Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 3, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 3, 1952
Page 7
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Mountaineers Taking Dead Aim At District One Title By ALLAN GILBEBT, Jl. * .,,*. Mountaineers; with U-loaded 'shootin' iron will I tor top t-onors hi District One thi« fall. Seventeen lettermen, seven of them with a pair .of monograms, are on hand to make the Rogers prospects the brightest in'many years. ; · Exceptional^ siirejigth _ ij;looked, for iii-the fiackhsM, wheV£-thV«e ·two-year Jfittorme'ti and fnree one- year letternieri are on hand. And .tht\ line is regarded as having adequate ability and good deoth. ..".Coaches in District One are 'unanimous in'pointing the finger 8t. l flo£ers as the favorite in this .'fell's'campaign. To this unwanted '.ri'snlay of resnect from their col leagues the Ttogers coaches, Bob ; Mat.thewi'and Jack Johnson, comment; "We are not expecting to finish on bottom, but we will lose .some games" . The opposition seef scant hope, rwever.:..b;jstoy much .of its oo- timlsm -fat; Kozers' chances on the spectacular Mountaineer back- "elrt. Seldom has a Northwest Arkansas team come up with such a star-studded cast. Leading off the list is Jerrv Ferguson, a 16-year-old fullback weighing 170 nounds and standing six feet tall. Ferguson is a junior and is -rugged and eicentionallv fast. A*ddin'i! to his use'fulness in t^e deen slot are his exr-entional abilities as a punter and passer. It wss Ferguson who jumoed .through tr-e Fayetteville line and ran 85 yardc for the Mountaineers' onlv touchdown against the Bull- do's last fall. r ^ot'i Rogers coaches have . tabbed Fereuson for stardom and there ?3ems little chance that he'll miss. ' . T"e Halfbacks for the Moun- .taineers are Bobby WoKe. a two- year letf^rnan, and Billv Lane, a '4,n'i- Wnl'e. whn bas qiven Diff-H One teams fits for two years is beaded for bis best year as a ?°nior. Hjs coaches claim they sel- ., Horn scrimmage him on offense as. "r-» hurts too man" of our bovp." L?ne ; ? dnscribed ^v his coaches .as. "fa r t and v«ry illusive rnd a ' tr'-'e-trTRator." f"-" Mountaineer quarterback !s Tommv Hewsley. a bov well Vnown to FayetlevPle basketball' ppd baseball ins. Hewiflcv is a .senior. Ifi. 5-10 and weinhts 145 rounds. His coaches call him "the f'nest comnetitor we have ever nached, and a great leader." F:W«ley was « member of tbe restrict championship basketball t"am at Powers and nlsved first, hase for the Favetteville junior T ""ion baseball team. \ A"-Star Omrtet B'ckinc uo this all-star nusrtet as 'fttermen are Hichard Keck, a winner 'of two letters and a dependable runner with va'uable e--ierii»nr*» and sire, and Buddy B'lomf'eld. last year's stnrl'PT oi'artftrback. Keck weiqHs 155 rounds an** is the second 1 ».r^est back «mon?the lottermen. B'onm- f'«!d , a rreat natural alHrte. stands as a ouest'on mark at the nresent time and hence is not be- in" counted on too heavily. Baseball annears to be the prob- l*m troubling Bloomfield. a slick fielding second baseman. With ?n eye townrd a tirofesp'onal baseball i career i^e junior diamond and l rase whiz Is considering the risks involved in participating In the