Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 29, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1974
Page 6
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6 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Toes., Oct. 29, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE. A R K A N S A S Ready For Halloween Drossotl in their limmy onlfUs, Win rcn uuil Missey Millard of Miiuni, Flii.. arc ready f o r ;i night o[ Irick cnme Halloween, photo) or (venting (AP Wire- Little Rock Police Continue Use Of .38 Caliber Pistols Mutual Fund Groups Hold Cash Assets By JOHN CUNNIFF NEW YORK (AP) -- Although some stocks are selling at tlieir lowest prices in a decade, some mutual funds have chosen to maintain 20 per cent or more of their assets in cash or ils equivalent. In doing so, these funds are saying conclusively thai Ihcy do not view the low level of the market as a buying opportunity Ironically, their bearishncss tndoublcdly is contributing to he low level of corporate share iriccs, thus reinforcin_ iluation that drove them from he market in the first place. A study by Wiesenberger Ser .·ices, which conducts a con inuing survey of f u n d activi ies, shows the highest percent age of assets in cash or short .erm notes on Sept. 30 wa .urncd in by growth-oriented 'unds. Close to 21 per ccnl of tin issels of such funds, whos slated objeclive is maximum capital ^ains, rcmianed un ccmmilted lo the market hat date, a jump of 6 per cen since the end of March. Theoretically, the low price of blue chip companies, score of which are selling below book value, represent an opportunity Tor portfolio managers whose primary goal is to buy low and sell high. In remaining on the sidelines, as many of Ihe f u n d s obviously are. they demonstrate an uneasiness over immediate and long-range market prospects. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Poice Chief Gao F. Weeks says the Litte Rock Poice Depart- mcnt has no plans to use pistols larger than the .38-calibcr pis lols ils officers now use. Many police departments have issued larger and larger pistols to push down the crime rate. The Little Rock policemen art required to use Ihe hollow poinl bullel, which recenlly has become the target of criticism by the American Civil Liberties Unon and other groups. The Arkansas affiliate of the ACLU said in a statement it vas "opposed to the shooting of Wiconvicted criminal suspecls FOR THE FUN OF IT .. .University o/ Wisconsin-Stout educator Kenneth Heitz, 40, makes a trick-or-lrent stop Costume Cure For Nerves Missouri Man is Charged in Murder JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (AP) --' Jacksonville police charged jacketed ammunition is lhal Ihe an Independence, Mo., mail, Glenn Martin Green, 21, with first-degree murder in the death of an 18 year-old woman Monday. Authorities found the a badly beaten body Sunday night | in the Bayou jileto about 15 miles west of Lonoke. The woman's · idcnlily was being withheld pending notifica lion of her relalives. Lonoke County Sheriff Donald Brumctt said the woman was the daughter of a retired Air Force o f f i - cer. with any kin dof bullet, excepl in self-delcnsc...." The group said it "particular ly condemns as peculiarly bru lal the use of hollow point bu hits by police.' Those seckin gto cullaw Ihe use of hollow poinl bullels have called Ihcm erne and inhumane and have said the soft- nlose ammunition was outlawed for milary use by the Geneva Convention. * "I'm sorry to say it," Weeks said, "but there's just no such thing as a humane bullet. Bullets, and guns, too, were designed for only one thing -- to kill." Ernie Sparks, a .retired mill lary man recognized in sporting circles as an expert on guns, said, "What difference docs it make whether it's humane or not? There's only one degree of dead." The major difference between hollow point bullets and full- sort-lead nose on the hollow point has an empty core that causes the bullet to mushroom on impact. Those seeking to outlaw the j hollow point, for law enforce- Funds various other MENOMON1E, Wis. (AP) -Want to send some of your tensions and frustrations rocketing off on a Halloween witch's Broomstick? Kenneth Heintz, a University f Wisconsin educator, has a .imple suggestion. Put on a lalloween mask and costume, loin the kids in their trick-or- reat rounds. Forget your trou )lcs. Have fun. Heintz. 40, enters the ranks of clowns, goblins and witches in. goals also increased their cash position since the end of March. On Sept. 30, for example, long- term growth funds reported nearly 21) per cent of their assets in cash, compared with 14 per ent six months earlier. Even those funds committed i "growth and current ome" had 17 per cent of their ssets in cash, despite some nusually large dividends being aid by capital-hungry corpora- ions. In general, the purpose of all ..,,,,.,,..,,.,, ,. worn-1TMent use say the mushroom ef- .n's partially decomposed and [ ccl c a u f e f t h c b "" ct t0 , m , H«,t ,ad!y beaten body Sunday night ' a _ r F' hote a. nd \TM mubcleb Sgt. Jack information Jacksonville merit, said Livengoocl, public officer for the Police Depart- Grcen was interrogated Sunday after a joint investigation by Jacksonville and Air Force police placed him at Little Rock Air Force Base's enlisted men's barracks early Oct. 22, the place and time the woman was last seen alive. Jacksonville police had received a missing person's report on the woman last Saturday. and cartilage more easily causing more damage to the person who has been shot. Policemen and civilian weap otis experts disagree wit htha lew and said in many in stances it was safe. Sparks said the soft nose on the bullet gives