Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 6, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 6, 1952
Page 2
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-NOHNWBT ARKANSAS TMMS, i, Saturday, Stpttmbtr 6, 1952 .'. . Church News Task Of World Council Stressed At Conference Lund, Sweden - (EPS) - The! Church. . . ." important place which Filth and Order will hold In the Second As- aimbly of the World Council of Churches (Evantton, Illinois, Au- (jaVl, 1994) was explained at one ot'thc opening sessions by Dr. W jfe Visser 'I Hooft, General Scc- rttiry of the World Council of CjJSurches, to delegates Jltcnd-tng tft* Third World Conference on Ftith and Order ,in session (Au- gi«t 15-28) it Lund, Sweden. i'J)r. Visser '( Hooft characterize! the "fear of a direct attack the fundamental differences lween the churches" which aracterized the early days of e ecumenical movement, as being 1 today Jl a pure anachronism." "tye have learned," h« said, "that far from weakening our fellow- chip, a frank and- penetrating confrontation of our convictions is the only way to arrive at the deeper Jevtl of fellowship, thi only level which li worthy of the Christian Dr. Visser 't Hooft said that the vholc* of the theme "The Chrit- ti*n Hope" for the Second As- aembly of the World Council, rtld ' mciiibciithlp In the World Council at Churches In frrm.- of the traditional iTrlcsiolotrlciH convit 1 - tlonn of the different confessions? It was necessary to auk and to answer thiit question, but now we have to iihli Ihc next muL even more d i f f i c u l t question: how on we tlvc adequate expression tn the spiritual reality which exists in the ccurnnica! movnvni?" "The Central Committee of the World Council of Churches has sut'KCKled that the Faith and Order topic 1 at the Second Assembly be "The Unity which wt have in Chrifit un the Disunity of our Churclie*." or sueh similar subject ;is Kiiilh and may decide. , not Indicate that the rwilitlcs of ' Consideration nf"tho theme" will ! Presbyterian Laymen Leave For Europe A representative ifroup of five Presbyterian laymen will spend! three weeks visiting laymen In six European countries under the sponsorship of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church In the U. S. A. The purpose o the deputation Is to help Interpret American Protestantism to Europeans and-, in turn, to bring back from European laymen a message for American laymen. In the group, which is interracial, WHO SAID 'GOLDEN' SCHOOL DAYS? the world are to be forgotten.: , lll(c u ,..count of Ihc findings of the 1 wil1 °e » manufacturer, a lab our speakinz about hope," h c : Lu nd meeting and the crclesiolog- u n i o n official, a banker, a farm said, 'would be meaningless If i t j l c a l m c a n in s of the ecumenical w«re not don. In constant refer- movement, the role and contrlbu- ence and relevance to the present, lion ,,, con r 0 .isloiis and non-theo. situation of the world. i logical farlors. It is for the sub"Our task Is to speak adequate- committee of the Lund Contorence ly about that Imermcdlnie s i t u - i to consider whether they accept ation In which, while having a \ this pro;iri.icl theme, how it can real unity, wo have no: I D a i great- · best lie prcsentcM in a scries of cr unity which we believe the; pre-Astcmhly icaflcis a:id what Lord desires us to have. In o t h e r ' other preparatory material should words, we need a theology of the! bn produced. Also, what group abnormal situation in which w e - . s h o u l d be jjivcn rcspniisibility for arc toduy. The reason why we! preparing the basic rirclt for the have not yet been able to think I Assembly on the Faith and Orucr and speak more clearly about! subject." these matters Is. surely thai \vei --· have clund exclusively to accept-I Kortv-cinht new coal mines with ed calc|orles of thnuitht. . . We a daily capacity ol 111,200 tons lave sought to answer the qucs- wore opened in Kentucky