Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 13, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 13, 1952
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10 PAGES TODAY R«od by over 25,000 Doily lOCAl KXIKAST-. ' ' r«yi".nviii« na Ticiniir · MTMMU i-r. wind* in* w«m tanifht. Tfi, .inrrow moiily eloudr aM' eattfife, ·i.!l llfht rln prabtblr Migk t-irwi, p»r.tur« ynlfnUy M- low 17; *n!n lod.y I!. iunrlM »22; NMtt !:«. Tfc» FubHe Intertsf Is Tfc« Hr$» Concern Of 7hit Ntwspaptr , VOLUME 91, NUMMR 70 AMocioMd tou UoMd Wira FAYtTTIVIllt ARKANSAS. MONDAY EVENING, OCTOIER 13, 19SJ AP, King and NIA Fcalurw Bottle Of Posters In Massachusetts nvi cwi.« Two local Democrats hang up a sign reading "But We'll Vote For Stevenson" to the end of a Republican "We Like Ike" banner in Williamstown, Mass. The paster battle started when the Democrats rented one side of the vacant building for a headquarters. Local Republicans rented the other half and put up the big "We Like Ike" banner before the Democrats set up shop. The COP's then tore down their sien and held a huddle to plan the next move. » Eisenhower On The Run, Say The Democrats South And Border States Safe, Sen. Fulbright Feels Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson declared Anything But A Quiet Sunday At Smith Home Birmingham, Ala. - (IP} - It was ; just a quiet Sunday at the V. L. i Smith home until a water main | burst. Then a 250,000-gallon flood · I inundated the yard and poured six inches deep through the house for an hour and a half yesterday. i -Neighbors helped the Smiths i build a plank and dirt dam to di- Sprigfield, HI.-W)-AssociatM of vert some of the flow until waterworks employes cut it off. "I think I dipped up 2SO.OOO gallons of water in the living room alone," Mrs. Smith said when told of a waterworks official's estimate. "The water in the rest of the house we got out with mops and brooms. Or at least we're getting yesterday the Democrats-have Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower on the run and will win next month's election with a surge of support from independent voters. This view was sketched publi |y by Campaign Manager Wilson Wyatt. It is shared by almost all of the Democratic presidential nominee's advisers. Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas has predicted that the Illinois governor will carry the South and the border states. Secretary of Labor Tobin said yesterday Eisenhower will lose New York for supporting Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin and Sen. William E. Jenner of Indiana, detractors of Eisenhower's old friend military preceptor, Gen. George C. Marshall. Former Sen. Francis J. Myers j i ast Wednesday. The goal is"$22~- rcported "things look pretty good" 000. Dixie And East Will Be Courted By Republicans General Includes Oklahoma On Tour In Stretch Drive _ Aboard Eisenhower Special - UP -Dwight D. Eisenhower headed into the home stretch drive for the presidency today by pointing his final appeals toward the Democratic South and the vote-rich in- Pumps Unable To Refill The City Reservoir Shortage Continues; Ordinance Under Council Study As water consumption fell off over the weekend a part of the ' 400,000-gallon deficit at the Fay! ettcville city reservoir was made | up. But the big reservoir was still ' 100,000 gallons below normal thi morning. Water Department officials had hoped to re-fill the main reservoir ovtr the weekend. However, despite a decrease in the amount of water used, the supply was increased only 300,000 gallons. There has be:n a sharp decrease in the daily water consumption since Fayetteville began running into a water shortage two wtcks ago. But consumption is still well above the 1,500,000 gallons which can be supplied daily. This means that each day the level of water in the reservoir continues to drop. Mayor Powell Rhca toda;- urged residents to use as little water as possible between 10 p. m. and S a. m. so that the pumps will have an opportunity