Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 11
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MOKTHWtiT lIMtS, Hv«H»viH«. g-- , KOREA JET ACES MEET AT AIR FORCE CONVENTION McGralh Called To Appear In Gift To Attorney Of Government Bored By Comm tree Washirfgton-t/!VA House in- vestigiilinn of the Justice Deparl- inunt had an open d;ite imiiiy, but Cluiirm.'in Ciiclf ( D - K . v ) ;m- nounccd its next star witness w i l l be former Ally. Gen. ,1. Howard McGralh. McGrath, w\w was Iired by President Truman .shortly j i T t e r j liis lirst appearance before li^c committee last spring, \r, slated to appear on September 15 in public session. Meanwhile, -the commit- tcstiiicd t recommendation t h a t the criminal prosecution should he dropped was reached by him and Janus E. Mclnery, who then was Candle's first assistant. Ohio Hospital Escapees | Captured; One At Large | Lima, Ohln-MVAn alert I.lmn Stale Hospital fimird last n i e h t helped capture two of throe inmates who escaped from the hop- pita 1 the day before. Guard Henry Imiugle called a state highway patrolman who picked up J n h n T. O'Bnml, 51. formerly from South Bend, liui.. I at id M i c h a e l C'hepuk. 33. b u r g l a r frnn Yiinj;.slnwii, Ohio. N e i t h e r offered resistance whrn they were reeaplurrd ;ilonf; railroad tr:ic!;s abort a mile from the hospital. SUM as lar^e is John Auki, 33. Toledo. Ohin, who had been serving time fur aimed robbery. . J centric and his. w i f e saw lhe pair when ihey were nut rirlint;. Eisenhower's Visit To Stote Pleoses Republican Leaders Who See Two-Party Gains L i t t l e Hnck - IS') - f J r u y - h i u i w l i Mrs. Dauxa Weir, 7(1, of Little Rock -- a Republican all nf hci l i f e -·- asked (.ion. DwUhl n. f'.is- cnhowcr here ycstrrciay if she mi^ht have his tan straw h u t And hi 1 Kave it to her. j 3ut Mrs. Weir added hesltalinfi-'. ly after . l he received the K i l l : i "Only one Ihinir k i n d a \ v o i r l e s j mu. I hope he d i d n ' t nnsnndcr-' stand when I told him he won't' nn-,J Hs h-t milch lonser. i m e a n t j thai of sc t was near the end nf the , : in! Irs hat would be out son soon." s h a r j i - w i t t c r t cum- [ weren't out - o[ season a s . far as I'eimrters were concerned, j The teneral · - as r.-rt ai a ,!.ii- oVn radish from the Smith':; Ma/- j ! ms sun--said he considered i t ' "Kldridcan!" that he spoke in z park named for ' a n officer whom 1 nncc served in an i n t i m a t e capacity." The park, scene of Eisenhower's speech, wan named for f;en. Done- las Mat-Arthur, who was born In officers' quartern at the time the park was a military post. Eisenhower also stopped at MacArthur's birthplace to sicn a visitors' register. "Historic Step" The general's visit reyisterfd deeply with Republican National Committee-man Wallace Townscnd. He said Eisenhower's visit was a "t'cfiniic and historic step toward a t t a i n m e n t of a real two-pany system" in Arkansas and the south. Tnwnscnd introduced GOP Ou- ·"·"·nmoriaj Candidate J f f who thru introduced s in-'.: declared that the v/as a man "who doesn't pronu^ol is xood for my £li* friends--he asks if It's *,[· i the rountry." J , ; [ J r n t n r the Republican 5 p d e n t l p l candidate on the re^ v ; and blue pbttjorm were Tosfiu Si«"' and Little Rock's flip ; can Mayor Pratt Remrnel.} Ult!e Rock Police Captt L Wlthersponn said the cro' ; the largest ever seen In . i.hur Prk. He placed the etti = ^ a t 30,000. '· Curbstone spectators fr rn airport to the park were fca cd. Many rnembers of the »fli : bciton arriving at the parlj : before the speech which: ;t shortly a f t e r 3 p. m. Thl : B l u f f Hsih School band plaje spect;ttfirs before the fenefa : rivc-4. i Kiserihower'j cntouragf Adams Field about 5 p. ·· a r r i v e d in New York forrf '· hours later. - A " Force, all fiurea .'Jetf»«»."fet -togirtlw/'-iw jjuosts ot the Air Force con. . , 'ront: MaJ. Wlnton Marstiail." B'everijfc'Hiili. 