gr^ snort AJro causing-some'concern in tVMountafneer camo are iniuriw si'"C!'fed bv two rcMhe team's bet- t"r boyp. Franklin Baker, a Vetler- man tackle is out for about three vrrks with a broken nose . and Jack Depson, 155-nound sooho- more back, has a broken firiget and chipped elbow. While the Bogers backfield stack* .up as' the finest in District One there are few who fail to give Rogers credit for havmK about as strong a line a s - t h e district af- A'l-Dlafriet Men The forward wall Is led by a i Del Flanagan and Johnny " De ta'r of all-district plavers from , Fazio match mils for the third last year plus nine other letter- | time Wednesday nighl. in a 10- The all-district boys aro Phil Eisterllne. a two-year letterman ! at end, and Donald Clark, a 160- pound two-year ietterman at guard. Other linemen who aonear us outstanding are Baker and DonuM rreekmore. » pair of big tackles. Baker weighs 105 oounds, stands BOOST FOR YANKS - . . By Alari Mavtr Yanks Blank Bosox Twice, 5-0,4-0; Ptiili Sweep Twin-Bill From Dodger;, 8-2,9-3 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Foyctttvilb, Arkonun, · W*dn«4ay, ScpMrnbcr 3, 19S2 Dodgers Threaten To Break Big League Fielding Record 6-1, and has one letter. Creekmorc | is a six-foot, 168 pounder and has won two letters. Baker doubles at end, indicating his speed and "^reekmore is a defensive special- i ist. ' I Other letiermen in the line are: i Walter Davidson, who at 142 j pounds is a mobile and fapt- charging center, and Joe Neil, a steady '180-pound center. Wayne Smith, 165-pound. «-2! .ackle; Garland Ford, 150-pound,, Pesky', a 5-10 tackle; Buster Ford, 130- j Ben American Loop Box Scores »IMT OAMC DETROIT | lb r h' ANSWERSJIUBE CHARGE Veeck Claims He Has Nothing To Cover Up Except A Wet Field By JOK REK'III.Kat AP S*rt« Writer The New York Yankee* rocelv- cd a quick dividend on thrlr »4ll,- OflO investment In Ewe 11 Blackwell. Fl.i days after the of the lo.-mcr National LenKuc Star from Ihe Cinclnnntl Ficik, the Yankees Tuendav nlaht n u n t ; , , , , , , , . , i Blarkwcl! to t h e ' m o u n d »,,,!,,,,: major Icwue dub flelclmg rrcord, | the Boston Red Sox. Tho lontr, lean righthander responded with a scoreless five-inning pcrforn.- nnc-e to rack un hi« f n « t Amcrk-au IjCJitue triumph. Blacklc -AVSS not the New York -J Dodj,cry, seeking The Brooklyn to break the i St. Louis-(/P)-Owncr Bill Veeck of the Si. Louis Browns, commenting on the Cleveland protest over a rain-s.iortened game here Labor Day that could .cost the Indians the pennant, saye he has nothing to cover up except a wet playing field. The Browns won the second half of Ihe double-header 2-1 when rain interrupted 'the game for a second time and the umpires called the contest. The Indians had taken a 4-IT lead with three runs in the sixlh but the Browns hadn't finished their t u r n at bat in the inning, and the score reverted to th« f i f t h . Thus the second-place Indians dropped a half game f u r t h e r behind the league-leading Ne-w York Yankees. Lopec I'rotesls Manager Al Lopez i ' ' ' angrily protested to league headquarters lhai l..c art* ulso well rcpresrntpd a m n n w the i n d i v i d u a l fielding leaders lo- i (I,Xv. | ! The pennmit-bnund