from lion: how can a Church justify its' ll»fl Ihroiijth 1050. cr, and an officer of the Nation Infantile Paralysis Foundatio The team left New York by air o August 26. The Board of Foreign Mission supports in Europe 18 fratcrn workers who cooperate with th Inter-church Service of the Worl Council of Churches, assisting th churches in different countrie The team will visit these coun tries and observe the work bein carried on by Ihe fraternal work crs and wlil consult with layme in Germany, France, Hollanc Switzerland, Spain and Portuga Among other craters of Protesta activity they will visit the Gene\. headquarters of the World Coun cil of Churches. Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend rut T BAPTIST WALTt* L. JOHNSON. P« . t M · m luMir »d»i«l 10:11 · nt Mornlnf wonhii Sermon: "Mam Ihi MMk" He-Io: Mn. Ray Itritlon of Chleiio. 'Brudcwt over KGRH ;·:*» p m Baptiu iralnliif Unto* ·3M ». m Evinlni Worihlp wennon: "Tindiney CSHTMU. mSBYTEmAH C.EDWARD BBUaMJCU. PtlUr yuuia IV Olbeon, MImnlF M flu us a ST. Church School IO:H |. m i Morning Wo.ihlp fete: "·Midi Still Wileri- -Ham ttlan--Hirold Doonnboa ifcrmoni "Nit for tali- ,l:K p. m. Hlth School Weitmln itit rr r ·-··· rim ransTTEiuAii tOStt W Minn. J»., W1U1M C. Olkm. Mlouur l» ·!»· I'iU I: m. MoSSX 8SShl» .Anlhem "Orinl Ui Thy Peici o Lord"--Himblen ··to: "Lit Not Vour Heart BL Troubled"--lp»k--Mui Miry Leu fcfrmoni "*om» Thrllla Wi Need 1 awiton mietlni, Tuudiy it »· m. ST. HAUL'S triKonO. MAtuui i UNOLorr. RMM ~jth lundly ifler Trinity i -M a. rn Hoiy Communion :* · m Family lervlce ·UiM Moralif Priyir ant Hrmon CnmUU. METHODIST P U DYKM, JH, PMU« :00 a. m. College stuaint come Hear l:» i. m. church Ickeol 1KU a. m. Morning Worihlp firv Anlhe.T,: "O Ll|hll Ol Level O ·gJrltr-PlMuU Jlolo: "He Imlleth On Me"--O'Hiri --Miry Ann Grothir ·termon:-- llev. D. L. DykM, Jr. ·:M p. m. Weiliy FounfUtlon ·:09 p. m. Youth Grouni T:N p. m. Evinlnf Worifip lervlci Anthem: "When I Survey Ihe Woi droui Crow"Woodbury Bermon: D. L. Dykei, Jr. Broldcilt over KGRIf riHST HOBWT Mbrrttt, T _ t:U i. m. luniUy School IQ:00 ·. m, Sundiy School Climi 1D:» a m. Morning Worlhln Sirmon: "ProtcitinlUm Afflrnu" .5:00 p. m. D. s. r. 1:30 p. m. Chrlitlin Youth Fellowship ind Chi Rho ntlowihlp ST. JOHN'S LUTHEMAH lisa a. m. Sundiy School ·:« . m. Adult Bibli Claw 10:30 ·. m. Nurwry opini 10:15 a m Sundiy Worihlp Sermon: "The Momento of the Sec- rlment"--Luke 22. II Choir Anthem: "Like A. Ihe Htirl Dulreth the Waterbrooki"--Novell. FIRST CHURCH or CHRIST. SCIENTIST ·:M i. m, Sunday School 11:09 · m. Sundiy Service tit p. m. KGRH Sunday fadlo Program Widnudiy. 7:O p. m . meeting, ···dim Boom In church open each day unapt Sunday ind hofidiyi ·+· ORUNUUfD CHUhCH Of CHRIST OKU 8ALYM. Mlruitu 10:00 ·. m Church Mhoel - 11:01 a m Senuot, * il U ·. m Communion Mtrvloo. I »:IO p m Son| Service and alible ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC r*THU EDWARD It MALOY. Pallor -Sunday MUMI 7:30 and 9:30 a. m. .Thundiy. 7:JO p m Novini Miuei. Pevotloni ' W e e k d a y Man. Monday through r Salufd.r Man. 7:W| · ·. , Flnt rrldiy MIH, 7:wi · am. '. fun Slturdiy Mail. 7:00 I 01 : ConteMIOfu: 7:09 to 1:00 p BY and ··(ore .11 Mum CHURCH OF CHRIST flUD McCLUNG. Mlnliler · Wwl Cenlu ana north LoeiaM ' ·« i. m Bible iludy. · 1:30 p. m. Clllaei 1 1.00 p. m. Evening Service ' -- m. Wedneidiy. LAIIIII Bible HINDIVILLE BAPTIST CHUBC 10:00 i. m. Sundiy School 11:00 · rn- Worililp tfervlc* 7:SI1 p. m. Tr.lnlnf Union 1:90 p. m. Wonhip Service 1:00 p. m. Thurtdey Prej-cr Ser W. M. U. fourth Fridey CHURCH OF TH1 NAZAREN i O. COHDILL. Piitor South LOCUII StTMt KaRH W * :15 *' Pn " * Id '° Progflm-- t:« I. m Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Uornlni Wonhlp 1:30 p B. N. Y. P. S frayer Hee Inf «:« p m N. Y. P. S. ·:« p. m Adult Prayer Bind 7:SO p m. Evanielmic Service W«rln.KHy. T:K) p. n,.. Priyir Mil Thluridly, 7:00 p. m. VUltillon BolUI F«rd CwoauallT Chutck nnl Sundiy 11:N «. m. Rev Dem Sundiy urn a. m Rev rbick d Sundu rouVlh SunSy: C. Blwla »:W-*. m Uch Sundiy. timda D 11:00 «. m Rev 11:0» e. m. HIT. WEDINOTON METHODIST CHURCH lt:M a m. Sunday School li:to a. m. ml 7:M . m. Pruchini Strvlm m fourth aai rutli Sunday Wsfflfe I:M a m. Sunday School. lj;0« i. «. Tjjorruni Woril If* p. ». laptlit Train' i:M »v m Evenlni w SETKXL BATTIST CHURCH BOY W. BEBO. Pa.lor 111 MaMlon Street I:U a. m Sunday school 11:00 a. m Mornlnl Worihlp. 