Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 6, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 6, 1952
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M PAGES TODAY Resd by over 25,000 Doily lOCAl FOMCAST-- rayetievi'.le and v i c i n i t y c!car to ps"ly cloudy tomjht »nd romnnev and cno'.rr Kijth irrnper/Ku!'- *ett»r. rUy M. low 47 11 » m . today K) Sunrixe 3 M, luiuet f;3l Tfttfubtfe f»f«r*sHs Tkt First Concern Of Tkit Newspaper VOLUME 91. NUMBER Auociotod Pro* iMMd Wire FATmEVIlU, ARKANSAS. SATURDAY EVENING. SEPTEMUR 6, 1952 AP, Kin* end NEA Ptolurti PRICE FIVE CENTS Parity She Gets The Hot Eisenhower Calls For 100 Per Cent Might Not Use Prke Supports To Reach Goal Stevenson Talk Scheduled For Later In Day (By The Associated Press) Dwight D. Eisenhower called today for a "strong farmer-run" agricultural program aimed lo produce higher prices on a wider range of basic crops. The Republican presidential candidate bid for the farm vote I n ' j a speech at the National Plowing Contest at Kasson, Minn. From the same rough plank platform in Henry Snow's pasture, his Democratic opponent, Gov. Adlai Stevenson, was to give his farm policy views later in the day. Eisenhower said farmers should ' receive full 100 per cent parity prices instead of the 90 per cent guaranteed for .basic farm crops under the present federal price support program. j Bui he did nol say Ihis would | Mrs. Causa Sliles Weir, 70. Litlle Rock. Ark., Iricd on bD achieved by price supports. The j cnhower's straw hal and said, "Now I'll keep il as c Democratic platform calls f o r , i rc as,ured souvenirs." She said she asked the Republican presidential price supports at not less than i nominee for his straw hat during his visit lo Liltle Rock and that h Asserts Health, Fayetteville Polio Patient, In Iron Lung, To Capital Insurance Plans Helping Britons Dr. Dobinson Speaks To Agents Group At Dinner Meeting People of Britain are healthier since the establishment in that nation of the national health insurance and national health service programs. And indications are that this increase in good health will be markedly noticeable in the future. So said Dr. C. H. Dobinson of Reading. England, last night in a talk before members of the Northwest Arkansas Association of Life Undrwriters and guests at Ferguson's dining room. He was introduced by Rex Alan Smith, and the dinner meeting was presided over by Association President Gilbert King. Dr. Dobinson is teaching at the University this summer on exchange from Reading College. Victor E. Russum. a member of the association, outlined the aims and the program of the group. In a discussion of the insurance and health plans put into effect in England by the Labor government, and which have been continued under the Conservative government now in power, Dr. Dobinson denied thai socialized medicine has driven lhe doclors of lhe country lo poverty. For each patienl Ihc doclor r e c e i v e s a slipulaled j amount, he pointed out. so each ! doctor now has a stipulated in- I come. He can have a private prac-! lice also, the educator said, and | thus add lo his income. He said A break in the monotony of six weeks in an iron lung came last She will remain in Litlle Rock un- I gome rough. he can be Iransfecred to a night for Peggy Ann McC'ormack, j Houston. Texas, hospital. 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. i At present she can only W. McCormack of Faycttcvillc.: one I l l t l c finger and some of her She and her iron lung were loaded I 'ocs. according to Dr. W. E. Mor- Bul al thc end of thc trip, thc AP saic. 1 , I'cxgy was exhausted, and It was .several hours before j she recovered from thc ordcyl. Thc bulky iron luni; \vas equip- i I man. 21. Hot Spring?, another pa- inlo a trailer v a n and taken /from ; ris. Little Rock physician attend, i ped with a [.ortablr generator . r .up- Kort Smith lo Litlle Rock. ins her. j ,|j c d by Ihc Little Rod; u n i t of I Pczgy. who had been in St. F.d- \vards Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith since .luly 12, was taken t o - v a n was "hectic" and was made Trinity Hospilal in Little Rock so' over road* under construction, but that physiotherapy facilities there | that she was "serenely confident" can be used to help her s t a r t ' a n d ejoyed Ihe antics of her nur- The Asr.ndaled Press reported j the Sah ation Arm". t n a l PC S*- V ' S ""--hour trip in the Mr,. Mario, l~ Jackjon Turner formerly I n f a n t i l e ticrit al iho hospital. Spearman said he will try to "wean" Peggy I'rOi'n hci iron Itin^. The Hot Springs youth started a weekly riir.c jockey show over a radio station in Houston, Texas, while he w a s a patient in the foundation's hospital there. He WES f l o w n back to I.lttlc Rock lasl spring and now spends most of Kayptlevlllc. National of his t i m e in a portable iron lunx, PaiT.lysis foundation · and slill puts on his radio shows, representative in Little nock, said He records them on tape for prcs- PCES.V will |)rn!»n.'