The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1936 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1936
Page 7
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The Algona tipper Des Moinea, Algona, Iowa, Oct. 27,1936 DdnY Fear Winter Fill Your Bin* With Peerless Chemacol The coal that always gives satisfaction. You'll have no coal worries if you get your winter supply-now. Don't take a chance on being caught short of f uel like so many were last year. .OHDEBTODAY Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 Jim p oo l CHILDREN'S BOOKS Shirley Temple books, big little books, paint books, knock-knock books, scrap books. ScandlOc Hawcott & Ogg 5 More Days 5 M I S B A C H'S Big Winter Value Sale EXTRA We have about two do*en »ulto and a dozen or fifteen overcoat* which were on racks near cold air ducts and were silently damaged by smoke from the Graham fire. Thin la your chance to pick up a good value at a further reduced price. Suit or Overcoat Other Suits IS 75 19 75 25 75 Overcoats 1575 1878 23 7S Hpecial Value* In Underwear, Jackel*, Shirts, Sox, DM, la fact yeuTB and everything tor tamo. Mifbach Clothing Co. $&&0)3BKI!0!OB#e^^ LAMPS A Brand new assortment of lamps, boudoir and table sizes, pastel colors, white and dark bases. Several designs. Complete with bulb. $1.25—$1.39 Lamp Shades All colors, sizes and shapes. Freshen up your home with several of these inexpensive shades. lOc, 15c, 25c, 29c, 39c, 49c, 79c ij Opal Meyers and Lucille Peterson spent Thursday at Mason City. Gertrude Keneflck of Minneapolis was a week end guest of Madonna Quinn. Bill bailey of DCS Molnes spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Edythe Dalley. Mrs. John f"nlk and daughter, Phyllis, of Tltonka, were guests of Ann Pechner, Sunday. The Maxwell Motors has Installed three flood lights on the used car lot across from the garage. lola Lehman of Des Molnes spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lehman. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chubb of Es- thervllle spent the week end with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Chubb. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stevenson and daughter of Ottosen were Sunday dinner guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyers. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Holt spent Sunday at Humboldt as guests of Mrs. Holt's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Holt. Jack Hemphlll spent four days last week confined to his bed with the flu. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hemphlll. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schulze of Cedar Rapids, spent the week end visiting at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Don Hutchison. Mr. and Mrs. O. Bay Works left for Des Moines, Sunday,- where they will spend a few days attending the Allls-Chalmers meetings. Beulah Hartshorn spent the week end at Swea City with her parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hartshorn. ^She is employed at the Marigold Beauty Shop. Margaret Durant spent Saturday at Iowa Stats College, Ames, attending a meeting of the Iowa Poetry society, of which she Is a member. The meeting was held at St. John's Episcopal church. Catherine AfcCMI of DCS Koines spent the week end with her parents. Mr. and fclrs. M. J. McCall. Catherine is the secretary of the Alpha Iota sorority. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hargreaves, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cook spent the week end at Rockwell City as guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Howie, and daughter, Beverly. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hovey and children, Marlyn and Eldon, spent Sunday at Bricelyn, Minnesota, visiting at the home of Mrs. Hovey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hell- ahd. Bob LaBarrp, freshman at Iowa University at Iowa City, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R, LaBarre. He recently pledged the Sigma Nu fraternity. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pooch spent Sunday at LuVerne visiting the latter's aunts, Mrs. Elmer Green and Mi's. G. Henderson. The latter two will spend the winter in California. A&. and Mrs. Harold Romlg of Sheldon stopped at Algona on their wedding trip to visit the former's brother. Bill Romlg, day clerk at the Hotel Algona. They spent the week end here. Louis Funk and little daughter. Clarissa, of Waterloo, came Saturday and will visit for a week at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. William Funk. Louis is employed by the John Deere Co. at Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. Charles LaBarre ana Mr. and Mrs. John McDowell spent Sunday at Waterloo. The LaBarres were visitors of Mrs. La- Barn's sister? Mrs. H. G. Burnham, and the McDowells were visitors at the home of Mr. McDowell's mother, Mrs. John McDowell. Upon their return the McDowells were called back to Waterloo by the critical illness of Mr. McDowell's mother. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. • *' E. L. VINCENT, Secretary BODE, Treasurer. J MP - * tWs * day of °<* o *< r - 1936 - F. L. MC MAHON, Notary PuWlc. Financial Statement >' (SEAL) Gash ( en hand from last Receipts outride gate* (I • - family tickets .......... . ......... ' * 4.301 BK Receipts day grandstand and quarter" J 706 80 ' stretch .„ ........ Receipts night grandstand arid i quarter stretch ..................... Total ticket sales ..... II ................... . » Entry fees, speed department ....... ......I ........................... * sasoo Concessions and privileges .......... ........................ 21BOO* Advertising in premium list and program .................... State aid (this year anticipated) ..._. Miscellaneous receipts of fair: Stall and pen rent .................................... 273.50 Entry fees .............................................. 283.16 Exhibit space rentals ............. .".Ill" 200,00 From all other sources of fair — dance 394.68 Total miscellaneous receipts of fair 1 131 34 Total receipts of fair .................... 1 ............. 1303558 County Aid ............................................ .................. .................. 13,035.58 Stock sold none— off season rents ......... i' M i 24 Other receipts— 4th July. 1836 ............... '..^JZ 406170 Total receipts from sources other than fair ' Grand total receipts .................... Open premiums: Horses, ponies and mules ........ $239.00 Cattle (beef and dairy) ............ 705.00 Swine ................................................ 521 .oo Sheep, wool and goats .............. 148.00 Poultry and pet stock ............... 344.50 Agricultural products ................ 154.75 Fruits, plants and flowers ........ 106.00 Culinary products ........................ 129.75 Textile and art dept ................ 307.60 School exhibits ............................ 153.75 Dairy products ............................ 17.50 Horse Pulling contest Total open premiums 4-H Club Premiums: Colts Cattle, (beef and dairy) 90.00 291575 27X10 315.00 . 18.00 3.00 1.00 117.00 Lrfunbs Poultry Other than livestock Total 4-H club premiums 479.00 Total for premium other than speed 3,394.75 Premiums for speed 138300 Music and attractions .'.'.'...'.'.'.' 3,94160 Miscellaneous expense of fair Advertising j 729.63 Printing '455.86 Postage , 108.08 Salaries 803.15 Police and gate 409.00 Dance 300.00 Mdse 483.39 Misc. 1,448.40 All other expenses of fair . 2,640.79 Total miscellaneous expense of fair 5,735.51 Total expense of fair 14,854.86 Indebtedness of previous years paid 12294 Insurance, interest, etc 1J389.59 Permanent improvements 1009.11 Maintenance of grounds and buildings ^ l',023.89 Any other expense—4th July 3,494.49 Total expense other than fair ' 6,917.08 Grand total disbursements ''.'' 21)994^88 Balance on hand—overdraft '35364 Statistical Data Estimated value of grounds and Improvements, f75.000.00. Present Indebtedness, f 15,300 grandstand certificates, and W 420 23 other note^ Total number exhibitors, all departments 1143. Number of exhibitors, live stock departments 91 and (59 club) Number of horses exhibited 68. Number at cattle exhibited 368. Number of swine exhibited 179. Number of sheep exhibited 77. Number of head of poultry exhibited 618. Admission fees charged at outside gates—adults 40c, children 2Sc. Total attendance at fair (include, both paid and nnennalil admissions), 25,000., ~"'" Total number paid admissions, outside gates 14.644. Admission fees charged at grandstand—night 36c, day 36c. Total number paid and non-paid admissions, at grandstand—day 8.000; night 8500. * KiUage levied lor next year's county aid .11 mills. Amount you aaUctoate levy will return J4.000.00. Are grounds owned hy society or county? Society. How many acres in the grounds? About 40, Officers of the Pair i» —szTi,'fT Jt *•&•**». *• O- Aiona, Iowa. Vfep WnMm. Clatk JharfOiam. P. fit Ai»on*» M?li§dF ^QL'iJjw. Iowa- .,. '' v ' Miss Ooelta Crfthan, teacher, announces thnt basket social and program will be given by the pupils of the Riverdale township district No. 3. Friday night, October 30, at the South Cresco church. All invited. Mr. and Mm. Albert Ojtren are leaving Wednesday for San Antonio, Texas, where they will make their winter home. Mr. and Mrs. Ogren have t spent five consecutive winters there. Their address is Grande Court, Snn Antonio. Texas. Mr. and Mr*. Harold Matt and children, Bobbie and Nancy Lee of Plainfleld, Iowa, and Mrs. L,. R Matt of Troy, Iowa, spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Roberts. Mr. Matt is uperinfendent of schools at Plainfield. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sclmllln left Sunday for Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where they will make their future' home at 325 North Phillips street. Mr. Schallin has been transferred there from Algona, and Is employed by the Cities Service Oil Company. Honry Johanmcn, Jr., sold hi» lot on Wooster street to Milton Norton. Mr. Jolmnnsen will build a modern home for Mr. Norton. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johannsen, Jr., sold their home to Lylc Reynolds and are now occupying a new home built by Mr. Johanhsen. Coila Jane Hollister, who is employed at Ihe Russell Maxwell home, returned Sunday from Storm Lake, where she had been attending Beuna Vlata homecoming since Thursday. Monday morning she had the misfortune to fracture a small bone In her left hand when she caught it In the wringer of the washing machine. JUNIOR THEATRE 9 New First Bun Features 2 All Seats 21c,KidslOc Last Two Days Tuesday- Wed. Chas. M. Sheldon's "IN HIS STEPS" with Eric Linden Cecelia Parker Companion Feature Walter Abel In 'TWO IN THE DARK* ON DISMAY at all Buick Shotvmomt S ENSATIONAL is the fervor with which the American public has taken to its heart the brilliant motor cars offered by Buick this year. Indeed, the sweeping success of the 1936 Buick program flatly challenged us and our great parent General Motors to a momentous decision. Should we continue this amazingly popular line of cars into next year, perhaps the prudent thing to do — or should we dare broad improvement upon their spectacular excellence? We felt there was only one right answer to that question, the bold and progressive answer—and that's why insiders now forecasting 1937 are already saying: "It's Buick again!". That's why on top of $15,000,000 recently spent re-tooling and reequipping Buick's great plant, we appropriated and are now spending $14,500,000 more. - That's why every car in the 1937 Buick line—the SPECIAL, the CENTURY, the ROADMASTER and the LIMITED—ia a triumph visibly and intrinsically outrank' ing anything we have ever font. Each has more beauty for dazzling style, more power for breath-taking action, more room for fuH*family comfort, more downright "road-command" for safety and pleasure. . / See them—then you'll know why Buick's soaring sales curve is headed for yet loftier altitudes next year. KLASSIE MOTOR COMPANY SKLjS.. *** WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT, BUICK WILL BUILD THEM * ** VIRGIN GASOLINE ADDED TO AROMAX GASOLINE The Sign of tkcSkclly Tailor To f*t iht cuoliM to fit tb* wtsubef (B your community, drive in at thti sign of tte Skell/ divnodd. for Weather NOW In ALGONA LIKE ready-made clothes, refinery-wade gasoline ia pretty much the game. But weather isn't, for different communities. The weather is different— — why shouldn't the gasoline be different? To refinery-made gasoline, Skelly in 24 separate tailoring points, adds in varying quantities — Virgin gasoline pressed from gas-well gas. Tailored by Communities Your Skelly Aromax goes through one of these tailoring facilities. For different communities it has different quantities of this fast-starting, speedy accelerating, naturally high octane gasoline added. Aromax ia NOT "Ready-Mode" Do you believe all gasoline come* to just as it comes out of the r That all of it is "ready-made"? Sup into you* c**> **P UM Matter, M*p oa th* tttd, ttcp aloof. you just as it comes out of the refinery? SkeU Aromax is not. Try a Tailor-Made start in the morning. If Tailor-Making doesn't give • difference yon can see, Skelly will gladly give you your money back. You can't lose. Virgin Gasoline Is Added to Ready-Made (Refinery) Gasoline In Tailoring Aromax Virgin gasoline is made from gas-well gap. It Is not "casing-head" gasoline. It ia • stable product, bat far Cuter starting, tutt* on the pick-up, tkaa regular or "ready-made" refinery gasoline. The SfceUy Tailor rombUes the two 1m lliTfr'f tHr ideal SkeUy SKELLY AROMAX GASOLINE ggg K>R IACH COMMUNITY

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