0:90 p. rn. Trilnlns Union 7:?0 p tn. Evcnlna Service Midweek Priypr Service-Wndnei- CENTRAL BAPTIST ACK DEAN. Pmor t:4S a m Hunday Cchool. I«:M i m. Mornlnt Wonhlp. 7:00 p m. Biplut Tralnlnn Courie 1:00 p m Cvinlni Worihlp «:« p. EI Widnudiy. Prajir uric*. ULL QOSVEL TABERNACLE M. STOONER. Pallor 10:00 a. m. Sundiy scnooi. 11:N a. m. Prucnmi. 7:11 p. m. tvanieliillo eirvm Wedneiday, 7:30 p m Midweek 'rayer Service. Frlda,. 7:30 p m. PYPA Servl~« BLACB OAK BAPTIST HOWARD PRICHARD. Pallor 10:00 a nt Sundiy School 11:00 ·. m. Preaching Service 7.06 p m. Tralnlnc Unlun 100 p m Preachmjt Servlott Thuridey 7:30 p m Prayer meeting + OOSHEN METHODIST OL1, R FINDLEV. Pallor 10:00 a m Sunday Uchool. 11:00 a m Mornlni Wonhlp 7:00 p. m. Evenlni Worihlp f AYETTEVILLE BIB..E MISSION MO BLOCK SOUTH CDI.LKUk. Interdenominational HOMER MOUTTET, Pallor 8:43 · m Sunday school. 11:00 a m Mi-mlns Worihlp 1:15 o m Youni Pcoolel Services 7:00 p m. Zvanlallslic Service. Junior Choir will meet Saturday at t p. m Wedneidiy. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet- BJd§. ok St . udy. JEHOVAH'S 3rd Floor Red Cro«t Wcdnt--sd«y. 7:30 p m . Friday, 7:30 p m. Strvic* tiMttlni, Friday. 8:4 p m.. Taeocritlo Ufo ulry School "tindiy. 7:30 p. m. WUch'owtr Study ·f Garland H*ighti BaplUt Million of Pint Baptist Church 1155 Jumti Street GLENN STECLE. Puitor 9:30 a. m Sundny School Il.:iri a .m Morning Worahlp V:15 p m. Training Unl n 7:30 p m. Evening Worihtp _j. CALVARY TABERNACLE .15 Bait South Street BERYL E. BETH. Pallor 10:00 B m. Mornlnf Service 2:30 p m. Dcllverince Meiiife ind Ptltytt 7:4r p m. Evencellktlc Service! 7:.1o p. m. Wedneidiy. Tirry l r| Servlcei 7:30 p. m Saturdiy. Teitlmon. \\ Service + WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BREWER. PMtor Flnl AM Thlrt funderi Sunde* School 9:30 a. m. Evcnlti" Wonhip 7:30 p. m. »«.1K AM rtlutH fuMiyi Morning Wonhip 9:30 ·. m. Sunday School 10:30 a m. Evening Wonhip 7:30 p. n. -t- WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD BRANHAM end STEELE. P.Itore 9:45 a m Sunday School 11:00 Morning Worihlp 6:30 p. m. Chriet Amtaiieidor Service e:30 p. m. Junior C. A. Service 7:30 p. rn. Evangelistic Service WeilncBciy at 7:30 p. m. -Prayer Ueetlng nd Bible Study BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH OTHA TACKETT, Piilor 10:00 a. m Sunday Schcwl Jl:00 a. ni. Sermon 7:30 p. m. Evening Service »:00 p. m. Friday night. Bible itud ind preyer meeting + WIOQINtl MEMORIAL METHODIST AHNOLD HIMPSUN, Pallor Soutl! Church inu Third SlrMta t-ti a m . Church School II'OO a m Morning Wonhlp J:jO p m. Youth Fcllowihlp 7:30 p. m Wonhip WFJJT FORK CHRISTIAN OHN ASBELL. Minlltn ·MS a. m Church School 1I:OJ a m Morning Wonhip an SON'S CHAPEL i MILES EAST ON HIGHWAY U »:30 a. m Sunday School Suierlntendent--Turner Brown. Auxllliry every (ourin Monday 1 M SECOND BAPTIST N V_ DRAKE. P.a;or v:«a a m Sundiy bcbjoo) 10:45. m Mmilng WorThlp. 7:00 p. m. Bapllit Training Union 8:00 p. m. Evening Wonhip Wedneiday, 7:31 ing onhlp P. m , Prayer Meet i aTM. 0 .