to at hast partially re-fill the reservoir during the night. ROKs In Control Of Hill Fierce Korean Battle Leaves Many Wounded 0(1,11656 Slliclcfe Troops Fail To Break Through dustrial East. The GOP candidate took on a the mud off sometime next week." Chest Campaign Far From Quota $8,317 On Hand; Goal $22,000 Fayetteville's Community Chest campaign had $8,317.17 on hand today in the drive which started whirlwind schedule crammed with f om the seven-day period ended specchmaking, conferences and '"t midnight to 17. The death of strategy huddles on which his: 8 65-year-old Luxuroa woman command based their hopes f o r | v a ! 'he latest reported highway Three members of the 8th ROK Infantry Division, wiring emergency front line drcs»ing await furth ThP riiv -n,, -i H , TM d '" treatment as they sit on a bench inside a mobile surgical tent on Korea's western front Tl The City Council may adopt an South Korean soldiers were wounded In the fierce fjur-day battle for the crest of White Hor.e ordinance tonight p u t t i n g teeth i lain, on the approaches to Seoul. "ui»« nto the city's plea fcr reduced valer usage. Likely to be declared llcgal are car and truck washing, lawn watering and irrigation. The Water Department may also be given power to reduce the water supplied industrial users. Traffic Accidents In Stale Take Seven ilves Little Roek-(flAt least seven persons died in Arkansas traffic accidents during the past week to bring the state's violent death t er The Grange Plans \ One '"M Two Drivers Arrested In Convention Here Accidenls Over w « kcnd ; tt fine Assessed Amounts collected and the for Stevenspn in Pennsylvania. Wyatt made it plain he thinks the Democrats are beginning to! sions. as reported harvest "extremely substantial" j Haskell Utley: support from the independent vote, j Women's division--Goal $3,100; He said there is apparently a wave of desertions from .Eisenhower's cause. He said that "I Used to Like Ike" groups were being formed .because of "disillusionment" with the general's campaign tactics-based, he said, "on the compromises, the shifts of position and the abandonment of principles t h a t ! County Hospital they felt before were emphatical- lectcd S39.50. ly held by him " "-''^ Hospital--Not reporter!. Wyatt was enthusiastic about ths No?'^^"'*TM" 0 " BuiMin *- victory November 4. His campaign caravan took off by plane at dawn today for ap- pcrances in Casper and Cheyenne Wyo., Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Olka.. and a night speech in New Orleans. Eisenhower held an unannounced conference yesterday with Herbert Brownell, who was campaign manager for Gov. Thomas E. Dewey in the 1944-48 presidential fights. Brownell helped engineer the Eisenhower nomination in Chicaso at the GOP national convention. State Meeting Opens Thursday The Arkansas state Grange will have a convention in Fayetteville, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the University, and the national Grange master, Herschel D. Newnom, of Washington, D .C., will speak. He will arrive in Fayetteville Friday and will appear at a banquet in his honor that evening in the Studsnt Union. He. will speak at B p. m., and the public is invited. Leaders of agriculture, farm editors and others will attend the banquet. The slate convention opens gon national committeeman, quotas set for the various divi- Barrak "T.""Mattin K iy"of "Missouri! ~ 6W CConom -- ald P r °K ram by Chairman former general counsel for the Republican National Committee j fatality. Deputy Sheriff Cliff Cannon said Mrs. Lucky Griffin was killed yesterday when she was struck by fl car as she walked along a Luxora street. Four pertons drowned Jast week and one person was burned to death. Five deaths were attributed to miscellaneous causes. New Aid Program For Out _ . . villc. Dr. Lippcrt 0 . ,,,,,. Belgrade. Yugoslavia - (/Pi -The University, and others, sti United States, Britain .and France! ter J. L. Moore vill give annouced today agreement ' One man was