The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 24, 1952 · Page 38
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 38

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 24, 1952
Page 38
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38 RADIO DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, February 24, 1952. Better Radio Programs for fhe Week By Walter Kirby Sunday, Feb. 24 9-9:15 a. m. WDZ This Is Mil-likin Jan Rodriguez, dramatic soprano, and EvelymWalden, coloratura soprano, of the Millikin School of Music. Per la Gloria Bononclnl Pace. Pact Mm Dio ' I Porn del Destlno) Verdi Chtre Nult Bacbelet 9:15-9:30 a. m. WDZ Book Ped dler Laurens VandelPost's "Ven ture to the Interior." a British agent ventures into African country where no white man had ever been, is reviewed by Muriel Perry, head librarian, Decatur public library. 10-10:30 a. m. WBBM Salt Lake Tabernacle choir and organ program. J. Spencer Cornwall, conductor; Dr. Frank Aspcr, organist. God's Eternal Plan Miles Reverently and Meekly Now Beesley Benoid the Great Redeemer Die Careless Bow Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place iRequirmt Brahms The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Marrello In Paradlsum Dubois God I: My Strong Salvation Wesley ju-iu:15 a. m. HAiAy its a Small World George S. Phylacto-poulous, educator of Athens, Greece, is interviewed by Mrs. Louise Wright, head Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. 10:30-10:45 a. m. WMAQ Cloyd Head World traveler land lecturer Cloyd Head will report his eyewitness description of a mysterious and compelling voodoo ceremony m Haiti. Mjwwi:Mjui.)i4i..ti if: 3 Jacob A. Malik, Russian permanent representative to the United Nations, appears on WMAQ'S "U. N. Story" at 12:15 p. m. todav. 10:30 11 a. m. WGX Northwest crn Reviewing Stand "Should Married Women Work?" is dis-. cussed bv Margaret Rcid, University of Chicago; Thomas Richards. Northwestern: Ethel Ycrrv, Chicago Child Care' Societv. 11:15-11:30 a. m. WMAQ Your Symphony Scrapbook Frank vrisatuin, iromDonist nicago sym-' phony, illustrates trombone tcch- ! nicjucs tor orchestra manager Ccorgc i Kuvpcr by plaving from Mozart's "Requiem in D minor," Hindemith's "Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber" and selections from "Lohengrin" by Wagner. ioon- 12:15 p. m'. WILL (580 Kc) Best Short Stories Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Mr. I Iiggenbotham's Catastrophe." 12:15-12:30 p. m. WMAQ U.N. Story Yakov A. Malik, permanent representative to the U.N. from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, guest. 12:30-1:30 p. m. WILL Illini Faculty Concert members of the Music School' Faculty of University of Illinois in a concert of chamber music. 12:30-1 p. m. WMAQ Universitv of Chicago Round Table: "Issues between the West and Russian Communism" is discussed by Pastor Martin Niemoller, vice-president Evangelical Church of Germany; i Milton Mayer, Frankfort university; Wilhclm Pauck, University or Chicago. 