The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1936 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1936
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Oct. 27,1936 Hockfty Cap "Eagle Knit" of soft cotton in bright colon that boys Ilk*. Fellow Really Likes! SWEATER Wartn Brushed Yarn And with a Slide Fastener Brent. Leather Mittens With fur back* Newest Ties 10c Fleetie Lined Helmets ~29c Fancy Dtress Shirts Kte Cotton Pullovers B9c Me* Things you need— and you'll find them right hoth in price and service. Suspenders : 29c Work Mufflers '. 69c Gloves Men's Ties 1520-26C Broadcloth shorts 36c Swiss liib Shirts 20c Men's Best Quality Spats — 79c and 98c Sturdy brown jersey Gloves. 7/uBEN FRANKLINS/ W. V. MRS. JAMES HUDSON, IRYINGTON, GUEST AT SHOWER ON SUNDAY MEN'S SHOE WTIH SENSATIONAL NEW COMFORT FEATURES Velvet Step Features and Seamless Back Quarters Are Startling New Development in the New City Club Line (Special).—An amazing new idea for building comfort Into men's .shoes baa been perfected by Peters Shoe Company, branch of International Shoe Co., and will soon be Introduced in 10 new styles in the City Club line. Principal innovations in this outstanding development are improved Velvet Step features, as they have been termed, and a sensational new style and comfort feature—seamless back quarters. The Velvet Step features are embodied in a scientifically designed cuthlon sole, having three resilient cushiony pads built into it at the points where a man's weight is most heavily concentrated. One cushion pad Is under the heel. The second is aa inner longitudinal pad which locks the heel in place, and at the same time supports the arch. The third is a cushioned nietatar- sal pad which serves as a support for the metatarsal, thus relieving pressure on the ball of the foot. These cushiony pads prevent any shifting of the foot inside the shoe, thus preventing any "riding of the uppers", and aiding the wearer to walk in a natural, balanced way. The seamless back quarters and back lining are an exclusive, patented features, something really different from an appeareance standpoint Advantages pointed out are that they provide a neater better looking shoe, and a sihooth better fit for the ankle. (Above copied from a 8t Louis, Mo, jtally). Bride Presented With Many Practical and Useful Gifts Irvington: A miscellaneous shower was given Sunday afternoon at the Irvington hall for Mr*. James Hudson. The afternoon was spent playing cards and a delicious luncheon was served late in the afternoon. Many useful and practical gifts were presented to the bride. Funeral Tuesday The funeral services for Eric Anderson, cousin of Mrs. Douglas Riley, who was electrocuted Saturday of last week, will be held on Tuesday afternoon at Llvermore. The American Legion will have charge. The Irvington dance club will give a dance this Friday at the local hall. The Elmer Dole family visited relatives at Mason City, Sunday afternoon. EL H. Thomas attended a radio servicemen's meeting at Mason City Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Becker visited Sunday afternoon at the Frank Hilbett home. Mrs. B. Frankl, Gerald and Camilla visited Sunday afternoon at the Pat Mulligan home near Bancroft Mr. and Mrs. John Gray and Mrs. John Leigh of Wlnnebago, Minnesota, visited relatives and friends In this vicinity Sunday. K. P. Roney threshed soy beans for Orville Hedrick and U. B. Frankl this week. The crop was considerably better than expected. John Rlley spent one day this week at the Douglas Rlley home here. He is spending this winter at the home of his daughter near Woden. People in this locality are now aylng in supplies of coal. They >elleve in being prepared for a hard winter, after experiencing the difficulties of securing coal during the blluards last winter. Mrs. Roy Vigue and son, Marvin are spending a week at the Matt Kapp home before going to their new home at Sioux City. Mr. Vigue began his work there with Armour & Co. on Wednesday afternoon Robert Leigh of Amboy, Minn, who recently underwent an oper atlon at an Algona hospital, has recovered sufficiently to return to his home. His father, Wm. Leigh •tune after him on Saturday of las week. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch and daughter, Mrs. R. D. Sktlllng an Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson an daughters, Marjorle and Vera, at tended the funeral of Mrs. W Southwlck at Marahalltown Wed nesday. N ,;,.,: A •wipW .