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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, September 5, 1952
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8 PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Doily T*« Public Inftrtsf Is Tftt Rrtf Coitctrn Of Tfcfc Niwipeptr lOCAl FOMCAST-- F » v r M e v i l I « - and v i c i n i t y : Fntr VOLUME 91, NUMBER 38 Auociotad Prau UoMd Wire FAYETTEVIUI, ARKANSAS. HttOAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 5. 1»S2 Three MIGs Downed, Chinese Hurled Back id Red Planes Destroyed By U.N.Intfeek Af, King and NEA Ftaturn It Was Slaughter," Reports Wounded Soldier After Reds Strike Hard At Bunker Hill New Assaults On U. N. Position Fail As West Flares Seoul, Korea-OT-Some 20 swift U. N. Sabre jets today shot down three Communist MIGs. probably destroyed one and damaged three, the U. S. Fifth Air Force said. That raissd the two-day toll to 16 MIGs destroyed, one more probably, and six damaged. Allied losses, if any. will be reported in a weekend summary. The U. S. fliers today engaged the Russian-built MIGs in seven dog-fights over North Korea. Other U. N. planes plastered a North Korean mining center and supply dumps. U. N. i n f a n t r y m e n and artillery hurled back eight Chinese columns which staged desperate new assaults on blood-soaked Bunker Hill in a flat-cup on the ;ong-dor- Victory Kiss By SAM SUMMERLIN PRICE FIVE CENTS Pom Monopoly Ike Offers Peace Program Question May Go On November Election Ballot Newport-iVPj-Petitions proposing creation of i county-wide. electric power monopoly for Jack- | son County are on file with County Clerk W. H. Reed. Eighteen StevensonHeadTWest'St Philadelphia An Evacuation Hospital. West- petitions, requesting the county ern Front. Korea-Wj-The wound- I Board of Election Commissioners caJ upset. He is a native of Denver and an honor graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. wounded in two hours of bilter j p r e-d a w n fighting.The Reds stormed through inlenss defensive fire to w i t h i n hand grenade range before their columns were smashed. At sunup, two waves of fighter- bombers hurled 227 tons of explosives and fire bombs in 326 sorties against a concentration of ore processing and mining buildings nt Sinhung, in northeast Korea, the Fifth Air Force said. Pilots reported they demolished 35 buildings and damaged 33. Other fighter-bombers blasted four supply dumps near..Sibyon on the Haeju peninsula, on the west coast. In the same area, 12 B-26 bombers pounded stockpiles nt Anak. I More Red Troops , Gen. James A. Van Fleet. Eighth ! Army commander, told a news! conference Communist t r o o p I strength in Korea has increased | Haskell Ulley has been named slightly the past few months-to chairman of the Community Chest campaign for this 3'car. The an- Chest Campaign Opens Oct. S; Uf ley Chairman Goal Of $22,000 Set; Boys Club Added To Agencies more than a million. «--.,, ,, , ...^ ,,,,Although U. N. air attacks are j nual drive for funds, with a $22,-. - -.. hurting the Reds, he said, "The | 0"0 goal, will start October 8. Al s ' a i n c-l with dried blood. cd soldier looked up from his cot with sad.' bleary eyes and said softly: "It was slaughter." The youth lay, quiet but pain racked, in an evacuation hospital filled with casualties flowing down from Bunker Hill, where Chinese troops hit in darkness this morning. His arm was shattered by mortar shrapnel. He said bugle blasts and the screech of whistles 'pierced the darkness as the Chinese infantrymen surged toward U. N. positions. Another patient, his h e a d wrapped in white bandages, leaned over and said, "Those bugles sounded like horns from a string of model-T Fords." Their names were withheld pcndin; notification