Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 29, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1974
Page 2
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· Northwnt Arltemwi TIMES, Tues., Ocl. 29, 1974 FAYITTIVILLI. ARKANSAS rani inniiiiiraimiiiiiiimiiii nmiuniiN mi: ninnni Area News v Briefs : Rifle Stolen - Leonard Brown of Cincinnati "-told the Washington County , -sheriff's office Monday that 'someone had burglarized his v. home and stolen a single-shot ,,-;22 caliber rifle and an arn- munition clip for an automatic .22 caliber rifle. ·'-"'Brown said the rifle was a Stevens Savage model. He said that the house was unlocked ai the time of the theft and *· believed that he knew the ^ identity of the burglar. S Checks Stolen '' ' Checks with an estimatet " ''value of $1,250 were reporlec ""stolen from the apartment o David A. Smith, 223 N. Church Ave., sometime Saturday. A total of 13 checks were in the bank bag in the apartment. Smith, an agent for Combine; Insurance Co. of Chicago, told police Monday evening that h had left his .residence for . '· : short time after locking hi apartment. Police said ther r-jwas no sign of forced entry. Weapons Stolen The unlocked home of And Allen of Route 1, Prairie Grove . .was the target of a burglar las 'week, the Washington' Count -sheriff's office said today, Allen told deputies today tha Saturday while he w a s out o town someone entered the hous and stole a Stevens .22 calibe 'single-shot rifle and a .22 cal ber pistol. The pistol was described a a seven-shot revolver with 'two-inch barrel. A holste belonging lo the pistol was als stolen, Allen said. Appliances Stolen The theft of a portable colo television set and a Kenmor vacuum cleaner from the horn of Adrianne Edenn of Route Sprmgdale was reported to th Washington County sheriff office Monday. '.". Mrs. Edenn told investigatin officers thai the theft occurre sometime M o n d a y mornin while she was away from th house. She could find no sign of forced entry. Windshield Smashed SPRINGDALE -- Conn Young, 711 Ei Center St., to police Monday her windshie was smashed while the car wa parked at the Tyson's plant o Randall Road. Police believe crowbar was used to brt^k t glass. Damage was eslimat at $50. ; School Broken Into ! SPHINGDALE -- The art ai , shop rooms at the rear of Ce ' tral Junior High School ; Emma Avenue were brok .-__into during the weekend b nothing was taken, police sair' Entry was gained by pryii f-, loose the lock on the rear door. Inside 'he building, a combination lock on a filing cabinet in the shop was also pried off. NEW YORK STOCKS Openlnic Price* Furnlfhed by A. o. Cdwirdi Son rk Best Corp 71» mer Tel t Tel 45ii ·k La Gas IS^s aldwin 6V ampbell Soup 2SV, entral S W W s hrysler 10 el Monte 19% illards 9?4 asco 10% G Edwards Ws mefson 29% jcxon 66W °rd 30 rentier Air 5 en Growth 13 en Mtrs 3314 rordon Jewelry n' 3 ntl Harv 19?» T-E Imperial 14% C Penney evi Strauss W/s ing Temco K [arcor an Am World Air 2% hillips Petro 44?s 'Izza Hut 1B: lalston 3714 afeway 34}' ambo's T. 10 ears 47% cott Paper 12vi hakespeare 5M jou Pac 27!4 'exaco '. 'ri State Mtrs Jnion Carbide 43 United Air 28'/ ictor 5% Va'l Mart 11* Ark West Gas I3H-13? Kearney Natl 4VI-4-} rlinute.Man HS-4? 'ioneer Foods H K Porter ......,,... 33-34% Std Reg 12Vi-l Tyson Foods .- 6%-6 7 /i Yellow Fit 22%-23'A . Averages hds up 8.2 Trans up 1.3 Utils up .22 Volume '4,170,00 Commodity Openings Dec corn .: 3.6 *Iov soybeans V.75 Dec eggs 61.00 Feb pork bellies 69.50 Dec wheat 5.16 Group Recommends National Policy Of Stockpiling Food y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | "The trade catmol justifiably The federal government could elp insure relatively stable cod prices for American con- umers by directing that food stockpiled, the Committee or Economic Development ays. "Such a policy is urgently needed to enable the nation to ope effectively with the short- erni consequences of prior har- 'esls here or abroad, the pri- T ate, non-profit research group ,aid Monday. The reserves of key commodities also would serve as a buffer against world hunger and depressed prices f o r U.S. armers, the committee said. U.S. grain reserves a