The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1936 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1936
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona. Iowa, Oct. 27,IKKI An Open Letter Emmetsburg, Iowa, October 20, 1936 TO THE VOTERS OF THE 14TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT: I am trying to find an answer to the question, how may a judge campaign for re-election? It Is impossible for him to come In contact with many of the voters in a district comprising eight counties, containing in all a population of about 130,00. It seems to be generally accepted that a judge should that make political speeches, but I am quite sure that it is proper for him to state his c/ise In the form of a letter addressed to the voters. My name appears on the Republican ticket so far down the list that It may be overlooked unless attention is called to it While I am a progressive Republican, a judge has no platform except his oath of office which requires him "to support the constitution of the United States and of the State of Iowa, and without fear, favor, affection or hope of reward, he will to the best of his knowledge and ability administer justice equally to the rich and poor." Since he is not tn any sense the servant of any political party, a judge Is not concerned with the political beliefs of those who appear before him. Law- isuits come before him In which the parties are often angry and full of flght . . . unwilling to admit that the other fellow can possibly be right about anything; and in the heat of battle, the judge must remain open-minded in order to assimilate all the facts and all the law that may aid him in reaching a just conclusion. Gradually a judge learns, or should learn, to assume what the lawyers call "a judicial temperament", which permits him to make decisions quickly, decisions in accord with sound judgment and common sense. He must be studious, careful and patient, and he should be courteous and obliging. I have tried conscientiously to live up to the word and spirit of my oath, and I am willing to be judged upon the record I have made. No doubt many voters are worrying about how to mark a ballot It Is not difficult to do this. If you wish to vote a mixed ticket you may Ignore the circles at the top of the tickets, and place a cross In front of the name of every candidate for whom you desire to vote. If you wish to vote a straight ticket you can place a cross in the circle at the head of that ticket and your vote will count for all candidates on that ticket unless you vote for a candidate or candidates on some other ticket by placing a cross in the square in front of the name of those for whom you wish to vote. If you place a cross in the circle at the head of some ticket other than the, republican ticket then you can vote for me by placing n cross In the square in front of my name where it appears on the Republican ticket It would be well to examine the sample ballots that •will be on display In and about the voting places so that you may decide just what you want to do before you enter the booth. Asking that you remember me when voting, I am Sincerely yours. F. C. Davidson. Tohn H, Eraser Democratic Candidate for County Supervisor First District Kossuth County Your support on Nov. 3 will be sincerely appreciated. 43-43* «KB»ssxmxffica»K8»»»»»»»xc83ec83a»a»»Kax8caxn»33 Former Burt Woman Dies in Calif. SISTER OF MRS. , C.C. SMITH WAS BORN IN SENECA USE THE WANT ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS Mrs. B. E. Francisco Is Victim of Tumor Out West Burt: Mrs. C. C. Smith received word Tuesday of the death of her only sister, Mrs. R. E. Francisco, at Ventura, California, from complications following an operation for a tumor a few days before. Mrs. Francisco was known to many Burt people, having lived here as a child and young woman. Eva Kerr was born Oct. 7. 1888, at Seneca. She later moved to Burt with her parents. She taught school In Wisconsin seven years. Ten years ago she went to Los Angeles, California, where she married R. E. Francisco, who survives. She Is also survived by her sister, Mrs. Smith, and two brothers, J. G Kerr, Minneapolis, and E. w. Kerr, Los Angeles. Funeral services were held Thursday at Ventura. At Rbigated Fete Among the Burt people attending the corn husking content at Ringsted Thursday were: G. W. Blelch, J. G. Tbavos. H. E. Rachut, A. W. Radeke. J. H. and O. H. Graham, C H. Blossom, Henry Thompson, N. L Morness, K. J. Smith and H. V. Jones. Secretary of Agriculture Wallace spoke at the meet- Ing. Teacher Taken tn Lura Sewick. who teaches at Forest City, came home Wednesday, being ill with a severe attack of flu. She had been home, sick several days the week before, but had returned to her work Monday, but suffered a relaspe. Estel Rent! has recently built an addition to his paint shop. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hentgw are parents of a son born early Friday morning, Oct 23. Norman Sanderson is at Charles City taking a six weeks' course in linotype operating. The F. O. B. bridge club met at the home of Mrs. F. L. Pratt on Thursday evening. Clifford Holding has bought the C. G. Rentz residence and will move to town this winter. The Fortnightly club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. W. Boettcher. The Rev. and Mrs. L. Rlchmann and Luella Blelch were Fairmont, Minn., visitors last Thursday. The Legion Auxiliary sewing meeting will be held Friday afternoon at the Charles Scott horn*. J. J. John was taken seriously 111 Thursday morning with a coronary occlusion, a form of heart trouble. The Charles Olsons went to Eagle Grove Saturday, where Leta Olson had a nasal operation performed. Paul Macauley was at Rake last week, taking the place of the but termaker at the creamery who wa* sick. Mrs. M. L. Vinaas entertained the sewing circle Thursday afire- the sewing circle Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. James Cody, Wesley, were dinner guests a week ago Sunday at the Verne Riebhoff home. The U. and I. circle met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J, H. Schroeder with Mrs. J. P. Stow as assisting hostess. The E. C. Welsbrod's, Fenton, Charles Schemmels, Swea City, and L. A. Boettchers were Sunday dinner guests at the W. W. Boettcher home. Mr. and Mrs. Carol Waters and daughter, Vivian, Parkersburg, spent a week ago Sunday at the A. G. Volentine home. Mrs. Waters is Mrs. Volentine's sister. Last Wednesday afternoon 35 members of the Presbyterian Mite society were entertained by the Lone Rock society and report a fine program and entertainment. The Presbyterian Mite society will meet Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 28. at the home of Mrs. W. W. Boettcher. Mrs. L. A. Boettcher and Mrs. Frank Bahllng are assist ing hostesses. Mrs. L. H. Schenck entertained the Hi-Low bridge club last week Tuesday afternoon. Guests were Cora Hansen, Mrs. O. E. Hott, Mrs. Matt Hansen, Mrs. Ben Knox and Mrs. M. W. Holding. Mrs. W. T. Kennedy accompanied Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton of Lone Rock to Mason City Thursday, where she visited her son. Dale, who is a student there at the Hamilton Business College. Mrs. Grace Watklns, Blue Earth, Minn., came Thursday for a few days' visit with her friend, Mrs. W. T. Kennedy. Mrs. M. J. McCall, Algona, also spent Friday afternoon at the Kennedy home. Mrs. C. L. Holding and son, Jimmie. went to Brltt Friday afternoon and brought home with them Mrs. Holding's sister. Mrs. Dorothy Larsen and daughters, Janice and Geraldine to spend the week end here. Mr. and Mrs. William Fenner, of Evanston. HI.; arrived Thursday evening for a short visit at the Rev. Thoburn Speicher home. They are Mrs. Speicher's parents and brought home with them the Speicher's little son, Billie, who had been spending a couple of weeks with his grandparents while Rev. and Mrs. Speicher were getting settled in their new home here. Mr. and Mrs. Fenner left Friday morning for St. Louis. YOU WANT THE FACTS * 4 4 Four Years Ago Twenty Years News NICR ADVERTISED AND 1TOUND HB9 PIGS Niek Maharln lost two black pig* and on« white one, or vice vena, the other day, so last we*h he advertised for those pig*. And do yon know what happened? Wed, *lr, Harry Nolt* had found the pig* and told Nick about It, and so you see It pays to advertise" hi the want ad section. been planted In the river just north of the Ice house. With these fine fish In the river, and the fine flsh- way In the Humboldt dam, the fishing in this branch of the Des Moines river was expected to eventually be very good. • • • Mrs. Max Herbet with Joel and Dell and Mrs. C. T. Chubb and Ernestine and Melzar Falkenhaln- er had driven to Spencer to attend the football game, and had afterward gone to Hartley to spend the next day with J. W. and Earl Tennan t. • • • It was the first time In the history of Algona that voters had been permitted to vote In the general election unless the voter had registered at the special election, that had been held the same time the primary election had been held on equal suffrage. It had been necessary at that time for voters to register If they wished to vote on that question, although they had been permitted to vote at thjftrl- mary without registration. Those who had registered at that special election had not been required to register again, but those who had not reglrtered on the wffrage qae*- tlon were required to do so in order to vote In the fall election. * • • Vallo Naudaln had toft for Olen- dale, California, where he wa* interested In an electrical store, FARM LOANS 5 to 21 Tears Mo comrattrtoit ta Pay Liberal Options Edw. Capesius Algona, Iowa Office New Helse Bldg. Phone 890 _ .