of relatives. The attack started about I a. m., with the thunder of Red artillery and mortars. "Those shells came down like a steel screen," said the soldier with the riddled arm. "I was on a machine gun, but we never got to fire it." A m o r t a r shell landed near his post, killing one and wounding three others. "We could sec the goonies coming over the top. They kept coming right through their own shell fire. That killed a lot of them. But those goonies were In front of us, on our flanks and behind us. They got in our trenches. Some of our guys got it from bayonets. It was slaughter." Hand grenades filled the air. Corpsmen moved him out of his bunker when the fighting ouieted. "1 counted about 15 Chinese bodies sprawled on the .ground around us." he said. Trails Zero**' In A corpsman lying on a cot nearby said he had not slept for 38 hours. §ome of his buddies were killed while carrying litters off Bunker Hill because-"Those goonips have our trails zeroed in with their mortars." On another cot. a blond machine gunner with a broken knee said it was the worst battle he has seen on Bunker Hill. His hands were to put the power question on the November 4 general election ballot were filed yesterday w i t h Reed. They contained 1,^40 signatures. The petitions propose creation of a commission "to own, manage, operate, maintain, improve and exten'd complete electric distribution systems." The proposed act would give the commissioners "unlimited authority for the full and complete operation of said electric systems." Under the proposed act, the commission would "acquire and operate all electric power facilities in the county." Three firms operate in the county: Arkansas Power and Light Company, serving Newport and Swlftoh; the Farmers Electric Cooperative Corporation serving rural Jackson County, and a private utility which supplies Tuck- crinan. The proposed .commission, first suggested at a Co-op Farmers Day celebration here July 18, followed a Supreme Court decision in favor of AP t L over the Co-op, which claims it pioneered electric service in a section of the .city recently annexed by Newport. A f t e r the annexation, AP L sought Nine States To Hole ln 5ole Of Stevenson Shoe Brings Be Visited Telc fl ramj ' LcWc «» And One New Pair to serve it under Newport n u l l i n g mi; jvt:ua, lit' ^ i r t l U , 1 IHJ | ""u S V J 0 1 ' « m .11011 v _ f t l U U L l O. .rt enemy has rather ample stocks for ' representative from each agency an offensive." Van Fleet said, in the Chest \vill assist the drive however, he does not expect one i chairman in the campaign this fall. Count Sforza Of Italy Dies In Rome Clinic Rome-(^)-Italy today mourned ! Libra O'; Virgil Blossom, Harmon her senior diplomat, Count Carlo rla - vficld : Herbert Lewis. Sr., Roy The Fayetteville Bovs Club has been added to the Chest this year. Representatives of the various agencies who will work with Utley arc: A l Fcitz. Relief Association; Leonard Greenhaw, City Public "The goonies came st us from all sides." he said. He and his crew protection ot had to leave the their bunker. . j - -- "Thpy started coming at us i aflern °on to determine the cause franchise, but the Co-op contended it should continue to serve the territory it developed. The Supreme Court ruled 'in favor of AP i L. Officials of AF L have not commented on the proposed utility district, which .would be the first of its kind in Arkansas. Child Dies After Foil On Bicycle A 10-year-old Fayetteville Ner gro girl died yesterday afternoon j while undergoing treatment of i n - 1 u . jures suffered three hours earlier HOffllMled in a bicycle accident near here. An autopsy was to be performed this By Candidate W.ll Corry Fight To Republicans In Speech Tonight Springfield, IlU(VPi-Gov. Adlai