.v h? helped in : enlalion in Houston, at the rate . . 4 , · . j -.-.·- - -.. ~. ..... ..... , ,-KK.i .... |,i ,,.,fi....» M. if rHictiioil in riousion, a learning lo use her muscles again. I sea and attendants who found th? I hrr rehabilitation by Stcvr Spear: of about four a month. At Least 350 Pilgrims Die In Indian Mountain Storm New Delhi, India - ( / P I - N e w s - I headwater region of t h r holy are missing in a fierce storm t h a t I Mallesn festival, which draws caught them on a Irek toward thc thousands of pilgrams. Thc storm sacred seat of the Hindu gnrfs on ' whipped across the higheil passes ! the high, glacial slopes of Iho j--18,000 feel above sea level--at Shangarajot, 63 miles from Chamba in Himachel Pradesh Slate. Himalayas. A spokesman for Ihe Indian government said he doubted if an accurate count of the dead was possible, however, because the oil- thai the survivin;: pilgrims v.-rrc scaltcrerl in m a n y «rmil! bands. The only sources for news wci 2 thc survivors or rescue \vorkrn slnrc t h ^ remote righl.inrh arc beyond the reaches of motor highways and t?lc3r."nh pcrvlce. For the- M a n l Mahcsh festival. Survivors were quoted as layins ; Hindu.? mu:.t m:it:e their v grims were scattered over many exhaustion on the return journey miles o f mountain trails when t h e ' · · · · · post-monsoon s n o w s overtook them. They were struggling toward the Teachers Are Presented At Reception many sought refuge in caves. Thsir fate was unkonwn. Others died of to the plains. Indian officials seeking confirmation of the reported dentil foot over morn t h a n 200 miles "f , trails. They carry jcant food sup- I plies or buy pimple food", from ' mountain herdsmen. The f;u'thful · believe t h c t c h nn surer war to ; heaven than to dh there where ' toll were handicapped by the fact ' the gods live. Bus Rams Rear Of Truck On New Jersey Turnpike; 41 Passengers Are Injured i Teachers of Fayetteville public I schools were honored at the a n - , 'eception riven by Mr. and ' Ncw Parity represents a fair return for the farmer in what he re- reives for his crop in relation to the things he must buy. Declaring the Democratic administration had tried to make the American farmer a "political captive," Eisenhower said; "I firmly believe that agricij-. ture is entitled to a fair, full share ] of the national income . . . and j a fair share is not merely 90 per cent of parity--but full rarity." Would Extend Supports Wheat, corn, rice, cotton, ffht D Eis ^ e P a - v '" n '*h ^ n com parison to I schools v «. | cnhower's straw hal and said, "Now 1'lV keep" iras"onc"of my 'most \ oih " P[ o '- 5si " s - | nual recei,.. u ., ,, . ,, , ,, , ,,.,.,..,, --...,....., ir j lrcas,ured souvenirs." She said she asked lhe Republican presidenlial i .. The health insurance plan is Mrs. Virgil T. Blossom " lasl night I all 41 aboard as well as Htru^a^sme^of^Trhe dre^anT^sons''^ 7^' "" '"""" _ earnings of each working man and ?"i'" d TM??TM** I"? 6 * TMi : Stale Police said the i took it off and gave it lo her. Out-O-Seoson Christmas For Young Texan for Fair Held At Morrow Vernon, Texas-OT-Therc'll be , a big Christmas party on t h e . courthouse lawn here tonight t o : make up for the fun little Tom- | to- I mie Yates missed last Christmas. \ bacco and peanuls are the basic farm commodities now under price supports. Eisenhower said supports should be extended to such crops as oats, barley, rye and soybeans. He said some way must be found to give greater proection to found to give greater protection to ucts such as meat, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables--which are not now under price support. He also called for expanded , h'e"can"s'ay only a few words, farm research; strengthening of j he is a l l smilcs farm cooperatives; up - to - date farm roads; and "developing rural electrification and telephone service" Eisenhower presented the Republican case at noon (CST) with Stevenson following four hours later. Running a light schedule, Stevenson was expected ir deparl soon afterward. He