1-1:30 p. m. WGN Top Tunes with 1 rcndlcr Lucy Reed and Bill Snarv, vocalists; orchestra and chorus directed bv Robert Trcndlcr. For All-We Know' Say It Isn't So Everythlne I Have Is Yours But Not For Me Beyond the Blue Horizon 1-1:30 p. m. WSOY Symphonettc Mishcl Piastro, conductor; Walter Hcndl, piano soloist. The Diplomat Sousa Prolreue to "PaKllaott" Leoncavallo La Paloma Yradlrr r - 'A jr. ' - ' ' ' ''4y,.V Margucrita Piazza, Metropolitan opera soprano, sings with The Northerners on WGN at 8:30 p. m. Tuesday. Arioso Vivaldi-Bach nano concerto in A minor 1st movement i Schumann Entracte and Gavotte iM'gnonl Thomas Grand Valse (Raymonda . Ballet) Olazounov Southern Methodist university sophomore, co-stars with Hume Cronyn in "One Sunday Afternoon." 8-8:15 p. m. WENR Jimmy Durante one of the great clowns of all time, the beloved "Schnozzola," takes the place of Walter Winchell, offering the brand of humor and songs which has made him famous. 9:05-9:30 p. m. WBBM People Act In New Sharon, Maine, when the school house burns down for the third time, 761 townspeople finance and re-build their own modern fireproof grade-and-high school. 9:30-10 p. m. WMAQ Endless Frontier "Pfc. Bill Smith-Man Alive," documentary of life-saving on the Korean battlcfront, with Raymond Masscy, narrator. 10:15-10:30 p. m. WSOY Sen. Paul Douglas (13-111 ) reports from Congress. 10:30-11 n. m. WSOY World Plains his Personal Mkh for Ed' 1 News with Robert Trout New roundup of latest events. Mr. Trout Jimmy Durante substitutes for Walter Winchell on WENR at 8 p. m. todav. interviews a foreign correspondent flown to New York from Lisbon. ward Pi. Murrow. 7-7:30 p. m. WMAQ Cavalcade of America "Doctor Commando," an excitin" storv of the U.N. investi gat ion of reports of plague behind College, as told by her to Edward R. Murrow. 4:15-4:30 p. m. WILL World in Books Gerard Mangone's "Idea and Practise of World Government" is reviewed. 7:15-7:30 p. m. WSOY Musicland, U. S. A. Alfredo Antonini's orchestra; Earl Wrightson, baritone- host; Frances Greer, soprano; Jimmy Carroll, tenor;- M.sicland Serenades. Preview from "Three Wishes for Jamie" It Must Be 8prina Coin' on a Hayride It's a Within World Selections from "Guys and Dolls" It's a Lovely Day Today AU the Things You Are Blaine Loesser Berlin Kern COMMUNITY EVENTS Feb. 24 March 1 TUESDAY Decatur Little Theater & Guild play "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," 8:15, Masonic Temple. Decatur Council of Parent-Teachers association Founders' day banquet, 6:30, St. Paul's Lutheran. WEDNESDAY Decatur Little Theater & Guild play "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," 8:15, Masonic Temple. THURSDAY Millikin band concert, 8:15, Albert Taylor hall. FRIDAY World Day of Prayer, Rev. Roy A. Kale speaker, 2, First Congregational. Junior Welfare Style show, 8:15, Masonic Temple. Baccaloni in the leading roles; Fritz Reiner, conductor. Sunday's Radio Programs 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 j 4 5' WSOY-FM 1IU MC CBS WSOY WDZ ISO KC CBS 1050 KC aM World Nwi Roundus For God & Country is Agriculture RounduD Wona News :M Sunday Gatntnn' Llvlnf Faith 44 American Quartet WMAQ no KC NBC WGN 7?0 KC MBS WLS-WENR S90 KC ABC M Narareni Hour 41 " Comle Weekly News