Stevenson was to fly lo Denver I today to open a campaign lour of \ the West his managers hope will i outmatch Gen. Dwight D. Eis;n- j hower's sweep through the South. I ;He expects lo hit states in I nine days, traveling mostly by a i r . ! In at least one speech, and pos- | sibly o:turs, the Democratic presi- j denlial candidate intends to carry i the fight to the Republicans, an- ! swering arguments, and attempting to mow down some of their ; major contentions. The Denver j address tonight will b: aimed at the GO!' baUc cry, "It's time for a change." Heretofore, Stevenson has been largely occupied with selling lorlh his own ideas, laying HID broad foundation of his campaign. He has not answered in detail Republican accusations about corruption in government, nor taken public notice of any direct attacks on himself. In passing, the governor flipped a few political darts at has - I opposition. Mostly, however, h e ' had concentrated' on elucidating the principles of his own program. The Denver speech departs from this pattern. Stevenson's campaign manager, Wilson Wyatt, s«Jd the governor will "pay his respects lor one or more of the i """. ,'" c catch phrases and slogans of the I t a n Q i t l n t c s headquarters. Republicans." Most of them kidded him, Stevenson, aloni with TM m , K*. rtt?^ televTslor Xadcast ,as7Ch C ; ; » ' l!ov. Adlai Strvrnsoi, Democratic nominee for president, bares « worn .sole In his Labor Day audience as he sitr, nn t h e speakers platlorm at Mini, Mich. Michigan's Gov. G. Mennen Williams is nt left. Springfield, 111. - f./l'i - People · only in Springfield, even if he is were h a \ i n « n lot of fun today j elected. "I'll l i k r lo accept the be- Khoc.s. had w i t h Gov. AeUal Stevenson ... cause of an Associated picture t h a t showed sole of his shoe. Telcgiams and into the Democratic Speech Launches GOP Campaign As Thousands Cheer Philadelphia - OF1 - Dwight D. F.u,cnho'A'c;r was off to a "crusade" for world today which he said could be achieved only hy t h r o w i n g the "wasters, the bun- K l c i s and the incompetents" out of ofi'it'c in Washington. To a rhoorine 17.500 at Convention H a l l here last night, the COP proridontia! nominee said: "Lf.'.s swceo this country w i t h r.uch n wave of resolve, determination and ,-ictinn t h a t the little men, the defeatists, the false prophets of the false doctrine t h a t it can't IIP done, w i l l be tossed out of : power and the real America given a chance to move in." On t h a t theme--and offering a 10-poin! peace program of hi.s ou n -- Eisenhower f o r m a l l y : launched his presidential r-am- naign. And today he carried hi.s ! fight westward to Chicago and a . flvc-d.iy tour of the Midwest j t o u c h i n g Illinois, Minnesota. : Ohio ,ind Indiana. ! In Chicago, he was scheduled ·· to meet at noon with Rcnubllcsn i leaders and candidates for state ' offices in Illinois. Michigan anrt j I n d i a n a . Tonight he was to talk w i t h w a r d and precinct work; ers in Cook County Chicago. Eisenhower set the crowd to ; checrinc by saying: "I have said ' and will SHV again and acain t h a t there is only one issue in this cam. naign. That issue Is the mess in j Washington." Then Elsenhower charged the , an ?' de S8id ' Bul som! ~~ a PP"TM"'-ly -simp.y inquired how come the ner. HiiKbville Firmer Is j vided '-you won't wear them in ; Washington. I don't-'want to see [ you KO there." j Stevenson raid he might count- j cr with an offer to v:rar the shoes he grinned. Another fibkecV him if he a hole in the i "stepped on n hot spot" in t h i s ' a d m i n i s t r a t i o n "has bunded us I political cjjmpaijjn. And still a n - i perilously close to World War I I " letters poured | other accused him of trying