*' mtm CHRIST LATTER DAY SAINTS JAMER fLETCHER. Eldir ,. Student Union Blue ROOM 10:30 I. m. Sunday School. WYMAN COMMUNITY CHURCH iff *· m S und , IV Scnool " 11.00 i. m Morning wonhlp Third Sunday--Rev. Virgil Erwln + or THE ommunlon Preaching every tint and uur OHN80N CHURCH Of CHRIST ILL I SMITH. MlnlMer """'"' 10:00 a rn. Bible Sludy 10:50 a m Wonhlp Service ':« p. m. Evcn'.ng Clanei B 00 p. m. WoriUp Wedncidwy, 8:00 p. m.. Prayer Meet AHMINGTON BAPTIST M KRE1S. l'a,tor 10:00 a in Sunilu School 11.00 a rn Morning Worihlp 6.30 p m Bnpllsl Training Union 7:jp p m. Evangellitlc Service Vednciday 7:30 p in. Prayer Meet ARMINCTON METHODIST - R1GCS I'nitor 11 00 a. m. Preaching on (1 fourth Sundayi ':30 p. m. Preaching ndRy w - s - C. S. Second Thur.daj- each tint, aecond T 7: Mlll 7:10 f m Wtdmidiy. P r i y i r and Blbli Study (or ill I|M tHRUT'8 CHUnCH ftOCD HUCKtl.BUrll. Pnlot . M! Weil Rock Strait ·:45 a m. Sunday School lu:w a. m Blbl« School II in i. m Worahl* Strrlo. Otmmunloii ·tniiofl J:« ¥*UM JM ^ . . m. Chlldrtni Miellni Ptoplii Chrlitiin Cndiivor f . m. Prtichlm s«rvlc and CVMMBRJLAJrD BOX BAWJB. PRCS1YTER1AW a»'HIIR« Wmblt SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST RC K MORUAN. Pailnl AMI.IK HOSTELLER. Pallor 10:00 a rn Sunday School 7:30 p m Evangelltllc Mcinge Wedneiday prayer meeting al 7.30 P m. HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:30 * m Sunday Uchuoi. 11:15 · m Mornini Wonhip. Wednesdpy night, 7;30 p. n... Prayer ·trvlc*f 4- UNCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JKSSt C COL EM AN I'n.lor 10:00 · nt Jiundny .School 11:00 · m Mornlnf Wonhlp fi.'io p m Triinlng Union 7:30 p. m Kvenini Wonhip ELKINS COMMUNITY CHURCH WADE BARRON. lilpcrlnlcndent Wide Barrnit. lupcrlnlcndrnt 10.00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m Church WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH Sundiy School 10:30 a m HINDSVILLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH TOM WILSON, Piitor 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Wnrihlp Srrvlci, Flrit ·nd Third Sundiyi NOHTH SIDE AStEMBLT OF GOD SAMUEL E BHUCE. P« ( |or 1000 a. m Sunday School 11:011 a in Sermon 7 .TO p m. Kvaiuicllsllc Service Turiday. Voung People'! c. A S«r virci. 7:30 p m s Friday Prnyrr Service. / 4» p m. + PARKSDALE BAPTIST HKN.S'KH DAVIti P.i.lor ARI.I:N MOSTKI.LAK. A«i«t«nt I'aitor 10 (HI n m Sunday School 7:no p m Evantclullc Meiiin Wcdnortay 7:.10 p m Prayer Mee|. mg Frmiy. 7:30 meeting. m Yot.ns People · JOHNSON BAPTIST CHUHCH E M LOailG. I Tutor 10.00 * in iiuntlay School 11.00 * m Worship Seivtrct 7 on p m Tr«lnmi Union C 00 p m Evening Service \\cdnc»ilny. 7:30 p tn.. Praytr Meet- SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 37 MOUTH STRKT SATURDAY 10:00 a m Snbhalh School I I 00 n m Chinch Service Tuculay. 7.30 p m I'rarer mretlni SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W H SHARP, Paitor six Mllce niirtlnveal 10 00 a m Hunday School 1100 a m Mornlns Wonhlp 7:30 p m Evrnlni Worihlp Wedncldiy. 7:30 p m., P r e y e Meellnl ^?.« FIEDI -» :R . Putor 10100 a. i.. Sundiy School. II '00 a. m. Wonhip Services 7:10 p. m Wonhle S.r»l«i. ·f SYCAMORE BAPTIST CHUHCH Wheeler. Ark ICOWARD SMITH. Paalor 10:00 · m. Sund.y School 10:45 · rn Morning Worihip 7-30 P ' ""· S'P"" Training Un ^KJ*TM '^"'p* s r "!ifid-««k L BAYLESS. "aitor ,T ! J5 ' m Sundiy School, i:'TM * m t , Mornln « Wonhip S.30 p m Young People 1 ! meeting. 7.M p m Evangiltatlc Service '.30 p ai Tburaday, Prayir meet. CALVARY BAPTIST CHUHCH ·ssrstfisriS"*' »:4j a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Mornlnc. Wonhlp 7:00 p. m. B. T. U. ZUL?.^TM- Evening Wonhip Prayer Serv- Hillside Adventures ·· RED STAKE WITH SCHOOL DAYS at hand again, the Immortal thiw-R's take on a ; fourth. It is an "R" for "regrets" that the vacation weeks are over. Illustrating the state of mind of millions of youngsters throughout tht land are Richard Heatherton, 8, and his sister Davy-Jo, 7, as they wait for a school bus In a New York suburb. Getting them started il their father, Ray Hcatherton, radio and TV singer. (International) New Pulaski Grand Jury To Take Up Highway Matters Little Kock-(,P)-A new Pulaski | laled what it said were instances ires of the Highway' Audit 'com- P n l i l k ' a l campaign contributions ission, will be empaneled