Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 2, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1952
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Ml », Iff! - ·· Personals · Mr. tnd Mn. Frank Dlvi* ind tons, Mike tnd Stephen, htve returned from t trip to St. Louis, Mo., Kentucky, Illinoli ind Memphis, Tenn. Miss Mollie Vaughan tnd Miss Ctht Johnson hive returned from t vacation in Loi Anfelel, Long Beach tnd Whittier, Calif. They returned by the wty of Albuquerque, N. M., for t ftw dayi viiit. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adair tnd tons, Bill, Jr., tnd Eddie, have returned home from t trip to St. Louis, where they attended a baseball game and the opera. On their return trip they (topped at Kockaway Beach for t ftw days. Hiss America Contest Under Way This Week - Atlantic City, M. J. - (JP) - Tuesday is facts and figures day for 52 lovelies longing to don tht mtntlt of Mils America. Contestants for the nation's best-known beauty title iptnt the day registering, reading over the rules arid weighing their chances. · Today they'll b* on display In t gala Boardwalk parade, a preliminary to the start of actual competition tomorrow. Prom then on until the grand climax Saturday night when Colleen Kay Hutchins, Miss America 1952, crowns the new queen, the firll will bt on I merry-go-round. They'll show they can do more than look pretty by singing or dancing or displacing aomt other talent tnd then compete for pointi in an evening gown tnd btthing suit. British Chitf Of Staff Goes To Australia Pest London -(*)- Officiil tourcti said trjdiy that Britain will bame tht 61-'ytar-'old · chief of th« Imperil! Otntrtl Stiff, Fltld Mlrshal Sir William Slim, II governor ftneril of Auitralll. Slim will tike up hit new assignment in tht fill. Ht will be succeeded is chief ot the imptrlil staff by Gen. Sir John Hirding, who now commindi Britlih irm- ed forcti in Qerminy. Births · Mr. tM Mn. Uutt* Barktr Mr. tnd Mrs. Lonnle Barker of Elkins, announce the birth of a son, September t, tt tht County Hospital. Prairie Grove Dinner guilll in the J. P. Hirris home Sunday wtrt Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Moblty of Washington, D. C.; Mr. tnd Mn. Floyd Swanson, Jr., of Arlington, Vl.; Mill Anne Harris of Midland, Texas; Frank Lake Maupin of . Shrevt- port, La., and MiM Phoebe Harris and W. O. McCormick of tittle Rock. First Lieut, and Mri. Bob Blakemore ind ion of Tinktr Field, Okla., spent tht wttk-tnd with Mr. ind Mrs. J. R. Blakemore. James Colbert and Bill Cawood of Midwest, Okla., spent the weekend visiting friends here. Mrs. Harry Dutton and Mn. D. N. McCormick entertained the Happy Hour and Past Time Clubt Friday at the home of Mri. Dutton. There were five tables of players. Miss Betsy Campbell was a guest. The hostesses served refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Lane and children spent the weekend in Paris, with Mrs. Lane's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Burnham. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Riddle of Paris, Texas, announce the birth of a daughter Monday, August 26. Mrs. Ethel Riddle, who has been visiting her son and daughter-in- law, expects to return home in a few days. Guests of Mrs. E. H. Cook this week are Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Mobley of Washington, D. C.: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Swanson, Jr., of Arlington, Va., tnd Mrs. Paul Lawrence and children of Lackland Air Force Base San Antonio, Texas. W. G. McCormick drove up from Little Ro* Saturday night. He spent Sunday and Monday at home here, leaving Monday night for his work with the plant board in Little Roch. Mr. tnd Mrs. Jack Curtsingar returned Monday from a short wcddinK trip. They were married Saturdlv night at the Presbyterian Church by the Rev. G. C. Bidwell. Mrs. J. P. Harris and her sister, Miss Betsy Campbell, had a gath- crinn of relatives at their home Sunday nleht to visit guests from Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Mobley tnd Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Swanson, Jr., ef Arlington, Va. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Mtu- pin, Frank. Lake Maunln of Shreveport, La., Mr. and Mn. Douglal Cummings, Mrs. I. H. Cook, Mrs. Rob Magruder, Pr«l- ton Mafruder of Fayettevllle, Mn. Pauf Lawrence and children of Lackltnd Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, W. G. McCormick an* Mill Phoebe Harris of Llttlt Rock, ind Miss Anne Harrll 0? Mldftnd, Texts. CASH r AID FOR M^AMMU Obituary Mn. Jonto Irtiw U»M*y Lincoln - (Spteltl) - Mri. Jinle Irene Ltdley died Sundty tt the home of her ion, Jiff Shaw, 401 South HU1 Street, .Fayettevllle. Surviving Mrs. Ltdley are her husband, Joseph Ltdlty of Fay- cttevillt; two dtughttn, Mrs. O. H. Vaughn and Mn- '· G. Ben- nlng, both of Oklahoma) City; ont ion, Jeff Shiw; two brothers, M. E. Burrlt of Spirki, Nev., ind Sherman Burris of Lincoln; ont sister, Allie Woodward of Clovli, N. M.; seven grandchildren tnd eight grttt-grthdchildren. Funeral services will be conducted tt the Gttkill Funeral horn* in Sbtwntt, Okli., tomorrow afternoon. Luglnbutl Funerll Home of Lincoln was in charge of loctl arrangement!. Mlchcrai lugtn* Uhl Michael Eugene Uhl, one-day- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Uhl of 721 South Washington, died Sundty it 6:30 p.m. in the County Hospital. H£ is survived by his parents; his paternal (rtndptrtnts, Mr. tnd Mri. Ralph Uhl of Fayetteville; and the maternal grandparents, Mr. tnd Mn. Alfred .Storm of Evaniville. Graveside tervices were conducted yeiterdty at 2 p.m. in the Fairvitw cemetery by the Rev. Norman Drake, Baptist minister, with arrangements under the direction Of the Wltion Mortuary. Condition Of Hull Remains Critical W««hln|ton-(*)-Cordel1 H u l l rtmtintd on the critical lilt today tt tht Bttheida, Md, 'Nival hospital. Official! Itld he tptnt a good night tnd that hii condition w»i lilttd ii unchanged. Tht'lO-yttr-bld'fofmtr ttcre- ttry of ttttt tnterH tht hoipittl In tht Wuhlngton tuburbi Friday for trtttmtht for ctribr^l throm- boili. TodaV* Mtrkst-- ·t. Uilt Llttttttk N.itionil ttockytrdl, Hl.-(*)(USDA)-Hogl 14,'SOO; tridt tctlve; compirtd Fridiy'l birrowi ind glltl ittldy to 14, ipot4 IB lower; towl IWldx to It Higher, no chtngt Itigj or Mokh; bulk choice itti-13 Ibi uniortM for weight ll.M-10; populir price tl.oo to ill buying inttriiti; tep 11.15 soir- Ingly; 1IO-J50 Ibl 10.75-21.00; heavier hoi i ictrct, most lots 280300 Ibt 11.15-IO.OOi imlll loti 110380 Ibt 17.JS-18.1S; choice 110-1*0 Ibi 10.25-79; 150-170 Ibs 11,25-10.00; 110-140 Ibs 15.15-17.90; sows 400 Ibs down mainly 16.71-17,15; heivter kindi 14.50-16.21; boars 11.SO-lt.00; ftw Itlgl 1|. -15.00; food cirly elttrintt - -Cattle 7.50 , cilvti 1,100; limited number of ttlei steady on itttri and heifers; choice yeirllng typt. number of ialei sftidy on steeri and htiftrs; choice yearling type ttetri 3100-34.00 with t few good fnd.commtrcitl itacr tnd heifer ve»rllngi S4.00-JS.50; cows moltrtttly active to steady; utility ind eommtTciil ctwi 17.5010.00: ctnntri tnd cutteri lirgely 13,00-17.00; bulls tnd vetleri steady: utility and commercial bulls 19.00-Z3.50: cutter bulls 15.00-17.50; food and choice vealers 26.00-32.00; sorted prime to 34.00 with utility and commercial veal- tri 11.06-26.00. Shetp 3,500; run includes tbout 1,300 breeding ewes for auction later this week; about 1,500 native spring Iambi on sale; nothing done early. NORTHWttT ARKANSAS TIMIS CLASSIFIED ADS pjtt: I erata nor wtrs auiajlt ta- nrloB. Throe ceUKuUvo InMrtloBa. 7 en* MT weird. Mlntmuti order 4te. CUsetflM *da CM* la t4*IMf«M taken snrtr tie telephaaM. rxalHnt fer clMtulMV Ma: ·:» a. ae «·!.%·; I;t9 a. m. taturdar LEGAL NOnCES In Tkt Porakt* Cwrt Of WdeMnitMi Cwntr. Arkamai In The Matter Of The latate Ot C. C. Stocksxurfer, deceaaed. No. llll-A. Laat known addreaa of decedent: Weat Fork, Afkanaaa. Date of death: July 28. 