-'-Wjj,'•"•'.'':.. 5-Ti- -•- eville s Shoe Store Sells Them In Algona Portland Twp. TheMan About Town Says mm«*qw"«»M^^ A sign on the Coryen filling sta- on reads, "Jl.OO if we fall to say Thank you, come in again.' " Any ustomer who does not hear the at- endant say those words at the lose Of payment for goods receiv- d can collect a dollar without a wait. "If s for the shelf, not to be kicked around," said Webb Gillesple as e received a letter informing him o be a winner of a football autographed by Red Grange and Prea- dent Sinclair in a contest held by he Sinclair Oil Co. * * * Work on the new building at the Botsford Lumber yard had to be uspended when too many leaves rom the court house lawn via a north wind found their way into he cement mixer and forms. Surey that wind wasn't abetted by in- :umbent Democrats? * * * Mart McCall of the post office iays people on Lucas street can save themselves a lot of writing over a period of time by leaving out the word "East" In reference addresses. There is no West Lucas street, so East is superfluous. * * * Friends of Howard Vbison, who ived In Algona for 38 years and las many of them, can hear his broadcast from his amateur station around 1830 kilocycles. Anyone picking him up should send a >oat card to Conde, South Dakota, its present address. Then there was the exploring of Tbeo. Herbst who wasn't sure a huge decorative piece of Ice was ce or not. He cunningly discovered by hand that it was ice and not ising-glass as he had suspected. Tin said a local branch house of a big company employing many men and women requires its work- era to donate two hours labor each week to the firm. In other words they work two hours for nothing more than to hold their jobs. This policy subsequently adds greatly to the firm's Income at the close of the year. * * * Dr. H. R. Gibson has a hobby of reading. Not the spicy entertaining type of book or magazine but the deep learning books and magazines as portrayed by his library. Almost daily someone uses his knowledge and place for reference to worldly things and happenings In his library can be found a near priceless collection of the monthly magazine, National Geographic, ar ranged and bound, containing ev ery Issue from the year 1914. The big, expensive magazine. Fortune is there with all but one issue sine One of last year's Atgona Grays Is going to settle down to housekeeping either here or at Ottumwa with a local girl as a partner. Algona needs this young man and should go after him. Congratulations. * * * Often one hears that women voters are Influenced by the good looks of the candidate. If so, this year the vote can be cast by lot Rows of pictures, large and small, of candidates line the bill boards, papers, fence posts and bridge and not a one Is that of a homely man. Ladles, election Is not a beauty contest. * * • Forgotten for the day waa the ever fathful dog who sat silently, puzzled, but watchful with adoration on the hotel steps aa his adopted family entered and exited and passed him by In neglect Every dog has his day and so with this one, he was back In the high esteem of his master the next day who made up condolences for the passing up. Read The Want Ads—It Pays. H. W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do an kinds of draylng and hauling 33-tf Let's Keep a Kossuth Man In the United States Senate Vote For Dickinson Kossuth republicans, democrats and farmer-laborites can unite in support of Kossuth's home candidate and vote to return L. J. Dickinson to the United States Senate. Let's give Dickinson a big vote in his home county. (This advertisement inserted and paid for by Ko ssuth Republican Central Committee, R. J. Harrington, Chairman) 1 Wednesday-Thursday, Oct. 28-29 you rwnwnbw your tckoel d«y«7 R»e«f>*i*» M«m that* unf«ra«l- joy. of m.A*p youtH. (• • centra* M «9«in for on* hippy kaur. Uueji *nd grow yotnq. Htppinxi «»a youth •w«it you in this *PP*«- in9 nwdUy of eom»dy wd m«lodr«m* Hut pn- Mnti • i»*fct»ng itudy of th* awn md wom»n of to-morrow. Comedy—News—Shorts—Pun Friday, Saturday, Oct. 30-31 Ken Maynard in "FUGITIVE SHERIFF" Plash Gordon serial, "Pearl of Pacific," technicolor MIDNITE SHOW HALLOWE'EN NTTE Saturday Only 11-30 P M. "BEYOND BENGAL", the greatest thrill picture ever n,id« 22 people died during filming of this, some of them on screen before your eyes. 31c jwd lOc