here September 22. Several months afio Circuit from highway equipment suppliers. The commission blamed Governor McMath for the situation, find the report became an issue in this summcr'.s campaign udge Gus Fulk discharged a "rrand Jury considering ll-.n Audit Commission's report when the j in which McMath was defeated for urors disagreed among them- i renomination. elves and three members asked to I Judge Fulk is now ill. A col- e relieved. j lca«uc judge. Guy Amsler, said The commission earlier issued a j t h a t under a Fulk order, made cport which told of alleged waste nd extravagance in Highway )Rpartment operations and rc- shortly after he discharged the earlier jury, the matter would be rcsubmitted. That noise you hear, which sounds like the thundering- herd, is the millions of feet of children tramping back to the schoolroom, where the teachers will have another chance at giving them some more shots of this stuff called education. Do you ever wonder about whether your child is getting his share of this strange stuff that is supposed to change him from a noisy, selfish, high-ttmpered little stinker, into a perfect gentleman? Do you ever wonder what education really is? Well, frankly, none of us seem to know. You ask a roomful of people to give "you a definition of education and you'll get a roomful of answers. Years ago John Ruskin, who was « smart deal brighter about such things than most educators, said "Education does not mean teach Ing people what they do not know It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.. U is not caching the youth th* shapes of he letters and the tricks of num- iers, and then leaving them'to turn heir arithmetic to roguery, and heir literature to lust. It means, on the contrary, training them into he perffct exercise, and kingly ohtint'hce of - their 'bodiei "and ouls. It is a painful, continual and difficult work to be done by kindness, by watching, by warning, by precept, and by praise, but above all--by example." So, according to Ruskin, what the teacher is and does gpeaks so loud the pupils may have difficulty in hearing what he says. Wt-haV* corn* a long'vMayi since this, writer tnrpUed in the little onc-room crackerbox school in Georgia .shortly after the turn of the century. Then they licked us and learned us. A teacher was hired according to his ability to wield the rod. He took the admonition of the Bible, "Scare the rod and spoil the child," literally, and seldom granted us a chance at getting spoiled. Teachers came and went at a rapid pace; no one staying for a second three-month term, and tome didn't last even one. What happened to them we often wondered, but there was always a new face to greet us at the ichoolhouse door came the next term. The best I rejnember the w»lls were unpainted and bare, the windows- had no curtains or shades. The seats were old and well carved. The floor was swept only on Friday, and we all used the than to be the head man when it comes to messing up the life of a child? We are not slipping backward in the three R'g as tome would have you believe. A test which was given to ninth graders in 1845 in spelling, arithmetic, and geography, was unearthed in IMs and given, and again in 1J26, The 1906 group beat the 1845 pupils all to hollow, and the 1826 group gained 20% on the '43'ers. As I remember my father could spell "incompatibility," pronouncing each syllable, but he had no more idea about its meaning than a hog dots about Sunday. He always spelled water with two "t's," and threw in a "t" when he wrote 'which." Yet he bemoaned the fact his children wire poor spellers because they couldn't cope with the Blue Back book he memorized. Maybe I've proved my point and then again, maybe I haven't. But anyway we've taken the job of keeping your child out of your hair for six months, and if we don't turn him back to you next spring a better citizen .we will have failed ·verybody concerned. Announcements Central Metbotfttt Chunk . .Circles .of' the . Women*. Society of Christian Service of the Cen. tral Methodist Church, will meet Monday as follows: Circle one, Mrs. James Phillips, 603 Park, 1:30 p. m.; Circle two, Mrs. Myrtle Hanna, 801 College Avenue, 1:30 p. m.; Circle three, Mrs. Louise Budd, t 205 'West flock, Street, 1:30 p. m.; Circle four, Mrs. Byron Thompson, 336 St. Charles .Avenue, 1:30 p. m,, Mrs. Cora Parker, co-hoi' !ES; ' · . Circle five, Mrs. Clint Waldtn, South Mountain, 1:30 p. m.; Circle six, Mrs. C. C. Farley, 319 Holly, 2 p.