Roundup Your Bible Sneaka Everybody's Musie We Hold These Truths " Sunday School Lesson comics Back to God " AM Family Worship Tills Is Millikin H PUerlm Luth. Church Boole Peddler I Rhjtbmi on Request Serenade In Bint a " Kegler's Korncr Radio Pulpit Art of Llvlnf Radio Parade Radio Bible Class Voice ot Prophecy News Little Bro'n Churcb 71 8f II m I 4 World News Listen Ladles St. Francis Hour Sunday Devour nal A Small World Swine to 4d Clovd Head News News InteresMnt Facta Reviewing Gtand Voice of Prophecy The Christian Eddy Howard Decatur Churches 41 Sunday Serenade :J Moods In Melody Sunday Devotional Orean Aires Radio Warblers News Symphbnv Scrapbook Health Clinic Eternal Licht Lutheran Hour Funnies Children' Hour World News Critic At Large Voice of Hope Dr s Orders UN Storv " Guy Lomoardo Chicago Round-table Frank ft Earnest News Voice ot the Terkel Amateui Hoar M Sympbonett Invitation to Lean Learning; Newa Wayne King Catholic Hour Steamboat Jamboree American Forum Trendler's Top Tunea Richard Llewellyn Health Quiz 6ammy Kaye Songs ty Kirlry Musical Silhouettes Men The Melody Forward America 3 True Stories Elmo Roper Ncwa Hiinilfhts Bands for Bonds Fifty Army Band Around the World Herald ot Truth World News Frank DeVol 8hoa Freddy Martin Hour of Charm The Falcon Favorites of Famous Private Eye Music Shop Health Clinic Out of the Thunder Revival Hour Capitol Variety Sammy Kaye Remember When Carmen Cavallero Star Playhouse The Shadow Ll ht b Life Blood Bank Program Whitehall 1212 True Detective Greatest Story 50 Years In Deeatur Songs for America " Final News Our Miss Brooks Texas Ranger Tales Gabby Haves Show The Bit Show Health Clinic Song Shop Drew Pearson Monday Headline Hour of Decision 6 7 8 "9 WSOY 1340 KC CBS PM Jack Benny it 11 Amos a Andy 41 WSOY-FM 102.1 MC CBS Jack Benny Amoi a Andy WMAQ 670 KC NBC The Big Shoa WGN 720 KC MBS Peter 8alera Little Symphonies WLS-WENR 890 KC ABC Sunday Vespers Fine Arts Quartet e4 Bergen-McCarthy is Broadway Playhouse 41 " Bergen-McCarthy Broadway Playhouse Harris A Faye Show Theater Guild Family Theater Enchanted Hour Stop the Mutle Meet Corliss Archer My Friend Irma 44 - Meet Corliss Archer My Friend lrma The (64 Question Charles Kasher John J. Anthony Jimmy Durante Cafe Istanbul Magic is Believing J Telephone Qui Choraller Telephone Quia Chorallers Tin Pan Valley Endless Frontier Dance Band Paul Harvey New Memos tor Men The Red-Head 10 Newa ' Senator Douglas t Robert Trout. News -41 ' News Senator Douglas Robert Trout. News News Sunday Dateline Backpaae Bulletin Day a End On Wings of Song News Health Cltnle News Pastor J, C. O'Halr Bones In the Night 10 11 12 J j j 4 5: j 7 8 9. 10 it :4t AM :ll : 44 8-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Mario Lanza Show Mario Lanza gives a musical summary of the tenor's successful film, "The Great Caruso," assisted bv Gisele MacKcnsie and Rav Sinatra's orchestra E Lucevan le Stelle Tosca Puccini Sorrento DeCurtif A Vucchelta Tosti Because D'Hardelot The Loveliest Nisht of the Year Rosas Vest! la Giubba iPagliaccii Leoncavallo Saturday, March 1 10:05-10:30 a. m. WSOY Let's Pretend the Nila Mack Pretenders