all ytttb. App. Ordinance No. 45t> laced on final pa££age. The following bills were owed: KUECTR1C FUND J. W. Kelly, salary ._ Bellock, salary -. f. ('. Uailey. salary . Torn Hulpin, salary Walter Gorman, salary .. salary. ilay Barton, salary Hay Barton, July t&lary »'. Wrigbt, »>alary _____ Adati Carlson, salary ___ . Win. Johnson, labor ______ Krnat G. Tliiei. meter Otto Falk of the K. & H. oil station, was in Algona Monday morning on business. Mrs. C. Legried and Russell spent Saturday at the home Oscar FrtuuUe Wai. Vanderwerf, labor . Ue I-aval Separator Co., mdie. Fulton Iron Work« Co., repairs The Bristol Co., uid*>e. Sav Electric Corp., mdse. Line Material Co., mdae. Line Material Co., ind#e.- Terry Duriu Co., mds«. .. McCord Radiator & Mfg. Co., mdse. W. H. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. Electric Supply Co., mdttt. General Electric Supply I'orp., Uidbi* „..-.--. Tht-o B. Robertbou Prod- Graybar Hloctric Co.. mdse. The Tropical Paint & Oil Co., mdjit. McCUuii Co., otdM. ...... Iron Rungo Co Ifco.Ot 135.0C 135.0 130.GC 130.0 12S.6 126.0 125.0 80.0*135.0 131.9 17.1 3.73 Imprisoned for a term not exceed- jiDR thirty days. 44.80' Section Three. This ordinance ^261 deemed of Immediate importance 3*2g ehall be in force from and after ita I publication as provided and reouir- PA88ED AND APPROVED thU 29th day of October. 1936. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. APPROVED by me this 29th day of October, 1936. C. F. SPECHT. Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa. 70.00 96.25 Willard Greggon, man and team ------------------ Willnrii GrcKSon, man and team _________________ 49.00 Frank Skllllng, labor Oliver Ilakken. labor ____ Oliver Hakkcn. labor ____ (Junder, labor ---- !eorne Gunder, labor ---)on Palmer et al, labqr.. rbxiB. Akre, mdse. ------- lovey Super Service, md8«. __________ ...... •jty'n Service Station, gas and oil ________________ Thorp* Wood & Iron Works, repairs -.. ..... Kohlhaaa & Spilles, mdse. Norton Machine Works. Armistice Day FOOT BALL GAME Algona vs. Humboldt Wednesday, November 11 2 p. m. Last game of the season Admission 25c and 35c TYKE Selected Short* and New* THEATRE Titonka Adm. 10-260 WED.-THUR, NOV. llth Mid IX "RHYTHM ON THE RANGE" With Blng Crosby, Frances Fanner and Bob Burns FRIDAY-SATURDAY, NOV. 1Mb and 14th "YELLOWSTONE" with Henry Hunter and Judith Barrett SUNDAY-MONDAY, NOV. Uth and 18th Matinee 1:30 p. m. Pat O'Brien, Beverly Roberta and Roes Alexander In "CHINA CLIPPER" TUESDAY, NOV. 17th ONL.Y High School's Junior Glass Play "THRU THE KEYHOLE" by William Davidson Published by Northwestern Frees Hdw., mdse. Implement Co., md«e. . S. Johnson, mdae. . A. Heard, repairs Harms Oil Co.. kerosene. Botaford Lumber Co., 84.00 60.20 24.50 72.45 14.00 64.13 10.16 17.20 15/46 20.85 5.34 26.26 1.53 112.74 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. Dmggibt'a Mutual, damage Galbraltb Eatate, damage. Hugh Post, freight Hugh Post, freight Thoe. Akre. rent Umbenhower, salary Dr. Sawyer, mdse. Kohlbaea & Spilles, mdse. for real room Dr. Sawyer, rent of reet roou Mr*. A. H. Collinson, matron Algona Upper Den Moinea, printing Spear & McVay, street labor - SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary ('has. Wagner et al, labor 0.98 Botsford Lumber Co., 5.81 mdee. 7 56 FIRE FUND 161.72 c. C. Wright, salary 56.06 CUpp's Master Service, ladse. W. 6. Nott, mdse Algona Fire Co., mdae. -- 14. 66 57.61 194.90 fa. 96 47.76 127.00 7K.4C . 75 SWIMMING POOL FUND Al^oua Building Material & Suuulies, mdse. ----- Siatt Cafe. mdse. ------- Tuorpe Wood ft Iron Works, repairs — : ----Botsford Lumber Co.. 3.83 25.00 0.00 13.78 42.00 30.00 365.71 46.94 45.00 6.00 3.78 210.00 Closing-Out Sale 1 will hold a closing out sale on what is known as the Pat Leonard farm 3 miles west and 1% rnllea north of Algona, 1 n He east and 6 miles south of Lone Rock, on Wednesday, Nov. 18 HALK TO BEGIN AT 12(80 O'CLOCK UINt'H WILL UK SERVED BY THE GOOD HOPE LADIES' AID AT lliSO 11 HEAD OF HORSES Bay mare 11 years old, wt. 1450; bay mare 16 years old, wt. 1400; black Percber- on stallion 6 yrs. old, wt. 1650, not registered; matched team bay two-year-olds. mare and gelding; 2-yr.-old bay mare; 2-yr.-old grey gelding; yearling black mare colt; yearling bay gelding; black mare suckling colt., 78 HEAD OF CATTLE Troatiurer of slate, sates tax _________ ......... DEPOSIT FUND A. A. Lyons et al, refund oepoait _____ ..... ----- 35.03 3.32 7.60 1.22 24.00 68.00 Six milch cows, 5 Holsteins and 1 roan, three of these to freshen soon; 5 Hoi- stein yearling heifers, 3 to freshen in the spring; Holstein bull 6 yra. old; 4 heif- erettes; 3 Hereford and 1 Shorthorn; 1 Hereford cow; 21 head of yearling steers and heifers — these are all good red and roan cattle in good flesh, weighing from 700 to 850; 40 head of whiteface calves weighing from 300 to 450 pounds. YEAKUNG POLAND CHINA BOAB 500 8. C. WHITE LEGHORN HENS— 250 Pallet* aad 250 YearliBg Hens. FARM MACHINERY, ETC. John Deere Model A tractor, nearly new; 2-row cultivator for model A; John D«ere tractor plow, 2 16-ln. boitomo, new this season; McCormick-Deering 10-ft. dice, nearly new; JanefcvUle 10-ft. disc; 10-ft. tandem disc; 6-*ec. drag; Oliver 6-ft. mower, nearly new; Jayoawk combination nay- loader and stacker with tractor hitcb, new this Maion; Peering grain binder; McCormlck-Deer- Ing endgate seeder; John Deere corn planter, nearly new; UcConnlck-Deering 2-row cultivator; Case 2-row cultivator; balance-frame single-row cultivator; wide tire wagon with box; iron wheel wagon with box; spring wagon; Emerson hay loader. XISCELLA1TEODS ARTICLES— Set of Concord harness ; 2 sets of backpad hanwM; collars, Melone cream separator; cooling tank; Jamesway brooder stove; 26-bu. hog feeder; UcCormlek- Deerlng sickle sharpener; and other articles. TEBXS-See clerk before day of sale. Clyde Wardrip, Prop. COLWELL BEOS, Awt. *WB The sovereign cf our country—tile VOLU-

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