Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 29, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1974
Page 11
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Believe It ortft/ OVER THE '(EARS I'VE L6AKNEP A FEW TWINS? NICOLAS cUHAUTRECARD SPENT 61 YEARS IM THE MONASTERY AT LA REID,BELfill)M, A A MOUK, A PRIOR, AHD PROVINCIAL HfAD dsa . . DIAL . L SHAPED LIKE THE CROSS OF THE LE610N OF HOMOR ACROSS A STREET INAWOT- -^/r? HANDS CLOCK- ItJ'A H£AtSBY. CHURCH TOWER MERCHANT COUNTER, WITH BUILT-IN (JMTS- LEPTIS MAGMA,AFRICA FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tuei., Oct. 29, 1974 · 11;. FAYKTTEVILLE, ARKANSAS LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Deferred Pain s Explained be highly congenial your HALFWAY ACROSS, THE HENJENS IET LOOSE--· W1NP/ RAIN, HAIL! RIGHT JUST DONT CHOKE ME, FOOFY... . REMINDS ME SCARER'j OF MEXICO CITY WHEN . CHEW, THIS RAM AND WIND TURNEP AROUHP ,BACKED ACROSS, HOW WARDEN, ^ WARDEN/ THE, GIRL'S 4 FIHEST . HOUR. BUT INSTEAD W WILD APPLAUSE.. UTTER SILENCE... EVERYBODY HADRUU FOR, SHELTER. ACT OVER BUU.RINS WHY SMOUV5 HE? H PROLtY OWNS \? we eoes esr IN, o* THINS wosrr HAve TO 0OTH6R US -- Hfc WO/T 06 ASKIN' fOff. CROOK6P CAMPAIGN COHTAI0UTIOHS PROM THE HUGfc CORPORATIONS ONE THIN6 FOR SlJRg I V Ahr WHEN HE SETS \ THE CONFIRMATION. C aeAU-V THINK: of oe«Rys cHoice FOR \ AIM T NO QUESTION, / netuee THE MOST . ( KAPPV FEUER-- so ON WIF YORE STORY. -- AFTER LUKEV THROWED VORE BISCUITS IN TH' HOG PEN-- WHftT HAPPENT TH' HCSS THROWED 'EM BACK'! GUNF1RS AT THE N£P GROUNPS? SOME-THIMG you see A HORSE WITH A BUMPER STICKER FPUIT Trie /VUPDJ.B PIZZA ANP THE CHOCOLATE CAKE A piece PINNER '] ( NO.BUTTHIS IS Illlf DID YOU AND CORA HAVE A FIGHT ? HI MIL. I KEEP A BLANKET AMD A PILLOW W MV x\ DESK DRAWER FOR I'M NOT SO[NS HOMETOWeHT-r'M GOING TO SLEEP RIGHT HERE ON MY DESK JUST THIS PURPOSE What is a "referred pain"? low can doctors identify it? Miss E.E.B., Mich. Dear Miss B.: The present knowledge of physiology and neurology has given doctors greater insight nto the understanding of pain, Is cause and its distribution. Nerves run in very distinct courses throughout the body. ·Vith experience, doctors learn .0 interpret the meaning of . even if it is far removed ;rom its source. For example, kidney stones send shooting pains to the groin. Gall bladder disease refers pain to the back and the shoulders. Ulcers of the stomach may refer pain directly to the back. Heart conditions may refer pain lo the left shoulder, down the arm and to the fingertips The pain of shingles around the chest or waist may follov a band along the course of a nerve. The pain of pleurisy may bi eferred to the area of thi appendix and make diagnbsi; difficult. The excrutiating pain of tri Seminal neuralgia, or "tic dou oureux," may be identified b Is characteristic referred pai n the head. Look in Ihe scclioti in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR WED., OCT. 31) ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Planetary restriclions lift now so you will find achievement considerably easier. Not only should routine matters go well, bul you may even have an opportunity to cash in on an avocational skill. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Though many means for advancement exist, you could throw · a wrench into the machinery if your attitudes are suspicious, your approaches tactless. Beware! GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Place your confidence in hard 'acts rather than "feelings" and, in discussion with others, don't be overly imaginative. You could read too much in their words. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Personal relationships shoulc li: fact, some of your brighter anc more amusing companions could give you some stimulat ing ideas. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Great activity indicated area -- which shoulc prove highly stimulating. Espe cially favored: creative inter esls, community projects, tra vel plans. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 33) Stars warn a g a i n s vacillating, changing plans o projects before they have been given a chance to prove them selves. Be steadfast, optimistic LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Skepticism could defeat th fully charged action this da: deserves. Believe in yourse! and in your goals -- and kee forging ahead. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 lo Nov. 22) The art of diagnosis is a com-7^ lex one and is based on experX 1 "' ence and the interpretation of." ymptoms. I had mumps at 14. Could" lis be responsible for impot-./. nee in a man of 38? ;-· J.B.T.. Del;, i Dear Mr. T.: vv. One of the complications ojfi., mumps may be orchitis, or ah;.; nflamm'alion of one or both:., eslicles. .;,j This can cause the loss okj i B a 11 h y sperm production-slumps, therefore, can be responsible for the loss of fcrtil: ty rather than impotence. '-. The causes of impotence need careful study to find the exact reasons. Physical abnormalities and psychological stresses play an active role in the origin and the persistence of importance. I am often astonished by the number of men who write to me about intimate problems rather than bring them to t h e ' attention of their own doctors. ^ ' There is no shame in anj'o physical or emotional problem. · But it is a shame that so many people are handicapped and ' burdened by the false modesty' that keeps them from mature discussion of their problems.' with doctors or psychologists. : Stellar influences now favor ovel pursuits, imaginative evitalizing of all interests. Dis- lay your talents in marketable reas. JAGITTA1UUS (Nov. 23 to Dec ;i) Avoid being led astray by hose who are heedless of con equences, careless of responsi ilities. You will face more clis- ractions than you think, so :ecp up your guard. lAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) You rarely imitate, preferring i produce in your own way. iowever, this day will require more attention to "others' methods and know-how. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Express your ideas and opinions discreetly but firmly. Don't leave stones unturned vhich may have gems beneath. A generally good day -- if you cooperate. PISCES (Feb. 20'to Mar. 20) A conservative and prudent attitude will keep you from ioing overboard through mis B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) North dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH *4 V A K 4 4 K J 9 6 + K Q J 10 2 WEST EAST A10 9 3 5 3 2 * A Q 7 6 ¥ 8 » 6 5 2 Juided enthusiasm a tendency now. Be especially cautious in romantic matters. YOU BORN TODAY are extremely versatile' and could make a success in any one oi many fields. You have nn excellent mind and an outgoing personality; could, if you make the best use of your po tentials, b e c o m e a leati- er in any line you c h o o s e . In literature, your work would have a highly dramatic quality; in medicine, you could cure not only the body but the mind; in the legal field; your sense of the dramatic would make you an outstanding trial lawyer. You have a definite affinity for science; also outstanding f i n a n - cial acumen. Statesmanship and agriculture are other fine outlets for your talents. » Q 7 4 * A 7 6 A 10 3 SOUTH *K J ¥ Q J 1 0 9 7 3 4 8 5 2 4 8 3 Crossword By Eugem Sbeffer 35 Entire 54 Exploit 10 Salutation amount 55 High note 11 Ex-GI 36 Girl's DOWN 16 Ascend name 1 -- yoce 20 Likely 37 Air 2 Jewish 23 Grotto 39 Poem month 24 Grand- 40 Solemn 3 Spanish parental promise dining hall 25 Walking 41 "The hub" 4 Adorned stick 45 Corrupt in excess 26 Baby 48 A. proposal 5 Dogmatic carriage 50 Affirm principles 27 Cowboy's 51 French 6 Mother of. need .river mankind 28 Elliptical 52 Bulgarian 7 Pausing 29 Lubricate coin 8 Cut of £ 32 Construc- 53 Bakery closely lion item product 9 Yufang 33 That is (L.) 35 Commotion 36 Worshiped 38 Open 39 Fat 42 Bulrush 43 Russian city 44 Russian river 45 Cistern 46 Yellow bugle 47 Irish sea god Answer to yesterday's puzzle, 49_Compete__ ACROSS IDuct 4 European river 8 Russian or Pole 12 Mountain on Crete 13 Split 14 Busy place 15 Window . flounces 17 The dill 18 Biblical mount 19 Hebrew letter 21 Greenland Eskimo 22 An emetic 25 Ordinary language 29 Canadian prov. 30 Girl's name 31 Wander 32 Swine 33 Man's name 34 South American river The bidding: North 2* East Pass Pass South I V 2* West Pass Pass Opening lead - ten of spades. Let's say declarer is playing a hand where the outcome is uncertain because it depends or low or where the defenders cards are located. If declarer has a choice o several lines of play, he natur ally assumes a distribution o :he adverse cards that permit the contract to be made. T play otherwise would be losing policy. The same principle applies t le defending side. A defender: also obliged to make favor-! jle assumptions, as it.-would downright foolish lo credit eclarer with a hand that enders the contract impcegna- le. Here is a case in point. East 'ins the spade lead with the ce and must decide on his best ourse of defense. He realizes hat if South has the ace of lubs there is no chance what- ver of stopping the contract, he automatically assumes hat West has it. This in turn means there are hree defensive tricks (three aces), but at the same time ·aiscs the question of how and vhere to obtain the setting rick. Obviously, there is no chance of West's winning a trump trick, so the only hope of beating the contract lies in winning a second diamond trick. Since West must have the queen of diamonds for this hope :o mature, East makes a second assumption on the hand by mentally assigning that card also to West. In line with this, East plays a low diamond at trick two. Declarer is helpless against t h i s well-reasoned attack. West's queen forces the king and, after South draws trumps and attacks clubs, West takes the ace and returns a diamond to put the contract down one. With any play but a low diamond at trick two, South makes the hand. PONYTAIL Avg. solution time: 23 min. 27 21 2ft 41 38 48. 51 S4 52 "This grade he gave me really makes me mad!,,. This is one lest I actually STUDIED for!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR. Headers respond more quickly «nd favorably when given complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY for the reader-prospect to reach you. Always Insert your telephone number or your name and H you do not have regular hours, give o preferred time to have prospects call you. PLACE YOURSELF In the reader's position and ask yourself what you would like to know (about your offer). The answer you give will make a good classified ad. WANT ADS THAT FATL to bring tallsfaction do 80, not through any lack of readership, but because they do not contain enough information io get prompt action. THE GREATEST BEADEH ATTENTION can be «ecured for your advertisement by ordering consecutive Insertions. You can stop your ad In th« event of results and then pay only for the days it was published. Ther« at. also very tpedal rates for those who »«

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