r a at ,heir lowest levels in 26 years, mainly because of huge export sales the past two years. No "ormal U.S. food reserve policj exists now, although some members of Congress and others have urged Ihar. stockpiles 36 accumulated for use in ;imes of scarcity. Agriculture Secretary Earl I, Bub .has said U.S. f o o d re serves should be left in the hands of farmers and the pri vate trade. The . committee said this could be done, but such reserve needs to be initiated and main tained through federal policy direction. Mud arry large enough reserves of vheat, corn, soybeans or milk iroducts to offset unforeseen ihortages and stabilized prices. "Therefore, the government must do so, either directly or hrough programs t h a t enable armers and trade to carry arger stocks than would otherwise be possible," said the report prepared by a subcommittee headed by John H. Danels, chairman of Independent Bancorporation of Minneapolis. The report came as Buta prepared for a U n i t e d Nations ,vorld food conference, which begins in Rome next week. Butz said Monday he would stress the Ford administration's commitment to increased food production at the conference, Butz said he hoped the conference would result in guidelines for increasing production, managing reserves and providing more equitable distribution of world food relief. America has been shouldering a disproportionate share of the food distribution burden, he said. But he could give no encouragement to the consumer about prices, suggesting that as long as there was rising inflation, (CONTINUED FROM PAOB I) Large cracks have also extended up the hill from the river and one geologist fears that (lie house will fall into one of the widening lesions. Within f i v e weeks the mud had covered the back door of the house and Kelly has had to hire a hour to bulldozer at $20 push thousands pounds of mud down the hill. Full-grown trees a n d car-size boulders are moving toward the house in the oozing mud. Kelly damaged the transmission in his station wagon attempting to pull a log away from the house. EXPERTS UNCERTAIN Twenty-five experts who have studied the house since the food prices increase. would continue to iilUMI Obituary May are salvation suggested feel wide Mrs. Petty Is No! Registered As Republican Nurses Association Meet Is Planned District 14 of the Arkansas State Nurses Association will be held at the Springdale Holiday Inn at 6:30 p.m. Monday. The program "Local Nursing Role in Tuberculosis Care", will be presented by Dr. William Stead, director of the Tuberculosis Program of the state department of health. .All registered nurses are invited to attend. District 14 c o m p r i s e d of Benton, Washington and Madison counties. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Judy Petty of Little Rock, who opposes the re-election bid ol Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark., is not a registered Republican, KTHV of Little Rock reported Monday night,, ... , Mrs. Petty called 'her failure to register her party affiliation an oversight and said there could be no doubt about her affiliation. After having been t Republican for so long, she said, it did not occur to her to register. It is not a violation of the" law to fail to register party affilia lion while running for office. I is required that one register his party affiliation to hold politica party office, hut not to run foi public office. Bob Scott of Little Rock, 'gen ral counsel for the state GOP said he thought every GOP can didate should be a registerec Republican. Before the preferential pri maries, some GOP leaders tried to remove the name of gu bernatorial hopeful Joseph H Weston of Cave City from th ballot on the grounds t h a t he wasn't a registered Republican It later was learned that part, chairman Jim Caldwell of Ro gers wasn't registered either. Weston, controversial edito if the Sharp Citizen, eventual! ;ot on the 'ballot but was de eated in the primary by Ke: Coon of Convvay. MRS. GRACE MORTON Prairie Grove -Mrs. Grace Faye Morton, 57, of Prairie Grove, died Monday in a Fayetteville hospital. She was born April 4, )917 at St. Paul, the daughter of John and Zenoba Steele McCarty. Survivors are one daughter, Mrs. Don Skelton of Prairie jT.'ove; her father of Rheas Mill; x brothers, Charles McCarty Rheas Mill, J. D. McCarty St. Paul, Ray McCarty of utton, Ken McCarty of West ork, Chester McCarty of urphy,_ Okla! and Elmer cCarty of Decatur; three sters, Mrs. Gladys Cox and rs. Pauline West of Fayet- iville, and Mrs. Betty Rhine- art of Dutton. and three randchildren. Funeral service will be at 2 m. 