lo: He said.'"We will dedicate our- presidential j urousp Ihc m a t e r n a l interest of i selves to a program for ncace aim- women voters by soing around i n ! n\ to prevent f u t u r e Koreas and such npnarel. ihp honorable en dot this Korean The photograph wns taken while War." lip said firmlv, "We shall Stevenson wan slttins, with cross- never be truculent--but we shall ed knees, walling to speak in . never appease." Hint, Mich., lust Monday. ; HP rejected Isolationism, anrt The mayor of the famous shoe railed for "mutually profitable" city of Brockton, Mass., C. Gerald . world trade relations, and "un- Luccy saw Ihe wjrcphulo of Gov- wavering .support of the United einor Stcn riison, so he sent him a ; new pair of shoes l;u.t r.ichl. ' 'BrockUln shoes nre best for! standing on a good Democratic platform." said Luccy's message n r c n m p a n v i n K t h e hhoer,. Sforza, who died last night after a half century of liberal, anti- 5ascist service in world politics. Sforza---a cabinet member w i t h out portfolio at the time of his death and twice in the past a for- ! cign minister--died .n a Rome Uub clinic after a year's serious illness. He would have been 79 on September 25. The cause of his death was not announced, but reportedly he was under treatment for plj^bitis. He was said to have suffered a blood clot yesterday morn'ng. His f u n e r a l will be tomorrow. Premier Alcide de Gasperi cut short his vacation to attend the services along with the country's other top leaders and forci;n envoys. Scouts; Mrs. H. A. Brockway, Girl Scouts; Dr. Coy C. Kaylor, Washington County Crippled. Children; . Jennings C o n y c r s. Salvation j Army; Dale Kent, United Defense Fund; Jinimie L. Walker, Boys from behind. We purou7machin"e' | of -«th. Navy doctors at the evacuation hospital got little sleep. Their busiest hours are at night and Hunlsville - (Special) - The. Madison County Democratic Cen-: ! ral ..S° m . m . i . tlee . has n °niinatcd D. 5 p. m. She was taken there after the bi- The Community Chest Executive Board is made up of the following members: Ellis E. Shelton, chairman; John E. Shoemaker, vice chairman; Dick Burke, treasurer; Mrs. Edmond P. Watson, secretary; Ernest G. Ward. Mrs. Virgil T. Blossom, the Rev. D. L. Dykes, Jr., Judge Maupin Cummings, J. Austin Parish. Clint Walden, Dr. Les lie H. Wright, Mrs. is. Heydon Lewi National Guard Units To Be Reorganized Little Rock-M').National Guard units replacing those called into federal service are being re-or- na^mil f/s ik TV- "" i B anizctl under a new federal law, vi.r . H* ? i ? , P , anSt f l s c a !!siving them the same numerical joar ending last June 30 soared i designations as those which were nearly two billion dollars above I called to active duty, the previous year to a total of j Brig. Gen. J. B. Morris state more than 9',4 billions, Sen. Byrd " ' ' ' " Civilian Payroll Of Government Up Sharply Washinglon-(/P)-iJncle Eam's ci- early morning, because it is dif ficult to get wounded men off ·Bunker Hill in the daylight when Chinese can spot litter bearers. Commission Employe Who Testified Suspended Washington-OPj-A Civil Service Commission employe, who testified before a Grand Jury investigating a leak of confidential Review Board hearings has been suspended. The commission named the suspended employe as Miss Miriam M. Degass, and said its representatives first questioned her J a n u a r y 16, just 11 days after Senator McCarthy (R-Wis) made public purported minutes of a Loyalty Review Board 1,caring. "They've hanged the wrong person," McCarthy commented when [old in Milwaukee of Miss Degass' suspension. He denied she gave him any information. ir -- -·".. i,,t MI- , · d c ' cle she was riding ran off an | JTJJ"'/"*. Halch «'' f- embankment