1U2. The Mttderalined waa appointed ad- miniatratrlx of the eatate of the above named dtcedcnt en the 20th day of Auiult, lit:. All Mnona having claim an i nit the eaUto muat exhibit tS«», duly verified; to tht understated within alx month* from the date of tM fiMt publication at (hit natlce. of they shall bi forever tarred and precluded from any benefit In tkt tttift. Thu notice tlrat fjuMUktd Mih day Martha ttackburgir Motrt South Iti itreat. Xolen, Ark. 21 Sepl. 2 NOnCC U MHBy given that there ha* been filed la my office aa clerk tt the Chancery Court of wianini- ton County. Arkanau. a MUUon for quitting and confirming ef tht title ta tht fallowlnt twcdktd rail eatete lltutltd In wihln/w" County. Ar- kimw, to-wli: The Itit half of uw Northeaat ·jUarter of the Southtaat tutrltr tf atctlon aeven (7) In Townahlp Uilnttn 111) North rantf II Witt, ttHltlnlni K aarat iMrt or Mat, ant t Ptrt tf tlM Mutheaat tuar- Itir ofMIM Nertlttaat qulrler of MtUtn atvtn (f) toltwnaWp Ulr- Mtti (111 Kotlh, RatM M Well and being molt tt'tuutillr de- eYIMergt loUtwt: atailMInf it tlu MHUMWI ttntr tTatU Tony Mtt uaet and runnlnt tHeioe HorUi Hi latt: Ihtnet Viet 111 IMt: tttntt South Tltfeal: tneaie Kit fil «tl ft the ttaet of U- flnalu, muMM fire II) itM, mtH *f iw, t Ihe tjiHtURf M IM IIUi »JllSl«i»« ItTllo? C. A«4tntn, MMIItMr t»er»ln. AU nitint elllmmg ill* MnM tt tny Inttreat therein, ire. h e r e b y waned to apptar tn thla court within alx weeka after the date of flrat publication of thla nollet and *h«w cauae why aald title ta eald land! enould not bt eonflfnud IK H'lUoner. Wltnttt fny hand u Clark 0f tht Waahlntton Chincjry Cturt all the ml thtrttf tn thla IIUi tn t« Au' Mlchird *. Oreer CheMerr citrk ·y Wlafleld ·roMtt. D. C rt-N ·ttt. i-t-if n-t ahltvutfit to Iht pfovlalona «f Pro- Mil Codl, He. 1U. notice 1* liven Out MMuntl at the adminlatration tl Ike tttatat lilttd below nave been filtd, on the datea ahown, by the named peraonal repreaentativea. All Intereated preaona art called on to file objectlona to auch accounts tn or btfore- the alxtleth day following the filing of the relpecUve ac- eoutti, filling which they will be barred fortvtr from txeeptlni to the account. Joe B. Clark. Dneltaed. Nannie Wll- liameon, Executrix; Final Auruat 21 na. Bell* Davla. DieeaMd, Byron T ftmlui, Exaeutor; Final Aufuat 23 1K2. Dr. Hirry F. Fallor. Deceaaed. Luclnda rallor. Adminlatratrlx; Final Auiuat n, itfa. %. C. Fiaker. Incompetent. J. T Bain, Guardian; Annual Aufuat 10 its:. Lawrence w. Hutehena. Deceaaed Myrtle B. HutchtM. Ixeoutrlx; Final Auiuat 4. 1M2. J. t. Palchlll. Deceased. Loulae Paachall. Admlnlatratrix; Final Au- fuat 11, 1K2. Aval.v A. Roblnaon. Jr., Minor, Ulya A. Lovell, Quarrlan; Final Aufutt 13 Harry W. Sanford. Deceaaed. Hare] C. Sanford, Executrix: Final Aufuat 11. IIU. DATED thla 2nd day of September, 1IS2. Roy A. Scolt Probate Clerk of Wtlhlnfton County. Arkanaaa Jean Henderaon FBARBNAL NOTICE The Grand High Priest will make his official visit for t h i s district a t Roaers Masonic dTZTZ, Hall, Friday, Sept. lfi"J,y5. All ROYAL KIM ARCH MASONS \--l should attend. qutiOMAL TO my qitnr friend! and cuatomera, 1 will be in the dry cleaning bueineis fayielf In a few days. Itaymdnd Beard. ANNOUNCEMENT* roOD aale. City Hotpital park. Thun- day. September 1. Hot dogl. blr- becued hamburfera. coffe* and pop will be atrved, attrUnt S p. m. Practical nuraei in chargt. NOTICB FOK Complete BODY and FENDER SERVICE All Mukti SEE Abshier-Bryan Motor Co. Phont 573 FREE ESTIMATES NOTICE- You get more for your furniture th.-oufh our auction*. Atwlyl a good demand for tood merchandlee. Lota of atoragt apace Von can lend your furniture In anytime for our Saturday aale. For truck or Information phont 1770. Hilton Bros. Auction House Highway 71 north BTSTBUCnON- drteelnf envelope* in apare time at homt. Send %IM for Information ·nd IhatruoUoni. Shawmut and Comry. Box 11, Dept. A-ll, Arllnfton Maa*. Money Back Guarantee. ·WUP WANTED-- MALI DELIVERY BOY TO WORK 8 A.M. TO 4 P.M. MUST FURNISH OWN BICYCLE. APPLY AT Fayelfeville Drug Store EXCELLENT opportunity for achool boyl to earn money worklnf part time. Transportation provided to home tt night Apply ^ter 1 p. m. BOWLING LANES 112 W. Dtckeon St. BELT WANTMO Koktt economic ttacher needed it department at Mountalnburf. Salary S ,400-13,000 for 10 month*. Apply R. Overholt, Supt. of achool*, Mountalnburf. Phone 12. BAUtnON WANTED WOULD like to heer fran) a man with car who would like to atep 1V a bualneaa of hla own In North Washington County. No capital needed. Corwin Crow. Arkanaa*. clftaaifylng about $160 weekly. Write Rawlel|hi MONEY TO LOAM to % 20 year FHA HOME LOANS UTLEY AND COMPANY. JNC. Phone 2201 POULTEY CHARLEY Dealy BROILER CHICKS, U. f. approved, Pullorum paued. "Aa near aa your phone." 