injured find two drivers arrested in Saturday highway accidents near Fayetteville. Injured was Johnny ,I«p»en of Scott, who suffered leg injuries in the collision of a car and motorcycle late Saturday morning. Deputy Sheriff Adrian Cooper said the accident occurred when Stan Wadde.ll of Bentonville. Route 1. riding a motorcycle, passed a car on Highway 71 two miles north and was unable to slow down on re-entering the line of Russian Planes Reported Over Japan's Waters An Air Base in Northern .lapan- (/P)-The commander of the Japan Air Defense Force today said Bus- Sinn piines aro tracked d«lly on traffic; The motorcycle struck -the rear of a car driven by Fayc Hammer of Pine Lawn, Mo. Jensen, a passenger on the motorcycle, was-taken to li.e Veterans Hospital in a Nelgjn ambulance. Waddcll was rhnrged Thursday morning with rcgis'tra'- i w i l h "Pealing n motor vehicle lion scheduled to begin at 9 o'- i w thout » "river's license and , .. h t,, m i^ clock. A number will speak at the I w l t h o u t " s "" p ''«·"«· »·«" «'"h - * ·- "' Wl " hapPCn ' radar at this bate and that the Soviet craft "from time ft time" fly over Japanese waters. Brig, Gen. Delmar T. Splvey i said approaching Russian aircraft i sometimes cause alerts at this j base. "Sometimes our planes ta^e off on alerts and .sometimes we just Fighting May Toper Off, Predicts Van Fleet Seoul, Korea-I/Pi-Chinese suicide troops with d e m o I i 11 o charges tried to blow a hole in the Allied defenses on White Horse Mountain tonight. South Korear gunfire mowed them down short j of their target. A front line Allied officer said about half » dozen Ridj with ·atehe! charges and bangalore torpedoes charged up the north nlops In complete disregard of theii. own livet. They fell with theii. charges unexploded. Satchel charges are bundles of explosives packed in a latchel- llke bundle. Some are covered with a iticky substance so the} can be quickly stuck to the target Bangalore torpedoes ar^ lengthj of pipe packed with explosive* At the «ame time two Chinese platoon! Jumped off In a futil« attack. The South Koreans drovi them back, then launched an ai- «atilt of their own. At last report they were pushing up the slopt of orie of three knobs the Redi captured earlier in the day. Smith Kgreaiu In Control As the savage battle for Whit Horse entered its eighth day th South Koreans were In firm control of the commanding crejt. The '!«t«y! fight!" troops of On Republic of Korea Ninth Dlvljlor prepared bunkers and threw ur entrenchment* In anticipation oi renewed Chinese assaults. A front-line officer «a!d ROK positions were in better shape thar they had been sln« the big battl started almost .a week ago. Gen. James A. Van Flett, commander tJf the U.S. Efchth Army predicted the fighting for the vita high ground commanding tht sprawling Chorwon Valley m*} taper olt. Improper passlhg. He was lined S5 I and costs, a total of $14, in Mu- ! jident, at 5 p. «·» collected SI,479. Small business--Goal collected S964.50. Big business--Goal $8,000: collected S2.507.25. . They 'kept quiet on the subject of for: Communist Yugoslavia."This was! day Friday regarded as a demonstration of l i n g conferring of Grange degrees western confidence m Yugoslavia's: Saturday evening. ability to contribute to the com- mornine session, including Dr. John Caldwell of the University, Mayor Powell M f j h - a rf Kayettc- j n i c m a l Collr ' toclny. Ellis of the '" tho sccmd std ' ate Mas- m " °" Highway 71 at Wlnslow. B. A. Smith of Fort Smith was charged with improper passing and Meetings are scheduled Thurs-' P" sin K ovpr * no-passing line af- and Saturday, includ- ! lcr hc w e n t a r o u n t i another auto- 1 mobile in a no-passing zone and forced an on-coming cnr into the mon defense against Soviet ag- their t a l k : . $3,600; i Brownell declared he was opti-1 grcssion. mistic over Eisenhower's chances. I Yugoslavia, though still Corn- Eisenhower pushes into Texas i munist, is not in the Kremlin fold