'Wednesday at Luginbuel hapel with burial in Prairie 'rove Cemetery. Priest Dies SAVANNNAH, Ga. (AP) -The Rev. Ernest Risley, 69, former rector of St. John's. Church who renounced his Episcopal priesthood in 1965 because oi disagreement with church desegregation policy, died Monday. The St. John's congregation followed him away from the . Episcopal Church but reaffiliated itself with the national organization tiremcnt in 1968. after his re ZI: N. East Are. Fared tTllle, Art. 1J7M dally afid Sunday ex January 1, July 4, ffiianfcsgiving Christmas. Second Class Postage Paid 81 Vayetlevillt, Ark. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is entitled ex- cftuively to the use for republics.- tion of all local news printed Iji this newspaper 3 well as all AP neffj dispatches. arjuscHTrnos BATES EffecH7« October I, W) Home DellTery ftr month by carrier · 13.25 Onjle copy dally lOc, Sunday 25e U.S. Mail la Washington, Benton, Jladjioa Cora- lies, Art.. Adalr Co., Otfa.: 5 months ., 6 raontbj 1 YEAR _ _ City Box Section Outside above coont'ei:. 8 months ___-8 meothj 1 TZAR __ . . 18.00 30.00 W.OO . lOO KM iu, sun, MYABLE IN ADVANCE Tax Surcharge Approval Doubted HOUSTON (AP) -- A 5 pe cent surcharge proposed b; 'resident Ford on individual ir comes above 57,500 will not b approved by Congress, predict Rep; Barbara Jordan. "We don't consider an ind: vidual income of $7.500 or "amily income of $15,000 a Tiiddle or upper income," th Texas Democrat told a meetin of the Houston Chapter of tb Texas Society of Certified Pub lie Accountants Monday night. "I'm not saying there won bo any. move to -alter the ta structure to help the problem (of inflation)," she said. She said some members Congress are considering a 1 per cent surcharge beginning a levels of $20,000 to $25,000 pe family. Can't Change Name JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP -- An entertainer who uses motorcycle in her dance ac can't call herself Eva Knieve a judge says. C i r c u i t J u d g e S a Goodfriend on Monday denie Cynthia Anne Morgan's petitio to change her name to r semble that of motoircycle d devil Eve! Knievel. The woman didn't prove th change "would not in any wa invade the good will of others the juldge ruled. MISSED YOUR PAPER WE'RE SORRY! Ii you cannot reach your TIMES carrier PHONE 412-6242 Daily 5 to 8:30' p.m. Saturday 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday 8 to 8:30 a.m. MRS. MYRTICE JOYPJER Springdale--'Mrs. Myrtice R. oyner, 69. of Route 1, LoweL Ford (CONTTNITED FHOM PAGE 1) i policies. Sawhill has been utspoken in urging strong con ervation measures. --Secretary of Agriculture larl Butz, in Ford's view, "has one a good job" and the Presi . e n t . h a s no plans to replace im and has "no specific plans p ask for any Cabinet resigna ions." --Republicans as well a. democrats were the target 'ord said, of an Oklahoma City ampaign speech a week ago ii vhich he suggested the electTM f a heavily. Democratic Con gress 'could jeopardize th leace. Without regard to party, h aid, the election of a Congres more likely to adopt mcaure ike the Turkish aid cutoff "wil make our efforts much harde o build the peace and maintaii he peace." Fair Attendance Reaches Milestone SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- , ogger and his family from Si Maries, Idaho, have pushe Sxpo '74 past the 5 million endance mark the fair ha said it needed to break even. World's fair officials wer ^ubilant at the attendance fig we Monday, although 5 millio visitors do not automaticall 'uarantec financial success fo :he fair. That attendance go; was set in the budget shortl after the fair began. Stanley K. Wolfe, his wil P a u l i n e , his daughter Stephan Meyer and her daughter wer Monday's honored guests an were showered with gifts. Wolfe