j 5:30 6:30 p. m. WMAQ NBC present for the children the lantasv- Symphony Orchestra conducted drama, 'Dick Whittington and His by Guido Cantelli. Pj. " A Laurentlan Overture Shulman ' Symphony No. s Tschaikowsk 7-7:30 p. m. WGX 20 Questions ,6:30.7 m WGT Down You Go -i t l n - . i nnccton S football coach, tharlCSi nr, ;, nrnoram mndrratrrl K Mi itarv Irninina M.iLp Krttpr C .iti- . .. i nt" quiz program moacraica dv operas bv Gounod, Boito and Ber - ,.4n ,,- m ,VQnv tu- i' in v .u c n 'CaldwclJ, joins regular panelists Dr. Bergen Evans, Northwestern lioz, and novels bv manv writers , l'l li L Rbl, T ?Z i Fred VanDevemcr, Florence Ri-1 univcrsit?, with Francis Couglin, is-discussedbv Dr. 'George Shuster. If l BUe, president of ; Long (D.La)( member Senate, nard. Herb Polesie and Johnny Carmelita Pope, Robert Brecn, Ton. president Hunter College, and l- Xhwnhv nf I f ' CXprCSSCi' Armcd Smiccs committee; .Dr.iMcPhce in playing the "animal, :Cilman, and Shirley Stearns: Katie Hcnrv Hatfield, Columbia univcr-i 1 ' Cornclis de Kicwiet, president Uni-i or mineral game. iCarncs, vocalist, and the Starnoters. ( A A.'in V171T V (if r I I ' sitv. V ttow p.-m. .vill.. Air. uarcy is v -tv nf Rn(.i,.rr. ni I In.. : 8:45 9 n. m. WSOY Dirt Dobbcr o in u-xt ru: n. 7 1J (J. 111. . VI. VlllllU 1 of the Air Kurt Weill's "One Touch of Venus," with Nancy (jrr, soprano. Col. Robert R. Mc- Monday, Feb. 25 in m.3n u'tt i cj 1 T-i -r , .. n . encmv Korean lines. I heater Todav Maior, Produc- 1:30-2 p. m. WSOY Invitation to'tions," Charles Shattuck, Nedi8 8:45, p Learning Goethe's great epic Donahoc, George McKinncv, dircc-drama "Faust," which has inspired tors. m. WENR America's fown Meeting "Will Universal 14-4:30 p.-m. WILL "Mr . Darcv Is;versitv of Rothestcr. Quincv H0ue;8:45 9 p. m. WSOY Dirt Dobbcr- rainlllllv Surprised, another than-1 , . .' . r . Sam Caldwell hnrtimltural rvnert rc-!pr ; a. "DM .'. Universitv of Illinois, moderator, aam iaiaweii, nomculturai ex-pert, ,V,oi,".ln. )ne Auster,s Prlde and, reveals important fads about suc- 1:30-2 p. m. WEXR Sundav Sc nade Sammy Kaye's orchestra, the Kaydcts and Kaye choir. The Wheel of Fortune Goodb.e 8eetheart Memory Tunes How Much Do I Love You. Darling How Deep Is the Ocean P.ain It s Delovely 1:30-2 p. m. WMAQ American Forum of the Air "I low Can We Combat Inflation?" discussed bv Sen. Paul Douglas (Dill) and Hcnrv Hazlitt, economic columnist of "Newsweek" magazine. 1:30-3 p. m. WBBM New York 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY1 Suspense Philharmonic Svmphonv Dimitri Linda Darnell in a chiller "A Kill- Mitropoulos. conductor; the Schola 'ng Las Vegas," story of a night n J io -r r . 1 -1 x T v i i - . t ricjuuicc. ;o:.-u-7 p. m. iNonncrners ccssfuI oardenin" 4:30-5 p. m. WSOY From the Aiargucrita riazza, soprano ot Alct-;9.15 a m WSOY N, fc Cormick editor and publisher, is Bookshelf Agnes DcMille'sJ ropolitan Opera, the ensemble and j Mjss Eleanor Sloan, "children's hcard speaking from Leopoldvillc, "Dance to the Piper," autobi- ihi- octi-t. ! liKrirl-m rWimr nllt.l;r- lll... ! Belgian Con'o. 1 Love is sweeping the . reads lacks 1 luntiri" 1 rips taken Country Gershwin , i .. . -r- i i r i i Dry Bonn Tiad.llrom the Jack 1 ales bv I'licliard Moiartibasc, a tall talc of hunting in the ography of the intrepid dancer who created the ballet for "Oklahoma!" is. reviewed by Muriel Perrv, head librarian, Decatur public librarv. 