131 Vlr- j |tnia. Phone 1913. . . tOST AND FOUND Mt E. Lafayette. Kindly return them Mine 40t-J. . LOST, imall red lull cue. Between CfdUai a n d Durham. Reward. Maudli Crumpacktr, Pettlgrew, Ar- kanlli, LOST, white brown apotted fem 1 . 5 month old hound pup. straycfl Saturday morning. Phone 923-R-4. L6s¥-- Brown oln purae contalnlnl caah, key. On aejuare Friday. 120 riwird. Return to Tlmea. PatANSPOtTAKON OfTRRED · claco Bay area Thunday, September 4. 1 day trip, cm like one or two ·MMngera. Rofereneea cKOhannd. Share initnMt. contact Sandy Cuhton. riant IW. WILL lake paaaenfer to Seattle. Help drive. Leaving Friday mornlnf. MO*-- CATS-- nn AKC refUtered Peklnae*. Phone U7.J1 Mn. Minnie WyllL XKC regiaterao 1 eocker apaniel nup- aHH Mra. Bob Slout. Phone ItH. 10* ·AU-4JVB*rOCC R r. AIM brtd Outriuey hflftr. ont 171- W -2, ·1 NEAP twM. Patrlth flhtrmin, nUtrBCI' ptetur* 8llv»r-ton« JtrMy I COW itinchlerw, wo*, 53 M rich PhWHj 3M2-M-4. JieV Johniftn. ·EGlfTUlD HimiMhlrt boar 8crv H# taff, Mit ftf hrttdlni E. E Jonii IfftlUilftM BlIMM IIM FOB SAU-ADTOMOm'* 'M FOBJD 1 door aetfan, excellent eon dltlon, radio and heater. MM or will trade for llveatock. Phone 1I3-J-2 Gravette. Ark. ·11 SUPIR deluxt 2 door Chevrolet Write Mra. R. L. Shaw. Lincoln PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service IVIE DDVAU unino rr\ LiLC-DKiAn MUIUK LU Mien* 6t6. 208 North Block rOK MA1.B-- BOMB NEEDS ^)' FULLER BRUSHES DEBUTANTE COSMETICS Phone 2377-H Boyd Mills 26 LouUe OVaCASTUVTED davenport and matching chair. Green, good condition Alio complete dineite act. Enamel table top, utility cheat and 4 chalra Blao in green. Phone 4J9 or 2104. THIS watk'a apaclalc-- Mirror top coffee table-- II..SO; dlnett* let *U.i0 upholstered occasional chair $6.50 We buy, aell and trade. Cash paid for your furniture, by piece or truck load. Lloyd'a Trading Post Highway 71 South, Fayettevllle. miQIDAlRE. iofa b*a~ ana" "other thinia. 112 Hill. refectory table. 4 chairs with red leather aeata, dutch covered, $75.00. Apartment washer, |7.50. Browi. walnut dining room extenaion table, (65.00. Breakfront J7S.WI. 2~ mahogany chair* $15.00. All very lovely furniture. Phone 403-J. rOl SALE-- HISCELLANROITS i*ijjENl*y oi irtin egga and r Dm* ling curt, black-eyed peas At Canon'*. Highway 45 Eaat. Bring container and pick your own peaa for can- MCONS'i'iklJCTliiJ grand pla no on dlaplay. Terms. Phone- 22W. USeft FURNlTlfflE BAHGAINS Simmons brown metal bed-- full iize ·:.: ::.t 8.»o Bookcoae · with . deik compart" ment _ ...-, ,, t ISO 2-pc wins valour living room aulte . $ 7»50 *-pc mahogany dining room auite-- Duncan Phyfe table, · Chair*, buffet, china .. $1«ft.50 5-pc extertfion dintlte, white S 17.50 Gaa range, table top. with burner cover $ lft.50 The Stump Furniture Company MS W. Dlckaon Phone 3112 LUDW1O upright, exccllent-upholatir* ed bench. Phone 2Z30-W. · FOOT rMrigerator, very modern, will trade, what have you? Phone BALED Johruon grata hay, 8c half. Jim Reed Phone 317D-M-3. 1 MONTOOMERY Ward refrigeratbr. 7 cu. ft., excellent condition, 1 Economy waaher. l apartment alt* range, l bind aaw motor, Va horie- MAGIC Chif atove. Phont 2710-L-l. 1 ItOdMS of furniture, $75. Loy Rogera, 11M s .w«*hlngton. UttDiftWOOD typewriter, gouri donili- Uon. |liM-L-4. ATTENTION MOUSE WlVtA (5r fay- ttteviiie 1 t 1 Stop moth damage f6r five whole year* with B»rlou. Ifk guaranteed in writing. Lewis tiro*. PUBLIC SALt PUBLIC aate Thuraday. September 4, beginning 1 p. m. S milea north Prairie Grove at the Bob Beaveht farm. 30 head ot cattle consisting of 15 head of extra good la'ry heifers, i team maree. 1 lot of farm machinery. Oeorge fltoei, owner. ·attholomew-McKentle. auctioneer*. GREEN tomato*!, $l.M biuhcl. Bring container and pick them. J a c k Johnson. Phone M4J-R-4. 