Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 29, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1974
Page 3
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MEN PARTY OBSERVES ANNIVERSARY .. .J. Allen Joiner, Mrs. Joiner, Miss Backstrom, and Frank Backstrom, standing, left-right, end Mrs, Backstrom, seated, at the Golden Wedding anniversary observance of Mr. and Mrs, Joiner Couple Honored With Reception On Anniversary The home of Mr. a n d Mrs. Joseph T. Pcndlcton on Skyline - Drive was the scene Saturday morning for the Golden Wed- Meaty Subject For Pint-Sized Would-Be Artist Dear Heloise: I would like to pass on my helpful hint lo other mothers who have youngsters in school. My little boy not only loves school, spend but at home he could hours writing and ding anniversary party honor- ng Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen Joiner. Their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank 3ackstrcrm, and grandaughter iandy, of Valparaiso, Ind., were losts and formed the receiving ine with Mr. and Mrs. Joiner. The refreshment table in the dining room was covered with pale yellow linen cloth im jorted from Sicily. Mexican :hocolate w a s served from a brass samivar and the tieret wedding cake was placed on brass tray. T h e centerpiece was of golden chrysanthemums yellow sweetheart roses and jaby's breath with brass but .erflies placed on either side. Arrangements of bronze drawing, mostly drawing. I found that I could not supply him with enough paper, which can be costly. One day as was unwrapping my meats, looked at the white plastic containers that the meats were wrapped in and it suddenly occurred to me what a perfect solution to the paper problem. I gave him several to use for his drawings and it has worked out beautifully. He discovered the raised edge son these containers make a perfect border for "creations." I might add that these containers come in many different sizes. I hope that my discovery will be of some help to other mothers and that it will make them as happy as it has made me and my son. The "Artist's" Mother white chrysanthe placed throughou And all for free too! Heloise Dear Heloise: When I have things to grate two or more for one dish. I always grate the softest one first. Then, as I grate the firmer foods, they "clean" the opeings in the grater. Pat Owac LETTER OF WARNING Dear Heloise: Just a quick word lo help others using an extension cord on their vacuum cleaners. Be sure to use a heavy-duty extension cord as the vacuum pulls a lot of power and it is better to be safe than sorry. Alice Bartlelt yellow and mums were the house. Presiding at the punch bow and serving cake were Mrs. Su Fisher, Mrs. Joiner's sister Mrs. Nolen E. Williams, Mrs Darrell Spriggs and Mrs. Clin Walden. Presiding at the guest bool in the living room where bronze plaque with a cross an two wedding rings ' was place on an easel beside a bouque of yellow sweetheart roses wer Mrs. Fletcher Hall and Mrs J.F. Backstrom. Assisting Mr. and Mrs. Back strom as hosts and hostesse were Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton Mr. and Mrs. David Handle Mr, and Mrs. William Fields M r . a n d Mrs. W i l l i a m Younkin, Mr. and Mrs. Loui Joyce, and Mr. and Mrs. Home WhiUstnick. Others assisting were Mr. an Mrs. Bill Ariair, Mr. and Mrs Gonnell Brown and Mr. an Mrs. Clarence Young. The hostess gift to the coupl was a wedding sampler mac Mrs. Marion Sager. Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1974 · 3 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiM /·--» Lending Caters To Women Squeeze And Save may never finish that box. Your noggin was wide awake when you found out the secret Kim. Heloise Dear Heloise: Here is a hint I hope no one every has lo use. On our return from our daughter's home in another city, we found that we had failed to close the freezer door tightly. Yes, you guessed it -everything was ruined. I started for (he trash cans but my husband said. "Hold it, Granny, let the packages refreeze and by morning thev will be easier to handle." And would you believe, they were. I just had to let you in on this idea! Mrs. Rudy Volentine Judy Peliy Hits Mills' Health Insurance Ideas LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Con- ressional candidate Judy Pety of Little Rock said Monday lat her opponent, Rep. Wilbur Mills, D-Ark., is "talking out both sides of his mouth" bout how he would administer nd finance the proposed na- ional health insurance' legisla- ion he is co-sponsoring w i t h ien. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass. Mrs. Petty, a Republican .aid a vote Mills took in August m an amendment to the pro- osed legislation indicated that wanted the federal government to finance and administer he plan. She sard Mills earlier lad indicated he wanted the lan to be financed and admin- stered primarily by private in- NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -i Using words like "agog" and "aghast" to describe women and their finances, feminist Susan Osborne has set out to lend women money and teach them how to use it, rather than to be intimidated by it. She and Karen Wynn, both from New Haven, are co-managers of the Connecticut Feminist Federal Credit Union, a cooperative cfffort. "Our loan policies are die taled by feminist priorities," Susan Osborne said in an interview. "Women do not have the same accessibility to money, to credit in the state and the nation," as do men, she said. She agreed that it has never been documented extensively but "it's such a well-known fact among women." DENIED LOAN For example, she explained, there was the 54-year-old woman who -- with 15 years of employment behind her and an annual gross of about $6,500 -was denied an automobile loan unless her father signed for it He was 84 years old. Another Connecticut CL.» said the 26-year-old money man ager was that of the 26-year-oI dustry. She told the Congressional Action Committee of the Little lock Chamber of Commerce .hat the proposed plan was one of the most inflationary pieces of legislation she had ever seen. A Mills aide at his Little Rock office said she could not reach . the congressman and would reserve comment until she could. Meanwhile Monday, Mrs. Petty said Mills' health problems last year had no bearing on what she believes to be his poor voting record. Mills was hospitalized and underwent back surgery last year. "Mr. Mills had back trouble and was in the hospital, 1 understand, for three weeks," she said, "and during that period of Congress he had only a 31 per cent (voting) average, and I don't believe you can attribute that poor voting record -- the second lowest in the nation -to the three weeks in the hospital." Mrs. Petty was participating in a program sponsored by radio station KXLR in which listeners ask questions by telephone. woman working lor a Bridge port bank. She had completec the bank's management train ing program and asked to lak out a car loan. She was asket to get her father as a co-signer Miss Osborne said. When she and her co-worker, first considered the idea for Ihj project, which she said is thi lirst feminist credit union k the Northeast and the fourth ir the country, they surveyed 150 New Haven women. "Half of them have bee turned down for loans or ha problems getting loans. Jus over 50 said they believed i was because of sex or marita status discrimination," Miss Os borne said. AGHAST "We were aghast. It's kin do really apparent that we've go a tiger by the tail. -We're refer ring people to the state Huma Rights and Opportunities Com mission" but 11 · counseling and bill consoli- ation. AGOG "Most women are agog when ven large sums of money, 'e're really interested also in x p a n d i n g women's con- ciousness about money," she aid. The credit union -- with ledges of a minimum of $42,H) -- is open to all state wom- n but they will have to first sin one of four groups, she aid. They are the National Or- anization for Women (NOW), lack Women United in truggle, the Connecticut Politi- al Women's Caucus and the ew Haven Women's Center. Men also can participate in le credit union but would have o Join NOW, which accepts ien,' Mrs. Osborne said. Green Thumb Club Makes Contributions Green Thumb African Violet Hub met Friday evening in the lome of Mrs. Charles Bird, Vfrs. Harry Parker was co-hos- ess and Mrs. Wanda Yandell and Mrs. Viola Bell were ;uests. Mrs. Robert Logan, president, opened the meeting with The ord's Prayer and devotions rom Guideposts were given by Mrs. Ruth Stewart. The group voted to make contributions to he Cancer Fund, United Fund and Boyce Eden Research Fund. The program was presented y Mrs. Fred Kerr on "growing violets under different light situations." Mrs. Bobby Yandell received the mystery package. Refreshments were served by ;he hostess and members viewed her violets. T h e next meeting will be h e l d in the liome of Mrs. Kerr when the program will be slides from the African Violet Society of America. Inc., Library entitled "From the Land of the Sky Blue Waters." uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiDiiiiiiHiHDiiiiinuiiiuiiiiMiiiiniiiiiin Announcements Dear Folks: Just gotta tell you something today that I wish 1 had thought about when I was young - that' alcohol" boy, think of the money I could have saved over all those years...I feel 82 today! It's the old proverbial tooth paste tube! When we get down to the last drop o f ' anything we usually take it slow, so it will l a s t , right? I was down to the last spittin drop of toothpaste and happened to spy my comb. So I put the tube on the edge of the wash basin and, using the back of my comb, actually scraped (starting at the bottom of the tube) all the paste up to the top. Glory be, if I didn't have another week's supply! Some types of tooth paste tubes can and should be held under the hot water faucet so the contents inside will liquefy momentarily. Then it just comes gushing... This also works on most things that come in a tube, loves! So why doncha try it! You ain't got nuttin' to lose except a Few seconds in y o u r life. But, oh, those pennies sure Dear Heloise: When I dye my hair. I can't get the color off my face with soap and water. I discovcrec -- take the dye right off my face and hands. Try it! Lcona So will fingernail cuticle emover. Love, Heloise EXTENSION HOMEMAKER5 CLUB /ION-OAKLAND Mrs. Carlton P. Gullcy was lostcss with Mrs. James Gulley is co-hostess when 13 members and three guests were present. Mrs. Dan Vaughn became a new member. Reports on the county estate planning workshop were given