5:15 5:30 p. in. WSOY-FM Youj and the World "Transportation,"! with Dwight Cooke, host. I Non So IMu Cosa Son iMarriage of f'lgaroi Who Is Sylvia 1 Talk to the Trees 1 vf Got You Under Mv Skin Porter Smoke G?ts :.i Your Eyes Kern Mrloaies Second Piano Concerto Rachmaninoff 9 9:30 p. m. WER Piano Playhouse Eugene List, piano virtuoso, Teddy Wilson, jazz pianist, Mar- Schubert VnrU dlrftlina mmmfiinc Loewe ...... . Noon-12:25 p. m. WSOY Ci-and Central Station Carmen Mathews and Staats Cotsuorth head the alt-stagc cast in "Not a Bad Job". 1-4 p. m. WENR Metropolitan Opera Wolfgang Amadeus Mo- . 1 c n j : Cantorum, Hugh Boss, director, in club dancer who hasnt an encmy;isti; Milton Cross, commentator. l. l "T a performance of Monteverdi's "Or- 'n the world, she thinks except for ! P..rlr. n.h. ' X ,ctor,APe K05.?"'"- i . . . . - . i.ij i a i : ii i . Allraro iSonra in A major Schubfri viuiti, .wnuiru .uiiui, jvan id rvrrvTnmf I vt ool Mv Blue Heaven tcsarc Sicpi, Salvaiorc fco," one of the first operas: i onc unidentilicd man who keeps La MuMra Jane Hobwn tn'ing to kill her, Eu'ydice .Frunces Greer ' ' Or(eo Mack Harrell I c Silvia Messagera la Speranra Caronle Proserpina Pl'itone Apollo 2-2:15 Wednesday, Feb. 27 J. Alden Edklns , " i inpimiuii, ,!"' ".n" Uwight Lookc, host. rhirUn Ktillman I - i i . .'U 1. III. KKK 5:15-5:30 P. m. WSOY-FM You .m' lTZ. and the orld "Transportation." , 1 :40 1 :45 n. m. WSOY This I Be- i liec C".cn. Lucius D. CTav, former n. m. WMAO ' Railroad :U- S- military goxernor of CVr- p. m. MJ Jiomcthinoi iimlr r r, inn ,, r l,;,n, manv, tells his personal views ot Old, Something New songs and;ancl Dorothy Kirstcn, soprano, prcs"life 10 Edward R. Murrow. ptano numocrs oy taucr iviroy. cnt i;udolph Friml s "Fircflv." ,7-8 n. m. WG Musical Theater Bert Lahr, Martha Wright and Jackie Cooper co-star in "Ship Ahov." Rodirrs' J aldcnoo. TODAY'S HEADLINERS! Every Sunday afternoon there's lots of facts and fun when you're tuned to WMAQ 670 on your radio dial! Take a listen to these! 1:30 AMERICAN FOKI'M OF THE AIR Statesmen atr problem1 1:15 JOHN CAMERON SWATZB Nem-s HlchliKhta of vorld alfairr1 J JO MRTIN KANE. PRIVATE EVE ith Llovd Nolan :S THE BIG SHOW All this and Tallu'.ah. too' :3 THEATER Gl'ILD ON THE aik: Top stars! Top dramasi And don't miss THE CHEZ SHOW at 11:15 tonight on WMAQ 670 on your radio dial! (Advt.) Portotten Something Wonderful (King and ll? Nocturne Favorl Love's Old Saeet Song Seek Ye the Lord Coles Rodcer, 7:30-8 p. m. WMAQ Voice of Fire-Moi'dy stonc Thomas L. Thomas, bari- Lynes, tone; orchestra and male chorus di- 3-4 p. m. WILL BBC World! reeled by Howard Barlow. Theater Oscar Wilde's brilliant comcdv "The Importance of Bcin Me 8:30 9 p. m. WSOY Bing Crosbv Trad. Show the Bell sisters and Wingv Bernstein : Manonc. trumpeter, are "ticsts of Earnest." i 3:30-4 p. m. WDZ Favorites of