'Gilir ; Capt. Ralph Gibson, ;MpuntVirTrcft.''jJ|:'.M8k'-famcs Jabara, Muskogee, Okla.; Capt. -JRicnard Becker, Flcelwood. P a : Capt, ^Robert. La'tsliaw. LcOs'AngcJes, Rear row: Lt. James Kailcr! Indianapolis, Ind.; Capt. Iven Klnclieloe. Cas- ich.ji Gapt: RSIjort Moore, Houston. Tex.; Maj. William Whisner, Shrrvcnort. La. They have a " r ' lu ' 1 ' "I"U«" a n l p f t . i . ttalcnuilloiliu SuuntUill tco planned to continue a closed- I Iccnojjlc clour session w i t h T. Lamar Can- · Garlock. dlo. ousled by Trimian from his · post as; i;inl attorney Roneral j last November. | The next middle .vith the j Wadoshoro, N. C., l a w y e r who j onec headed the government';; "initial 1'atrnlinan Tom ! The- Ilimlsvillc school opened i Monday with a hcin'y enrollment. CAN'T FOOL AN EXPERIENCED MOTHElf ^n^^ t FR0M H Sf ATE CALL ON IKE w i l l be quizzed about the informalion lo pass on 1o the ; Fort Smill] ;(nd Mrs/Frances Bur- probcrs. And it is expected he | kclt nnd Mjss Nancy B u r h e l t o f Quinccy, 111., were weekend Riicsts " " id Mr. Addi- Mrs. Lloyd Linebarfier wei'e Mrs. Nell Keeker and daiiRhter, Jovce, of Fort Smith. Miss Iris Heed has '-cturncd to Kort Smith after n hvo-wcck visit wilh her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. tec's latest exposure: The case oC ' of Mrs."Linnet Linebarger and a Rovernrnent attorney getting a Uiid Mrs. Lloyd UnebarRcr. A "«ift" of S750 from a law f i r m ! t i o n a l pucsts of Mr. and 1!)47 after a yovc-rnment case ·· was dropped against the Carna- j tion Milk Company, Buffalo, | N . Y. Caudle was chief of the ! criminal division at the time. : Tells of Gift Jnmes A. M u l l n l l y , whoso re:a'c- . nation came Inst inniUh a f t e r he was suspended from his criminal Ki-ed K. Keel. Mrs. John Dixim and dnughtens of Shruvcport, Lo.. have returned i division post, testified he received I to their home after Hutting hci ' $750 from Gordon 1.. Kakle, a for- I parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ship- mer f l r p a r t m r n t a l colleague who j ' c - v :uir ' brut her and sister-in-law, q u i t in 104G to enter p r i v a t e prat- i M|P - : " lfl M r K - Gene Shipley, tice. | H a l t o n Dotson and .son, X, al- It wasn't a fee and it wasn't i lcnt ) Cr] 'he a m a t e u r mdco n t rnmpensiition "because I did noth- jSprmgdale Monday night. ing to earn it,' Mullally told the rnmmiltec. He giiid the whole In * truptors Nampd thing :started w i t h a telephone call I I h c ; i PP ( »ntmenl nf Mrs. Su- from John Acker, counsel for | TM nn * MfWhortcr and Mr.s. Eve- Carnation, who once had been a !·)'". "· ~°? k ss n s *ructnrs in the government lawyer. University _ College of Business M u l l a l l y said Acker asked him about a case the Food and Druj; Administration brought against his B u f f a l o because 1 two of evaporated m i l k Administration h a s b c j nounced by ])r. Paul \V. dean. an- lain, L luai it icnn, M prifcjficef her I rate, Irvin concern i: shipments J didn't contain us much vitamin D ! as their, labels claimed. Mullally said he knew nothing Hbuut the case. But he did "men- lion" to Acker that their old mutual friend, Eaklc, was In.private, icrc afyi that an assodi-; Goldstein, formerly worked in the food and drug sec- i i i ' lion - JGENERAI EISENHOWER siretcries nis arms lo lake in the whole contingent as GOP National cnnimitlee-J.j Law Firm Regained . - .. ., -. . jwomen from 11 states give out with a chrrr in Ike's New Y o t k Headquarters (tntrrnntinnni f $i)£*tiiiifrtit(tt'^ i H-drvclopCQ t h a t C a r n a t i o n re, '^"^--^~~^^^^--~'-^-^^^^^ -L.:^---^.-'---,J ,Taincd K n k l e s law firm and with- i ; I in a short time the Justice Dc: Rave a welcome supper and food is i l l . I partment signaled the U. S. a t t - shpwer Monday night, honoring ' 1 ' i) ; ! icv ;,. Sln '.