said it was his thir visit to Expo. Birthday Bargain LIMA, Ohio (AP) -- Mayc Harry Moyer's continued em phasis on austerity apparent has had its effect on his staff. The office workers gave hi 56th birthday party Monda and chipped in to buy him cake -- at half price. Across the top of the mayor cake the words proudly pr claimed, "Happy Birthda Judy." J eop!e Helping People Director! of mfc Funeral Service *Tf Services: CAGE, Oet1« (Tob«) -- Tuesday 2:00 p.m. Chapel of Nelson's Funeral Home. Rev. Doyle Wesson officiating, assisted by Rev. Ewell Loiue. Interment Evergreen Cemetery. TISON, Rubin Curlii -- Tuesday, 4:30 p.m. Chapel of Nel son's Funeral Home. Rev. Ray Hasicl! officiating. Interment Fclrvlew-Memorlil Gardeni. miMiiiffliiiiiiiiniuiiii ed Sunday in a Springdale rsing home. Born April 2. 1905 Skaneatels, N.Y., the daugh- James and Gertrude , she was a Baptist. Survivors are the husband, ames W. Joyner of the home; sons. Earl W. of Forest- lie, Md. and James L. of aurel, Md.; one daughter, rs. Billie Jo Taylor of Lowell; sisters, Mrs. Raymond urlless of Auburn, N.Y. and rs. Harold Blowers of Bing- amton, N. Y.; H g r a n d- ijldren and . four '· great- randchildren. Funeral services will ; be at a.m. Thursday at the First hristian Church tyith burial in problem began last uncertain as to its One engineer has digging a ditch 10 »y 10 feet deep above the house to temporarily stop the flow o! mud. Three University of. Arkansas geologists have said that the mudslide is a result of surface water and underground spring: within the hill. They could offe no solution to the problem. "A Springdale company has said that we might he able to move the house for $1,200. They say that I will have to losi the chimney, basement and om bedroom from the house, anc also a nearby 'garage," Kelly says with serene resignation. The housemovers have toll Kelly that the house will have to be cut in half if he wishe it to be moved any great dis tance. They believe that thi house can be inched down · thi slippery hill with winches am cables to a nearby pastun which Kelly owns. "I could have sold the hous' for $30,000' last year," Kell: shrugs, "but we liked it to much to consider selling. Th nsurance company says tha we cannot collect any damage on a mudslide. What is happening on th Kelly-hill is a tragic story. Th lill which provided the seltih for the life-long:dream of th couple has now become a seen e 111 o n ardens. County Memorial of heartbreak. The mud apparent! continue to descend until th Kelly hill is taken into th river. And then, with the so and the trees and the wildlif of the hill g o n e , t h e : Kell dream may also be washe away forever. ED KELLEY Springdale-- Ed Kelley, 71, of ringdale died this morning in Springdale 'hospital. Born eb. .11. 1903 in Madill, Okla., e son of Benjamin F. and ancy StihveU Kelley, he was etired from the Springdale :hool System, a Methodist and member of the IOC-PS Survivors are the widow, Mrs. ertha Kelley-of the home; one on, Jack of Owasso, Okla.; two aughters. Mrs. Bill Vaughn of I. Louis and Mrs. Joy Wright Tulsa; three brothers, Sam nd Bill of Springdale and :obert -el Hydro, Okla.; two isters, Mrs. Rosa Hatton . of Venatcnee, Wash., and Mrs. Ida lassey of Ontario, ive grandchildren. Calif, and Funeral service will- be at- 2 .m. Thursday at.Sisco Funeral Ihapelin White Oak Cemetery. Action Jones Opposes Nationalizing Industry EL John DORADO, Ark. Harris Jones" . (A_P) bf Pin Two Injured In Aufo Accident SPRINGDALE - Two per- ns were injured in a one-car ccldent on Olil Wire Road al orlh Jefferson Street Monday ternoon. Joe Dean Slrope, 29, Route 1, and Samanlha eele, 4. of Route 1, were on ted and released at Spring- ale Memorial Hospital. The two were injured when rope, driver of the car west- ound on Old Wire Road, lost ontrol of the vehicle when a :ckup truck pulled out onto Old 'ire Road. Strope's car i a ditch, then crossed t h e oad, struck a fence aiid came i rest in the opposite ditch, Police cited Strope [or driving 'hile intoxicated and driving on suspended driver's license. Youlh Arrested Hi Check Thetl SPRINGDALE -- P o l i c e .rrested a 17-year-old youth in onnection with the Oct. 19 theft