the! La Cururacha Th y Dldn'l Believe Hora All ThiouRh the Night Mv Ltndv Lou StrlrklanHj Festival at BaRdsd Rim.'ky-Korjaitov John Scott Trotter's orchestra Trad. : r;:,,,, r"rK,- tl, IJV.,..V,m.,;rc ,r,.l Famous Wavnc I In March ol the Musketeers Frlml owell master. O.S-SO n. m. WMAO Ti-lrnhonrl ":-su' P- m- tK " of ceremonies; Ham Fisher. s,uest. j mlr I ucile Cumininos contral-' t''nt A president who, prior to his hrilliantlv in the Indians alter his For Only 82.50 a Week You Can't Match It'.: 11 ?? News: Dance Band "'Dance Band :e - News: Dance Band Dance Band News The Chez Shoe Lutheran Vespers Dane Band It's Your Business The CI O. You News in Religion Little Night Music 11 Monday's Radio Programs 6 7 8 WSOY-FM 1W.1 MC CBS WSOY 134 KC CBS Rnnttn rinh AM - la News: Sangamon e aanganon Special I WSOY-FM Specia!--You and the World 5:15 p. ni. g WDZ 105 KC WMAQ 670 KC NBC DallT Prayer: Newa oInan Rosa Wake Dp With Wood Ross: News WGN 7!0 KC MBS rarm Hour News Farm Hour News WLS-WENR 8S0 KC ABC rarm Bulletins Hub Shelter diet Randolph News World News RoundupChapel of the Air The 400 Hour Morning Herald News, Wick Evans " T.N.T. local News: Music " T.N.T.: Local News Musical Clock 400 Hour; Newa Bill Eeani Show Red Blanchard News: Weather News News of America Musical 8econda " NancT'e Notebook Romemaker's Journal Breakfast club Your Neighbor Music That Blngs News News Johnson Family Breakfast Club 9? am Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Club Favorite Remos Hsir Ksismg Tale John's Jamboree Welcome Traveler Double or Nothing News Virginia Gae Victor Llndlahr Today's the Day Mt True Storr Betty Crocker Against the Storm M Arthur Codtrey Betty Lane Rosemary Shoppers Serenade Strike It Rlcb News. T&C Reporter Dick Haymea King's Row Dave Oarroway Lslies Fair Queen for a Day Lone Journey News Break the Bank 11 Wendy Warren " Woman's Hour Let's laik About Fran Warren U.I.. Th.( n f i . j m Tlmecheekcr; Wewe Miller-Beany Show Wayne King Mary Merryfield Bob Ray Curt Massey Time News Tello Test New. Jack Berrh show Kitchen Club News: Farm Notes Markets 0 J J 9 10 11 In 2 3 Big Sister " Guiding Light News, Wick Evana News; Markets Music Farm Newa Farm Reporter News; Rosa Cedrlc Foster Here's Norman Rosa Marshall Kent " Market Reporter Arbogaat Newa Dinner Bell Time , Noontime Newa ' Farming Businesa 'fM Participation Bark to the Bible mi, wnmmvu Markets: AroundTown American Quartet Brighter pi ' Ralph Edward's Show Take A Number Like a Millionaire Tune Test Victor Llndl.ihr wls School Time Feature Foods 12 1 pm Hilltop House stoppln' By is House rariy IS Party: Cedrle Adama Time Out 4i Aunt jenny Lite Can Be Beautiful M. Margaret UcBrlde Charlra Antell Road of Life " Mary Marlln Pepper Young Family Joyce Jordan Hislit to Happiness " Evelyn Winters Dr Uslone ' Telephone Quia Musical Billboard 41 Billboard: Newa Bsigain Counter BackstaRe Wife Radio Quia Valiant Lady Stella Dallas Bill Evans Show Marriage for Two Jim 8eany 8now Wldoer BrLn ' Paul Harvey " Woman in My House Earl Nightingale Ted Malone a pm 4 :lt Bar None Ranch ' The Book Bhelf 7 Sleepy Joe Just PialL BUI " Front Page Farrell " Lorenzo