1 USED whltcalde wail Urea. 6:70xlo, UAED office furniture, typewriter d«ak, awivel chalr-^.tookcr..^ aeo- llohal bMk uaet, 1 airtight chain, tid. Call JI2I bmiNO room aulte, large round table, buffet and T chalra, mahogany, MO.OO. Phone 14M. OAfl range, dining room table, t chain, breakfaat table, 4 chalra. General Electric refrigerator. Phont 192S-J. rzSCUK awd recleanM, teated a n d la«ed, ',i mile louth Habberton. L. S. Chllcult. Phone 329-R-4. loam fiprlnga, Hi mtlea eaat of Jaybird school houac. t. I. Speaker "NOBILITY Silver?" Call ELIZABETH JANES 292 EVENINGS IDEAL MATTRESS CO, Quality new mottreu and mattrws rvnovatlng. Phorw 3036 401 WOT DtCtttON rO» BALE OE TBADE WILL trade equity of 23 acre farm with modern nouae- for modern houa« trailer. Box 33, Weit Fork. Ark. homes. Sale or trade. Carion, Route r WANTED TWO ladlea to do telephone JoUcitt.- tlon from their home*. Excellent pay. Alao one delivery lady. See or contact R. O. Barron, 6:30 to 8:30 p. m. Washington Hotel. liier. Call 2389-R. ^HUlaa^etveh- months old; ^3W-M,, 9LD* flTlafcAW HATS to "fe«d",f(J bur goats next Saturday. See -Hunt's ad ~ '*! rf^eyJ* P a PC r - ^ WANTED TO BUT ducera, clean and teated. P h o n e am-M-4. WILL buy two dozen laying hem, not over 1 year old. Call 453-L-3. Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory BEAUT? SHOPS If AIITMA'S Beauty Shop preaenu new low price*. 643 N o r t h Lcverett. Phono 2U1. COLVAltb'S BEAUTY MIOr* »04 W. Meadow-Phone KM Machlneleei $3 50. Cold wave tS.M gfTAfttl UtAU'i'; tHOF tttJAlLI WOW ·t » ,,'tock Hhoew TM OORinittl ·ortt. Vivian orttn. 21 yeiri ttnr* fce. Phone TN-J. 211 N Etlt Mra. 1. W HcOeh.e Sptncev Corattlere l» South Unlvenltjr St ·O» LAUNDIT gfimrri HMM Utmtry will mike regular appolntnunta to pick up and deliver your laundry with aervlce Ul ault your dealre. Wet waah. damp dry or dry. Price riaaonable. Phone TTItWKITERR new and used. Nrw portable type* wrltera of alt ma he* Terms 11* deal red. Repatri and rentala O. B. WILLIAMSON A- CO , INC. 12) W. MOUNTAIN ST ·?ATtWTalVILLB ( ARICAnftAS "Why fight it--wa were made for ·act o(her." NOW ^^^ WANT TO BINT THREE or four bedroom furnlahed hout«. Immediately. L. D. Truer. Phons 7it. FOR KENT-OR LEASE FIVE room houae. with 2 acre* of fertile aoll. an pavement. Phone 1002-J. ton kBtlT-- MISCELLANEOUS FOR RENT Furnished Apartments Bills Fold. Garage. 171 NORTH SCHOOL ST. Phone- 211 12:30-6.30 P.M. 4 ROOM and bath, flrat floor /urn lined apartment, 2!j blocka from iqunre. Panel ray heat, hardwood floora, Venetian blinds, front and back entrance. Thia U a dandy. Phone 18*6 from 8 a. m. to S p. m. Everting phone 2178-n. TWO large hedrooma, private beth. can accommodate four boya. Phone _ 10» or 1330. apartment, uttlitfra paid. 70fl South iiODERN two bedroom homo with aleplhg and utility porches, g o o d chicken houae. garden, pasture for cow. Near Farming ton. Phone 601. ft ROOM modern houae, IBS, 4 room modern home, $40, 2 room houae, J acre. 512.00 Phone .W3. 3 ROOM f urntehed 1 »parlment7 fiefvel refrigerator, Roper range, private bath, private entrance. Utlllllea paid. ttSt'3. VERY nicely furnlahed 3 room apartment. Private hath. 503 ForeM. Phone 419 or 2104. 2 ROOM furnlahed apartment. Up- auira. BilU paid. Phone 707-R-4. and bath. Phone IMt. TWO room furnlahad apartment with refrigerator. IV»2 after 3:30. j" ROdlA iinf urnlahed apartment, phone 2710-L-i. rlVc-room houae near Square. Good 4 ROOM houae, floor furnace, Venetian ahadea, baaement room, ga~ -ra»fr, |$0. 522 Tallin. Phone 410. phone 2454, *« North pollege. 1 ROOM furnlahed apartment, n e a r campua. Phone 653. PRETTY small cottage furniahed, hilll _pald. 708 Levereit. 4 ROOM house, furnUhed or unfurn- iahed. Phone 2414 or 1416-11. 4 ROOM bungalow, unfurnlthed. $40.00. 3 ROOM apartment, unfurnUhed. $40.00. 4 1 ROOM efficiency apartment f o r couple, furnUhed and. all bllla paid. $50.00. Hammond Realty Co, UNFURNISHED four bedroom house. Wuhlngton School district. F. M. McConnell. Phones 846 or 1708, FIVE rcrm house with garage, North. Mlsalon. Phone 20SO-J. apartment with private bath and garage, to couple. Phone 1318, Mrs. Carney. 