planned to fly j Tommie is lhe four-year-old whose molher beal him unconscious and paralyzed his righl side the night before Chrislmas. For monlhs he has been in a Dallas hospital. His mother is serving a 10-year prison sentence. Yesterday, Tommie, wilh a qrin j on his face and a glint in his eyes, I came back to Vernon--lo a new home and a new family. He ,still has a brace oh his right leg and woman. The national health service is financed through general j taxalion. The insurance plan pro! vides lhat each child receives the sum of four pounds when it is born. At the age of 15 If the'young- ster has to go to work, he receives four shillings a week until he is 18 years of age, and then he gets five shillings each week. If a worker becomes unemployed, he receives from the iunsrance plan $4 .-« week, his wife receives M a week, and his first child receives SI.50 a week. All Art Protected Everybody in the country Is protected under the program, Dr. Dobinson said. He cited three cases of need with which he was familiar before thc plan was put The last in a series of Wash-""' '"' " ' ington County Fair boosler meel- I ings last night drew a crowd of j pe ?. ple v .'? ul( ! receive help. . more than 200 persons to Morrow ! in thc western section of the coun- ' : ty. The crowd overflowed I Morrow school cafeteria building, and tables were set up on the . school ground. More Than 200 Hear Plans For Event Outlined Bordentown, N. J.-f/Pj-A night* express bus running from New York to Washington collided with the rear of a truck today on the Jersey Turnpike, injuring two on bus left teachers were Introduced lo the other guests, and Superintendent! lhc road altcr thc collision, rolled ' of Schools Blossom outlined thc down a 10-foot embankment and ' program and plan of education to be followed this year. l He said the first thing nn t h e ! program Is to provide a formal j inln a field. The front of thc bus j was rammed back into lhe Ihlrd . row of seats. i educalion; second, lo lie lhe cdu- I Twenty-two of the Injured were cation program to the agricultur- j hospilalized and al lea»l one was al and Industrial development of the area; third, through the expanded facilities lo try lo accept health and recreational rcsponsi- was """Inn bi!ilics; and fourth, lo poinl towards the time when the school can have an auditorium which will serve the community and satisfy the cultural needs. listed as "very critical The Pennsylvania Greyhouhd along the turnpike five miles south of here. "Everybody seemed tnbj,asleep but me." Gilbert fabler, .15, of Mannington, W. Va., said; "I was dozing oft and my wife, Gladys, . _, . . . . . . , , into effect,, and noted that under teria , and '^visitors were taken the present setup in England these ' "" a tour °' ( h e new building fol- · · , . Dinner was served in the cafe- was asleep in the seat by my side ..,. ._., .... ... ....... ! ,, lowing the program. , tween England and various other the : countries which have similar plans -- including France, Norway Sweden, Australia. New Zealand and others. An agreement between At the mesting which followed · ^''J, Um and w csl Germany is now "We're going lo give Tommie a lhe dinner, residents of a dozen r " e national hTMlth service he Christmas he'll never forget," said , towns and communities heard re- | explained, seeks to provide nied: one citizen. On Campaign Says McMath Little Rock - f/Pl - Governor Justice Unit Drops : Special Grand Juries ports on the progress of Fair plans | ical assistance to those who need i McMath listed expenditures of $4 and programs, and discussed the | it. As a result, he said, people are 700 in his unsuccessful third term part lhe individual farmer can play in improving the number and quality of exhibits. The Fair starts September 16. Austin Parish of Fayetleville. going to the doctors when they ' f' r st are troubled with some com- bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination with Secretary .. j .v -··,-·- *- iwuni Humiliation wiin oecretarv m °' n «-, and the physicians o i state C G Hall vcsterdav The us ahlA in ^al^h m a n u rt f *K« ; ·J"'i«= V" o. xidii ycsierciay. ine to Cheyenne, Wyo.. for a night! Washington-ypi-The Justice De- ! nead ol tnc Fair Association, told Britain will be a healthiei . are thus able to catch many of the i ! diseases before they "catch hold." This is one reason he believes speech and then lo Billings, Mont., ! partmcnt has dropped the plan to spend the nighl. i'° . have special federal Grand . , , . ,_, l Junes in all