Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 5, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1952
Page 6
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iij AS.IA;;»;U avis, r MV GOODNESS-IT y HERE THAT THE PScS'DENT SHOOK HANDS VWTM 2500 PECW.E AT A AND HAD Six CONFERENCES WITh CABINET MEMBER'S AND FOPEiG AUB1SSAOORS. AND AT NlGHT HE SPOKE AT AN OFFICIAL DINNER ME YOU'LL NEVER PUN I'VE GOT TWO BOW WHAT THffiE JES=S lilT I SEE 1WY HW6MOTIOLLIO f ONEWNMOT »t»P TOONTO MIT IN TEiES. *-- -- - STIU HAVE FLIES.. AND I SIV/E UP. 1 WO MATTER HOW HAUtD I HIT 'EM, THEY OJST FLOAT TAKE VITAMINS UNCA DONALD *OUU3 TAKE A MORE JT MAGIC TH^N AJMV THAT'S RIGHT EH? VOL) X YEH.ONtyWE HAVEaKHl CAJ.LITA 'SIOOAP.WMOA.GEE SHE 9TEER \OUROl McCtnukk Niy Vote For taeril Eisenhower l. Robert R. Mc- Cormlck, editor and publisher ol the Chicago Tribune, predicts another major political party will be in the field with' a candidate cam- palfiinf actively for president four years hence. "A new party has to come, because there are too many of our people not now represented by either the Republican or Demo- ratlc nominees," Colonel McCor- mlck said. "They have no place to go." Colonel McCormick said, however, that he expects to vote for all the Republicans nominated in Illinois this year and: "I might vote for Eisenhower if it turns out that he is more desirable than Stevenson.' Columbus, fa, Paper Supports Eisenhower Columbus, Ga.-m-The Colum- fcus Enquirer announced today it will support the presidential candidacy of Republican Dwlght D Eisenhower. It is the first time In mstory the morning newspaper in this city of 80,000 population has Jailed to support a Democratic presidential nominee. The paper nearingjts 125th birthday. Resort Association Schedules Meeting The Boston Mountain Ilesort Association will hold its next meet- int Tuesday at 8 p. m., at the Winslow School, according to an announcement today by the iroup's secretary at Mountain NOITrlWCST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS PBUONAL . v ·", '"·omn. In the dry cleaning bualneas '" ' " w aiy ' "'"""a* ANNOUNCEMENTS HORSEBACK riding Saturday morn- Ini tor boyt and ilrlj. Phone 373-J. HOWARD Pollock and huTtrlnTbind SJht »"j th " L " f '°° " Ut s » lur S° EVERYONE Invited to attend the Blnio Party In St. Josephs Church jaatment. Fridiytvenint;. B p. m NOTICI Announcing the Opening or JOHN'S USED CLOTHING STORE Friday, Sept. 5th Corner of Mountain St. and Collect Ave. See our slock of used clothlni hati and ahoe* LllUe May Burke Defendant The Defendant E l m e r Keen li warned to ippear In thu Court within thirty dayi and aniwer the com- P'»"' "' «*· Plaintiff .in the .bove entitled cauH. Wltnesi my hand and Mil of thli §EAL " h "*" °* Aufu "' lta Richard B Greer Chancery Clerk a Jept. 5-12-H-c LEGAL NOTICES CONSTITUTIONAL » - AMENDMENT NO « n HBfaii VKU ,, a,. ,,,,.,, ,, the *te of *nm»» end n OH ·*""·· » HenrenentiHvet. a Mimrttv of «n the Memherr Elected to rich Jlouie Aereolnt Thereto- TJji the winwine it nereby pt» "Jrt at an amenitmeni to Oie Con- ·niiittoii at A, «i.t. of Arl,, n ,|,,, and "B""! "*»» *iihmm« to the elertors . II" w * f * 1nr mwnvil or retwflnn "_. '.. "TM 1 '""'i" 1 'lection lot Retire- tentative* «nrt Vnarnrn. tf · matorlr* of the elertorj eotlnr thereon el *"_. ·! ·'"·Won »*pt «»rti irnrmt- m*TM. the tame thatl become » oart of the CrommiinriTi of the State of ArRintit. Irtwlt' SEf-noN i Commimm created- "liy*"^!*" 1 ' """ " "'""' SE?" · SI»t« Hlthwat Commtefinn ·Wrt- than w ntua ^u, ,|i the «"««« now or nereafter law tot me adminmra- DOROTHY OIX -- CONTINUED FROM PACE TOUR isn't completely dependent on this ob, surely not to the extent where she h» to take the amorous advances of an office wolf to keep it. Dear Miss pix: About two years Si . . i '" ° Ve with a man wh ° said he loved me, too. On several occasions he asked me for money ·aying he was going back to work 1TM} w « 5 br ° lt « I gave him what I had but the last time I had no ""\*£ * lv f him an e *P« n sive watch that had belonged to a dead brother, The man went awav to work an, though he has passed trough my home town many times since, he has never even called me up. The injustice of it has broken my heart, should I ask him to re- .!..