and fell about eight j of Aurora v-ho'tlth ff i f«,t i n f n , .K.H....' ,. _. A. I ,. .? u : v '"° wlln feet into a shallow'creek at the foot of the hill behind St. James tson, committee chairman, said Hatcher was seiectcd Jcjf Haynes:dencc behind it, 'Ithdrew as nom- Madison Grand Jury Recesses After Returning True Bill two days of hearing evl-' the 113-membcr Madison County Grand Jury wns recessed late yesterday a f t e r rc- ,, ,. , i t u r n i n g a single true b i l l . Circuit Methodist Church, just off Center! Hatcher will oppose the incum- Judge M a u p i n Cumming.s said the ^'l^ 1 - I benl county clerk, K-.vell K Boyd, jurymen w i l l be called back into The girl was conscious after her! wnn is the Republican nominee session in the hearings into al fall and her only apparent injur- ' seeking reelection. iiiee to obtain wor in Wichita, Kan. Shortage Of Pennies Made In Year '39 ieswere * and cuts and abrasions," but may The committee reflected Wat-- she son. of Huntsvillc Route s as have also suffered internal I chairman and named Mrs. 'zula ' C '\. , att f l ?k i " 1 .^. J M ' She l callco . Huntsville, vice chairman returned hy the j u r y ] headed"bv out of the ditch and w e n t ! and Earl Shinn, Jr.. Huntsvillc. I forcmi - - Irged Madi;.on County vote frauds and questionable marriage license 1 Morrison. I I I . - IT, - The Ifl:i9 practices. I | )rnn y jumped in v a l u e to .'ili cents The contents of the i n d i c t m e n t ;|1 Peterson's :rug sUirc hcic Nations"--Ihc latter plea getting n n l v weak annlausp. L.1*U Feire Points The first move toward worM iwace. he insisted, was to put an ."dminlstration n Washineton "which we ourselves can tnist," Me i-aMed. se^onrilv, for a government in which "there will be no curtain n( rvaslnn, of suppression, or of double t^lk between ourselves and the prnplc." Then be tickrH off these other point* in his nlan for oeace: Thr establishment of "clear anH · nositive" nc?re unals and an end , to what ho called the "patchwork. crar.v quilt operations" in foreign 1 a f f a i r s . The w i n n i n c of allies which "arc ncre,s»'.v for the survival of rtur sv.-item." A nrnsriMm "M a i d bv evpry ncareful m?ai!5." the rieht to live " the right ro live -- -- "- "·*· *""." «tuu wptu tiiiu c,an aninn, jr Hi to her nearby home following the I secretary. Shinn replaces tumble Hill of Wesley. She was born March 20, 1942 in Fayetteville, daughter of the James Deffelbaughs of East Cent- , er Street, and was in the fifth j grade at Lincoln School. Survivors! are the parents; three brothers, Jimye Dean. Slovene and Phillip Sharon'Mae. tC t r h n' ! f "T "^ I Wasl ""«'°"-WVPr I! sidont Tru- bharon Mae; the paternal grand- man today named Henrv H Fow mother Susie Deffelb.ugh; and I e r, WashmgZ an? Virgm a" Sonnv a FishP s ' randp '" m ' ' ^ a t t o r n e y . .. dfrector of Ihe Of'ncc % u r ^ n g , m e n t s are in- " Henry Fowler Named Survivors I m^* , *. »»· . brothers, Director 01 ODM (D-Va) reported today. Byrd said 2.599,122 persons were on the gov- ernmenfs ci'vilian payroll during 12.TM b . cnin « adjutant gcnerai. said yesterday that Ihe Fort Smith, Paris and Ozark units of the 937th Battalion week. Jul.v, an June. civilian payroll during S.',,. ",,,'· n T, r V j w . increase of =,360 ovc? | iMft ^dl^oKSg"Sm" . I pany at Booneville will be re- Dote Change In Receipt'., Of Welfare Checks . organized Monday, he said. Welfare checks from the state were flow coming in this month, and i number of clients have been worried. However, Mrs. Nellie Porter of the County Welfare Department sairt today that checks · units at Fayetteville, Bcntonville, ' Berryvillc, Rogers and Harrison. Young Republicans Of County To Meet A new political organization, the Young Republicans of Wash- are · little later became of a ' Ington County, will mpr-t Tuesday change In accounting methods and at 8 p. m., in the courthouse here the use of a mailing machine i n 1 ' - -'--· -'" · J l the itate office. The checks h a v e been coming Into this area on September 2. Now they will arrive on September olltctn for "extending a two-party sys tem," J. W. Bitter announced to day. With Six Of Nine Children In Polio Ward, Texan Will Leave Farm To Research Team ·I'" ^'""L 0 ;,,! 