parts of the countrv In a major speech last night in , sit oncc ,, voar , 0 su ^.j, Denver, the Democratic nominee ! cr j mc conditions. Atty Gen James heaped coals of ridicule on the j J. MrGranery says it smacked Republicans for "ill-fitting self- I of "showmanship" and that lie j believes regular Grand Juries t h a t I sit month-in- and month-out can ! handle things just as well. He has disbanded the 13-man "racket unit" which his predeces- righteousness" and pledged himself to an all-out war against corruption in government. "Corruption in public office is treason to Democrats as well as Republicans," he said. "Any ciooks I can find in the governmenl will be exposed and punished as ruthlessly as I've done in Illinois, to Republicans and Democrats alike." sor, J. Howard McGrath, set up in thc Justice Department last January to evaluate reports from the special juries and keep the program in motion. McGranery made it clear he the group of the work which is in progress at the Fair Grounds, and of thc new building to be used by women's groups. Discussing exhibits, C o u n t y Agent Carl Rose noted that drouth conditions have cut into (he quality of many farm products, but urged farmers and farm women alike to exhibit their best f v e n if that best is not as good as in p a s t years. He predicted that Ihis year's poultry section exhibits will be the best in the history of : tors will increase. lne Fair - ; A question and Mrs. M a r g a ret Brownficld, governor said he spent $750 for filing fees: $200. printing and supplies; $500 postage: $2,000 stenographic help; $1.000 radio time, was a terrible crash. My wife and I were thrown against the seats in front of us. Glass shattered all around. People screamed. Passengers tumbled into the aisle. | "I opened an emergency door in j thc center of the bus and most of | the passengers able lo walk got I out of H." The Tablers were Irealtd for cuts and bruises. The bus driver, Joseph W. Fox, of Philadelphia, was among those Injured and State Police said he was not in condition to tell th«m what happened.' ·· HaikrII Utloy has betn named chairman of 1he Community Chest campaign for funds this year, with the c'rK r to open October 8. Thc goal is $22,0!,'0. TkeH Sum "Just Grew" Miami. Fla.-(/Pi-An a.uislai.t cashier lold the FBI he began taking money from a Florida bank 16 years ago to pay bills and that thc try. Records of all cases will be available and res-arch through the use of these records also should prove helpful in beating disease, ho thinks. He asserted that before the socialized medicine program was instigated, that th; British Medical Association was allowing only I . enough doctors to be educated to i spent S4.280 In his campaign serve that part of the population ' ' or attorney general. which could pay its doctor hills. I * Now, larger numbers of young! D»|iliAnt All DlvU men are studying for the medical I rCIIIIOllS U|| l/IJUC profession, and the supply of doc-! and S250 for advertising. Miscellaneous expenses of M35 and a S750 filing fee were listed by Jack Holt, the only other gubernatorial candidate who has filed his camoaign cxoenses. Tom Gentry of Little Rock said answer period was held following thc talk, and . during this portion of the program Turned Down By Clerk Injuries Internal Fatal To Child Coroner Edmond P. Watson re- | LoSCS TWO SODS ported today that 'an autopsy yesterday afternoon revealed that Joyce Laverne Deffelbaugh, 10, died as a result of internal injuries suffered in a bicycle accident near her home here Thursday, Five physicians conducted the autopsy. The Negro girl died in County j Korea, hopes to have a third son Hospital while undergoing treatment of a broken wrist and other injuries incurred when the brakes on hrr bicycle failed, resulting in an eight-foot fall into a shallow crock. Funeral services will be conducted Monday at 3 p. m. in the : St. James Methodist Church by j In Korea, Wants Third Released j St. Louis-W)-Hcnry Betz, stun- i ned by thc loss of two sons in '· Korea, hopes to have a ' released from military service. Belz, unemployed freight doc! worker, said he will ask thc He Selection Of Miss America program. However, he said thc association has strongly opposed the plan, and "doctors still grumble I over it." He said t h a t the program was i Police as driver of the truck. He I * rcWl and his wife. May, ware treated | Robert W. Wall. Jr.', of fhe FBI said the cashier. A. H. Irwin, 56, admlllcd embezzling 546,000 from lhe First National Bank of Leesburg, Fla. Irwin