rirtujka, i boast tt -1*94 dofeuMvc n . u . K , ,i tw . t r i b u t e third bafiem;in h i l l y Cox, ering pitcher ho had been in h i s ' ·norUi.op Pee Wee Hme. c.ilcncr 'days n» A big winner w i t h the Jtov t'ampimella iinti uutfiokic-rs Redn, but he loomed q u i t e m p u b l c C;irl f u r i l l n .ind Andy P a l k o tu before bowing out for » oinrh lll)1 National Lcjigur's list (»f top hitter. He permitted four .iin;;!pjt, fanned (our nnd walked thict? be- National Loop Box Scores Lookouts Almost Sate As Southern Race Hears End By Th« AtiocUtetl Pren Southern Association leomF are counting their chances In fractions today. mm. I f the DrdKoi's continue tholr present pare Ihry w i l l eclipse tht- exlMlnfl team record of .9B3. es- i n b l U h e d by the Clevebmd Cux. ;h Hi eat, fore retiring because of weariness and the humidity. Sctre in Fifth It was In the fifth, however., dians in 1(M7 and iigaln :n 1049. when the Ynnkees gangrd up o n ' c ox T opJ4 ^ t Third hoarls tho tl.ii'd sackfrs v.'ith avi % rftK£*. Willie Jones nf the is Bt'rond Boston starter Sid Hudson for Ml thfilr runn to win the the niuhtoup, j p, 4-0, after rookie Tdmmy Gorman ! ? · , ' had hurled an clfiht-hlt fl-0 iihut- ' n i i r h sb r h 3 o o Ryan, 2b 4 0 0 4 0 0 Ajhhurn, tt i l l Roblrwon, 2l 4 1 3. i- ii 1 ^. rt 1 1 1 hau;»;i. If 4 1 1 Knnb, If 1 1 3 Snfrtcr, c f 4 0 ^ ' M 4 0 0 . C panel].,, c 3 0 0 Burifcu. t 4 / 2 [n- I HoilfM. lb 3 0 2 Jonei, 2b 4 3 2 rurtlln. rf « 0 2 W.,iiku*, lb 4 0 2 Wurlr. p 0 ft 0 RoberU. p 1 0 0 L a n d r u i n . p 0 0 0 Brine*, p I fl Qi . d e l " i a » u I 1 U I 1V.U I I I I V l f e l l l I ' l l 1 1 - 1 1 i l l I 1 1 1 - . , , ! , . (11* I I out over the Red STM In .the n f - j w l l h " 1 " 4 sl ""' ternoon portion of the day-night ( Rc " f " dradlocked fnr double-header. The two trlumohs rnn the Yan- j kce«' winning streak lo five .and Ihe j shorls:op lead with iios;on's John- j ny I.ogan at .1)75. I i o o O I 0 »' M i II Toutt r ' ·' · 'K! (or Wad« In Ird. tt-- Grounded out for Branca In Ttk. .j. lor Klnl In fill. A f t n » flAnnlnri art«K« l o p * n l « K « I\^w wllllmla, oilcan III 11 v l; .HJ1U ». .11] l|),l I] (: 1 1 i) f l o l M S tl !lli[m CO«C ' ,'!,,."·.',".. '· .« , V .-L: £ and X P t P o ^1^73 in'^he l«r««d thdr mar,ln over TJol Mice of Si.«. Tnc i''SZ^o^Hob.^V.^-f proce« 5 , Atlanta has only . ITK- over the idle anvclond Indians to j burly culcher .how. a .90S I Jnnia a Jon«,3. "Jjlj* »»r«»«';- lion of a chance of outnlnf Chat- lhTM« "" » h«" «amc«. murk lo Mice's .»!)·!. I J?M 5 D"-.BT^ MiiwS«?'.iM w«lt tanooga from first place and win- Brooklyn's Dnd(jej», thp Nation- Along with Sid Cinrdon of Boi.- I **; Jn'n«. Byan and Waitkui. Ljli-- nin0 thi. nnrmant A t l a n t n tr»ilc al T.eitrui. ]flnAf.i's. Hrnnnrrt a nitlr ««. CI.. U MI^ , n . ,,. . . . . . . L Bronk!yn fl, Philadelphia 7. It-- tanooga from first place and winning the pennant. Atlanta trails 3'/i games with only five days to KO. Brooklyn's Dodners, the Nation al League leaders, dropped a pair to Philadelphia's Phillies, H-i! and !)-3, and were lucky in irel out of New Orleans, with Birmingham, the City of Brotherly I..ovc In one was rninod out but ths same altu- ] |1icc( ,. Two dozfn rhllarlel|*ia ton, Furlllo and Piifkn r.