tomorrow, where rebellious Dem-1 · j Univ I lected $1,713.50. $3,125: col- -No goal: col- results of President Truman's whistle-stopping attacks on the Republicans. Governor Stevenson, in a radio speech last night sponsored bv volunteers seeking So contributions for his campaign, said he is deeply concerned over the high costs of campaigning. "Th cial requirements are enti large," he said. It sometimes leads to "temptation to concentrate on large donations," which "does n o t ' always serve the public interest," he warned. He called the campaign for $5 donations a "particularly healthy" way of meeting the costs because donors would ask in return only faithful public service." Stevenson evidently was well satisfied with the results of his invasion of the South last week. He said he thought his reception in New Orleans, La., Miami i Post Office--Goal S140; collected $148.50, OVER THE TOP. Courthouse--Not reported. Veterans Hospital--Not reported. Public schools--Not reported. ; nign :-Illinois Coal Miners Out Al Seveii Pits ocrats iea oy uo|. Allen S h i v e r s i l IL I T · have pledged their support to him. | AnOHICr LOHfl I FID Shivers is expected to introduce! Eisenhower at some of his stops. | BlatinttH "" Truman Eisenhower will make stops^' ann "« ·»* irUfflan Wednesday at Mer,ihis a n d Knoxvillc, Tenn., before return- Japanese Form Their Own Defense Force Tokyo-l/Pi-Jrtpan gets hc said. Thunderjet watch planes are kept on the line and ready 14 hours a day. hc said, and can be aloft three minutes after an alert. Father, Three Children i Die When House Burns ditch with damage estimated at | Redlands. Calif.-f/ip|-Arier lead- 3400. The driver of the wrecked ing his wife and youngest daugh- Cilro, Egypt-(£)-The independent newspaper Al Akhb»r todaj slid exiled King Farouk will b charged with treijon for allegedly asking Britaln'i Army to quell the Egyptian Army coup last July that forced the monarch off hit til rone. Al Akhbar added that Britain decided not to interfere in th« Egyptian crisis after President Truman and Secretary of State Dean Acheson, on the advice at U. S. Ambaciadnr Jefferson Ca(- fery. strongly opposed any British ! action. car. .!. n. Smith of Searcy. was unhurt. B. A. Smith forfeited a S20 bnnd when he failed to appear for dren whll trying to rescue thei ! trial this morning. ' ter to safety, a heroic father per- ishcd with his three other chil- I Qn6 WOV MOHSV Pastor, Wile And W.ishington-Wi-Prcsldent postwar defense force Ihis week. , Seven divisions H10.000 men) of c n _ ., the National Police Reserve and ! tUDV PfJ 10 two divisions .35.0001 of the Mari- ' """I · vllv Tru- time Safety Board (Coast Guard) ing to New York and a campaign' man ' who rclurn ed last night from j will be reorganized Wednesday 90-specch, cross-country cam-''"'" 'he National Safety Corps.' . paign tour, announced today he \ *^ nfl khaki-clad troopers, now t w o d a v ' wi " mal!c mnrc l h a n 3n speeches ' armcd w i t h light tanks and obsoi- * " = three-day sv.-ing through into some of the Eastern industrial areas. The general took breather over the weekend, played golf and attended Sunday church services. Eisenhower said lie docs not favor breaking diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. "There is an old Army axiom" your enemy, i don't believe \h'at : Widow Killed By Cor it would seiTe any purpose to'. ~ break relations at this time." Another subject discussed j The trip will take him into five . ' s l a t e s--Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York--with a total of 17 electoral \otes. Plans Fc Airliner Speed Are Stud'ed ! from their naming home. Burned to death jhortly before \ dawn yesterday were Olcn A. Lar- | gent. 40, a disabled World War II j veteran, his daughter. Glenda. 13, I and two sons. Glen Jr., nine and ' Gary, six. Largenl, a mechanic, Milton, IV. Va.