0 " 5 :-*" 11 :. '!* somewhere that over-exertion ha W. E. U n i t , were not Everett' rnartr- public. Normally the j i l o n t i - ty of persons indicted by a Grand Jury arc kept secret u n t i l an nr- rcsl is made. It appeared, however, thai the t i u e b i l l was rc- lurned in .some inve.stiR.ition other t h a n the election or marriage license probes. Judce CurmiiinRf; SHU! a d.ite for another session of the Grand Jury has not been set. Illness of one j u r y m a n ' ? daughler and of another* wife resulted in delaying the t h i r d clay of hearings. In Cir'-uil Court, held w h i l e thr- Grand J u r y war. in srssison. the i^eans.' in freedom. Str^nct'ienin? t h e economic n i ' ^ h t of America w i t h the de- vcl(ipin n nt rf this nation's "vast .-- . reservo'r of rnerrv. creative Ihc Kith a n n i v e r s a r y irm'"'nation, and risk-taking cour- He put an achcrtise-; age." Wednesday, but not for Ions. Owner 11 A. IMcison wanted to w l e h i a l of his 'lor ilosn of bliMncM. 1'ctcrkoii bind he had had taken in 1.1811 pennies. Some of his nine children in the polio isolation ward of San Antonio hospital, Farmer Paul Pehl said today he would not return to the farm where they apparently contracted the disease. Yesterday, Pehl walked wearily away from the ward where he had just left his sixth child, tow-headed little six-year-old Dorothy. Dayton Pehl, M, was admllled on 28. Tuesday of this week four more of the Pehl children--Daniel, 15; Paul ,Ir., 11; George, 10; and Elaine Frances, nine--were admitted to the polio ward. something to do with bringing on polio, but my children certainly haven't been overworked this summer." Pehl said he wasn't tuspidouft of the clear, cool waters of the PedernalM River where his children swam this summer or the family's well where they got their drinking water. He said he Just wanted "the place examined, and beiidea if I leave it alone just like It was when strator, ihus moves up to the too irtU ' tk. I *-* 1 TM" 1 ' ·'"· » Wrt.« I I I M'JiMMMl, I M C job in the governments civilian I J U r y found Rex M o r g a n Fayetle- narednV,. 0 !^'. W " h "" """ i V '" C i "TMTM"'' salesman and i uneu ei.on. i evangelist, g u i l t v on a charge of His new job was formerly held assault and batterv. and hi.s fine by Charles E. Wilson, f o r me r ' at a m a x i m u m $20ft. j president of the General Electric Company. Wilson resigned last March 3] alter a dispute w i t h the administration over methods of ' handling the steel strike. John R. Slcelman, presidtntial assistant, has been a c t i n g as the defense mobilizer since Wil.snn quit. Fowler w i l l take over Ihc Post on Monday. mcnt in the papei. offcrin- 50. M a i n l s i n i n » military strcnsth-- cents m t i a d e for each 1930 p e n - , but alwavs strivin« for world dis- ny. And the rush began. armament with 'M^nend^ble assurance of soon 1 faith" on the part of riftrr n;ttipri r -· ··- - Seeking ways to nrevent war hart been wa.shcd ,in| scrubbed to with diolomaev in fie hands of make sure of the mint date. : ,,,rn who l-a-i- a "dedication tn Peterson nnnuunerd the i939. (he cause of America and peace." Rootii]" nu! of government ''tho-r who would brtrav our svs- tem" arid f i c h t i n c against discrim- novcrty. "and every social Poultry Market -- Th« poultry market today as reported hy the University of Ar- leave it alone just like It was when j kansas Institute of Science and the children left there. It might Technology and the Dairy and mean something tn the reiearch I Poultry Market New» Service o f j 22,000 More Arkansas i Voters, Bureau Says I.ittlr Rock-i/IVThr Census Bureau .