-. . elhw with all D«»err nfrMnaiT or ornoet to ermhle the Conimt«*1»ni or anv -of Its orflren or emnloTi^t to carrj out full; and rffertlirpl ihe OT '··!""· and lawp nlatlni to the 1 " ' jCest of publlciUon to the 'taxpayers llhls notice In (Ms paper nHffiji ! REFEHMD ACT HI .-.BtftrrM by Ordtr of tht Ptoplt Ml ACT lo Establish Uniform Methods of Purchasing for Ihe Stilt of A kinsii; md for Other Purpotts ·t II Enacted by tht Gtntral Autmh 01 Mil Stilt of Arkintas: Section 1 OEriNITiONS. (i) The ihori litlt for Ibis Act shi ·, Jnt Uniform Purchasinl Act -J. b i, **· """!* "dtpirlment (i), stftutlon (s). council Is), commitsun !»'· '° r itency ligenclts)" whin use In Milt Act or Ihe rules, refulitiont md procedure! promulgated Ihere- under, art Interchmgeible md biv the same purpose and meimng. 1C) The words "Purchasing Official' when used In thli Act or the rules regulations, and procedure! oromul gated thereunder shall designate am Individual, board, commission" coun cil chaired with the responsibility for purchasing or contnctmt for mv aeency of the Slat. Government. Section PURPOSE Or ACT The |""W)se of this Act Is lo establish for Iht affected agencies of the Stale ol r^Sng' iuni "" ! ,'"" f °TM """-od ol Section 3 AGENCIES AITECTED The provisions of this Act shlll be jippllcible to ill departments. Institutions, boards, councils, commissions 01 Si 5.1 V"!?" 1 "' ·"""'' Government: orovlded. however, that no provision this Acl shill be interpreted to · ° 'h?, Supreme Court, the Gen- awp na Hlfhway S* L Oualiflcationt and Ao- em « Membera-- Term, ol onice ·*"'·' Cenimleelon. Within ttn tin «""«"· « Ih* General MARGARET Answer: You have been a victim of the lowest form of man extant--a man who protests love for a girl only for the sake of the measly amount of cash he can get from her, then goes on 16 work the same taictlcs on some other innocent lamb. Asking for the watch back is futile;, he has undoubtedly sold it long ago. S i » = you have no witnesses or other proof that you ever gave it to him you have no chance of getting mything.back. Your only profit is he experience you can glean from a trecherous heel. I hope you earned the lesson well. A steam-electric power plant in Southeastern Indiana will burn 800,000 tons of coal per year and produce 1,860,000 pounds of steam er hour with jmt two boilers. ""·*.. ir' 1 ' 43 - *' Governor, bv md with Iht advice md consent of the senile, shall appoint five persons who ire quallrlnt electors nt Ihe Slate lo conilitule Ihe Slate Rlchwit Commit- ·ton for terms ol two. four, sli eifht md leu Team mnerttvelv fhe terms of tht persons so mnoinleo thill M determined hv lot The CotnmlsMnn- fi*. _ "· ·Whited from the Stilt it urge: provlrlerl. however. Ihit no two Commlstilonprt thtlt be ippolnied from my thiutt Conrrettlonil DIs- irlrt. In fhe men! of rejection w me Senile of · oeraon whose name hat been to submitted Ihe Governor thill within five divt Uler rerelnl of written nonce from the Secretirv ot the Senile of such rejection submit Ihe name ol another topninlee to fill sue?) vwmcv In Ihe evenl Ihe Governor should within five days thereifter fall In appoint or fill to tuhmll lo Ihe Senile for confirmation Ihe name of *P,.