Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 1, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 1, 1952
Page 10
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i, mi less Variety 01 Hals By Germany's President |~ ·_ Br DANIEL DC LUCE " ftenn. Germany - W)-The folk- pre»lfV nl (if West Germany in no man's collar, but any- hit. ·irerty-elfht million fellow clti- ' chuckle with Thcodor Hcuss with Royce) as he.glce- eovtrs tils white locks with endless variety of headgear. The 61-year-old former history ·HOT has to attend a contln- round'of official ceremonies, {ranging from accrediting foreign JMnbttsadors to christening ships land opening fain. With a troup- fc's Mtt, he changes his black silk Stopper for a businessman's hom- tburf or a tailor's knitted cap -- ?wh»t«ver .else fits the occasion » When he makes speeches, he ItytUt ponderous academic lang- |oi|* and flavors nil remarks with ·find humor. f Tht younge neneratlon likes 9dm, because he has junked star- heby formality. Oldsters are start-- kwi by his homi-spun manner but ytot it, in the long run, as appe- Wiing as apfelstrudel. JM«4 !· FMfc I PoUUeal feuding passes Hcuss . On the high and ImpartlaUev- ef the presidency, he make! friend! inside Germany and iy a toe. Since 14, when rlv- 1 : npublla were sponsored by AUtM and the Russians, my has h:ei two presidents. Cetnmunlst Wllhelm Fleck heads ft* Soviet Zone state. .Th* Wett German president Is trialy limit*) by the constltu- Uoft to symbolic duties. He can Mt Intervene In the government IT veto Parliament's laws. He HUM keep himself above all par- HM and hold no other public or Hfrite office while he is presl- , taiH i MeuM was on the Allies' white ·long with Chancellor Kont Adtnauer, when Germany was '·pled In IMS. Certified as po- illy desirable, he was picked American tulhorttlei to become ''* "Uther of the first postwar iper in Htldelberl, the ·Nectar Zeitung. i:li*' haa always relished the I ;of printer's ink. From 1»12 :UII ,he was chief editor of the '" " Zeitung in Heilbronn. He has written biographies of German philosophers, industrialists, and statesmen. QirsllMi Kalsesl Critics used to raise two points about Hcuss' career, but that did not block his rise to the presidency: He was a deputy of the German Democratic Party In 19.13 and joined with many oil I antl-Com- munlst but non-Nazi deputies in voting emcrgccy powers to Adoll Hitler after the Reichstag fire was blamed, on the Reds. Later on Hcuss was a brief con trlbutor to Das Reich, a cultural periodical before it was taken over openly by Nazi propaganda minis tcr Joseph Goebbels. Allied investigators cleared Heuts of any suspicion of pro- Nazism, however. He did not prosper In the Third Reich, where his books were finally burned on Hitler's order. Favors European Federation Heuss considers himself a good European and is committed in general terms to federation of the continent. He also predicts that the German people will not be duped 'by neo-Nazi fanatics Into another nationalistic bln«. "The restless fever to impose our will on the rest of the world Is dead forever," he claims. Although he assails the hideous crimes of the Nazi Reich, he was out of sympathy with the mass "denazification" with the Allies began after the war and then dismantled piecemeal. He regarded Allied dismantling as economic nonsense. Allotment of U. S. funds to rebuild German steel plants soon after they were torn down gives some backing to his viewpoint. He likes cigars, Is bored by long Wagncrlan operas, and has a standing offer to b« godfather to HUDSON UV TUMUTT COMFUTI HAU AT every seventh child born German family. to CAM MUD POK DEAD ANIMALS _ ,,-._,, IS VBY CONFiKATED 1 '··' fey Ymra Fiw* « TttovitrM ferric* Station SMITH RADIO SHOP D A R K SURPRISE FILM OF THE YEAR! Thrill** . . Fait . . Gripping Excclltnt.' · H. Y. Time* -- COLOB CMTOOIT -- LATE KEW1 · . ' COOL PALACE BAL T A B A R I N ' · i ROSf O F C I M A R R O N TuM.*W«J.