708. 2 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT private bath, electric refrigerator. Also 2 nice quiet bedroom*. 510 LARGE furnished sleeping room, private entrance, next to bath, 209 N. College. Phone 796. 1 ROOM modern house-, 702 South NICELY furniihed 3 room apirtment, utilities paid. Call 72 after 6 o'clock. OARAGE apirtment. 3 rooma furn- Uhed. modern with washer; $35. bills paid. One child welfOlne. Frank Gilea, phone 174-J-1. Htchwtty 16 west. FURNISHED apartments, garbage dut- poial, Venetian blinds, automatic washer, near University. No dogs. Ulilitlea piM. $45 and IW. Event UNFURNISHED apartment nice and roomy. Water hill paid. 124 per month. Phone 2219-M. frHHEE nicely furniihed ipiVtmenti. sec brick house, 313 North Vnlvtr- t ROOM apartment, nicety (urn-shod Close in. Perfect for working girl or couple. 1 Mill M*-« par.!, Call 72 after 6 o'clock for dctalh. 2 ROOM furnished house, 720 Hume. Phone 3184. FOR RENT THREE CONNECTING OFFICE ROOMS Cravens Building CALl OK PHONE 166 1 Abota ^urniahtd ttarunent. o n t NlAlLV furnlahet' room apartment, private bath and entrance. New re* Vrlierator and atove, on North Cot- l*(e Alao 1 room apartment on 8outn Mhool. bllla paid, rnofle t ROOM furnufttd 1 apartment lor eoutle onlr. downatalri, private entrance, private bath. All bllla paid. 1 ROOM furnUhed apartment, private bath. Adult* only. 405 Johnaon, Sprlnfdale. 4 ROOM houe*. Oarden arid paature ror cow. Phone aio-w Turdya store 'on north aide. w. M noblruon. Mnimft modern, kltrhen nrlvilefr*. 4 blocka biu line. Call 1I1S-M 1»1 north outturn) FO» UNT-- MISCBLLANIOVI UMtOr BetTeom. privttt entrtnee. Bualneaa men or anMantt trelerrea 7M-J. HOME lor couple. Apartment. UOM 1272-W. UNruHNISHjD apartment. Call U13 Street. Phone HU-M. runNIIHED larafe apartment. li2E MOUSM lor rent. See R. M. Ander- ion. Phone IUS-M-4. HOUSE and farden at the Oreethome Sprlnf farm. J17I-J-I. I BEDROOM unfurntihed houae. Alao taraae apartment. 1121 North Storer. i ROOM dwelllnf and iarden. rtoute ta modern and located t mllea out. l« 00 per month. Utley and Company, Inc. Telephone 2203. APARTMENT lor rant September 1. No children. Phone izia. VERY ntce two room furnUhed apartment, one block from campua. Pnone :i». CLoafe fnltirnljried apartment. Hard* wood floor* with refrigerator. Very nice. Adulta only. Phone HIT. NICE 4 room furnUhed apartmint. Private bath and entrance Vtlll- tie* furntahed, Inquire 17 Weat Rook Street. E. C. Aumlck. Phone 911-W. XURNltltED apartment. Ml N o r t h Church. Phone 11I2W after « 4 ROOM modern houae at 1494 South School Street. 145 per month. Utlev and Company, Inc. Telephone 2203. LARQC bedroom, privet* entrance, bu*tneaa men or afudenU preferred. Phone 7M-J. with refrigerator. Phont mi. ·I'-MVICKS ormiiD LAWNS mowed-- power mower. Call Barrett I'enlck, 2438-J. WANTED-- Homework by hour. Mione 3041-J. LAWN mowing Call Rev 1240 SUN-TIL! veneuan Dllnoa ud aluminum window icreeni and twnlnti. m* eatlmtUa. Oabt Cscper 441 South Lrrual, Phonr lOlt H A R R Y ' S RADIATOR SHOP COMPLETE SERVICE locoltd Ithlnd Abshier-Bryan Motor Co. Phont 1264 FREE INSPECTION Any make radio rtptlri RADIO SERVICE CENTER Authoriitd Phllco and O. E. Strvitt Rtar of Ltwlj Broi. Inc., on C«nMr Si. Phone 2703 (M"IIT^ J.W.HILLaEORICCO. Phont) 24, Wf»t Pork EXCAVATING - BIIUDOZING Ltnd cletrinj-- ttvliif your Mp- tall. Heavjr duty dllclnf. Bruih rtke -- pondi. H. H. JONES, Contractor 197 t. Lafayette, (ok 141 UMvtrtitr ttatlon rhoae I4M rayetteTllle BULLDOZING EXCAVATING * Roada, Pondi, Cltorlni- OLIN KARNES - EUIS WILSON 3162W 261 9 J E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G feral, PHI Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phont) 249 DITCH DIOOINO ItXrTINCS-- w t i e r , tea tnd Mwtr dltchee. uptlc tank hole* tXalllf and back Hlltnf. Oil ItM IrVce Davle MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Mattreaaea Built Into Guaranteed Inneraprlnca Hollywood Bed* Made To Order ONI DAY SERVICE-- PHONI 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 