\ lc - v ..; JIt l 1 l ci1 . an ' p as ; i lorncy at U u f f a l o to. drop the the new p;istnr and wife, the and Mrs. Wayne Banner. : i ( 1bn ,, ilsl r h l i r ( i | l F l , r l . l t . __ , , n A p r j , ( ^ g 4 7 i Ea(rfc co , |ccted I a ?3,nod fee from Carnation. And, both Mullally Jind Kaklc tcsti- M u l l a l l y received -$750, less One type of extinct elephant attained ;i height of N feet. Jn Britain the shock absorbers of an automobile arc called dampers. West Fork v i s i t i n g Glover's Mr. and Lt. Comdr. and Mrs. A. F. Adorns and children, formerly of Sunnyvale, C;ilif., are vi.viiins Mrs. Adams' parents, Mr, and Mrs. Allen A. Keith, en route lo olover are nl M a m o u r their new assignment at Key j Mrs. Smith's and Mix West. F!n. ' brother-in-iaw nnd ?\t\t The Assembly of God Church Mr/. G a r l a n d Bljiylot-!:. " ~ ^ I Mi 1 ". Dean Parker l e f t \7rclnes- riay for W i c h i t a , Kan., where :;he w i l l visit her The Rev. and Mr.s. Floyd Parker of \Vm: iov.' \ v i i l keen i ic couple's four- months-old baby until she returns. n g in-.- nt-v. oi.MiH-v .juiudii. puh- j lorncy at iJUftalo to. rirop the , v : tor of t h e First llajitisrcijurch of j criminal prosecution nnd send t h e ' ; Spi-inKd.ile. w i l l bt'-jjursl speaker ' L-onccrn a warning Icl^r ihsleadi HUDSON TUNE UP? COMPLETE OVERHAUL? SEE BOB HALL AT WHITELEY'S GARAGE ;it the Baptist Church" Friday eve ?Jr. Hnbm Crouch and son, niiiR. Scplcmbrr 5, a t ' 7 : 4 3 Mr. Rnbhy, of Fayelteville, and Mrs. Jordan will tell of his t r i p to the Mural Smith and Mrs. Robert holy Land, from whit'li he recent- I n'cd" K ' '·"' "^ T l ;n "* ' ·""*··-"- ' Lwo ' or three hundred dollars which represented a debt he owed Eaklc. Eakle told the; committee thai Mullally "needed tlie money so I save it to him." Each testified he did not consider ] cr it a fee, and :;tuv nothing wrong it. But Mullally said he ciurnt-'d. He will show pictures of his tour. The public is invited. Mr. and Mr.s. Dcwey Walc-rfield have as their guest Mis. Waterfield's brother and sister-in-law, I Mr. and Mrs. Carl Savage of War- j ren, and her .sister, Mrs. Lewis ' Dennis and .son Lewis III, WabhiiiRlon. Mrs. V a d i e Lev/is is staying in j believed to be the only elephant t!-,c home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ' type which adapted itself to cold Kay to take care of Mrs. Hay. who ! climates. · I wouldn't repeat it if he had il to The- mammoth, now e x t i n c t , is · dn again. Vincent A. Kleinficlri, the Justice Department lawyer who was in charge of food and drug cases', THE BEST FOR LESS WE DELIVER -PHONE 117 RED mm, m can 59* CRISCO, .,3. Sbs. . . . 75e .FOLGER'S COFFEE, Ib. . . . . . CAIN COFFEE, W W JACK ;5^AT GREEN BEANS, 2 for 39* NOB HILL PEACHES Heavy Syrup, fk/.? 1 2 can . . . TOPMQST APPLE SAUCE HEINZ BAKED BEANS, 2 cans . . KARO SYRUP, 5 ibs NORTHERN TISSUE, 3rc!ls .. , W 19* 25* 59* 19* SUNSHINE CRACKERS, Ib SWANS DOWN CAKE MIXES, box GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, 46 oz. . . . FANCY BANANAS, Ib URGE GRAPEFRUITS, 3 for ... FANCY LETTUCE, Ib TOMATOES, Ib CORN KING BACON, Ib WILSON CERTIFIED PICNIC HAMS, Ib. CHICKEN BACKS, Mb. box ... HILICREST OLEO, Ib ASSIGN STREET GROCERY 325 MISSION PHONE 25* 25* 19* 15* 23* 15* 19* 49* 42* 35* 19* 117 You're Right .. in trying Cains, because ... A an d . . the only IS THE ONLY SHORTENING THAT GIVES YOU GUARANTIED CAKE INSURANCE FOR CAMS THAT AM SAVE WHEN YOU USE ITI . . . . Cain's Coffee is a blend of the world's finect coffees! There is no finer coffee in ANY container at ANY price. We Guarantee this. Your first sip tells you that Cain's is, indeed a luxury blend of rich, mellow coffees... a PREMIUM QUALITY cofce you'll serve with pride. SAVE WHEN YOU IUY IT! Compare the price of CAIN'S COFFEE with other premium · quality brands and see what a nice caving you make on every pound. But always remember this -you pay less lot CAIN'S because it comes in a thrifty, (farerf bag instead of a costly can or jar. There's no finer coffee than CAIN'S any any price. Housewives tell us they use /ess CAIN'S COFFEE than other brands which aren't as fresh. This superb coffee is rushed to your grocer so quickly it always reaches you exrra fresh, extra full of that rich, full-bodied flavor. No wonder you Ret morr cups of Rrand-tastinR coffee from a pound of CAIN'S. Packed In Pliofilm

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