-Tliuri. -- Filled With Excitement! LOVE AND SOFT MUSIC... UNDER A TROPICAL MOON! A CO-OiT-'IM OUYI - ON A TRIASON TRAIL THROUOH TNI WATfR FRONT AllIYi, MACH UOOONS AND JUNOUS Of THI fACIHCI At rtw Tevijhetl Mem her letMhel WAIKWII Hello To The Legion Gov. Adlal Stevenson, wearing 1 an American Legion cap, waves to his Ludirnce before addressing the Legion convention in Madison Square Garden In New. York. Behind him stands the Legion's national commander, Donald R. Wilson of Clarksburg, W. "Va. Less Meat For Miners Expected To Many; Output Not Sufficient End Lengthy "Holiday" Piltsburgh-OFJ-Most °' the nation's coal operators prepared to- Washington - /P) - P e o p l e da ' to " sum ' ' iroaiucUon 6horlly .IhroughoutHhe world are got'.ing *«cr midnight - the time sot to Taipeh, Formosa, Changing Rapidly As Newcomers Continue To Pour In Daily Bj SPENCEE MOOSA Taipeh, Formosa - (/Pi - A great change has come to Taipeh since it became the Republic.of China capital in the dark days late in 1949 after the Communist conquest of the mainland. Taipeh today is -a crowded, bustling and growing city. Many new houses have been built, but they cannot take care of the steady influx of Chinese and foreigners. , Authorities are carrying out an ambitious town improvement plan, although they are hampered by a lack of funds. Stately, tree-lined asphalted avenues are replacing the narrow, muddy streets. Large areas in and around the city are being converted into park. Forelcnen Increase The foreign community was a mere handful in the spring of 1950, when a Communist invasion appeared possible. Now it is well over the 1,000 mark. Most are Americans. And most of the Americans, are with the Military Assistance Advisory group (MAAG) under Maj. Gen. William C. Chase, which ii rearming and retraining Chiang Kai-shek'a forces. A number of Americani and British firms are in business Here. Missionary activites on Formosa are also expanding under the free rein granted by the Nationalists. Some of the missionaries were driven from the mainland by the Chinese Bed*. There are restaurants that close early, and there are some movies, but there is little else irt the way of amusement. Most foreigners do their.; entertaining at home,' If you are, in the social swim it is a'rare week that goes without a'.' dozen invitations to cocktail parties and dinners. ' The climate, although not given to extremes, is trying. There are long spells of rain. During the slimmer it often is hot and humid. Authorities are planning to stir up tourist interest in.Taipeh/As one method of attracting tAurlsts, they plan to modernize the Grand Hotel; perched on a tree-covered hill overlooking Taipeh. At present the only half-way comfortable place in which the foreign traveler can stay is the Friends of China Club, where the amenities include good Western food and a well- stocked bar. Rogers Youth Center Schedule! Activities Bogers -(Special) - The Masonic Youth Center has announced plans for two weeks' activities beginning this afternoon. The center will from 1 to · o'clock for registration of. young people who wish to take part in the various activities. During the remainder of trie week the center will be open from 4 to 6 p.m. except Saturday, when It will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. On Saturday night at 7:30 the first Senior Teen-Town will open as the first major activity. Officers will be elected and a, schedule of Teen-Town activities will be outlined. Next Monday night from 7 to 8 Rjn. Junior Teen-Town will have d'square dance, and the seniors from 8 until 9 p.m. Junion; T«n- Town will be,feld-Tu«tdaT.'fiiJht The center .will M^l^ $«dr££ dayiiilght, and- On Thursday «no: Friday will be "open for general activities. Senior'Teen-Town will be held again Saturday night. High school students are eligible to participate in Senior Teen-Toxvn activities. Junior Teen-Town will be limited to students in the sixth, seventh and eigtith^rades. . '· --^ · '".\ \ J Negroes represent about a tenth of the population of the United States. kreftiliriliM (forged In VA Housifli Program Washington VW) · B r i b e r y . conspiracy, favoritism and other irregularities on a wide scale have been charted agaUut administra- tian.ef the 1 vut veterans' housing JprSnam .after morittuj-ef invesli- i»U6ri by; a'Hous* committee. jri a' 'detailed(report covering many sections of the country, the committee, beaded by Representative Teague.