Jonea Charles Kasher Mark Rodger's Cull Singing Story Time Brulab Karney The Lowe-Down Johnny Ray Onshv sttnee M Crosby: Your Policy 6oorta; News News. Wick Evana News Wed Howard Bobby Benson Wild B1U Blckok Bill Despard Mark Trail Fun Factory 2 8 4 51 Ride Anderson 1 Loveliest Nieht of the Year Aaronson Sl4rs and Stripes Forever Soua On the Trail 'Grand Canvon Suite) Grofe 4-4:30 p. m. WMAQ IMlvuood Star Plavhousc "A Letter from Laura" starring Jane vman. 4:50-5 p. m. WEXR Greatest Storv Ever Told The redemption of a voung thief hv a mother's love is the theme of "If Onc Be Gone Astrav," hascd on a parable in Math'hcw 18. tv v. iil. IV..V.LI Vrl.rc , elt ct ion. senea ti... wars with the r -.""I ......... OH wnat a Beautiful Mornln' iCklahoma!") Rndfiers A Dream Bsrtlell An Old Love 8tory (fireside Tlei MarDoaell From the Land of the Sky-Bltie Wster cadman The Mixin DroDS Low Cariman Rnmsnra And.lura Ssrasate i :40 1 :4S p. m. WSOY lllis I Be-' TR ADF-IV Ai-rba Volutta lAdriana (. t .. . t , ja.iutl.v. Lerouvreun ciieajicvc Charles hennrtt, congress-j S O p. m. WSOY I u Theater !m:,n 'rom Horida, expresses his i Rettv Grahle and Dan Dailcv rc. ! rli'losophy ol l.le. - i strenuous hut ill fated attempts to maintain peace, will be portraxed Ivy Edward Arnold. Thursday, Feb. 28 YOL'XL AGREE RCA TOPS THEM ALL IN QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE! NOW. MORE THAN EVER, VOIR OLD RADIO IS WORTH MORE AS A create tlirir stellar lilm roles in "My, 8;?0-9 p. m. WSOY Stars in the Clue Heaven." ;Air Dick Powell and lune Allv- j-j:ju p. in. iuui icars in o.jnq m wxnn f,son, .Mr. and Airs, foweli in America Paul Lavalle; the Green and White quartet. March Blaze Away Decatur The advent of the auto mobile to Decatur, the clothes worn bv automobilists and the son? hits of that year are presented by Dick I Icllcdy. 5:30-7 p. m. WMAQ Big Show Tallulah Bankhead. mistress of ceremonies, has as her guests Kav Armcn, ictor Rorgc, Ed Gardner. Gertrude Berg, Roliert Merrill: Meredith Willson and his orches-: 0 9: 1 S p. in, tra. :liowe. Iitiuililicaii private life, co-star in the film comcdv "The Bride Goes Wild." 143 N. MAIN DECATUR Compare These Quality Features: AM-FM 10 Tubes 12-Inch Speaker 3 Spred Changer Ample Record Storage Spare Our United Slates March Ventre J-O,:40 n. m. WSOY I Tnllvvvrwi El Relicano Padilla-Bonnell 1 , ... aaas Cities Sei vice Triumphal pound Stage I vronC rower and --?Fw.asssssswaaaBssssiBaisaaaaaaaBssBsaaaaaaaasBsajajB Wvatl arc co-starred in """" ""rJlluillllJllNimilllU IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII:' Lavalle Holzmann Oh. My Darling Clementine Montrose uarnni Nellie Gray rlanby Polly Wolly Doodle Trad. Mardi Gras iMIuissipnl Suite) Grofe A Fife, a Drum, and Ihe Red. White and Blue Sands-Stanton Battle Hymn nf the llrpiitilic How?-Lavalle : lane wvatl are co-starrea in "Boomerang," story based on a;i true-life incident in Bridgeport, E Conn., in which a priest was mur-j tiered on the street, and the state's ' i i... .i.,r i... ..r . .I111UIIIV IKA.IIIIl 1IIU IIIIIIUKI III a WGX Richard Yates man who conlcsscd the crime. p cantiKiaic "".o .