jf payroll checks from the lalston Purina Company mail- lox for employes. The youth is expected to ippear in municipal court on :harges of petit larceny. Three if the eight stolen checks were ound unsigned in the youth's ·com, police said. A check stub for one of the ive checks still missing" from he theft was found on his per;on, according to police. Gate Damaged SPRINGDALE -- A galo at Hie II. K. Porter Co., was vandalized Monday night. W i t nesses said a (lark green or black Chevrolet pickup rninmcd the gato, causing about $60 damage. Vandalism Reported SPRINGDALE -- A back door gluss on a house uiuler 'I'on- struction was shot with pellets from an air. .rifle. .Sunday, or Monday, police said today. Owner of the house' flt 2606 Trudi. Jeff Fountain, estimated damage at $100. ; ' ' : HARD of HEARING? Sir. Graham Mcadville, Certified IHarlng Aid Audlologisl, who has serviced this area for over 11 years, will be In Fayettcvillc at the Townhouse Motel, 215 North College Ave., Thursday, Oct. 31, 1974 -- 1-4 p.m. to dsmonstrate the latest Zenith and Radioear Hearing Aids . Bicycle Stolen Mrs. Shirley Nichols of 707 rreadwell Ave. told Fayetteville iplice Monday that her son's icycle was stolen from her apartment sometime Thursday. ADVERTISEMENT-Do Your FALSE TEETH Drop, Slip, or Fall? Don't keep worrying ibont vour MM teeth droppta* it the wrong time. A denture adhesive ran heln. EASTEETH* gives dentures a IOTE- er, firmer, steadier held. Makes eating more enjoyable, Per more security and comfort, use PASTEBTH Den- tore Adhesive Powder. Dentures that fit are caaential to health. S«9 your dentist regularly. 'Living Sounds" HEARING AIDS 10% Discount on Batteries, Repairs and Service- All Makes Fort Smith, Arkansas BETTER HEARING AIDS/INC 815 Garrison Ave. Phone 785-9850 Reserve District No. 8 State No. 87 REPORT OF CONDITION OF M-llrcnj Bank of Fayetteville, AR 72701 at the close of business October 15, 1974, a state banking institution organized and operating under the banking laws of this State and a member of the Federal Reserve System. Published in accordance with a call made by the State Banking Authorities and by the Federal Reserve Bank of this District. ASSETS Cash and due from banks U.S. Treasury securities (CONTINUED-PROM PAGE 1) vhat controversial in my' de- ense of and support for con- ervation and probably have 'one further in conservation tian others might think appropriate," Sawhill said. "But my feeling is that's the : ghl thing to do. "And if there are others in he administration who feel hat I can't really be effective n my job because I've taken hese positions, then maybe I should leave." This morning, only 24 hours ater, Sawhill told his staff he vas leaving. Economist Dies LA JOLLA, Calif. (AP) Sconomist Seymour E. Harris, 77, a Harvard professor for 40 years and chairman of the eco- lomics department from 1955 o 1959, died Sunday. He was an economic adviser to both President John F. Kennedy and'Ly- don B. Johnson. Bluff, Republican candidate f the U.S. Senate, said today that he is opposed to nationalizing any industry. Jones told a news conference that Gov. Dale Bumpers, Jones' Democratic opponent, had said he would consider nationalization of the oil industry. Jones quoted Bumpers as saying in an interview; "If the oil companies continue to say in a threatening way that if you don't do this or that, there's just not going to be any more oil.. .then of course we're going to have to take another look at nationalization. 'I am opposed to nationalizing any industry," Jones said. "This socialist appproach has resulted in Britain's decline from a major world power to economic crisis and loVered standard of living particularly among the workers in major industries taken over by the Labor government in England. 