it little pene trating power. "This gives th innocent bystander more pro lection," he said. "A hoilo\ point bullet won't completely g through a person. Fully jack eled rounds can go completely through a person and hit somebody else." Tile soft-lead bullet also travels more slowly. "If a policeman misses his target, a hollow point won't hit some -little grandmother three blocks away," lie said. " A hardball round mi'ght." intuai funds he investor E noney, either :apital gains ,Ioncy remaining to return larger sum in the form i n c o m e in cash :annot contribute to those ends In fact, because of continued nflation of the dollar, the rioney t h a t funds retain in casl: ictually diminishes instead ol irowing. Nevertheless, many lortfolio managers obviouslj canvassing the neighborhood each Hallow- with his children een. "I have my paper sack, gel my goodies and have a gooc ' .ime," says Heintz. It's the kind ol escapist fun that manj people need, says the director of Fashion and textiles at tilt university's Stout campus. Slid an escape route has no tension producing competitive aspects he says. Adults can join the fun ''.13 "just going out like the othe: kids and becoming jiist.anothe ghoul walking around. Behinc think that is a lesser evil thai losing money in a declinin] market. A sharp decline in the per centage of assets kept in casl would be interpreted by man analysts as a signal of 'greate confidence on the p a r t o funds. So far, however, that sig na! hasn't been flashed. he mask we can change our ersonality because we are not dentified by the person looking t us. "Dressing in a costume and iding behind a mask allows on to play in a manner that nay otherwise be socially .nacceptable," he says. Campaign Signs Are Destroyed Herb Marshall, the Republican candidate for Washington County sheriff, told Fayetteville jolice Monday that three of his :ampaign signs were destroyec Sunday night. Marshall said thc signs, valued at $210, were located on H\vy. 71 south, and South School Avenue Hwy. 71 north. Marshall said a witness to the destruction of the sign on Soutl School Avenue told him that a white sedan pulled up to th sign and two men, in their lat 20's or early 30's. got out am kicked the sign down. TRI-LAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New Used Antennas Color Black White Boosters · Towers Free Estimates 751-7927 751-84« 751-0257 Heintz says his trick or-trea nerriment is contagious t omc people, but some other link he's "just some kind ut." Hcinlz planned to have som f his students join the masque ading crowd this Halloweei lowever, students and otln. acuity . 'members have e: ressed only minimal suppo or his ideas. "Many of them seem to h oo uptight; they just haven earned how to relax and ha\ un," Heintz says. Pryor Addresses Arkansas Public Employes Association LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Daid II. Pryor, the Democratic andidate for governor. Monay night called collective bar- aiiiini! by public employes "a ensitivc, lough and con- ·oversiiil subject that must be iced." Pryor was addressing 65 icm'bers of the Arkansas Pub- c Employes Association. Latr, in an interview, he aatd his emarks wore not an eudorse- ncnl of bargaining rights for ublic employes. Pryor told the employes that . he (became governor, he von Id t r y to the best of his bility to help them with their iroblems. He said they had a ight to bargain collectively vith their employers. The obvious breakdown in hroughout the country, he said vas threatening to undermine lie entire democratic form of ;overnment. "The rights of public employ es have to he faced if we ex necL our democracy to stir ·ivc," sai dPryor, whose can diclacy has the endorsement ol he state AFL-CIO. Pryor did offer specific pro losais to solve problems o niblic employes, but he said he would always be available I' listen to what they had to say. "I'm no miracle worker," h said, "and if I become gover nor your problems will not gi' way overnight. But I am goini lo try to solve some of you problems." In the interview, Pryor ex plained, "I'm just saying co lective bargaining is an issu that government must face, did not endorse collective ba gaining among public emplo; s; I just said it's something lat is not only an Arkansas Itualion. but it's a national and 'ortdwidc situation. I did not ndorse any form of collective Hi-gaining." · . i Pryor said there was a dilfcr- nce bctweeen the unionization public employes and the ight for them to stale .their rievances. He was asked if he foresaw lie lime when he would make a ecision on .whether public cm- iloyes should have the right to liirgain. He replied, "If public mployes vote in a democratic irocess. I ' think they should mve the basic right to be rep- esenled on an organized basis, 'hat's just my personal opin- on." Pryor said it was distressing hat the state's employes wero he lowest paid of any in Ihe ountry, ''out he warned association members not to expect he projected surplus of stale unds to solve all of their prob- ems. He explained that just as nflaiion was eating away at heir paychecks, it also would cut the buying power of slate unds. If elected, he promised lo ake a close look at the salary situation and pledged a "very close scrutiny" of the stale s retiremenl system "with lha liopc of improving it s o that you'll know exactly what you iavc and will be such that your iconomic challenges can ba met." The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week! Ernest Lancaster Sincerely Appreciates Your Vote Ward 1, Position 1 City Board of Directors Serving All Wards and People of Fayetteville Paid Pol. 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