was arrested yesterday and charged w i t h violation of thc Washinjton - f/T] . A House' Federal Reserve Act. He was re- watchdog subcommittee reported, leased in $1,000 bond. today li has won a fishl lo pre- · . vent the Air Force from estab-· lishing a separate multi-billion I dollar "supply empire." The re; Miss Gertrude Lawrence Dies In New York Cause Of Death Is Undetermined, Autopsy Scheduled New York - liTi - Gertrude 1 Lawrence, whose ability to do al| most anything on thc stage, and i toast of two conlinenu. died in i New Ynrk Hospilal today at lh« aac of SI. Mies tjjwrencc, n top star for more I h a n a quarter of a ccn- I lury. l e f t her 1 Broadway role In I ""The Klnj and I" on Augusl 16 I for Ireatmcnt of I yellow jaundice, I However, a family associate said the jaundice was I not thc cause of \ her death. He said an aulopsy would be performed in an effort to determine the cause. She went to thc hospital "only at the Insistence of her husband, Richard Aldrich, after doing through her performances pain- f u l l y for four days. "She wouldn't give In," said Aldrich, a producer. He and two close friends -- Fanny tnd David. Holtzman -- were at her bedside when she died shortly after 7 a. m, .today. While starring In her current role Miss Lawrence had betn teaching a dramatics class at Columbia University. During World War n she entertained American troops overseas. Two of her greatest successes I were Ihe 1930 light-comedy "Pri- I vale Lives," written especially for I her by Noel Coward, and the 1935 John Golden production of "Susan and God." Touring in lhe lalter. the broke theater records almost everywhere it played. Her last big American vehicle before 'The King and 1" was "Lady In the Dark." in 1941. Miss Lawrence, born In London, made her stage debut In London at the nee of 10 in a pantomlne for children. feitnrf* Uwrinc* . , for minor injuries. Says Air Force Gives Up Supply Empire Plan Atlanti niiami N i , N. J., - , nn ) - One cap, because of thc selection of Aneurin Bevan to head the plan. Bcvan, Dr. Dobinson said, carried a chip on his shoulder towards the doctors, and was entirely auto- of w ovc-lv rfrii it,; " V ' "C , crallc in "* auitud: Io w»"l« 'he ot 52 lovely girls, the pick of the profession. At present, he Bald I country's beauty crop, will b e ' the program is meeting much | crowned Miss America tonight, warmer response among j A Georgia Peach was in a favored of the profession. the Rev. G. E. Wright, Baptist pastor, and thc Rev. A. L. Buchanan, Methodist pastor. Blind Girls' Beauty Contest Is Started Hew York-MVThey'rt seeking th* most beautiful blind girl In thu nation in a new contest sponsored by the Associated Blind, Inc. The contest, which endj November I, I* aimed fit helping rals» $250.000 (o uss In training blind people to become lelf-iup- liorlinft. HCIZ, ]y, out of lhe service. "My wife and I are, · t h i n k , good Americans, but any American family lost two sons, 1 t h i n k hey'd feel the same way," Bel?. County Clerk Alf Carter of Cnt- i lenricn Counly refused to accept petitions from backers asking that the issue he placed on the ballot. . .... n . u .,.,,. i., v i j i u x i a m wrts.Carler said re rejcclcd lhe pcti- | inaugurated with a great handi- j tions "because Ihc people have al- i _ . ., . .. . rcat |y votcf) d own tnc track." Ciilten County residents voted against the track after a heated campaign last January. Senators Investigating Wind Damage Al Airbase W a s h i n g t o n -(/Pi- A Senate ! watchdog group Is investigating | suit, said Chairman Bonner (D- N'C), will divert hundreds of millions of dollars thai would have been spent for overhead lo vilally Downs to get anolher public vole i "^ n ' ancs and '""nical equip- | sarior chcster Bow|c; hcr^b^Sy^ j J±V» p MOT miltee the Air Fore* would aban- West Memphis. Ark.-Wi-An at; tempt by promoters of Dixie i Communism Reported Weaker In Asian Area Calcutta. India-W-U.S. Ambas- back from three-week fact-finding tour of Southeast Asian nations -- said Saturday he found Communism much ' i-eakcr throughout the area than Special Session On Inflation Favored New Ynrk -Wl- A Republican congressman says GOP leader-, should join with Democrats in petitioning President Truman to call 11 special session of Congress to act on the problem of inflation. Rep. O. K. Armstrong of Mis- soi.ri vesterday told the 34th biennial contention of the AFL f'f\- tional Association of Letter Carriers: 'The Democrats h a v e enough votes to pass liny anti-inflation legislation