-ilc »s the ; cream uf the N a t i o n a l flychasers. Oiirdnn's .006 average ', i» only, one point linllcr t h a n t h a t . . Brooklyn I, Philadelphia T. Wadfl t. Uindrum I. Branca I. Roberts 2. HO -Wart* 4 In 2 Initlnftl: tan- drum 5 In I: Branca 3 In 3; Kinf 1 In I n A Ell-- Wadf 2-!. Landrum S-5. nranrn l-l. noherb M. WP-- Branca. ·ition facing Atlanta faces the Pols, They are four gamed buck. Mobile climbed back in the first division but the Bears' lead over nits plui splendid pitching riy'it- j ^ handers Robin Roberts and K n t l ' compiled by the »o(lncr ouir.a.d- . «'!»«' ^«%TM·£?* used lo cover the Held was'in u.s- f i f t h place Memphis is only a graceful condition and that the fnictlon of a game. Mobile rate*: ground crcv/ failed to "obey the ! the Chicks by half a game. umpires and made no cffoi't t cover the field ths second lime . rained. ( Veeck conceded the Browns field canvas is in sad shape and said bids are being laken on a new one which will not be ready .until next year. The St. Louis owner said his NnRhvillc bumped Little Rock, * V4, Hnd still hap a chfincc: at takiiifl a first division *Dot--but the chance !R so slight it'* fnic- lioniil. ChattHnooHa, on top and fairly hciiHhy loolt tin 8-0 victory over Memphis. Sonny Dixon pitched a t\vo Berry, ci pound, 5-10 guard; Jon Sager, 145- | ^ra^ib round 5-10 guard, and Mac Me- Denin'i, if Dougal, 150-pound, 5-8 guard. [ Mapw, rt Junior Team Grads Federorf, Zb Also expected to give assistance | ^J*^ pp are a pair of junior team gradu- | TrucWi, p ntcs--Dale Webster, 180-pound tackle and Freddy Baggett, 150- pound center. The Rogers 'coaches contend .they don't know whcro their toughest opposition will rom,r from, feeling that it all will br rugged. Van Buren is regarded as probably the -with Fay- Ptteville next. Subiaco and Springdale, with less proven material, are a s^nde behind. 4 0 0 - R'gucz. 3b 4 1 2! Fox. 2b .. 1 0 rMlnaio. If 4 0 0 3b S 1 2j Robinson, lb 4 0 1 4 t 1'Melt, rf 3 1 0 4 0 0 Rivera, cf 3 2 1 3 1 1.4nhnion. c Z 0 0 4 l l C'rasqucl. n 4 l | Total* 0 2 Dob^on, p 3 0 0 f l L o l l i r 1 0 0 Dorixli, p 0 0 0 bWrlfht 'cSicwart I Moma. p IdSheely nBrown 36 5 10 Tola IK 1 0 0 1 0 0 n o o 0 0 0 t 0 0 1 0 1 a-- Struck out for Dnhxon in 5th. b--Walkcd for Dorish in 7th. c-- Fouled out for Rodrlfuez In 7th. d -- Singled for Johnson in 9th. Ban fo Chicago Sheely in »th. . 005 000 000-- S 020 001 101-- C The Mountaineers play a 10- game scVdi'ie w^ic'i is favorable as far as district competition is concerned. Springdale is the only out-of-town district tilt on thf slate. The complete schedule: Sept. 12, Bentonville, ther*s Sept. 19, Monett. Mo. home. Sent. 26 Van Buren, home (Dad's Nipht) Oct. 3. Siloam Sorings. there. Oct. 10, Huntsville, there. Oct. 17 Subiaco, home (Home- comingl. Oct. · 24 Harrison, there. Oct. 31, Snringdalc, there. Nov. 7, Fayetlcvile home. Nov. 14, Tahlenuan Qkla., home. . , F o x Robin- E--Robiiwin. Fcdffroff BatU. RBI-^- Rlvera 2. Dropo. Delilng. MspM, Bniti, Mlnoso. Krsnich 2. 3B--Knininh 2. 2B--Manes. HR--Rivera. Balls. SB --Rivera. Johnion, Berry. DP-PMhy. Fcrieroff ,und Drnpo; Dorish, "" an,d Rohinipn: Rodriguez and .