() () 7-7:30 p. m. W SOY Rergen-Mc-Gartln' Sliovt' Morton Downev, lyric tenor, is the guest of Charlie and the ventriloquist, assisted bv comedian - orchestra leader Ray Xoblc. 7-7:30 p. m. WGX Family Theater I nlm stars James and Jeanne Cag-ncy in Robert Hugh O'Sullivan's story, "The Red 1 lead," story of an heroic nurse who aids and encourages her brother, a newlv-graduated doctor, to gain self-confidence and become one of the country's outstanding doctors; Liza-beth Scott, hostess. 7:30-8 p. m. WCN Enchanted Hour Soprano Nancy Carr; orchestra under Walter Steindel. Love's Old Sweet Song Molloy Der Improvisator Jn the silence of Ihe NiKlit Rachmaninoff Sleeping Beauty Waits TMhmkowsky Hotschaft Brahms Beau Soir Debussy My Jnhann Grieg Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt Suliei Grim 7:30-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Theater Cuild on the Air "Oliver Twist" starring Basil Rathbonc, Boris Kar-loff, Louecn MacGrRth, Melville Cooper; Red Cross talk by Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Philip Morris governor ol Illinois. 10:30-11 p. m. WSOY People's Platform "Do We Xeed LI.M.T. Now?" will lie debated by Lt. Gen. Raymond C. NJcClain. U.S.A., commissioner on national training, and John C. Lynn, legislative director American Farm Bureau federation. Tuesday, Feb. 26 :15 a. m. WSOY Job Bulletin1.," ird Public sen-ice program f 6-6 board Public service program formerlv heard at 6:15 a. m. in co operation with Illinois State Employment service, Paul Marshall, announcer, tells ot jobs in this lo cality. 8-8:45 a. m. WILL Illini Time- classical recordings. C&rnaval Overtures Glacounoff The Carnival of Venice Benedict Keslllo Sibelius Feles Debussy Carueval Overture Dvorak 1:40-1:45 p. m..WSOY This I Believe William L. Shirer, commentator, author "Berlin Diary," ex- IMH:M.1?EMB p. m. WGX Reporters' Roundup Xewlxild Morris, prom- S inrnt Republican hmver, recently ;5 given the job of supervising the 1 iederal government clean-up pro- gram, is interviewed. 10:30-11 p. m. W SOY, WGX President 1 larrv S. Truman in an address launching the 1952 fund 'I drive of American Red Cross; Jcs-ll sica Tandy, Hume Cronvn in "An-jH swer the Call." drama of neighbor;! ing neighbor; Jackie Cooper, i Dane Clark. .5 Friday, Feb. 29 ; 1:40-1:45 p. m. WSOY This iji Bclieve the personal philosophy of Constance Warren, educator, presi dent emeritus or barah Lawrence iv-rv PRESCRIPTIONS! vV1"""", amosayi Our dependable prescription service will always remain rirsf in importance. Now, as in the beginning, you can bring those prescriptions to us with full assurance that they'll receive our complete attention, be compounded with the same high quality drugs. So keep our name at the top of your list, first in your memory ... as the finest of all for dependable prescription service. aa I . .r r , t 1 100 E. WIUIAM -COR. MAIN l Playhouse Ann edgeworth, Lowell Thomaa Newa tiiiiitiiitiiittiiiriiiifiifutfiiTtiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiittititfiiTitfitiniiitiiiififTiiTinfiiifiiTiiiiiTitifnTiiiiiifti(ititi(nuuftimfnin

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