«»:«. ,, HAVE YOU TRIED OUR NEW,. BEER? You will be agreeably surprised at the thirst quenching qualities of Una new GLUECK'S All-Barley Beer. A guaranteed product . . . aerved with the lateat beer dispensing equipment. Drop in and try it. SPORTSMEN'S TAVERN G. A. Wittkopf, Prop. Ladiea Welcome. W.B.QUARTON B.W.M1UJMI ATTORN1JYB AT I£W Office over Co. Saving* Bk. BM» Office Phone, 417 ALOONA, IOWA A. HUTCHISON DONALD O. mnfCHlBOy THEODORE G HUTCHISOll ATTORNEYS AT LAW ecurlty State Bk. Bldg. Phone J51 E. J. VAN NE88-0. W. LAWYERS Office over low* State Bank Phone 218-W Algona, low* Gaylord D. Bhumway Edw. D. Kelly BHUMWAY * KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby * Krause Bid*. Algona. Iowa Phone N L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Quinby BldjL Phone 1M ALOONA. IOWA A Challenge To American Civilization And Progress (This article was written by a State University of Iowa girl, who believes in the New Deal. She is from Algona, and is majoring in journalism.) >f >wa ind the Nation Voters Gave the DEMOCRATIC PARTY the Hard eat Assignment that Ever Confronted a Political Party You Remember That THOUSANDS OF FARMS WERE BEING FORECLOSED WORKING MEN TRAMPED THE STREETS 'BANKS WERE FAILING EVERY DAY 'PRIVATE BUSINESS FACED COLLAPSE YOUTH RODE THE BOX CARS DESPAIR DARKENED COUNTLESS DOORSTEPS The Democratic Party MadeDGood FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT Infused New courage into the American people BANK DEPOSITS ARE SAFE ' FACTORY WHISTLES ARE BLOWING CASH REGISTERS ARE TINKLING FARMERS HAVE MONEY TO SPEND YOUTH FACES A HOPEFUL FUTURE To Hold Your Gains VOTE THE STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC TICKET National, State, County and Township An Automobile accident had occurred just north of the city near the F. M. Taylor farm, when a car that contained a young man named Lehman and a Miss Lister, who taught school near Elmore had gone into the ditch. George Paine had happened along and had picked them up, and brought them to Algona. The young lady had been taken to the hospital, but her injuries had been reported slight. The car had been somewhat damaged. Game Warden John Lang had received word from State Game Warden Hinshaw that a carload of fish was being shipped to Algona to be placed in the river at this place. The flsh were to be perch, pickerel and baas. The flshway had been placed in the dam at Humboldt and with these fish to be planted, fishermen could expect to catch some fine fish in a year or two, instead of carp and little bullheads. All was in readiness for Algona's Suburban Day, and people throughout the county and adjoining counties were expected. Almost without exception the merchants had cooperated in a splendid way to make the day a success. They were for the one day only, offering exceptional bargains in seasonal goods, which were at the height of demand at that time. The policy of the merchants was "The public be pleased," and "The best of everything to everybody." There were not only grocers and drygoods men, but druggists, hardware dealers, lumbermen, harness makers, grain and feed men, garages, shoe dealers, and jewelers, all going together to give the people an excellent opportunity to And for themselves the high quality of goods and service given by Algona merchant*. The football game between Algona and Spencer had been loosely played by both sides. The score had been 7 to 0 in Algona'a favor. Both teams had played listless ball and Algona came near to scoring 6 or 7 times, losing by a fumble. Maroa Keith had left for New York City to enter the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Miss Keith had excellent dramatic talent and her many Algona friends were certain of her success. Air. and Mrs. J. T. ChrischiUes had enjoyed a visit from Mr. Cbrls- chiiles' sister, Mrs. W. S. Dorland. of San Francisco. She was on her way to Chicago and had stopped off for a day. J. C. Murtagh, brother of our townsmen, E. J. and C. B. Murtagh, was the democratic candidate for congress in the Third Iowa district, against Congressman B. E. Sweet Mr. Murtagh was a prominent attorney in Waterloo, and Without a "MEW DEAL" ill iuwu as well m» VVubliiiiKUm, Tkiit SUitc Could Not Have Heaped the Full Benefit