* mM lo "· appointed, the Senile than oroceiKl lo mike the tppolntment IEITION 1 firms of Offltt tf Member*, upon the exrjtntion of tht foregoing terms ol slid Commissioners i successor thill be ippomled by Ihe Governor In the manner ornvlded for which term of ten reirs shaTl 'her*.' ·tier be for etch member of tht SECTION 4 Removal of Memben --Hearing- Review mo Aeoeal. A Com. mlssloner may be removed bv the Governor onlv to? the same cause! a« aoeiv to other conslituttnnal officers ·fler · hrinni which may ot re^ v *« w *d by Iht Chancery Court for fhe therefrom to the Supreme Coun. such review and appeal fo oe without presumption to) fiver of tny finding, fay provided further, in addition to tht TM~.·"'onflrmttlon nerelnibove w SHOW YOUR SMILE Keep teeth brigfct Chew Wri.Wy-.Spe«minl Cum. - - wntten reouest ot at lent rive IS) of ttf members that a member or memhen of tne CommHslon thould ne removed therefrom, proceed, when In teasion. to near any and all evidence penmen! to Ihe reasons for removal The member or members whose removal is so requested thill be entitled to be neard in the matter and to oe represented before the Senile by ie*ii Counsel rnese procee* met conducted by ihe Senile thill be nubile ind a transcript ot tht testimony so neard shall be prepared and preserved in the Burnif of the Senile. The takine of evidence either onlly or by deposition shill not n* bound by the formal rulea ol evidence. Upon Ihe conclutlon of the neirtnl. Ihe Senate, slttlnt as a body In executive teuton, may remove laid member or members ol Ihe Commit- tion by · majority volt conducted by SECTION Vacancies-Filling. Va, cancitt .on the Commission due to resignations, deilh or removil shall be filled by appointmentgot trie Governor for the unnpired term within thirty daya from tht ( datt ol such vacancy Upon lallure ot the Governor to fill the vacancy within thirty days. Ihe rematnmi Commissioners shall make the appointment for tht unet- plreo term. SECTION t. Hit Commission tniu appoint · Director ol Hlcnwiyt who thill nave tuch dunes if may M prescribed by the Commission or by APPROVED: Mirer, 10. 1851. Secretary of iaale C G UAU. lowing procedures chill be used by ,any and all purchasing, or contract!"* officers in tht purchase of. all materials supplies, equipment. Intur /7i 'SLIP 1 ?' coilraetural services: 'A FORMA! COMPETTTIVE PUB. ! LIC BIDDING REQUIREMENTS fn making purchise of mv of the follow lo« named clisses of.commodities for .which the estlmiled totil cost will |equil or enceed II .omoo. Iht Pur. ·chasing A«ent shall prepare formal In. 'for I?"*I rt ° n anK ' itxa form ' i suppliers of the pirtlculir "elm of commodity In the tnde area. The n VAA P""*"'"* Offlciil for the affected department shall then cause to be published in a conjplcuout place lor three consecutive days In one newspaper of stltewlde circulitlon · notice lo the effect thit sealed hid proposals i 5", r «« l '«l by him. un to a lime and date to be mentioned therein, for furnishlnt: the articles specified in Ihe hid proposal. The notice thill also slate that defined lists ol such irtlcles are on file In the office of the deal*' naled Purchaslnf Official, sublect lo Inspection, and that copies of 'the In- vllatlon to bid will be furnished on request, and that at a certain time, ·n "1 "*'"! ''nereln. Ihe proposals will be publicly opened and contracts awarded to the lowest and best bidder, price, quality and delivery time beinrj considered. Pro- vlded, however. In the event for my, reason Ihe low bid should be rejected.! Ihe Purchasing Official shall. If in, his opinion It bt Idvantlgeous to the! stite. iward Ihe contrict to the next lowest bidder. However, if in Ihe ° p !" io " °J «· Purchasing Officlil bids submitted are not In Ihe best Interest of the State, he may reject any or' all bid!i and may thereafter reidverttse! lor bids. i Items shown In Ihe classes of commodities below are those types »f ! articles the need for which can normal-1 ly be anticipated in advance for i reasonable period of time. and. thun. enables Ihe consollditlon of require- 1 rnents for purposes of securing the' benefits of volume purchlses. Purchis-i in °" lci * ls ln th « virlous inneles will be held responsible md accountable for mUclpiUng requirements ol; all commodities In Seclolon 4 f A ) for a period of not less thin thirty diyi n order to secure the benefits of! larger volume purchases. "Parcelling"' or splitting of purchises In order to-' evade the limitations lo this Act wllh' respect to anticipating requirements! and competitive public bidding will be considered a violation in accordance with Section 9 below. Following are! the classes of commodities for which I formal competiUve public bidding shall be secured when the estimated; {.ffiSo m ?n""c»,tT' M """' M """I GROUP NO. 1: Office furniture and equipment, md household furniture. GROUP NO. l: Clothing, shoes, hats. cips. dry goods, md notions. GROUP NO. 3: Piper bigs, wrapping paper, press-boird cirtons. cor- r".?*TM?1 carlon«, twine, piper towel WAMIM .».. In TIM Ott«lll Ccwrt Of _, Witttlsitta. tawtiy. ArkaMM Wynoni Keen Plaintiff VI. Elmer Keen Defendant Tht Defendant Elmer KeKen li warned to appear in thlt Couht within thirty diyi ind inawer tht com- plant of the Plaintiff In the above entitled cause. Withett my hand and sell of.trds .) " h diy ** *"""'· 1M! Richard B Creer Chincery Clerk It Sett. S-12-l»-c rJ 8 . uP ,H RCHASi3 AS A RESULT ·°* W'OBMAL' SOLICITATION Or QUOTATIONS. Purchaiei of Items in' JW of the claim shown above which" fTM 'limited lo cost less than SI .000 00 in tht aggregate miy bt mide by he designated Purchasing Official from , h * '° w « s ! and belt bid received is . ."? '"( ormil toucltatlon of bids rom it least Ihrtt prospective bid... .1" addition, single unlti of tpeclfied terns of equipment as set forth in /iriout cliiies of commodities In Seo- £!! J .'*' .P r « c tding miy be nur- -·nised from the lowest and best bidder bi'd." Iro 1 "" ?' l"" 0 TM" ·"ta't'lioS 5 bidder! M proiptctlvt 1C) PURCHASES raOM MANU. fACTUHEH'S NET STATE PRICE !%· The '""""""t clisits of com- modltits miy be purchased from ihe' mmuficturtr or the luthoriied diK inbutor it prlcei contilntd in Iht. mmuflclurer's or distributor's estatn .Ished Net Stile Price Lists n-ithou formil solicitation of bids: GHOUP NO. l: Office michlnes "K'"^uig iddlng michlnet, typewriter, lookkeeplng m · c h 1 n t s . cllculitini . n i5v' n . Mt mlmeognph machines, mi labuliung michlnes. motion picture "·-"--·. Phologriphlc equipment, etc * NO. 1: Limps, electric (all GROUP NO. J: Bulk plmt deliveries ot gasoline, oil. greases, etc.. when purchistd it established tank wagon ^rices prevailing at time of deliwrv a*ofo NO. i: canning machinery: GROUP NO. i: Tires and tubes and utomobilt batteries NO. t: Equipment repair A-. NON-COMPETITIVE P U R . HASES. The following types or cllisei f commodities because of their na- urt art such that competitive pur- hlslng methods cannot be used ricticibly. md designated Purchnlng Offciali ire. therefore, authorized to nakt luch purchases without lolldtil on ot bids: t GROUP NO. l: Books, subscription J Journils. pipers, etc.. membership In! rridt and Professional Auoclitlons. c.. motion picture film, film itrtnt. m rentals, etc. photogriphy, photo- raphic paper md photographic devel- iments. GROUP NO. J: All utilities and mmumcation services GROUP NO. 3: Service station dc- veries of gasoline, oil. md related items. GROUP NO. ·: Property tosurmce. £· rites for which ire flitd by the luting Bureiu. CROUP NO. s: Livestock ind vet- -·rmiry services. GROUP NO. 6: Repair services and matnteninct contracts on office me other smill equipment. (I GROUP NO. T. Licenses, fees, md GROUP NO. «: Miscellaneous Items such is eye glissts. filse teeth, shoe repair, drugs on prescription. X-ny Jtrvlcei. freight chtrget. demurnge. . ·torige charges, etc. GROU , . UP NO. »: ScltntUIc. technical and professional instruments, equipment. and supplies specialized In mature ind use ind generally not identical in specification among