South Eaat Ht rOR SALE-- REAL ESTATE SMALL ACREAGE NEW two bedroom modern home, large llvinf room, convenient kitch- r.n and dinette, hreruway 10x]7, attached carafe and utlltty room. Iniulated. tile hath, natural ffaa. 4 6 acre., on pavement, eiuy "drive oi town. Reduced for quick islr CLOSE-IN SO convenient to buslnr*« and ichool five large roomv b»th and utility room, food condition, firag«, nice corner lot. Thla ii worth your time 10 SMALL BUSINESS JUST right for atudenl or Unfit per- ·on-- newutand. noveltlea. ndtioni. ahowlng nice huiinrm. welt Ibcatea with long term leaie. WADE FINCHER, Realtor 2t K««t Mountain Street. Phone Ml FOUR SPECIAL VALUES TIHS Country Place In heart df the city: Two lovely 3 room apartm«nt«. each with bath, fint floor: 3 ipacU nui room* cernnd floor: n"'dm»lic Rfti furnace, vrhetlan hlln f ld*»l for home and Income, perfect location A $20,000 value for $U soo. VERY SPECIAL. VKAR Canipiu*-Nt*w S room bungalow, bath, aervlce porch, full bn«- ment with garage and room for ·mall apartment; automatic f a * heat, Venetian blind*. be«l of con* ·trnctlon; lot US by 104. $ft.2M GI- rilA loan 4%: piymenta ISO A BARBLOCK of Campuv-- 5 rooms, al«tp'«3 porch, bruement. garage: ipidoui rootna, fireplace In living room, Miutlful corner lot. tdral f f r homt Ot Investment A $10,000 va' 1 REDUCED Tf) SEI.I.. UNIVERSITY DUIrlrl: N'«w 5 room bungalow; Automatic gaa heat, p«. elal type ronilruellon. brautlfUl lot, ·mill gueat hoiue. H.IM. J. D. Eagle. Realtor. PHONE 231 aon Adama addition. Two bath*, at* trurllve ktlchen with dining Ipact. lxu of dtorag* ipac« . llardwortd floor* throughout. Planlertd wttli, forced air heal Attached garage, large Itvtl lot. Awning* on all oul- ·Id* window* WHEELER REALTY CO. REALTOR Ourk Theater Bld|. MMM IM NKhta 21J4-J ^lt MAU-- MAI. MTAT1! W I L S O N - A D A M S E X T R A Level/ whit* ranch-ttyl* frame with attached garage, located og«). Beautiful thade trees. 3 bedrooms and den, living room with wood - burning fireplace, separate d i n i n g room, spacious kitchen with lots of bullt-ini and p l e n t y o f everyday eating space, 1 f u l l bath and 1 half- bath, f u l l basement with pine- panelled playroom. Forced air central heat. Wall-to-wall carpeting In living room, d i n i n g room and hall. Worlds of closet s p a c e . Thoroughly insulated. Shaded rock potio. This house Is f o u r years old, one ownership. Shown by appointment only, KINCAID COMPANY 1641 506 1856-M SPRINGDALE INCOME PROPERTY DUPLEX and ihret room home, wfli located, building* tn excellent condition, modern. Nice shade. Price u only 111,000. I8.0M Building a n d Toan can OF tuuumvd. Owner will trade fftr FnyetttvUle properly. 100 ACRES RIVER BOTTOM 172 ACRES In all. A dandy little ilock place. White River, well Improved, S1X1M. Pretty well worth looklne; Into, If you're Intereated In a food NEWLIN REALTY .»m roRk, ARK LOOKING FOR A BARGAIN? OOOD flahlnl In IhLt ntver falllnf alream that run* throuch the entire property. A lot of cood era**, a number of food tottotn field*. 211 acrea. Only about t7.o p«r acre, tood title. The price la quite a lltllr lower than the (tale would apprelie elate land of ilmllar quality, Improvement*? Well, you wouldn't expect any at thla price. A REMINDER THAT iou ahould aee Ihla tood U. well located on food alream, eood Improvement*, aprlne; water piped to home. Only 14, too. owner will carry half or auch matter. It la a load deal and you will !ake the plan. NEWLIN REALTY WIST fO«K ARK NORTH UNIVERSITY AREA SIX bedroom frame. Hardwood floor*. painted and paaered walla. l!i acrea on Hlfhway I« weal. Attached |a- raae. New home, Will appralae Tor a Tarn loan, I JOS aejuare leet floor apace. Price lIlToM. riVE room frame home end utllltr room, ti acre or) Highway ill north, Hardwood floor*, (lie batn, 2-car la- rate. Prin ta,HO. Aaaurne FHA.OI loan. Parmenu 112 month. CRAVENS CO. Phone IM Phone IMW ON HIGHWAY 71 SOUTH S-ROOM modern frfrtie houae w i t h tKALTOIU LtNDEHS INiURORS H. L. Uttoy 1203, ft** Iftof Call J. J. fytntt 2103 rf*» m Near University and txtverett School. Reaxonably prl«d. Phone 1917-R after 6 p. m. or all day Siturdiy, Al J ihACTlVE two h«droom home on North Garland. Large livlns room, dinin.! room and lota of buUtlhi In kitchen. Utility room, plstttred walU. hardwood floor* All in excellent repair. Larfe lot with amall barn. $8,000. 