of th* Roohevelt Program. Our Best luterekt Require* a Sympathetic Government at Democratic State Central Committee of Iowa MOINES D£t» MOINE8 was said to he very popular, but It was doubtful if he could over- I come the large republican majority in that district • * • County Attorney Van Ne»» had been in Titonka attending to business. A carload of line tt»h hud arrived in Algona, shipped by State Game Warden Hinsbaw to Game Warden John Lang- The car contained 46,000 bass, pickerel, pike, crappies and perch. There were but two dead fish in the car. The fish had The paramount political Issue of this national campaign Is to defeat the monster called Greed. better known as the /'Old Guard" of, the G. O. P., through organization with all the wealth in the U. S., to flght the New Order, the New Deal. They are pouring millions into -the coffers of the National Republican campaign treasury. This is the same bunch of buccaneer pirates who perched Nero upon the greatest throne on earth and so set up a poor madman's name to stand for countless centuries as a symbol for savage cruelty. The samo bunch of predatory Jackal* President Roosevelt caught In the garbage heap. Here was where the trouble started. The president suggested a heavy Income tax on all brackets over $40,000. William Randolph Hearst was the first jackal to show his teeth and snap back. All the predatory specie lined up here and the president incurred the enmity of big business because they refused to b« taxed and to help bear their share of the burden of government. 1932 was the darkest and most tragic period in American history. This was a G. O. P. tragedy; twelve long years of exploitation, twelve long years of extortionate franchise privileges and legalized robbery. There was not one constructive measure enacted during all this time. It has been estimated that this crash cost two hundred and fifty billion. The eight billion which Roosevelt spent on recovery would be only "chicken feed" In comparison with this staggering sum. The G. O. P. Is staging a diabolical orgy of political debauchery. Falsification, misrepresentation, calumny, every specie of mendacious slander, character assassination, in short it's a wholesale attack on representative government and a challenge to civilization. If the "Old Guard" cannot exploit the Americans to the "tune" of twenty-five billion a year, it's a poor year's business. Mr. Voter, have you made up your mind to vote for Landon? What is your logical and candid reason? Is Is because Roosevelt is the greatest statesman in the world and put the forces of government behind the people when they were on a floating quagmire and going down for the last time, and brought America back from the brink of a revolution? Is is because Alfred M. Landon was "picked" by Hearst and the Liberty Leaguers and when Hearst asked him If he would carry the lantern to crucify the president of the U. S., Landon said, "Iscariot"? Is it because Landon is a liar and every statement he makes has to be thrown to reverse before it tells the truth? Is it because the "Old Guard Wall Street Imperialists" insist upon the government maintaining an army of occupation and warships in the "good neighbor's" port while the Interlocking dictorates of Wail Street "highjack" the "good neigh- bora" of their natural resources. Is it because the only reason that they want to be in power is to exploit the American people? Is it because Landon is standing behind the greedy predatory economic jackal* who stubbornly insist upon two per cent of the people in the U. S. taking fifty per cent of the income? Is it because Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed more constructive laws and measures for human rights in three year* than the G. O. P. passed in fifty years? Is it because Landon says that he will "untangle the me**" if h* elected? This is a challenge not gone ages that they have no time for the present or future. -They deny the theory of evolution. As the world exists today we have the result of an Immense series of The "Old Guard" never great Humanitarian stand* pre- emiently without a peer In state- manshlp and leadership In government*. Franklin Delano Rooeevelt is an exponent of Human Rights, changes, changes. Alfred M. Landon is trying to "ape" Hoover. Landon is a strong believer In resuscitation. Hoover Is as dead as the proverbial "door nail." Our New Deal statesmen are all "live wire" boosters for delivering the "goods" and "bringing home the bacon." They are men of rare business, ability, the fourth element in th* production of wealth. They turned the "trick." The G. O. P. Is masquerading behind a smoke screen of