-on. Left--Detroit 7. Chicago 5 BB-Dobson .1. Gray 1. White- 1. Ho-Dobson 8 in 5 Innfngi; Aloma 1 in 2; Gray 5 in 8 (faced one balliri: Dnri^h 3 in 2; White 2 in ?.\*,. R ER --Dobson 5-3, Dortsh 0-0, Crgv 4-.1 White 2-2, Aloma 0-0. Winner--Alrma (2-ni. Loser--While (1-7). T--":23. U-Robh. Grieve, Honochlck and Pajuii- rclla. CtCOHD CAMK Detroit .. HO COO 020--4 7 1 0 ChlcaRO 30? 030 02x^-7 12 14 Grioicm (winner). Kennedy, Darish and Lolfar; Hoeft (loser), White and Ginsberf. around crew set a new record of seven minutes in covering the field the first time it rained. The j field was too far gone when tnc ' second downpour came, Veeck said, chiefly be:ai,4e 'so much of the waler ran off tho canvas when it was taken up. Telephone* Hank Veeck said he telephoned H.inlt Greenberg, general manager of th e Indiana, yesterday and^musf have Wanted to'ask him something but can't recall "what it was. Veock said Gfeenborg "really doesn't believe" Veeck delayed the ground crew in covering the field, as Lopez charged. The Brownie owner said he asked Greenberg v/hethcr he j would give the Browns a new tar- [ paulin if Ihey went to Cleveland. I Veeck didn't report on Greenbcrg'i; j reply, but said all Greenberg hitter for the Lookouts who, if they win the pcnnant r will duplicate Little nock's font of last year. Between 1950 and 1951 Little Rock transformed an 8th place club Intn n pennant winner. Now, it Ipoks as thnush Chattanooga will do the same thing since the Lookouts finished 8th last summer. Hal Simpnon, most valuable I layer in the Southern last season, ' his 20th LHtlp Rock homer with a man on bn«c last nieht in ths third inning. Later in the same inning however, Nashville made its bid and went ahead with four rtin?;. Birmingham and New OrlcHnu will mak? up their rained out dale with a doubh-hcader tonight. pla hit Warden Outlines wanted to talk about was rain, 1. PMIasMI»k- 1 rmavr OAMI FHILADILPHiai ab r h' Jooit. u Fain, lb I'hillcy, c( Zrrnl.l, It Roh'Aon. rf Valo. rf 3 o 1'Vernon. lb 1 0 0 Btkfr, 2b Michaels. 2b 4 0 2IBiwhy, rf Hitchc'k. 3b 4 0 0 bTaylor Astroth, c 3 0 I'Ripp. rf Newsom, p 4 0 Oioratso. c , Hooper, p . 0 0 0 aSnyder IKiuuz, IcCampoa . . . Mastcrgnn, p 3 0 0 ' 'otali 37 2 9, j ot«l« a--Ran for Grasio in 8th. kit-FHcd out for Busby in *th. c--Ran for K l u l U . In JOlh. Philadelphia K GALLON Vanilla Ice (ream 63c Motlond InM. loekor Blunt . 000 030 020 0--2 100 000 001 1--3 Flanagan And De Fazio To Meet Third Time Cleveland - WP) - Welterweights round bout calling for close offici- ! ating. The first time they met officials in New York called it a draw. Flanagan won the second bout on a disputed decision at Minneapolis --rteht next to his home town. St. Paul. . DC Fazio, from Bayonne, N. J., soys Flanagan has not rome clot? to beating him. The bout will be televised across '.he nation. If there is not a knockout, the 'iRht will be determined by the round system by the referee a n d ; Hooper ts-isi. u--Frocse. MCI ·wo inHone ^"f «" d Na P" T--2:37. .wo judges.. ^ I «B««M|» AAtaar Three field crops--tobacco, cotton, and peanuts -- account for New Yo Cl'vclum Chicago . ...I""."" - : ;, r , , - · - Philadelphia _ . 