'i down, conjider tridt for farm. The Broadhunt Co.. 1031 £ffi"*m3 K'SISI. THREE room f!rame home. Shady lot W'xiso', Four block* north or Unl- venity. Ready to move in. Price W.200. »J80 oown, payment* s» month. Phone IM. IACRIF1CI, owner~» acrea I mllea weal. II, lit mile north, 4 room tood houae-, aeml-modern. propane ta*. 5,000 capacity brooder houae and equipment feeder ccrrler. Will FOR AAUt-fteCAL Iff AH . ·fa N6ftrH ottvt tntivf ' TWO btdroem fniM M*wet«* IMWIJ decorated, fltritt r#«ntly 'btacto topped. You'll do w«ll to Intptd thli modest home in frltndlr fftrUv eut raytiUvll.c, Only H.W.M. ttt MILL STftXCT * fOUR fin* room* wltH h^dwooH floori, two kitchtn ilnkj, and nun? other fin* feature*. L*rgt CJbl t7.Vk3tM'). Tbll WMk At MJUM I7SOM CASH 2- BALANCR on Itlural tcfmi. Atfrtfcj tlvi 4 room buni»tow with UttflMq carport tnd «tora« room. Thu lovely little horn* u only 4 yMr, old rnd la complvtcly modern. Bit' untvd on ntce ltv«I lot fn frttnd' NEAR NEW SCHOOLS TWO Mdroom ounfaltaw itMut tivi yfsrt old. and ha* b«0n oeeuptcci by non* other than tht owner* Many fine ftituru. auch M h*ffl- wood floon, |u floor furnace. kitchen builtlnj, etc. Very attract tlvf prlrc of 18,730 M. L«t tii flhow you PhOM Til HAMMOND REALTY CO. Cv«. Phon* R. D. Hammond 1172 J. A Jarvla laflow ^ THRCK BCKOOM HOMl'fn NorilWibl pact of the city, Wuhlnfton IcIKl dUtrlct, haj brMhCMl room, uUMf/ room, attached |«ra|« with brtftl- way. hardwood floora, 3 radJXbt htutcra and woodburninf flrepjute, larffi Tot. nfc« loan In force. TIUS J.S A OOOD BUY AT 112.000.04.-^ TWO QDKOOM HOME with flaJ*«d- )n »leepln« porch, full bwtffltfit. floor furnace, mee kttchfft ind in- fttte. located On beautiful Mt. Se- quojnh. O. I. Jdun In force. Buy owner'* equity and p«y tafaneo out ·t 134.00 tttr month. A. T. SHAMBLIN REALTOR' Telephone Ml or MM No. 10 H, Coilen 71 ACRE9. mcilly oftn. fott muture, about is acrea limber, commen bulidmia, plenty of water, 12 mile* or twrlntdale. , mile on M hlfh. war. Price H.IM. and ttrm. r- NEWLIN-POWELL RtALIY ·^rlnidale. Ark, MMau-ilJ iouth 71 nifhwar f "HOME ON THE HANCH't HI ACMM, red HlMltMM Mil, afb of black walnut and locuet, tlentr of runnlnf wiur f*r a1e«i, lit aprlniai all under wire fattee, *raetl- eallr all |oat renre, «v*r m acre*. open mow land. In meadow And Ha. tun. Thla ranch haa amitd aitr 919 callle throuih Ibid aeae»n. r«o ·el* of Improvement, thrw attck barn*, on io»d county road, 1 mtlee from pavement, acno*l bue, met! ·nd mllft route at door. Owner will 6. R.Cra'ndelf Real Estate Ml North teal Street Ifwue IMt-im TWO new distinctive rmeh itjrhis tWt tre far ahead In dtttin Mtynf flM ·tlrectlveneaa, (or«M keal|. «t- tacbod laracee, ate. sMUttMCiM- lien. Ma.weli Drlrt. Otttmjr bulldef. 9IM-I. ? HIW 1 bedroom home. trUlttr rofci ·nd I'»«V '.JJ 11 * Milk a* 71 FARMS AND RANCHES lOllNorUlweiM AlkMMMjMM Itt m rwMhM. UTLEY COMPANY, 1C JUR 1 mutt tatf HNilta, nl4*nway*14 tarte barn and other otitkuiulSl Mcr», la»ma*lau Maewaf n. Ttif AUTOMATIC AmjAnet ok A Ba«,OT Hsw* I* I«T - II ·. atHk DCAL0 »k, Hi |jp.| ««ITIVE r _ mh T E R M I T E *£"." CONT801 ODOitun ·£ . NOMIKn.AMMABLI · f HAJIMLXM TO njirn .5 Wrtto m m tOl m uOmrt mi rwTwioi ci 400 PekHtfl ^r eM* raft SlflHt "INSURE YOUR FUTURE" INEVST in some of the high productive grass larx of NORTHWEST ARKANSAS. This is the comia beef and dairy Capital of the U.S. 3 MEN with money, and men who know the catrlj business, are pouring hundreds of thousands of dol lars into NORTHWEST ARKANSAS each year, fd this good grass land. .; INVEST now while you have a choice of location. ~ WE will be pleased to furnish information on location and price. G. R. CRANDELL 1 1 8 North East Street : Phone 2596 1223 .s True China i Designed by "3 If it breaks the manufacturer ^ replaces it c Lewis Bras. Co., IM 1

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