promises and platitude* such as the "American Way", "Time Tried Principles", "Destroying the Constitution", and "Brain Trusters." Ladies and Gentlemen: We have the "blue prints" of the G. O. P. from 1020 to 1932, not one piece of constructive legislation in twelve years, excessive and extortionate franchise privileges. The Cummlngs- Esch R. R. Law, the Fordney-McCumber Tariff Law, The Hawley- Smoot Tariff Law, selling billions of securities such as Venezuelan bank bonds and Insull bonds, high Interest rates and unfair business practices and perpetrated through the American Chamber of Commerce besides holding companies and billions of watered stock sanctioned by the "Old Guard." This is only a small part of the ramifications of the "highjacking system" that paralyzed the economic and industrial system in 1932. This system of exploitation and graft was costing! the American peopl* 28 billion a year in excess of legitimate business dealing. The "Old Guard" is marching In all its pristine glory to the flare of trumpets and drums with its "pandora box", a veritable political arsenal filled with every weapon known to political warfare. The objective of this G. O. P. campaign is to overthrow representative government and challenge civilization. This country was in the shadow of a revolution In the spring of 1932. In that case a dictatorship would be Inevitable and Old Glory would be a matter of history. Mr. Voter, have we any reason to believe that we would not meet the same fate by 1940 if they could get in control? In the earlier days of business in this country we had what was known as Infant Industries. The government and the citizens were very favorable to business at that time and were willing o give them a "leap off the spring board" in the way of protective tariffs, legislative grant, bonds, bo- uses, and other special privileges. Those are the "boys" with whom he New Dealers are in a political death grapple to see whether en- renched Greed is going to destroy democracy. Would the "Old Guard" ever "go to town" if they could •land" Landon. The G. O. P. "went to town" for 12 long years and it cost 260 billion to get them out of town. When a man jumps off a cliff he is not trying to prove the law of gravitation. He is only demonstrating it. If the G. O. P. were able to elect Alfred M. Landon. it would be just a* dangerous the man defying the law of gravitation. Either one would prove disastrous. Civilisation would be retarded and liberal representative government would cease to function and the U. S. would once more he sacrificed on the al- equal rights for all and special prtv "ATTORNEYS AT LAW I. X Harrington X t. U BONAR ATTORNinr A* t^W Collections will receive prompt attention ALOONA, IOWA HIRAM B. WH1TB ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DAIfSOW ATTORNinr AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldg Office Phone 460-J Rw. *» ALOONA, IOWA J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) * S. E. McMahea L. E. Llnnan SUIXIVAN, BTMAHON * UNNAM ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth Mut Ins. Bldg. ALOONA, IOWA CARROL A. WANDEB ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Postoff Ice Phone PHYSICIANS * SURGEONS only to representative government but also to civilization. The New Order 1* going to relegate Landon and th* "Old Guard" to the political bone yard Nov. 3. The Republican Party hub been tried and found wanting. "By their < fruit* they shall be known," Friend* and Fel low Citizens. Do not ca*t your bread upon the water* by voting for a political party which 1* em balmed in the mists of antiquity The "Old Guard" I* so busy trying to apply artificial respiration to th* dead past and glorifying th* by tar of Greed as it was in ISO. Mr. Voter, just who I* pouring billions Into the coffers, of the National Republican Treasury? Ask any New Dealer and he will glad- lieges to none. Here 1* a man of executive, constructive and rare business ability. Here is a man who Is the greatest of all great Am ericans. Here Is a man who I* ev er watchful for the safety of hi* country and hi* country'* flag- Contrast this to the hydra-head ed monster who Alfred M. Landon Is trying to "ape." This political Judas promises to "untangle th* mets"—all the measures and law* the New Dealer* used In bringing this country back to an all Urn high In business and economic recovery. Landon would destroy ev erythlng and wreck the country and destroy political freedom an civilization. The New Dealer* are a party who are ever watchful fo the country and the country's flag, a party of International diplomacy a party of outstanding business ability, a party of