3 1 1: Jansen, cf. rf 4 o 0 w«,«.k;rt» ~ 4 1 URunnels. a 3 1 1 Washington WAIHINOTON ab r h 5 0 1 Yost. 3b 4 it ^ Coan. If canvas, and low blows from tale and other quarters. Vceclt quoted OrccnDerg as saying: "You have supplied the spark j that will keep us going." "With the position reversed," Veeck admitted, "I, too, would be unhappy." How They Stand And Regulations Attention was called this morning to Arkansas' hunting seasons | and regulations--some of them 1 new--by Game Warden Paul Baxter. A list of the most impor- tint ones is an follows: Squirrel season--Opens October By The AuocUted Fresn AMERICAN LEAGUE W L New York 7!) 3 0 1 3 0 0 l o 0 o o o 3 0 1 0 0 0 75 fig 69 99 _____ 60 St. Louis ........ 55 " 54 57 61 62 63 Pet. .SU4 Drews cut the Dodgon*' firsl-pliUT lead over the idle New York Giants to eight flames, Chlsox In Fourth Chicago's White Sox climbed Into fourth place, vanishing the Detroit Tinors twice, 8-5 and 7-4. Roco Krsnicb's two-run triple in the ninth won the opener. Marv ""'"som won his 1Kb iti the n i g h t cap. i/ashlnjjton'g Senators, although held to thrre hits In eacli game. won both ends of a twi-night win bill from Philadelphia, 3-2 in 10 Innings and 5-0, to d u m p the Athletics Into fifth place, only a half gar-e in front of the Nats. Mike Fornlclrs, 20 - ye.T - old A pair of Cincinnati players, Te-l Klus/ov.'uki and Grady llatltm. f j t t n d oiit the N a t i o n a l I.e.'i^ue's dpfcnsi\'e pace-setters. Kltifi-e'v- ski, w i t h a .1)114 slnte, hendu inc first ba.sem:tn and Hallon, a cm- . r l l - « t . U-- Guiltelmo r Oor*. Conlan. s-.owarl. T-5::i IICOMD 0»»I Hrimklyn 000 mo WtE-- t II IJ 1'hllaitrlnhla 13J MO 00»-- t 12 11 nrcv.n ( w i n n e r ) and nurfRss: Moor* l,titj;ne. Landrum, King- and verted Ihird second wkers a'. ,090. Only One t rnr In the American lops tile highlight Is Clint Courln«y's I fort. sparkling .DOB mark. The SI. l.oiili I : ---Browns' catcher «how» only one | ^_ m'jcue In '.M chances. Johnny Upon of Boston IB the fronl-runncr among the shortstops nl .1180. Nov.. York's OH McUougiild/with In bobbles out of :I49, is the leader Armrrllne 10 the current Geneva Convention, ilgned In I94», onlls'terl captives can be worked but mii5t bp naid. The work rrity Ij:ii;ue, Ihe i not further the enemy'* w«r"«f- Other lop mm defjnslvrly are outfielder Gene Wnorlllng ot New Cuban righthander, pitched a one-! among the third basemen with a hit nhutnut in hta major league de- | .971 nverage. but for Washington. Second-inning sin°le hy catcher .Joe Astroth prevented the first pitcher mn''crn times to pitch n no-hitler In his first bl| league game. Blackwetl received credit for a ·hutout victory although he needed help form another National fjcague castoff, Johnny Sain. The de-Boston Braves' righthander permitted only one hit In the lasl four innings. Fights Last Nioht (By The AnsofUled Press) Miami Beach, Fin.--Crico Velar, 147, Stamford, Conn., out- pointed Art Davis, 150, Miami, Fin. CHICK SPECIAL 8c HCAVT MIXED ARKANSAS ·r*il«r H*tch«r, (lOi. Newark, N. J. Jimmy Cham pagne, 147, Philadelphia, mil- pointed Ray Alston, 145, Ti-cnion, N. J. C81. Los Angelos -- Ramon Fucntcs, 145, Los Angeles, knocked out . . . . . . . 