minu- .icturers. G "OUP NO. 10: Any commodlly iMirchlsed from mother fovemmental _ MO. 11: Any Hem which I r«u- Tradt Prict Protected by the minufieturer. (E» EMEIUENCX PURCHASES Delimited Purchisinf Officiils ire authorlied to mike emergency pur- chise ol supplies, equipment, or con- Iricturil services without competlUve bidi and without respect to amount of cost or type of commodity when urgently needed for Immediate delivery due to · bom tide tmergency arising from unforeseen or unavoidable causes Tor the purpote of thit Act, in emergency 11 defined is: situition arlslnf from any u IMAGBJEAMAW CO2IKJ' 01 DEATH: SHOULDER.' WHX IF THAT MACHINE "OJKCP HM IM- TDTHAT AH ft-OMT NEVHH H TELL NO TAKE OFF THIS WBEB BAG.'.'- S DOf. MAN NOSE IS ( AH'LL .««.'-TOO P-PtE- RUST THEM, AH'LL BUST CVUnfONKS NOSE IN DOGCWTCH.'/-. THEM TDRC I WANT OTHERSraufTW NOSE LIKE THIS. *H'LL WEAR THIS 6X3 UNTIL. BE ^ AH PEE-KOCi EvenvoNE's west - . -i. LJWOI liVtHTVJNt t WOSE N W WHOLE WOULD.'.'-- » · , . - . , ^·"««" 1 -. ."««:. f«i^r luwris, toilet tissue and other paper products CROUP NO. 4: Drugs, hospitil md laboratory supplies md equipment, surgical supplies, dentil supplies, etc. eueept that scientific, technlcil. md professional Instruments, equipment md supplies may be purchised is provided in Section 4"(D) below. GROUP NO. 5: Food stuffs. Including groceries, breid. cikes. cin- dies, meats, flour,* produce, milk and dairy products, etc. GROUP NO B: Feed for livestock, poultry, etc.: fertilizer. GROUP NO. T: Soaps, disinfectants, wnes. sweeping compound, scrubbing compound, solvents, ind other Imitorlll md cleaning supplies. GROUP NO. B: Towel service laundry service, etc. GROUP NO. »: ChemiciU. dye stulfs. bleaches, immonli, witer treatment supplies, freon. methyl ·SSsfiw* 1 " 1 en " r related chtmtcils. GROUP NO. 10: Automobiles, trucks.l and tractors, provided that tingle units' pi each may be purchased is provided In Section 4 IB) below. (In purchislng lutomoblles, trucks, ind tractors, nomenclature md specifications shall be sufficiently broad to permit competitive bidding on equip- men generilly coming within · com.; petltive price group, such is Chevrolet Ford. Plymouth, etc.. md would cill for six or eight cylinder. 5 pis- senger. four door sedm. not less thin- 114-inch wheelblse. not less thin 84" brake horse power motor, standard equipment, etc.) GROUP NO. ll: Road michlnery.l provided that single units of each miy J« Purchised is provided In Section 4 (Bi below. | (In purchasing roid mtchinery.' nomenclature ind speclficitlons shlll be sufficiently broid to permit com-1 pelltive bidding on equipment generilly i comlns within a competitive price GROUP NO. 11: firm Implements, both motor driven md non-motor driven, except thit single unit of my type of firm implement miy be purchased is provided In Section 4 (B) below. GROUP NO. 13: firm tools, wire lenclng, etc. GROUP NO. 14: Cement, sand, Drivel, crushed stone, slag, bltumlnouk materials, etc. GROUP NO. 15: Hardware. foreseen ciust wnerein human me or SUte property Is In Jeopirdy. or other emergencies defined as such by the Supreme ourt of Arkinsas, Is hereby declared to be an emergency within the meaning of this Act. ind ill such emergency purchises shlli be subject VS!'t w *" d 'W""" 1 °y the Boird established under Section i of this Act. Sjotlon S. BOARD OF APPEAL ESTABULSHED. The Stlte Auditor. the Attorney Generil ind Ihe Governor shlll compose · Boird of Appeil to which my iggrieved bidder may appeal my decision mide by any Pur. dialing Official in iwirdlng contracts under Section 4 IA) of this Act. Notice thit protest will be' filed must be s TMf t" 1 ""tins' to the Purchasing Olficiil it tne time of the opening ol the bidi, md such notice shlll be perfected in writing md filed with tne Attorney Genera] within leventy-two hours irom th« time the bids were ·opened. In the event protest is filed ' · "t* sha . ven proes is e ,W bicl ?