-m.; . Circle seven, Mrs. Russell How- . ard, lOis North College Avenue, 1:30 p. m.; Circle eight, Mrs. R. D. Goff, Jr., 328 Highland., 1:30 p. m.; Circle nine, Mrs. Etta Roberts, 124 Meadow, 1:30 p. m.; » Circle 10, Mrs. J. A. Joiner, Highway 45, east, 2 p. m.; Circle "11-, Mrs. John Hilton, 347 North College Avenue, 2 p. m. . : Christ's Church Annual Meeting The annual'meeting of Christ's Church will be held Monday night same long-handled dipper to get a | at 7 :3 ° P- m ' Buiiness to be con- drink from the tin bucket which sidered will be the election of of- Uindsville Workers Conference In Lincoln The Workers Conference of the The Colhaugh Home Demon- T/\ .ration Club met at the home of '" Irs. Pets Sharrock Wodncsd Ight to complete plans for n · w .,., · , ,, .. ., . ooth at the Madison County Fair. | s ",c'iation will ni"ct°at Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Shipley .-Thursday m o r n i n g ' a t 10 o'clock, ave as guests. Mr. and Mrs. | The program, as announced by airy Young and sons of Lexing- the 1 host pastor, Jess Coleman, is in, K.V., and Mrs. Donald Shanks as follows: ' ban Diego, Calif. Mrs. Young : Devotion by the Rev. Howard nd Mrs. Shanks are their daugh- ' Pochard, 10 a.m.: Methods of Vis,. Si ; i l n t i o n , toots More-land, 10:15 a.m.; Mr. and Mrs. Butler Adams an:! I Mewar(iship h U Rcvival t '"h* 5 RTM ' in, Joe Ed, of Rails, Texas, have J j om , Stephen, 11:15 a.m/ ° V ' . W f d n e i d , ice; and Bible " d ' . Study m - Wcckljr CHUHCH . ,, ·"" Uuncin and Storx J:« a. m. Sunday School 10:50 a. m. Morning Wonhlp «:«s p. m . Baptlit Training Union and Priyer Service «:00 p. m. Evening Wcnhip Wedneidiy, 7:30 p. m.. Bible Study FIRST ASSEMBLY Or COD C R. ALBRITTON. Pastor ,M 5 ·· m Sunday Scnool. '' : »" · m Preaching. «:M P m Y. P Claw. J:M p rn. Evangellatie Btrvlce. ':30 f m frlday. Bible iludy 7:30 p. rn. Tueiday, C. A, Hrvlol OAKLAND BAPTIST }0:OU a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a. m Morning Wonhlp. 7:30 p m BYPTC »:30 p m. Evening Worahlp ^Wedneiday. 7:30 p m Prayer rant- + PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER. Pallor {Highway II Weet) 10:00 a, m Sunday School 11:03 a. m Morning Wnnhlp 7:30 p m Training Union »:15 p. m. Evingellitlc Service ^Wedneiday. I p m.. Prayer Meel- Mnnthly 7 p m.. Third Frldiy Fel- iwihlp Supper. Brotherhood ind ' M. U. Meetlngi GREENLAND COMMUNITY LPORD WHIT/LEY. Piilor «:«.i a m Sunniy School 11:00 a m Morning Worihlp Wednr»day. 7:5(1 p m Midweek iby Study and Prayer Service POSTOLIC TAITH CHURCH EOLA MOORE, Pai'or Ighway 71 South 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Service ':JO p m. Evangellitlc Servlee 7:30 p. m., Uld wee. T. JAMES BAPTIST iNifnl IV. O t. WRIGHT » 30 «. m. Sundiy School IO:S(l m. Morning Wontllp f:M p. m B. T. U. KW p m Cvnngellillc Servlc*. T. JAMES METHODIST (Ktfio) I. nuciiANAN. P«tor ··« · n. Sund.r School II on · m Morning Woreht. ·:U p m Youth r«llomhl. ··" P m Nlghl SemcM ten visiting Mrs. Cora V a u g h n Miss Gertie Copening, incl the Llnebargcrs. A cooperative birth- snriatinn Board meeting day dinner was given at the home i W.M.U. business meeting, Sermon, the Rev. A. J. Scott, 11:45 a.m.; lunch, 12:15 p.m.; Asand 1:30 of Miss Copcnii'.R Wednesday. The ' P-" 1 -' Inspirational message, D. W. honorces were Mrs. Cora Vaughn, i JYj' 1 ' 2 p - m -' and Benediction at Mrs. Tom