1: closes December 31; bag l i m i t ] Gerald Labrol, 144, Chicauo 0 eight per dny. Rabbit season--September 15 to January 31; bag limit eight per day. Quail season--December 1 to January 31; baf limit eight per day. York, .005; first baseman Mickey Vcrnon, Washington and 1 etrolt'j Walt Dropo with .903 each, and second lackers Nellie Fox, Chi- Louis, deadlocked it Il8fl. STRAIGHT tOURIOH WHISKIY ' IM UUKM MHIItIM CMtfllf, NC · Mill. Ml. E-- Fdtn. Yost. Runnel*. RBI-- Zerninl Robertson. B a k a r. Jensen. 2B-- Zarnlal. Fain. 3B -Cnan. S-- Masleraon. DP-- Vcrnon and Runnels: Maatercon. ·Runnels and Vcrnon: Runnels, Baker and Vcrnon; Phillcv and Astrolh, Left -- Philadtlphla 10. Washington S. B3-- Mastcrson 5. Newsom 5. Hooper 4. SO-- Ncw£om 5. Mastcrson 1. R A EH -- Ncwscm 2-2; Maslcrsnn 2-2: Hooper .1-1. HO-- Newjrom 2 in 8'.' 3 : Hooper 1 In 1. WP-- Nemom Balk-Hooper D o v e season -- September 15 .531 j (noon) to October 14; bag limit ,f)27 i eight per day. (Afternoon hunting '.MX i on 'y w l l n shotguns holding not 64 .519J m o r c * n a n three shots). 78 ' 4 1 4 ! Duck season--November 17 to Detroit '_ 43 89 3215 January 10; bag limit four per Tuesday's Remits day. Geese--November 17 .to January 10; bag limit five per day (two Canadian geese). Fur bearing animals--November 20 to January 20; no limit. Deer season--First period November 10-15; second period De- ci'mbor 8-13. Limit one per period. Guns of .22 caliber or smaller and gun.s using rim-fire cartridges arc prohibited In the hunting of deer. Shotguns of .410 gauge and smaller, and those not loaded with New York 5-4 Boston 0-0 (day- Washington 3-5 Philadelphia 2-0 (Uvi-night) first game 10 innings Chicago fi-7 Detroit 5-4 Only games scheduled NATIONAL LEAUUK W I, Brooklyn 83 44 New York 75 52 St. Louis . .,, 74 57 Philndclphia .. 72 58 554 Chicago 6fl 68 Boston _. 56 73 Cincinnati 57 75 Pet. .054 .51)1 .565 . PB-- Grasso. W-- Mastorson 10-61 1, cGowan. Pitt.iburRh 57 39 95 .493 .434 .432 .391 most of North farm income. Carolina's cash BASEBALL OZARK LEAGUE PLAYOFFS THURSDAY NIGHT, 8:15 Fayetteville Chicks vs. Prairie Grove Fairgrounds Park MCOND OAMI Philadelphia .. 000 ndl 000--0 I X Washlnfflon 41)0 030 Olx--ft 3 7 Fornlclcs (winner) anrl nradahau; Bishop doier) and Astroth. N«w Verk I. lulanT KMT QAMI ____ Tufsday's Rrsulls Philadelphia 8-9 Brooklyn 2-3 (Uvi-niRhl) Only Biirnes scheduled SOUTIIKRN ASSOCIATION Chattanooga A t l a n t a . . New Orleans Mobile ...'... ·OITOH | HIW YORK ab r h ah r h DlM'sio. cf « O i i M a n l l f , cf 3 0 1 , . . ... Goodman, lb 4 0 URteiito. ss 3 0 1 Memphis . Zarllla; r( 4 0 I 1 Collins. lb . i l l ; Nashville Kell. 3b 4 0 O'Bcrra. c 4 I 1 I , :,UA n«.t, Crrncrl. lb 4 0 HWoodllni, 11 4 0 0 '· '·""! «TMK Ev«rs, li z o l Bsuir. rf 4 2 2 ' Birmingham Whltr. (i 3 0 0'M'D'itald. 31) 3 0 1 : Llnon. s a 2 0 1 Marlln. ih 3 1 0 ! aThr'berrr 1 0 (i Qorman. p 3 0 2 Stephena. is A 0 0 Parnell, p 3 11 1 Totala 31 0 I Totals W 81 78 . 78 77 72 (1(1 . 811 I'd. ..135 .Ml .527 .520 .517 .400 .41(1 411 Tumajr'n ne«ull» Mobile 7 Atlanta 3 j New Orleani al Birmingham poit- a--Grounded out (or Mnfin In 7lh. nnl oon ooo-o Nrw York .. 