'Public officials ought to be talking sense and h o w to increase production rather than seeking a scapegoat and mak ing threats to socialize an industry," Jones .said. "It is ob vious that investors will no] want to put new money into oi' production and refining facilities if liberals like Dale Bump ers are threatening to con fiscate their property." Publisher Dies THAVERSE CITY, Mich (AP) -- Elton P. Hall, 61, pub lisher of the Traverse Cit; Record-Eagle and vice presi dent of Ottaway Newspapers Inc., died Monday of .a heart at tack. He joined the Ottaway I group in 1937. ' NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS 'ff HELP STAMP OUT STRANGERS None are quit* to alone as th* stranger In town, or the newcomers to the neighborhood. Remember your last move ... how you felt ai the moving van pulled away... how you more than half wished you'd never come? Spar* your new neighbors feelings such as ttisst. Let the Welcome Wagon Hostess bring greetings and gifts to make'them feel at home. Help stamp out strangers. Call Welcome Wagon today ·t $7,425,795.44 2,484,883.23 Obligations of other U.S. Government agencies and corporations _ _ .1,771,706.18 Jbligations of States and political subdivisions 4,912,973.25 Other securities (including $52,500.00 corporate slocks) 568,702.94. Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell 2,500,000.00 Other loans 26,757,948.4S Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises . 1.892,923.95 Real estate owned other than bank premises 317,840.73 Other assets (including $270,326.64 direct lease financing) 1,298,849.75 TOTAL ASSETS ; . $49~931,683.9l LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $16.788,697.12 Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 16,893.929.58 Jeposjts of United States Government ' 787780 73 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 7,45e'27452 Deposits of commercial banks .__ 191322955 Certified and officers' checks, etc. 33112968 Tolal Deposits in Domestic Offices .. $44,171,041.18 (a) Total demand deposits $21,077,861.38 (b) Total time and savings deposits,. $23,093,179.80 Total Deposits in Domestic and Foreign Offices .... 44,171.041.18 Federal funds purchased and securities sold under agreement to repurchase 100.000.00 Other liabilities ^____ 781,310.54 Phono 443-5438 or 442-8111 WELCOME HEWCOMERS1 Uw Hill coupon to M u» know you're htr*. Ninn Addnn city TOTAL LIABILITIES $45,052,351.72 RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES Reserve for bad debt losses on loans (set up pursuant to IRS rulings) ',,__ _$ 468,452.48 Reserves on securities 16.586.00 TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECUHITIESS 485,038.48 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital notes and debentures VA% Capital Debentures due 12-31-77 $ Equity Capital, total ; 3,394,293.73 Common stock--total par value : 500,000.00 (No. shares authorized 26.000) (No. shares outstanding 20,000) Surplus 1,250,000.00 Undivided profits 1 1,215,293.73 Reserve for contingencies and other capital reserves 429,000.00 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .. $ 4,394,293.73 TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES. AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $49,931,683.91 ( ) Hem hive th* Welcome ·Wlgon Hottett call on me. I ) I would like to fubierlbe to trie N.W. Ark. TIMES [ ) 1 already tubicrlM ta the TIMES. Fill out the coupon and mall to TIMES. Box D, FayettevlJIe, Ark MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date $42,628,133.37 Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending with call date -_ . .,, $26,825.189.78 I, Hayden Mcllroy, Chairman of the Board and President of the above-named bank, do hereby declare that this report of condition is true to the best' of my knowledge and belief. Hayden McTIroy We, the undersigned directors, attest the.correctness of this report of condition and declare that it has been examined by us and fo the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. J. L. Herrln, Obert M. Undem, E. J. Ball, Directors State of Arkansas, County of Washington ss: - . Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24th day of October, 1974. Regina C. Luper, Notary Public RE-ELECT REPRESENTATIVE CHARLES W. STEWART WHO · By Experience Is Effective ) · Has Tenure To Be In Positions of Responsibility · Has A Proven Record · Makes Impartial Decisions · Gives the Office Stability and Character · Believes Accomplishments Are Made by Teamwork These Qualities Should Not Be Changed Paid for by Joanne Stewart

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