-Wi-Polin has hit 'imped from wounds he suffered hard at the family of a young : in action in Germany. . ... _ Presbyterian minister. The Rev.! Upon discovering the flames, ho : breakfast in bed. And what's .,,,,. Meade r. Dcggs, 26, his wi/c and (irst helped his wife. Myrtle, 36, ! -- the soldiers get to choose which and another child, Renda, two, to I officer has lo do it. It's pan of the Army's charities f u n d drive here. Every enlisted man who contributed $10 gets Can Be Raised Triestc-f*i-Into t h e enlisted men's barracks of the U- S. armed forces In Trieste these mornings there tip-toes an officer. He drawl back the blinds, gently awakens She soldiers--and serves them Son's Wedding Delayed Chicago-MVWorkcrs in at nTM nnmncr suoiect discussed vas- r-t, , , S^/J^i'/JJII^.^^n^I^hcthcr he deleted a S m ,n.'.-.u C . h ?. r !« tln -.. w - V '"MVA -*TM Marshall L^rUnitcT^n"' wtkek "" ""««'« '" *»· walked out today. The seven mines, all in Southern Illinois, employe more than 2,000 miners. A coal operators' source said a survey showed other big mines were working. i J' 1 ; 0 was "n the way to church to George i help prepare food for her son's from his speech at the! wedding reception was struck and request of Sen. Joseph McCarthy! killed by an automobile vesterd of Wisconsin. ' c- - *'-- " -' Eisenhower sold Miami, Fla.-l/Pi-Designs for a new American jet transport to carry more t h a n 100 passengers at a speed approaching fiOO miles per ^ r h £ vc h - en P 1 TM""* 1 '» Capt. Eddie Rickcnbackcr. president and Ecncrrfl manager of Eastern Air Lines. C;oss. piesident. and were recruited ! their 22-momh-old so n a l l became . . . outbreak of the ; victims of the disease w i t h i n a , safety. Then he went back into the ! few days. The baby, Francis, w a s : 'lames to the second floor beri- hrought here from his home in rnmn "'here his three other chil- Grccnvillc a week ago yesterday, dren were sleeping. The floor col- l.ast F r i d a y , Mrs. E l i z a b e t h ' ' " ' Dcggcs, 28, came down with the disease. And on Saturday Pastor Degires v/as taken to Morris Memori;il Ho.'pital here wi'h the · , « ,-or.n torm, bu,'oo.,p,nM polio. ^Si^^^"^ Tue,d»y H; v/as put m an iron lung and coolcr extreme northwest portion a nnctor listed his condition a s ' tonight. and in northwest portion critics!. Mrs. Deggcs ad the baby · Tuesday. were reported in good c o n d i t i o n ! L - -- -and imploving. lapsed and the f a t h e r and children dropped into the flames. Tht Wtothtr breakfast in bed lor a week. Money is pouring in. American Diet In Fall Taipch, Formosa-W)-Dr. James A. Monroe of the U. S. Mutual Security Agency in Formosa, fell to his death from a bridge yesterday while climbing Ml. AlUhan in Central Formosa. The miners made no demands. but it wasjjresumed they walked i out because they have not yet been and Tampa, Fla., and Nashville ! P ai(1 'he new wage boost which Tenn., was "fine." ' j '"^.y uwon ' rorn the operators and Stevenson's foray into Texas '"''''^ thil week is likely to see him which was offecsive October 1. Thc WaRe Slab 'l'"'iTM Board i ashington has not yet approved - . . _ : _ - !...· t... ;...,. .. ,'.. ... ... _..,,...,,.,, had a four-line reference to Marshall but that he deleted it himself because he felt it was pertinent speech. to the rest of She was Mrs. George Damou, 63 *"»?. n ^""eed Aircraft Co.- i -- fhM^n^oulV' 18 t h "l b ' V Y ar ' p r kenSack n £ n0 n S "hVprepnsed ' Sh 'P S A "' VC W '^ S."T;""!21,^f! »»!"'« " s °" ic sp ^"^ n ^_ ' Men From Korea Hndre In Tokyo Tokyo-(flVGcn. John n. Hodge, chief of Army Field Forces,, arrived in Tokyo today on an Inspection tour. . , have been married later in the day. but the wedding was postponed. Quake In California Oakland, Calif. - l/Pi-An earthquake centering In Oakland was I San Francisco-WVThc m i l i t a r y o u - 1 t r a n s o r t shi Gen. W terrtay. only reported. Rrlurn To John Tehian. Jran-f/Pi-Severa] thou- | transport ship Gen. W. A. sanrt operating and maintenance j carrying 761 A r m v and 170 Nnvv workers of Ira's state-owned rail- men from the Far was ways returned to work yesterday | scheduled to dock today Yester- re«ident" for 4n mil.