they want to, .and thc Republicans have the votes to help then'. This inflation is a problem that affects the constituents of both parties. There are -- - - - I « « - D H T , I H I I ijujfuuut me a it; a Liiau - '-- - -- - ·-- don plans to set up its own world- ; ii wfi a y p a r a K O Bowles, whose ' R ' J P 0 """ as importanl as check- wide supply system for cloihing, tour included Burma Thailand i '" e lh e ride toward inflation." office equlpmem and other items ; Indochina and Ihe .Philippines' " used commonly wi'h other ser-; ,vM he believed American aid vices. These items will continue to i would show hcsl results in nations, be handled by the General Ser- with u c l l oragnized land and lax vices, he said. . i reform.. i But Sabres Steal Show said. i Atlonric Hurricane | Almost Halted ! Mami. Fla. - Small craft . . hugged Ihc shores of North Carolina and Virginia today as thc Atlantic hurricane churned the ocean line with a double win in thc prc- AffaJTS 1$ Planned liminaries after her victory last \ night in a bathing suit contest. As | An Institute on Hospital A f f a i r s , Miss Georgia, she won a talent : operated by the American Hos- show Thursday night. i pilal Associalion, prob«bly will be She is five feet, six and a half j established on the campus of an inchest all, weighs 118 and men- j American university, George Ber- TRIBUTE TO TEACHERS ^,0^, i "ayc^i!;: 1 ";:KUX:."Ksirrrr r hl ; clzcd nn TMTM*A V,M*,,SEi ;«nV»'-"i«"^ Sh ° W HCr! yCS " rday ** St0l ° ] addition to this publication i * * . * sures 35 at thc bust. 23 at waist and 35 at the hips. She was the only aspirant lo have won two preliminary contest! up to this morning. Winners' In thc evening gown division are never announced but their point* 300 miles east-southeast of Cape i are computed In the finals, llaltcras. A high pressure area i Crowning of Ml«s America moved over yesterday from t h e ; scheduled for 11:30 p. m. Mldle A t l a n t i c and New K n g l n n d ; Winners of slnjle preliminary the ' ryman. administrator of Washington County Hospital, »ald today upon return from H meeting of representatives of the hospital M- ·oclation from seven states hold In St. Louh. Berrymin said a foundation la putting up 15,000,000 for construction of » bullcMnf and operation of the Institute. Bcrrymiin will attend a meeting of the American Hoiplttl As- stalm lo block the tropical storm | ronteuli were Ihe Mlssen Alabama, I «ocl»llon In Phllndelphla Scptei away from the American coaMline Culifornln, Chlruro, Dlslrlct and It ground almniit to a slop. : Columbia and New York City. o f , hor 14, when thu Instltut* will b» the heavy aircraft damage Mon- j n o u r sc hoc!s day at Carswcl! Air Force Base Texas, to m if ,o,ses were at- t i i b u l a b l e to Inadequate tlorm warnings, equlpnenl r,r m a n - \ i / , , ... , , , . , lo an unKnown We would like to lead a cheer for the teachers: where m Britain. the show with a 20-minute flying exh.bilion. Th5n they scooted off to an unknown a:r tue some- . p ' QSk COmeS m ° r « 9 rou P IS mor * deserving of Our Support The uninvited, unidentified jet fighters came whittling over Karnsborough Airfield at about 10.000 feet and thrilled ipectalors We COO, Ond do, build the best School buildinQS ' *' tn "" unprO|!r ' lmmcd ! "P I ' y ot in the world. We equip them with the latest gadgets. ; '° rm " ion flyin8 Thc p ""*- Waiier .Jenkins, administrative They are well lighted -- comfortable. Miuum to son. Lyndon B. John. ] But the real life -- indeed the very heart of ·on (D-Tex), chairman of the | these structures -- beats within the teaching staff - . -.1 ____ . . ? ·"""' Senate preparedness subcommil let, nvcaled the probe yeslerd .«. «ve.i,d ,h, probe yeslerd.^ fe^j?*"* ^u Wl ' h P* 1 "** ° nd Wisdom Or « Air Fore, offlcl... also are con- b "' *"* 'f' 10 "*^' h ° n « St °TM* Integrity info the dueling «n invesii«atin. children who will be our officials, governors and presi- Kour B-M bombers M thf base ' dentS of tomorrow, doily to give then , because: "As the twig is bent so grows the tree. field w»r« dam.itd when a den wind »torm «truck. «ud- crs ignored angry radio message! from British officials. Mad at the "pirates" who hid muscled In on the show, officials hunted the jtt-prop«'l»d culprits among American and Canadian Air Force units stationed In this country. The Royal Air Forct tl not equipped with S«lm. , Arkansas G*n*r»llj fulr tfilr ; afternoon, tonl«ht and Sunday, 1 wit much chinit hi tmpcntu*,

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