^j.' Hut by Novembci A i - kan.'ias piohably w i l l h.-ive l,07ii,- 000 persons ol v o t i n g age-, a ;;.000 mcrea:.e over Ihe 1948 t o t a l . Th* b u r t j u said yesterday t h e totrfl is an of 2 1 per ccnl o v e r IH48. Fewer Polio Coses Recorded In State "'"· , ,, . te«m they uy will come up here." Pohl is a umall, iun-burned m»n Dr. Lawrence Teller, the Pehl from the hill country mlle« west of Austin. 'The children were about 7! a big help -.. - .... --i .. .1 Ritter xald all Interested ppr- or 3, except In November, w h p n ^ sons are urged to attend the mept- they will be mailed out from the Ing. Bill Rittpr Is temporary I.lttlo Rock office on the f i f t h of; c h a i r m n n of the group, which was rtrnuth hasn't not the kidV "nurii the month. | orfanized recently. - - i939 | penny no longer was wofth SO cents, but t h a t the inlc oK.g'oodj' at Ihe .store, and particular?^ on new pijtay banks lo replace the' ; broken onrn a r o u n d town, would continue t h i n u s h S a t u r d a y . Adkins To Withdraw From Public Life L i t t l e Rwk-i..T'i.Homer A d k i n s sfi;..«. he is w i t h d r a w i n g from p u b - lic l i f e He declared InH n i R h t I hr- \Mll not return nr, a d m i n i s t r a t o r : of the K n t p l o \ rnnnt S e c u r i t y Division of the .slMr- |.ab«i Depart- i n f i l l . He llv.lKlir-d t i n - p r i u ' i n n to -·ampaign fur C,m .Sitl M c - M a t h in t the g o v n n o i ' s un.lucccsbful bid fm a third t e r m . Th" forim i covfMnni opcjati^ 1 the A d k i n s - P h r l p i Seed (.'on.panv. 1 :mcl .1 c j t t l c f.nrn i n Hut Spun)! ' Ciiunly. Manager Of State Press Group Quits L i t t l e Rock - i/T'i - W i l l i a m ''I t' 1 .1 ! hamners and niy of our people." handicaps family phyilclan and' Gllluple, ,,,,... County health officer, said he steady to firm. th« ( U. S. Department of A rlcu ,:! L | ( l l c no( . k . (/]VThc ,,.,, ,,,,,,, | ^ ^ "JTM'^". | Department says 32 cases of I n - 1 tary-managcr ol the Arkansas Northwett Arkanias m a r k e t ( f a n t l i e paralysis wore icreased I last week fiorn seven leported Arkansas 'help to take cart of. I've heard proiram he undertaken at Pehl f»rm. t h « ! W » i « h t » , 2'4 to JK poundu, 32 to! compared W l t n 2 4 1 rases reported . j33een(« i d u r i n g the same period in IOJ1. Press Association, « position he has held two years. He w i l l loin a l.iitle flock advertising f i r m . Association President A. P M i i n a y of Wynne said n successor in Paikci ha'i not been selected, Allied Navies Plan War Games Off Scandinavia Oslo. Norway-iJ'i-More than IliO Allied warships, including eight big a i r c r a f t carriers, begin m a n e u v e r s off Scandinavia nest week. O f f i c i a l l y known as ··Oper- ation M a m b i a L C , " the 13-d^y war gamp* w i l l IIP one of the displays- of Allied naval might sirn-p World War II. M i l i t a r y sources said gamei would: I ' Dcmon.'tr.itf to Norway. Denmark nnd Iceland that they can and will bp defended, that they are an Integral part of NATO and not lust an appendage to an organization centered in Europc't viUU mldfpctlon. ·; S. Serve notice on Hufiln that the Wpsfrn AlUe* »re prtptrtd M rr.slst attack anywhere, «V«I .M Arctic waters. . rnlllni T« I«I«M Washington - iiT\ . Ren. 3. Law. , Ion Colllnj, Army chief nf st»«, I left by plane today lot turop*.

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