* ,.7I 1 """' " e 4 ' h " u r " ro "' sl s t r i k e , day 2,335 A r m y personnel, most residents for 40 miles yes-1 against nonpayment of salary i n - ! of " M . sl,ght damage w a s i creases ago promised seven months abnnrd Pope. them f i o m Korea, arrived the trcnsport Gen. John Space Ship" Possibilities Have American Scientists In Sharp Disagreement ally tried ' earth "and pull up any Iron cur- inn-made j tain" through ability 'to see an- By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE Ntw York-MVA modern Co lumbus predicted today that man etariurn of the American Museum of Niitural History. Rosen declared he has a "down. will f o sailing through sp^e iali?^,"'.!!;" 10 ab ° Ul Sp - acc lrav only in to 15 years--but another | White Sands rocket expert says we're nowhere i New Mexico. near it. at the grounds in . . . 10 to IS ' c ° l f l s-- if we really hlw% E ffi'«A !2»«- »'«» »"- TM « * ^unche^'Z . . 80 to 200 humans aboard It. . , * v «t: Th» authortly is Dr. Wernher earth space satellite to hit any spot on here, rockets have von Braun, technical dli-Mto of The go-slow on space travel dreams was sounded by Wilson W Rosen, director of the Viking 'ockcl project. Naval Research ^ahnralnry, In » prepared speech at the second symposium on fpace travel held by the Hfyden Plan- , been shot to heights of 136 miles the U. S. guided missiles develop*" 50 . milos - group at Huntsvllle, Ala. k n o TM From «».'« M'ellllc. he said, we enough about lots of things to send could lake off in lockets lo the mwi In rockets to exploit- and ' moon or elsewhere in tntie travel through space with any real j He added' degree of safety. Telescopes on th Another expert declared that In ' take pictures of a The space latcllite could be a great deterrent to war, he mid, He suggested ntudlei starting now to create rocke« to carry material* and build this upace larid t h a t almost noth- Into space pldtfoim. Cave-Dweller Is Held On Charges Of Growing And Possessing Marijuana Yellville. Ark.-MVShcriff Jack [ vested a crop of marijuana but Pace said a 37-year-old cave ' added that he did not think the dweller was ancsted In a remote i n » rcollc na(1 b «n marketed in thi* section of Manon County ycster- j ir " hook |ft|d ,,,,,,,,, he hl( , ,, v . day lor "illegally growing and ' ed in the cave since June. He will he released to federal authorities today, Pace laid. j Pace identified the man as Cal- ' I vln Shook, who told officers he ! j was a musician by profession and [ ' that he came here fiom Oklahoma cause of space f l i g h t itself for the United Slates to u n d c i l a k any one of thi- f a n t a s t i c projects for a space ship t h a t has been proposed In the last few vcari." Th» Kpace ship project would take too many scientists and materials imd money from other defense pio)ect», he said. We just don't have the basic knowledge to go jihend l i g h t now and build such Poultry Market -- · nini IK- vmnc ncic iium uKianoma i ' v^ 1 * The poultry market today a re- City. He win apprehended by I _ - . . . . . . . , . _ . . ported by the Unlve_r»lly of A r - ; P u c c , Stair Police Sgt Charles COMMUNITY Poultry Market Newi Service" ol " "" Ihe U. S. Department of Agriculture. I Northwest I very firm, i barely adequate Arkansas market good, supply ship, ho rircla ! not »«»"v W to moil nce!. . broilers or fryers offerings were Renprslly light In weight. Prlcet paid f. o b fa up to 2 p. '""'' 3 °' 3 ' """ '"' "*"* Ixigan and Trooper Krcd Beach In a cave some 15 miles from here, which the officers said took twfl hours to reach by car, Jeep and on foot. Pace said Shook had 12 ounces of the narcotic in his possession, two marijuana plant! ipread out to dry and a small glass still. Officers said 12 ounces of "pure** marijuana would sell nn the Illegal market for tome MOfl to ROM. I Reach «ald Shook Juat hid hit- 1 NEEDS 1 IS* MOM THIS YEAR!

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