by Mrs. E.H. Eddy, and members were reminded of 'the council meeting on Thursday. A while elephant sale will be held at the next meeting, Nov. 20, at the home of Mrs. Eddy. Personals Mrs. H a r o l d B. Hunt of Sacramento, Calif., Pi Beta Phi grand president of philanthropies is here visiting Arkansas Alpha Chapter. She expects to be in Fayetteville several days. Daily Calendar of Events Tonight Northside Rotary Club, Wyalt's, 6:15 p.m. Weight Watchers, Goff Building ,7 p.m. ; Official Study Course for Legal Secretaries, Room 239, UA Education Building, 7 p.m. Boy Scout Troop 100, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 7 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 8 p.m. AI-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 8 p.m. Chess Club, Arkansas Union, 8 p.m. "Marat/Sade," UA Theater, 8 p.m. do mount up, don't they? I send my love through tomorrow. today and Which we both hope for so we can talk again... See you in tomorrow's paper! Kisses, Heloise LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: We always dream of a castle.. .But who could afford to keep it up with eleitricity and heat? Dumb Bell Smartie SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio rwir 2-way radio headtiuartcrs » ertcironlci »[noe U29 520 N. College 443-2222 For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 4424246 City Parking Lot In Re»T Wednesday Sequoyah Kiwanis Club, Holiday Inn, 7 a.m. Chi Omega Mother's Club, Chapter House, 10 a.m. Exchange Club, Holiday Inn, 12 noon "Grandeur and Oebdience", UA Library, 4:30 p.m. Election Officials School, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 7:30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, VA Hospital, 8 p.m. Marat/Sade," UA Theater, 8 p.m. :I:IIM::!IH ; I it lime. :n;r EN. !!· ii: ana 1111 Dear Heloise I have a special place where I keep all of my earrings'. But that doesn't help when it comes to trying to find a pair that matches. I finally started clipping them together when I take them o f f . Then I just put them in my drawer, and next time they are together. No more searching for the matching earring, and it sure has saved my nerves when I am trying to dress in a hurry. GiGi N. up with some way to work wi' this and focus on it." Although loans will be avai able to individuals for tradition ears, homes -- "we are tryinf to make money accessible ficulty getting money." Besides the savings and lent ing operations, Miss Osborn predicts that the credit unio will enter areas like counselui 1 iiiniinninnninniiiHiiniiNiiiiiiiniiiiinini Chi Omega Mother's C l u b will meet at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Chapter House. Root School Parent Teacher Association will sponsor a sixth grade students at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Albright, 2004 Brent Lane from 9:30 a..m. until 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. / Dear Heloise: Sometimes I can't wait to ge the prize from my cereal 'box. I solved this by opening Ih prize is usually at the bottom. Kin Smarty? Sneaky? Do yo know why the prize is usuall at the bottom? So you will ea all the cereal first and the get your prize. Otherwise yo ,(v \^ 1st Place Winner Rita's Hair Design Institute has just won 1st place in the 1974 student competition. The competition, sponsored by the Ark. Hairdressers and Cosmetologist Assoc., was open to all cosmetology students in tbe state. Now Enrolling New Students RITA'S 1680 N. College, Fay. (across from McDonalds) 442-5181 How true. This is a wonderful .safety hint. Thank you, Alice. Heloise Dear Heloise: Here is how I often can save on the grocery bill and keep from heating the oven at mealtime. I shape bowls out of foil just big enough to hold whatever I have left over from the previous meal (or I use those foil pie tins) and place the foil bowls in the electric skillet. I turn the skillet to 200 degrees and heat all the leftovers at the same time. Then I just set the skillet in 'the middle of the table and serve from it, This also saves on dishwashing. Mrs. Donald Bowen Dear Heloise: As for uses for nylon net, I "· could go on and on but I like . it as a means of cleaning paint : from my hands, etc., as I am · always painting something. · It does a-wonderful job, and · doesn't scratch or irritate the ' skin. I use it with a little deter- · gent. Ann Wells GOLD Top Prices Paid For Old Gold and Jewelry. Underwood's Dickson, Fayett*ville, ANNOUNCING OUR rf Autumn ^VALUES Complete 6-pc. Stereo Sy*t«m: Stereo FM/AM Radio, Record Changer, B-Track Play/Record Carefree Casuals OPEN MONDAY THURSDAY NITES TIL 8:30 Sportswear coordinates by Four Corners for perfect work manship and fine fabric with excellent fit, Fashioned from machine washable acetate and nylon in green and white plaid or hundstooth check. Jacket Pants Blouse Skirt (not shown) A Show of Elegance Th» drcmati* Flemish Bombe Oobhet shown n«re comes from our masterful B Cetera collection by Drexel. A teeming endless selection of designs, periods, woods ond finishes. You 7 :* su» to gel the feeling that each piece was witem- built for you alone...,,.cmd who's fa toy tfiot it wasnf? Junior Sportswear Second Floor FUHNffURE-Seeond Hoof torn Monday and Thunday Niatih W 30

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