Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 27, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 1974
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

4C · : N«rtriw"t Arkanwi TIMB, Sun., Oct. 57, 1974 r A V ITT IVI III. HK»NS*i jpipHpiuiiliiiM^ Aubrey Shepherd There Warn't No . . Dancin' Girls, Ma I · ·iBMHWNiiiiiniiiinMniiiiH V Ducks Unlimited's gala Wednesday evening for r. drakes only was a big success, but all the fun was of ''' the sort that could be shared with the whole family. f In fact, a large number of teenagers and a few small * boys attended. · i Granted, the Elks Lodge is a private club and many *.' of "the: gentlemen enjoyed their favorite "beverages (all I in the name of conservation), but the sort of enter- '·', tainment which turns on duck enthusiasts, whether V hunters or bird watchers, is a beautifully filmed study of waterfowl and their nesting areas with crooner '· Bing Crosby (in case you're too young to remember, S he's the guy Perry Como and Dean Martin have been ·j. imitating these many years) as narrator. '.!' All that for the wives who were suspicious of the ·'·· boys' night out., Now for the liberated ladies who re- ; : sented the males-only format. Did you ever hear of ·'·: men being invited to a houseware sales party? "Why : : not? The answer is pretty obvious: if the men were I;' along there wouldn't be 'much buying. The same is i; : true at a DU benefit banquet; I.- The whole idea is to get a group of men together t ; and try to make donating to a worthy cause as pain- '',[. less as possible. If the wives were along the bids on '·; the auction items would be painfully low. Just as a man cannot understand the real value of a plastic food container or an aluminum pot or a bottle of bub- ;;· bling bath oil, so are few women fully conscious of the f . worth.of a hand-engraved walnut gun stock or a care- ; ; fully restored aged duck decoy. 7 Moving about the room before dinner was served, I found it easy to understand why these fellows had paid ' $25 each for a fried chicken dinner: every conversation in the room centered on ducks. True, a few peonle discussed bass fishing and other serious subjects, but no one seemed able to forget ducks. My dad would have loved this gathering. In the. 34 years I've known him he's never let anything but illness or religion -- he never can be persuaded to hunt on a Sunday --.keep him from spending a lot of fall and winter mornings in a duck blind. By the time I was eight years old Dad had seen to it that I could claim to be a successful duck hunter, even though In those early years he had almost to hold up the model 97 Winchester "f or me. Senseless Slaughter Lately, television news programs have featured the slaughter of cattle by unhappy farmers, both dairymen and beef producers. Unhappy over what they say are low milk and beef prices, these people have chosen to destroy their animals rather than to suffer possible financial setbacks. There are many people who share the cattlemen^, need to get more for what they produce, whether] it be labor or goods. Therefore, almost everyone can understand the frustration of not getting adequate reward for his effort. However, to. destroy living creatures and to destroy part of the potential food supply for a hungry world seems doubly irresponsible. It would be easy to say that the cattlemen have no-right to waste the cattle. But that is painfully obvious. Unfortunately, no legal sanctions protect cattle. If these men killed a deer out of season or at night or of the female gender they would be subject to prosecution. If they killed a dog-even their own -- they could be cited for cruelty to animals. But cattle receive no nrotection, for they are raised by-human beings for the nourishment of human beings. Assuming that society does not get angry enough to do anything to stop this useless slaughter, then it would be some kind of penance for the cattlemen if they would voluntarily make the slaughtered cattle available to people who otherwise would have no beef, regardless of price. This would show that these farmers are not motivated entirely by greed and would make the uselessness of the slaughter not only less bad by maybe actually good. HAPPY HONKERS ... A flock of Canada, geese shoio what all the noise is a of many species of wildlife which thrive on the bout at a Ducks Unlimited banquet. Geese are only one adian wetlands preserved by DU funds. Bumpers To Give Awards Governor Dale Bumpers will be the featured speaker at the Arkansas C o n s e r v a t i o n Achievement Program dinner to jo held at Paul's Lamplighter Restaurant, 750Q New Benton Highway, Little Rock, A r k . Saturday night Nov. 2 al 7:30 p.m., it was announced by Bob Ed Pevchouse, President of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation. The dinner will climax the 1971 statewide program conducted by Ihe Arkansas Wildlife Federation to select and honor persons and organizations for outstanding accomplishment in the wise use and management ol Ad- kansas' natural resources, soils, waters, forecls and wildlife. Winners have been selectee in nine categories and will be announced at the dinner. Tilt ...vard? will be presented by Go vernor Bumpers and are unique replicas of symbolic wildlife species. The top award, to the State Conservationist of the Year, is a replica of the Amori "Reservations to attend should be directed to Gillham, Dardanelle Ark. Check Stations Are Told Arkansas Fish artd Wildlife Orticcr John Abstiler anounccs he following check stations arc ow opcnv Stiindlcy Grocery al irentwood,- West Fork Gulf Station at West Fork, Freowny Service Station on U.S. 71 South n Fayetloville, Sonora Grocery ' an Highway 68'East of Spring- lale, Sprlngdalo Sport Shop, Jerry's Station and Grocery in rincoln, the Conoco Station in Prairie drove. · People over 05 and under 15 can get a tag at the check