012 ooo oox--'i K--Colllna, RBI--Mantle 2. Wood, line. Bautr, Oorman. SB--MrDoiifald .IB-CollItu, HR--Bauer. S--Mantlr! irn«ri: IcDou* 30 j l ' : " ncd r " ln Chattanooga I Memphis o Nashville 8 Little Rock 4 nizriiio. DP--Ooodman and Oari Collins, RIKiuto and Collins; Mel »id. Martin and Collins 3; Martin, Collins and RIUUIA. Uft--sMaton I, New York 7. ··--Parnall 4, Gorman · SO-Parnall 4. Oorman R ft ER . ^-Parnell . Winner-- Oorman -- . . twer-- ParneM tn.ui. u-- Summtra. McKlnley. Hurley. Slevena. T-- J;14 A-- 17.025. M«IN» ««MI ·oiton ...... OM o New York . . MO 6( Blarkwell fwlnnrri, Bain and Btrra; Hudson ilosen and While. ow ftoo-- (I I tt 6(9 MX-- 4 I in The current Geneva. Convention, «l«ncd In 1MO, Ktlpiilnles that prlitoncrd of WHr mny not be puri- lihfd for tryln« to cur-npp. They ·re ilio guaranteed medical eau, fretdom nf wonhlp, exerdic, and lh« opportunity to participate In ·port! Ind Intellectual pastimes. Tht «tanf)ard low »nd high water levoli of Like Erie are 570 and S7.V11 feet ahnve mean tide level it New York City. . buck shot, ball shot or rifle slugs arc prohibited In h u n t i n g deer. Hunting dogs must be licensed this year according lo a regulation effective July 1, 1952. This includes fox dogs and the license is $1.50. Treeing dogs may be trained without gun» 30 days prior lo opening of season, and bird dogs may be trained 45 days prior to the opening of Ihe season. Cincinnili Remains Unbeaten In Nitional Junior Legion Finals Denver - W) - Cincinnati rallied for three run« In the top of the n i n t h In tie tho game and then came through In tnc l l t h lo whip San Dlcgo 0-8 early Wedneiday morning for the Ohlnans second straight triumph In the American Legion junior baseball national finals. Hangy Bob Thorp", pitching his second straight night for San Diego weakened In th{ lnt« Innings. Carl Heller's two-Vun Innlde the park hom«r capped Clncy'i ninth Inning rally. San Diego playn Auitln, T«x., Wednesday night with the winner playing Cincinnati far the tltlf Thursday and If netmary Friday. Austin eliminated Mllford, M a n , »·«, In Tuwdty'i nliM'a open«r, WttS KHIIps «t Htary Dutf PrMiun MoKat Oil you get i "iafetv-mirgln." It actually mrfam blxhesi recommendations of manufacturers for all makca of caral Givca you outatandins; wnr ertxta tion combined with r«allr en"«ctl«e cltamnf to tlonl That's why you can depend on this gnu oil to do a good |ob undtr conditions man Ifau jrotu notor li tnt UiMlj lo (K*| Surpasses Highest Recommendations of U.S. Car Makers! Whim you ratll with Phillip. M Hea«r Out? Pramium Motor Oil you act a printed certificate Ibit it your t"""l" of satisfaction! UM rhia arasl oil for un days, or up 10 I ,onn m i l t s . . . tnd ft*»mii'lc»mplilifyuiiifirii... no many Phlllina M Dtalar and hi will refill your csr's crankcaw with iff ttlat arailahla oil you want, al Phillips Mptniat How oW« Ptiilllpi dare mtlct inch a luiraniae? Mcauai Phillips 6V Meaty l)uty Pr«mliim Motor Oil li in goorf it actually mrf,,m nanufanurera' rtcoramendaiions for all makes nf carsl Get Phillips M Hee V Ducy Premium Minor Oil. ll't W ' ' t Ofdadt awMtt «f Mw «awtm ·aMkaM C«a*n tmtlaHao, "H». T» Wttak ·MMH4," Man t«« t*l IM» ar^«r""i M · ·* |4w«. WHIM »r 11 fmni n**«s. Cf*. t*M Ifl) HM4MW. *M4aU Mfy ffM r4M t*»* M »MMf. OM rm In* 4»r l«4»s»l

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