Fitch, Mibs CopcniiiB. ,' ~ M p ' m ' . Mrs. Adams, and Mrs. Jasper! , , . . Hawkins. j Lutheran Hour Mr. and Mrs. Kay Logne and ' children of La Habra, Calif., have j returned to their home a f t e r visit- Opens 20 fh Season « IK g*. - AJ. Ai ACommunitv Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedult '·Aricansos Wtnrtrn (MI Co. »Boston Store »Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Compbell-Btll «Foy«ntvillt Orufl Stori ·Hatfield Pontioc Co. · Hunt's ·Ozork Cleaners ·Ozork Grocer Co f ' pley Bakin ° Co " lnc ' · Southw «tcrn Gas Electric Co. ·Vicktr'i, Inc. ing Mrs. Logue's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Stone, and relatives at Springdale. Mrs. Nellie Erase has gone to La Habra, Calif., for the winter. Perry Smyer has returned to his home from the Madison County Hospital, where he was treated for an injury to his foot. The foot was badly cut in a power mower accident. Several stiches were necessary. Farmers are very busy putting up hay and sowing fall grain. Canning factories are operating part time on tomatoes. Devil's Den Road Mrs. Helen Gooding and datigh- ler, Patsy, have returned to their ionic at Vallejo, Calif., after visiting Mr. and Mrs. 1,. S. UoodinK and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GoodinB and daughters of West Fork. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Puffinb.irgcr of Jefferson City, Mo., and Glen Davis of Oswefro, Kan., were Labor Day gucsls of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Lanririlh. The Rev John Gal!,i-eath is j The Rev. Carlelrm D. Lathrop. home on a 15-day leave from the J rector of St. John's Episcopal Veterans Hospital at Topcka, Kan. I Church in Fort Smith, will ccle- Mr. and Mrs. Floyd I'eol a n d ! hratf Holy Communion tomorrow d a u g h t e r of Sand Springs, O k l a . , ! ' nl ""· " n - r n - service at St. Paul's and Mr. and Mrs. I.oyd Pool and ' EPJwnpal Church. son irt Kaycttcvillc spent Monday v.-ilh Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Pool, _. parents of Floyd and Loyri Pool. I and Dohert M. Williams of Little When the Lutheran Hour opens its :!0th season tomorrow, the event will he signalized by a huge rallj in Milwaukee's Sports Arena. Also on that clay the Rev. Armin C Oldsen, regular Lutheran Hour speaker, will return to the micro phone after an absence of nin: weeks. For Pastor Oldsen. former Valparaiso University professor of religion, it will mark his second season of broadcasting to a vast international audience. Recognizer as an able counselor on persona! and family problems, he delivers fundamental G o s p e l - messages aimed at. making Christianity work in the lives of his Hcareri The program is sponsored by the Lutheran Laymen's Leageu, ail organization of moret han 65.000 members affiliated with the Lutheran Church. Missouri Synod. Pastor Oldsen succeeded the late Dr. Walter A. Maier as permanent speaker last year. Director of the program is Dr. Eugcnt I!. Bcrter- niiinn who has been associated with the broadcast since 1935. reposed on a dirty shelf in the darkest corner of the room. When empty a pair of the big boys re- illed it from the spring at the 'oot of the hill. Recess was a nightmare because ,ye had little in the way of recrc- ion outside of fighting. When the ilay period was over there was always a long session of kangaroo court. By the time the guilty had been brought to the bar of justice and had been thrashed soundly, it was about time to play again, and we started all over. There are those who will tell you we have gone backward educationally. Ai proof -we have lost ground they sight you to crime among the young. They cry to high heavens over juvenile delinquency and dump the blame on the schoolhouse steps. But the educators gather up the pieces and repay the compliment by tossing them in the window of the home They tell you most wayward children come from homes of w»y- ward parents, and delinquent