station alter .they kill a. deer or turkey. There is to be no :harge for ', this · service. A person over 65 must have a lifetime hunting license. No rifles are to be fired on Beaver Lake. Shotguns may be fired on the lake during waterfowl open seasons and may be used for taking legal game on the islands and along the shoreline. It is "unlawful to possess loaded firearms on Corps of Engineers Recreation or Public Use Areas where signs ar» posted prohibiting same," It is "unlawful to hunt, take, or attempt to lake, 'any wild animal or wild bird during the hours of darkness, with or without light, except frogs and furbcaring animals during the open season. AM/FM RADIO 15.88 Reg. 32.37 Enjoy AM and FM sounds on contemporary model. THE SKIN MACHINE Automatic Cleaning Brush. Scrubs Away Dirt. Battery Powered. Included. Our Reg. 178.00 3 Days Only Hunters Encouraged To Wear Highly Visible Orange Duds LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- "All hunters should be encouraged to wear highly visible Hunter Orange clothing." according to ; Arkansas Optometric Associa- . lion President Dr. Jerry B. Park of Conway. - The Optometric Association ' maintains that usage of "hunter orange" would definitely help tliminate hunting casualties because the daylight fluorescent ' orange color is the only satisfac- ' tory and safe color under all ' weather and light conditions. Of the 46 reported hunting . acci dents which occurred in Arkan - ' sas during 1973, 11 were , . directly related to a hunter being mistaken for game. Two of these accidents were fatal. "Hunter Orange is the perfect color for a hunter to wear ' because it contrasts sharply ' with his surroundings and i does not appear anywhere else in nature," Dr. Park explained A bill which would hav required Arkansas deer hunten to wear Hunter Orange apparc - was defeated in the Economii and Industrial .Resources and Development legislative com - mittee in spring, 1973. Housr Bill 544, introduced by Slat . Representative Manuel (Bunk Allison of Morrilton, would hav made it "...unlawful for an; person-to hunt during a lawfu .deer season in this State unles such person Is wearing a heai covering and an outer garmen above, the waistline, both o - daylight fluorescent orang ·· color,; totalling :five hundre square- inches,, or more, o clothing and both to be wor conspicuously on the person..." "Opposition to the Bill cam mainly from those commute members who felt it was no their job to tell a hunter wha he.could and could not wear, ' Representative Allison said. Representative Allison's mai interest'in the Bill was to sav lives of hunters. He introduce the- bill at the- suggestion o ' several Morrilton hunters wh ,.wen concerned al the larg umber of accidents caused by hunter not being seen. Wend- 1 D. Jackson, Hunter Safety oordinator of the State Game nd Fish Commission, was mong the strongest backers of he Bill. JUST BEGUN Dr. George A. Haas of North -.ittle Rock, who serves the rkansas Oplometric Associa- ion as public information irector. asserts that the AOA's attempt to make Hunter Orange mandatory in Arkansas has 'just begun. 1 ' "Hunter Orange is a state law n approximately ten states," 3r. Haas said, "and I hope soon .o see it a law in Arkansas." Dr. Haas, deer hunter h i m self, wears Hunter Orange Nothing during hunting trips ecause "I know for certain I'm olally visible to fellow hunters and do not frighten animals .vith the bright color. Most mammals, with the exception of man and birds, are unable o distinguish color, so the Bright Hunter Orange does not reduce a hunter's chance of scoring." Nation-wide usage of Hunter 3range began in 1D59 when a three-month color study was undertaken at Fort Devens, Massachusetts by t h a t state's Game and Fish Department, along with the chief biologist for t h e American O p t i c a l Company and a leading optometrist in the United States Army. These men. working with a test group of 300 soldiers, found Hunter Orange the most visible color under almost every hunting condition. The traditional hunting colors of Red and Yellow both lost effectiveness under certain lighting conditions and even drew hasty fire from the test group. The Hunter Orange became more visible as light receded and the test Croup's color blind soldir* had little rouble picking out the orange color. , 24 Hour Timer Automatic On-Ott 6.44 Reg. 7.98 G-E 8 OurFteg. 75.58 3 Days Only 2-SLICE TOASTER 9.99 STEREO SYSTEM *t48 Super sound at! around! AM/FM FM-stereo receiver with 8-track tape deck and full-size 3-speed auto Wide-slot 2-5licer with high.pop-up toast lift malic cha "3 er - ° iamond W s - bookshelf speakers, and9-position slide color control. Conveniently compact. Chrome plate wipes clean. POP-UP TOASTER OVEN ·SELF-CLEAN AUTOMATIC SUPER-STEAM" 9-CUP PERK Spray, steam, dry. 10-oz. see-thru tank, Keeps coffee hot. In popular colors. KMART AM TABLE RADIO Our Reg. 8.97 C A A 3 Days-Only J.*T"T Value-packed for gift-givjng. Sleek modern design.Solid state superhetero- dyne circuit. 3-inch speaker. Charge it. Reg. 28.94 22 A toaster oven wWi pop-up feature. Toast cotor selector. Oven has full-range heat control bakes, browns, toasts. HEAT COMB 3-WAY HEAT HAIR STYLER MASSAGER Reg. 9.97 97 Reg. 15.74 Style-and-dry with 3 speeds; with 4 at- brush. Black, while, tachments. Save. .-..,. PORTABLE "100" TYPEWRITER 35.66 All Steel Case, Manual, 81 Characters Reg. 45.fifi AC/DC 63.96 8-DIGIT DELUXE MINI TYPEWRITER 1 ^LECTRIC CALCULATOR CALCULATOR T Y P f c W ADO MACHINE OurHeg.76.96 Our Reg. 58.96 Reg. 199.16 OurReg.54.96 69** S2 Se ,4966 3996 Square root; rnem- Full-feature, 4-key »"··*/ Add, subtract, mut- ory percent.Case. memory function. tiply. Totals 8 col. £.. -,.\\'~'\"T^:. 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HIGHWAY 71 B. NORTH AND ROLLING HILLS DR. · FAYETTEVILL

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