Sunday-Monday, Nov. 1-2 Big Five Point Show 1—"Nine Days A Queen" 2—-Court of Human Relations 5—Bob Burns and his Basoolc* 4—Clyde Luca* and his Band 6—Universal News 9ehool PMcram Wen Attended A large crowtt attended a pie social at school district No. 7, Friday evening. The pupils presented a fine program. Miss Wanda Waltman is teacher. Ray McWhorter marketed a truck load of hogs Saturday. Mrs. a Winchell called Wednesday afternoon at the S. M. Peterson home. Mr. and Mrs. George Lannlng visited Friday evening at the S. M. Peterson home. Mm. George Lanning visited on Saturday afternoon at the Alfred Godfredson home. Louis McWhorter, Algona, was a business caller Thursday at the R. 8. McWhorter home. Miss Elda Jandl visited from Monday until Wednesday with Mrs. Bllsborough, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Jandl visited the R. C. Colllnson family of Elmore, Minn., last week Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. Frombach and Miss Laurie, of Algona were Friday dinner guests at the G. U. Fairbanks home. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Godfredson, Mason City, spent Friday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Godfredson. Mr. and Mrs. Stickler, Sutler, Iowa, returned home Tuesday after a week's visit with their daughter, Mrs. Tony Jandl and other acquaintances here. FOSTER FURNITURE COMPANY'S TWENTIETH ARTl IVER5ARY Its founding. That is not.sJl, ,sid by «dS~a?S volumes 1 that 4 can vl with any seat of learning. In a business house window a sign. A placard of the presen administration of the New Deal, of its successes, of Its saving of the farm, the business place, tho home. An urgent plea to send the head of the country back Into office. Back because of the foregoing prov- idences. Oh, yes, where was that attractive sign? In a window behind a door locked upon a business which goes under the auctioneer's gavel to the highest bidder probably before you read this. DANCE: Joe Sanders and His Nlghthawks CYTD IP BALLROOM A \J IV C CLEAR LAKE Thursday, Nov. 5 Advance Ticket* $140 On sale In Algona until Nov. 3 at Barry's Pool Hall or send mail orders to the Surf. Door price $1.23 per person tax Incl. Tiny Little Oct 3i, Carl Nebbe Nov. 1, Count Hussey Nov. 7, Don Strickland Nov. 8, Cec Hunt (Dawn Dance) Nov. 10. Just 20 years ago this month, we began our business careet in Kossuth County. They have been enjoyable years for us, and we hope for you, our hundreds of friends and customers. We shall strive for a continuation of the best in service, and handling of quality merchandise which shall merit another splendid 20 years confidence, Beautiful Living Room Suites Ranging From *49.50TO $ 155.00 Odd Chair or Lamp FREE Modern Dining Room Furniture 8 pieces for your dining room only *59.50 8 piece modern solid oak suite, Buffet, Table, one arm and 5 straight chairs moo telephone* are man common in the United State* thao in for- •jgacounaic*. la city, cowo and country you find telephone* aeat at hand becsju* Americans arc the greatc*c telephone itscr* in the wotkL to proportion to population, people of the United Sestet have six time* u many telephone* s* European* and auk* nia* tin** a* m»ny telephone call*. It if fffift^>fi tlfft^ ^m^r^yna ihlHlId U*S than t»e people of other countri**—you can get more end k^~». tttsflluMM »*rvic* Car your money to the united States PSHWB^BWBt T" ^9 **^B ' m ~^ r ~f • "*_IJ dua anywhere ctpt to the wood. Yew bf wai, yotu ultpboae dolls* ha* been buying more «ad man. It bam cwUtsf, mon accurate and more dependable load sttriMi it $uy* out-ofaown nrvke MiiTinaly fuxtt, deair- <r and non sum at Mbttsadslly lower COM; it bay* M IT far which mcb«*.a«o»» oc**n* and coven almott tke whole world. tor man thw fcalf a century, the Bell Sy»«o» hs* wctfced coostaady to imp*** aad fsttad telephone **rvk« aad to Itfepj down in COM to telipoooe w**w...u b*« helped to give duUaitcd State* AM be*t, and foe it* value, dtc low«*t-pr|ce<i tiTi^ni Wtrk* la tk« wadd. MMTHWIITBIM Mil TIlirHONI COMPANY as We can furnish your bedroom in any style you might want as low 39.50 Other Suites M9.50, '69.00 TO '115.00 Spring free with each suite SPECIAL Spring Filled Mattress '12.75 Rugs and Linoleums Bigelow Sanford's Rugs and Carpets Congoleum Nairn* Rugs & Linoleums Best in quality—lowest in price. See us before you buy. Foster's Furniture Co.

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