scientific researc! and progress, a party of international respect and honor, and th only party in the U. 8. who put th full force of government behind th people. Heover spent five bllllo and had nothing to show for I The New Dealers spent eight bl lion and delivered national recov ery. This ls a triumph for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Ne Dealers. This achievement can be proclaimed around the world. Par of this honor must be credited Henry A. Wallace and Rexford TugwelL We challenge the "Ol Guard" on the business ability of these statesmen. The phenomenal recovery of the U. 8. in agriculture Is credited to Henry A. Wallace and the assistant, Rexford B. Tugwell. This Is the drat time hi American history that the Secretary of Agriculture ever functioned. The "Old Guards" assumption was that agriculture is supposed to be exploited and the prey of predatory interests, hence the antagonism. Who are those sanctified political phoebes who are weeping under the Statue of Liberty for the safety of the constitution? The tame "patriots" who attempted to ship their gold across to England when the U. 8. was taking a "nose dive" In 1932. But the Great Humanitarian emerged from the wreckage of the "tallspln" and seized their contraband cargoes of gold to bring America back. Our monetary system Is now at an all time peak, yet the same "patriots' are weeping under the Statue of Liberty and shedding crocodile tears for the safety of the constitution of the U. 8. They were the same bunch who brought America to the brink of a yawning abyss in 1932. Fellow countrymen, fellow citizens, young Republican*, and young New Dealers of the New Order, I appeal to you not with partisan bias, but to the God given principle* of Human Right*, th* principle* of an economic seels, philosophy that wUl protect our government, our constitution, our constitutional rights, and our homes, our schools and church**, that will protect capital, industry labor and big and small bmin*****, also th* professional group, am last, but not least, agriculture. Franklin Delano Roosevelfs philosophy is to have a wholesale un iversal plan of econmie and social salvation which will *av« all our people in lieu of th* special prtv ileged group who let the re*t of us go to Halifax. The American people will not b* like a horse gotog back Into J. N. KKNEFICK PHYSICIAN A SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A L. Rist over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 800 Res. Phone S» ALOONA. IOWA 01 H. fJlkE'l'ZMjfiVKIkt ML IX SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office John Oalbralth Bldf. Phone 444-81* MELVIN O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN A 8UROBON Office over Poet Office Bldg. Phones—Office 197 ... .Ran lie DR. C. C. 8HIICRK Chiropodist—Podiatrist FOOT SPECIALIST Over Chriitensen'i Store Phone 280 OSTEOPATHS DR. & W. MEYER Osteopathlc Physician General Practice Special attention given to surglcal treatment of rectal diseases, varicose veins and rupture. General Hospital PhotM Mr DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas, Novocalne used for extraction Located over Cnrtstensen store Phone, Business 166, Residence 7M ALGONA. IOWA DR. C. D. 8CHAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. Phone U» :es. Phone 174 Algona, Iowa FOX A WINKEL Dr. L, W. Fox Dr. J. B. Winks* Office 990 West State Street Office Phone 4T5-W Res. 4T5-H ALGONA. IOWA ly tell you. They are the same bunch who left the path of civilixa- tlon strewn with human wreckage and economic destruction for *ix thousand years, the same political philosophy and the same predatory Greed. This political conflict I* M- tween property right* and human rights. Other great statesmen have been called world- wide; Roosevelt I* not only world wide, but he It world deep and world high. This burning barn aor will they self torture by kicking themselv* out of their own bed. They wil vote for the great Humanitarian, Franklin Delano Booswalt, Whea you cast your vote Nov. 8, do no forget that the U. a was in a precarious position in 1983, Uk* Mohammed'* coffin, suspended b tween H*aven and **&. KATHRYN UC BNROK. a QEO. D. WALRATH. D. D. 8. GENERAL DENTISTRY Office lit Postofflce Block 'hone 90 Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS Typewriter Paper We have just received a large shipment of ream package* (600 sheets) which sell for 60c for 600 sheets This is a good grade bond paper and will make an excellent school paper. The AlgoM Upper Dei Moines Ads This Newspaper Will Add t o Yo u r S dies Inquire at A. U. D. M. office.

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