« 1 '- iwardinj of contract ll be p p , CROUP NO. U: Plumbing ind heat ing and ilr conditioning equipment and supplies, mill tuppllet, etc. GROUP NO. ID: Electrical equipment. lighting fixtures, rcfrlgtrillnc equipment, electric water coolers, vetlti. lalln« and eihiust fins, electrical tab. piles, etc. except that single units 2J u £ menl mv "· Purcfilsed M " r °««f n In Section 4 (fil below. GROUP NO. It: AMtyltM. cryger, "let etc 1 """"* «"" l)me( " '"H W GROUP NO. Mi Solid fuels. CROUP NO. al: Lumber, mill work itnrchiril GROUP N6. U: Merchant pipe. loncrttt Dipt, corrugated mtlil, vll "«J «'«, cyt Iron plpt. etc OROUP NO. i: tableware am "'"""'· "«"*· '·"«" « (SKOuP NO. M: Lloentl plain '*!«.«, "iilfnlit md medils. GROUP NO. n: Construction )eb' 10! otherwise covered by liw am. or which architects' or iniinem '·nj-iffll suptrvukm art not untd ' Any nilural rt HIMMM ta a - rac held in ibeymct until titd protest his been heird ind idjudicited by Slid Boird of Appeil. Tie Ending? of said Boird shall be final and shlll be binding on all parties. Section «. FORMS. RECORDS. AND AUDIT PROCEDURE. In order to secure uniformity of procedure; all 'necessity forms for purchisinK me 'contricilnc shlll be standardized ind prescribed by the Stlte Comptroller ind tht Stite Purchislng Agent acting jointly, subject to approval of the 'Attorney Generil. Immedlitely upon preparation ind Issuince of · purchast. document or · contract for purchislng. ill pipers relating to the trinsiction, Including bid proposals received, shlll b« transmitted to the Stlte Comptroller with · certificate attached showing compliance with thli Act ind citing the applicable section and pan- graph of ' this Act under which the procurement action wit liken. The, Stlte Comptroller Is luthorized md! directed to refuse piyment of myi voucher covering i purchase which! his not been properly authenticated. I All documents will be preserved either ,;n original or ou microfilm in the [State Comptroller's Office for i period pjf three yeirs. All such records in 'the Stlte Comptroller's Office shill M public records md shlll be open Ito' public inspection during ill normal lousiness hoursi | Section 7. OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES PROHIBITED FROM CONTRACTS WITH OWN DEPARTMENT. Any officer, igent, employee, board) member, or commissioner of any ,igency of the State Is hereby sptclfl- ually prohibited from hiving fimnciil interest or personil beneficial interest directly or indirectly In any con- trier, or purchise order for my sup- ilies, materials, equipment, msur- ince, or contricturil service used by or furnished lo or purchased Irom the igency. department, institution commission, with which such person Is connected by employment or appointment. i Section «. SERVICES OF STATE PURCHASING AGENT AVAILABLE K) ALL AGENCIES. The State Pu£ thailng Agent miy render purchasing or contricttnf services to my other .Stata Agency upon Ihe application of ihlt igency and with Iht ipprovil ol Iht Stitt Comptroller md tht Statt Purchislng Agent. Stctlon ». PENALTIES. Any person who vlolites my provision of this Acl shall bt guilty of · misdemeanor: md shill upon conviction, bt punished therefor by a fine not to txcted 1100. Any person who it convicted of a misdemeanor under this Act. shall, for · period ol live rears bt Ineligible for appointment lo or employment In my uoslUoi in Iht siitt iinnci, ana U ha la an officer or tmploytt of thai Stltt. shall forfeit hit office or position Mellon 10. SEPARABILITY. If any provision of Ihll Act, or Iht application of NCR provision lo my person or clrcumslinct shall bt held invalid,' Int remainder of this Act and. Iht ·WUcauon ol such provision ot Inn Act la Dtrttfil or clrcomstincts other than thett at lo which ll Is MirX

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