youth is but the product of delinquent parents. I am not an authority or the son of an authority on these perplexing problems, but I am an educator of a sort. There have been thou- ficers and plans for future work. All night-services will begin at 7:30 p. m., instead of 8 p. m., beginning next Sunday. Flnt PrubTlerlan Church The Business Womens Circle of. the First Presbyterian Church will meet with Miss Ruth Crozier. Monday, at 7:30 p.. m. St. Paul'i Eplacopal church Ste. Mary's Chapter will have a bazaar and business meeting, Monday at 10:30 a. m,. in the Parish House of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. , Ste. Theresa's Chapter will have a dinner meeting at the Parish House, Monday at 7 p. m. Hostesses will be Mrs.. Thomas Lewis and Miss Frances Bruehl. Any communicant wishing to join this chapter is invited to attend. The Layman's League, of St. Paul's Episcopal Church will have a dinner meeting Tuesday at 6:30.' p. m., in the Parish House. Members of Ste. Hilda's Chapter will be hostesses. Lathrop To Be il's Church Rev A t : Thorp will bo no service of Holy Communion on Wednesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Noble of Joplln, Mo., who lived here 30 years ago, spent Labor Day here. They visited Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Pool. Mr. and Mrs. Jeetrr Hro.idercck nml Mrs. Mae Drurey of Niles, Calif., were weekend guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Uc Smith. Mr. and Mrr. Tex Roberts and son, Mlkey, of Kayellcvllle, were Labor Day guests of Ihe Smiths. Council Ofllciri Named Sparcy(/P)-Dr. George S. Ilcnson of Searcy, president of Harding College, yesterday was nomcd prnlrlrnl of Ihe Arkansas Public Expenditures Council surrecding il. H. Dlckcnhorjt of Morrlllon. J. V. Satlerfleld, Little Rock banker, was elected vice president Rock was named secretary-treas- CHURCH? -Iry Ihe L U T H E R A N The Lutheran Church Arkoniat and Dlckien sands of boys and girls coming under my observation since I enrolled my first student. Few of these have gone bad. As a whole they have been fair, truthful. kind, and considerate of their teachers and playmates. Those who have been troublemakers have been the troubled. In searching deep into their inner selves. I have found their home life nothing to be envi;d. If given a ch'ance any normal child wants to be wanted, needed, and has a hunger to find his place in the world so he can grow up, have a home and rear a family. The demands of these millions of happiness -- must be met. It is a challenge we as adults can't ignore and not get hurt. N If I 'read correctly there is a certain book which is « sort of constitutional -guide of your conduct and mine. Doesn't it say something about it being better to have a -millstone tied around you just below your Adam's apple, and that you be cast into the sea Circles of the Women's Organ Izatlon of Central Presbyteriar Church will meet next week a follows: Circle one, Monday, 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Wallace Oliver, 908 Douglas Circle two. Monday, 2:30 p. m. Miss Irma Kriebel, Highway 18 east; Circle three, family "pot-luck picnic, Harmon Playfield, Tuesday, 5:30 p. m., or in case of rain the church basement; Circle four, Monday, 1:30 p. rn. Mrs. George Cearley, Highway 16 west. St. Paul'i Episcopal Church Ste. Hilda's Chapter will .meet Monday at 1:30 p. m., with Mrs John STioeniaker, 512 Mission Boulevard. In North Carolina, annual per capita consumption : of milk in fluid- form is twice as high in rural as in urban families. HOW MANY FOR GOO to SMIK! I«eh Suoth* in WMiM»...StaFtinfl NOW! FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Water I. Johnson, Pa*Mr "MOSES THE MEEK" Morntaf W*nhl» Heut ll:il (Bnodciil «Tir Ititlen KORH) Sundiy School fill "TENDENCY" ETmlnt WonM* Hour T:M Tiifaitaf umn till Tlw NurMry is o*«n at all Mrricts WILCOMI

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