(D-Tex), said the Veterans Administration's own inspection arid Investigation service had,.Helped,:«iincovef irregular- ities'by VA'lean. jlifcrjikty personnel. __i_^H_ A«v«tbe h Ike TIMFS--It pan. , NOTICE Tht Clarence E. Btely Post No. 139, Amtrican Legion, heartily endorses the motion-^picture "MY SON JOHN" ichtdultd to bt shown »1 tht Apollo Tht»trt, MoncUf «nd Tutidar, 2:30 and 7:30* and urgts ill who pouiblf can to sit tht picture* RAY WJLMOTH, Commander. HELP FIGHT COMMUNISM end a 10-day memorial holiday! called by United Mine Workers Boss John L. Lewis. A spokesman for the Western Pennsylvania Coal Operators Association, whose mines employ about 45,000, said some mines .wil call men out for the midnight shit while others arc set to reopen at 7 a.m. Tuesday. The spokesman said-there is no reason to believe the men will not report. Lewis ordered his 475.000 coa! miners on a memorial holiday that started August 23. He said the period, called to honor victims ol mine disasters, was also to give officials an opportunity to check safety regulations in the mines. Checks Token From Liquor Store Found Little Rock-(/P)-Chocks taken I by a tough-talking bandit who Set At 1 robbed ,Ncal's Liquor Store here aei «r Saturday night of about $1,590 5t. JoSCph S SchOOl have been recovered. Police said the checks, found on a church Registration for enrollment at tnwn in the Oak Forest division of St. Joseph's Cattoollc School is Little Rock, totaled about $500 scheduled tomorrow and Wodnes- ! and apparently been thrown from day. Classes open September 8. I a passing automobile. TELLS OF RUSSIAN HORROR CAMP MB5? less meat despite Increasing meat production, says the Agriculture Department, And /cw countries cjn expect things to got better. The reason: Meat output isn't keeping up w i t h population growths. The department said also that traditional exporting countries have less to ship cut and production has fallen off sharply in many European countries. Per capita consumption last year was reported about the same as In 1850, but far below pre-war years in most countries. People in several countries cat far more meat than the average American, whose per capita consumption was 138 pounds in 1951. Uruguay led the list with 235 pounds and Greece was lowest with 23. D concentration camps in East Germany after seven years' Imprisonment, Charles A. Noble, naturalized American citizen tells of his nightmare experiences as he returns to Berlin. With his son, John, Noble was arrested shortly after the Russians moved'in. John is believed to have been taken to Russia and the U. S. State Department is now trying to obtain his release. Noble declares he saw as many as 70 dead taken from the Soviet camp every morning. (International; Big Labor Day Show * 9:45 P.M.** GIANT JET MtHMtllN RUM Mf m LABOR DAY CLEANINC-PAINTINC-DECORATINC PECIALS COLOIlUt, CHOOSE FROM THESE 150 BUDGET-PRICED WALLPAPERS MSTINCnVI, NON-FAMNO Mil ROOM PAPERS Regularly 12c to 69c Roll Regularly 12c to 45c Roll 9 * w TO ^VROU UAUTIFUL, NON-FADING BED ROOM DESIGNS Regularly lie to 64c Roll KT.43 PAPERS CHOOSE ROM 41 OUTSTANMN6 PATTERNS Regularly 22c to 96e Roll r.B4t r-45 ROU LOVnr, NON-FADING ROOM PAPERS Regularly lie to 99c Roll \f ROLL mtguiany i sc to yyc t 12*. 69 Fee Wdli, Ceiltafi-COOK'S VEIVAY LOW-LUSTRE Delicate pastel tints to give new beauty to every room ol your home. Eaiily applied. Driet quickly to lovely, low sheen. Washable. OOOO QUALITY -4 FT. STEP LADDER Steel Safety Red Under Each Step *tf . $4.40 EACH Other Ladders In Slock PAMT CBUKS, WALLS, ROOKS rfl* COOK'S-KOTER ROLLER AFfllCATOR SET Include MN. 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'Yard Goods HEAVYWEIGHT ·-, -lisiliinl Fell lost Colorful fnomil Oitign FULL 9-FOOT WIDTHS r?egu/ar/y79cSq.yJ. COOK'S PAII "MST raft WiAft AMO EAST SIDE SQUARE if* PHONE 526

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